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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.8


Most people have never seen <Purification>. But <Recovery> is a surprisingly common sight to many.

"What's <Recovery> magic like?"

The majority will answer that question like thus.

"A green ball comes out of wand's tip, then when that touches your wound, that wound gets healed."

Why is it sphere shaped, no one knows for sure. However, as the healing effect won't manifest unless it's of a certain density and amount, sphere is simply the most efficient shape for that.

Adept <Recovery> users can slightly contort the sphere to conform it to the patient's wound. Even then, the <Recovery> will have a sphere shape when it's initially cast.

Lecan also learned how to make green sphere-shaped <Recovery> when he was first learning. Hence his <Recovery> is shaped like a sphere when cast even now.

As <Purification> manifests on <Recovery> users, it naturally also assumes the shape of <Recovery>.

And yet, there is nothing spheroid at all with the <Purification> Eda is casting right now.

A blue waterfall flowed out of her palms, zaazaa like it was truly coming down a barrel.

The waterfall quickly drenched Skalabel from his head down, submerged his lower half and even dripped down the floor.

The surface of the floor is awash with <Purification> right away. The two standing young apothecaries could only look in amazement at the sea of <Purification> submerging their feet.

Even though <Recovery> and <Purification> should have no impact or weight, Skalabel's upper body sunk down into the sofa like it was pushed down by the force of the blue water.

Priestess Kotojia and priest Amamir hurriedly held Skalabel from both sides so he wouldn't slide down further. <Purification> sprung up on the parts they held him.

Instead of waning, the blue water is pouring down even stronger by the second.

The force directly hits Skalabel's head, making him as if he's getting suffocated.

As the spell doesn't actually possess any substance, he should be able to breathe even under the blue torrent. Or so it's supposed to be, but anyone would find themselves gasping for breath under a phantom torrent of water this overwhelming.

"Eda. Skalabel is in pain. Pour it from his neck down."

Following Lecan's word, Eda slightly shifted her <Purification>'s aim.

Skalabel looked relieved at once.

The water current doesn't look like it'll stop anytime soon. Nor is it receding.

Even though Skalabel's head isn't getting hit directly, the water rebounding splash is enough to drench it.
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Skalabel's face is gradually easing up.

His severely strained face loosened up before eventually turning into an expression of bliss.

Even so, Eda's <Purification> won't stop.

"From barrel down like zaazaa. From barrel down like zaazaa."

She keeps muttering. Perhaps it's some kind of spell.

The floor has turned into a sea of blue.

Kotojia and Amamir who have been getting sprayed by the water next to Skalabel put on an enraptured expression on their faces as well. The same with Cawin who sits next to them.

The two young apothecaries standing in the corners of this room are getting dipped in the grace of <Purification> submerging their feet as well, their faces are full bliss and relief.

Afterward, <Purification> continued to flow down for a while.

The room fell silent when the seemingly endless blue light water stopped pouring.

No, in fact, it's always been silent.

The sounds of water splashing were all only in their minds. As if that <Purification> had the effect to cause hallucination.


Eda plopped down the sofa with a satisfied look.

Her mana should have been all used up, but thanks to the Mana Restorative she took earlier, her mana is getting gradually restored, so she's not experiencing Mana Starvation.

"Lecan. Looks like that necklace was redundant."

"Yea. That mana restorative was wasted too."

"Oh for sure. Anyway, Eda, good work. You did wonderful."


"That was impressive."


Skalabel has sunk deep in his sofa, quietly breathing in sleep. His two pupils next to him are watching their master sleeping peacefully while looking half-awake themselves.

Norma stood up, clad her wand with mana and examined Skalabel.

"How is it?"

She spoke to Kotojia and Amamir without replying to Shira.

"You two, please try touching Guide Skalabel's skin. How does it feel?"

Kotojia timidly held out her hand and touched Skalabel's cheek.

"It's... soft."

She turned around to look at Norma with tears in her eyes.

"His complexion. His pure white wax-like skin has got its complexion back. Ooh! It looks so fleshy."

Cawin went around to stand in front of Skalabel and touched his hands and feet.

"Guide-sama. Guide-sama."

His voice almost sounds like he's weeping.

Of course the pupils must have noticed there was something amiss with Skalabel. However, there was nothing they could do about it. They had given up, believing his long life was a miracle in itself, they could only watch as their master's skin and body slowly turning stiff. Never in their wildest dream would they think that stiffness was a side effect of <Purification>.

Eda looked at Lecan with a smile and laughed.

Lecan smiled back at Eda.



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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.7


"I believe it must be hard for you to move around. You should also find it difficult to bend your body. Have you ever feel a sense of languidness or in pain? Does your face feel stiff?"

"Fumu. It is as Norma-dono said, all of that is correct."

"No. That can't be true! Guide Skalabel can't have been cursed with Petrifaction curse!"

"Kotojia. Apothecaries are obliged to listen carefully to what is told. Norma-dono never said anything about Petrifaction Curse."

"My father also gathered documents pertaining Petrifaction Curse during his research on this matter. And he came to a conjecture that the Crystallization caused by Petrifaction curse, the way it manifests on and changes a patient's body is entirely different. However, he had no evidence to make a conclusive verdict on either."

"Norma. Your father was truly an excellent researcher. He even guessed right what lies beyond what was visible presently."

"Shira-san. Thank you."

"A researcher that good must have left behind a hypothesis to deal with it, has he?"

"He has."



"Norma-dono. Would you tell me. It matters not even if the hypothesis is inconclusive."

"It's simple. You simply rinse it off with another <Purification>."

"That's impossible! No one else in this world is better at <Purification> than Guide Skalabel!"

"No. The <Purification> itself doesn't have to be of a high level."


"However it has to be from someone with an abundant mana pool."


"<Purification> done with little mana won't have any effect. Since the Guide's body has memorized all the <Purification> it received. In order to erase that, a <Purification> cast with a plentiful of mana is required to rinse off the body's memory."

The two people sitting next to Skalabel dropped their shoulders.

"My oh my. What's the matter, dropping your shoulders like that."

"Shira-sama. Guide Skalabel's <Purification> was originally not at a high level when the guide first became known as the <Healing Hand of the King>."


"However, due to the Guide's natural abundance of mana, the Guide could afford to cast <Purification> on the king, the queen, and the prince anytime and even had spare mana left to heal the sickly on the streets. That led to the guide gaining the king's trust."

"For some reason, most people who manifest <Purification> possess a low amount of mana pool. Guide Skalabel was an exception among exceptions."

"Norma-dono. Exactly how much is plentiful here. Just how much mana does the caster must possess over the former caster?"

"Cawin-dono. Father had calculated that it would require around twice of the former caster's mana or more."


"Twice as much as the Guide's. Someone like that can't possibly exist."

"My goodness. Twice, twice you said?"

"Don't you have another <Purification> user among your entourage?"

"Master. There is none. As it is rare for <Purification> to manifest in apothecaries."

"Hmm. I see. Lecan."


"Are you sure?"

"I'm on board if you believe it's for the best."

"Really. Eda."


"Will you do it?"

"Err, what do I do?"

"Do you mind if you show off your power here?"

"Ah, you mean that. Lecan can decide it for me."


"What can I help you?"

"How is that mana measured, like say, pouring 5 mana in 10 hours, or pouring 10 mana in 5 hours, which is more desirable?"

"It cannot be rinsed off unless enough mana is continually getting poured in. And the condition will revert back if the pouring isn't maintained for a certain period of time. All of that will have to be twice as high or more than the former caster."

"Really. Lecan."
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"Is your <Necklace of Intuador> charged with mana?"

"Yea. I've put it away though."

"Take it out and put it on Eda."

"Got it."

<Necklace of Intuador> can replenish mana of mages who don't know <Absorption>. In that situation, the necklace will automatically refill the wearer's mana once it's got reduced to a point. Knowing how to use <Absorption> is better if you want to replenish a huge amount of mana momentarily at your own discretion.

"Ah, Norma."


"Is there a drawback if you fail this rinsing of <Purification> thing?"

"I don't believe the symptom will worsen even if it fails."

"Really. Eda's got a lot of innate mana, but maybe a lil' help won't hurt."

Shira glanced at Eda after saying that. She's curiously touching the <Necklace of Intuador> Eda wore.

"No. She'd better off not relying on some half-wit wand, it'd come out nicely that way. Skalabel."

"Yes. What do you need, Master."

"This girl will cast <Purification> on you."


The three people next to him stared in amazement.

"Well, doesn't look like you'd be worse off even if it fails anyway. Just take it easy. Lecan, that table is in the way."

Lecan shoved the big heavy wooden table to the side.

"Eda. You heard us. Treat it as if you're washing mud off children using a lot of water. A trickle won't wash away the mud. A cup of water won't wash it away either. Pour it down like a barrelful of water going zaazaa. Wash away all the bad things inside Skalabel's body with your <Purification>."

"Got it. I'm gonna give it a try!"

Lecan handed over a special made Mana Restorative to Eda.

"Take it."


Eda swallowed down the biggish pill.

"That necklace is loaded with my mana. Use as much as you want. Don't make any cutback. Just pour out all the mana."


Pushed by Lecan, Eda stood up and held her hands out in front of Skalabel.

The way she's holding her hands is a bit peculiar though. Her palms are facing upward.

She's muttering something.

"From barrel down like zaazaa. From barrel down like zaazaa."

Then she breathed in greatly and flipped her palms downward before energetically recited the spell.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.6


The following day, Lecan was feeling somewhat jovial.

He's still not sure what happened, he just knows that Shira was fine even after taking on Skalabel's <Purification>. And from their conversation yesterday, he won't be casting any more <Purification>.

Meaning there's no need for Skalabel to stay in this town for nine days, the entourage should head back to the capital earlier than planned.

The trouble is leaving. That's a good thing.

The breakfast consists of the same members as the lounge talk yesterday. As Lecan and Norma made their way to the guesthouse, everyone besides Skalabel and Cawin was already there.

Lecan was chewing on his bread and thinly sliced meat when Skalabel entered the room supported by Cawin.

The whiteness of his skin really sticks out like a sore thumb. White to the point of looking sickly.

Skalabel had breakfast as well. Cawin ordered the maids to serve only soft food that goes down the throat easily. Skalabel silently had his meal like he was on a journey.

After meal, when everyone was relaxing, Norma spoke to Skalabel.

"Guide Skalabel. Please pardon me, would you allow me to perform a check up on your conditions using my wand?"

"Ooh. Norma-dono. I would love nothing more than having a medic approved by Shira-sama examine me. Please by all means."

"Thank you. Oh you can stay on your sofa."

Norma stood up, took her wand, and began examining Skalabel sitting across the table.

Her mana control is as exquisite as ever.
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The one who sounded surprised was Skalabel's young pupil, Cawin.

Apparently this young man can see the flow of mana. Must be some sort of skill.

If you can see it, Norma's mana control is simply superb. Its exquisiteness may as well a work of art. Very thin and fine mana threads got into blood vessels, circulating into every fiber of his body.

Priest Amamir has a complete trust on Norma, her being the daughter of a researcher he respects. Priest Kotojia is Priest Amamir's direct pupil, quite a bit younger than him. A middle-aged priestess with a cute womanlike face. Kotojia doesn't seem to doubt Norma either.

Once she was done with her check up, Norma sat down on her sofa and got lost in thought for a while.

"Guide Skalabel, you have been casting <Purification> on yourself, haven't you?"

"That is indeed the case."

"How many years have you been doing it?"

"Right, well. It should be more than 40 years. A little less than 50 years."

"Have you had another person cast <Purification> on you in the past 30 years?"

Priest Kotojia replied to this question.

"Norma-dono. When you have a choice between multiple <Purification> users, you should pick one that can cast the highest class of <Purification> among them."

"Yes. That is because casting lesser classed <Purification> will overwrite the lingering effects of higher classed <Purification>. That's how it works in short terms. If it's done over a period of tens of years however, the rules differ a bit."

"Ah. There were implications of problems regarding long term <Purification> written in the [Research on Entrails Functions]. It was vaguely written however."

"It could only be written vaguely. Since mother was still alive at the time."

"What's the connection between the vague writing of <Purification> and your mother being alive. No wait, it couldn't be."

"My mother was a <Purification> user. It was kept a secret by the House of Marquis Mashajain."

"My goodness."

"Father continued to examine grandfather during the long years he received mother's <Purification> up until grandfather's deathbed. As a result, he arrived at a hypothesis."

"What, what is that hypothesis. What is this Sasfrey-dono's hypothesis?"

"The body will build up a resistance to <Purification> if it keeps receiving one from the same person over a long period of time. That is his first hypothesis."

"Hahaa. I see now."

"O Master. Have you come up with something?"

"No. Hearing that just put sense into some things. That first hypothesis is likely correct. So if that's the first, there's the second then?"


"Would you tell us. That second hypothesis of your father."

"This hypothesis is yet to be verified. Mother continued to cast <Purification> on my grandfather for 14 long years, and yet even then father could only observe a very faint tinge of symptom."

"It's fine, it's fine. Just what's the second hypothesis like?"

"Crystallization will manifest on patients that have built up resistance yet keeps receiving one particular <Purification>."


"Crystallization is it?"

"Oh I see, make sense."

"O Master. Would you grace this ignorant me with the meaning of her words?"

"Every part of human body is alive down to the farthest corner. They have the characteristic of living creatures. But fingernails, hair and teeth closely resemble to stone more. If you cut your body, the flesh under it is of a living creature, yet the body also possesses a slight property similar to stone despite being a living creature. By having that property, those parts gain a way to protect living creatures, serving a purpose that cannot be fulfilled by living creatures alone."

"I see. I understand."

"The same applies to horse hooves and magic beast horns. They obtain toughness and sturdiness by becoming something akin to stone."

"And that would be Crystallization?"

"No, that's not it. If you look inside that stone-like matter, and then even further into its composition, its miraculously systematic structures are what we call crystals. The term itself has existed since bygone era."

"Ah. Crystallization is it. I am familiar with that term. However, I never thought of correlating that to my condition. Fumu. So that means my flesh is in the process of changing into a stone-like matter, is it not?"

The young helpers kept moving their pens to write down what was said, their faces were pale.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.5


The light sphere is barely transparent. Inside the bluish argent light sphere, only a colorless dim shadow of Shira's figure can be seen.

Skalabel is focusing on his magic while staring at that shadow.

Lecan experienced an indescribable feeling as he watched it unfolded.

Since we're talking about Shira here, she must have devised a way to defend against or some means to resist her weakness, <Purification>, she can't possibly be completely unprepared. She had more than 300 years to come up with one.

However, the <Purification> user this time around is Guide Skalabel, the best apothecary in this country.

He must be calmly analyzing how his magic is working right about now.

This elderly apothecary would know right away if his <Purification> got repelled or nullified.

No way would he overlook it if his <Purification> brought about even the slightest bit of destruction instead of healing either.

If that happens, he'd wonder just what in the world is Shira, a being that cannot take <Purification>.

What kind of being is Shira to have <Purification> damage her.

That'd be the beginning of the fall.

The bluish argent light sphere Skalabel created is slowly coming down Shira's body.

Skalabel's eyes are calm, filled with sagacity that definitely won't overlook the smallest thing.

His pupils are devotionally watching their master's craft as well. Their gazes stung Lecan. These pupils are also among the most dangerous individuals to Shira in this country.

In any case, Skalabel's <Purification> is tremendous.

The way its mana converges, and the density of its efficacy that could be felt from the light sphere is several levels above Eda.

If this is an advanced class <Purification> then Eda's would be beginner class.

He suddenly notices how Eda is intensely watching  Skalabel's magic. She must have found something that she could learn from it.

The light sphere eventually reached Shira's soles before quietly vanishing.

Skalabel put away his wand.

The sharpness in his eyes has disappeared, replaced with a slightly vacant look.

Just what is Skalabel thinking right now.

Did he notice something?

"That feels really nice. You have my thanks."

Skalabel bowed his head like he was startled.
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"Master. You are too kind."

"I'm really thankful that you went out of your way here to cast <Purification> on me."

"Your words are wasted on me."

"But Skalabel. There is no need for any more <Purification>. Understand?"

"Yes, Master. I understand."

Lecan had no clue what just occurred.

But Skalabel probably knows. And as a result Skalabel responded to Shira telling him to cast her no more <Purification> with 'I understand'.

(Just what's going on here?)

Skalabel closed his eyes, lost in thought for a while.

Lecan noticed just how white his skin is while watching that.

Unnaturally white. It is as if he's made of stalactite.

Skalabel moves very stiff as well. It might only be natural since he's more than a century old, it's as if his whole body has lost its softness. His expressions are stiff too.

Eventually Skalabel murmured.

"O Master. As of late, I have begun to harbor questions on many things. What is medicine. What is medical treatment. What is <Recovery>, <Purification>. O Master. How come grass can heal sickness and wounds people suffer."

"Right. The straight answer to your question would be because grass has the power to raise human body's natural healing factor. But that's the surface-level answer. You're probably seeking one closer to the root, aren't you."


"Skalabel, there's soil, grass and people. What do you think is closer to grass, is it soil. Or is it people."

"It is closer to soil in some regards, and to people in some other regards."

"Just what are those regards exactly."

"I cannot come up with an answer right away."

"Really now. Grass grow up and leave offspring behind, in that regard, they are closer to people. Grass don't move nor they cry or laugh, they're closer to soil in that regard."

"I see, I see."

"In short, grass. They are the same as people in the sense of being a living creature. And yet humans eat birds, beasts, fish, tree and grass to live. Then what does grass eat to live?"

"It will be water, soil and sunlight."

"Soil, you see, is composed of all kinds of stones, powder and so many other matters. And none of those is a living creature. Grass grow up by eating non-creatures, and people grow up by eating grass. Are we clear so far."

"It is very clear."

"Composition of human body is ultimately the same as the matters that make up soil."

"Eeeh. Are you telling the truth Master."

The two young apothecaries keep writing down the two's conversation.

Their questions and answers continued on for quite a while.

Before long it was dinner time.

During the nine day stay, they will hold dinners with all apothecaries present twice, but for today, only the members that are in this lounge will dine together.

Most people besides the bodyguards have gone to where they will be staying split among the four noble houses.

Like usual, Shira only had almost garnish-less soup and a very tiny crumb of bread. But she drinks a lot of wine cups.

"Master, you're the same as ever. I cannot help but wonder how that diet could sustain your body."

"Skalabel. Once you get to be like me. You can live like grass, see."

"Do grass drink wine I wonder."

"Oh I'm sure they do every so often."

Outwardly, Skalabel's attitude towards Shira remains unchanged.

As long as Skalabel doesn't suspect or condemn Shira, and treats her with respect instead, his pupils too should do the same.

However Skalabel tends to have a distant look on his eyes like he's lost in thought. Lecan has no idea whether that's his usual habit or not.

"Now then, today has been a bit tiring for me. I'm going to get some rest now. You must be tired from the long journey yourself. Go have your well earned rest."

"Please do rest well, Master. Thank you."

Shira left the room with Lecan leading the way. Followed by Eda and Norma.

Eda went with Shira to sleep at the guesthouse.

Norma will go back to the town lord's mansion detached building where she will sleep later.

The escort knights bowed and watched as Shira left.

"I'm heading back to the detached building."

"Okay, good work today."

Lecan left the guesthouse through the back door. The knight standing guard outside saluted him.

There's fewer guard at this time of the day. They will have rotating watchmen to stand on guard at night. They're keeping it as quiet as possible as to not disturb Skalabel and the rest.

Lecan's lodging, the detached building is right next to the guesthouse.

He drank some strong liquor before going to bed.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.4


"I too learned great many things from those books as well. I see. So those research were done by your father."

"Having Guide Skalabel said that about his research would surely bring delight to my father in the afterlife."

"So, Norma-dono. Is there any other research left behind by your father?"

"There is a mountain heap of them, Amamir-sama."


"He has written addendum to each 『Research on Entrails Functions』 and 『Introductory to Medical Herb Study』. In addition, we have books that delves deeper in the subject of Medical Herb Study, 『Main Discourse to Medical Herb Study』. My father only got to write until the fifth volume in his lifetime, but I have managed to somehow completed them by looking at the memo he left behind."


"In addition to that, there is about ten research theses, and around a hundred short articles and research notes."

"My, my goodness. Could you, would you let me take a look at them."

"Of course, please feel free to. I unfortunately cannot lend them out, but I would be happy to let a transcriber copy them for you."

"Oh yes, please I'd love to. Ah, to think I get to read Sasfrey-dono's research. This Vouka town must have been blessed by God of Medicine."

Once the tea time was over, Skalabel ordered his pupil

"Now then, Amamir. Could you take that out."

"Yes. Right away."

Priest Amamir signaled to a young apothecary standing behind, prompting that apothecary to hand over a fine leather-covered file. Amamir took that and submitted it before Shira.

"Master. Please accept that list of names. Written in there is my pupils and the pupils of my pupils, as well as their whereabouts and activities. It's a register of your grand pupils and great grand pupils."

It's like a proof of Shira's knowledge and skill having been spread all over the country, helping people's lives. Shira flipped over the file before handing it to Lecan. Lecan put away that register in <Storage>.

"I see quite a lot of apothecaries there. You must have worked really hard, didn't you."

"Master. It is all the fruit of your labor. Could you also take a look at this."

Skalabel took a small folded cloth from his pocket before unfolding it.

There's a pill on it.
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(That's a Stamina Restorative.)

Shira took it, brought it closer to eye level and closely inspected it.

Lecan may have the skill to make highly effective medicine, but he has no way of knowing the composition, production method and efficacy of a medicine just by looking at it. Hence he has no idea how good a medicine is just by looking. And yet, he could still tell that the pill was no ordinary medicine.

"Hmmm. Splendid. This should hold its efficacy for four to five months. And it's nice how the efficacy isn't overdone. Those of old ages with little stamina can take this pill without experiencing side effects. Skalabel. You've really studied well, haven't you."

"Yes master."

"And I really like how it's made up of easily obtainable herbs. The production process doesn't demand much precision either. It's a medicine anyone can make if they just learn to. I see. So this is the path lil'boy has taken."

"Aah. Hearing those words from you master makes all the sufferings this Skalabel has gone through very much worth it."

"Quit it with that exaggerated speak. And besides. Apothecaries'd better not say how much they suffer or go through hardship out loud. All the things you've painstakingly built up would fly off your mouth if you do, see."

"Yes master. I beg your forgiveness."

"I'm telling you to quit with that speech."

Two young apothecaries standing behind move their pens busily. They're writing down everything on the paper on their hand while standing. Apparently they intend to record all conversations that transpire in this room. They're using the same curious ink-less pens Heles used.

"Well then Master, would you be willing to receive the gift I am presenting you?"

"Ah, <Purification> is it? Well, since you've come all the way here, I suppose I'd take it."

Lecan was taken aback.

Shira intends to take on <Purification> head-on.

She's gonna get erased if she takes it. After all Shira is an undead. An existence that violates this world's providence.

Shira supposedly has no other weaknesses besides <Purification>.

Despite Lecan's worries, Skalabel stood up and took his wand.

Shira is sitting calmly on her sofa.

Skalabel readied his wand.


Lecan thought of putting up a <Barrier> for a moment there.

However, the <Purification> had been cast by that point.

There was no preliminary casting. <Recovery> and <Purification> are magic that oftentimes get cast spontaneously by chance in the first place, and Skalabel is Shira's pupil, so it's actually only natural that he doesn't need preliminary casting.

Skalabel's <Purification> was of a bluish argent color than blue.

A brilliant sphere floating up ahead of his wand instantly swelled up to around half of Lecan's volume before covering the upper half of Shira's body.



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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.3


Lecan sighed in relief once they got in the guesthouse's longue and closed the door.

The three mages aren't in the room.

One is standing by near the guesthouse's front door, the other two are outside.

What Lecan fears most is Shira's disguise getting seen through.

Her elderly lady form is likely a product of <Illusion> magic. Even if that's not the case, that form must be done through some sort of magic. Since Lecan's <3D Perceptions> clearly shows her youthful body.

Her disguising her real form itself is not that big an issue. Any great sage would do so if they wished to avoid attracting attentions.

The issue is that her physical age is that of a 18 year old woman. That's probably improbable even for Longlifers, which may lead to them finding out that Shira isn't human. That's, bad.

Shira herself is acting like usual, so all is probably under control, but Lecan could not help but worry about the glances those three mages were sending Shira.

The knights swiftly positioned themselves as well. As they knew about the guesthouse's layout and environs beforehand, they must have planned it.

One outside the lounge Lecan's group at, one in a waiting room next to the lounge, one at the front and back door of the guesthouse each, and then two in the vicinity.

As for the temple knights, one is outside the lounge, another is at the guesthouse's front door.

The three mages have begun circling the guesthouse in a group for some reason. Along with two other people with relatively weak mana. Must be their attendants.

The group sat on the sofa once they got in the lounge.

Shira is sitting in the center of the main seat, Lecan is next to her on the door side, while Eda and Norma on the other side.

At the center of the lower seat is Skalabel, next to him on the door side is Elex Temple priestess Kotojia, with priest Amamir and apothecary Cawin on the other side.

Both Skalabel's and Shira's companions introduced themselves once again. Amamir and Kotojia are among the most senior pupils of Skalabel, while Cawin is a promising youth in charge of taking care of Skalabel.

They were surprised when Shira introduced Lecan as her pupil in both magic and medicine making, and that he managed to master and finish both courses.

"I managed to finish my study somehow, but Winegem and Rokisimam never got theirs. Lecan-dono must be among Master's best pupils."

"You'd be my senior then. Glad I could meet you."
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"Hahaha. The same applies to me. It is truly a delight to see an able apothecary growing up under Master."

A maid went in the room pushing a cart. With tea brewing tools on it.

Shira left her seat and began brewing tea.

Amamir, Kotojia and Cawin looked perplexed, but Skalabel just watched over Shira brewing tea with a smile on his face.

Amamir talked to Norma.

"Pardon me, you are called Norma-dono, are you not."


"Do forgive me if I get it wrong, but do you happen to know anything about Sasfrey Wazrof-dono?"

"Sasfrey is my father. However, my father was not permitted to call himself a member of Wazrof House."

"What. He was your father? I see. So that's how it is."

"Is there something the matter with my father?"

"Are you familiar with the books, 『Research on Entrails Functions』 and 『Introductory to Medical Herb Study』?"

"Ah. Those are books my father wrote. How did you know about that?"

"Are you aware that transcripts of both books were donated to the Main Ceres Temple in the capital?"

"No. This is the first I heard that. That means, it must be the books left at Mashajain."

"Those books were transcribed by a transcriber affiliated with Wazrof House, under order of Marquis Godfrey Wazrof."

"Eh. By that person?"

"It's such a wonderful research. I had my own copy transcribed after getting permission from Ceres Temple. Many times have I read them, and eventually I couldn't curb my curiosity any longer and went to visit Mashajain looking for other books by this researcher."

"Is that right."

"The previous head, Marquis Godfrey firmly told me that those books were written by his little brother, Sasfrey. However, Sasfrey has passed away. Mashajain house has no knowledge about his other research. 'You will likely find more by seeking medic Norma at Vouka town'. So they told me."

"Little brother. So the previous marquis called father his little brother, did he. Is that right."

"Here, have some tea to go with your conversation."

"T-thank you."

"Well well. Shira-sama. You're too kind."

"So Norma's father's books wound up at Ceres Temple, did they."

"That is indeed the case, Shira-sama. Ceres Main Temple bears the highest authority in regards to herbal and medicinal research in the capital. But as the content of these two books are several cuts above the rest, they have been concealed to all but very few individuals."

One question popped up in Lecan's head as he listened to the conversation between Amamir and Norma.

Why didn't Amamir say anything about Norma during his last visit.

Marquis Mashajain had told Amamir to go look for medic Norma at Vouka Town if he wanted to know more. Him coming to this town for a business must have been a once in a lifetime chance. He could have found out about Norma had he asked Lecan then.

And even though they had no time nor the mood to chat around merrily back then, he could have ordered someone in the entourage or even asked the town lord. Yet, he never mentioned anything about it to Crimus.

After thinking that far, Lecan realized something.

Amamir had a better method at his disposal. Ceres Temple. Amamir is a first class priest of capital Elex Temple, he also holds a high position in herbal and medicinal department. He must be quite influential and well connected with Ceres Temple. Naturally, Amamir must have asked Vouka's Ceres Temple to investigate a medic by the name Norma there.

Ceres Temple reported him about Norma. However, he had no idea that Norma was related to the House of Marquis Mashajain. Or perhaps the person who gave the reports purposely cut that information out. Thus why Amamir had no idea about Norma's family tie.

Getting in touch with Norma was probably one of Amamir's goals during this visit. And to his surprise, she showed up as one of Shira's companions.

Lecan's guess was mostly correct except for a few tidbits. Priest Amamir is an extremely busy individual, and even though investigating Sasfrey Wazrof's research was a big deal to him personally, its severity was not high enough. And Amamir wasn't originally going to accompany this entourage. Amamir was at a planning stage to ask Vouka Town's Ceres Temple to investigate Norma.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.2


Skalabel continued his sobbing as if that noise never even entered his ears.

Shira too kept gently patting Skalabel without stopping.


Another priest standing next to the middle-aged priestess tried to calm her down. It's first class priest Amamir. The man who proclaimed himself as Skalabel's best pupil.

"H-how could! How could you, a pupil of the guide forgive such a sacrilegious act!"

Lecan glanced at the priestess before immediately turning away.

This time Lecan has resolved to only watch over things no matter what Skalabel's entourage say or do as long as it doesn't directly harm Shira and Lecan's group.

There's no need for him to butt in now that Shira herself has acknowledged Skalabel's visit. Shira has given up trying to lead a quiet peaceful life. Meaning there's no need to fuss over what these people say or do.

The only thing Lecan can do now is to not get in the way of Skalabel and Shira's conversation or let anyone do.

The priestess's words may have put a damper on this moving scene, but Lecan butting in here would only cause an even bigger uproar. Hence he's keeping to himself for now.

Priest Amamir remonstrated the priestess using gestures.

There's something else that bothers Lecan more than the priestess.

The knights, temple knights and mages.

He figured the escorts would be of a high level considering how important Skalabel is, but he never thought it would quite go this far.

All these knights are warriors of the highest caliber.

He likely won't lose in a one-on-one fight, but there's no telling what the outcome will be if he's up against two. Against three, Lecan probably has no chance.

The two temple knights wearing armor seem proficient with their swords, but their mana is quite something as well. In other word, they're magic swordsmen like Lecan.

The three mages' mana is astounding. In terms of mana pool, Lecan may surpass them a bit, but the honed mana cladding their body is nothing to scoff at.

The capital must be quite a force to be reckoned with if it's got these monsters prowling around.
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Skalabel eventually got up.

"O master. Allow me to introduce these people behind me. Besides the escort and priests dispatched by temples, all of them are my pupils. They are those who will carry on your will."

The town lord's butler bowed and introduced the visitors by names.

"Elex Temple's first class priest, Amamir Tarance-dono. "

"Elex Temple's third class priest, Kotojia-dono."

"Ceres Temple's All Vice Temple Marlia Fotos-dono."

The butler proceeded to refer other priests from each temples by name, followed by the names of 12 pupils of Skalabel. There are also nine priest apprentices accompanying them but they're not in this room right now.

Afterward, the escort group got introduced.

"Royal Knights Vice Commander Neisan Aspel."

"Royal Knights Fourth Division Captain Cazul Boruentin."

"Royal Knights Fourth Division Vice Captain Kera Nimus."

Along with them are also eight members of the Fourth Division, and 11 subordinate knights, but they aren't in this room.

"Royal Mages Vice Commander Roland Batt-dono."

"Royal Mages Member Hezmodemos-dono."

"Royal Mages Member Mankara-dono."

As they have no family names, they must be commoners. Lecan has no idea what kind of organization is Royal Mages, but these two must be those who climbed up this far through their ability. They have two other attendants outside.

"Temple knight Derston Barmoa-dono."

"Temple knight Zahad Etchika."

These two also have two attendants with them.

The butler bowed after naming the visiting entourage and introduced Shira's helpers next.

"Apothecary Lecan-dono."

"Medic Norma-dono."

"Medic Eda-dono."

Lecan didn't overlook priest Amamir putting on a shocked look on his face for a moment when Norma's name got called.

"And that concludes introductions of Skalabel-sama's companions and Shira-sama's helpers."

The butler nonchalantly continues on.

"Skalabel-sama, and Shira-sama, if you two would please transfer over to the guest house. Each side may have three helpers accompanying them as well as two record keepers. None of the guard is to be present there. We have prepared tea for good sirs and madams to enjoy in a separate room."

The butler bowed deeply and opened the door wide. Another shriek resounded just as Skalabel and Shira were about to move.

"Hold it right there! A historical talk between guide Skalabel and his master is going to take place! I and apothecaries from every temple have the obligation to oversee that. I demand a bigger assembly hall instead of a guest house to hold the conference at!"

This demand was directed toward Vouka's town lord Crimus Ulban who had been waiting outside the door to lead Skalabel and Shira to the guesthouse.

He looks resolute today as if his haggard state yesterday was but a dream.

Crimus gracefully bowed and spoke with his head still hanging down.

"Marlia Fotos-sama. Your demand has been heard. However, both the plan for guesthouse and numbers of attendants have been set upon by orders of His Excellency Prime Minister. It is done in consideration of Guide-sama's request as well as his condition. As for how Guide-sama chooses his attendants, that is outside of my power."

"That plan was formulated during the time we weren't sure if Guide's master was truly here! Thus I demand you, the one supervising the site to make an amend!"

Crimus remained silent while still bowing.



"Recall the words I spoke when you asked me to join this entourage. Do not in any way, shape, or form attempt to hinder my talk with Shira-sama."

"I swear I won't let anyone get in the way! So please let me be there too! It's my life's wish!"

"Will you not quietly watch over the last bit of happiness for this old body of mine."

"But! But!"

Another priestess wearing the same outfit soothed Marlia who started crying while shaking her head.

Skalabel urged Shira to leave the reception room, Lecan followed after them.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.1


News of <Herb Saint> Guide Skalabel coming and staying for nine days is known among the populace, the whole town is animated.

Guide Skalabel's entourage unanimously gets to be called <Herb Saint Entourage>.

The fact that they would be arriving sooner than scheduled quickly spread in the town, a cue to the start of festive merrymaking everywhere.

By morning of the arrival day, many houses in the town have been colorfully decorated to welcome <Herb Saint>'s arrival.

The sky is of a clear blue color. A deep blue color you can't see in any other season.

Crowds of people have filled sides of the road stretching from the west gate to the town lord's mansion, full of people hoping to welcome and take a glimpse of the living god.

Ignoring the town lord's stern warning, the welcoming group nominated by the town lord himself has lined up in the space between the mansion's gate and the mansion's entrance.

Around 50 town officials, and 50 representatives from various sectors have positioned themselves perfectly as to neither get in the way of incoming wagons or step on the garden's vegetation.

The crowd made an uproar outside.

Herb Saint Entourage has finally arrived.

Lecan himself is still at the detached building. Along with Shira, Eda and Norma.

For some reason, Shira has taken quite a liking on the detached building, she's been spending time there, only going to the guesthouse to sleep. It might sound only natural since she spent the past two days tutoring Lecan, but she would also have tea and meals here instead of the guest house.

Nike aside, it's rare to see her in Shira form taking a meal.

That said, she only ever ate almost garnish-less soup and a bit of bread.

Herb Saint Entourage consists of 11 wagons, 13 horse riders, and 19 people on foot. In total there are 85 people and 35 horses. As the town lord mansion cannot take them all, some of the entourage members are to stay in other nobles' residences.

Three horse riders are leading the way for the wagons. One of the rider came inside the town lord's mansion by himself.

The people lining up inside took a step back.

The horse rider must have made them do that to ensure the wagons' safety. You could almost hear the town lord wailing on the inside.

People are finally getting off the wagons.
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WAAAAAAA, a cheer erupted.

The town lord couple welcomed the guests of honors in front of the entrance and beckoned them inside.

Besides the town lord couple, welcoming the guests in the entrance hall are their eldest son, second son, eldest daughter, maids, butlers, four noble house representatives, temple head and vice temple head of Ceres Temple, Chaney and Adventurer Association's chairman, Zenkis.

"Shira-sama, and her helpers. If you would proceed to the main building."

As the official called for them, Lecan and the rest departed the detached building toward the main building.

Lecan is wearing his usual <Overking Bear> overcoat. The town lord entreated him to wear a more formal clothing, but Lecan wouldn't budge on it, insisting that as her bodyguard it's akin to knight's armor.

Norma has her pure white medic outfit with a mix of navy and black colored tunic on top.

Eda has a curiously cute outfit on her. Apparently she bought it at Ninae.

Four of the main guests of honor entered first before taking up the four corners of the rooms. Two of them are probably escort knights, and the other two are escort mages.

Seven guests of honor entered the reception room.

Sofas and tables have been removed from the reception room for today occasion.

The seven guests of honor took the main seats, with four people on the lower seats opposite to them with another two next to it.

The two must be for town lord and the butler.

The butler introduced the four on the lower seats, head of Haddis House, head of Goncourt house, head of Sawajie, and head of Surusawa. To the one in the center of the entourage, Skalabel in particular.

Lecan's group arrived at the antechamber. You can enter the reception room without going through the hallway from this room.

The four head of noble houses left the room, and the seven guest of honors moved to the lower seats.

21 people entered from the hallway, lining themselves up behind the seven. They're priests from every temples in the capital, Skalabel's pupils.

"Apothecary Shira-sama, entering the room."

The official said so while opening the door.

Lecan led the way. Shira, then Eda and Norma followed after.

Even the relatively spacious reception room turns cramped when so many people are stuffed inside.

Shira stepped forward and stopped in the center, and just as she turned toward the lower seats, the elderly man leading the entourage knelt down. It's the person projected by the magic stone.

"O master. For having been given this chance to meet you once again gives the most supreme joy to this Skalabel. Ah, master. Master. Oh how, how I dearly miss you so!"

The people behind him put their right hand on their left chest and bowed. There's just not enough room to kneel down even if they wanted to.

"Oh my my. When did you learn to talk grandiosely like that. Anyway, it's been awhile. I'm also glad to see you again. Lil'boy."

Skalabel remained in kneeling and bowing position.

Before long, a sobbing sound could be heard.

Skalabel is crying.

"Are you crying now. Still as much a crybaby as I remember, aren't you."

Shira put her hand on Skalabel's hairless head before gently patting it.

"S-such impudence! Remove your hand at once!"

A shriek let out by a middle-aged woman standing foremost among the entourage reverberated in the room.



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Okami wa Nemuranai 25.13


Lecan kept practicing <Barrier> every single day. Yet there was no sign of him casting it.

As they entered month nine, Shira suddenly made an announcement.

"Let's go pick some herbs."

"Shira, Skalabel is arriving soon. He should be halfway here from the capital by now."

"Oh it'd be fine. We're only picking one type of herbs this time around, see."

"One type?"

"It's Tago Grass. I'm teaching you how to make Mana Restoratives."

The following day, Lecan went out of town along with Nike. They spent two days gathering a whole bunch of Tago Grass before going back to Vouka.

The day after, they started the process of making Mana Restoratives.

"Well now. Originally we should let them dry for ten days first, but we're running short on time here so let's make do with magic."

Shira laid Tago Grass across the desk, held her hands over them and started pouring mana into them.

Lecan used <Mana Detection> to watch the mana movement, yet he couldn't grasp what was unfolding before him.

This way of mana control is not magic in its strictest sense. Through the peak of all kinds of disciplines, she's freely controlling her mana to raise an item's degree of perfection. Lecan has also learned these kinds of mana control during his herb making study.

However, what Shira is doing now goes far beyond that, being exceedingly complex and high level.

In less than four and half an hour, the Tago Grass dried up nicely.

"And now onto the making of Mana Restoratives. First, the ordinary method. We'll make it using the pot twice. The first one I'll show you how it's done, watch closely from the sideline. The second one I won't say or instruct you on anything. You have to make it on your own."

The main ingredient of Mana Restoratives is Zahad Moss. They have gathered that in month two, as well as processed them already. The second sub ingredients are Nichia Grass and Shiarigi Buds, which are gathered already. The third sub ingredient is Tago Grass, which they have just gathered. This one can only be gathered in month nine to ten. Powder made by scrapping two types of ores is also used as catalysts, they've gathered that in month two as well.

The medicine making process itself isn't too complex to Lecan who has been diligently studying under Shira all this time. He just found adjusting the amount of two catalysts and balancing the melting point of the main and sub ingredients difficult however.

After watching Shira showing him how, it was Lecan turn next.

All the while, Shira watched over Lecan next to him.

Lecan felt a numbing sense of tension.

It's a comforting kind of tension.

Lecan saw himself working as if he had another him watching over himself in a contest of techniques, how his techniques would clash with the opponents' and how to overcome them.

"Good. That's nicely made restorative. Well done."

Shira's words were more gratifying than anything to Lecan.

"When you're making medicine from herbs, you can't aim too high, okay. Keep it just right. You musn't ask for more than the herbs can afford to. Extracting the efficacy of herbs to their limit without pushing beyond that represents the deepest secret of medicine-making, see."


They continued to <Barrier> practice afterward, but there was still no sign of it.

The following day, Lecan was taught the special method to make Mana Restoratives. He was finally given the passing mark late at night.

As he was about to go home, he found a letter pasted on the door. Looks like they were too focused in the basement to notice that they had a visitor.

It was from the town lord, informing that Skalabel will be arriving earlier than expected in two days from Vantaroy. Hence, he wishes for Shira, Lecan, Eda and Norma to move in the town lord's mansion tomorrow.

Back at home, he got the same letter from Eda.

They were scheduled to arrive in ten days at the earliest, two days are too fast.

The day after, the four moved in the town lord mansion's detached building.

The guesthouse's construction is done already, temporary employees are busily running around everywhere to prepare things.

Same situation in town lord's mansion, stuff like food is getting carted around everywhere.

The town lord kept shouting at the coming and going merchants to stop messing up his garden.

Even here, Lecan kept practicing <Barrier> under Shira.

After dinner that day, he finally managed to cast <Barrier>.

The next day, he spent all day getting taught how to control <Barrier>. Once cast, the rest was simple, the more he was taught the better he was at it. In the end, he was taught the anti-physical version of <Barrier> like it was just an extra.

"Lecan. Congrats. You've made it to completion. Both in medicine making and in magic. In all of my long life, I've never had a pupil who managed to master these two simultaneously let alone to completion. I'm really proud of you as a pupil."

"Shira. I'm in your debt. Gods have my thanks for giving me this chance to meet you."

Before they knew it, Eda and Norma were watching over them from a distance.

Eda was moved to tears.

Afterward, the town lord came by, so Eda cast <Purification> on him.

Tomorrow, on the eighth of month nine, <Herb Saint> Skalabel will finally arrive.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 25.12


Lecan visited Shira's place every single day to practice <Barrier>. However, there was no still sign of it getting cast. Practicing something with no prospect of succeeding whatsoever is awfully exhausting.

He would have long given up had not for his excellent mentor in Shira showing the ropes and the knowledge that he has the aptitude for space magic.

One day, Eda reported something curious.

"So you see, Taris-san's son, Tomir-kun got a really nasty wound after he fell down and bumped his head on a rock while playing. So I cast <Recovery> on him, should I not?"

"Hou. Well, guess you probably can't feign ignorance in that situation. We'll go consult Norma tomorrow."


When they consulted Norma the following day, they got an unexpected reply.

"Ah. I think that's fine."

"Is it?"

"I had a feeling something like that was bound to happen sooner or later. You're an excellent <Recovery> user, feel free to use when you need to. It's not like telling you don't will do anything anyway."

"Is it all right not charging this Taris?"

"They'd hold grudge on Eda if she did. You don't need to ask for money. But tell this to them. 'I really should have charged money when I cast <Recovery> so please keep it a secret'."


"What if someone insists on getting <Recovery> even if they have to pay."

"You can refer to me then. Tell them Eda is a <Recovery> user that's exclusively affiliated to Norma's Medical Center for the time being."

"I see."

"The neighbors may have no idea about Eda's <Recovery> now, but they will find out eventually. And that's inevitable as long as you live in this town. Fortunately, everyone knows how expensive <Recovery> is thanks to the temples."

"Err. The neighbors all figured out I did <Recovery> at Norma-san's place a long time ago."

"Oho, really now. And yet none of them asked you to cast <Recovery> for every little injuries or illness?"


"Good going there. Hold it. Then perhaps Taris-san is worrying over how to pay you for treating his son."
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"Ah, that's right."

"Tell them right away that you did it on your own volition so they don't need to pay, but ask them to keep it a secret from other."

"I understand. I'll do just that."

Doing so will prevent people from vying with one another for Eda's free <Recovery>.

They'd simply move out if it ever came to that though.

What's scary is those who attempt to own Eda's ability by confining her through authority or violence. Fortunately, there's no one like that at present. And even if Lecan leaves the town, the fact that there is no way to tell when he's coming back should serve as a deterrence.

Lecan trying to give freedom to Eda by robbing her of her freedom would be getting his priorities backward.

"So it should be fine for Eda to secretly <Recovery> on those she wants to?"

"I think that's okay. Only Eda can decide whom to use her <Recovery> on. But let me say this as a reference. Eda."


"You should not cast <Recovery> on people you're not acquainted with even if you're compelled to or they beg for it."

"I understand."

"If a stranger asks you to hurry up and cast <Recovery>, saying that they'll pay later, you should decline them."

"Okay. So in short I can only cast <Recovery> for free on people I get along with. It's so people around believe they're an exception cuz I know them."

"Yep. That's exactly it. You figured that out nicely."

"And when someone wants to pay for it, they gotta go through Norma-san first."

"Yep. That's it."

"So that means, I should decline when they try to pay me directly?"

"You'd better decline. You can accept money directly if you work as a medical practitioner in the future. But you know. All kinds of responsibilities come with accepting payments. You should learn that kind of stuff under me a bit more before you commit to it."

"Yes. I understand."

"By the way, Lecan. Town lord-sama wishes to have Eda's <Recovery> cast on him. I gave him the OK, you don't mind, do you?"

"Of course, I don't. Eda, use your ace <Recovery> on the town lord, guy's dead tired."

"So like, I gotta use <Purification>?"

"Yea. But keep the spell name <Recovery>."

"I got it!"

"Then let us head there this noon. Ah, right. Eda."


"You've been casting <Purification> on Lecan every night, haven't you?"


"From tonight on, cast <Purification> twice per session. Make the second one long and with a lot of mana poured in."

"Yes. I understand. But, is there a reason for that?"

"It's to help refining your <Purification> even further. If you do, who knows if it'd heal Lecan's left eye before long."

"The town lord may really need the <Recovery> but I don't think he'd spend one gold coin just for that. He probably wants to see for himself Norma's character and have another talk with Eda. He'd likely bring up the matter of you two staying there too."

"I suspect that is the case as well. It's the reason I agreed to it."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 25.11


"Fumu. Making Eda and Norma as Shira-sama's caretakers, you say? However, we have already prepared people to serve that role on our side."

"Those people must be good at reacting to her needs anytime anywhere, preparing her bath and sorting out garbage."

"Of course."

"Will those people brew tea for Shira."

"Naturally, we will dispatch someone who can brew the finest tea."

"Shira does not drink tea others brewed. She brews one herself."


"And besides, Shira dislikes having strangers around her. Especially when she's asleep."

"Caretakers are no strangers."

"That's your preconception."

"That's, you may be right."

Lecan noticed something while he was having a talk with Crimus.

And he was angry at himself for not realizing it until now.

Shira may look like an elderly lady outwardly, but her real body is that of a 18 year old woman.

She's made herself looks like a granny by sight.

But what if someone touched her.

They might find out that she has a youthful body.

"And also. Shira loathes to have another touches her."


"If anyone attempted to forcefully touch her, she'd storm off in anger, likely never coming back."

"My goodness. I had no idea she was that eccentric."

"She's not your ordinary person which afforded her to act extraordinarily."

"That does sound plausible. I suppose that's how it is."

"Hence, no one besides Eda or Norma can take care of her in person."

"It cannot be helped. Well, Eda is undoubtedly the best <Recovery> user in this town, and I'm also aware how excellent a medical practitioner Norma is. I had no idea that she was an acquaintance of Shira-sama however."

"The one who picked Norma as the one for me and Eda to learn the usage of <Recovery> under was none other than Shira. That's how much she trusts and respects Norma."

"Ah, so that's how it went. Then that resulted in Eda giving treatment at Norma's place. I see now."
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Crimus sighed out.

"I take it Sushana was not to your liking then."

"I'm grateful of you holding me in such high esteem."


"However, us adventurers live in a different world. I hate being bound above everything else. Forgive me if you find that offensive."

"Hahaha. It was worth it just to hear that from you. But well. Sushana will definitely cry."


"The one who proposed this idea was Sushana herself."

"What did you say."

"You were the heaven-sent <knight riding on a winged horse> who saved her from her sufferings. She had been yearning for you ever since."

"I don't get it."

"It's a maiden's dream."

"My face and figure should look scary to little girls."

"They're scary to adult men too."

"Am I supposed to laugh here?"

"You're even scarier laughing though."

"But does that mean Sushana knew about me quite early on?"

"I could not possibly not talk about the matter with Chaney once that girl was lifted off her curse. Not even the biggest merchants at the Capital can just casually obtain a <God Cure> whenever they need one. So Sushana wanted to thank Chaney herself."

"I see."

"And Chaney narrated a story straight out of a fairytale about an adventurer that made it sound like he was a knight sent by heavens to help god guide him."

"I got it."

"That adventurer easily cut down a hundred magic beasts, inferred four assassins carrying peculiar weapons and defeated them all by himself, and in the end, he got up through sheer avenging spirit alone even after he got betrayed by an ally and knocked that traitor down, bringing victory."

"Hou. Pretty amazing that guy."

"Sushana was convinced that you were a hero of unparalleled caliber. In reality, you are indeed amazing. It took me quite some time before I recognized that. In a way, Sushana has got her conviction right."


"However, I personally was amazed more by Chaney. His fortune of getting his hand on a <God Cure> and even drew the winning lottery in you. That was the resolve I needed to remove Zack from this town."

"At that time, Zack was one of the leading purveyor of this town lord's family huh."

"Before we knew it, merchants under Zack's control had slipped in and spread their influence far and wide. I had no way to prevent Zaikaz Company from taking root here. To be frank with you, I had steeled myself to surrender this town to Kogurus when Zack himself came by this town. I was worried about Chaney's safety as well. I had no choice but to name his successor as the leading purveyor in order to protect him."

"But you bet on Chaney."

"That I did. Moreover, considering Zack's age."


"Trying to snatch goods away by sending assassins and traitors, then another attempt to rob dungeon items by employing three powerful adventurers, it's all too candid. And they failed anyway in the end, exposing his scheme, resulting in him and his stores getting expunged from this town. I believe that was a sign of him losing his composure due to advanced age."

"I see."

"The man is not long for this world. That's when the real battle begins."


"I went to see Shira-sama yesterday."


Which means, he did so after Lecan went home.

"I bowed my head, pleading her to please stay in the guest house during guide Skalabel's visit."

"What did she tell you."

"She agreed to it."


"'I owe this town a lot, I don't mind helping you save face, but only this once'. She told me."

(I knew it, Shira, she's.)

(Planning to vanish from this town once this is all over.)

"Going there myself must be what did the trick."

"Must be."

"And now my biggest worry is no more."

"Is that why you're looking well today."

"That may be it."



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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 18-11

 18-11. The Adventure of Pochi


"Haguhaguhagu--whale jerky is so good nodesu."

In a perilous pass at Western States, on a beach where the Red Smoke Island is visible, a lone youngster--or more like, a kid in an adventurer-like clothing is chewing on a jerky.
The elegant yellow hooded mantle the kid is wearing has a coat of arms in the shape of a dragon shouldering a pen on it.

"That must be the Black Smoke Island where the samurai chief lives at nodesu!"

Unfortunately that's Red Smoke Island.

"Only a little bit more nanodesu. Should get there by evening running on sea nanodesuyo!"

Ordinary humans cannot run on water surface, perhaps this kid possess Water Stride or Float Step skill.

"Pochi's legend starts now nodesuyo."

The kid striking a shupin popse--Pochi was about to make a dash pose that showed up in a showa manga.

"Taking off nanode--"
"Nooooo! Get off meeeeee!"

A scream coming from beyond the shelterbelt stopped Pochi's takeoff.

"Oh no nanodesu! Pochi heard a thrilling scream from over there nodesu!"

No one here could correct that she was supposed to say, 'Piercing' there.
The pair of cat ears poking out of her shadow merely twitched a bit.

"Pochi is coming nodesuyo!"

Woosh, Pochi ran fast breaking the wind.

"Please, I beg of ye. Please spare our daughter, at least our daughter."
"Shut up! Don't get in our way!"
"Pa, ow."

Pochi arrived to a scene of ruffian-looking men grabbing a woman by her arm, and punching and kicking someone who looked like her father who tried to stop them.

"That's far enough nanodesu!"

The ruffians got on guard in a panic responding the sudden appearance of an intruder who broke through the bush.
But once the hood was off and showed the intruder being a small dogkin kid, they relaxed and sighed out as if ridiculing their past selves.

"The hell, it's just a brat."
"Pochi is not a brat, she's Pochi nanodesuyo?"

Pochi tilted her head.

"Shaddap! We're workin' here!"

The ruffians frowned as they shouted at Pochi.

"Work nanodesu?"

Pochi looked around restlessly.

"But onee-san looks troubled nodesuyo?"

The woman grabbed by the ruffians has frozen up, unable to react to the happening.

"Eargh, just shut up ya! Men, spank this brat!"
"Hell yeah, aniki!"

One of the more bigger men stepped forward heavily toward Pochi.


BWOSH, his swung fist cut an empty space.
Pochi swiftly dodged that fist.

"Stop dodging you!"
"But it'd hurt if it hit nodesuyo?"

Pochi easily dodges the man swinging his arm at her.

"What the heck yer' playin' at! Y'all go too!"
"We might get her killed though?"
"Who gives a crap. Just carve 'er out!"

Five men drew their weapons and rushed at Pochi.

The father and daughter who imagined Pochi getting cut up closed their eyes and averted their faces.

"DON, nanodesu!"

All the men easily got blown away by a single hit.
The sword in her hand is still in its sheath.

"W-what in the hell's going on?"
"Arisa told Pochi taking up swords means you're also prepared to get cut yourself, nodesuyo!"

Pochi made a triumphant look on her face.
The fact that she didn't cut them with the bladed part must be her act of kindness.

"D-damnit. You monster."

The man whistled with his finger, then 20 villains rushed in from the direction of the village.
Apparently they had been ravaging inside the village.

"How 'bout it! Ya ain't gonna win against this number alone!"

The man's saliva flew everywhere as the situation reversed.

That was when several shadows flew out of the bush.

"She's not alone gau!"

"Bear and the guys are here to kuma!"
"I knew she'd get dragged in trouble."
"Pochi-san, fall back!"
"Usasa and the guys nanodesu!"

The [Pendora] gang has followed after Pochi to the Western States, bunnykin Usasa and Rabibi, dogkin Gaugaru, bearkin Kubear, human boy Ninin and human girl Hitona.

"Did you all chase after Pochi nodesu?"
"Of course!"
"Don't be so cold gau."
"We're worried with neesan alone gau."
"We asked Earl-sama to send us to this country by ship though."

Pochi reunited with Usasa and the gang.

"Everyone! Think about the situation here!"
"Just us two can't hold on! Usasa, help!"

The two humans who have been dealing with the villains asked for help.

"Sorry, you two!"
"Sorry about that, Hitona!"

Usasa and Rabibi disturb the frontline, Kubear is in charge of shielding, and the greatsword user Gaugaru mows down.

The Pendora gang worked together to beat up the villains.
Nevertheless, being outnumbered, the Pendora kids started getting pushed back.

"Pochi will do her best too nodesuyo!"

Clank, after striking a pose, Pochi joined the fray.

"As expected of neesan Kuma!"

The table quickly got turned afterward.
Pochi literally tore the bad men's protectors into pieces and discarded them before beating the bad men into oblivion.

The girl who was taken as hostage got saved by Rabibi who sneakily took her back to her father.

The villain leader who realized the unfavorable situation he was in threw a smoke bomb in an attempt to escape.

"Can't run away from Pochi nodesuyo!"

Pochi rushed through the smoke with Flickering Step, kicked the villain's leader legs and pinned him down.

"Getting all wrapped up in a rope punishment nanodesu!"

She brought the villain leader bound in a rope like a bagworm back to the gang.

For some reason, the father had stripped off his tunic, desperately trying to put the smoke out.

"Do you wanna put it out gau?"
"Leave it to me kuma."

Kubear grabbed the smoke bomb and forcefully buried it inside the ground to erase the smoke.
Once the father was certain the smoke was no more, he fell down on the spot in exhaustion.

"Victory nanodesu!"

Usasa and the gang were puzzled to see the father like that, nevertheless they all cheered together when they heard Pochi's triumphal cheer.

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Meanwhile, the villagers gathered together.
An elderly village head stepped forward toward Pochi and Pendorag gang.

"What have you done!"

And they got showered in complaints instead of thanks.

"Right right!"
"Whaddya think yer' doing beating up these guys!"
"Why do you think we have been putting up with them for all this time!"

Following the village head, the villagers crowded around Pochi and booed at her.

"W-why are you getting mad nodesu?"

The unexpected voices of anger flopped Pochi's ears down, her tail hid itself between her legs.
Usasa and Gaugaru stood in front of Pochi with their arms spread to defend her.

"Quiet down!"
"Get one person to state your complaints wan!"

Once Usasa and Gaugaru growled while activating Pressure skill, cat's got the villager's tongue as they went pale.
The villagers stepped back all together, leaving only the village head in his spot.

"A quick explanation is in order kuma."

Kubear tapped the frightened village head.

"T-these guys ain't no ordinary bandits."
"What's the difference gau?"
"We're the Baphomet Family who can even make crying babies fall silent!"

The one replying was the villain leader who unfastened his mouth gag on his own.

"Bafemot nanodesu?"
"It's Baphomet! And don'tcha get that wrong again! Our boss is the much feared Baphomet of Calamity extolled in the City of Vice, Cybe."

The villain leader shouted at Pochi who got it wrong.
Vice City Cybe is located in a pirate island with an active volcano on it called Red Smoke Island, a den of outlaws that not even neighboring countries dare to approach.

"Our boss is feared throughout the island as the Second Coming of Demon Lord!"

The [Pendora] gang who's well aware of Pochi's strength and track records simply brushed off the villain leader's words.

"Hmm, hmm you said!? Are y'all too bratty to know fear?"
"It's okay nanodesu! Pochi will beat up all the baddies nodesuyo!"
"Yer' up against 『Second Coming of Demon Lord』! Like hell ya can win!"

Pendora gang looked down at the barking villain leader with cold eyes.
He has no idea that Pochi is one of the [Demon Lord Slayers].

"It's okay nanodesu! Pochi has fought demon lord persons before nodesuyo!"
"Who the heck's gonna believe that utter bollocks!"

Not just the villains, none of the villagers believed that either.
Including the father daughter who witnessed Pochi's strength firsthand.

The only exception is the Pendora gang.
Absolute trust to Pochi dwells in their eyes.

Pochi's ears twitched.

She caught something coming closer from afar.

"Let us go! Otherwise the army of monsters our boss control's gonna come raidin'!"

The villagers shrunk in fear when they heard wyverns' cries from afar.

"Here 'dey come, they're coming to deliver your death!"

A wyvern flew over trees.

Pochi's eyes opened wide when she saw that.

"Meat! Nanodesu!"

"T-this is yer' last chance for bravado!"

Erasing the villain leader's voices, more wyverns flew over one after another, totaling in over ten wyvern riders circling the sky.
Wyvern Knights are a powerful force that not even large countries could amass in large numbers.

Intercepting them outside of military facilities is said to require several times more mages or dozens times more archers due to their capability of swooping down to attack from outside magic and arrow's range.

They must have seen the signal flare the villain leader shot out.

"Yer' all finished now!"

As if responding to the villain leader's word, one of the wyvern knights readied an extra long fire wand and burned a house with a warning shot.

"Didja see that! The power of the strongest Dragon Knights of Vice City Cybe!"

The villain leader rattled on as bubble formed around his mouth.

"Pouring rain of fireballs gonna burn y'all down!"

The ecstatic villain leader laughed as he looked at Pochi and the villagers.

"Hey, so--won't you old men also get burned together then?"

Hearing Usasa, the villain leader and the ruffians turned pale.
Looks like that never crossed their mind.

"It's okay nanodesu! Leave it all to Pochi nanodesuyo!"

Pochi step forwards in the center of the open space with her sword in sheath.

"Now, come! Nanodesu!"

Her Provocation-laden voice reached the sky, wyverns and their riders focused their attention at Pochi.
A volley of dozens fireballs shot out of the riders' wands as they trailed the sky red.

"Iai slash~, nanodesu!"

Pochi cut down the incoming fireballs with a sword-drawing technique as she ran in the sky with Sky Step.

"Cutting fireballs with a sword?!"
"Pochi-san, you're amazing!"
"Neesan the strongest gau!"
"The strongest kuma!"

Usasa's and the kids cheering drowned out the villain leader's surprise.
The villagers can't even let out a word due to the shock.

"Catch and really nanodesu!"

Pochi grabbed onto an unlucky wyvern knight, and jumped to the next wyvern after slicing that wyvern's head off.

No one understood that Pochi was supposed to say "Catch and release" there, and even if there were one, they would have said, 'that's not what that phrase means.'

"What in tarnation is this brat!"
"You dogkin shaped demon!"
"Who do you think we--"

Seven heads fell down before the wyvern riders could even form up, the riders fell down the trees.
The altitude was such that normally they wouldn't have escaped death even cushioned by tree branches, but invisible power in the form of whip-like shadows grabbed the riders, preventing their death.

Looks like there's an ever-present worrywart protector everywhere.

"That thing can't possibly get this far up."

The moment the rider commander whose whole body was soaked in sweat murmured that, an ominous voice "Tou, nanodesu!" echoed behind him.
And just as the commander timidly looked back--.


A red sphere hit the wyvern knight who was flying next to him.
Flesh and blood of the wyvern scattered everywhere as the now headless wyvern came crashing down.


Even while screaming out his subordinate's name, his survival instinct compelled him to fly in a random trajectory.

"So the head breaks apart with the usual Magic Edge Cannon nodesu. You can't eat the tasty eyeballs if you don't cut the neck nodesuyo."

A sense of terror toward his foe assaulted the commander the instance he heard that.
He interpreted that as this foe wasn't trying to eliminate them, it was predating on them, seeing them as nothing more than feeders.


The commander dodged an incoming red blade coming from behind.

By the third blade avoided, the commander sighed out in relief once he realized the devilish-looking dogkin behind him was gone.

"I'm alive--uwaa"

Midway through his murmur, he felt a warm liquid splashing from ahead.
He hurriedly turned around and sensed something amiss.

It's not there.

It's gone. His trusty steed's head.

The headless steed nosedived straight down the ground.

"Aku (evil) soku (instant) zazan (cucut) nanodesu!"

Pochi struck the shupin pose once she downed the last wyvern knight with her modified guillotine shaped magic edge cannon.

"I-I cannae' believe my eyes..."

The villain rider had his jaw dropped on the floor.

"Arisa said so nodesu. Prospering evil is nothing more than free food nanodesuyo!"

Pochi spoke triumphantly.

"N-not yet. Our boss is still around."

The villain leader tried to bluff with a shaky voice.

"We've still got Second Coming of Demon Lord of Red Smoke Island Vice City, Baphomet the [Calamity]!"

The villain leader put on a bravado to threaten Pochi and the gang.

"Ya gotta bring Saga Empire's hero if you wanna beat our boss!"
"Oh, Pochi knows about hero person nodesu! If hero person can beat it, then Pochi can beat it too nodesuyo!"
"Haaa? Beat our boss?"

Hearing Pochi, the villain leader laughed like he had a cramp.

"What's funny nodesu?"
"No way in hell I ain't gonna laugh at that. Ain't no way Red Smoke Island that put those countries' armies at a loss coulda fall to a lone dogkin who's a wee bit strong. That island's got an army of monsters under our boss' control guarding' the whole damn place."
"An army of monsters nanodesu!"

Pochi inclined her head to the side.

"Heck yeah! Sea monsters like sea serpents to sink ships, then flying monsters like naga and wyverns to shoot fireballs from the sky far above ya. And even if ya got through 'em you'd have Volcano Mammoths and packs of Locust Buffalos itchin' to trample you dead."
"Oh no nanodesu!"

Pochi turned around toward Usasa and the gang in surprise.
Usasa and the gang braced themselves thinking their enemy was powerful enough to warrant that reaction from Pochi.

"It's a meat festival nanodesuyo!"

Strength escaped Usasa and the gang when they saw the excited Pochi.
Well that's their Pochi.

"M-meat! What the hell yer' goin' on about. Y'all the ones getting feed to the monsters!"

The villain leader desperately tried to argue back, but none of his words reached Pochi whose mind was fully preoccupied with the thought of meat festival, before eventually getting forgotten.

"Kepu, nanodesu."

Pochi rubbed her stomach in satisfaction.

As if a preamble to the Great Meat Festival at Red Smoke Island, they gathered people in the neighboring villages who had fallen victims to the bandits and held a meat festival with the wyvern meat. Of course, they had eyeball cuisine as well.

There were some who were annoyed at the meat famed for its bad taste and toughness in other countries, but the villagers who had been starving due to the pillaging of Baphomet Family jumped at the meat without complaining and praised Pochi.

The villagers who saw Pochi slaughtering the wyverns prostrated themselves at Pochi all at once to beg forgiveness.

The caught ruffians and wyvern riders are to be handed over to soldiers dispatched from a neighboring country the next morning.

"Pochi-san, there's no ship anywhere to be found."
"We beg your pardon. Those guys at Cybe took all our boats with them saying, 'We're taking your boats if you can't pay tax.'"

As a result they couldn't even go out to fish, grieved the fishing village elder.

"That's a stump nodesu."

Pochi has been searching for a boat to take her to the Red Smoke Island.

"We can just shave down some logs into a ship gau."
"That's gonna take way too long."
"I'm pretty good at shaving wood kuma."

Usasa and the gang put forth their ideas.

"There are numerous whirlpools and invisible reefs around Red Smoke Island, though not so many around the inlet. Those who don't know the route will find it hard to navigate there."

Usasa and the gang looked troubled when they heard the village head.

"If only Pochi-san left one wyvern alive."
"Are you blaming neesan?!"
"I never said that!"
"Quarreling is a no no nanodesuyo."

Pochi pacified the gang as they started quarrellings.

"But, Pochi-san. We can't cross the sea at this rate, you know?"
"It's okay nanodesu."

Pochi turned at Usasa and the gang with a look full of confidence on her face.

"Pochi has just got the idea nodesuyo!"

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Okami wa Nemuranai 25.10


"L-Lecan. You got married?"

Eda who had been keeping to herself while listening and grinning suddenly spoke up.

Lecan had a blank look, unable to process what Norma just said.

"Hahaha. So Lecan could put on that innocent look too."

"What are do you mean I've established a commuter marriage?"

"Lady Sushana personally served you tea, didn't she."


"Daughters of nobles do not serve tea to guests. That's maids' job."

"I thought that was a bit odd."

"The only time they do is when they consider the other party family. 'Family' in a very intimate sense. Noble ladies who have come of age don't even serve tea to their own father. On top of that, the room layout is clearly made for commuter marriage."

"Did they set me up?"

"I don't believe so. Town lord-sama's put enough trust and expectations on you to present his daughter to you Lecan. Hmmm. Or maybe."

"Or maybe?"

"Did you do something that could be seen as a source of anxiety to the town lord?"

"Source of anxiety?"

"Lecan, you're the the person town lord-sama depends most during this Guide Skalabel's visitation. Beyond a shadow of doubt. If he had a quarrel with you that resulted in you refusing to cooperate, it would immediately put town lord-sama in a predicament. Have you done something that could make him harbor such worries?"

"Now that you mention it, I might have."

"That's it. Town lord-sama was worried you would abandon him, so he's clinging on to you."

"And he used his own daughter?"

"To town lords, offering their daughter to their subordinates signifies the highest honor."

"Even if the daughter doesn't agree to it?"

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"You're forcing your own sense of value."


"First of all, you must understand that to the town lord this is the highest form of present he could give. Leaving aside whether that would make you pleased or not. And daughters of high-ranking nobles are surprisingly steadfast and cognizant of their value and duty from early ages, you know."

Lecan couldn't comprehend it.

And yet Norma reproving him about forcing his sense of value pricked his chest.

(Am I doing the same thing to the town lord?)

(The same thing he did that angered me.)

"Besides, it's not like they're forcing you to this commuter marriage. It's nothing more than a nominal offer. You could make a move on lady Sushana if you agree to the commuter marriage, if not you could just not stay at that room."

"I see. No, wait. I've promised to stay there once Skalabel gets here. That room is where I'm gonna stay at. So this commuter marriage thing won't get established as long as I'm not touching Sushana at all, yeah?"

"Lecan. If you go to bed at night in that room next to hers, that's the same as you making a move on her. At least that's how the surroundings will see it as."

"Then, what should I do?"

"Well now."

Lecan frantically looked for a way out. However, he couldn't come up with anything.

Seemingly taking pity on Lecan, Norma put forth an idea.

"How about bringing Eda there."



"The reason you're staying at town lord's mansion is to act as Shira-san's bodyguard, chaperon and helper right."


"A woman's chaperon has to be a woman too. And Eda is Shira-san's apprentice as well as the best <Recovery> user in this town. She's also a gold rank adventurer. She might actually be more fit for that role than you."

"I, see. Indeed."

"They haven't told you that the room next to yours belongs to lady Sushana, have they?"

"They haven't. I found out about that room through my detection ability, I haven't seen that room myself nor have they told me."

"Good. Then tell them yourself. 'Eda is needed in order to fulfill the role given to me by town lord-sama, let Eda use the room next to mine'."

"Right. I'll do that. Thanks. However, Eda isn't the only one staying there. You too."


"The town lord has given his approval for you to be present during the reception. But if you're there as a chaperon you can look at Skalabel up close or even talk to him. You might even get the chance to see the guy working his magic."

Norma fainted when she found out that the <Herb Saint> Guide Skalabel is coming to this town to meet his master, Shira.

And then she asked Lecan.

To have her included among the group of people who will be welcoming guide Skalabel.

You would normally expect dine together and welcome party during a VIP's visitation, but taking account of guide Skalabel's condition and such, there will be no such event this time around. No one is allowed to have an interview with him during his stay. This wasn't decided by the town lord, but a directive straight from the prime minister himself.

As such, the only chance this town's influential people have to get in touch with the virtually living god is when he arrives at this town.

And since the town lord doesn't want his tidied up garden getting messed up, the reception will be done outside the gate. No one else but those involved is allowed to step into the town lord's mansion.

As such, even if she's in the welcoming group, the moment will be over in an instant as the carriage passes by her. She would be fortunate to even have a glimpse of the guide's face. Nevertheless, to Norma, even such a glimpse would be worth a memory of her lifetime.

Norma had never asked Lecan anything before.

Lecan himself fully intended to push it through no matter what, yet the town lord easily agreed to it when he asked. In fact, even without Lecan asking, the town lord would have gladly welcomed Norma to be among the welcoming group.

In other word, the town lord has heard about all the gratitude from the people saved by Norma's own medical endeavor.

"B-but. Someone like me is"

"There's no better medical practitioner than you in this town. And you're one of Shira's friends whose wisdom and skill she's acknowledged. You're the one most fit as Shira's helper."




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