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Okami wa Nemuranai 25.2


"I was going to teach you <Dehydrate> at one point. But I've changed my mind."

"But why."

"Because I found out you're much more emotional than I initially thought."

"Me, emotional?"

"You probably can cast <Dehydrate>. However, you won't be able to bear the bitter after taste from killing human with <Dehydrate>."

"I've killed people before. And will continue to from now on."

"Then why are you diving in dungeons instead of going to war above ground?"

"Because I enjoy fighting in dungeons."

"You like going up against powerful adversaries, but you don't enjoy fighting those weaker than you, do you?"

"What? Ah, that's true. What's the fun in fighting the weak."

"See there. You do not derive enjoyment from killing. What you like is the act of fighting itself. Or in another word. You don't hesitate killing the weak when it comes to magic beasts. But you don't kill weak people. That said, you do give an exception to those who do you wrong and those who are clearly hostile."

"Now that you mention it, you might be right."

"Killing someone with <Dehydrate> can't be called a fight. It's nothing more than a murder. There is no way to defend against that magic after all. Believe me on this. Abandon the thought of learning <Dehydrate>. Just remember the existence of this magic when someone is about to use it."

"I see. Then what about Holy type <Blessing>?"

"<Blessing> is a magic that reinforces human armor and weapons by making use of stuff made in temple rituals like holy water and the likes. There's so many more than one kind of <Blessing> out there."

"What does this reinforcing do?"

"It adds buffs like anti-magic defense, anti-physical defense, temporary attack acceleration, a huge boost to spear and sword damage against magic beasts, or a huge damage boost against spectre-type monsters. There's even one that rouses up ally courage."

Lecan knows about those well.

Priest warriors and monks wielded similar techniques in dungeons at his former world.
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"Then I guess you can't use it."

"I sure could if I had some holy water around."

"How are you able to touch holy water?"

"Listen now. Humans may have arbitrarily given it the name holy water, but its real nature is that of water with a portion of god's power in it. Gods themselves do not put the label of right and wrong on anyone or anything in this world. That's something humans adopt on their own."

"Fumu. At any rate, doesn't look like something I could use. Hold it. Didn't you tell me you believe <Purification> and <Recovery> are the same type of magic?"

"I might have. And yes that's what I believe."

"But wasn't that classification something you made yourself? Why would you classify <Purification> as Holy type?"

"I may have put together that classification, but <Purification> being in Holy type is a common conception in this world. I personally think <Recovery> and <Purification> are in the same type, and both should be in a whole different type than either Body or Holy. <Blessings> and a few other magic people lump together could use some split as well."

"I've recalled another thing. Body type has <Transformation> and <Suspension> magic, what about those."

"You probably don't have the aptitude for them, or very low. <Transformation> is a magic that transform parts of your body, people commonly believe it's a magic used to change your face. But in reality, it's a magic that modifies your inside and blood vessels, altering your bodily functions temporarily. Someone who can use advanced level <Recovery> magic like you has no need for it."

"<Suspension> suspends bodily functions then."

"If you get confined somewhere, you can survive for a long time without food using <Suspension>. You still need some water though. Not a magic that'd see much use. However, both <Transformation> and <Suspension> are shockingly useful for the purpose of studying human body, see."

"So that means both <Transformation> and <Suspension> can be cast on other people."

"Once you've gained enough mastery, sure you can. Casting <Suspension> on your opponent will make them move very slowly, it's amusing to watch. Though well, a mage capable of such a feat would have used other means to defeat their foe."

"I see. Then I guess <Barrier> will be the last magic."

"Of magic I teach you myself."

"There were lots of magic besides the ones written on that list."

"There's a whole heap of them. Light and Heat type magic in particular, it's got so many shapes and forms, and since people place different names on the same magic with different forms, there's literally hundreds of spells going by names alone. But all the basics are written on that list."

"You forgot to put <Water Blade> and <Ice Bullet> though."

"Real sorry about that. <Water Blade> just slipped my mind. I thought <Ice Bullet> had been lost in time. Turned out it's been revived."

"Thanks to Gyol?"

"Might be thanks to Gyol."

"Gyol surprisingly has his use."

"You're right. What a surprise."

"Ah, come to think of it, in Gyol's classification, there were these earth type offensive spells. Err. They were <Stone Throw> and <Earth Pike> or something."

"<Stone Throw> is simply a magic that flings stone through <Move>. <Earth Pike> has you shave down soil into the shape of a pike and then lure enemy there. Hardening the soil takes quite a long time, so even mages with little mana can create several big and sturdy pikes alone. Often employed in mountain path where cavalries pass by. It's done over a period of time and if the other party have luck on their side, the pikes could end up being useless. It doesn't suit you, does it?"

"It doesn't suit me."

Meaning his master-pupil relationship with Shira is over once he's learned <Barrier>. No, the fact that Shira is his mentor won't change in the future, but the fun times of learning magic from her is coming to an end.

Shira is probably planning to have <Barrier> as the final piece of useful combative magic she teaches Lecan.

It's her roundabout way of saying the time for them to go separate ways is coming closer.




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