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Okami wa Nemuranai 25.12


Lecan visited Shira's place every single day to practice <Barrier>. However, there was no still sign of it getting cast. Practicing something with no prospect of succeeding whatsoever is awfully exhausting.

He would have long given up had not for his excellent mentor in Shira showing the ropes and the knowledge that he has the aptitude for space magic.

One day, Eda reported something curious.

"So you see, Taris-san's son, Tomir-kun got a really nasty wound after he fell down and bumped his head on a rock while playing. So I cast <Recovery> on him, should I not?"

"Hou. Well, guess you probably can't feign ignorance in that situation. We'll go consult Norma tomorrow."


When they consulted Norma the following day, they got an unexpected reply.

"Ah. I think that's fine."

"Is it?"

"I had a feeling something like that was bound to happen sooner or later. You're an excellent <Recovery> user, feel free to use when you need to. It's not like telling you don't will do anything anyway."

"Is it all right not charging this Taris?"

"They'd hold grudge on Eda if she did. You don't need to ask for money. But tell this to them. 'I really should have charged money when I cast <Recovery> so please keep it a secret'."


"What if someone insists on getting <Recovery> even if they have to pay."

"You can refer to me then. Tell them Eda is a <Recovery> user that's exclusively affiliated to Norma's Medical Center for the time being."

"I see."

"The neighbors may have no idea about Eda's <Recovery> now, but they will find out eventually. And that's inevitable as long as you live in this town. Fortunately, everyone knows how expensive <Recovery> is thanks to the temples."

"Err. The neighbors all figured out I did <Recovery> at Norma-san's place a long time ago."

"Oho, really now. And yet none of them asked you to cast <Recovery> for every little injuries or illness?"


"Good going there. Hold it. Then perhaps Taris-san is worrying over how to pay you for treating his son."
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"Ah, that's right."

"Tell them right away that you did it on your own volition so they don't need to pay, but ask them to keep it a secret from other."

"I understand. I'll do just that."

Doing so will prevent people from vying with one another for Eda's free <Recovery>.

They'd simply move out if it ever came to that though.

What's scary is those who attempt to own Eda's ability by confining her through authority or violence. Fortunately, there's no one like that at present. And even if Lecan leaves the town, the fact that there is no way to tell when he's coming back should serve as a deterrence.

Lecan trying to give freedom to Eda by robbing her of her freedom would be getting his priorities backward.

"So it should be fine for Eda to secretly <Recovery> on those she wants to?"

"I think that's okay. Only Eda can decide whom to use her <Recovery> on. But let me say this as a reference. Eda."


"You should not cast <Recovery> on people you're not acquainted with even if you're compelled to or they beg for it."

"I understand."

"If a stranger asks you to hurry up and cast <Recovery>, saying that they'll pay later, you should decline them."

"Okay. So in short I can only cast <Recovery> for free on people I get along with. It's so people around believe they're an exception cuz I know them."

"Yep. That's exactly it. You figured that out nicely."

"And when someone wants to pay for it, they gotta go through Norma-san first."

"Yep. That's it."

"So that means, I should decline when they try to pay me directly?"

"You'd better decline. You can accept money directly if you work as a medical practitioner in the future. But you know. All kinds of responsibilities come with accepting payments. You should learn that kind of stuff under me a bit more before you commit to it."

"Yes. I understand."

"By the way, Lecan. Town lord-sama wishes to have Eda's <Recovery> cast on him. I gave him the OK, you don't mind, do you?"

"Of course, I don't. Eda, use your ace <Recovery> on the town lord, guy's dead tired."

"So like, I gotta use <Purification>?"

"Yea. But keep the spell name <Recovery>."

"I got it!"

"Then let us head there this noon. Ah, right. Eda."


"You've been casting <Purification> on Lecan every night, haven't you?"


"From tonight on, cast <Purification> twice per session. Make the second one long and with a lot of mana poured in."

"Yes. I understand. But, is there a reason for that?"

"It's to help refining your <Purification> even further. If you do, who knows if it'd heal Lecan's left eye before long."

"The town lord may really need the <Recovery> but I don't think he'd spend one gold coin just for that. He probably wants to see for himself Norma's character and have another talk with Eda. He'd likely bring up the matter of you two staying there too."

"I suspect that is the case as well. It's the reason I agreed to it."




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