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Okami wa Nemuranai 24.4


"Someone's aiming for Shira's life?"

"Indeed. This town will be graced by <Herb Saint>-sama's presence. He will be staying for nine days here. And to make that a reality, highways leading here are to be repaired as decreed by his majesty the king. Furthermore, Vouka town lord is to be in charge of maintaining the highways near Vouka."

"I heard that the first time."

"This is an omen of the capital trying to meddle with the northeastern part of the kingdom, with Vouka believed to be the center of that change."

"Heard that one too."

"Thus many figures want to bolster their connection with Vouka. We have been getting many gifts as of late, as well as requests for collaborations. And for some reason, Agito has received 23 marriage proposals."

"I see."

"They believe having a solid connection with Vouka will make it easier to quickly find out what's going to happen in the future. They shall get on board if it will bring them gains, but if it's something disadvantageous, they would like to minimize loss."

"Sounds right."

"As such, presently we have been getting all kind of information that normally wouldn't have ever reached us."

"I see."

"Among that is an information pertaining Kogurus town lord's plot to assassinate Shira-sama."

"You mean Zack Zaikaz?"

"The very same."


"What would happen were Shira-sama killed? I would be regarded as an incompetent lord who could not even protect Guide Skalabel's master. The guide would call off his visit. Trampling down the royal decree, wasting all the preparations done to respond that decree. Cities around the capital and Guide Skalabel himself would direct unfathomable anger at me."

"Sounds right."

"Naturally that would mean the dream of this town becoming the center of northeastern region development will forever remain a dream."

"Did that talk ever come up?"

"Of course not. However, everyone believed it could turn real, or at least close to it. Though well, it's not like new industries and resources would just magically crop up, so this 'development' has a loose meaning."

"Vouka town lord would lose his standing, and the highways would be left unfinished. Would be the best outcome for Kogurus."

"That's right."

"But wouldn't Kogurus bear the brunt of Guide Skalabel's anger if their town lord killed Shira?"

"There's no way they would left an evidence. Hence, assassination."

"But practically speaking, are they even capable of assassinating Shira?"

"Even if you, Nike and Eda are there with her, Shira-sama herself is nothing more than a frail elderly lady. A single dagger could easily reap her life."

Lecan glared at the town lord's face while thinking 'what is this guy spouting off'.

But he doesn't look like he's joking around.

He's serious.

Dead serious.

A frail elderly lady.

A single dagger could easily reap her life.

This man truly believes that Shira is that kind of being.

If you think about it, Shira has been living as a mere apothecary in this town for many years.

She never showed anyone the side of her being an unparalleled mage in history of this continent.

She never showed anyone her swordswoman side that could easily eliminate gigantic magic beasts, brandishing her magic sword.

No, Lecan knew she never showed it. Of course.

But someone like the town lord and Chaney should have an inkling on what's really under the surface of Shira's face. They must know that she can't possibly be a mere apothecary, that she possesses knowledge and ability beyond their understandings. Or so Lecan believed.

However, it appears Shira has managed to camouflage herself far better than Lecan would have thought.

Lecan let out a sigh before standing up.

"Got it. I'll keep it in mind."

"No you do not get it! Sit! Ah, ouch ow."

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Lecan sat down once again.

"That helped. Sorry. But what do you think I called you here for?"

"You're giving a warning because Shira is in danger."

"No! No one would fear assassination if it's something you can avoid with a warning. This is a confidential matter, but we have been clued in about how Kogurus are rearing people that specialize in assassination."

"Father. The one who beat <Cold-Blooded> Marakis and saved Sushana was Lecan-dono himself."

"Ah, that's right. I forgot. But they have several experts in assassination that would make Marakis look like a joke."

(I know.)

(I fought two of them.)

(They were indeed expert assassins.)

"Lecan-dono. I'll get straight to the point. We have no way to prevent assassination at the abode Shira-sama lives in currently. We simply cannot dispatch escorts there."

"Those assassins gonna have a hard time getting close too."

"We have no idea what kind of means the assassins would employ to get there. You cannot let anyone the least bit suspicious get close."

"Fumu. What should be done then."

"We shall have her moved to the town lord mansion."


"And then we will have guards permanently guarding her. No one but the most trusted employees can get close to her room."

"Can Shira freely get out of that room to go to the forest or the likes."

"Of course not! Are you messing around?! Ah, ouch ow."

This time Lecan didn't cast <Recovery> on him.

The town lord looked at Lecan with a slightly reproachful eye.

"Stationing guards would lose its meaning if she could."

"Yeah, I don't think Shira would agree to that kind of restricted life style."

"That is where you come in, to persuade her."

"Ah, so that's the reason you called me. I got it now."

"So you're going to do it."



"Because it's an impossibility."


"First of all, there's no way Shira would move out to this mansion even if you told her to. Secondly, even if she did move, she'd just go off somewhere whenever she felt like it. And nobody can stop that."

"Even if it's you persuading her?"

"The chance would be like."


"Slightly less than Agito winning against me in a one-on-one duel."

"But that's no good then. Might as well say it's absolutely hopeless."


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