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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.1


News of <Herb Saint> Guide Skalabel coming and staying for nine days is known among the populace, the whole town is animated.

Guide Skalabel's entourage unanimously gets to be called <Herb Saint Entourage>.

The fact that they would be arriving sooner than scheduled quickly spread in the town, a cue to the start of festive merrymaking everywhere.

By morning of the arrival day, many houses in the town have been colorfully decorated to welcome <Herb Saint>'s arrival.

The sky is of a clear blue color. A deep blue color you can't see in any other season.

Crowds of people have filled sides of the road stretching from the west gate to the town lord's mansion, full of people hoping to welcome and take a glimpse of the living god.

Ignoring the town lord's stern warning, the welcoming group nominated by the town lord himself has lined up in the space between the mansion's gate and the mansion's entrance.

Around 50 town officials, and 50 representatives from various sectors have positioned themselves perfectly as to neither get in the way of incoming wagons or step on the garden's vegetation.

The crowd made an uproar outside.

Herb Saint Entourage has finally arrived.

Lecan himself is still at the detached building. Along with Shira, Eda and Norma.

For some reason, Shira has taken quite a liking on the detached building, she's been spending time there, only going to the guesthouse to sleep. It might sound only natural since she spent the past two days tutoring Lecan, but she would also have tea and meals here instead of the guest house.

Nike aside, it's rare to see her in Shira form taking a meal.

That said, she only ever ate almost garnish-less soup and a bit of bread.

Herb Saint Entourage consists of 11 wagons, 13 horse riders, and 19 people on foot. In total there are 85 people and 35 horses. As the town lord mansion cannot take them all, some of the entourage members are to stay in other nobles' residences.

Three horse riders are leading the way for the wagons. One of the rider came inside the town lord's mansion by himself.

The people lining up inside took a step back.

The horse rider must have made them do that to ensure the wagons' safety. You could almost hear the town lord wailing on the inside.

People are finally getting off the wagons.
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WAAAAAAA, a cheer erupted.

The town lord couple welcomed the guests of honors in front of the entrance and beckoned them inside.

Besides the town lord couple, welcoming the guests in the entrance hall are their eldest son, second son, eldest daughter, maids, butlers, four noble house representatives, temple head and vice temple head of Ceres Temple, Chaney and Adventurer Association's chairman, Zenkis.

"Shira-sama, and her helpers. If you would proceed to the main building."

As the official called for them, Lecan and the rest departed the detached building toward the main building.

Lecan is wearing his usual <Overking Bear> overcoat. The town lord entreated him to wear a more formal clothing, but Lecan wouldn't budge on it, insisting that as her bodyguard it's akin to knight's armor.

Norma has her pure white medic outfit with a mix of navy and black colored tunic on top.

Eda has a curiously cute outfit on her. Apparently she bought it at Ninae.

Four of the main guests of honor entered first before taking up the four corners of the rooms. Two of them are probably escort knights, and the other two are escort mages.

Seven guests of honor entered the reception room.

Sofas and tables have been removed from the reception room for today occasion.

The seven guests of honor took the main seats, with four people on the lower seats opposite to them with another two next to it.

The two must be for town lord and the butler.

The butler introduced the four on the lower seats, head of Haddis House, head of Goncourt house, head of Sawajie, and head of Surusawa. To the one in the center of the entourage, Skalabel in particular.

Lecan's group arrived at the antechamber. You can enter the reception room without going through the hallway from this room.

The four head of noble houses left the room, and the seven guest of honors moved to the lower seats.

21 people entered from the hallway, lining themselves up behind the seven. They're priests from every temples in the capital, Skalabel's pupils.

"Apothecary Shira-sama, entering the room."

The official said so while opening the door.

Lecan led the way. Shira, then Eda and Norma followed after.

Even the relatively spacious reception room turns cramped when so many people are stuffed inside.

Shira stepped forward and stopped in the center, and just as she turned toward the lower seats, the elderly man leading the entourage knelt down. It's the person projected by the magic stone.

"O master. For having been given this chance to meet you once again gives the most supreme joy to this Skalabel. Ah, master. Master. Oh how, how I dearly miss you so!"

The people behind him put their right hand on their left chest and bowed. There's just not enough room to kneel down even if they wanted to.

"Oh my my. When did you learn to talk grandiosely like that. Anyway, it's been awhile. I'm also glad to see you again. Lil'boy."

Skalabel remained in kneeling and bowing position.

Before long, a sobbing sound could be heard.

Skalabel is crying.

"Are you crying now. Still as much a crybaby as I remember, aren't you."

Shira put her hand on Skalabel's hairless head before gently patting it.

"S-such impudence! Remove your hand at once!"

A shriek let out by a middle-aged woman standing foremost among the entourage reverberated in the room.



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