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Okami wa Nemuranai 24.6


The following day, Lecan dropped by Shira's house first thing in the morning and studied <Concealment>.

"You, you always get enthusiastic whenever you're learning magic, but you're especially fervent this time, aren'tcha."

He studied until evening that day, but he couldn't manage to cast it.

The day after, he did the same.

By evening, he finally succeeded casting the spell.

"And now you just gotta polish it up yerself."


"What is it."

"There were four suspicious persons around this house the day before yesterday."

"There sure were."

"So you noticed."

"Well of course I would when they put their presence out in plain sight like that."

"There's rumor of someone sending assassins at you."

"Hee. That's no fun."

"Of course it's nothing fun."

"This fun and no fun you have in mind likely differs from what I have."


"I love to live in peace, you see. That peaceful life is gradually coming undone."


"Having assassins sent at me shows how much I'm attracting attentions."


"That Skalabel is coming to see me. Looks like that matters is being kept secret right now, but those who know know. And that causes a ripple effect in the surroundings. To the point that they're even sending assassins."


"Once Skalabel got to this town and met me, what do you think comes next?

"Rumors will spread all over the kingdom."

"And afterwards, what happens then?"

"Many more people will want Shira's medicine."

"Right. And then?"

"There would be town lords trying to employ Shira. As Vouka town lord seems to be a lackey among town lords, he's probably gonna have a hard time rejecting them."

"Yup, that's probably happening too. Is that all?"

"There will be people wanting to be Shira's pupils. Carrying letters from bigwigs."

"Lecan. You're focusing only on the brighter side. You gotta see the darker side of things as well."

"Darker side?"
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"Skalabel is a famous apothecary, see. There are people who don't take kindly to that."

"Ah. You mean that. But he seems well received within the temples."

"Even in Elex Temple there are those who revere Skalabel with zeal, and those who hate him like he's an apparition. Some parts of the temples think Skalabel as an eyesore. After all, the art of apothecary has many schools and factions to it. There must be some who hold grudge to Skalabel."


"And there are also people who loathe Skalabel at Prime Minister Office. But well, the most troublesome one in this case would be temples, I guess."

"The temples could suspect Shira as a Longlifer if they caught wind of you. You're the master of Skalabel who's more than 100 year old after all."

"That fact in itself is not a big deal. Longlifers are indeed sought after by temples and detested by the capital, but they are also an object of awe in a way. I believe there are two reasons why Longlifers are both sought after and detested."

"Two reasons?"

"One reason is because Longlifers have a track record of demonstrating skills beyond human comprehension. People get wary of those with powers, don't they?"

"Yeah, that's only natural."

"Another reason is because they live twice, thrice longer than ordinary men. People envy and detest those who are more fortunate than them. Could you imagine old folks in a position of power not detest Longlifers?"

"I see."

"But you know. There are cases when they pretend and look the other way even when they knew a Longlifer."


"See Yacklubend as an example of this. The capital nobles and temples have been long aware of that being a Longlifer. But Tomato Company has too large a contribution to this kingdom, the royal palace would be at their wit's end if the company went away. Hence, everyone would never say out loud how Yacklubend is a Longlifer."

"Guess that's how it is."

"There have been other similar cases in the history of this continent as well. In reality, not an insignificant number of heroes told in legends are Longlifers. Apparently there are even whispers about Skalabel potentially being one."


"Well anyway, the fear towards Longlifers exists because everyone has a fear of the unknown deep down. Once they think someone in one certain location doing a certain job contributes to the town's community, they won't publicly treat you as a Longlifer. Well, you've still gotta be careful of the temples though."

"Does that mean there's no problem with Shira being seen as a Longlifer?"

"Yep. But that is only if I can bear getting praised to the sky by people around me like that Skalabel."

This free-spirited granny probably won't be pleased by that.

"Well, I don't mind seeing that Skalabel with how eager he is though."

(Once Skalabel's visit comes to a close.)

(Shira probably plans to get away from this town.)

(What will I do then?)

"By the way, Lecan, about this assassination of me."


"Where and how did that leak out I wonder."

"Leak out?"

"Rumors of someone trying to assassinate someone else, you see. Just don't get leak out by accident."


"And if it did leak out, what are your thoughts on that?"

Lecan put some thoughts on it for a bit.

Then he got what Shira was trying to say.

"I see. So that's what's going on."

This new skill I just learned gonna come in handy right away, thought Lecan.

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