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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.12_13_14


The following day, Lecan had breakfast early in the morning and went to Norma's place with Eda, then from there they headed for Goncourt Mansion riding a carriage sent for them. Since it was difficult for Lecan to be inside the carriage, he followed after it by walking.

Lecan waited in the waiting room as Norma and Eda went to treat Prado Goncourt. Prado likely wouldn't be able to stay calm as he received his treatment if the man who killed his heir were in the same room.

Eda must be casting <Purification> on Prado right about now. However, the spell is <Recovery>. Norma told her that she wouldn't mind her casting <Purification> as long as she cast it as <Recovery>, only for today. Thus it must have turned into <Purification>.

After a while, Kanner the butler came to get Lecan.

Prado's complexions were much better than he ever was.

"Hey, Lecan-dono. I'm flattered by your presence."

"You're looking good."

"Eda-dono's <Recovery> is wonderful. It is as if like I have been reborn anew."

"Good to hear."

Afterward, they were treated to tea, Kanner cordially thanked them as they left Goncourt Mansion. Many employees were watching over them as they left just like when they first arrived.

Back at the medical center, Lecan asked Norma.

"How was it."

"Yep, it was one hundred percent <Purification>."

Eda got a day break and would be accompanying Norma making house calls the day after tomorrow.

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The next day, Lecan went out of the south gate into the forest, there he practiced shooting <Water Blade> without preliminary casting, but he couldn't control it very well.

He tried using the wand Shira gave him, and it went well.

It went too well even, the magic cut down several trees in one shot. Too powerful a magic is hard to use.

He put away the wand, and now he couldn't get a good control on the magic.

It would if he did the preliminary casting.

It wouldn't if he didn't.

Things didn't go well that day.


The day after is the promised day with Shira.

There was already a preceding visitor when Lecan arrived at her house.

The visitor quickly went home.

It was commander Tesla. He must be a messenger sent by the town lord.

Shira is reading an open letter on her desk, with a difficult expression on her face.

She's staying silent for a while.

Eventually Shira seemed to have her thoughts sorted out and folded up the letter.

"Okay. I'll be teaching you how to make stamina restoratives first before all other medicine."

Lecan drank tea and then began the training to learn stamina restorative making.

Shira's instructions were unusually specific, she would keep ragging on Lecan's mistakes from start to finish.

With sheer obstinacy, Lecan worked hard to improve his medicine making craft and finally got a passing mark from Shira by evening.

"Good, good. And now I'm sure you can learn <Origin Water>."

Water created with <Origin Water> is called Pure Magic Water.

Medicines created using Pure Magic Water as a base boast high efficacy.

Additionally, you can create Magic Water if you dissolve <Recovery> in Pure Magic Water. Magic Water is a drinkable cure, a man-made red potion if you would. However, it's got a short shelf life, and since Lecan can use <Recovery> himself, he's got no use for it.

However, using Pure Magic Water instead of just water in the creation of a medicine will result in medicine that's an order of magnitude higher in quality.

Pure Magic Water is never absent in Shira's style of medicine making.

The following day was another full day of stamina restorative making.

Shira made medicines she's selling to medicine stores.

Lecan had this talk with Shira during the lunch break.

"Right now, a magic instructor from an organization called Royal Capital Magic Society is staying in this town's Adventurer Association."


"I learned this <Water Blade> magic."

"Ah, that one huh."

"It wasn't on the list you wrote."

"Huh? Was that right?"

Looks like she simply forgot to write it.

"That society's founder was called Gyolsomething."


"That Gyolsomething had issues with the magic classification system proposed by Mazara Wedepasha, and went on to create and spread a magic classification system with a clear hierarchy of magic."

"Ah, I remember that guy. It's that Gyolsomething guy."

"Like I've been telling you. The system that Gyol made separates magic into offensive, defensive, recovery, probe and support types."

"Right right. That was it. Isn't that system just pushing it."

"That magic instructor was resentful of Mazara, aka you. Just what happened."

Mazara Wedepasha is a name Shira used to call herself back in the past. In other words, it was Shira herself who created the classification system she taught Lecan."

"I didn't really do anything in particular though."

"That magic instructor said that an adopted system that originally had hierarchy was thrown into disorder because of you."

"That's not true. Magic classifications always have their ebb and flow depending on the eras. In one era, a system that separates types is popular, in another era it would be a utilitarian-based system. Both the systems that I and Gyol practiced too had always existed since way back in the past."

"So it seems Gyol went to meet you face to face."

"In the end, I never got what did he even come for. Every word coming out of his mouth sounded like gibberish. Guy also shot some offensive magic, but it was amateur hour."

"This Gyol sure sounded like an amazing guy."

"He sure was an amazing guy."

"Hold on."

"What's wrong."

"Was it light magic Gyol best at?"

"Ah, yes right. Now that you mention it, it was indeed."

"Think I know why light type offensive magic gets put on the highest rank."

"It's more like, he probably wanted to assert that he who could use that magic is the most supreme human."

"Is that so."

"Gyol believed that mages are superior beings. And then among mages, those who can cast magic high in the hierarchy are also ranked higher."

"This Gyol sure sounded like a troublesome guy."

"He sure was a troublesome guy."

They continued working until evening, and by then it would take another half a day to finish the rest.

Lecan left Shira's house and went to Adventurer's Association.

Dorost was just done with the practical course.

"It's such a relief I get to see the face of a honor student."

"Were you just done with the lecture?"

"They couldn't get it right, it took longer than anticipated. But I was able to see signs of activation on some of them, I believe this town shall witness the birth of new mages if they keep at it a little more."

"That's nice. By the way, I have time to spare tomorrow afternoon."

"I have a lecture tomorrow afternoon, but only for two students, so it should be done quick. I don't mind teaching you afterward."

"Then, let's."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.11


Dorost and Lecan are enjoying tea in the dining room adjoining Adventurer's Association.

Lecan paid five big silver coins to Dorost. It's her compensation for <Water Blade>.

"I must say I'm surprised someone with such a huge mana pool like you isn't an adventurer that specializes in magic."

"I'm a swordsman. A swordsman who also happens to use magic."

"You can cast <Move>, can't you?"


"I knew it. You're too quick a learner no matter how you look at it. But today was the first time you ever attempted to learn water type offensive magic, wasn't it?"


"I can't believe it. You must have studied under an exceedingly skilled teacher."

"That might be true."

"Could you tell me your magic teacher's name."

"Sorry, can't answer that."

"Oh really. It's fine. The more capable a mage, the more they hate having their name and face known. That is simply how it is. I would have liked to get people like your magic teacher join our Royal Capital Magic Society, however."

"Can't be done."

"Can you use other offensive magic besides water?"

Lecan would rather not answer this, but he still wanted to learn more magic from Dorost.

"Can you keep it a secret."

"Oh I know. Adventurers loathe to have their abilities known to others. That is only natural."

"I can cast a few spells of Light and Heat type magic."

"Light and Heat type?!"
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Dorost who had been acting composedly up until then suddenly put on an angry look.

"So you and your teacher are using that useless worthless system!"

"Calm down. What is this worthless system even."

"It's a worthless classification system coined by that crook, Mazara Wedepasha!"

"Fumu. I was taught that magic is classified into Physique type, Mind type, Perception type, Creation type, Space type, Light and Heat type, Special type, and Sacred type."

"That's it! You have some nerve laying out that complete lie of a system before me!"

"I'm telling you, calm down. The system taught to me is made on the basis of mana quality, I think it excels at finding out your magic aptitude. Your system is the so-called utilitarian, I think it's excellent at describing utility of each magic."

"Yes! It is! It's utilitarian! I knew you'd get it. The magic system conceived by our society's founder, Guide Gyolgyopilbuldoni Kwentigorelis, puts magic in categories based on their utility, you can easily tell what magic does what at a glance."

"Gyol... What?"

"Guide Gyolgyopilbuldoni Kwentigorelis."

"Sorry, can't memorize that. I'm amazed you could say that complex name without mistake."

"In order to join our society, you have to take on a crash course to spell out founder Gyolgyopilbuldoni Kwentigorelis name without any mistake."

Is this an out of season joke or something, Lecan wondered for a moment, but Dorost appeared to be dead serious.

"I see. I don't really get it since I don't dabble in magic for real, but do different classification systems pose a problem in learning and advancing your magic?"

"Of course! To begin with, which magic is better than which other magic has been a point of contention since time immemorial on this continent."


"Between several classification systems, there existed a few differences on the magic hierarchy, but the general outline had never seen a major shake-up."

"It was like that huh."

"But then, around 200 years ago from today, a mage who called herself Mazara showed up and proposed a new classification system."


"But that system completely throws the established magic hierarchy out of the window, an utterly nonsensical system that threw every mages on the continent into chaos!"


"On top of that, Mazara even dared to say that there is no hierarchy in magic, it's a merely a matter of a magic being fit or unfit for the phenomenon, it's a heresy!"

"Is it heresy?"

"A complete heresy to kingdoms!  A country has his majesty the king, noblemen and commoners. They are what make a country. Hierarchal system is the root of order! We only have peace because town lords are of a higher echelon than shepherds."

"That might be true."

"You must think so too! That corrupt Mazara couldn't comprehend such a natural order of thing. No, she turned away from it."


"Really! Taking pity on mages befuddled by Mazara, Guide Gyolgyopilbuldoni Kwentigorelis then rose to the occasion! And in order to restore order to its rightful state--"

"Hold up. Didn't you say Mazara was from 200 years ago?"

"I did."

"Is this founder from the same era as Mazara?"

"He was. What a grand coincidence."

"No. Today is year 116 of Kingdom Year. Meaning it's been 116 years since this country was founded. Are you saying it's an event from before the founding?"

"It is."

"Then there was no Royal Capital. How'd Royal Capital Magic Society even get founded before the kingdom?"

"It had a different name back then. It then got changed to Royal Capital Magic Society after this country's founding."

"Ah, I see. Got it."

"Guide Gyolgyopilbuldoni Kwentigorelis saw himself as the one tasked to correct the system distorted by Mazara, he finished up the correct classification system of magic, founded the society and worked toward spreading the system to the mass."

"Let's just say that I got the big picture."

"Then, could you please not bring up Mazara system to me ever again."

"Got it. I'll keep it in mind."

"And do correct your teacher too while you're at it."

"No can do."

"Why? Why can't you?"

"My magic teacher is someone who's not of this world anymore."

For now, he'll just say she's dead.

"She's not one of the living."

It's not exactly a lie either. Lecan's magic teacher, Shira is an immortal monster who has ceased being human. She's not alive, neither is she human.

"My, is that true. Goodness, what have I done. Forgive me."

"No worries. But can you keep it a secret."

"I understand."

"By the way, I'd like to attend another practical course, but I'm not sure when."

"My. That's unfortunate."

"I've got things to do tomorrow, while there's no courses I want to take on the day after tomorrow. The day after that I'll start working, with no clear end time. I'll show up at the association between work, I'd like to discuss about our next lecture then."

"I understand. For reference, what is the next magic you want to learn?"

"<Ice Bullet>."

"That's another one of my specialty. I can give you a demonstration."

"Do I get to pay?"

"Of course."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.9_10


Lecan had lunch at a dining room adjoined to the Adventurer's Association's building.

Aira came by and took a seat next to him.

"Are these magic courses a regular thing?"

"Nope, this is the first time we're holding one. The Royal Capital's Magic Society proposed this to us."

"Is this Magic Society an influential organization?"

"I wonder about that. I know it's been around for a long time at least. But."

Aira brought her lips close to Lecan's ear and whispered.

"The Royal Sorcery Society is apparently the more authoritative organization of the two."

"There's another organization huh."

"Well to be honest, our Association itself is wondering why they're doing this course. But since we'd never get another chance like this, might as well."

"I guess so."

"More importantly, Lecan-san, so really you can use magic."


"The big one-eyed man who cast <Recovery> at medic Norma's clinic people have been talking about is Lecan-san, right?"

'So you really can use magic'.

Those words signifies that she suspected Lecan could use magic but she didn't know for sure that it was true.

But could the Adventurer's Association of Town of Vouka really be in the dark about Lecan's usage of magic.

He had used <Recovery> and <Flame Spear> in the presence of Vandam and Zeki.

He also cast several magic when he rescued Eda from Goncourt Mansion. So did he at the temple.

Hence, he was sure that the Association would naturally know about the fact as well.

However that didn't seem to be the case. Vandam and Zeki kept their knowledge of Lecan's ability to themselves. Might be the so-called <Moral Code amongst Adventurers>.

The matter at Goncourt Mansion probably did not get circulated in details. Or perhaps, the little tidbits never got transmitted to the menial workers there.

As for the temple's stuff, the temple itself probably did something to prevent news getting spread.

Lecan isn't going out of his way to hide his magic, but there is no adventurer alive who would go around telling people their ability. Since the rumors were spread from his activities with Norma, Lecan decided to affirm that part.

"Yea. I was training under Norma in medical treatment."

"Oh, so you did then. <Willard> is amazing. Can't believe it's got two members who can use <Recovery>."

Lecan spooned his food in his mouth without replying back.

"We've got sooo many people asking to take on quests together with Eda-san, or join her party here at the Association, you know."

Rumor about Eda being a higher than mid-ranked <Recovery> user must have spread among the adventurers after the matter with Gyom. Not surprising they'd try to get Eda join them.


"But many of them gave up once they found out she's in the same party as Nike-san and Lecan-san."

"I see."

"Even so, there were still lots of people who called out to Eda-san whenever she was hanging around here at the association."

Since she was using 'were', there must be none now.

"But then, when the fact that Lecan-san was the <Overlord in Black> who conquered Dungeon Golbul twice got known, those people just up and gone."

"I see."

"Lecan-san, you got acquainted with Eda-san at this town, didn't you?"

"No. We worked on an escort job together on the way here."

"Ah, I had no idea. But, Eda-san was solo at first, right?"


"That's so nice. She's got Lecan-san to protect her."


"And you conquered Dungeon Ninae too, together with Eda-san."

"Yea, we did."

"I mean Eda-san is cute after all."


"Lecan-san, and Eda-san are both gold rank adventurers. Both of you went so far away so quickly."


"That's the part where you said 'not true', you know."

"What do you mean by far."

"It's like someone you can't easily chat with."

"Aren't we chatting now."

"Fufu. We are, aren't we. Okay then, I'll take my leave now. Do your best with the magic course."

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Then the practical course began.

It's held at the guild's training grounds. First time Lecan went inside.

Dorost' teaching was exceptionally well-organized, logical and easy to understand.

However, Lecan thought that it would be a bit too advanced for the adventurers to understand.

<Water Blade> magic can only be used in places with water around.

In other word, if you're not fighting next to a river or a pond, you've got to bring the water yourself.

Its usability is far from good, but the amount of water needed for one volley of attack is surprisingly low. You can attack thrice with a fistful of water, five times if you're skilled.

After all is said and done, this magic works well on opponents that are immune to light and heat type magic. Nothing to lose from learning it.

However, its effective range is short compared to <Fire Arrow> and <Flame Spear>.

One thing Lecan found out only after he tried learning it is that this magic is in the same category as <Move>. In other word, it's a space type magic going by Shira's method of classification.

"O Hippodora and your limitless forms, o ever-changing god of water, like sunlight dancing on water's surface, like rays of light cleaving through clouds, like a flash that cuts apart the darkness of night, come congregate into my mana, reveals thy nature into a blade of water, slice and dice all foes."

Receiving Lecan's preliminary casting, a puddle of water under his feet rose up, rotating in mid air.

"<Water Blade (Sectopinel)>!"

One part of the lump of water turned into a blade that flew forward and sliced off the top part of a wooden stake target ahead.

Lecan is holding a wand Dorost lent him for practice. It's got an awfully good control of mana. But it's weak.

Clap clap, someone gave an applause.

"Bravo. Well done, Lecan-san. You managed to get this far after just listening to that much explanation. You're truly a student worth teaching to."

"It's lacking power though."

"Right, let's see. There are two things that can be improved upon. First, your loose mana compression. The speed of <Water Blade> can be raised further if you cram into it more."

The lump of water is still rotating around in front of Lecan. By letting it do this, he can shoot out another <Water Blade> just by reciting the spell name.

"And the other one is your image of <Water Blade>. It appears to me that you had an image of axe as you formed the magic, did you not."

"Now that you mention it, yeah."

"For <Water Blade>, the thinner it is, the stronger it gets. Form the water in a line. By doing so, you can cast the magic with less water and higher cutting strength."

"Water in a line? I have no idea what you mean. Can you show it to me."

"Each showing of this magic will cost you two silver coins."

"You're taking money for that huh."

"That is the cost of the magic stone required. I'm sorry."

Lecan fetched two silver coins and handed them over.

"Two silver coins indeed. Look closely now."

As Dorost readied her wand, the lump of water rotating in front of Lecan got transferred over to her. The speed of rotation itself didn't change a bit. This skillful showing surprised Lecan.

"O Hippodora, turns into a blade of water, slice foe apart. <Water Blade>."

The <Water Blade> formed by that unpretentious spell cleanly cut the solid wooden target, and even drove into a rock behind it.

"Water that thin could cut off wood huh."

"Discard your preconceived notion of thin equals fragile. Magic sits outside common sense to begin with. For <Water Blade>, the thinner the better."

Lecan held up his wand and took the lump of water Dorost had rotated.

"O Hippodora, turns into a blade of water, slice foe apart. <Water Blade>."

A very thin <Water Blade> was formed and sliced off a wooden target. The cross-section was nowhere as clean as Dorost's.

"Very good. Next point of improvement, you would want to make the thickness uniform."

"I see."

Afterward, Lecan kept practicing under Dorost's instructions, and then before long, Dorost announced Lecan's acquisition of the magic.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.8


"That will be all for basic magic course. Those who wish to attend practical lectures on magic, please submit your application to the staff members. We shall decide on the schedule for each magic after we have a total number of applicants."

The adventurers who had slipped up a bit during the long lecture perked up. Of course everybody here is all eager to learn magic. Some of them may have known some spells already, but the majority is surely clueless in magic. Practical lectures are what they want.

"First of all, <Lamplight> and <Ignition> will be one silver coin per session. Almost everyone who possesses mana can learn these two magic. In the first place, no one with mana pool too low to cast these magic is present in this room."

Ooh, a muffled cheer resounded.

"You might not succeed in one session, but you will surely obtain them after a few sessions. Once you have succeeded learning the magic, we will collect an additional one big silver coin fee."

Eeh, some said that quietly. Must be a huge sum for rookie adventurers.

"As for other magic, each session will cost five big copper coins. Everyone present here has been blessed with mana by gods, you will definitely learn some sort of magic. There may even some who learn not one or two, but three magic here."

Everyone has a hopeful look on their faces.

"However, I have no way of telling what magic aptitude each of you have. There will be cases where you end up failing to cast the magic you chose even after many sessions. We call such a case as lacking the aptitude, however, often it won't be obvious after just one session. Hence, the low participation fee."

The room went abuzz. Of course it would. There's so many magic out there. There's a higher chance of you lacking the aptitude picking one.

"We shall collect five big silver coins if you managed to learn a magic."

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"Damn high, that's too damn high!"

Angry voice and confused voice resounded. However, Lecan thought five big silver coins is cheap considering you got to learn a new magic for that much.

"You may only pick one magic to take the lecture on at a time. You may only attend another lecture once you have learned that magic or been judged to lack the aptitude for it. Be prudent as you choose one and then submit it to the staff. Once everyone has turned in their choice, we shall decide on the days for the courses from them."

The buzz got even louder once they found out you could only learn one magic at a time. However, since everybody has a limited mana pool, focusing only on one magic is clearly better.

"Then I now shall write down magic applicable for a course on this wooden board. As I've explained earlier, there are some magic obtainable only after you have cleared its initial phase, like for example, those who haven't learned <Flame Arrow> cannot learn <Flame Spear> right away. In addition, we do not open lectures on magic with known low aptitude rate among the populace."

Dorost wrote down magic names on the wooden board while making a creaking noise. Surprisingly, <Recovery> was also written.

"Any question?"

Lecan raised his hand.

"You over there, go ahead."

"Can you yourself teach all the magic written there?"

"Yes. I am capable of teaching all magic I explained in my lecture today."

"Does that mean you can use <Recovery>?"

"No. Teaching and casting are different matters altogether. All instructors in our Society have undertaken training that allows us teach magic we cannot cast ourselves. We are also equipped with magic tools to compensate for that."

"Got it."

Lecan was amazed by this fact.

There's no way you can teach magic you can't use yourself to others. So thought Lecan.

If you could, it must have been through a very technical skill.

I see. That Royal Capital something society isn't just some bootleg organization.
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"Is there another question. No more, I take it. Further, I plan to stay in this town for about one month. The course will be held almost every single day. Now then, please submit your pick."

Aira came forward with a record board and asked everyone present what magic they wanted to learn. Those who are still mulling over it got skipped over for later. Lecan gave <Water Blade> when asked during his turn. Dorost looked a bit surprised at that.

There were only a few participants who chose <Lamplight> and <Ignition>. After all, you can just use firewood without magic for those. They're going to pay a lot anyway, and it's a one-in-a-lifetime chance. It's no wonder they'd want to learn more valuable magic. That's probably the thought process, thought Lecan.

What's unexpected is how there were only a few who picked <Flame Arrows>. It's the basic spell of Light and Heat type magic, learning how to cast it will open up a path toward even more powerful magic.

But looking back, you won't know that from the lecture today. After all, the basic form of <Flame Arrow> isn't that powerful, and ordinarily it can't be shot in rapid succession. Might as well just use a bow and arrows, they probably came to that conclusion.

<Recovery> had the biggest turnout.

It's understandable when you think about it. The most dreadful thing to an adventurer is injuries. Sustaining injuries will mean break times, which equal no income. Getting wounded in the heat of battle is matter of life or death. And yet, red potions are expensive. <Recovery> being so sought after is only right.

Lecan was the only who picked <Water Blade>. He thought his lecture would be put off, turned out it was the opposite.

"I see there is only one applicant for <Water Blade>. Then, let us hold the lecture for this magic this afternoon. Does the applicant has any problem with their schedule?"


"Excellent. As for other courses, we will begin tomorrow morning through afternoon from the most numerous. The schedule for second session onward will be put up on the Association's wall, those who cannot come for the first session can start at the second session. Lastly, to all of you here. May you have a fruitful learning ahead of you."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.6_7


"Now then, what is magic? Magic is a phenomenon that gets brought upon this world by emitting mana inside your body through a certain process and controlling the way that mana is emitted."

Dorost paused there and let her words sink into the participants.

"You can produce fire even without using magic. However, should you control your magic well, you can grant unbelievable force and explosive power to a fire, far beyond what's possible without magic. The more extraordinary a phenomenon by magic is, the truer of a magic it is, magic which is a Grace gods bestowed upon humans."

Dorost wrote some words on a big wooden board using a charcoal.

Offensive magic

Defensive magic

Recovery magic

Probe magic

Support magic

"These are classifications of magic. Ah, is there anyone here who can't read? Be honest. Magic talent does not discriminate against your ability to read."

Three people raised their hands.

"Good. Then this lecture will put those who cannot read into consideration from now on. These words I just wrote from top to bottom are, offensive magic, defensive magic, recovery magic, probe magic and support magic. All magics are classified into one of these."

These magic classifications came as a huge confusion to Lecan. The classifications Shira taught Lecan were Body type, Mind type, Perception type, Creation type, Space type, Light and Heat type, Special type and Sacred type.

"This order also signifies the hierarchy in magic. Offensive magic is the most superlative magic, while support magic is the most inferior magic, with few magic-like qualities to it."

Lecan never heard about hierarchy in magic.

"However, even though there are un-magic-like spells  among support magic like igniting fire, producing lights, things that can be done with other means, it also contains very magic-like spells like making an object in front of you invisible. Hierarchy by classifications is merely for convenience's sake."

Dorost wrote more words on the lower part of the wooden board.


Grace Items

"It is possible to move between floors in a dungeon by reciting a spell. Those who know the move spell, raise your hands."

About half of the adventurers raised their hands.

"In dungeons, even those who do not possess mana can move between floors by reciting a spell. In addition,  some Grace Items dropped in dungeons allow those without mana to produce magic-like phenomena by reciting spells."

Dorost draw a horizontal line on top of the words <Dungeons> and <Grace Items> on the board.

"These phenomena are not defined in the magic classification detailed earlier. As such, they are not called magic even though they produce magic-like phenomena, we call the spells recited to induce those phenomena as non-magic spells."

She erased the <Dungeons> and <Grace Items> words with a dust cloth.

"We won't cover non-magic spells in today's lecture. Please bear that in mind. Well then, next we shall take a closer look on offensive magic."

This time she wrote words under <Offensive Magic>.

Light type

Flame type

Thunder type

Water type

Ice type

Earth type

Darkness type

"Offensive magic is classified into seven types, they are Light, Flame, Thunder, Water, Ice, Earth and Darkness types."

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Dorost continued her lecture. Lecan had never heard this magic classification system before. Some of the magic names are the same as the ones Shira wrote down for him before, while some are absent. He hazarded a guess as to what kind of magic they were as he listened to Dorost's lecture.

According to Dorost, this country, Zaka Kingdom is a magic great power. And the existence of magic and mages is the biggest factor that affords this country amass and maintain its vast territory.

Offensive magic is the greatest magic there is, and light magic which is capable of defeating incorporeal beings, phantom beasts, impervious to swords and spears is placed on the highest order of offensive magic.

Causing sleep, confusion or paralyze are put low in the hierarchy of offensive magic as those can be done without magic.

Lecan couldn't disagree more with how this hierarchy is made.

He had experienced first hand just how effective <Sleep> was at Dungeon Ninae. <Confusion> and <Paralyze> are also capable of demonstrating frightening effects in battle.

In contrast to that, <Flash> which is put as the highest order of offensive magic by Dorost's classification system may be effective against Soul Ogres and Specters, but it's only good as a temporary blind against humans and magic beasts.

Additionally, this classification makes learning magic complicated in practice.

Since Shira's method puts mana quality into consideration, once you know you can cast a spell in a particular type, you know you can cast all other spells classified in that same type, exceptions being Special type, and also <Lamplight> and <Ignition> which can be cast by anyone with mana.

Yet with Dorost's system, your aptitude isn't defined along with the magic type, making it harder to know which magic you can actually learn.

It seems to be an extremely theoretical and formal system of classification, and the forced hierarchal is pretty pointless. 

That said, <Water Blade> of <Offensive Water Magic> and <Ice Bullet> of <Offensive Ice Magic> Dorost mentioned during her lecture were new to Lecan, and hearing how, 'Some magic beasts are highly resistant to magic, some grace items are capable of blocking magic attacks, offensive water and ice magics are effective against those kinds', greatly caught his interest.

Lecan was very eager to learn those magics.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.5


There was a lot more adventurers crowding at Adventurer's Association than usual.

A lone woman is standing behind a counter in the back, with a line of around six people in front of her. That woman must be the magic instructor who came from the royal capital. Her mana pool is quite large, she's got this air of a capable mage on her.

The woman had a surprised look on her face when she saw Lecan.

Aira who was standing in front of the counter called out to Lecan.

"Ah, Lecan-san."

"Ah, err."

"It's Aira. Am I such a forgettable woman? It's so saddening."

"My bad. It's not on purpose."

"That makes it even worse. Are you here to have your mana measured too, Lecan-san?"

This question was weird. Would Aira really not know that Lecan could use magic.

"Even if you're a mage, you can't participate in the classroom lecture unless you pay for the mana measurement, you know."

"Ah, I see. Then I'll go stand in that line."

"Your timing is just perfect. We're gonna hold a classroom lecture after this."

"Ah. So these guys standing around are waiting for that huh."

"Yes. Everyone who got their mana measured yesterday and the day before are attending the lecture today."

No wonder all those standing adventurers possess mana.

Lecan got in the line and waited for his turn.

The female magic instructor is not exactly young, but neither is she elderly. She's thin and bony, with an awfully straight posture.

She's got a stern expression. Her attire is elegant with no sign of vanity, you'd think she's a head maid of a noble house somewhere.

She was very efficient, she would take one big copper coin from the adventurer who had their turn, hold both her hands over that adventurer with closed eyes before quickly opening them and hand down the verdict.

"You do not possess mana."

There was only one person who had mana among the six in front of Lecan. That one person shouted out loudly in joy. Seems like possessing mana really means much in this country.

It was Lecan's turn.

He presented one big copper coin. However, the woman wouldn't hold her hands over Lecan.

"You can use magic already, can't you?"
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"Your mana is of such a beautiful color. And it's a mix of many colors. You must be capable of using multiple types of magic."

There's no such thing as mana colors, but quality of mana does differ from person to person depending on the magic they use. This woman must call that quality <Color>.


"I look forward to giving you instructions on magic. You will attend the lecture now, won't you?"

"That's the plan."


The woman looked around and stopped her line of sight at Aira.

"Aira-san. Please get everyone to the conference room. We shall begin the lecture."

"Yes, Dorost-san."

Aira raised her voice.

"Those who are taking lectures on basic magic course, please get to the conference room in the back! A staff member at the entrance will be taking one silver coin fee, please make sure you're prepared. Those who have been measured without mana are ineligible to attend the lecture!"

Lecan moved to the conference room and paid the one silver coin fee.

There's a lot of chairs of different shapes inside the room. Lecan took the one in the back.

16 adventurers are sitting in a relatively cramped room. There are only three women, the rest are men, but most adventurers are men to begin with. The age range is quite wide, from mid teens to someone who looks like they would retire tomorrow. Probably not all of them are making a living through adventuring trade. Lots of them must be working other jobs besides as adventurers.

The magic instructor entered the room. Looking at her walking makes her extremely straight posture even more obvious.

"To all of you here. Welcome to the world of magic. I, magic instructor Dorost Shepter of Royal Capital Magic Society shall hereby lecture you on magic types, names and functions. I also have delightful news to share with everyone here."

Dorost paused there and looked at the participants.

"From this moment on, all of you have been admitted as associate members of the glorious Royal Capital Magic Society. There is no membership fee of any kind. Pride yourself as members of Royal Capital Magic Society and--"

Lecan stood up.

"I refuse."

Dorost was at a loss for word for a moment.


"I'm not going to be an associate member of that something society. If being a member of that something society is required to attend this lecture, then I'll take my leave."

"You don't need to worry a thing. You are not obliged to do anything."

"Being an associate member of that something organization is a shackle in itself. I have no desire to be shackled."

Lecan pushed his way toward the door while saying that.

"Yeah, same here."

"As do I."

"I'm gonna excuse myself. You gotta be kiddin' me."

More and more people were of the same opinion. Adventurers are a race who hates being bound.

"Hold it!"

A firm voice resounded in the room.

"I understand. Come to think of it, there is not a lot of mages in suburban cities like this one, it's no wonder you are unaware of the Royal Capital Magic Society's influence. Being a member is truly a venerable thing. But I shall put it aside for now."

Lecan stopped walking and listened to Dorost.

"Once those who have taken this lecture and the subsequent magic guidance for specific spells manifested their magic, I will once again ask for their willingness to join Magic Society."

Lecan went back to his chair.

"We will now begin the lecture."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.4


Back at home, Eda hasn't returned yet.

Lecan went to the square, bought some meat skewers, and sat down on a bench.

Once he was done eating, he secretly used <Appraisal> on the coming and going people.

<Appraisal> is a spell that targets a specified object, it can't be applied on multiple unspecified targets.

In other word, it's not a magic that can answer <What kind of equipment does this person have> question. The magic is not for identifying what equipment does one carry, but what does the equipment one carry do.

Besides, if your target is within sight, you can tell basic information such the armor, sword, mantle they carry just by looking.

With <3D Perceptions>, Lecan can tell hidden equipment as well. The ability detects objects that are physically present in a space, unaffected by visibility. It can even detect stuff behind a closed door or inside a box. Initially, its range was only 50 steps around Lecan, but it's been bolstered to 100 steps recently.

<3D Perception> enables him to obtain information naked eyes can't get, such as a dagger inside a holder on one's waist, a chainmail worn under an armor, or a hidden jewel stuffed inside a pocket.

And it's possible to <Appraisal> things caught in it.

Lecan is practicing how to clearly recites the spell name <Appraisal> quietly while trying not to move his mouth as much as possible.

At the same time, he's also practicing <Appraisal>-ing objects carried by moving people.

It's for the sake of interpersonal combats.

He likely won't get a chance to use <Appraisal> once he's in the heat of combat, but he could diminish severities of unknown surprise attacks if only he could appraise stuff carried by potential enemies. This world has Grace items. It's full of items that possess abilities far beyond Lecan's imagination. You can never be careful enough.

<Appraisal>-ing objects carried by moving people proved quite difficult. However it's not undoable. Fortunately, he's got plenty of mana. He simply needs to practice on it over and over again.

<Appraisal> is easier to do if you stare down the equipment someone in front of you carries, but Lecan is practicing <Appraisal> without directly looking at the target. This also proved difficult.

He spent some time practicing appraisal before coming home, then Eda returned.

Since she said she doesn't mind using <Recovery> for Goncourt House when Lecan told her about his discussion with Norma, Lecan went back to Norma's medical center and informed Norma of Eda's affirmation.

During dinner, Eda had an interesting story to share.

"There's a magic instructor staying at Adventurer's Association right now, you see. They said these magic instructors were dispatched from Royal Capital to Adventurer's Associations all over the places."
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"First they'll measure your mana if you pay one copper coin. It's to tell if you've got mana or not, see."

"I see."

Not everyone who possesses mana is aware that they do. Of course a magic user can tell when someone utilizes their mana right in front of that magic user. However, someone who possesses mana cannot utilize their mana unless they have practiced on it. In that case, a magic user won't be able to tell if someone possess mana even if they're standing right in front of them. You need a special kind of talent to be able to tell whether someone possesses mana or not.

"And if it turns out you've got mana, you can then attend the classroom lecture and get technical guidance. The classroom lecture is for basic course and costs one silver coin."

"What's a basic course?"

"Uun. It's like, what types of magic there are, and what do they do."

"I see."

"Those who are taking the basic course can get technical guidance on specific spells. This one costs one big silver coin for each spell. But there's no way to tell if you got an aptitude on that spell until after you've tried to learn it. You still gotta pay one big silver coin even if it turned out you don't got the aptitude."

"That's fair."

"And then those who managed to cast the spell can pay more to get academic and technical guidance, or so I heard."

"Sounds interesting. Is that magic instructor gonna be there tomorrow?"

"She said she'd be staying in this town for awhile."

"Alright. I'm going to Adventurer's Association tomorrow."

"And I'm gonna learn cooking from Miril-san."

"Who's Miril."

"At least learn the name of your next door neighbor, okay."

Lecan wanted to take a break from fighting for a while.

He fought a lot in Dungeon Ninae and had a duel in Golubl.

He wanted to take it easy for the time being.

He'd like to learn a new spell, but he's been barred from visiting Shira until the 26th.

Hence, learning magic from this magic instructor at Adventurer Association sounds like it could be a good time waster, thought Lecan.

Thus, Lecan went to Adventurer's Association the following day.

There, he meets a technical instructor of Royal Capital's Magic Association, Dorost Shepter.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.3


"Hey there, Lecan. Thanks for coming. You alone today?"

"Eda had some business to attend to, you see. She also made a promise to bake cake with the neighboring housewives."

"Did she now. At any rate, I'm glad to see you. I'm getting spirited up whenever I see your face."

"That's weird."

"Yup, I think so too."

Norma laughed as she said that. A laughter free of sarcasm. The corners of Lecan's mouth lifted up as he grinned too.

This medic really is comfortable. The time he spends by Norma's side feels nice.

"I've got something to consult to you about, actually."

"Hou. What is it."

"We've received a request from Goncourt House, asking if Eda could grace them with <Recovery>."

Lecan frowned. As Norma peered in Lecan's face, her eyes glimmered like a child who found something amusing.

"Ooh, that's a quick switch to sour look. You must be very worried about Eda. Thanks."

That 'thanks' was directed to Jinga who brought her tea.

"What do you think about it?"

"I believe it's a good idea to accept the invite."


"Of course, you don't have to if you or Eda are against it. But if you aren't, I believe accepting their request is for the better."

"Why would that be."

"You might leave Eda next year. Eda might stay in this town, or she might go elsewhere. Even is she went off somewhere, she might still go back to this town. In any case, making this town into a safe shelter for Eda doesn't hurt. Still following me so far?"


"Good. In that case, we have to figure out how to secure Eda's safety in this town. Eda is getting promoted to gold rank adventurer. You told the town lord the truth about her, and made him promise to help keep her safe."


"And the town lord house is currently spreading rumors about how Goncourt House abducted Eda for her <Recovery> and got messed up badly by you among powerful people and the wealthy here."

"Hou. I see."

"That's where we should plan our move. In reality, this situation where you guys are in opposition to Goncourt House makes it easier for other noble houses to offer their protection to Eda."

"What? Fumu. I see."

"There's also the issue with how much the town lord can be trusted. They might attempt to slowly bind Eda while saying it's for her safety."

"Come to think of it."

"Hence rather than fully relying on the town lord, she'd be better off accepting protection from a powerful house as well."

"Surely there's a lot of powerful houses out there. Why'd you chose Goncourt?"

"Because they know very well how terrifying you are down to the bone. Mr. <Overlord in Black>."
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Lecan went sullen.

Norma had a smile on her face.

"Besides, at this point, they're not looking for something as grandiose as protection. They're just asking for a bit of compromise from us."

"From us?"

"That's right. Why do you think Goncourt House is inviting you. From my recent examination, Prado-san has never been healthier now. Incomparable to how he was before. He has no need for Eda's <Recovery> anytime soon."

"Then why'd they call us."

"I believe they want to reconcile. They'd invite you guys in, ask for <Recovery>, and pay more than the norm. It's like a sort of ceremony."

"I see. I got it. If Eda agrees, I'll let her go to Goncourt House."

"You're coming too, Lecan."

"Is there a need for me to?"

"There is. The public sees."


"Stuff happening in the house of that kind of nobles gets leaked out regardless. They've got lots of servants, and foot traffic after all. Who came, what happened, those naturally get known. If the two of you went, the public would assume that Goncourt House has reconciled with this town's gold rank adventurers."

"I see. You're likely correct."

"You'll probably occasionally get called again in the future if you respond to their invitation this time. Well, whether you're gonna accept that depends on the situation then. Anyway, you should go with her at least this one time."

"Got it. When should we go?"

"How about the day after tomorrow."

"Got it. I'll get back to you once I get Eda's response."

"I believe the town lord would welcome this development as well."


"Think about it, Lecan. A gold rank adventurer and a lump of danger personified is hostile against a noble house in this town, would you really be okay with that if you were in his shoes?"

Lecan put on an irritated look.

Norma laughed out loud.

Lecan recalled something and asked.

"What if other nobles invite us?"

"At this point of time, I don't think other noble houses, except the town lord's, would. That will only begin once they have truly realized that Prado-san's wellness came from an out of ordinary <Recovery>."

"When's that."

"No one knows. It might not ever come even. Worrying about that now is like worrying about a non-existent wound you might get, and applying wound salve in advance."


"It's an exercise in futility."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.1_2


The following day, Lecan went to Norma's medical center after breakfast. Eda had gone for shopping and some other business to attend, so she's not with him.

Eda's circle of acquaintances saw a huge increase lately.

Married women in the neighborhood really pamper her. They often invite her for tea and she's even learning cooking from them.

She's also been building up acquaintances with the people selling vegetables, fruit and grain.

Apparently all of them were indignant when they found out Eda was an adventurer at such a young age.

They thought Lecan was nothing more than a good-for-nothing.

Thus Eda told him while laughing.

Good to see her getting along well with the neighbors, thought Lecan.

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Norma was in the middle of treating her patients. Lecan was gonna head back at first, but he was told to wait, so he did in the break room while having tea.

Jinga was the one initiated the conversation, unusually enough.

"A messenger from Mashajain had come by here."


"I am told that Marquis-sama has passed away."

"I see."

The marquis would be an older brother of Norma's father. Since Norma's father was supposed to be the sixth son of the previous marquis, his older brother must have been quite old himself.

"Written in his will, I was to be granted a not insignificant bonus. That was to be the last messenger that would come here."

Meaning, the marquis house had been sending out regular messengers here to get in touch with Jinga.

And Jinga must be meaning to say that he has not told the marquis house about Eda when he talks to Lecan about this.

"I have returned my status as a knight of Marquis House. I am the handyman of this medical center in earnest now."

Jinga's eyes gazing at the garden as he enjoyed the tea looked somewhat lonesome somewhat relieved and in peace.

Looks like the connection between Jinga and the Marquis House has been severed. Which means there's no more second guessing him reporting Eda to the house from here on.

"Have you told Norma about the marquis's passing?"

"Yes. I have."

"Were Norma aware that you were a watchdog dispatched by the marquis house?"

Jinga glanced at Lecan. His eyes looked amused.

"Well now, I wonder about that myself. I have never told Norma-sama about it directly, nor has she ever brought the matter up."


Jinga gazes at the garden yet it as if that gaze is partly directed at somewhere else.

"I was ordered by the previous marquis-sama, no that would be past marquis-sama now is it, to watch over Norma-sama's mother. Then her mother entrusted me to take care of her husband and daughter in her deathbed."

Lecan listened to Jinga without saying anything.

"When I mentioned that to the previous marquis, he said to me, 'my little brother is going back to his town, you go with them, protect them both'."

The previous marquis said 'Protect them both'. What did he mean by that.

"He also spoke this back then. 'Officially, your mission is to protect and monitor Norma, and to report back if you find a new <Purification> user'. At the time, many people at the marquis house had high expectations of Norma-sama manifesting <Purification>, I believe marquis-sama had put that into consideration when he said that."

Jinga closed his eyes. Like he's repenting over something.

"However, I failed to fulfill the mission given to me by my two masters. Norma-sama lost his only father."

This man who lived by his loyalty must have lamented over it really hard back then.

"A letter from Marquis-sama was delivered here, unusual for him. 'I will absolutely avenge my little brother. You stay there protect Norma', were written."

This surprised Lecan a bit. Looks like the previous marquis had a little sense of kinship with Norma's father.

"Ten days later, a wand was delivered here. That was Norma-sama's mother's keepsake. Norma-sama weeped in tears once I passed it over to her."

Jinga put his teacup on the table, took a handkerchief and lightly brushed his nicely-fashioned moustache with it.

This means the one who retook the wand keepsake was the previous marquis.

When Lecan heard about this story from Norma before, he was told that the previous marquis handed down punishment to the people who murdered Norma's father to save the marquis house's face.

That might have been true, but it was not everything. The previous marquis avenged his little brother. However, he kept that fact only to himself and to few people he truly trusted.

"Ever since that day, I have always stayed with Norma-sama. Once or twice a year, the previous marquis would send my salary. But that is over now."

"Don't you have a home at Mashajain town? Aren't you going back there?"

Jinga looked at Lecan with curious eyes that could only be replicated by those with ages.

"This place is my home. There is nowhere else."

"I see."

That explains it, thought Lecan.

Lecan could never get why Jinga challenged Lecan instead of reporting to the marquis house when Eda's <Purification> was made clear.

His decisions would make sense had the one who manifested <Purification> was Norma. He would be conflicted between protecting Norma or following the marquis house's orders, and end up choosing to duel Lecan. He drank red potions before the duel because that was virtually an attempt at suicide.

But then, the one who manifested <Purification> turned out to be Eda. If he had just reported Eda to the marquis house, he would have secured Norma's safety, and fulfilled his mission. It should have been very preferable to him.

And yet, why did he choose to challenge Lecan in a duel instead.

It was the result of a conflict between a sense duty to fulfill his obligation to the marquis's house, and a sentiment to honor the previous marquis's wish.

His official orders from the marquis house were to protect and monitor Norma, and to report back if he finds a new <Purification> user. However, the previous marquis himself personally wanted Norma to live a peaceful quiet life in happiness. He had never wished for a new <Purification> user.

Then, after years of living in peace, suddenly Eda manifested <Purification>.

Jinga would have to report it back due to his loyalty to the marquis house.

But by doing that, the marquis house would abduct Eda. Norma would find out about how he was there to monitor her, and she would blame herself for the loss of Eda's freedom. That would run counter to the previous marquis's wish of wanting Norma to live peacefully.

After suffering through the conflict between those two sentiments, this elderly knight chose to fight Lecan to death.

But still, it's weird how Jinga just so happened to be present there, thought Lecan. Jinga was already right by Goncourt House when Lecan rescued Eda. Then he followed after them and challenged Lecan to a duel.

(Hold it. That couldn't have been a coincidence. Which means.)

Which means, Jinga had considered the possibility of Goncourt House plotting something to Norma and secured some means to obtain intel on Goncourt House. His sources could be a merchant or a servant of the house. Then he found out about Eda's abduction and rushed over to Goncourt House. That's the only possible explanation.

But why did he rush over.

Perhaps, he was planning to aid Lecan.

This man would never answer that question even if he was asked.

Jinga talking to Lecan about the previous marquis could be his way to ceremonially sever his connection with the marquis house. So thought Lecan.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 21.9_10


It was evening by the time Lecan arrived back at town of Vouka.

Eda just got home as well, she was preparing dinner.

Eda had four house calls with Norma today.

No, to be exact, she went to 12 houses and did four <Recovery> at four of those.

Norma gave her precise instructions about what was wrong with the patients and where to treat them in detail, it was a great learning experience.

"But I think I'm not cut out as a medical practitioner."

"Hou? Why?"

"Umm, you see. It's partly cuz' I don't know how to explain diseases and wounds well, but also cuz' I can't tell apart between people who want to pay for real and those who don't wanna, like Norma-san."

The house calls today were all at commoner families, the poorer ones.

Rumor about a <Recovery> user going around with Norma had spread far and wide, most of the families they visited asked for <Recovery>. Or consulted about it.

Every one of those families couldn't afford to pay one gold coin required for one casting right away, but they asked for installment of one silver coin every month or to pay for it later, Norma dealt with those people.

As a result, there were four families she accepted to get a <Recovery>.

"And then. I asked Norma-san, how'd you decline this house when you accepted the last one. Then she told me it's cause the missus this time had no intention to pay. But like, both of them promised they would pay for sure. Yet how'd she know this family is serious while that family isn't."

Since she won't be able to work as a medical practitioner if she can't do that, Eda comes to a conclusion that she's not suited to be one at all.

Wonder how Norma distinguish that.

Lecan tried to think it over.

Norma is someone who has been exposed to human malice for many years.

It's not like the marquis house detested Norma and her parents, nor were they trying to deliberately harm them. But their frantic need for Norma's mother's ability ended up splitting Norma's father and mother apart.

The noble who sent a Flat White Snake to Norma's mother in their completely egomaniacal quest for her position attempted to harm her mother. Then they came to hold an unjustified resentment after getting punished by the marquis family, and went on to hurt Norma and her father, the ones with weaker positions.

Hence, as a result, Norma ended up getting exposed to the result of malice and malice the very thing itself. Yet despite all that, Norma still chose the path of a medical practitioner.

It might be because she didn't have any other choice, but it's also probably because she wanted to take up her father's and mother's mantle. Despite her history, she must have wanted to tread on the path her father and mother originally intended to.

A path to save people as a medical practitioner, to contribute to people's livelihood through her research in medical fields.

However, her patients are flesh and blood humans.

There must be those who tried to shirk their obligation to pay Norma even after getting her treatment. As those people also have their own battle to fight in life, things like that must occur frequently.

Norma has chosen the path to love people to live among them while facing their ugly sides. That's exactly why she can distinguish between those who are trying to deceive her and those who aren't.

(Hold it.)

(Then perhaps.)

Perhaps, Norma is fully aware of the reason why Jinga is staying by her side. Lecan has no intention of divulging that matter to her, but perhaps she's already known about it all this time.

And that despite her awareness, she pretends to not notice the cold calculating eyes Jinga looks at her, and accepts the warm and gentle parts directed at her. That's probably how Jinga came to cherish Norma.

Norma is the exact opposite of Lecan. Lecan has chosen to live in dungeons in order to free himself from the malice of men. Norma has zero combative ability, but she's got the power to grasp victory as she mingles amongst men.

Norma is a real strong woman (person).

There must be something Eda can learn from her if she stays by her side.

The former Eda would have tried to keep casting <Recovery> for as long as her mana remains since it doesn't cost her money. It would definitely turn out like that had Shira and Lecan not intervened. However, that's a path that promotes the growth of malice, even if there are gratitudes that also come with it, and draws in malice.

The things Eda is learning now, the timidness in living, the way to take the right distance to other people, those are things Lecan cannot teach her.

They've been blessed with luck to have made an acquaintance with Norma.

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"So all that happened, and here's the written apology. Here's the loot: a shield and a wand."

Vouka town lord, Crimus Ulban was flabbergasted.

"What have you done to get it come to this."

"I just explained to you."

"That explanation was utterly incomprehensible to me."

Crimus bent over with his hands pressing his head.

"You got a headache? Want me cast a <Recovery>?"

"You can use <Recovery> too?! Ah, ouch ow."

Lecan cast <Recovery> on Crimus since he really looked like he had a headache.


"Ah, it doesn't hurt anymore. So you really can use <Recovery>."

Crimus read the letter of apology.

"It really is a letter of apology. And they even wrote how they did things that could have been misinterpreted as violating the Kingdom's Laws. Lecan. Do you understand the value of this letter of apology?"


"I guess that's just like you. As long as we have this, we can get Earl Golbul do some truly unreasonable stuff for us."


"However, I shan't resort to that."


"This letter of apology is in our hands. That's good enough. From here on, I will gradually get more traffic of people and goods going between here and Golbul. Yeah, that will do."

"So long as you're fine with that."

"Are you sure you're really going to let me have these two Grace items?"

"I don't need them."

"You have my gratitudes. Here is your honorarium for your service of visiting Golbul this time. As for your reward for presenting two Grace items, we will pass it over at a later date."

"I'll take the honorarium. Don't need the reward."

"Don't say that. I've got reputation to uphold here. At any rate, you're one too powerful a trump card. You possess an enormous amount of breakthrough potency, which is difficult to handle."

"Didn't you say you'd have lost politically if you used forces in me?"

"Not like you were dispatched as a show of force this time either. But this matter has truly opened my eyes. A sword will always be a sword no matter where you pull it out."

"Well, you got that right."

"Don't you throw out your chest there. Ah, ow ow. My poor head."

[Episode 21 Duel at Town Lord's Mansion] End/ Next [Episode 22 Magic Instructor Dorost]

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Okami wa Nemuranai 21.8


It was an act of a mage standing above behind Lecan.

Through <3D Perception>, Lecan already knew that the mage had taken a stance with their wand. He purposefully let himself get hit in spite of that.

He didn't hear preliminary casting nor the spell name recited. Yet the magic got cast.

This must be the so-called <Spell Compaction> technique. An offensive spell and activation recitation get sealed inside a wand crafted with a special technique, enabling the user to cast the spell just by pouring their mana into the wand. However, the power of that spell is reduced to only a fraction, and the wand is in a constant danger of accidental discharge. It's a technique often employed by assassins and the likes. Shira taught Lecan about the existence of such things, but Lecan himself isn't really interested in it.

The magic attack was blocked by <Necklace of Intuador>, flashing brightly.

A commotion arose.

The perpetrator must be arrested and booed since they had defiled a sacred duel.

"Get off! Get off me!"

It's a woman's voice. This female mage might be the other member of Bargos's party.

Lecan was suddenly reminded of Eda.

Eda might wail in sorrow if she saw Lecan getting killed in a duel before her very eyes.

She might plunge herself at the opponent, consequences be damned.

Lecan couldn't bring himself to hate the woman when he thought that.

However, this situation is just convenient.

Lecan looked above ahead of him.

The town lord was caught dumbstruck at the unexpected series of events.

Now's the time to press forward.

"<Float (Kassal)>."

Lecan's body floated up.
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"<Move (Torim)>."

Lecan's body rose up and landed on the gallery.

Light objects can be freely moved around with just <Move>, but heavier ones like human's body needs to have <Float> cast on them first.

Lecan has landed right in front of the town lord.

Tomaj Douga next to him spoke up in a fluster.

"Le-Lecan-dono. That magic attack earlier was absolutely not under town lord's--"

"You will have that apology letter written."

Tomaj sank into silence as Lecan asked with a deep voice.

Lecan asked once again.

"You will have that apology letter written."


The town lord nodded and replied with an awfully shrill voice. He had no other choice but to nod.

The winner of a honorable duel was attacked on the back when he was offering a silent prayer to the defeated. There is no talking your way out of that.

It not being an order from the town lord doesn't suffice as an excuse. The incident happened under the town lord's supervision after all.



"I'm taking the shield and wand Bargos used. Bring them to me later."


"Now then, I shall wait until you're done writing that apology letter. Where do you want me to?"

"Ou. Over here."

Just as Tomaj was leading the way for Lecan, Henjitt came.

"Lecan-dono! I have a request for you."

Henjitt who blocked Lecan's way bowed his head deeply.

Lecan's voice was cold.

"I'll lend an ear."

"I wish to offer the <Dagger of Harut> you have before the altar of the first earl just for a little bit. I beg of you!"

Lecan could feel his anger welling up.

Is this guy still plotting to take <Dagger of Harut> by deception, thought Lecan.

But he swallowed his anger, and took a step back to ponder.

Perhaps Henjitt merely wanted to present the dagger before the altar of his grandfather, the first earl. Perhaps he wanted to report to him, 'this treasure was found in the dungeon you earned'. In that case, Lecan's got nothing to lose sparing some time for him.

"I shall be present there. I won't let <Dagger of Harut> slips out my view even for a second."

"Of course, that is only right. Please come this way if you would."

Lecan followed after Henjitt. Tomaj accompanied them as well.

The first earl's mausoleum was located inside a majestic building.

Lecan handed over <Dagger of Harut> as Henjitt walked forward toward a small altar located in the center.

Henjitt reverently enshrined <Dagger of Harut> on the altar with both his hands, then he knelt down and prayed in front of it.

Tomaj did the same.

Lecan watched over them in the back.

Eventually Henjitt finished praying, took down the dagger from the altar and handed it back to Lecan.

"I offer my deepest gratitudes to your magnanimity."


Afterward, Tomaj brought Lecan to the room where he had the talk with the earl earlier.

Soon enough, a chamberlain brought the written apology on a tray.

It's wrapped with a decorative cord, with a sealing wax stamped on it.

Lecan put it inside <Storage>.

The shield and the wand were brought over as well.


Tomaj and Henjitt were taken aback when they witnessed Lecan suddenly casting <Appraisal>. Might also be because he didn't do a preliminary casting.

The shield is capable of generating an anti-physical barrier that covers an area if you recite a spell. The barrier can be erased if you recite the spell again. However, one thing bugged Lecan.

"Once this shield generate its barrier, can anyone other than the one activating the barrier remove the barrier too."

"Y-yea. The barrier gets removed when someone recites the spell."

Then this shield is an unbelievably defective item. It's practically unusable in inter-personal combats.

"This shield blocks physical attacks, you're not gonna tell me attacks by the person holding the shield get blocked as well, are you?"

"Yeah. This shield blocks physical attacks coming from the front and back. It possesses the perfect defensive powers."

What's even perfect about that, thus Lecan cursed in his head. That means you can't attack your opponent with your sword if you use this shield. Lecan has completely lost interest in the shield.

The wand has a high performance.

Once it's been filled with mana, it can shoot out lighting type magic thrice.

However, Lecan has a wand with a similar performance already, and he can cast offensive spells on his own. This wand cannot be used to strengthen Lecan.

Besides, Lecan couldn't bring himself to use the items Bargos wielded.

He felt pity to this adventurer by the name Bargos.

As such, Lecan decided to claim the shield and wand as loot but not to put them on himself.

(Guess I'll present these to Vouka's town lord.)

"Okay, I'm heading back."

"Lecan-dono. Please do come again to this dungeon."


Despite saying 'yea', Lecan had zero intention to ever come back to either Dungeon Golbul or Town of Golbul.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 21.7


Lecan was led to a building with a <Training Ground> sign put up at the entrance.

It's a big square-shaped building with a gallery on where the roofs are supposed to be, the town lord, knights and upper-class looking people are lined up there. Someone with a considerably large mana pool is among them.

The insides of the gallery are plastered with holey iron boards. Probably as a fall prevention and to protect the spectators from throwing weapons.

Following a knight who was guiding him, Lecan stood in the opposite direction of the town lord.

His duel opponent is already standing at the town lord's side.

He's about as tall as Lecan, surpassing Lecan in shoulder width and chest thickness. He's wearing a thick leather armor, with a shield on his left hand.

His right hand is holding a slim stick-like thing with a round orb-like thing attached to its tip. It must be a weapon.

As for Lecan, his right hand has <Sword of Agost>, his left hand <Shield of Wolkan> in gauntlet form, <Guardian Jewel of Zana> in his chest pocket, <Necklace of Intuador> around his neck, and <Dagger of Harut> hanging on his belt, he's also got a cloth bag filled with large magic stones. There's no mana stored in <Guardian Jewel of Zana>.

He bought the cloth bag for putting large magic stones at Chaney Company. It's made of a thin robust cloth that lets mana flow easily, Lecan can efficiently drain mana from large magic stones put in there. Even after they've been emptied of mana, large magic stones shouldn't be thrown away. It's a better idea to refill them with mana and reuse them. That's why Lecan came up with this style.

The two duelists stand face to face 20 steps apart.

(This guy's strong.)

Radiating out of Bargos's whole body is that of a quiet yet definite forces of extraordinary might.

Lecan's blood is boiling with a presentiment of a fierce fight.

"We will now begin a honorable duel between Knight Tomaj Douga's proxy, Adventurer Bargos versus Town of Vouka's Gold Rank Adventurer Lecan."

Tomaj's loud voice quieted down the buzzing.

"Knight Tomaj Douga shall claim everything adventurer Lecan currently has with him if his proxy wins. Adventurer Lecan shall claim everything Bargos has with him if he wins. In addition, Earl Golbul shall write a letter to Vouka town lord."

There are short pillar-like things in four corners of the gallery, a mage is standing by next to a pillar close by Tomaj.

"The duel shall begin the moment anti-magic barrier has been set up!"

The training ground fell dead silent, with nary a sound.
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"Set up the barrier!"

The mage recited their spells. Lecan couldn't hear what kind of spells they used.

A thin membrane-like thing emerged across the pillars before reaching the ground. It's a giant barrier covering the training ground whole. It must be an anti-magic barrier. Protecting the spectators from magic used under it.

"<Barrier (Ogdim)>!"

Bargos recited a spell, then a gigantic wall of light manifested from the shield he had on his left hand.

But it's not something that can be seen with naked eyes. Lecan sensed it with <Mana Detection>. In other word, it's a barrier formed from mana. Lecan got a good guess as to what kind of property it might have.

In order to prove his guess, Lecan raised <Sword of Agost> overhead and rushed toward Bargos.

Bargos calmly waited for Lecan's charge. He's not even trying to adjust his shield's position.

A loud low-pitched sound of explosion resounded, Lecan's sword got flicked back in the air.

Lecan swiftly jumped backward.

It really is an anti-physical barrier.

He's seen something with similar effects in his former world.

Most are maintained with mana, they block physical attacks as long as the mana supply persists.

They're awfully handy, but they're not without flaws. There's a limit to the strength of an impact the barrier can bear, it will break if it takes on an attack that surpass that limit. Additionally, the user will eventually runs out of mana, bringing the barrier down if it keeps getting hit by physical attacks.

Bargos pointed the orb on the wand he held in his right hand toward Lecan, and recited a spell.

"<Grand Thunderbolt (Dingwin)>!"

"<Deploy (Parshot)>!"

In that instance, Lecan recited a spell returning <Shield of Wolkan> to its original form, using it to block the white flash unleashed from Bargos's wand.

BOOM, the sound of an explosion resounded. It's a magic attack.

<Shield of Wolkan> has the effects of anti-magic and anti-physical defense. However, <Necklace of Intuador> would have blocked the attack if it were pure magic.

"No way, could that be."

"<Shield of Wolkan>?"

As he heard spectators at the gallery muttering those lines, Lecan recited another spell.

"<Reduction (Pilua)>!"

He returned <Shield of Wolkan> to gauntlet state.

Then he pointed his left palm at Bargos.

"<Flame Spear (Bandroux)>!"

A light of offensive red mana, rather than a flame, shot out going for Bargo's head.

However, as expected of a veteran warrior. He turned his head to the right, dodging the attack.

The offensive mana curved toward that head, blowing away Bargos's head.

The body of headless Bargos slowly fell backward.

Lecan was dumbfounded at this result.

He tried to put curving <Flame Spear>, which he had been practicing, to test in a real combat, and managed to pull it off, but he never would have thought it would hit for real. He believed a warrior on Bargos's level would be able to dodge or block it.

Bargos had prepared an anti-physical barrier but it seemed he had none for magical attacks.

Lecan never intended to kill him. He was planning to end the fight without reaping his life.

However, the dead can't come back to life.

Lecan put his right palm on his chest, slightly bowed his head and offered a silent prayer.

The fight ended all too quickly but the man was a formidable foe.

His reaction speed, the calmness he carried throughout the fight were marks of a veteran warrior.

Besides, he was a man who managed to bear the brunt of that phantasmal-moving Greatarm Ogre's assaults by relying merely on that simple anti-physical barrier. Lecan could have very well lost had the guy been able to perform to his fullest.

The cause of Bargos's defeat is only one.

It's because he believed Lecan only had physical attacks to rely on.

However, there's no adventurers who would be dead set on how an opponent they're facing for the first time is going to fight.

Unless someone gave them the orders.

Tomaj Douga most likely gave such orders. Like, 'Lecan can only attack physically, prepare accordingly'. His equipment too must have been slanted wholly on anti-physical stuff.

(What a fool.)

Come to think of it, Tomaj Douga witnessed Lecan's battle once. It was when he fought Wrinkle Man. He chose to only fight with a hammer at that time because he sensed somebody drawing near. Tomaj must have falsely assumed that Lecan specialized in physical attacks after watching that fight.

He said that the earl house loaned Bargos his equipment. That shield and wand must be ones such equipment. They were the basis for the earl and his sons' confidence in Bargos prevailing against Lecan.

True enough, if Lecan could only attack physically, that shield would prove difficult to deal with.

Had Lecan not possessed a way to defend against magical attacks, that wand would be a dire threat.

However, even if all those were true, Lecan still had tricks up his sleeve to fight back.

"Remove the barrier!"

The mage removed the barrier as ordered by Tomaj.

Just as the barrier vanished, an offensive spell was cast behind Lecan, hitting his back.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 21.6


"This dungeon town looks thriving well to me though."

"It might be good enough had it been a viscountcy. But this is far from sufficient for an earldom. Please think about it. Even Ninae is a viscountcy."

Lecan had no idea that Ninae was a viscountcy up until a second ago, thus he was a bit surprised at the news.

True enough, in term of town's scope, prosperity, and dungeon items' quality and quantity, Golbul ranks far below Ninae. To the point that you'd think it was Ninae that's an earldom instead.

"So, how does <Dagger of Harut> fall into this story of yours."

"Father plans to present <Dagger of Harut> to the royal family and petition to get Golbul territory changed into a viscountcy."

"I don't get it. Will that come true for sure if you present <Dagger of Harut>. Can it really not be done without presenting the dagger."

"Father had the idea after he heard about <Dagger of Harut>. He can't think any further than that as of now."

"What do you think."

"I believe it's better to continue reporting the current situation of this town as it is to the royal palace."

"Is there really that much difference in amount of taxes between an earl and a viscount."

"There really is. However, the problems aren't limited to tax payments to the royal capital. We have to draw a clear line showing the difference in ranks between an earl house and a viscount house with our mansion at the royal capital. That includes clothes, wagons, everything. We also must maintain our pride as a house of earl as we mingle with neighboring nobles."

"What do you get as populace of an earldom."

"They can take pride in being a part of an earldom's population."

That stuff can't fill your stomach, thought Lecan, but he's talking to a noble. The guy probably believes you can simply bear your hunger as long as you have pride.

"Things are fine for now. We're getting by by putting dungeon items on the market within our territory and get on all kinds of dealings. But everything is over if a war breaks out."
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"No big wars have yet occurred in the last few decades. There were skirmishes, but they took places around national borders at the kingdom's western regions, they've got nothing to do with this area. But if a big war erupts, we will be obliged to send forces. The load imposed on an earldom is incomparable to that of a viscountcy. Our territory will collapse on itself."

What an insipid story, thought Lecan.

In the end, the present House of Douga is suffering because the previous earl desired for the position of an earl rather than a viscount. His people must be suffering from that since he must have imposed the taxes on them back then.

Tomaj said the government officials responsible reported the dungeon was on the level of an earldom on their own, but the previous earl definitely had hands in making those officials do that.

It's greed.

A greed for ranks, unique to nobles, tormenting the people.

Compared to that, the previous lord of Vouka is worthy of praise. He probably desired for rank as well, being a noble and all, but he chose to develop his territory the steady way instead. Town of Vouka was said to be a poor town back then, but it's gotten comparatively affluent now. It's currently on a steady yet reasonable pace toward prosperity.

However, everyone could only keep fighting on in the situation they're thrust in.

The current earl of Golbul, and his sons have no way of changing their starting line of Golbul being an earldom. They're struggling hard to improve their situation even a bit more. He can't blame them for that.

In any case, even though it's a matter Lecan is unfamiliar with, the line of thinking that they could obtain Viscountcy as long as they have <Dagger of Harut> seems way too simplistic and old-fashioned.

The people of Golbul House could only come to that conclusion because in their mind, everything taken out of Dungeon Golbul is theirs.

After going through many sessions of mental gymnastics, they absolutely can't bear the thought of Lecan 'snatching' <Dagger of Harut> from Dungeon Golbul. It's unforgivable. It's probably something that goes beyond logic, unquenchable until the dagger falls into their possession.

However, dungeons are not like farmlands. Nor are they like silver or gold mines. The stuff produced in a dungeon isn't necessarily the landlord to take just because it's located in their territory.

Lecan will never concede that point for as long as he's adventurer.

If they're going to try to deprive him of <Dagger of Harut> he won over in the dungeon by shedding blood, he will fight back tooth and nail. No mercy.

Lecan's resolve in it grew stronger after listening to Tomaj Douga.

"Lecan. The duel won't end until one of the participants died. But, I'd like you to give up if you could. I'll take responsibility and end the duel myself if you do. I don't want to kill you."

Tomaj said that with sincere eyes.

Tomaj might be surprisingly sportsmanlike, considering this and the feast last time. He didn't smell too much like a schemer either from what Lecan saw today. He's probably being honest at not wanting to kill Lecan. Lecan can't help but to think of him as a good man, at least for this one.

"Knights take pride in their honors. Adventurers have their obstinacy to boast. The moment this duel is decided, the only outcome is live or die. I won't hold a grudge even if I die. I expect you to not hold a grudge if your proxy dies either."

Tomaj's face cramped as he nodded.

"I swear."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 21.5


Lecan was led to a needlessly spacious room, there he waited for a bit before Tomaj came by.


He had a composed look on his face, wholly unlike the man who challenged Lecan to a duel earlier.

"I'm sorry that it came to this."

"Bargos was it, since you had a proxy prepared, this has always been a part of the plan."

"A messenger from Vouka town lord came yesterday, informing us of your coming today. Bargos had just came out of the dungeon the same night, you see. I had him on standby just in case we couldn't come to an agreement."

"Hou. So this Bargos is a dungeoner huh."

"He is. He's the strongest adventurer in this town, a contract adventurer of our earl house."

"Contract adventurer? What's that?"

"You don't know? Guess they're called something else elsewhere. Our house supplies Bargos with equipment and funds. In exchange, everything he gets in the dungeon is to be this house's property, with a percentage going for him as a reward."

"I see."

Food was brought to the room.

Tomaj surprisingly went and sampled the food for poison.

"Alright. This plate here is fine."

"Poison tasting huh. Sorry for the trouble."

"Not at all. This is the only thing I can do. Or rather, the food might have poison in it if I didn't volunteer to sample first."

"The earl huh."

Tomaj wouldn't directly reply to this question.

"I would like to give you an explanation as to why <Dagger of Harut> is an indispensable necessity to this earl house."

"No need."

"Don't say that. It's the least I could offer to someone departing to the next world for the sake of that dagger.

"Hou. Is this Bargos really that strong?"

"I can't tell you the detail, but he has had numerous bouts against the Greatarm Ogre on the last floor. Everyone believed that Bargos would have been the first person who conquered this dungeon."

"What? You're saying he could get away from that Greatarm Ogre in the midst of battle?"

"That Greatarm Ogre won't chase after those who run away."

"Ah, I see. I didn't know. Did Bargos fight it solo?"

"No way. He's got a... partner with him."
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"And they fought that magic beast many times?"

"They fought it many times. But they still have yet prevail."

That's weird.

That Bargos and his partner managed to return safely even after taking on that Greatarm Ogre's swift and unmatched attacks. And since they fought against it many times, they didn't suffer serious injuries. Even if Red Potions could heal wounds to a degree, losing your arms or legs would be it.

"This dungeon here was found in Golbul during my grandfather's era. The royal palace designated Dungeon Golbul as a viscountcy ranked territory, and went to look for a candidate as its potential lord."

Wonder if those two have high defensive powers.

"The first person who responded to it was the father of the present Vouka townlord-dono. However, the candidacy of Vouka townlord-dono at the time was rejected. My grandfather was the town lord of a small town called Skelus, he coveted the noble rank. He bribed government officials and managed to get the position of Golbul town lord."

Or maybe, both of them are exceedingly agile.

"But then, something curious occurred. What should have been a viscount rank turned out to be earl. It was probably done by a government official who were looking for achievements. There's a world's difference on taxes imposed by royal capital between an earl and a viscount after all. The application sent by my grandfather's side ended up being one for a yearly taxation amount of an earl."

Or perhaps, it's both.

"Grandfather was pleased with it. As it would have been extremely difficult to raise his rank to earl had it been a viscount. The only chance for that is when a dungeon city is first established. You can't tell how big a dungeon is and how profitable it is when it's first discovered. As such, except for a very promising-looking dungeon city, normally it should have been a viscountcy."

Something is not right even if it's both.

"We were given a grace period by the royal capital, and we had revenue from our former territory. However, by the Kingdom Laws, a town lord can only rules over one town. Once the grace period is over, grandfather had to hand over Skelus's town to a new lord. The number of people he could bring from Skelus was limited as well."

Which means, they avoid taking damage by using something that doesn't solely rely on mere defensive powers.

"But things were looking up as new floors after new floors were getting explored. There was hope. More and more people were coming. But then, from floor 21 onward, they found out that the floors were structured in a way that made large groups unfeasible despite the enemies getting tougher. And then, the grace period ended."

Lecan grinned in his mind.

"Grandfather gritted his teeth as he worked to his bone. He would cordially give support to adventurers to aim for even deeper floors. In hope they would find an ideal floor for earning their keep. However, in the end, this was a small-scale 30 floor dungeon, and on top of that, they found out the last floor could only be entered by two people at most despite the unimaginably powerful dungeon boss lurking there."

It's probably their equipment. Lecan has seen those kinds of equipment before.

"Grandfather died drowning in despair. Father succeeded a dungeon that requires painfully hard work to manage. He made efforts into training young adventurers. That was the only way left. No adventurers above mid-rank would stay in this dungeon. This dungeon turned into a dungeon for the young and the elderly."

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