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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 18

Chapter 18 End and Lapisia's Study


Royal capital at dusk. The townscape is dyed in red sunlight.
We're standing on the second floor of the Tower of Trial.

Spectators filling the public park-like square are raising their voices.
"Oy, look at that!"
"That guy's alive!"
"The old man too!"
"Awesome! I win big!"
They were very lively even though it was just us clearing the trial.

Celica smiles and whispers on my ears with her red lips.
"Now, Keika-sama. Please go to the top."
I climbed the stairs and went out to the tower's roof.

One inspector and seven hero candidates are standing there.
Gaff looks like he's just seen a ghost, his mouth is flapping and closing like a goldfish.
"A, y-you..."
I look at Gaff while walking toward the examiner.
"Yo. Your face looks stupid like always."
"Uu! ...keh! This great me'll crush you easy!"
"Looking forward to it."
Smirk, I made a ghastly smile.
Most of the hardships we went through in the Tower of Trial is because of this guy.
I have no intention of forgiving him.

The examiner says.
"Three minute remaining. Barely made it. We recognize that Hero Candidate Keika has successfully cleared the trial of 『Courage』."
For some reason we were congratulated with a grand shout of joy. But only from about half of the people.
"A sudden favorite card."
"That was interesting!"
"I win big!"
I could hear voices as such.

And then the sun sets in the western horizon.
The examiner speaks hazily.
"We will be announcing the result of the trial of 『Courage』! There are eight people who've passed. The tournament will commence in one week, the matches will be for number 1 and 8, number 2 and 7, number 3 and 6, number 4 and 5, the winner will advance to the next match. That is all, give a grand applause for the hero candidates!"

A thunderous applause and shouts of joy.
My first opponent is number 1.
Searching for it, it was Gaff.

Then we went down another stairway on the tower's outer wall.
I met an underling of Gaff when I was going to go back to where Celica and the others were.

The man with a bow mutters when he passes me.
"Thank you."
I turned around but he averted away.

I went down the tower with Celica and the others.
And then, Minya came pushing her way through the crowd and rushed here with her tail standing up.
She was running toward her father, but then she changed her course when she saw me and jumped.
"Oy oy, what's wrong. I'm fine y'see?"

And then a male spectator tells me.
"Your broadcast was gone halfway through."
"We thought you'd all died."
"I see, no wonder Minya was worried."
"Onii-chan.... Good."
While patting the head of Minya who's tightly hugging me with her slender body, I ask the man.
"By the way, since when was it gone?"
"Think it was around second floor? And then people began to bet whether you lived or died, it got so big."
I see. Thus since we made it just barely, the people who won the bet celebrated grandly.

The old man speaks.
"Look now, Minya. Keika is fine and all, but at this situation, your dad is--"
"Dad, safe."
The old man who was cut with two words was sunk.

Celica comes to my side. Joining hands with Lapisia who's completely covered in a robe.
"Now then, let's go and take some rest."
"Right. Celebration can wait for tomorrow. I'm tired after all. Let's eat somewhere and go back."
Minya's cat ears stand straight hearing that. She raises her face while still hugging me.
"I made.... meals."
"Oh thank you. Then, let's go back."
We went to the inn with Minya along.

The congratulations from the townspeople made me feel embarrassed.
"Yer' awesome!", "Keep it up!", "Get me win big too next time!"
I waved my hand at them while smiling wryly.

We had a modest dinner in the inn.
The soup and chicken skewers Minya made were a bit cold, but they were good.

Afterward I went back to the room.
Celica and Lapisia are inside. Lapisia's blue hair was long enough to touch the floor, but since she didn't want to cut it, it got styled into twintail with strings.
She's turning on the floor like she's dancing. It seems she finds moving the long twin tail around interesting.

I speak to Celica who's sitting on the bed beside me.
"First, Celica, teach Lapisia about manners of speaking."
"Yes, I understand."
However, Lapisia swings her fists.
"lapisia dont wanna study!"
"I've been asked by your mother to take care of you for once, so I can't exactly let you skip studying. A God being foolish is out of question after all."
"I see. Then you can stop."
Lapisia looks puzzled blankly.
"i can?"
"Yes of course. But when your mom woke up, she might turn into a vengeful spirit again because of disappointment."
"NOOOO!! lapisia'll study!"
Her wide-open golden eyes are moist with tears, she's begun to shiver.
--I did something a bit bad. Looks like it's quite a trauma for her.

And then Celica extends her hand and pats Lapisia's trembling head.
"Lapisia-chan, you won't like it if you think of it as studying."
"Learn how to behave, how to conduct yourself, and acquire knowledge in order to become a wonderful lady. Then everyone will praise you. Your mother will be very happy when you meet her. Don't you want to be praised by your mother?"
"i wanna.... keika loves a wonderful lady?"
"Yea, of course I do. That's why I love Celica."
Celica's face redden as if it catches fire.
"Th-then, I'll be a wonderful lady."
"lapisia will! surpass celica!"
"Do your best."
The two began to study about language at the desk.

Good grief.
After all is said and done, Celica is a former princess. She's probably the perfect being for a wonderful lady.
In fact, there are times when I'm admiring her carriage and speech.
I truly think leaving it to her will be fine.

"Then I'll go see the old man for a bit."
"Yes, see you."
"seeya, nano."
I left the room and went to the first floor.

Today is temporarily closed.
The old man is sitting on the counter, drinking some liquor.
"Wanna drink?"
"I'll leave it for later. I still have some business."
"S'that so. Then, your business with me?"
"I want to consult about Lapisia. People will find it suspicious if there's suddenly a child with us. I'd like for her to be set as an old man's relative I've taken charge of."
"No sweat. Everything's ok for Keika."
"Sorry bout that. I'm grateful."
"Ou, leave it to me."
"Then I'll be going to take care of one more business."
"Dunno what it is, but careful there."
I left the counter and went out.

Late at night.
A townscape where lights on the houses have gone out. There is not even a shadow on the stone pavement.
The streetlights are turning on one by one.

I turn at the darkness and declares.
"Come out. You've been there since a while ago right."
"So you noticed.... As expected."
The one who appeared from the darkness is a young male bandit. One of Gaff's underlings. He has a bow and arrows in his hands.

I speak with my hand on the Tachi on my waist.
"Since you had no chance of winning in the tournament, are you thinking of doing a surprise attack from darkness?"
"Nope. I've come of my own will. I wanted to talk with you."
"I have nothing to talk with you."
"First, I'd like to offer my gratitude. Thank you for saving my little sister."
"Little sister?"

The man shook when I asked that. Fwoosh, transparent wings appeared on his back.
"You must be familiar with these."
"....That fairy huh."
"I knew that she was locked up in the Tower of Trial so I was looking for her. But, I was never able to meet her."
"I see. That's why you challenged it for many times."

He shuts his wings.
"How was my little sister?"
"Ah, she wished for the world's peace until the end. Then she got reincarnated."
"I see... thank you."
The man bows.

"Is that the only reason you wanted to meet me?"
"Nope. Call my name if you have anything to do related with fairies. I will cooperate with you even if I need to exchange my life. My name is Majiria. If you have the Fairy's Blessing, then call my name through the skill."
"I got it. Anything else?"
"....Gaff will use an underhanded tactic. He's probably going to take a hostage."
"I see. Seems to match with what he'll think."
"You'd better shelter women and children in a safe place."

I speak while stroking my chin.
"No.... Rather, induce them to take Celica hostage on the audience seat."
"....Isn't she with you?"
"Exactly because of that."
It'll be troublesome if I miss this opportunity.
Once I've become a hero, I'll be allowed to execute on my discretion, but that's not the case for now.
That's why I'll be arranging a situation where it's a legit self-defense.

The man sighs while shaking his head.
"I don't know what you're thinking, but I'll cooperate--then I'll be going."
"Ah, one more thing. Why did you become a bandit?"
"This bow originally belongs to fairies. I couldn't get it back alone, so I joined a group and waited for my chance. That's all. I'd like to tell you one thing, I've never killed anyone ever since I became a bandit."
"Is that right. I don't care either way. --See ya."
"Aa, see you again. Do your best."
I parted ways with Majiria and went back to the inn.

When I enter the room, Lapisia is already sleeping in the big bed. She's sprawling with her slender limbs spread out. Sleeping peacefully.
I stare Celica with a blaming look.
"How about the studying?"
"I-It's not what you think, we're done with today's share."
"Lapisia-chan is very smart, she's quickly learned them you see."
No matter how you look at it, there's no way she's that smart.... I turn at Lapisia while thinking that.
Come to think of it I haven't seen her with <<Truth Sight>> yet.
Lapisia's status appears.
Name: Lapisia
Gender: Female
Age: 257
Race: Half-God
Job: Mother Earth God Lv 1
Class: Healer  God Art User
Element: 【Good Harvest】【Radiant Soil】【Sacred Ground】

Strength: 30,000 (+0) Growth Limit ∞
Agility: 20,000 (+0) Growth Limit ∞
Magic: 100,000 (+0) Growth Limit ∞
Wisdom: 40,000 (+0) Growth Limit ∞
Luck: 999 (+0) Growth Limit ∞
Believer: 0

Vitality: 250,000
Willpower: 70,000

Attack: 30,000
Defense: 30,000
Magic Attack: 100,000
Magic Defense: 40,000

Weapon: None
Armor: 【Silver Dress】 A dress filled with motherly love Defense X 1.5 【Nullify All Abnormal States】 【Recovery with Elapsed Time】
Accesory: Ring of the Earth
What is this!
She's weaker than me but.... Why does a God have level!
You mean this is a combination of the basic attribute values of a God and human's level up.

She quickly finished her study because her wisdom is 40,000.
If this keeps, she's going to be stronger than me.... tohoho.

I was about to drop my shoulders but then it hit me.
....Hm? But since she's half-human, could it be....!?

I look at my own hand.
Name: Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto
Gender: Male
Age: ?
Race: Myriad Gods
Job: God
Class: Master Swordsman  God Monk
Element: 【Noble Wind】 【Clear Stream】 【Faint Gleam】

Strength: 81,210 (+31,210)
Agility: 91,910 (+21,910)
Magic Attack: 192,110 (+102,110)
Wisdom: 61,410 (+41,410)
Believer: 5

Woo!! Lapisia's attribute values are added rawly on mine!!
Well, normally Gods don't believe on other Gods even if they're together.

In other words, if Lapisia grows, I will also get stronger.
Her attributes look like it'll increase by 10,000-20,000 at each level up.
....But this is the first time I've seen Lv on Job instead of Class, I wonder how is the growth rate.
Well, let's go at it steadily.

Celica anxiously calls me who's smirking while looking at my own hand.
"Umm, Keika-sama...? Do you mind if we rest now?"
"Right, wait, the bed's been taken. Should we sleep in another room?"
"Hyaa.... But I'm sure nothing will happen. I don't mind where we sleep."
"Is that so. Then let's stay in this room."
I get close to the bed and put the sprawling sleeping Lapisia to the side.
And then I make space for two people.
I lie in the middle.

"Let's sleep."
"Uu.... It's closer than usual."
"There's no helping it. Lapisia is sleeping and all."
Celica was fidgeting, but then she went to my side after taking her armor and tunic off.
Rather, it's really close.
When our faces meet, our breathes intersect. Looking at her blue eyes this close, her eyelashes are really long.

"Then, good night."
"Good night, Keika-sama."
After saying that, Celica presses her face on my body. I could smell flower-like fragrance from her blond hair.
"Don't say that out loud."
"Fuhn, zzzz."
An angry and spoiled voice. Since it was somehow cute, I hugged her body tightly. Sensation of soft breasts pressing.
And then, Celica's body bounds in surprise.
Right after she shouted, her body went listless.
I don't really understand, but it seem she's sleeping.
Since I've also piled up fatigue today, I sleep in this state.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-42

15-42. Mastermind

Not from Satou's perspective

"So you're back, Parion."

A boy-like voice greeted the being that teleported in with light.
The light from the shining little girl illuminates a black-clothed boy within the dark eerie hall.

The light disappeared before long, eerie darkness returned to the even eerier hall.

"Touya-sama, please don't call me that."

The tone of the little girl who was called with the name God Parion contained respect toward her superior.

"Then, stop assuming that form."

When the boy in black clothes--the one called Tactician Touya in Weasel Empire ordered that, the little girl turned into a glamorous woman along with faint light.
The beautiful young face of the God also changed into a plain one with no special characteristics.

After she was done transforming, she untied a pendant-like thing from her neck and the light disappeared.

"Touya-sama, I'm returning the 『Thief God's Mirror』."
"I still have something for you to do. Take it with you."
"Yes, Touya-sama."

The pendant she has, [Thief God's Mirror] seems to be a <<Shape Change Artifact>> for transforming.

As if waiting for the two to be done, a tune that has an eerie intimidating aspect to it echoes in the hall as if it's the appearance of a bad guy.

"Looks like the Chief has come."

The two people kneel toward the throne that looks like it's assembled from humans bones situated at the depth of the hall.

A blue and a red gems on the back of the bone throne begin to blink, and then a groan-like sound comes from them.

"--What happened to the Irregular?"

The groan sounds changed into a human voice before long, the voice of an old man with strange dialect. <TLN: Kansai dialect.>

Tactician Touya raises his face and talks to the gems on the bone throne.

"We can assume that the Estrangement Plan has failed."

The woman with plain face bit her lips in vexation when she heard the word failed.
Apparently, she was involved in the [Estrangement Plan] thing.

"Did he get swallowed up in the Divine Punishment?"
"According to the spy in Shiga Kingdom, it appears he's safe."
"Safely escaping from the Seven Gods' Divine Punishment 'ey. Ain't he a tough."

The words of the guy called Chief sounded like he was astonished from the depth of his heart.
A slight awe seemed like it was mixed in it.

"Then, what 'bout the Anti-God Mine?"
"It had some effect, but it lacked the decisive factor."

They're talking about the Dragon Fang Nuclear Mine, the trump card that the Great Weasel Demon Lord used on God Zaikuon.

"Guess a direct confrontation 's impossible 'fter all, mite' work if we had 10,000 lesser dragons more as the ingredients tho'."
"That's an empty theory. Furthermore, I don't think the same thing will work again against Gods."
"Ain't that tru'. Guess we've gotta leave it to our Lord-san to fite' Gods 'fter all."

For them, the Seven Pillar Gods are opponents that must be defeated.
The [Lord-san] spoken by the chief seems to be a God other than the Seven Pillar Gods--or perhaps a being that can match Gods.

"I have a report for your excellency."

Hearing the Chief, the woman with plain face spoke while still falling prostrate.

"What's it? Lemme 'ear em 'k?"
"According to the one who had infiltrated Weasel Empire, it appears a woman from Irregular's faction critically wounded the God."

As an addendum, she said that the infiltrator has ceased sending reports.

"That's amazin'. Did she turn into a True Demon Lord?"
"No, she was still a human."

The chief's voice sounded as if he heard some unbelievable thing.

"Y'kiddin' me.... Think we coulda take 'er to our faction'?"
"Let us not, that's clearly a trap--a death flag."
"Ain't yer' rite'. Best not to have anythin' to do with the Irregular 'ey."

With a pale face, Tactician Touya hurriedly stopped the chief who seemed excited.
Perhaps his tension was transmitted along, the chief's voice sounded nervous too.

"Since Shin should 'be in the Irregular's faction, d'ya think he'd be strong eno' to defeat a God in time?"
"That's not possible. He's just a normal human. He transcended humanity precisely because turned into a demon lord with the Demon Lord's Orb while he had Hero title."
"Ain't that rite', 's fine s'long as Shin has enough power to live normally."

The Chief murmured as if he was a parent worried about his child, after a moment of silence, the gems blink.

"O, yea, guess Weasel Emperor-han has really?"
"--He was hit by the Seven God's Divine Punishment. There is no way he survived."

The subject changed and Tactician Touya shook his head at the Chief's question.
Silence drifts about in the eerier room for a while.

Contrary to their concern about the emperor of another country, it seems there's no one here worried about Hero Meiko who should be from the same place as them.

"Touya, y'can take a break fer' now. You've just losta friend n'all."
"That I cannot do. For as long as I've lived, this isn't the first time I lost a friend."
"Ain't no way you can get used to that."

At the Chief's friendly concern, the Tactician Touya's declared that there was no need for it.
The woman with plain face seems worried about Tactician Touya while she's still falling prostrate.

"I'm gonna have Emperor Rugan-han and the army work hard fer' a while, so my side--Intelligence Bureau'll be alright."
"Is it about the continuation of the chaos on the continent's west?"

The Chief spoke of Saga Empire's Emperor's name familiarly.

The woman with plain face clearly looked perplexed when the Chief stated the name, [Intelligence Bureau].
From her viewpoint, it was odd for the Chief to purposely state the obvious like the name of his department.

"Won't the Irregular intervene?"
"No worries tere'. I'm gonna have the Saga Empire's heroes deployed before' the Irregular came. He's a KY guy who likes ta' crash in other's turfs 'fter all." <TLN: KY= Kuuki Yomenai, can't read the mood.>

From the flow of conversation, you can infer that the existence called Irregular is a menace whom he, who controls the entirety of Saga Empire's Intelligence Bureau, really cannot ignore.

More importantly, heroes--the Chief certainly did say that.

It seems that Saga Empire has summoned not only Hero Meiko but multiple heroes right after Hero Hayato defeated the demon lord in Dejima Island and returned home.

If academicians were to hear this, they would probably rack their brain hard as to where they got the enormous magic power needed to summon heroes and at what cost.

"Gotta be extra careful 'bout things related to Irregular."
"Yes, we have taken an extreme caution against the Irregular's proxy organization, E Firm. We're concentrating our effort in lowering E Firm's influence in the continent's west through amicable means, please don't worry."

The woman with plain face answered the Chief's question.

"And, how 'bout the plan there?"
"Then, in regards to the Labyrinth Highway Plan's progress--"

The woman with plain face stood up and answered the Chief's question.

"--About the Miasma Level at various places, they're extremely low compared to our expectations."

She displayed a screen using Force Magic in front of the bone throne, and spoke about the detailed information.
According to that display, the miasma in Dejima, Selbiraa and Seryuu are especially low.

"It's the Irregular's fault ain't it."
"There is no shred of doubt."

Tactician Touya affirmed the Chief.

"The channel to Dejima has been completely cut off. We have no choice but to stop the Labyrinth Highway Plan. We have to wait for the next opportunity."
"Yeap, dunno if it'll take 100 or 200 years, but waitin' for the Irregular's natural life to end would be the wise choice 'ere eh'."
"Umu, in 66 years the Demon Lord Season will come anyway."
"Bein' born as a long-living race 's convenient at a time like this 'ey."

It seems the 'Opportunity' they speak about is connected to the [Demon Lord Season].
Their objective probably requires the miasma to thicken.

"Then next, we're just gonna be careful 'bout Emperor Rugan-han's senile demands."

The Chief spoke as if he was persuading--no as if he was guiding someone.

"Babysitting the emperor is your job."
"Touya-han 's always strict ain't ya."

After exchanging relaxed words, the gems lost its light once the Chief said, [Then, C'ya] and stopped speaking.

"Touya-sama--will you be visiting the health resort in Buchi Forest?"
"Yes, that's right."
"T-then, could I come along with you? J-just now, I felt like having a vacation."
"Yes, that's right."

Tactician Touya answered the nervous woman with plain face as if his mind was somewhere else.

"I-I can?"

Without noticing Tactician Touya's state, the woman with plain face jumped up in delight.

"I-I must get ready and buy some clothes! Cute clothes and attractive underwear--"

When the woman with plain face was muttering her delusion with her hands on her face and her back turned toward Tactician Touya, the gems on the bone throne suddenly shined.

"--Looks like he's gone."

At the bone throne's words, the woman with plain face twitches.

"Yeah.... It felt like my heart got frozen still."

Touya collapses with his knees and hands on the ground, gasping.
Sweat run on his boy-like face like a waterfall, the light in his eyes is like that of a returned soldier who has seen hell.

"It was far more terrifying compared to when I stood before God Zaikuon, as if my life--no my soul was going to be erased.... "
"Ain't that rite'. Even tho' he shouldn't know where I was, I still got scared to death 'ey."

While Tactician Touya was wiping his sweat with a handkerchief, the woman with plain face is going around restlessly in askance between the bone throne and Tactician Touya.

"....He was here until a bit ago."
"Who was--could it be?!"

The woman with plain face, who couldn't follow the Chief's and Tactician Touya's conversation, hit on a certain guess.

"Yeap, the Irregular came."
"No way. My Space Perception didn't--"

The woman with plain face spoke in dismay about how her always-on passive space magic couldn't detect anything.

"Since mine's detection skills only sensed something incorrigible, it wasn't just Mana Camouflage 'ey."
"The High Elves and Ancestor King Yamato are on Irregular's faction too. They must have techniques we aren't aware of."

The Chief and Tactician Touya continued to exchange words while ignoring the woman with plain face.

"Guess we really hafta' give up the Godbeater girl 'fter all."
"Yeah, when were talking about taking her to our faction, his presence shook even only for an instant."
"Don't poke the bear eh. The risk's just too high."

Apparently, that was the reason why they went pale and quickly changed the subject.

"That's right. We have a higher probability of surviving raiding the God's Realm with white swords in hand."
"Hahahaha, ain't that rite'. Once Lord-san is restored, we're goin' into full swing."

The woman with plain face drew her cheeks when she heard the two talking about the final war in the God's Realm as if they were going to a pleasant quarrel.

"I didn't brin' it up before, but 's the Seryuu City's Labyrinth Highway Gate safe?"
"Yeah, the Labyrinth Highway--the gate to hell is safe." <TLN: Makai=hell can also be read as Demon Realm.>

Tactician Touya replied the bone throne.

"I was panicking when I heard the report about the Irregular appearing in the 『<<Dungeon Master's Room>>』, but he left just like that after confirming Douma Third the 『<<Dungeon Master>>』."
"Really, all's good then 'ey."

The Douma Third that Tactician Touya mentioned is a cricket monster that became the next [<<Dungeon Master>>] succeeding the Black Greater Demon.

"That's the labyrinth created from the important 『Dungeon Seed』 we got from Tarou-han 'fter all."
"Yes, you're right....  Either way, without the passage beyond the gate, we cannot go to the moon to release the seal."

Tactician Touya's eyes had a sorrowful look for an instant, but he quickly regained his calm.

"'s it impossible even for the elf sage Trazayuya 'ey?"
"Don't call me with that name. The foolish Trazayuya had chosen to erase his self when he turned into a demon lord."

Tactician Touya spoke as if vomiting.

"I discarded my name and sealed the memory of my former life when I reincarnated, that guy--the me of this life was an elf through and through. He even gave up life rather than living as a demon lord...."

This was in a book left by the elf sage Trazayuya.

--We elves have poor attachment to life. When we're driven into a corner, the struggle we do is surprisingly weak compared to other races.

Apparently, that included him.

"Can't Touya-han make' a Space Engine by slowly learnin' and drinkin' some good liquor this time?"
"It's impossible. How far do you think the moon is. Using Jules Verne and this girl's space magic have a higher probability of success."

Tactician Touya implied that even the Sub-Dimensional Ship Jules Vernee and the woman with plain face's space magic can't be used to go to the moon.

"The Irregular's Unique Skill could probably do, but that's not allowed 'fter all."
"Yea, that is the only thing we have to prevent no matter what."

The woman with plain face looked at the Tactician Touya like she wanted to know the reason, but he didn't speak further about that.

"Someone! Anyone come hereeeeee! His Majesty is! His Imperial Majestyyyyyyyy's!"

The next morning, a Saga Empire's lady's maid's scream tore off the morning quietness.
Guard soldiers and senior servants who sensed the abnormality rush into the Emperor's bedroom.

The naked bodies of the aged emperor and beautiful young ladies who have come of age are exposed in the large bedroom.

"Eh, Your Majesty."

Yet the gazes of the people who had rushed into the room weren't directed at the bodies of the beautiful young ladies, but at a huge blue sword hanging on top of the bed.

The huge sword is fixed in the air through either space magic or force magic, hanging one foot above the pale emperor's forehead.

The emperor is staring at the huge sword without blinking, his body is trembling like he's convulsing.
The emperor doesn't move an inch even though his eyes are tossing about from the tip of the sword.

"Save His Majesty!"

Someone stopped the guards who were going to move as instructed by a senior servant.

"Empress Wilyan-sama? Why did you stop us!"
"His Majesty is paralyzed. Moreover, that big sword is linked with the paralyze magic, it will likely take His Majesty's life if you untie it carelessly."

Empress Wilyan is the mother of Princess Maryest who served as a Hero Hayato's follower.
She is an outstanding magician like her daughter.

The royal court magicians whom she called take more than two days trying to release the huge sword aiming at the emperor's forehead, during that time, the emperor has to shiver in fear without even being able to blink.

Even after the emperor has been rescued, that huge sword continues to stay at that place, any kind of magic is unable to remove it.
And dreadfully enough, it seems even the holy swords brandished by Saga Empire's heroes couldn't break that huge sword.

And, despite the gag order, this story is spread among many people.

"Did you hear?"
"Yea, about the Sword of Damocles right?"

Since the huge sword's creator's name is Damocles, people call the huge sword made from Adamantite alloy [Huge Sword of Damocles].

However, there is one thing that remains a secret here.

That is the words written on the huge sword.

Which are--[I'll overlook it this once. There is no next time.]

Those words were conveyed to the next emperor of Saga Empire and the prime minister by the Empress Wilyan, not Rugan Second who abdicated the throne under the pretext of bad health.

'Who wrote that', from a highly reliable guess that would be....

※ Next update [15-43. New World] is planned for 2/5.

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Tower of Trial  Little Girl's Advent! (Fifth Floor)


The fifth floor of the Tower of Trial is filled with an ominous presence.
The presence of a God who has turned into a vengeful spirit.

We're continuing on while defeating skeletons and stone statues along the way.
I destroyed doors and walls in the way since we had no time.

We arrived at the deepest hall after about 30 minutes.
Width is around 20 meters, depth is around 30 meters.
It's about as wide as a large banquet hall in a hotel.
The ceiling is high, there's several stone pillars standing.

And there's a small door at the back of the room with a stone coffin in front of it.
No mistake about it, that's the 【Lapisia's Coffin】.
"Now, Big Man, go forward."
The golem walks slowly.

The old man speaks anxiously.
"Hope it goes well."
"Golem won't get petrified. It has no life force either. It'll block the lid from opening and cover the coffin with the soil in the bag while doing that, calming down the God's wrath. It should go well."

With echoing footsteps, the golem arrived before the stone coffin.
It blocks the lid with one hand, and uses the other hand to throw the inside of its bag to it.
Brown soil falls on the coffin.
"Good, keep it up! Keep holding the lid!"

I chant a spell while running.
"My name is Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto! God of streamlet from a foreign earth! O Mother Earth God Rupersia! Appease the heart of your raging child!"
The soil around the coffin shined.
This is, my victory!

The lid of the stone coffin is gradually opening.
"Eh!? Big Man! Hold down the lid!"
The golem curbs the lid.

I recite the appeasing prayer once again.
However, in face of that, the lid opens anyway.

Black aura blows out of the gap.
"Celica, Old man, don't look at it!"
I run back and hide behind a stone pillar on the left side. The old man hides behind a stone pillar to the right.

Celica comes to my side and takes out a mirror. It's a hand mirror made from polished magic silver.
An image of a black arm coming out of the stone coffin is reflected in the mirror.

It'll broke if this keeps up!
"Big Man, hide behind a pillar!"
The golem slowly heads behind the nearest pillar.
Its chest was pierced by a black arm.
After a moment of silence, the golem crumbles.

A black shadow in the shape of a human stands.
The form of a woman with disheveled hair. It's emitting abominable aura.
After defeating the golem, she walks step by step.

"She's coming here."
"W-what should we do, Keika-sama."
"Why.... Why didn't the Mother Earth God didn't grant my wish...!"

Right then, a sleepy voice resounds in my head.
『someone's here?』
--Lapisia huh. It's me, I talked to you before. Keika.
『run away!』
--I can't do that. I've come here to do something about you.
『everyone will turn to stone! that's why, run!』
--Why is she turning people to stone? Is she angry because she was dug up?
『mommy is angry! to protect lapisia!』

I noticed my mistake.
--The one who's wrathful isn't Lapisia, but the mother because her hidden child was dug out.

"Keika-sama! She's right there!"
"Tsk! More to the left."
She's coming to the left stone pillar where we are.
Right then, flame sprout on the right side.
"Come here you monster!"
The old man's shout echoed in the hall.

Looking at the mirror, the black shadow turned away while swaying her long hair.
--Nice, Old man!

I quickly call Lapisia.
--Lapisia, are you inside the coffin?
『inside the box nano.』
--Can't you get out?
『lapisia can't move.』
--You're binded by your mother's magic huh. That means it's an earth magic.
Lapisia speaks.
『lapisia wants to move....』
--What will you do after that?
『lapisia doesn't like this current mom! lapisia likes the kind mom!』
--Okay. I'll do something.

I hold the gourd in my hand. Ready to throw it out anytime.
"Celica, make some noise to the left of the entrance. I'm going to the coffin."
"I understand.... Please be careful."
"Celica too, don't overdo it."
Celica went to the entrance with her blond hair flowing.

I slowly went to the back of the hall from the left while checking on the mirror.
And then, sounds of someone loudly hitting a wall echoed. Celica is beating the wall with her sword's sheath.
"I'm here, monster-san!"
The black shadow stops chasing the old man and heads toward Celica.


I jumped out of the pillar's shadow. Running straight to the coffin.
However, Celica screamed.
"Keika-sama, over there--!"
I confirm with the mirror. A black aura ran after me very vigorously.
"Damn--<<Gale Legs>>!"
Bwoosh, I became faster. In order to release Lapisia's spellbinding!

I reached the coffin's side.
I throw water out of the gourd.
"Pure brooklet who abides me! Permeate the soil  Cut the rock  Release the bind of earth! <<Purification-->>"

A shock hit my head.
From the force of the hit, I was blown to one of the pillars. I broke the pillar, and crashed to the wall. The wall was roundly dented by the impact.
I fell down on the floor.
I've been sent flying by the pursuing black shadow.

"Shiiiit.... S'long as I'm not petrified...."
I glance at my body while standing up.
Vitality: 399,200/614,600
Willpower: 513,456/566,600

I got damaged for more than 200,000 just from one attack. As expected of the Mother Earth God.
A normal human would have vanished without a trace.

I'm going to escape by relying on the presence alone.
However, an abominable wall stood in front of me before I could completely stand up.
I can only look at the floor. I won't raise my face.
The shadow moves. I can sense her moving arm.
So this is the end.....

--No, this situation is preferable!

I shut my eyes and put my hand on my Tachi's grip while still crouching.
I'll make a single finishing blow in this situation while I know exactly where she is!
The black shadow attacks by using arms.
I'll finish it with a quick-draw counter when she attacks!

I recite in my mind--<<Water Blade Grant>>.
Water is more effective against earth than wind.

A critical moment.
Our distance shortens.
She moves--.

One slash!
An image of blue light making an arc.
The sensation of deeply cutting flesh.
However, it seemed she evaded, I couldn't finish her!

A grating cry echoed in the hall.
The black shadow swiftly comes close in anger.
--Kuh, she's too fast, I can't make her out!
I want to open my eyes to check it, but I can't do that.

However, a childish voice echoes in the hall.
"Mom, no nano!"
A sound of something crashing, the nearby pillar shook.

I take out the mirror and see the image reflected in the mirror.

A little girl of around 10 year old wearing white dress has pushed down the black shadow from the back.
"mom, stop it! don't turn people to stone anymore!"
" pi sia."
"lapisia loves the kind mom nano! stop it nano!"
With her disheveled blue her Lapisia is repressing her mother. Her big eyes are golden colored.
"protect lapisia..... won't let kill."
"lapisia won't die! so stop it already!"
"protect.... kill hindrances...."

I was wondering why Lapisia was talking with baby talk, so it was because her mother was also doing that.
Or rather.
<TLN: Lapisia talks entirely in Katakana.>

I stands up with the gourd in my hand.
"Lapisia, holds down your mother."
"keika!? what are you gonna do!"
"Restoring your mother back to normal."
"really!? okay!"

When I saw that she didn't listen to her daughter, I understood that her anger was caused by a curse.
The black shadow struggled in the mirror.
However, the wound on her stomach is deep, she's unable to do it at full power.
Thus, even Lapisia who's a child could hold her down.

I came to their side while looking at the mirror.
I sprinkle water on the black shadow, and chant a spell.
"Pure brook flowing among the mountains  Wash away the evil purify--<<Purification Spring Water>>."
The black shadow is wrapped in pure light.
The black shadow writhe intensely.
"i-is mom alright nano....?"
Lapisia's golden eyes are looking at me anxiously.
"She's fine. Believe in me."

And then the black shadow changed into a white shadow.
She's wrapped in faint light, I can't exactly grasp her form.
Lapisia hugs the white shadow with all smile.
"mom, mom!"
"Lapisia.... I'm sorry to have left you alone."
"uun! mom was there for me! always! loves you!"
She's rubbing her childish face on her mother's chest. That face is shining like a sun.

The white shadow raises her face. A flat featureless face.
"There's no need to look at the mirror anymore. God of another world--Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto."
"Is that so. Rupersia, I cut you with all my might, are you alright?"
"Yes, somehow. As long as I don't move."
"Why did you turn into a vengeful spirit?"
"The demon king held my child hostage.... I had lost myself in anger."
"So he made use of a mother's love."
"I'm ashamed.... By the way."
"Please take care of this child."

Lapisia raised her face. Her long blue hair spreads out.
"mom!? why nano!? are you going somewhere!?"
The mother reaches out and gently pats her child's head.
"I have to sleep for a while since I had been awake all this time, Lapisia."
"then lapisia will sleep together!"
The mother shakes her head. The white aura shook.
"You've already slept a lot haven't you? I can't sleep if Lapisia also sleeps, so stay awake okay?"
"it's bad if mom doesn't sleep?"
I speak.
"Lapisia, your mom will turn into vengeful spirit again if you won't let her sleep you know."
--Either of the earth Gods probably has to sleep as their duty as the Mother Earth God.

'Uu', tears accumulated on her golden eyes, she shook her head buzzingly. The blue hair furiously fluttered about.
"lapisia doesn't want that! --okay! lapisia will work hard!"
"You're a good child, Lapisia. Now then, Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto. Please take care of my child."
"I accept thy wish.... Well, as far as I can."
"That's quite enough, thank you. Then, Lapisia. Listen to this person, and be a good child okay.... And help him."
"un! will help keika!"
And then the white shadow dimly shook and disappeared by sinking into the ground.

Lapisia keeps patting the floor where her mother went.
"mom's gone...."
"Now, let's go Lapisia."
When I held out my hand, she tightly caught it.
"keika thank you for saving mom!"
"Ow ow, you grip it too strongly."
"lapisia, work hard!"
Determination glitters in her childish face.

And then, I heard a voice from behind a stone pillar.
"Is it fine now?"
"Yea, it's fine. Everything's over."
With fluttering blond hair, Celica approached while carrying the bag.
She looks downward at Lapisia who's joining hands with me.
"Is this person Lapisia-sama?"
"aunty, who?"
"Aunt...! I'm Celica! Call me onee-san okay."
"What'd you say!"

Celica and Lapisia began to quarrel.
I sigh and warn her.
"Hey Lapisia! You mustn't make fun of people. And you're older than her anyway."
'Muu', Lapisia's soft cheeks swelled.
"lapisia loves keika! celica also loves keika! battle!"
"You can't. Get along with her."
'Bufuu', Lapisia seems dissatisfied but it looks like she understands as she goes silent.

Celica grasps my open hand.
"Even so. As expected of Keika-sama. ...I thought we were done for at that time."
Celica looks at the broken pillar and the dented wall.
"That was dangerous. As expected of a blow of God."
"And Keika-sama who won over that is wonderful."
"I wonder...."
--To be honest, I underestimated the hero's exam. To think the demon king was involved in the very exam itself.
Who was it that failed in Japan because he was conceited in being a God.
I have to be more careful until I'm qualified as a hero.

The old man came.
"Sorry to break it to you now. We're running out of time."
"How much we have left?"
"Seven minutes."
"This is bad! Let's hurry."

We went to the floor door.
The old man speaks while crouching.
"It only needs a key. I'm opening it."
With a rusty sound, the door opened.

A passage spreads out beyond the door.
There's a familiar looking iron door at the end. That's the outer wall's door of the tower.

"Hm, before that it'd be bad if they saw Lapisia. Put on the golem's robe to hide your figure."
She wears the robe from the above, covering her white dress.
The old man speaks.
"But wasn't it broadcasted?"
"With the possibility of anyone watching turning into stone, I don't think they would broadcast it."
"I see."
"Then, let's go."

We passed through the passage.
Right at that time, I felt like I heard Rupersia's voice.
『Please take care of the world.』
The people in this world asked too much.
I'm only doing this for myself.
Then I felt like I heard Rupersia's chuckle.

We opened the door, the evening red sky jumped into our view.

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Tower of Trial Tower of Trial  There are 11 People! (Fourth Floor)


Tower of Trial fourth floor. Three hours and 55 minutes until sunset.

We--I'm in the front, next is Celica, then the tavern's old man and lastly the big man--are walking in a two meter wide and tall passage.
The stone wall is wet with water. The moist air feels stagnant.
Since I'm a God of streamlet, I'm close to wind and water, but for some reason, the water around here feels unpleasant.
It feels like they're quiet, or rather. It seems they're already under someone else.

Nevertheless, we can't stop now.
We'll be disqualified if we can't clear the trials within four hours.

After several twists and turns, we arrived at a strange room.
It's only about 10 meter wide, but several dozens of meter long. A long and slender room.
Moreover, mirrors occupy the whole wall, ceiling and floor.
I can't see the exit.

I stare with Truth Sight.
【Mirror of Magic】 Mirror that transmits 100% of magic and magic power. It cannot be destroyed with physical attacks either.

Fumu. Looks like they're normal mirrors besides their effect.
I don't see any trap in the room.

"The mirror can transmit magic.... In other words, looks like we're going to fight against enemy good with magic."
"It stinks of traps, Keika."
"Careful with magic attacks. Hide behind my back if we fight."
"I understand."
"Ou yo."
I advance ahead carefully.
Walking while having my hand on the Tachi's grip, ready to draw it anytime.
The air is damp like usual. As if they coil around you.

And then Celica raises her voice behind me.
"Keika-sama, the entrance is."
When I turn back, the place that should have been the entrance is covered in mirrors.
"We can't go out unless we clear this trial huh. Be careful."

And then we continue deep into the room.
There's no exit. No door. Every direction is covered in mirror.
There's a pedestal on the back wall. A stone statue is situated on top of it.
A beautiful woman. There's butterfly-like wings on her back.

"Is that a fairy?"
"That appears to be the case."
And then suddenly, there's a voice. It sounds beautiful yet sorrowful.
"Welcome, Egg of Hero. I will be announcing the trial for you."
I pull my Tachi while watching the stone statue.
"Fine. Come at me from anywhere. Can't promise ya I'll clear it honestly tho'."
"I do not mind no matter what tactic you use. Then here is the trial. Defeat your fake companions, fetch the gem in their heart, and put it on this pedestal. You can go to the next floor if you do so."
"Fake, companions?"
Celica screams right after I muttered that.

When I look back, I see numerous swaying blond hair.
I quickly counted 11 people.
"What on earth is happening...?"
"Why am I this...."
Their looks are exactly the same. Their voices are exactly the same.
11 Celica look at each other anxiously.

That wasn't the end.
The old man also increased. There's 11 of him.
"Lots of, me....?"
"What the hell happened."

I turned back at the fairy statue.
"....Don't tell me, I have to defeat these?"
"Yes, this is the trial. You have to defeat only the impostors, leaving only your companions."
I look at the 【Real Celica】. Her eyes are shaken with anxiety.

"What a sickening trial."
They probably want to mentally torture the hero by making them kill their friends.
After shaving off physical and magical strength, next is mental strength huh.
This might be traumatic for weak-hearted heroes.

And then one Celica stepped forward.
Her eyes with long eyelashes are closed as if she's braced herself.
"If it's for Keika-sama's sake, I do not regret parting with this life."
I can clearly see which ones are fakes by looking at their status with Truth Sight.
The one who stepped forward is a 【Fake Celica】.
Guess it's better than having them attack.

I stab her with my Tachi.
Dosh, a dull sensation is transmitted to me.
Fake Celica's noble face is grimacing in pain.
She spills out blood from her mouth.
It felt raw, like I just stabbed a person.
I reflexively looked at her status.
It really was a 【Fake Celica】.

She's smiling while spilling blood.
"Keika-sama, please become the hero.... I'm really glad to have met you...."
Tears flow from her pained blue eyes, she coughed blood.
Tension is rushing in the mirror room.
The Celicas put their hands on their mouths, their noble faces look sorrowful.

The girl collapses on the floor.
Her blond hair is spread out like a fan.
The body didn't disappear.

I'm standing dumbfounded.
The statue speaks.
"What are you doing. Quickly scoop out the gem in her heart and put it on the pedestal."
"What! You mean I have to dissect her!"

Celicas and the old men are shaken.
Even the real Celica is frightened.
--This is.... Keeping at this means doing as they want me to do....!

I sit down where I am.
"All of you, sit down along the wall apart from each other."
Celica and the old men moved as I ordered.

I'm lost in thought.
This isn't only going to whittle the hero's heart, it's also going to destroy the companions' trust on the hero.
Even if this is just a trial, could you still trust a hero who indiscreetly kills someone who looks exactly like you?
Moreover, in order to scoop out the gems, the hero has to dissect the body in front of the real one.
And for 10 bodies.

Even if they're companions who have fought together, and even if they believed in the hero, 『But he's doesn't have a problem killing his friends for the sake of trial』 will probably get tucked in the corner of their minds.
Even if they clear this trial, their distrust toward the hero surely won't disappear.

I observe the dead fake Celica.
Its feel and presence were exactly like a human.
I could only feel relieved after seeing the status displaying 【Fake Celica】 many times.

If even I feel insecure.
I want to believe on the real Celica and old man, but they probably feel conflicted.....
They must be suffering in fear of me killing them by mistake since the impostors look really alike.
I have to clear it as soon as possible.

Just how does this magic work?
It should be hard to control this remotely.

Is there someone beyond these mirrors?
Not being able to use Senrigan is painful.

What should I do?
I look at each of the people sitting along the wall.
Celicas and the old men hardened every time our eyes met.
Even the real ones were nervous.

And then my eyes stopped at the statue.
Just whom is this statue modeled after?
I look at it hard.

【Cursed Fairy Statue】 Statue modeled after fairy. Actual size.
Cursed and sealed because she rebelled against the demon king.
Fairies don't die. They reincarnate once they lost their life.

However, I didn't overlook it. The floating status.
I flick the item status at once and look at the status.

Name: Orphelie
Gender: Female
Race: Fairy
Class: Fairy Magician Lv 99
Vitality: 0/842
Willpower: 7249/9999

....It's as if she's living.
Its magic power has been largely consumed.
That means this statue casted the magic huh.
Suddenly, the word petrification floated in my head.
Come to think of it, it's strange for a statue to have Vitality status.
Looks like it's worth a try.

I call Celica who's looking at me anxiously.
"Celica, prepare the Ground Holy Water."
"Yes, Keika-sama."
She rummaged through the rucksack and took out a bisque bottle. She's bringing it to me with her blond hair fluttering on the back.
The holy water we bought to fight against Lapisia.
We only bought one, but this is probably the right time to use it.

And then--the other Celicas began to move after a slight pause. With a bottle on their hands.
"""Keika-sama, here you go."""
"Everyone besides the first Celica, don't move!"
The Celicas stopped.
Only the real one came to my side.
"Keika-sama.... What are you going to do?"
"Wait a minute."

I take the gourd on my waist and hang it above the stone statue.
"Pure streamlet flowing through valleys  Wash evils away  Cleanse--<<Purification Pure Water>>."
The stone statue shines.
I check with <<Truth Sight>>.
【Fairy Statue】 Statue modeled after fairy. Actual size.
Sealed because she rebelled against the demon king.
Fairies don't die. They reincarnate once they lose their life.

--Alright, the curse has been removed.
"Now, the Ground Holy Water."
"Yes, here you go. Keika-sama."
I reach out on the bottle Celica presented. Our fingers touched then.
Her body twitched and stiffened.
Her large blue eyes are moist with regret and self-loathe.

I smile and pat Celica's head. Glossy blond hair.
I gently pat it many times.
Strain loosened up from her delicate body.

"I'm sorry, Celica. Everthing's fine."
"Keika, sama..."
Celica muttered with a sweet painful voice. She doesn't separate away from me even after giving the bottle, standing right beside me with her finger gripping my Wafuku's sleeve.
Looks like she's afraid to get mixed in among the impostors again.

I open the bottle's lid and splash it on the statue.
--And then.
Yellow lights sparkle and wrap the Fairy Statue.
And then, just when the light became stronger, the statue on top of the pedestal crumbled. Long green hair spread out.
Celica is surprised.
"Eh, what on....!?"

I get close, crouch down and lift her. Since she's only wearing thin clothing, her slender limbs are visible.
However I can't feel her life energy.
"Orphelia, is it. Are you alright?"
She opens her eyes in my arms. Big eyes with jade pupils. They were out-of-this-world beautiful.
"Aah..... How many years have it been since I could talk of my own will.... To think there would be someone who could undo the demon king's curse...."
"Were you controlled?"
"Yes, that's right. My power of bewitching fog was."
--That magic was of that huh. I see.

I make my palm shine and speak.
"I'll heal you now."
She feebly shook her head.
"There is no need to. My life is eternal. Now that I'm liberated, I will reincarnate to the next generation."
"Is that so.... Do you have any wish?"
"Strong Hero-sama. Would you please defeat the demon king?"
"That's what I'm planning to do. It'll take time though."
Cause I won't be able to become a God if I don't carefully make people feel obliged to me.

Then, Orphelia smiles like she's read my mind.
"Thank you. However, you must obtain the thing hidden in the Fairy World."
"You mean I can't defeat the demon king without that?"
"Yes, it's as you've guessed."
"I see. So you went through this hell because you kept silent about that huh."
The demon king was afraid. In order to prevent something that can defeat him fall into the hero's hand.

The fairy's beautiful face clouds over.
"How many heroes have these hands killed.... My heart felt like it would break."
"That demon king probably wanted to extract information by breaking your mind."
"I'm very thankful to have met you. ...please receive my power."
"....I don't particularly need others' power."
"I beg of you. Please think of it as substitute of money offering."
"Mwu.... Alright."
I felt that there was nothing I could do to persuade her once she spoke of 『Money Offering』.
Thus I obediently accepted it.

Then Orphelia puts her hands on my cheeks. Cold chilly hands.
Those hands suddenly became warm. A light filled with affection.
Power flowed into me.

I look at myself with Truth Sight. There's a new skill.
Fairy's Blessing: Nullify Instant Death  Nullify abnormal status  Luck+30%  Permission to move in the Fairy Boundary

She smiles.
"Please, I leave you with this world."
"I got it."
Orphelia's body is wrapped in white mist, and then disappears.

Clink, clank!

Gems fell down on the mirror floor.
When I look around, the impostors have all disappeared.

Celica mutters anxiously.
"Keika-sama, are you alright."
"I feel like taking a break. It ended quickly after all."
--And I made Celica experienced something painful.

However, Orphelia's voice echoes.
"Please hurry, Hero-sama. There's no more time."
"Hm? We should still have around three hours don't we?"
We had four hours when we arrived at this floor.
I'm sure only around one hour has passed since then.

"Time flows faster inside this mirror. It's already evening outside. There's only around an hour before sunset."
I look at the old man. The old man takes out his clock.
"What the hell! The needle is moving like mad!"
"Kuh! Let's hurry!"

We gathered the gems scattered in the mirror room.
A door appeared when we put them on the pedestal.

We enter the door.
My body felt like it was pulled upward, we got warped to the last floor.
A passage made of stones.
At the back of this dungeon, there is something releasing an ominous presence that can be felt even without looking.

I tightly grip my fist.
"Big Man, forward."
The big man steps forwards with resounding footsteps.
I take the hood that hides its head.
There's a stone golem under it.
--A countermeasure for petrification. Wonder if it'll go as planned.

"Now then, this is the last one."
"Let's do our best, Keika-sama."
Celica nods with swaying blond hair.
The old man speaks while looking at the clock.
"One hour remaining."
"Let's go."
We continue onward in the dungeon with the golem leading.

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Tower of Trial  Tasteless Enigmatic Riddle (Third Floor Later Part)


The third floor of the tower of trial.
In a dark space that's as large as a concert hall, there's a narrow twisting road around 50 cm wide.
Gaping holes are on both sides of the road.
Sometimes wind blows from below and then sucks back in.
I carefully walk step by step.

"Old man, watch the surroundings and tell me if there's anything wrong with the bonfire."
"Leave it to me."
"Celica, you're carrying a lot so be careful of your steps."
"I understand."

When I look with <<Truth Sight>>, I see traps everywhere.
【Collapsing Floor】 Collapse when stepped on.
【Spring Floor】 Bounce when stepped on, ruining balance.

I stop on the narrow road.
"Stop for a bit--<<Blue Water Seal>>"
A line of magic is drawn on the 50cm wide road. Blue inks cover the traps. All visible traps are covered by the blue inks.

The old man who saw it from behind speaks.
"Is it traps?"
"Yeah, one will collapse the floor, the other will bounce off."
"Putting them on this narrow road, what bad taste."
"They must be trying to kill us no matter what--let's go."

We keep walking on the winding road.
There were around 10 traps carefully placed. We couldn't advance as smooth.
Moreover, since there's nothing to obstruct the view, the end door is always in our views.
Yet since we couldn't reach it, it had the effect of hurrying us.

After walking about half an hour.
The winding road got to the right side of the hall. And then it turns straight to the left end of the hall. Woosh woosh, wind blow from below my arms.

I stop and squint my eyes.
Traps are installed at every several steps.

"--The road becomes even narrower huh."
It's only around 30 centimeter wide now.
The old man speaks while frowning.
"Ain't there more traps too?"
"Yea, that's right."
Celica knits her shapely eyebrows and sighs.
"If it's like this, we have to walk while being careful of the floor."
"Right. --No, that's a good thinking Celica. Well done."
"Y-yes? Praising me that much for such...."
Celica tilts her head with a troubled expression.

I look up. At the ceiling.
Only a pitch black darkness.
However, of course I can see it. Rather, I can see its 【Status】.
Name: Darkness Spider
Element: 【Darkness】

Attack: 800
Defense: 100
Vitality: 1500
Willpower: 300

Spider's Silk: Attack by spewing silk. Decrease speed.
Spider's Net: Ensnare an enemy in a big net. Incapacitate.
Poisonous Fangs: Paralyze and Sleep effects.
Acid Liquid: Dissolve the opponent.
There's also 【Black Silk Nest】 displayed.

I grin and laugh.
"Hmph, attacking from above when we're being careful about the ground below. Only a tasteless designer would think of this."
"Eh, whaddya mean?"
"What's wrong Keika?"
I perk up my chin upward.
"There's a jet-black spider above us. A Darkness Spider."
"You kiddin' me!"
"What should we do Keika-sama?"

I chant a magic at once.
"Hold your footing everyone.... Breeze who abides by my name  become raging blades  Rage on--<<Storm Blade Slash>>"


A storm runs amok near the ceiling.
Blades of wind rise, dull sounds echo many times.

The spider's death screams echo in the vast darkness.
And then its body falls while gushing bodily fluid out.
It was as big as house.
--It would have been dangerous to fight it head on on this narrow footing.

The storm calms down.
"Old man, is the bonfire on my back alright?"
"Everything's fine. Flame's still green."
"Alright, let's go."
"Ou yo."
We continue to walk on the narrow path while being careful of traps.

One hour after we started walking on the narrow road.
We finally arrived at the opposite bank.
The floor is about as wide as a classroom.
There are a big door and five pedestals in front of us.
The door is gridded and I can see a stairway going down behind it.
【Floor Door】 Door leading to the next floor.
【Pedestals of Green Flame】 Obtain the key by offering five candles with green flame on them.

Looks like there's no trap.
I lower the bonfire on my back.
The ground shakes.

"Good grief. Celica, light the candles and put them on the pedestals."
Celica took the candles from her bag, lit and put them on the pedestals one by one.
When she was finished with all five, the candles' flames on the pedestals became bigger turning into a big lump of green light.

And then, two keys appeared from within the green light.
One is wrapped in blue light, another is in red light.
Some words appeared too.

Celica immediately reads the words with her beautiful voice.
"Um, it's written that, 『Take the blue key to let only men advance, take the red key to let only women advance.』."
The old man twists his thick neck.
"Oy oy. What happens if the party's of men and women?"

I squint my eyes at the keys in silent.
【Dummy Men Key】 Poisonous gas will come out if used on the floor door. All party members will die agonizing death. Magic, medicine, invalid.

"Traps even here!"
"What is it Keika?"
"It seems like poisonous gas will come out killing everyone if we use the blue key for men."
"The heck. Then the red key for women is the correct one eh."

I look at the red key.
【Dummy Women Key】 Tentacle slimes will fall down, melting only the clothes and armor, the tentacles will coil on limbs and open them wide, thoroughly playing with you. Give you pleasures until you die.

I reflexively look at Celica.
Celica was taken aback and then she covered her big breasts with her slender arms. With disheveled blond hair, she's glaring.
"J-just now, you thought of something terribly indecent, didn't you Keika-sama!"
"H-how did you know!"
"So you really did! I can at least understand what someone I like.... is thinking."
Suddenly Celica looks down with red face.
The old man poorly whistles while grinning.
"Hyu hyu, look at ya goin'."
"Y-you're mistaken, it's because I like hero-sama.... uu."
She couldn't continue her words. Her face became even redder.

I forcefully change the topic while scratching my head.
"If you use the red key, it seems tentacle slimes will fall down and they'll do many things on you till you die. Either of them is a trap."
"Hou. Both are traps huh. I checked the door just now, it's using a magic key y'know."
"Did we overlook something?"
I look at the door, the pedestals and the narrow road back.
However, nothing happened.

Celica speaks anxiously.
"What should we do....? We have done as instructed."
"Don't tell me this can't be cleared."
The old man spoke with folded arms.

I'm thinking while stroking my chin.
"There should be no problem. Although the dungeon is fully equipped to kill us, but I can assert that this wasn't made to be impossible to clear."
"Why is that Keika-sama?"
"Cause it's more fun that way. If it can't be cleared, the only fun they get is waiting for our demise. However, when the players die in confusion even though it can be cleared, the people who know the correct answer will laugh at their mistakes, multiplying the fun."
Celica creases her forehead in disgust.
"...Is there someone who would be happy with such a disgusting thing..."
"There is. This dungeon was designed by that disgusting guy. That's why there is a way to clear it."
--I won't say that it's the demon king. Since these two might shirk back.

The old man speaks with a grim face.
"But y'know, we did as we were told rite'? Light the candles and carry them to open the door or something."
"That's true.... How was it exactly written again?"
When I asked that, Celica speaks while closing her eyes with long eyelashes.
"I remember--it was written that 『Light the candles from the flame on the bonfire and continue onward. Otherwise, the green door will not open.』."
"Green door.... I see. That's why it's not the red or blue light--wait?"

I get close to the bonfire on the floor.
The green flame is relentlessly burning.
When I look closer, I can see a lump of green light.
【Floor Key】 Key to open door to the next floor.

While laughing in astonishment, I roll my sleeve and thrust my hand into the bonfire!
Celica screamed, hii.
I pull my hand and show the thing in it to the two.
"This is it."
A green key shined.
The old man screams in shock.
"It was put in that! We'd have to come and go five times if the bonfire wasn't here!"
If we did this normally, we'd have lost magic power and time, truly a repulsive dungeon.

Celica rushes in and touches my arm with her smooth hands.
"Keika-sama, how is your injury?"
"Nah, it's fine. This is nothing--<<Complete Recovery>>."
The burn cured in an instant.
Celica's blue eyes are filled with anxious light as she looks up at me.
"It might be too late now, but please don't be too rash okay. I'll be your hands and feet."
"Fool. What'd we do if scars remain on that beautiful skin. I'm doing it."
"Uu... Keika-sama."
Not sure if Celica is happy or mortified. She's glaring while biting her red lips.

I pick up my bag and head to the door with the key.
The door made a sound when I pushed and turned the key.
I say while pushing the door.
"The biggest hints were the 『Green Door』 and what the old man said, 『What happens if the party's of men and women』."
"Failure means instant death, it ain't a joke."

There are stairs going down inside.
When I peek down, it's dim with little light.
The air is strangely damp, drop of waters are running on the stone walls.

"...How long have we been inside?"
"A little over 6 hours, I'd say."
"Four more hours huh... Let's do our best on the remaining two floors."
"Yes, Keika-sama."
I went down the stairs while being encouraged by voices full of respect and trust.

<TLN: Two more chapters until the trial's end, gonna try to finish this within two days.>

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-41

15-41. Divine Punishment (10), End


Satou's here. I love plain and simple foreign Hollywood movies. There are many things to retort if you think hard about it, but I just can't get enough of the easy-to-understand series of hardships and the catharsis afterward. Happy End really is the best after all.

"Phew, most of the tsunami have been taken care of now I think?"

I saved the two girls from the Sea King, eliminated the Dog-head familiars, an islet-sized size roc [Sky King], and a tyrannosaur-like creature clad in fire [Flame King], and then I flew about to the south sea and took care of the tsunamis.

I even had to eradicate a fleet of ancient undeads and ghosts on an emerging floating island in the middle of the way, it was troublesome.

How do I say this, the south seas are hellish.

A marker window popped up in my vision when I was grumbling.

--Red alert?

"Geh, this is bad!"

I get back to the solitary island palace with Unit Arrangement.

"Hikaru! Please take care of the rest of the Ganika Marquisdom."
"Un, I got it--"

After saying that to Hikaru who was standing by in the island palace, I teleported to the Weasel Empire with space magic.

Frankly, I don't want to let Hikaru go out but Arisa is in a dangerous situation right now.
Since Hikaru has blessing from her Patron God, [Ama no Mizuhana-hime] besides the one from God Parion, I believe she will be fine.

At the other side of the teleport gate, there are Arisa's half-melted Staff Warship doing emergency landing, the beast girls and the Weasel Emperor who's turned into a demon lord around the ship, and Hero Meiko who's spreading blue light around, looking dangerous.
Lyuryu and Lady Ringrande seem to be at the large airship in the distant.

I looked up at the sky and saw seven light orbs floating.
Since their indications show, [UNKNOWN], they're probably either the Gods or the God's familiars.

The ring of light turns into a rich colored whirlpool.

--Crisis perception.

That one's dangerous.

I extend [Magic Hand] toward everyone it can reach.

While the crisis perception was striking my back, I somehow--got them.

--This is bad.

Something falls from the sky.

--Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous.

I hit the Unit Arrangement by a hair's breadth.

The moment right before the light falling from the sky touched us--it activated in time somehow.

"Phew, I hadn't panicked in a long time."

After we moved to my personal desert space, I sighed a breath of relief.

--Oops, not yet!

Next, I teleport again to save Lyuryu and the others.


Seeing me, the white dragon let out a voice of joy and jumped at me like Pochi.


Behind Lyuryu, beyond the crashed large airship, I saw a tsunami of white light coming.
It's probably the residual wave of the light that fell unto us.

"Oy, oy, this place is the halfway point to the neighboring city, far from the capital y'know--"

While muttering in astonishment, I caught Lyuryu and the large warship with [Magic Hand] and took them to the same place as earlier.

"Master! Please save the hero girl nodesu."

Pochi who found us jumped and asked me.

Certainly, the rampaging Hero Meiko who's leaking blue light from her mouth and eyes looks like she's on the verge of ruin.
I quickly bind Hero Meiko with shadow magic and hand over a Blood Elixir to Pochi.

"Try to let her drink this."
"Yes nanodesu!"

I hope this will cure her, but if that's not possible then I have to make her drink the forbidden [Nectar].
I can't leave the [Nectar] in other's hands since it has many problems.

However, I can't care for Hero Meiko more than this.

I need to do something about the tsunami of white light before Hero Meiko. If I leave that alone, the parishes and Dejima Island would be swallowed up.
Resolving the great disaster comes first before an acquaintance I met once.

"Arisa, strange."

I heard Tama shouting on top of the partially destroyed Staff Warship's cockpit.
I rush into the ship's cockpit with Flash Drive before I even think about it.

The preparation to use Unit Arrangement toward Dejima Island ended up being canceled, but at this time, that didn't reach my mind.

"Arisa! Are you alright!!"
"I'm fiNE."

Arisa replied with a strange accent with her head still covered in the helmet's visor.
Violet phosphoresce is leaking from the gaps of her golden armor.

--Demon lord.

That was added on Arisa's titles.

I activate Soul Seer, Magic Seer, Miasma Seer, Spirit Seer and hide Menu's indications to make the throughput even a bit more efficient.

The inside of my eyes feel painful, perhaps I'm overdoing it.
However, I don't care about that right now.

I see that magic power is leaking out from Arisa's cracked Soul Vessel, while miasma is widening that crack.
It's like some kind of purple thing is overflowing from the Vessel's crack.

--Calm down, Satou.

I frantically suppress my flustered heart.

"It's alright, Arisa. It's alright."

While murmuring as if I was convincing myself, I tore off the miasma and gently fixed the broken Soul Vessel to its original shape.

"Alright, just a bit more--"

I purged Arisa's golden armor with the Master Key.

"Don't look."

Arisa hides her lips with her hands and curls up in the cockpit's seat.

"Don't worry, I won't hate you just because your appearance changed a bit."
"Yeah, of course I am."

I murmur to ease Arisa and lift her head.

"Drink this. While your Soul Vessel still retains its shape."
"Un, okay."

I made Arisa drank the [Nectar].
Among my belongings, only this and Blood Elixir Rev. are capable of healing damage on a Soul Vessel.

However, the healing from Blood Elixir Rev. is only temporary.
When the Soul Vessel is damaged this much, the vessel probably won't ultimately be restored unless she drinks the [Nectar].

"--Ah, Master is entering me."

Arisa is Arisa even at a time like this.
Ignoring her nonsense, I keep watch of her Soul Vessel's restoration.

Before long, after what felt like an eternity, Arisa's Soul Vessel is restored.

"--Phew, good."
"I'm sorry."

I pat the apologizing Arisa's head.
Since it seems that she's reflected enough, I'll decide her punishment after I've heard the reason why she overdid it.

"Don't be that rash ever again okay?"
"Un, if anything happened, tell me everything about it--"

When we were staring at each other, another emergency was displayed on the AR reading.

Come to think of it, Dejima Island and the parishes were in trouble weren't they.

"--Made it in time."

I the place closest to the Imperial Capital, Dejima Island that still have survivors, with Unit Arrangement

Lete City was about to be swallowed up by the tsunami of white light before my eyes.

I recalled the moment when the catear-kin reincarnated person was using her Unique Skill to try to delete my memory.
I've sheltered those girls with other reincarnated people, I should go see them when I have time.

"Now then, gotta do something about that."

I choose the advanced earth magic [Great Wall] on the Magic List.

"Guess this is more like the rise of Mountain Range of Nanashi instead of Great Wall of China?"

A tall wall higher than mountains rise up on several hundreds kilometers long range.
It looks quite showy, but compared to the [<<Continental Guard>>], this magic is simpler and more cost efficient.

"Now then, let's briskly clean this up."

I connect the [Great Wall] while moving with Unit Arrangement.
My magic power was used up halfway through, but since I had several fully charged holy swords on hand, I got my refill from them.

"Who would have thought that it would almost reach the Ratkin territory at the northern side."

This disaster-grade tsunami of white light must be the real Divine Punishment.
Turning several cities into white salt was probably the Divine Punishment from the apostles and one God, while the white light earlier was probably the large-scale Divine Punishment from the seven Gods.

No wonder the conditions for the Divine Punishment changes depending on who you ask.

"Fumu, these crater and the spiral-shaped grooves are terrible."

After confirming that it was safe with space magic's [Senrigan (Extra Clairvoyance)], I moved to the Weasel Empire using teleport magic.

It seems the Gods are satisfied after dropping the Divine Punishment, they've disappeared from the sky.

I put back the [Room of Truth] where the Troll demon lord was sealed from my protected sub-space to its original place.
Since I had put an absurdly strong barrier on the original place, I don't think they noticed it.

It seems that barrier has disappeared by the Gods' Divine Punishment.
It's probably not the barrier itself that disappeared, but the bedrock where the barrier was placed.

"Wonder what's that warped space?"

I saw a mirage-like phenomenon in the corner of my view.
Is it an evacuation capsule in the sub-space?

It's cracked, and a survivor--is there.

"It's a miracle that she survived."

I pull out the familiar face buried in salt.


Her lower body and one of her arms have become salt and fallen apart.
It's a miracle that vital parts like her head and heart are safe.

I moved to the research laboratory in the solitary island palace with Unit Arrangement while wrapping her in Fixture magic.

"Guess no need for cleaning and such."

While muttering that, I put Lady Liedill the temple knight inside a bio-tank for Nana.

"Although it's a different story for limb loss, I guess it's not possible to regenerate organs?"

Since the [Nectar] is too dangerous, I fill the bio-tank with Blood Elixir Rev.

Afterward, the self-regeneration mode of the Bio Tank should take care of the rest.

"What should we do about the hero?"
"Right. I'll ask Echigoya Firm to nurse Hero Meiko and her cohorts. We can just deliver them to Saga Empire once they're able to move about."

Perhaps I should return Lady Ringrande to her parent's house, but for now it's probably better for her to stay in Echigoya Firm's guest room.
She's probably going to be fine since I've asked Sera to care for her.

Since Hero Meiko fell into critical condition while spewing blood when I let her drank the [Nectar] for some reason, I only gave her the Blood Elixir Rev. to return her from the rampaging state as the treatment.

I stripped off the blue lines on her skin with surgery and healed her with a high magic potion afterward.   

--Later, after asking Beriunan and Burainan Clans who like to research things to investigate the line, I learned that its composition is similar to crystallized blue liquid.
Back then, when I put too much magic power into Liza's [Black Spear of Cricket], evolving it to [Magic Spear Douma], crystal lines that looked similar to magic liquid also appeared on the surface of the spear, it was probably a similar phenomenon.

"Does this mean the Divine Punishment is over now?"
"Un, probably. It seems the Stampedes in the labyrinths and many monster domains have also stopped."

I affirmed Hikaru's question.

I'm thinking of leaving the care for the stricken areas to each countries.
If they request Shiga King for assistances, I'm planning to release the preserved foods and medicinal supplies I've hoarded in large quantities.

"Master, Pochi is a bad kid nanodesu."

When I was done with some works, Pochi entered my face with a serious face.
Liza and Tama are with her.

"Please give punishment to Pochi nodesu."
"Does Pochi understand what bad things she did?"
"Pochi left her post without telling Master nodesu."

It's true that she violated her order, but my responsibility is heavier for postponing things even though I was aware that something happened to Pochi.
Abstaining from nightlife for one month is too light, I should ask Hikaru to think up of something later.

Now then, putting aside my reflection, right now it's about Pochi.

"Why did you leave your post?"
"Pochi was called by a little girl nodesu."

I couldn't really understand from Pochi's explanation, but looking at the rough image from the Battle Recorder installed in the golden armor, it was a girl that looked similar to the little girl in painting.

"Did she give her name?"
"She didn't nodesu. But, she said Pochi was a 『True Hero』 nodesu."

Fumu, the ones who know that are only us--no, Pochi becoming a hero was recorded on a certain slate written by the [Troll Demon Lord].
Since the fact that Pochi defeated the rat demon lord was also written, authorized people of Weasel Empire should be aware about it even if they're not the Gods themselves.

But well, there's a good chance that it was God Parion.

On this continent, the only people capable of opening a gate from Seryuu City to the Weasel Empire's capital are me, Arisa and the high elves.
It'd be a different story if a reincarnated person with teleportation unique skill appeared in Shiga Kingdom but making an assumption about such an irregular situation like that is too conspiracy theory-like.

"And then?"
"The girl said that 『My hero is going to be killed by a bad demon lord, help』 nodesu."

I see, [My Hero] huh--chronologically speaking, it's unlikely for her to be the [Little girl in painting].
It's probably safe to regard that the [God Parion (Temp)] who set Pochi up is a different being than the [Little Girl in Painting].

Next, I listened to the things that happened in the Weasel Empire from Pochi.

"Then I will be announcing the punishment for Private Pochi."

Hearing me, Pochi straightened herself.

"The crime of leaving one's post and endangering one's self is not light."
"Therefore, 10 days of meals without meat should be proper."

Pochi's ears flopped down, she looked downward.
Liza and Tama who are next to her are looking pale like their blood run cold after hearing the severe punishment of [10 days of meals without meat].


Pochi's ears twitch.

"--In light of Pochi's courage and kindness for rushing in to save the life of a girl in danger, the meals without meat is decreased by three days."

Pochi raises her head.

"Furthermore, appreciating your prudence of not thoughtlessly engaging the demon lords you encountered but instead properly judging as to whether they're evil or not, the meals without meat is decreased again by three days."

Pochi's ears returned to their positions.

"And, extolling your achievements of healing the injured Hero Meiko and Weasel Empire, and saving Lady Ringrande, the meals without meat is decreased again by three days."

This would probably turns up more to plus if this were the story of a super popular magic school, but completely giving a positive here is bad.

"That's why, the meal without meat is only for today. Be careful not to repeat what you did okay."
"Yes, nanodesu! Pochi wants to learn many more things nodesu!"
"Yup, you're great Pochi."

I'm glad that Pochi is interested in things other than battles, meals and her hobby, writing stories.
I pat Pochi's head hard.

"Tama will learn too~?"

Since Tama also came declaring and hugging me on the opposite side, I also praised her, "You're also great Tama."
Looks like Tama is already affected by Pochi.

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Tower of Trial  Carrying it Once is? (Third Floor First Part)


The third floor of the Tower of Trial. Five hours and 20 minutes remaining until sunset.

We entered the door and came into the next place.
Wind keeps on blowing. There's a huge space in front of us. It's larger than a concert hall.
However, there is no floor. Deep darkness spread everywhere. You can't see the bottom.
I tried dropping a pebble, but I couldn't hear its sound hitting the bottom.

A narrow 50 cm wide floor extends on that space.
The road is twisting like a snake until the door at the opposite bank.

There's a one-meter tall round pillar next to the door, a torch with green flame is relentlessly burning on top of the pillar. It's a so-called bonfire.
The flame is probably green because of magic.
<TLN: The raw is not clear on this, but it appears the door here is different from the other door mentioned right before, the one with the bonfire seems to be the entrance door.>

I notice the bandage on the old man's arm and ask him.
"Is your wound alright?"
"Yea, no biggie'."
"Just in case, I'll heal you with magic."
"You can even use healing magic! Yer' way too awesome."
I ignore the surprised old man and quickly chant, <<Complete Recovery>> and <<Detoxification>>.

Celica exclaims, wow while seeing the light emitted from my palm.
"I'm sure that Keika-sama can do anything."
"Don't rely on me too much okay."
"Yes, but that means, I'll work hard to be useful."
"Then go read the letters on the bonfire pedestal while I'm healing the old man."
"I understand."
Celica turns over and heads to the bonfire while fluttering her skirt.

Celica looks back while squatting down.
"Keika-sama, it's written that 『Light the candles from the flame on the bonfire and continue onward. Otherwise, the green door will not open.』"
"There are five of them behind the bonfire's pedestal."
"Five huh.... I guess they're not spares but we have to use them all."

I step on the narrow footing in the dark space.
I put my hand on top of the open hole.
A gust of wind blew, hitting my hand, fluttering my Wafuku's sleeve.
Does it blow from the hole below? No it's sucking in via magic.

"I see. The flame will be extinguished if we don't walk on the narrow footing huh."
I'd probably get dragged down if I flew in the air.

I'm thinking.
You have no choice but to carry them while concentrating. While paying attention to your hands and feet, and of course you also have to be wary of traps and monsters too.
--To whittle down the mental strength huh. Your nerve will surely wear down with this.

Celica stands up with thick candles of around 20cm long.
"Well then Keika-sama, let us go ahead. As there are five candles here, what should we do?"
"I'll carry them all."
"Eh!? But if monsters were to attack...."
"I'll do this--<<Floating Wind>>."
Fwoosh, the candles part way from Celica's hand.
The five candles float and move toward the bonfire.
They're lit with green flame.

Celica's blue eyes open wide.
"Keika-sama, you're amazing. This is the first time I've seen a magic like this."
"Is that so. Well, I figured as much."
I basically have more God's Arts--my own created magic than normal magic.
How is that possible? --Cause I'm a God.

However, the moment I got carried away, I suddenly felt dizzy.
I remain firm even though my legs stagger.
Celica shouts with her clear voice.
"Oy, what's wrong Keika!"

I was attacked by a sensation of losing strength of my body.
I look at the bonfire and the candle with <<Truth Sight>> at once.

【Bonfire of Green Flame】 You can go to the next floor by putting this magic flame in front of the Floor Door.
【Candle of Magic Vanish】 Keep the magic flame lit by consuming the user's magic power. The flame will become a normal flame if you release your hand or if your magic power is used up.

Tch, so it's that type!
I look at my own hand.

Name: Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto
Vitality: 614,600
Willpower: 531,204/566,600

Attack: 102,220
Defense: 143,620
Magic Attack: 184,020
Magic Defense: 42,620

My MP's decreased a whole bunch!
I had used many magic and kept using <<Truth Sight>> so it wouldn't be strange if it decreased by 10,000 but this is just too much.

I canceled <<Floating Wind>> on the candles except for one.
The candles fell on the floor. The flame on the candles that still had their flame on changed to ordinary orange colored one.
I kept staring at my status, my MP decreased again.
It became 53,0071. 1133 was consumed. 0.2% of the maximum.
Taking all the candles at once meant a decrease by 1%, 5666. No wonder it was intense.
I put it out immediately.

Celica's long blond hair flutter as she rushes up over the candles.
"Keika-sama what's the matter!?"
"These candles consume your magic power. Moreover, it's probably by ratio."
"Ratio!? Then that means, people who have large magic power will lose a lot of it?!"
"That's right.... Celica, try lighting one with the flame."
Celica picks up one candle with her slender fingers and heads toward the blaze on top of the bonfire.
Green flame lights up at once.
Celica's magic power is the lowest here. It's at 165.

Celica, the old man and I are staring at the candle she holds in front of her chest.

However, Celica's magic power isn't decreasing even though I'm looking at it.
It finally decreased by 1 after three minutes.

--So it's really by ratio. 0.2% of 165 is 0.33.
It was decreased by 0.2% in one minute, and after three minutes, it finally reached a number that could be observed.

I give her another order while nodding.
"Next Celica, light another candle with the flame on the candle you have in your hand."
"Eh... y-yes!"
Celica quickly understands, picks up another candle and lights it with the green flame on the first candle.

The candle that was lit from the flame of another candle had a normal orange flame.
"Flame from another candle won't be green colored huh."
"It's too bad...."
Celica looks disappointed with dropped shoulders.

The old man who was watching speaks.
"Since Keika seems to have a lot of magic power, you shouldn't use them up. There are five candles, so first Celica carries two, and one for me. Once we got to the end and came back, Celica and I will then carry one each. We oughta do a round-trip."

I look at the snake-like narrow road in the dark space.
"No we shouldn't. It looks like it'll take one hour just for a trip. We'd waste three hours if we do a round-trip."
"Then what should we do....?"
Celica looked puzzled, her blue eyes are fogged up with anxiety. Her blond hair glitter from the light of the green flame on the bonfire.

I grin and laugh.
"Of course we end this in just one trip! Like we'll waste time here!"

A dungeon that whittles down your magic power after your physical strength.
Reliably kill the prey after thoroughly weakening them.
It's truly a cunning and repulsive idea.

--Don't think I'll proceed as the demon king envisioned!

Celica's gallant face frowns.
"But how do we do that?"
"Like this."

I took a big step toward the bonfire and drew my Tachi while walking.
"--<<Tempest Blade Grant>>."
The Tachi is clad in tempest. And then I hold the Tachi aloft while staring with Truth Sight.
Celica opens her red lips, dumbfounded.
"O-oy, Keika, what're you gonna do!?"


The prop of the burning bonfire hit the floor.
The pulverized bonfire inclines.
I quickly sheathe my Tachi and hold the bonfire pedestal with both arms.
"It's slightly heavy."
I heave the pedestal and the bonfire which weights around several hundreds kilograms.
And then I lifted them off the floor.

Celica is surprised as she puts her hand on her mouth.
"Ke-Keika-sama! What are you going to do with that!"
"What're doing Keika! --Y-you can't be!"
I laugh after putting down the pedestal for now.
"If doing a round trip is a hassle, then I can just carry the bonfire with me. Besides, look. The flame is still green if it's carried with the pedestal."
"T-that's quite absurd..."
"Your idea ain't humane, in a good meaning. It's at God's or Devil's level y'know..."
The two gradually smile even while looking shocked.

I put down my bag and lift the bonfire on my shoulder.
"I'm going ahead, the old man should go behind me. Next is the big man. Celica will be last with the candles and my bag."
"I understand."
"Got it."
The faces of the two tighten once they've done preparing.
"Now, let's go!"
I step on the narrow road in the space while firmly carrying the bonfire on my shoulder.

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