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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Tower of Trial  Endless Encounter (Second Floor)


We went down to the second floor of the Tower of Trial. We have seven hours 50 minutes left until the sunset.
The passage is made of stones just like the first floor. Its height is unchanged at two meters, but it's wider at three meters.
However, I saw a white line on the floor when we got down and sighed in disbelief when I looked beyond it.

"What the heck is this...."
I look ahead.
Monsters are crowding together everywhere you see in the wide passage straight ahead.
【Sword Skeleton】 white skeleton that carries only a sword. It's weak but they come in groups.
【Gargoyle】 stone statue modeled after the devil. Hard.
【Skeleton Knight】 heavily armed black skeleton. Hard and quick.
【Evil Statue】 eerie stone statue modeled after the demon god. Hard and strong.

There's also some 【Recovery Bones】.
Its strength is the same as the one in the first floor, but the regeneration time is only five minutes.

--After a carnival of instant death traps, now it's monster encounters en masse huh. The incompetent idea is seriously like a shitty game.
Rather, the designer's train of thought is transparent. He must be wanting to kill us by all means.

However, looking with <<Truth Sight>>, there doesn't seem to be any trap.
I guess it's obvious. The monsters would have stepped on them.

As I was thinking while observing them, Celica stood up beside me after putting her bag down. Her beautiful face is braced with determination.
"Let's do our best, Keika-sama."
"Ah, of course--don't fall behind old man."
"For sure."

Celica pulls out her rapier for the first time. The blade seems rusted. However, I could see a silver blade radiating pure light under it.
The old man draws a dagger with curved tip.

I also unsheathe my Tachi. I sprinkle water from my gourd on the blade, the crest shines blue. I also pour water on the two's blades.
"--<<Wind Blade Grant>>.... let's go!"
The big man carries the baggage and follows us in silent.

I ran over the white line.
The loitering monsters are attacking like waves.
I swung the sword clad in wind blade at the crowding monsters.

Three of the monsters in the front fell victim to my Tachi, the other five behind them were hit by the wind blade, breaking into pieces.
Tremendous destructive power. Celica and the old man behind me stare wide-eyed in surprise.
However, the skeletons and the stone statues are not surprised.
They tread on their friends' bones, attacking in!

I exchange blows at a paper-thin difference against the swift sword attacks of two Skeleton Knights.
I swing the Tachi from below to top. The skeletons broke into thousand pieces.
The gargoyle behind me also broke down.

After swinging my Tachi for about ten times more, more than 50 monsters got destroyed.
However, we haven't even advanced a tenth of the passage.

I sprinkle the gourd's water on the blade once again, the crest shines.
"Hm? Old man, isn't there a hidden door on that wall over there?"
"What.... Ah, there's one fer' sure."
"Can you check it out. I'll hold back the enemy here."
The old man touches the wall and begins to investigate it.

I destroyed the advancing skeletons and statues one after another.
Since I couldn't move, monsters' wreckage piled up around my feet.

I'm thinking while fighting.
--I'm completely fine with this since I'm a God.
But if it were a party of a real hero, their stamina wouldn't last y'know....?
--Don't tell me!!

I shout out while swinging my Tachi.
"Old man, get back!"
The old man quickly stood up.
Right at that moment, the hidden door opened, and a crowd of 【Sword Skeletons】 appeared.

"Damn! --<<Gale Slash>>!"
I swung my Tachi, releasing a sharp gale.
However, it couldn't reach the skeleton attacking the old man in time!

The tip of the lead skeleton shallowly cut the old man's arm.
The old man swings his dagger while frowning. It pierced the skeleton's backbone, crushing it.

However, the second skeleton attacks immediately after.
The old man can't evade it--!
Filled with sharp fighting spirit, Celica's stab broke the skeleton's shoulder.  The wind blade activated, blowing away its upper body. The skeleton's sword fell to the ground.

My wind blade finally arrived.
Crushing the eight skeletons that were clattering behind the hidden door before they could join the battle.
"Are you alright!?"
"Yeah, this much is nothing."
The old man said that with regret on his face.
Celica rushes up and waves her neck.
"The cut is not shallow, I'll treat you."
"Please do. Meanwhile, I'll defend you here."

I continued swinging my Tachi while being wary of the hidden door.
Glank, clank, sounds of broken stones and bones continue to echo in the room.
No matter how much I defeated the monsters, their number hasn't decreased.

I clicked my tongue in my mind.
--They're just sending monsters without doing anything else!
They want to decrease the stamina of the party of heroes that's excellent enough to clear the first floor.

'What do you mean' huh.
A weak party won't be able to clear the heaps of instant death traps on the first floor. Especially the last stairs going up, they will certainly be caught up in it.
However, if a party is able to clear that, that must mean that they are a considerably sharp and able party.
Thus, the demon king stops stacking instant death traps and changes it to a method that will certainly kill the party by shaving off their stamina.

Humans will get tired if they don't get some rest, however, since there is a time limit, they can't rest even if they want to take it slow.

The next floor most likely will have battles that will whittle down physical and mental strength.
And then, when our energy and willpower have been exhausted--it's going to be a battle against Lapisia.
Normal humans will 100% lose.

A cold and cunning scenario.
"Just fine, I'll do it.... Haaa!"
I swung my Tachi and crushed the coming skeletons.

Celica and the old man come once they've done the treatment.
"We're done, Keika-sama."
"Sorry, I used the valuable medicinal herbs."
"It's fine as long as you're safe. Sorry for being a bit forceful, but we're going ahead."
Celica nodded swaying her blond hair.

I sprinkle water on my Tachi.
"O wind and water, abide by name--<<Gale Blade Grant>>!"
SWOOOSH, the Tachi is clad with violent wind.
After seeing that, I go forward at a quick pace.
A horizontal slash at the flock of incoming 【Skeleton Knight】 and 【Evil Statue】!


Swallowing the monsters behind them, more than 10 monsters were smashed into pieces.
"Alright, we can go!"
"A-amazing, Keika-sama!"
Her straight blue eyes were filled with respect.

I took a one big step forward, swinging the Tachi, and went straight ahead the passage.
The floor was littered with so many splinters of stones and bones, hiding the stone pavement below them.

After about one hour.
We finally arrived at the end of the passage.
There was a big double door, but it wouldn't budge even though we tried to push it.
There's no mistake that it's the 【Floor Door】, looking at it with Truth Sight.
The old man investigates the door, Celica protects him, I continue to kill the flocking enemy.

I shout at the old man in askance after defeating hundreds of monsters.
"Are you not done yet, old man!"
"Wait a minute, this door is locked with magic!"
"Hm, there's something written beside the door... kuh, can't read them."
"Kinmerrick-san, I will read it. --Please switch with me in the meantime."
"Ou, counting on ya'."
Celica swiftly moved, and then she crouched down beside the door with her skirt spread.
The old man protects her instead.

I speak while fighting.
"Maybe I should destroy the door like I did with the altar!"
Celica stops me with a clear voice.
"You must not, Keika-sama! It's written here that 『You will fail the trial if this door is destroyed』!"
"What! Then what should we do!?"

Looks like it's hard to read the letters, Celica twists her body while looking at the wall. Her skirt was rolled up, her white thigh could be seen.
"Umm, it's written 『Continue to defeat the monsters as much as possible to open this door. Otherwise, the door will not open.』"
"Nothing written about how many and how long we should do that?"
"Y-yes... that's the only rule--ah but. It's written here that the counter will reset to 0 if you don't defeat the next monster after the last one within one minute."

I shout out loud while half laughing.
Even for games, such a shitty game like this is very rare.
Filled with rage and indignation, I swung my Tachi from above with all my might. The released wind blade smashed monsters dozens of meters forward into pieces.
The monsters stop attacking for a bit.

However, I clicked my tongue when I realized my mistake.
I approach a skeleton and swing my Tachi. It broke into pieces.
I continued defeating several more. Until their number is restored.

If I used a big move, their number would decrease too much and the counter would reset to zero.
That said, I don't know how long it will last if I kill them one by one.
Rather, one minute huh.
We have to continue killing them without resting at all. If you were to take a rest, zero.
A party would be exhausted no matter how excellent they are.
Nothing to do with me since I'm a God though.

I laughed while crushing a stone statue.
"Fine by me. If you're going with that, I'll clear this no matter what it takes!"
However, I'd hate to follow the rule set by the demon king.
Like I'm doing it by the rule! I'll show you how I do it.

I went to in front of the nearest hidden door. I continue fighting in front of it for a while.
The hidden door opened, about 10 Evil Statues came out.
I look inside while swinging my Tachi.

The inside of the hidden room is a square room.
There's an altar in the center, and an orb as big as a watermelon on the altar.
It's emitting eerie black magic power. That's probably the thing that produces the monsters.

Since the door is closing, I quickly chant.
"--<<Magic Power Spring>>."
I pour my magic power into the orb. The orb immediately vibrates.

I went to another door while defeating the monsters.
I poured magic power like earlier there.
After doing that with three orbs, I slowly go back to where Celica is.

Celica tilts her slender neck, looking puzzled.
"What are you doing Keika-sama!"
"You'll see soon."
Right at that time, the first hidden door opened.

The passage is flooded with 【Evil Statues】. There are 100 of them.

"Hyaa! Ke-Keika-sama!?"
Celica screamed cutely in shock. Her blue eyes went round.
I twist my lips and laugh.
"These much are just right--Ha!"
I swung my Tachi. Blade of wind rages.

However, before they were all defeated, Skeleton Knights flooded like they were a muddy stream.
Celica grasped her hands in front of her big breasts, looking worried.
"You overdid it, Keika-sama."
"This much feels nice ain't it! --Tha!"
I swung my Tachi, blowing the Skeleton Knights along with their armor, I evaded their sharp stabs and slashed again.

After about one hour.
Suddenly, a sound of gong echoed.
Along with that, the door behind us opened while creaking.
I glance at it, but there were only a stairway in the wide room. Looking with Truth Sight, there's no trap. The stairs going up are also real.
"Old man, enter with cautions!"
"Celica too, don't let your guard down."
"Yes, Keika-sama."
After the old man, Celica and the big man entered, I also went in.

The three people climbed the stairs ahead.
And then, a sound of gong echoed again.
The walls on both side are lifted up, and from there, countless skeletons and statues appear. There's even some tall giant-like skeletons.

Celica turns back and shouts with disheveled blond hair.
"Keika-sama, quickly!"
"Yea! I'm going!"

I flew on the stairs while swinging my Tachi.
However, some 【Gargoyles】 flies and comes attacking Celica's back.
"These guy can fly! --Kuh!"
I swing my Tachi, producing wind.
--<<Gale Slash>>!

Bwoosh, the gargoyles collectively dropped.
We run up the long stairs.
The pursuing monsters pulled back halfway through.

A big door is waiting at the end of the stairs. It's not locked with either key or magic.
That's probably the door of the third floor.

Someone sighed, "Ha~".
I ask the old man.
"How long have we been here?"
"Been four hours since we entered."
"It still took two and a half hour even though I increased them that much...."
Celica speaks anxiously while frowning her shapely eyebrows.
"We might be pressed on time if this keeps up."
"Five and a half more hour left... We have to hurry...."

I grit my teeth strongly.
And then Celica grasps my hand. Kind warmth is transmitted from her smooth palm.
"Thank you for your hard work, Keika-sama. I know that we're in hurry, but why don't we take a quick break?"
Celica spoke as if asking.
However, her concern was transmitted to me. I understood that she was worried about me during the whole duration of the battle.

I loosen my cheeks and nod.
"Let's do that. ...Celica."
"Er--thank you."
"It's nothing....."
Celica blushed and laughed like a blooming flower.
My fatigue melt away just by looking that.

I heard the old man saying 'well well' but I didn't mind it.

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