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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 11

11 Familial Love


My father quietly narrated the story.
His voice is full of affection. Filled with a resolve to keep me safe no matter what.

This was when I realized. Way late yet not too late.

(These people protected me.)

I had been thinking nothing but 'me' all this time. I never even seriously considered myself as a 'child' of these two.
I'm a fool... There was no grown up inside.
I was the only one who thought... I'm a lost desperate kid abandoned in an unknown land.
I did not notice how they protected and loved me all this time.

"Thank you, dad, mom..."

Tears were flooding before I noticed.

We finally became a [Family] at this point.

Seeing me shedding tears, father clutched his fists as if enduring something while mother started sobbing herself.

But not everything has been told. What are these conditions.
I stopped my tears and straightened myself to resume listening.

"There are several conditions. Those are..."

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I'm not allowed to walk around in the village as to prevent me affecting other villagers.
This condition is effective until I turn 6.

I can only help working at our home field. I'm not allowed to participate in village events.
Once I'm of a suitable age, I can hunt in the forest.

I'm not allowed to come into contact with any villagers.
On the other hand, any villager that actively seeks contact with me is responsible for their own actions.

There were several more other points of note, but the most important one came last.

"You must leave this village once you have come of age."

I accepted that.
Father must have gone out of his way to desperately obtained all those permissions. The opposing opinions must have been awfully fierce.
Even with all those conditions, the fact that he managed to get me live in the village until then is an extraordinary feat in itself.

"We plan to teach you everything you need to live on by yourself until the time you must leave."
"Forgive us for making you shoulder such hardships."

"I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. I mean, I'm dad's and mom's son after all."

That's right, there's no way I can't do it, not when I'm so loved.
It's been made abundantly clear.

"You're right, I'm sure you'll do well. You're our kid at the end of the day."
"Yes, it took you quite a while to be able to speak, but look how well you are at it now."

Oh? What mother just said raised a doubt in my mind.
(The four kids earlier did say something about speaking well when they were 3, that was shocking.)

"Is there a reason why I couldn't speak well at first...?"

That simple question turned my parents' faces gloom.


After a long silence, father uttered a word with a face of resignation.

"Blessless, that may be the reason."
"Isn't it enough, dear. This kid can speak so much already..."

Mother interrupted father.

However, father continued talking with a resolute look.

"Before I get to this, earlier you asked what's Blessless, and Manaless, didn't you?"

He reaffirmed what I asked at the field.
Mother seemed to have guessed what happened with that.

"Blessless, and Manaless refer to me, don't they. Please tell me. What is a Blessless? What's a Manaless?"

I asked once again, with a strong tone this time.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 3

Probable Case


Alright, good morning.
The sun is rising and the sky is bright out here.


I'm currently running around all over trying to get away from two pursuing goblins.
At a glance, we may look like we're having fun running together.
Seen from the sideline, it does look like I'm not having issue at all outpacing them, but these guys are surprisingly slow, so I'm doing OK.

Isn't my AGI (Agility) 0 and these guys' around 50?
But these goblins are only about as fast as half of my maximum speed though. Huh?
I can't really run at full speed in a forest like this, yet I've still got more than enough leeway to outrun them.
What's going on?

I found out the reason after getting about 50 meters away from them.

"...Dammit, so that's why...!"

I ran into an open space with no gaps inbetween trees,
At first I thought someone had set up a camp here, but after leaping in there I saw,

5-6 goblins waiting there.

They were entrapping me!? No wonder those two goblins ran so slow,
They did it on purpose! They were leading me here!
Are they gonna come out and say 『This was  your escape route... You lost in a battle of wit against us goblins!』 No way, that shoulda been my line!

『Kuaa~~... Mugwu... Gya!?』



Oy, these guys are kinda late reacting though, did they get tired of waiting or something.
You there, stop yawning. I'm sleepy myself after walking and running around all night.
Wait, this is no time for this! Turn! Back! Gotta go!

『Gi...! Gigi...! Zeezee...!』

『Giyi...! Giggeho...!』

The two goblins caught up behind me. Dangit, shoulda run when I had the chance! I'm an idiot!
Wait I mean, these two are running out of breath though, you telling me they really ran at full speed back then? Look really painful.

And now I'm surrounded by goblins. This is the worst.
Don't seem like I can get away.
Fight? Against this many? I'm gonna have go up against two at a time at least, y'know? No way.
There's only one thing I can do here!


"Someoneeeeeeeeeeeee!! Help meeeeeeeeeeee!!"

Shouting out loud for help! It's a checkmate if no one passes by nearby, but I've got no other choice!
The goblins look taken aback to see me yelling all of a sudden, this is all you guys' fault!
It's not like I want to look this pitiful!
But I ain't gonna complain when it comes to life or death!


『Gigi...! Giyii!』

They seemed to realize I was calling for help, the knife and club goblins came attacking!


I tried dodging while screaming involuntarily.


"Ga! ...Ku!"

I managed to avoid the knife but the club hit my side.
O-ouch... Hn? I was sure it'd break or at least crack my rib, but it's surprisingly not that bad.
Are they planning to slowly torment me with weak attacks...? Like some space emperor.


Oh crap, it's knife attack the second!
I can't dodge, this is it, that was when

Dodoon! With that loud sound, the knife and club goblins' head were set on fire.

『Gihiii! Ga...!』

Once the fire died out, they fell down forward with smoke rising out of their heads.
Their Menu windows turned red just before. They're dead.
What just happened?
I-Is it a rescue team?

"Are you okay?"

Someone stood behind goblin as they spoke that.
From the voice, it's a woman? I looked there and,
A short black haired girl was standing with her sword drawn.
Japanese... or not. Her face kinda looks like a foreigner.
'Foreigner' sounds weird coming from an otherworlder like me though.

"Um, can you move?"

"Eh, ah, yes."

I replied the second question in fluster.
Wait I mean, guess our words connect even in this world. Plot convenience is the best.

"Then, get back. It's dangerous."

She pointed her sword at the rest of the goblins afterward.
She's planning to fight against that many?
As I thought that, she rushed toward one of the goblins.

Zash, her sword pierced through the goblin's throat, killing it.

F-fast. She's clearly on a different level than these goblins.
I guess numbers mean nothing against that.
...I peeked at her status despite thinking this is a breach of etiquette.

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Age: 16

Race: Human

Job: Apprentice Paladin

State: Mana Shortage (Small)


HP (Health): 196/196
MP (Mana): 14/113
SP (Stamina): 30/85

STR (Strength): 90
ATK (Attack): 90 (+30)
DEF (Defense): 82 (+20) (+10)
AGI (Agility): 95 (+16)
INT (Intelligence): 112 (+5)
DEX (Dexterity): 56
PER (Perception): 80
RES (Resistance): 78
LUK (Luck): 42

Swordsmanship Lv2 - Attack Magic Lv2 - Martial Arts Lv2 - Throwing Lv1

EXP: 1759
NEXT: 2000


Iron Sword (Buff: Int Up)
ATK+30 (INT+5)

Lizard Leather Body Protector

Boots of Wind
DEF+10 AGI+16

S-she's strong?
I've only got kobold and goblins as points of comparison, but she's clearly a cut above them.
Her equipment... Feels like that of an apprentice adventurer I guess. No, stuff from games might not be a good reference here.
Rather, these equipment stat boost is huge. Safety shoes...

『Giyiii! Gigu!』

She cut at the arm of a goblin who readied its sword, neutralizing it before killing it for good by slicing its throat.

Gosu!! Dosu
『Gyaa!! Gabufu』

Another goblin lunged at her during this opening, but then she kicked at its vital point (male only) before piercing its heart with her sword.
U-uwaa. That kick looked the most painful for some reason. That was really dangerous. Like it sent a shockwave through me...

Three goblins left. After watching their friends getting quickly disposed of, they should be about ready to run off, shouldn't they?


How dare you, unforgivable. Thus their glaring expressions spoke.
They seem to have a surprising amount of camaraderie, they're trying to get their revenge instead of fleeing.
I'm slightly awed despite their rashness.


As I was thinking that, the bow goblin readied an arrow aimed at the girl.



Just when the girl was about to close the distance between them, the spear and knife goblin charged at her.
These guys went for a coordinated attack after perceiving they're no match individually!
The bow goblin shot an arrow at the girl as she was dealing with the two charging goblins.
That's dangerous!


A fireball got shot out of the girl's hand, dwon! and shot down the arrow.
Was that just now magic!? The real thing!?
Must be the thing that burned the two goblin heads earlier. Oooh, it's a genuine magic!
This place is another world for real. I'm overcome with emotion for a bit.


The girl staggered while holding her head after shooting the fireball.
W-what's wrong. Did she get hit somewhere!?
I checked the girl's State  at once.

State: Mana Shortage (Large)
MP: 6/113

【Mana Shortage (Large)】
<<A State where remaining MP is less than 10%. Temporarily hinder motor and sensory functions.>>

W-what!? Mana Shortage, wait, she's almost out!
Judging from the decreased mana, one shot costs 8 MP huh.
She shot two earlier and then another. Meaning she didn't have much to start with.

She went up against that many monsters despite having little mana left.

...To save me.


The bow goblin readied another arrow as it laughed at the girl.
She could get hit or worse, die at this rate.

Like hell I'd let them!!


Bishi, the stone I threw hit the bow goblin right in the face.


Hyun! The arrow flew out with with a wrong aim,

Busu! It got stuck in the spear goblin's ass.


Oo, that must hurt.
But I ain't gonna care anymore. None. It does look really painful though.
I've no pity for fiends who'd shoot an arrow at a tottering girl while laughing.

I picked up a club from one of the corpses with smoke still rising from its head, and ran at full speed toward the bow goblin.



I swung down the club with all my strength at the bow goblin who was shook from hitting its friend.

Gocha, with that awful sound, the bow goblin's head got crushed.
Its status window turned red at the same time.

What the, so even a stat zero like me could beat them huh.
The heck I got all frightened for. Damn, I'm sad.
Even ended up making such a delicate girl go through all that and got her in danger. Ah, crap, I wanna die.
You're next.

"Damn, you!"

『Gyahi!? Beba!』

Gosha! Docha! With that grotesque sounds, the goblin who had a new hole in its ass opened earlier got its teeth and eyeballs flung everywhere as it tumbled down.
An unpleasant sensation got transmitted to my hands, but my mind was preoccupied with my sorry state and hatred toward goblins.


The last goblin pointed its knife as it made a mad dash toward me.
It looks very desperate, probably a suicidal rush.
But well, I ain't afraid of you no more!

"Come at me!!"

As I was about to counter attack,

Shun dosu! The girl threw its sword, stabbing through the goblin's head.
The last goblin got its life reaped without a scream.

All goblins down. Crisis, averted.


I hugely breathed out reflexively. While wiping my cold sweat.
No good, I got swept into it in an attempt to get over the crisis, but that was quite rash of me in hindsight.

I killed two goblins. If I didn't the girl or me would have been killed, but now the sensation of hitting them remains on my hands. It's gross.
I could have been stabbed by that last goblin. Can't imagine what'd happen if that girl didn't throw her sword.

Oh crap, she's about to fall down!

"Ah hey! Are you all right!?"

I ran in a panic and caught her as she was about to fall.
Probable case? This ain't no time for it! It's an emergency!

"I-I'm fine. I just, used, too much magic."

"I see... I'm sorry, I made you go through that."

I'm amazed she could fight to the point of exhaustion like this.
Really feel bad.

"I'm saved, thank you. If you didn't come, I'd have been..."

"No, I think, you'd do just fine."

The girl interrupted as she watched the goblin with a crushed head.
That looks like a wry smile...
No, I'm telling you that was a fluke. I don't normally do this okay.

"It's just a fluke. I was really desperate there."

"You can't, beat magic beasts with flukes. You, have a Combative Job, don't you?"

"No I'm... Wait forget about that, you said something about using too much mana, is it Mana Shortage?"

"Un. My body's sluggish, head dizzy."

Then, that.
...She ain't gonna become ge*in, will she. She's lost a lot of mana, will she be fine.
I took Efi fruit from my bag and handed it to the girl.

"This fruit can apparently restore mana when they're fresh. You can have it."

"...Is this, Efi? I've never seen one this white and springy. You sure?"

"Of course I am. You went through that cause of me, you're my lifesaver."

"...Then, digging in."

Ah, 'itadakimasu' even in another world.
She timidly take a tiny bite as if saying 'Is it really okay?'

"...! Yummy..."

"Good to hear that."

She chewed through it like it was the tastiest thing. Like a hamster?

Her expressions don't really change much, guess she's an expressionless one? Her face's so small.
Her figure is on the slender side overall, yet it's filled up on the parts that need to, a good balance. Umu, wonderful.

Oh shit, looking closely, this girl is unbelievably cute.
Wait, calm down me. The other party is a minor.
No probable case. Heck, she's my lifesaver.

One wrong move and I'd be like that goblins earlier.
...Yup, let's not go there. I don't wanna become sterile.

While my mind was wandering off, she finished eating.
She's quick.

"Thank you for the treat."

"Was it enough?"

"Un. I kinda still feel a bit sluggish..."

The girl tried to get up, but she's still staggering.
Guess her MP hasn't recovered to 10% yet.

"Don't push yourself. I've still got some Efi left, you can eat more."

"But, I heard they're expensive, I'd feel bad having more..."

"It's fine. Like I said, you're my lifesaver. I'm not gonna complain even if you eat them all."

I showed her the bunch of Efi fruits in my bag as I said that.

"...I can't eat, that many."

"Yeah? Then how about one more?"

I took one fruit and handed it over.

"Un. Thank you."

She started biting on Efi. Yup, cute.
...The ghost in my head kept whispering, probable case, probable case, I'm gonna ignore them.

The girl suddenly stopped eating and spoke.



"It's, my name. You can short it to 'Alma'. Nice to meet you."

"A, ah. Nice to meet you, Alma?"

Sorry, I knew already. I saw (arbitrarily) your Status earlier.

"Oh excuse me for my late introduction. I'm Kajikawa Hikaru."

"Kajikawahikaru? That's an odd name. And long."

Yup, a good competitor for you in term of long name. Wait, no.

"Ah, no, Kajikawa is family name, while Hikaru is my name. Call me whichever."

"Family name? Are you a noble?"

Which part of me looks like a noble again.
I mean, just having a family name equals a noble in this world huh.
Alma doesn't have one after all.

"Oh no, I'm not. It's customary to have a family name in my hometown, see. I'm just your ordinary peasant."

"Really. Can I call you Hikaru then?"


I got happy just because she called me by my first name.
Wait stop, she's a minor! When did I become a lolicon anyway!? My resistance is way too low even considering my almost complete lack of experience with women.

"Where did you come from? Can you go back on your own?"

"Nope, there's no way I could. I went to bed at night and woke up inside a forest. To be frank with you, I can't even hazard a guess where I am. I come from a place called Japan, does it ring a bell?"

"Japan..? Never heard of it."


Once it was clear I had no clear destination, Alma offered to lead me to the nearest town.
...Yup, near (two hours on foot).
It's taking a toll to my untrained body, but I guess it's still better than walking all night.

Alright, I'll get a good rest at an inn once I arrive at town. Future plans can wait until then.
Ah, what to do about cash.
I can finally take a breather enough to start thinking carefree stuff.
Yup, it sure is a relief to stay somewhere where people gather.

At this point, due to being preoccupied by such thoughts, I still hadn't noticed the change to my stats.

Just when I thought it wouldn't get any worse than now.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 10

10 Born to Bedlam


Back at home, father sat down with a serious look.

"I will talk about the time you were born. Call mom here."

Father who didn't say a word on our way back from the field looked like he had resolved on something.

"Okay father."

I called mother who was hanging laundry outside.
Unlike her usual cheerful smile, mother floated a serene smile on her face, seemingly reading the atmosphere inside.

(That just puts more pressure on me though.)

I almost want to turn back now.
But it's too late for that.
I went back inside our home and sat down.

And with that, father started talking about the 'me'.

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"Ah, my sweetheart. Our treasure."

"We're finally blessed with one... Oh..."

"My goodness... how could this be!"

Mother, father and an elderly woman who had been living in this village for a long time as a midwife.

"Don't you two understand? This child is a Blessless... a Manaless!"

Mother gave her child her milk while shedding tears.
"That doesn't matter at all. What's important is..."

"What are you saying! A cursed child brings about calamities! Discard him in the forest at once!"
"How could we! Not when we've finally been blessed with a child after so many years!"

Father objected against the cruel notion.

"I cannot let this slide. I'll go report to the village elder. Get it!"
"And by doing that you're gonna reap a guiltless life?! By the consensus of the whole village?!"

The two wouldn't back down.

"If you wish to take this child's life, we too are prepared for it."
"Ah, that's right... My wife and I will die together with him."

The two made a tragic resolution of taking their own lives before falling into silence.

"Are you two insane!? Cease prattling nonsense!"
"Nonsense? What about you speaking of murdering a newly born child because of some superstitious legend. Which of us is speaking nonsense!"
"I cannot go on living while burdening the sorrow of having my own child killed."

Lost to the two's earnest looks, the old woman gave up.

"Very well... But this matter cannot be overlooked by the village still. You must go and persuade them yourself."
"We will leave this village if it comes down to it. We are ready for that much."
"...I will lend you all I can... Good grief... You two are truly something else."

The old woman frowned as she gave her cooperation and a grumble.

It was past evening outside, father and old woman opened the door to head to the village elder's house.

"I'm off. I'll protect you two no matter what happens."
"It's all right. Take care, dear."
"Let's decide on this child's name together once I'm back."

"Are you done? ...Let us be off."

Father went back early morning, right around dawn.

He spoke of the result to mother who didn't sleep a wink.

"It's fine for now. We're allowed to raise our child in this village."

His voice is rife with complex considerations.

"However, it comes with some conditions."

Mother who had prepared herself to accept anything listened to those conditions.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 9

9 Communication


I've only learned a few things in the three days I worked at the home field.
That the village I was born at is a comparatively large one.
It's neither poor nor rich. Nothing is too much or too little, a lush verdant village.

There's a forest next to the village where you can hunt bountiful harvest. I'm still not allowed to go in there though.
The village has three wells as its water sources, quite something. But I've been warned not to get close to those wells.

I found out the reason about a week later.
It happened when I was doing a fieldwork like usual while father was away to fetch some tool he forgot.

"Ya~y, you Blessless scamp~"
"You Manaless shoulda just stay in yer house~"

Four children around my age showed up.
They're saying something about me, but I've no clue what they're going on about.
I can't decide what to even retort. This is my first conversation with anyone other than my parents.

"Is it true this guy couldn't talk til recently?"
(Yup, it's true.)

I replied in my mind.

"Ain't nothing like us, already spoke super well by 3 year old."
(Eh? Isn't that way too early?)

"Yey, you loser, you're disgusting."
(Hm? Are these guys picking on me?)

"Get lost already you pest."
(Yep it sure seems like they are.)

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I got curious on some words they spoke.

(I was referred as Blessless back at the first day. And now a new one, 'Manaless'?)

As that's clearly not my name, I'm wondering what those words refer to...

"Get back at us if you dare!"
(Nah, I don't even plan to.)

Since I'm a grown up man on the inside, children's cheap provocation does nothing to me.
I mean, are those words they flung at me even have anything to do with me? I still lack a lot of knowledge about this world, I'm not even sure what to get back. In fact, please tell me what they mean.

Just when my thought started wandering a bit, a stone rolled down near my feet.
Then more and more stones thrown with improving accuracy aimed at me.

Four children threw stones together all at once straight at me.
A shower of stones hit me...

Pashi!  Pashipashipashi!  Pashipashi!

Losing their momentum, the stones fell down near me.

(The basic of defense is to cover all gaps, yup I did it.)

I foresaw stones that would hit me and did a quick catch and release.
I was surprised and admired at myself for accomplishing that without difficulty.
I had practiced the feat in my past life, so having it actually done here is delightful.

"That's dangerous guys, stop that."

"W-what did this guy just do!? Why'd not even one stone hit!?"

They seemed to have cold feet when they saw me staying still, but then.

"You lot! What are you playing at!?"

It's a panicked voice of my father. The children jolted before they all ran away at once.

"W-We'll get you next time~~~"

While leaving some underling-sounding line behind.
(That was the first I saw someone said it in real life...)
I was a bit moved and amused by it inwardly.

Father came apologizing to me with a sad look. Even though he did nothing wrong.

"Forgive your father, I made you go through unpleasant things while I was away."

"But I don't really mind? Rather, what was that all about even?"

Now he showed me a bitter expression.
That just adds more questions to the pile.

Don't put that face on please, that's a huge issue on its own.
Looks like it's something to do with me.

It's clear with how my father is acting.

"Father, tell me. What is a Blessless? What's... a Manaless?"

It's time to know the me of this [World] after the past me.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 8

8 Days


"Now that you have turned six, I will have you help with my work."

I never got out of my house up until this point. No, to be more precise I was never allowed to go out.
I'd get scolded if I tried to help or leave the house. It was like a house arrest in a way.
I have the mindset of 'Those who don't work, don't get to eat.' But even though it's painful, I have no choice but to comply.
Because I know that there's some sort of excruciating reason for it, apparent on my parents' faces when I asked them 'Why?'

And so why now then?
I kept that doubt to myself for this chance to get outside world information. It should be clear later.

"Un! I, do my best! I can finally repay father and mother."

"You're exaggerating. All right then, bring that tool with you."

My father left the door shouldering farming tool.
I took my own tool and followed after him.

But after about 3 meter, father turned around and looked at me.
With a sad and anxious look.

"Live strong."

He said only that before walking off again.

First, weeding the field.
It's small yet big enough to feed us. Apparently it's our home field.

While father is busy plowing the field, I do the things I'm tasked and taught with with undivided attention.

Up until now, I had nothing to do inside the house, they never gave me any chore.
Thus I utilized that time to work out. Secretly behind my parents' back.

(I mean that's always been my daily routine in past life. Every single day without missing once, skipping it gets me in a bad mood.)

I would also do daily form training in place of radio calisthenics. I've got nothing else to do.
But now I've been given job on top of that. I no longer spend the days only on the receiving end.

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Looking back at our life thus far, naturally [That] does not exist in this world, I'm guessing.

Getting up before sunrise, and going to bed the instance it's dark out.
No electricity, gas or water service. Stove and water jugs. Using firewood for fuel.
Shabby simple native clothes. Bowls made of wood.

This is another world to begin with.

A completely rural countryside slow life.
Of course there's no TV nor radio. Neither is internet.
No cars, convenience stores, game centers.

And so I'm constantly reminded of 'That' nowadays.

(Ah, I wanna play fighting games.)

I was really into a newly released fighting game before getting reincarnated in this world.
It persisted in my head, refusing to go away.
Every time I recalled it, it would start a chain reaction of recollection about older titles I played as well.

Virtual, Iron Fist, Samurai, Hungry Wolf, Guilty, Soul Blade, Dragon Tiger, VS series, Strike 2, and all other.
Those fun irreplaceable days.
Before I realized, matches unfolded inside my head as I mowed the weed.

Along with some inconsequential stuff.

(Idiots don't get cured in death? No wait, I didn't die to begin with. I got forced to reincarnate.)

After weeding, it's harvest time.
Pulling root crops out of ground, brushing dirt of them a bit and then putting them in the basket.

As I'm doing that, two young men who seem to be heading toward another field for work are passing by while whispering to each other.

"Oy, ain't that Blessless."

"You idiot, keep yer voice down. Stay away from there..."

I could only tilt my head in confusion at the word I overheard.

What's a Blessless?

But that question got quickly driven into the corner of my mind.
I've just started working. Gotta finish my task before noon.
Having never done farm work before, I had a hard time carrying out my task.




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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 18-SS1

18-SS1. Reading Aloud


※This story takes place in Chapter 13 during the stay at the royal capital

"Master, read Pochi a picture book nodesu!"

Pochi walked up to me with her favorite picture book.
Reading picture books suggested by the youth troupe has become a routine before we go to bed every night.

"Is it the usual book again? Didn't you just get some new books?"

Arisa who's changed into her pajamas asked while putting on her nightcap.

"None of them surpassed the story in this picture book nodesu."
"The pictures are cute~?"
"Pochi admits to that too nodesu! The illustrations get 100 points out of 300 points full mark nodesu!"

...What is a full mark again.

I didn't childishly point that out, smiling warmly at that Pochi-like remark instead.

"Pochi-chan really loves that book, doesn't she."
"Yes nanodesu. Dendo-san nanodesuyo!"

Is she talking about 'Dendoiri' (TLN:Entering hall of fame)?


Lulu tied up her hair with a scrunchie as she listened to Pochi.
If she didn't, I could imagine the other kids stepping on her hair as they tossed around in the bed.

"Oh yeah, did you know that there's a read aloud competition in the capital?"
"Radar out competition nodesu?"
"Real deal off?"
"No no, it's a competition where you read books aloud."
"That's really really great nanodesu!"
"Amazingly amazing~?"

Pochi and Tama stared in awe at Arisa's explanation.

"Arisa, requesting more detail and scale so I ask."
"It has piqued my interest as well. Are we allowed to listen if we go there?"

Nana and Liza seemed curious as well.
Surprisingly enough, these two love to listen to picture books reading.

"You can."
"Gratitude to Mia. Requesting additional information."
"Public performance, day after tomorrow. Same day tickets, exist."

Mia told Nana about the Reading Aloud competition while trying to calm her down.

"Master will snatch the first place for sure nanodesu!"
"Tama thinks so too~"

"I'm not competing though?"

I feel sorry for these two who look at me with stars in their eyes but I've no plan to participate.


Arisa gallantly stood before the dejected two.

--It can't be.

"I knew this was gonna happen!"

Arisa struck a weird pose.

"I've gone and registered master as a participant!"

Arisa sent me a thumb up while looking all smug.

That's so very like her. But y'know--.

"You should ask the person in question first!"

I lightly whacked at Arisa's head for acting arbitrarily.
Arisa shouted out loud exaggeratedly 'Noooooo', but I ignored her and received a flier about the competition from Mia.

"Hmm think I can manage with this topic?"

The picture book Pochi requested me to read is included among the topic.
I've read that dozens of time by now, no need to practice for the competition.

"Fufufu, Arisa-chan never slips up!"

I sent a nihilistic smile to Arisa who was done with her acting.

"Arisa, repent."
"I'm sorry."

Arisa took the repenting pose when I showed her my fist.
That really might have been hurt for real.

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And the day of the competition--.

『It makes you feel as if you were there!』

When I started to read the book aloud, some spectators raised their voices in surprise.
The people on the judge seats are listening intently.

Getting so much praises like this feels a bit itchy.

Pochi and Tama are looking over me with their fists clenched on the audience seat too.

『...Huh? It's kind of?』

Once I started reading the middle part onward, the spectators who had been piling praises started to look unsure.

--Wonder what's going on?

Nevertheless, I concentrated on reading and pushed to the end.
Pochi, Tama and the rest of the girls gave a standing ovation on the audience seat.

However, I got eliminated in the preliminary.

One of the judges informed me the reason.

"The initial part was quite impressive, but by the middle part you were speaking in monotone, and got flustered in the end, you should find the right balance. Practices and effort make perfect, I tell you."
"I will, thank you so much for the advice."

I thanked the judge who was on his way to the final and went to the audience seat where the girls are.

Still, right balance huh--.


I know the reason.

I've read that book dozens of times per Pochi's request but Pochi and Tama would always doze off midway through, so I barely ever get to read the later part.

"I see, practices really do make perfect."

Of course I would fumble on the mid and later part seeing as I rarely read them.

"Gotta pace it better so I get to the end before they fall asleep from now on!"




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 7

7 Wordplay


Four years passed since then.
Even though the issue didn't really get resolved with time, I kept growing to the point that I'm now able to move my body around freely.
I still can't speak well enough, but I can use gestures to tell what I mean.

That was when I recalled a particular way to learn words.

Think it was on a TV program long ago where the presenter was trying to learn new words from locals.
I couldn't remember the detail, but it was something like.

(Right... You keep asking, 'What's this?' to get replies. That should be it, I think...?)

That presenter managed to learn the language enough to hold a simple conversation at an incredible pace.

(Let's give it a shoot. No harm trying. No time like now.)

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"What's, this?"   "What is this?"   "And this?"

I pestered for answers while pointing at everything nearby.

At first my mother answered while looking bewildered but she eventually saw it as a 'Play' and laughed, 'Okay, which one is it now?'

(It's actually a matter of life or death to me, this is no mere child's play...)

Pronunciations, nuances, accents, meanings, I kept repeating all of them in my head while desperately paying attention.

I got my father dragged into this as well when he came back from work.

Father was confused at first as he wryly smiled, but that quickly changed to genuine smile when mother said that it's a 'play'.

Father's state is no wonder.
I had been acting the calmest and most obedient kid unneeding of attention before this.

Naturally, I may look like a child outwardly but the insides is that of an adult, like some certain famous detective.
I would only do the 'utmost minimal' approach up until this point.

When I was a baby, I would only cry to inform them of my hunger and excrement and nothing else.
During baby food time, I would obediently eat without being fussy.
Even when I started walking, I wouldn't cry when I fell down or bumped into something.

Then one day, all of a sudden I suddenly started asking them what is this or that.
They would feel a bit uneasy of course.
However, my parents seem delighted instead. I suppose they're happy to have their child depend on them.

I am grateful to them for raising me. And that's exactly why I'm trying to lessen their burden as much as possible.
Apparently that didn't go too well with them, so now they ended up getting really enthusiastic trying to coddle me.

Even during dinner they wouldn't stop and keep telling me this and that including the dinner's ingredient even when I didn't ask.
It's escalated so much I'm afraid these two would get too obsessed with my education now.

(Oh crap... Will this really be all right...?)

I had cold sweat running down my temple as a looming crisis in a direction I didn't expect came to be.

A year later. My effort bore fruit as I finally managed to speak this world's language.

I'm turning six soon.
It took quite a long time to get to this point.
This is in fact caused by a certain matter, but I only found out about it quite a bit later.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 6

6 Regret and General Knowledge


The endless clouds above turned into a night sky full of stars a moment later.

"We shall begin now."

With that beautiful voice, hundreds of lights shot out toward that starry sky at once.
This continued on without stopping.

I quickly realized what those are and what has started.

(The people they gathered here are getting reincarnated huh...)

The starry sky before me turned into a lush verdant big forest.

Then a town with a castle fashioned after European middle ages'.

Then atop of a solemn mountain.

The scenery changed dazzlingly one after another.

The light shower continued on meanwhile.

"This is quite a spectacular sight."

It's the voice bearing powerful force.

I got irritated hearing that. But there's nothing I can do.

Wonder how long has passed. It feels simultaneously long and short.
My turn will come eventually, for sure.

I kept on pondering all the while.

About reincarnation, what comes after, what has passed, and the me that remains in this world. Etc...

(Ah... I wanted to play around with the newly released character too...)

Just as that regret surfaced in my mind, my consciousness got cut off.

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(And here I am huh...)

It took me a week to recall everything thus far.

Breastfeeding and sleeping, the sole two activities repeated.
There were also some things I could hardly recall, they took quite a bit of time until they became vivid.

(Now then... The 'me' remembered this stuff...)

The initial issue of grasping on a self-foothold has been cleared, but I've still got a mountain of issues left.

(It's still hard to take in the fact that I'm a baby now and this place isn't earth, but I've got no choice but to take it.)

I'm going to grow up from here on. To live in this world. What do I need for that?

(That will be...)

General knowledge.

General knowledge of what to and not do in this world. When in Rome, do as Romans do or something.

The first step would be language.
There is no next step unless I secured a way to communicate.
This is an absolute necessity.
With that decided, I focus everything into listening.

I practically have a CD teaching material 'You can listen without concentrating!'
So long as I purposely listen to them, I'm sure to master the language in no time!

...There was a time I was that optimistic...

I'm not sure if I could catch a word right even now.

It's been 3 months since then.

I could open my eyes and checked my surroundings.

A loghouse like dwelling, my parents' faces.
The old woman who helped with the childbirth would occasionally paid a visit to look at me too.
A seemingly quiet farm village with sounds of people working and livestock's cries.

I still can't look outside so I'm still missing a lot of information.

Now's not the time to focus on sight though, not when I'm having this much trouble with listening.

...Oh? Isn't trying to learn a language ultra hard when you don't even understand the grammar, syntax or even a word...?

(And I overlooked something so simple...)

I couldn't afford to do anything else that day due to the huge shock.

I went to bed praying everything would be solved with time.




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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 2

Hello, good evening.
Think it's been around 2-3 hours since I beat that dog wackjob.

I've been walking all over the forest since then to look for people or buildings, but there's not even a hint of them anywhere. Gununu.

I don't think I'm walking in circle since I'm using the two moons in the sky as a landmark.
Though I'm getting worried with the lack of obvious change in scenery even after walking so much.

Normally, I'd have liked to take a nap until it's bright outside before moving ahead,
but I'd likely encounter that dogman's friends if I stayed at that place.
Getting attacked by monsters in my sleep means death.

Also, that status thing and stuff from the mysterious window thing seems to be a classic of Isekai, [Appraisal].
Simply put, I can use it to check up status changes, effects from tools, equipment and such. Awesome.
This Menu function is super handy, pretty much a skill.
And no, I'm not propping it up just cause I don't have a skill, okay. Not at all, yep.

So since I was getting thirsty and a bit hungry, I've been looking through the menu window for edible stuff as I walk around, with some results. But they're, yeah.

【Forest Ginger】
<<A plant resembling 【Ginger】 of earth. Its rhizome has a similar effect as ginger's on promoting blood circulation, taking it in will warm up your body. Can be acquired in forests and the like.>>

It's cold since it's still night out here, warming up my body might be a good idea. Yup.
But uh, biting a raw ginger is a bit... I mean this thing's pretty much a spice isn't it.
More like, it's full of dirt since I dug it off the ground with branches and stuff.
...Why'd I go that far just to get this again.
Thing's unusable unless I wash it off. Next.

【Perilla Fruit】
<<A nut with a flavor resembling Earth's [Perilla]. Usually used by drying it up and sprinkling the crushed powder as a spice. Can be used to detoxify food poisoning as well.>>

It's bite-sized and purplish red colored so I thought it was a cherry or something, you're telling me it's perilla?
That's a dang spice.
Well I guess it'd come in handy if I eat something bad. Next.

【Big Sesame Seed】
<<Just like Earth [Sesame], it's a plant that has its seeds inside pods. The oil wrung off the seeds can be used for cooking or burned for lights. The seeds can also be roasted and ground as seasoning.>>

I-it's huge.
Each seed inside the pod is about as big as perilla fruit earlier.
Wait, it's another spice! Give me a break already!

Just what's with this forest? Are you saying the animals here eat this stuff?
Are the insides of their mouth permanently stinging and greasy or something?
No wonder they resort to meat. That dogman earlier was eager to eat me too.
No wait, that thing was probably carnivorous to begin with.

This ain't it. I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of 'this ain't it'.
I get how they don't look like earth plants while sharing some traits.
But I'm looking for tasty stuff you can eat raw most right now.

Also, my thirst is getting at a dangerous level, more than hunger. I'm parched.
I've been walking forever.
I want something fresh like apples or oranges.
Forest Ginger, yeah you may have some water in you, but sit down. Now's ain't your turn.

As I was feeling dejected from all the disappointment of plants I gathered, I caught sight of a softball-like object on the ground.
Oh? What's that white ball?
I got closer and checked the window.

【Fruit of Efi】
<<A round white fruit that will sprout into [Tree of Efi]. The flesh is watery, highly nutritious with a bittersweet flavor. It yellows up within a week of harvest, and while the taste is passable, the nutrient degrades. Fresh ones have the effect of slight MP recovery. High-class item. The state is extremely fresh.>>

Fruit gotcha! You sure showed up at the most exquisite timing! Thank you!
No really thanks. I can finally eat an actual food now.
It even got MP recovery. My max MP is 0 though.

By extremely fresh, did it just fall or something? What a super plot convenience development.
There's not much dirt on it since it fell on a leaf. I can just brush it off a bit.
Well then, time to chow down.

A moment after a nice bite, a just enough mix of bitterness and strong sweetness spread in my mouth.
I-it's good. A wonderful flavor befitting to be my first food in another world.
It looks like a white apple but texture-wise, it's more like a pear, I think? The fruit juice quenched my thirst with every bite.
Gone in a flash. Dang that was good.
My thirst probably helped brought out its best flavor.
I hadn't been eating fruit as of late, but man, I won't mind eating stuff this good every single day wahahaha.

By the way, I kinda feel like vomiting after gulping down this white fruit though.

Eh? It's fresh right? Not rotting right? Menu-san, did you lie?
Or maybe it's got poison!? Oh crap, uh, gotta check my stats for now!

Kajikawa Hikaru


Age: 25

Race: Human

Job: ERROR (Unidentifiable)

State: Excess Mana Supply (Minimal)


HP (Health) : 0/0
MP (Mana)  : 5/0
SP (Stamina) : 0/0

STR (Strength) : 0
ATK (Attack) : 0 (+2)
DEF (Defense) : 0 (+5)
AGI (Agility) : 0
INT (Intelligence) : 0
DEX (Dexterity) : 0
PER (Perception) : 0
RES (Resistance) : 0
LUK (Luck) : 0


EXP (Experience Point): 7
NEXT (Exp needed to level up): 10

Safety Shoes

E-excess Mana Supply?
Huh, my current MP is 5 when the max should be 0.
Can you even have more MP than max? Is this the cause?

Uh, feels like vomiting. Yet, I don't. Why.
It's not that I'm about to hurl the content of my stomach, right how do I put it,
It's like having [Something] in a form of inbetween gas and liquid coiling about the [Inside] of my body,
And my body is trying to expel it.

I believe this [Something] is probably MP (mana).
Ugogo, yuck....

Even after about ten minutes of eating the fruit, my condition wouldn't get better.
My status reads the same too.
It's probably not the kind that goes away overtime.

I bit on Perilla Fruit enduring the grassy smell but it brought no change. Guess it's not a food poisoning.
What should I do. Am I cursed to stay like this forever? Dang you white apple! No. White pear? Eh, whichever!

...Hold it?
Menu! Display the detail on State: 『Excess Mana Supply』! Also ways to cure it!

【Excess Mana Supply』
≪Abnormal Status that occurs when supplying MP over maximum MP. Reducing the current MP through Skills or magic to below maximum MP will cure the condition. There have been cases where the mana goes overdrive when the state is kept for an extended period of time, causing damage to mind and body. Depending on the amount of excess MP, worst case scenarios include body popping open resulting in death.>>

That's scary! What the heck is body popping open!?
Dying from implosion just from a fruit sounds like something from a certain freeware super hard game. Though touching equals death there.
Wait now's not the time to think about that! Am I gonna be OK!? Tell me Menu-san!

<<There is almost no danger of Overdrive with Mana Excess Supply (Minimal).>>

O-oh good. Looks like I don't have to worry about popping open.
No, it's not. Nothing good about this at all.
I don't have any skill so I can't even consume my MP. What now.

Also, feels like my whole body is gradually heating up.
Forest Ginger, this ain't got to do with ya. Sit down. No I ain't eating you.
Is it a cold? No, doesn't feel like one. It's so hot feels like my whole body is on a heating pad.

It can't be.

Status! Display my State!

State: Mana Overdrive (Sign) 3 Minutes Until Overdrive

This can't be real!? Shouldn't there be almost no danger of overdrive!?
Ah, yup. [Almost] is it. Not certain. Don't screw with me dammit.
Am I gonna die just like this!? Turning into a messy flesh firework!?
C-c-c-calm down me! I've still got time, wait 3 minutes way too fast! Awawawawababababa!



My hand hit a tree as I was scurrying around in a panic.
Ugugu, it hurts. There's no point in panicking.
I'm gonna die if I don't cool it down!

Hm? The heat is transferring over from my other hand to the hit hand when I put them together...?
Hm? Hmhmm?
Oo? This heat, wait, mana is it. Seems like I can move it around inside my body?

...Let's try spitting it out of my mouth.


I breathed in greatly~.
I imagine circulating the mana in my body into the lump of air I inhaled,
Then I breathe it all out!

"Haaaaaaaaaaa~~~ ...Oo?"

Ah, the heat and nausea are going away just like that.
Did it go well?
Status check.

State: Normal

MP: 0/0

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L-looks like I'm saved.
That was close...! Just what was gonna happen to me if that kept up.

≪In case of [Mana Excess Supply] (Minimal), the excess mana will be expelled out along with vomit. There is virtually no danger to the affected life unless the vomit gets stuck in the throat.>>

Ah, it was nothing big as it turned out.
I thought I would implode seeing that time limit and all. It was just vomit huh. What's with this. Fireworks and messy stuff.
I really thought I was going through another death or life crisis there. Still sweating bullet even now.

This white apple, [Efi] was it. There's lots of them on the tree above.
I should pick some. They're valuable food.
I'm afraid to eat one though.

After putting seven Efi fruit in my bag, I resumed my walk.
It's apparently dawn soon, the sky is gradually turning bright.
I should be able to move easier once it's brighter.
Gotta find someone before I came across another weird monster.


That sounded pretty close.
No wait wait wait, I wasn't trying to set up a flag there, this development's going way too fast, seriously stop this shit, please I beg of you--

Magic Beast: Goblin


State: Hunger

HP (Health) : 21/21
MP (Mana)  : 3/3
SP (Stamina) : 15/44

STR (Strength) : 41
ATK (Attack) : 41 (+6)
DEF (Defense) : 51
AGI (Agility) : 46
INT (Intelligence) : 13
DEX (Dexterity) : 20
PER (Perception) : 89
RES (Resistance) : 10
LUK (Luck) : 28

Magic Beast Lv1 - Staff Lv1

Wood Club

A monster came out of the bush.
Green body, long ears and nose, short stature.
A goblin for sure.
The very same one you'd see in games.
They're usually treated as small fry in fantasy genre, but even this thing is a threat to all zero stat like me.
What now.

Magic Beast: Goblin


State: Hunger

HP (Health): 20/20
MP (Mana): 3/3
SP (Stamina): 13/43

STR (Strength): 38
ATK (Attack): 38 (+5)
DEF (Defense): 50
AGI (Agility): 48
INT (Intelligence): 14
DEX (Dexterity): 24
PER (Perception): 87
RES (Resistance): 10
LUK (Luck): 30

Magic Beast Lv1 - Dagger Lv1

Rusted Knife

And there's even two of them! Like hell I'm gonna fight!
Time to scramble!





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 5

 5 Power Under Duress and Rejection


"May you be blessed with fortune along with the erasure of your previous self's memory."

The moment these words were uttered, my whole life flashed before me even before I could digest them.

All the happy memories.
The painful yet fulfilling life of learning martial arts.
The passions I had on fighting games, and watching martial art exhibitions.


In that moment, I let out the biggest burst of energy I ever had in my life.

This is probably the so-called power under duress, an adrenaline rush.

My brain racked itself processing at high speed trying to find a way to get out of this.
At the same time, my will soak into my entire being to get it to move away.

(Oh yeah, fighting game bosses...)

Something that's completely unrelated to this situation crossed my mind out of the blue.
But then it kept chaining relentlessly in my head.

(Tend to have stuff like...)
(An attack covering the entire screen...)
(Or being unblockable...)
(The windup is super slow to compensate though...)
(Or having specific ways to dodge them...)
(The actual damage coming out later? sooner?...)

I didn't notice during my confusion at first, but looking sideaway revealed a pillar right next to me.
Thick enough to hide myself.

"Grace and blessing be unto you."

I jumped behind the pillar before those words were finished spoken.
As if my immobile state before was but a lie.

It shined. For about 2 seconds. The light didn't hit me. I made it.

Silence wrapped the space. I mean, there was no other sound even when I got brought here.
A chill ran down me. That light shone on every spheres here with me being the sole exception...

I tried to piece together all the information thus far.

(Getting brought here without consent while still alive. Getting sent to another world to be reincarnated. Beyond comprehension of human... That's...)

"And with this the preparation is complete. Thank you ever so much."
The kind voice spoke words of gratitude for some reason.

"Do you mind if I watch the proceeding now?"
A powerful voice replied.

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(Two beings beyond human comprehension in this place!!?)

The sense of impending crisis rang even harder.
I tried to get away but I couldn't get this sphere body to move yet again.
But it seems they don't notice me behind this pillar.
But there's no way they won't find out if this keeps up.

It's only a matter of time. Yet there's really nothing I could do.

I deny the thought of losing everything in my head, no completely reject the notion, but there's no point if my body won't move.

It's a deadlock.

(Guess there's no way to go back... After all, the power that puts me here is...)


Intervention. And there's even two of them.
Something [Came up] within me.

Something trivial yet monstrous.

No matter if this something can never come true.

A voice resounded as if intercepting that emotion.

"Yes, over here if you'd please. From here you can get the best view."

That line and the spectacle unfolding afterward turned the emotion that came into being in my mind into an unshakable conviction.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 4

4 Absurdity Always Comes Unannounced 


Apparently I didn't die, but the shock was still unfathomable to my mind.
The me on that side must still be living the way I've always been even now.

So how did this baby me find myself in this situation?

There are still things I need to recall. By the end of this recollection, the cause should be clear.
It might help form a plan from here on too.

I'm lucky to have my memory vividly intact at least.

(I think therefore I am. Or something like that.)

The situation would have been worse if I didn't have my memory. I don't even want to imagine being utterly lost without knowing anything.

(Might as well get reborn as a wholly brand new man...)

A baby with no memory or ego from past me.

The answer to which one is right lies within what I'm trying to dig from memory.
Though I've got a feeling which somehow.

(Now then... Gotta steel myself...)

I focused within me once again.
To ascertain just what absurdity has befallen me.

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I passed through the ceiling toward outside world.
My floating speed kept gradually increasing as I hit they sky.

My mind chose escapism at this point.

(Dream... Yeah this is a dream... haha! Blue sky, white clouds. What a fine weather we have today!)

My tears would probably come out nonstop if only I had a body.
But by this point, I realized that I had been turned into a white shining light sphere.
No way to shed tears even if I wanted to. Besides in my mind that is.
No idea what emotion it's from though.

And just as the view below covered the entirety of the town I lived at, that happened.

(What the heck is that! Dammit!)

A white boundary formed in the empty blue sky.
I got sucked into that with no way to resist.
Like a white ball slowly sinking into water.

(Okay, nothing makes sense. I'm tired...)

Before I knew it I was at a Parthenon-like temple.
My eyes opened wide.
Not due to the divine atmosphere here, but the view before me.

(They're just like me... And they fill this entire space.)

This place is completely filled with white spheres.
No wait, what about this temple enormous enough to hold us all.
No wait, where is this anyway? Peeking outside, I saw a carpet of clouds.

The density of information unfolding before me short circuited my brain.
Unanswerable questions that kept popping up in my head kept getting blown beyond the horizon one after another.

Commencing another escape from reality.

(Is this how it feels to have a panic attack... I wanna get outta here asap... Leaving everything behind... Forgetting everything.)

I gave up to despair.
The bottom seems unending. Far and away so.

"You all shall now undergo the Rite of Purification and be reborn anew as denizens of a new world."

All of a sudden, a white shining human-shaped light spoke.
A beautiful exceedingly kind-sounding voice.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 3

3 "Me" and 'Me'


I recalled who I am.
Not quite typical. That was the general impression I have on myself.
Just as I got a bit disappointed on myself, I was hit with a sense of drowsiness.

(Bedtime right after a full stomach huh... You really can't fight against baby's needs, can you.)

My consciousness is forcing me to sleep despite the lack of freedom to move my own limbs.

(This may be how it be for now, wonder if it'll ever change in the future...?)

I still can't open my eyes even now, my vision has a black veil over it as I fall asleep.

I woke up from a baby's crying voice once again.
Looks like I'm crying from the discomfort of excrement and hunger.

Wait, what did I...? Discomfort? How did I feel that?

Looks like my senses are getting linked little by little.
That's a load off my shoulder. That means I won't exist only as a consciousness at least.

I got cleaned up with the still foreign voice in the background.
After which it was breastfeed time. I focused on recollection meanwhile.

This time I gotta recall what got me into this situation.
A haggard voice of a man could be heard right next me.
They seem to be having a conversation, but I can't grasp the content.

These two must be a married couple and me their child.
I don't believe in reincarnation and such, but I've got no choice to now.

I started my recollection as I focused into my hazy memory.

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Morning of that day, I was feeling awfully refreshed as I got up.

(Alright! Today's the release day of that character!)

I got really into fighting games during this point. Of course I was still keeping up with daily workout and form practice without missing a day.
In order to secure those times, I would only work as needed, do no overtime and achieve my quota in the beginning of the month.

A daily life of needlessly being good at my job for the sake of my hobby.
Affording me time from morning to night indulging in them during holidays.

My boss warned me but my retort shut him down.

"I'm doing this job for my hobby."

He probably found me eccentric. But that's better in itself, no more pestering.

Yet my colleagues and seniors would often complain to me.
Do it, keep your colleagues company, do it, aim higher, what are you doing? And such.

I disregarded all of them, brushing it off lightly. No point in even paying heed.

(Their word rang hollow, y'know? Anyone would put themselves over other, right?)

As I tried to get off my bed with those thoughts occupying my mind, huh? The scenery looked super weird.

This "Me" is overlooking 'Me'.

That 'Me' is still sleeping in my bed.
Yet this "Me" is overlooking that.

Astral projection? Or a dream?

I don't have the capacity to immediately accept this situation.
At this time, I was panicking while simultaneously taking it easy.

(It's probably a dream anyway. Might as well enjoy it.)

But what occurred the next instance blew that optimism away.

"Alright! Today's the release day of that character!"

The 'Me' who got up and stretched said the same thing the "Me" thought up when I woke up earlier.

It was something akin to instinct.

This can't go on!

The 'Me' went on with the usual routine for holidays.
Toilet break, teeth brushing, preparing breakfast. Beacon egg toast.

(Oy! What the heck's going on?! I-I can't go back to my body!)

As I fell into panic, the "Me" slowly but surely floated up.

The me doing the usual routine.
The other me gradually floating up.

Nothing changed no matter how much I shouted or yelled. There was truly nothing I could do.

I started sinking into the ceiling in my confusion.

(What have I been dragged into...)

My thought was filled with despair and resignation, then a huge question along with uneasiness.

(What's happening to me... What's going to happen to me...)

The last word that fell on my ear in this world was.

"Hell yeah, I'm gonna get the combo down for the new character by the end of the day!"




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 2

2 Otherworld and Me


Complete darkness before my eyes. No, it's because my eyes are shut tight.
And I've been hearing a baby crying for a while now.

Then I realized something amiss.

(Why am I, no, just what's going on here...!?)

My head is filled with a giant swirling vortex of confusion.
Because I recognized that crying was from me.

Adding to the confusion is a conversation in a language I've never heard before.

The voice of a young woman. It kinda sounds like a mix between joy and sorrow.

A powerful man's voice. This one sounds like it's full of tears of gratitude.

A hoarse voice of a frantic elderly lady. She seems to be trembling from shock.

My fuse has been completely blown by this point.
Straight to escapism. Let's not think about stuff beyond comprehension for now.
Resolve it later. A great man once said.

(What can be done tomorrow don't need to be done today!)

I can't move forward until I grasp the situation I'm in. What's important is right now, and me.

(First of all, I'm a baby... but I can't move my body at all.)

I can feel every part of my body. Yet it's as if they move automatically.

(Must be instincts, baby's reflexes... Response was it?)

As my thought went astray, I felt my mouth hitting something.
Then I desperately stick to it like it's the most natural thing to do.

(Ah... Could this be...)

A kind voice and the sensation of being held. Breastfeeding.

This was when I realized for real. That I've been turned into a baby.

(Wait, wait, I must remember who I am! From the beginning! The me way before the darkness before me!)

The man and elderly woman's voices sounded like they were having a dispute during the breastfeeding, but since I don't understand them anyway, I focus on the recollection.


I'm Saitou Shunichi, your ordinary office worker. Sales dept.

28 year old, single. Live alone. Both my parents have passed away. No relatives.
The phrase tengaikodoku (someone with no relative) may sound cool, but I'm just a common man.

My hobby is fighting games. I love actions too. Shooting a bit. Not against puzzle games either. A game lover if you may.
I love watching martial arts of all kinds, karate, boxing, judo, pro wrestling, taekwondo, Chinese martial arts, kendo, iai, aikidou, pretty much anything that catches my fancy.

An aberrant grown up who can't let go of his chuunibyou over power fantasy.

The deviation started from elementary school. I pestered my parents to let me do karate, 3 years, judo, 2 years and kendo 2 years.
Then in high school that interest shifted to games. I would go to game centers every day with my friends and compete there. Working part time for money and buying consoles so I could do all nighters during holidays.

Everything so far is normal. Generally. But.

I started focusing my life into it once I found a job.
I started working out. In the end I even went to study kempo and iai.

"I'm aware of it. And I understand if people find that weird. I have no idea where'd this energy even come out from myself."

When I replied to a colleague asking about my hobby, they went, 'What's wrong with you? You oddball! No, you're crazy!'

Due to living in my parents' house and working a job, I had no issue with money and my lack of discreetness went overdrive.
Even when my parents passed away one after another two years ago, I never let up with working out.
By this point I had already stopped the training lessons, but I kept up with the form practice every single day.

It was pretty much a disease. Far apart from ordinary people.

"No, I do get it. That it would have been much more productive to direct this passion in another direction, but I just can't do it."

I spoke to myself. If only that was easily done.
Even if I could, I wouldn't. Because,

"I'm having fun. Now then, gotta go to bed early for holiday tomorrow."

How did I end up devoting myself into training anyway? I had completely forgotten the impetus by this point.




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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 18-34

18-34. A Boy in Labyrinth City (8)


"Beginner Course is now starting!"

The instructor shouted at the crowd of rookie explorers.
There's about a hundred boys and girls in the open space here.

"We'll start with indispensable goods! Do you know what are they?"

At this question, the rookie explorers began speaking up, 'Weapons!', 'Smoke bombs!', 'Flash bombs!', 'Carving knife!' and so on.

Smoke bombs and flash bombs... Oh right, my little sister told me to make sure to get those first thing first.

Completely forgot.
Looks like I've gotten careless since I got here.

"Well yeah those are important, but there's an even crucial object!"

The instructor made a 'quiet down' gesture and waited for the silence.

"And that is water! You must make sure to bring a water flask with you! You can find spots where you can draw water in the labyrinth, so make sure you memorize the map of your destination first. Humans can survive without eating, but not drinking water is a death wish!"

Someone protested, 'You'll die if you don't eat too!'
Dying of starvation is not unusual for mountain village dwellers during poor harvest seasons after all.

"My bad, I mean in a matter of degree. You can keep moving for four to five days without eating, but you won't last that long without water."

Afterward, the instructor taught us point of notes about flasks.

"You must wash your flask upon coming home! Dirty flasks are a source of illness! Forget about fighting when you're coming down with a stomachache!"

It's the same thing my little sister mentioned.
She would always tell me to keep my surroundings clean as much as I could.

"I heard some high level explorers even have magic tools that produces water by pouring mana."

The knowledgeable Zaki sitting nearby whispered to me.
Water is relatively heavy, must be why they came up with such magic tools.

"Also, don't forget to bring a torch or a lantern!"
"Eeh, it's bright anyway near the sign monuments."

A rookie explorer with experience in the labyrinth rebutted right away.

"Do not be misled thinking you're always gonna find a sign monument around! Besides, even in sign monument areas, places where lights do not reach always exist! Monsters that lurk in the dark like Shadow Goblins are not uncommon. Always check the surroundings by bringing lights to darkness! There is no such thing as being too careful! In fact that's exactly the crossroad splitting explorers who survive and those who don't!"

I recalled the first time we got in the labyrinth as I listened.
There were lots of dark shadowed places for sure. Cracks in the walls, darkness behind pillars and under wreckage, lots.
If a monster were to lurk in there and ambushed us, someone would probably get hurt.

"Lanterns break easily when you roughhouse them, so you newbies should bring a torch instead. Torches double as a weapon and they also work well against slimes!"
"Eh, slimes are just small fry anyway!"
"You ever fought a slime?"

The protesting explorer shook their head at this.

"Don't liken labyrinth slimes to the harmless slimes cleaning the town waterways and garbage. Defeating them with weapons is a hard task in itself and if they manage to latch on you, the toxin they secrete will send you straight to a world of pain."

I get it. Even at our village, we got constantly warned about slimes when trekking mountains.
Leeches are bad, but slimes are even worse. Tales of a rookie hunter going alone into the mountains getting eaten by slimes is traditionally narrated to children before heading into mountains.

"Don't sit on labyrinth floors even when you're tired. Depending on locations, some bloodsucking insects would crawl out of the stone pavements to suck your blood. If you do get bitten, shake them off using a fire right away. If you leave them alone, they're gonna penetrate through your flesh and bury themselves in your body."

Uwaah, an image of that flashed in my head.
Labyrinths sound like a much more dangerous place than I thought.

"Get a piece of leather to wrap around your butt and waist if you can afford it. Some of those insects may crawl around the leather, stand up right away if you feel something amiss around your butt."

The instructor laughed after he said that.
According to him, we should use rocks or our luggage as a chair replacement for now.

He continued on.

Every single thing taught is useful for us beginner explorers, it feels like we're truly lucky to have them handed out to us like this.
Just as Luram and the knights recommended, this course really is a necessity.
There's still days of lessons left yet even the first day alone feels like it's worth a thousand gold coins.

--Nii-san, knowledge is power.

My little sister is right.

The readiness to challenge the labyrinth between knowing and not knowing is completely different.
According to the instructor, this beginner course was started by Sir Pendragon around seven years ago, the mortality rate of rookie explorers saw a huge decrease once it was introduced. Apparently the rate was more than ten times of today back then.

"We're taking a lunch break! The food is free of charge, one portion per person! Those who try to line up again and eat someone else's portion are gonna get kicked out, you've been warned!"

Participating explorers ran off at once afterward.
Zaki and the ratkin Neze we just got acquainted with ran out too. The big dogkin, Tegu moved calmly and slowly but since he's got a huge stride, he's keeping up with their pace.

"Let's go, Sharon."

Called by the quiet Rasa, I too stood up.
Then I realized the girl sitting next to me unmoving.

"Lachesis, let's go together."
"I will catch up later. I'm not good with crowds."
"It's gonna be fine, you'll be with us."

I grabbed Lachesis' hand and went after Rasa.
I got to know this girl just a bit earlier too, but I can't leave her alone since she reminds me of my little sister.

Lachesis really is not good with crowd, she'd dramatically look afraid and cling to my arm whenever someone almost bumped into her. She doesn't seem to be fine with me as well, she'd start panicking when she realized what she did.

"Next one please."

Oops, it's our turn.

A long black haired onee-san poured soup on a bowl I submitted.
The same onee-san who tends the food bank. I thanked her and took the bowl with me.

The menu is a hearty bowl of soup and one big piece of bread.
The bread seems to have been freshly baked, it smells nice of wheat.

I went back to my chair and had lunch together with everyone.
Lachesis seemed to be hungry as well, she started chomping down once she took a seat.

"This is really good. Might be even better than some random restaurants."

Seemingly taken a liking to it, she broke into a smile.

"But of course. Unlike the food bank, the lunch for Beginner Course is the true recipe concocted by the [Miracle Chef] himself."

A boy in a noble-like attire sitting nearby smugly said that.
He kinda looks like that plump knight Luram-san. Maybe his little brother.

"Hee, really."

I spooned the soup too while replying half-heartedly.


Unlike the lightly flavored food bank one, this one is really good.

"Rumors going around, there are even some troublesome bunch who slip into this course just to have this meal."

Good grief, what a deplorable bunch, thus spoke the noble boy.

"Young master, it's gonna get cold if you don't eat it."
"Whoops, indeed."

The noble boy hurriedly resumed his meal after a rustic looking boy reminded him.

"Phew, that was really good. Getting used to this gonna inflate my dinner cost."

Zaki spoke contently as he put his emptied bowl into his bag.

Since we get lunches during the course, we only have to pay for dinner every day, but we also can't get to work during the day thus we're gradually losing cash on hands. Gotta spend less for a while.

"But the lesson is important."
"Hmm yup, it is."
"There really were signs before we got raided by Lost Bandits, it's now clear to me after this lesson."

I agreed with Zaki while recalling that moment.

"Eh? You guys got raided by Lost Bandits?"
"I-I'm amazed you made it out alive."
"Uu, amazing."

Neze and Lachesis sounded surprised, Tegu was amazed slowly.

"Someone saved us."
"We'd have died a moment too late there."

We talked about how Gerritz-sama's group saved us.

"Oh! You were the group anii-sama and the others saved then!"

The noble buy butted in.

"I'm Luram-niisama's kid brother, Rojim. And this here is my servitor, Sagu. Despite his plain face he's capable of scouting and even Livelihood magic!"
"Young master, you don't need to put [Plain Face] there."

As expected of Luram-san's kid brother, he even got a mage as his, servitor?

"That's incredible. This would the second time I came across a mage."

The only mage who would visit my village is Talbec-san.
No one in our village can cast magic. Not even the old apothecary lady.

"Gather round! We're starting afternoon class!"

I was gonna ask Sagu-san to show us his magic, but class resumed.

I'm feeling super sleepy from full stomach, but I gotta give my all to attend the class.

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The second day of Beginner Course is a practice session with wooden swords and spears.

I moved my body around as a warm-up.

"R-radio calisthenics? There really are a lots of crossover from my old world here, aren't there."

Lachesis whispered something.
I couldn't her well since it was noisy around.

"Alright, start with practice swinging! Your instructors will correct your posture, so take it seriously!"

The instructor from yesterday shouted out loud.

Several ladies wearing the same sashes as that instructor slowly walk between us as we practice swing.
They must be instructors too.

"Too tense so I inform. Strengthening your grip the instance before you hit your target is better so I advise."
"Ou! I'mma give it a try!"

A blond beauty with twin rolled hair instructed Neze.
She's got an odd speech pattern.

"Do not look away and swing your sword so I pointed out."

Someone tapped my head from the side as I was looking away at Neze.

"I'm sorry--wait, same face?"

The one who gave that warning was an onee-san with the same face as the instructor teaching Neze.

"Yes, student. Toria and Yuitto are sisters so I inform."

After saying that instructor Toria went to teach Lachesis.
I thought they were twins, but then I saw several other onee-san with the same faces as well. How many sisters are there?

I could only afford that wondering during the early part before I quickly got overwhelmed.

After practice swinging and some simple forms lesson, we started mock battles.
The rule is to have you replaced with the next person if you lose, I got through three matches before losing to the noble boy Rojim. Apparently he's been taught in warrior way since childhood. He was told to change place after winning ten matches more and got praised by the instructor.

"Student Zaki, your strength is weak, you are not fit to be an explorer."

Zaki looked like it was all over when an instructor told him that but then she added, 'Eat a lot and train a lot more. Doing thus will improve your situation.' which restored his enthusiasm.

Undaunted by my loss, I tried again and managed to keep winning against all my opponents beside Rojim.

"Student Lachesis, losing on purpose is not encouraged, so I inform."
"It's not on purpose."

Lachesis was a total defeat.
There were something amiss with how she swung her sword, and how she dodged.

She whispered something about [Kotakkuto] or [Meane] after losing. Maybe words to distract herself from chagrin?

"My body's hurt all over from bruises and muscle pains."
"Let's grab something to eat."
"Tomorrow's gonna be a group battle practice, so today we gotta eat good food to power up!"

Us members of the same group for the group battle are heading to the food stalls together.

"Huh? Aren't those Gon's group?"

We found Gon's group sitting in front of the guild.
The big Gon, grumbler Keros and stylish girl Shina are full of scratches, Gon even has a bloodied cloth wrapped around his arm. Labyrinths really are a place you can never be too careful at.

"Gon, you're hurt. Is everything all right?"

When I called out to him, Gon lifted up his irate face.

"Shut up."
"Keros and Shina don't look good either--"
"It's nothing."

The moment Keros said that, Shina glared at Keros.

"You're awful! Are you saying her death is nothing to you, Keros?!"

Shina grabbed Keros by his chest and wept.
Apparently a girl who came from the same village as Shina and got invited into the same party was killed by monsters.

"I mean, what else could we do!"

Keros shouted at Shina.

"That's how labyrinths are! That's how explorers are!"

The shouting Keros had scary bloodshot eyes.

"Shut up, shut your mouth."

Gon silenced Keros by punching him.
Gon grabbed Shina by hand to pull her up and said, 'Let's go', to Keros, taking him away with them.

We arrived at the food stalls but thrust by the reality of Gon's group, whom were together with us, in the labyrinth, the meal was wrapped in a gloomy atmosphere.

I felt bad for those who didn't know about our situation with Gon.

◆◆◆At a certain village◆◆◆

"What is your objective?"
"My objective is--You, Reina-san."

Akindo-san said I'm his objective.

"Akindo-san, are you a lolicon?"
"Please perish the thought."

Akindo-san shook his head with a seriously hurt expression.

"My objective is to watch over reincarnated people like Reina-san to make sure they live in peace."
"A watchdog?"
"No. I'm simply keeping you away from the likes of demons, authoritative figures and demon lord believers."

Despite my use of sarcastic remark on purpose, Akindo-san didn't seem to get mad at all.
Is this like some sort of free security service?

Well, I'll take Akindo-san over those three types he mentioned any day for sure though.

"On another topic, Akindo-san, have you been to the labyrinth city before?"
"Oh yes, I even came across Sharon-san the other day."
"You did? Tell me! How was he? Did he have a stomachache? Any injury? Did he mention about how anxious he is being apart from me? Is he eating well? Has he managed to find somewhere to sleep?"
"Let's calm down a bit, Reina-san. I'll answer all your questions one by one."

Akindo-san informed me about nii-san's situation.
I was relieved to hear he was together with party members but got peeved to hear a girl (bad bug) among them.

"Akindo-san. Do you have blue and red candy on you?"





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 1

1 Prologue


"Truly I was at my wit's end there. Who could have thought that my partner schemed to betray me right from the beginning."

At a World Heritage-like temple, a human-shaped light sighed as it said that.

"You were late to notice that. But thanks to it, we can have a chat like this."

Another humanoid light replied.
Two lights possessing great powers are having a conversation here.

"I'm envious about your side. My side would slowly decrease overtime and then before I knew it, it was almost at the tipping point."

"Well my side is past the point of no return now that they've multiplied so much."

Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. The two laughed together when they realized this being applied to them.

"But I'm truly grateful that you would accept my proposal."

"Think nothing of it, they are of no use here either. Take as many as you need."

"Yes that's the surprising part to me. They would prosper so much even though they were not given anything. My side would either multiply or decrease too much despite all the trials and errors I've done, it's depressing."

One of the voices would get excited then immediately dejected.
The other voice would follow through.

"Nothing can be done about it since that was how your partner made it. Ours have faith system and all, yet they won't unite as one and would keep creating conflicts between one another."

"Then they would multiply beyond expectations when you look away for a moment, was it. I suppose we have our own problems cut out for us, do we."

The two laughed together at the odd common point before the atmosphere changed into a serious one.

"Well then, I shall send about 10,000 in three days for now. Please take care of the post-processing."

"Thank you. This may be a stopgap measure but it will at least afford my side some time. And when will the next delivery be?"

"How about 100 million in three years. I shall pick ones that suit your fancy."

"Would that be fine!? We would be imposing on you without giving back...."

The voice sounded surprised and sorry before the other voice responded kindly.

"It's only right to help each other in time of need. I may be on the one imposing side when the time comes."

"Much obliged. Well then, I would like to head back to start preparing to receive them. We are truly indebted for this favor."

Afterward, the light dispersed into particles.

"Now then, I should get to it myself."

The other light shined dazzlingly, illuminating the entire spot before disappearing as well.


"Wait! You're really gonna head straight home again today?"

I kept cleaning my table despite the protest from my colleague.

"I've done my quota this month, there is no issue."

"The heck, are you bragging? Considering your results, you gotta, y'know..."

"Yeah, my me time is more important than stuff like that."

To the annoying pestering of my colleague, I said.

"Hobby first, work only as needed!"




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