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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 7

7 Wordplay


Four years passed since then.
Even though the issue didn't really get resolved with time, I kept growing to the point that I'm now able to move my body around freely.
I still can't speak well enough, but I can use gestures to tell what I mean.

That was when I recalled a particular way to learn words.

Think it was on a TV program long ago where the presenter was trying to learn new words from locals.
I couldn't remember the detail, but it was something like.

(Right... You keep asking, 'What's this?' to get replies. That should be it, I think...?)

That presenter managed to learn the language enough to hold a simple conversation at an incredible pace.

(Let's give it a shoot. No harm trying. No time like now.)

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"What's, this?"   "What is this?"   "And this?"

I pestered for answers while pointing at everything nearby.

At first my mother answered while looking bewildered but she eventually saw it as a 'Play' and laughed, 'Okay, which one is it now?'

(It's actually a matter of life or death to me, this is no mere child's play...)

Pronunciations, nuances, accents, meanings, I kept repeating all of them in my head while desperately paying attention.

I got my father dragged into this as well when he came back from work.

Father was confused at first as he wryly smiled, but that quickly changed to genuine smile when mother said that it's a 'play'.

Father's state is no wonder.
I had been acting the calmest and most obedient kid unneeding of attention before this.

Naturally, I may look like a child outwardly but the insides is that of an adult, like some certain famous detective.
I would only do the 'utmost minimal' approach up until this point.

When I was a baby, I would only cry to inform them of my hunger and excrement and nothing else.
During baby food time, I would obediently eat without being fussy.
Even when I started walking, I wouldn't cry when I fell down or bumped into something.

Then one day, all of a sudden I suddenly started asking them what is this or that.
They would feel a bit uneasy of course.
However, my parents seem delighted instead. I suppose they're happy to have their child depend on them.

I am grateful to them for raising me. And that's exactly why I'm trying to lessen their burden as much as possible.
Apparently that didn't go too well with them, so now they ended up getting really enthusiastic trying to coddle me.

Even during dinner they wouldn't stop and keep telling me this and that including the dinner's ingredient even when I didn't ask.
It's escalated so much I'm afraid these two would get too obsessed with my education now.

(Oh crap... Will this really be all right...?)

I had cold sweat running down my temple as a looming crisis in a direction I didn't expect came to be.

A year later. My effort bore fruit as I finally managed to speak this world's language.

I'm turning six soon.
It took quite a long time to get to this point.
This is in fact caused by a certain matter, but I only found out about it quite a bit later.




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