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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 168

Chick (Chicken)


After handing over the magic beast mats to the blacksmith, we went to a magic tool store to order enchanted accessories for Alma, and that was it for our equipment.
I asked the store to enchant the Magi Pearl I bought on whim at the port town, wonder if it was for the best.
When I said, 'I think this would look good on you Alma, what do you think?', she gave an immediate reply, 'That'll do'. Me think she should think it through more as the one that'll be wearing it...
Well, I guess it's fine if she's happy with it... I should give her more time to dress up next time.

Afterward, we went to the adventurer guild to take on magic beast culling commissions like usual.
The receptionist appraised me and said, 'Ah, you're that man I heard about'.
What did you hear. Can't you pick better words please. Just what kind of intel do they have on me anyway.
It's nice that the commission taking process went smoothly, but it's really bugging me now...

I saw urgent recruitment notices for anti-demon corps, or for a town defense on the bulletin board, apparently there's been an influx of demon-related commissions lately.
Considering what happened at Vinfitt, this doesn't hit far from home to us. Guess anything demon is gonna be urgent, what a dangerous world we live in.
It finally feels like the war is on the cusp of breaking out. I'd like to take shelter but where, I don't think anywhere is safe, so for now we should focus on getting stronger to deal with any trouble we might get dragged into.

So there you have it, entering [Monster Mountains Wilenfillet], unauthorized people turn around.
It boasts the greatest area of any magic beast territory I've come across so far, I can sense magic beast proliferating the entirety of my search area.
What's going on here. Is a Stampede happening soon or what?

<<This area is about as big as Japan's Hokkaido, there are 11 towns adjacent to this territory. Even if a Stampede were to occur, the magic beasts would disperse between all those towns, making it manageable. However, several thousands beasts would still invade in spite of that, as such reinforcements are required.>>

Several thousands even after dispersal!? Daijel's Stampede only had around 600 beasts, just how small scale was that...
I'm sensing some stupidly strong magic beast readings on higher elevations too, the thought of those invading towns sends a chill down my spine. Heck, are those maybe the boss of each mountain? What kind of monsters inhabit those places anyway.

"Fuwaa, what a spectacular view. This vastness has a different feel to it from the sea at the port town."

"When I heard mountain range, my image was rows of mountains, and yet all this greenery is a thing of beauty."

"Yeppers. Would have been the color of autumn if we waited a bit more, but we'd probably have moved on to another town by then."


For the time being, gotta enjoy the view and raise our spirits.
We're gonna spend some time here for leveling, might as well enjoy this until we get tired of it.
By the way, Hiyone has undone its Mimicry back to a chicken for leveling. The name Hiyone feels a bit weird now, maybe we should have a do over? Like Niwako.
<TLN: I'm really not sure if he named the chick, 'Hiyone' or, 'Hiyoko' aka literally 'chick' now.>

『Cluck! Cluuck!』

You'd rather stay with 'Hiyone'? Think about it seriously? I'm being serious though. Eh, that makes it worse? Oh okay.
Maybe I should go with a cool name instead of cute? Like Gonzales... Okay, okay, sorry, it's my bad, quit kicking me with your spur.

While we were having this dumb skit, we found our first villager, I mean magic beast.
No, not just one. More like 20-30 of them.

They're insect-type beasts below Lv10, coming at us in a swarm while letting out unpleasant buzzing noises.
Bees, butterflies, beetles, grasshoppers... Ew, so gross! I'm getting goosebumps just looking at them!

"Hiiyi!? There's so many, so many buuuuugs!"


Reina's over reaction and Alma's sharp remark almost made me laugh.
Getting swarmed by that is no laughing matter though. Gross.

"Alma, leave two, three of them for Hiyone, and..."

"Un, I'm burning them."

Alma replied right away before shooting a barrage of fire balls like a machine gun at the swarming insects.
The swarm is getting turned into cinders as we speak. Merciless.
...I get her, I really do. But maybe hold back a, okay no, they're gross.

"O-only three bugs left in a flash... Alma-san's magic is so amazing."

"You can do it too if you rearrange your Skills with Mana Control, Reina... There's a limit to it though."

"Limit is it? What kind?"

"Your creativity. Without a good understanding on how to make best use of Mana Control, then..."
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Alma said something seemingly with a deeper meaning to it, while Reina tilted her head in confusion at that.
Lately, it seems Alma has begun questioning her tactics, she's been checking out what she can do bit by bit.
Of course it ended up with her running out of mana until I refilled it. Been telling her not to use up all of her mana, how many- (etc).


Whoa, gotta start Hiyone's leveling now.
Let me see how good you are now after Status Succession.
...Its original Attributes weren't that high, so the boost didn't do that much.


Eh, so fast!?
I get Hiyone used Quick Step to zero in on the magic beasts, but that speed is not normal.
Not quite Ground Shrink level, yet it's way fast compared to normal Quick Step. Oy oy, there's no way...

<<Hiyone had strengthened Quick Step through the use of Energy Control. It learned from the time Kajikawa Hikaru powered it up.>>

But I only boosted Hiyone's Attributes with energy like a couple time or so?! It can already use Energy Control by itself!?
Hiyone mowed down the magic beasts with Extended Mana Claw, killing them all in one go. You can tell it's that Platinum Chicken's child, alright.
Hiyone is moving much better than the first time I had it do leveling. Perhaps Succession also let one inherit part of the battle experience.


Hiyone put on a smug face this way. Okay okay, that was great.
Seeing as it can deal with multiple enemies easily, the leveling process should go smooth now.
So yeah, next up, going up against five at once. Fighto.


'Eh no, that's too much', I'd ignore that.
You can do it, I believe in you. Surely. Hopefully.


Hiyone went back to chick size flopping down after defeating more than 30 beasts.
'I don't wanna go on anymore', I can sense that thought transmitted... Guess that was too much.
I actually went out of my way to avoid it being as bad as Reina's first day leveling, but I guess it's a struggle still.

"Can't be helped, guess we're done with Hiyone's leveling for today. And it's just right on time for lunch too."

『Pipi! Pipipii!!』

"Okay okay, I've made a lot, eat to your heart's content. Noon will be our turn to level, you can ride on my shoulder and watch."


"You're chatting like it's the most normal thing... Kajikawa-san is finally graduating from human to magic beast..."

"Reina, one-on-one fight versus a Lv30s magic beast this noon."

"Sorry, I'm sorry!!"

"...So lively."

Alma's right, it's lively for a party this small. We're lacking tension too. This place is a magic beast territory you know.
But well I don't see any beast we should be wary of on my Map.
Now then, it's the real thing from noon on. Let's see how well can Alma and Reina handle the magic beasts here.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 437

437 Hold It


Now then, the scenery has changed, because this place is the kingdom.
I didn't want to play along with her game of tag so I entered Acceleration right away and just marathoned my way here.
 Still, I don't feel tired in the least even though I didn't take a break once.

(I was running pretty much full speed too... Just monstrous... I'm afraid of my own body...)

I would start mistrusting myself if I kept thinking further so I stopped.
As I waited in the queue to enter the kingdom.

(Hmm? So how much did all those mats ultimately fetch for? ...Maybe I'd be better off not knowing?)

I stopped thinking about that too. I'm afraid the sheer number would crush me.
Personality can change in the face of money, or more like your true nature shows. I don't want to lose myself. Nothing more terrifying than that.
Let's think about something else.
It's quite a ways off till my turn. I have time.

(I'll be going straight to the federation via the kingdom. Right, I should depart once I ask these gatekeepers the directions.)

I could have gotten in without a fuss if only I kept Acceleration on, what a gaffe. How could I miss that when I did exactly that when I left the commercial city.

(They're gonna tell me straight right? They won't refuse and put me on a watch, will they? I'm getting anxious.)

That's about what I'd expect to happen speaking from experience. I can't trust myself.
The queue kept going and it was finally my turn.
I surprised the gatekeepers with my Second Class Pass like always and asked them.

"I wanna go to the federation, which way is it?"

I once took an unpopulated route to go there. I'm taking one with a heavy traffic this time around.
I got into this mess thanks to the former so I don't have a good impression of it.
Thus, I tried asking like a good traveler. And the gatekeeper replied, but it wasn't what I expected.

"Ah, you should give it up. From what we heard, the situation at the federation is going to get nasty. We have rumors about a civil war breaking out circulating."

"Is that so. Thank you for the information. I'll give it another thought."

I passed by the gate after saying that. No point in chatting more, and there are people waiting to get checked, also, I gotta queue up again after this.
I went straight to the main street and ordered three nicely aromatic meat skewers from a stall.
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"Mister, I wanna head to the federation, which way is the new road? Mind teaching me."

"Ou! I say ya better not, sonny. That nation's gonna be embroiled in a war y'see. You just gotta? Hm? Welp, I warned ya. See that path over there, go left and then straight ahead. That's gotta be the most straightforward. Watch yourself now~."

I walked up to the pointed street while chomping on the skewers I bought.
By the time I was done with the salty-sweet sauced meat, the gate to federation had come into view.

But there's not a lot of people around. And the few people that are there turned around after they talked to the gatekeepers.

"Ah, man, it's all just so fishy. Guess the rumor is true after all? Are they stopping anyone going there or is it just a travel warning? Well, either way I gotta press on."

I've got letters to deliver. I hate breaking promises. I will definitely make my way to the federation. It's a done deal.
I walk up to the gate. I'm sure there's normally a queue here. It's still early in the morning. There should have been a crowd of people coming and going, as well as manning food stalls usually.
But there's only a handful now, and all of them have this 'what do I do' look on their faces. Nobody is heading for the gate.

"Ah you there, hold it. Are you thinking about going to the federation? We're issuing a warning for anybody heading there. Agree to it and you may pass."

"What is the warning about? Could you tell me."

I gave the gatekeeper a listen.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 167

Bizarre Customer


"These are small yet trained hands you've got. Pretty good for someone looking so dainty."

"But yours just as small, gramps."


"Oh shaddup. And quit laughing, you idiot apprentice!"

Gramps muttered as he carefully observed Reina's hands like he was doing a palm reading.
It might look a tad concerning from the sidelines. Wait no, normally you'd think he's a grandfather playing with his granddaughter, why'd my mind go there instead...
Have I been poisoned by my mind ghost? Uh but that's me too.

"Umu, I've noted down the right length for the blade and grip. All that's left is to forge it and adjust accordingly after a trial run."


"Also, 'Shuriken' and 'Kunai' was it? I get that they're both throwing weapons, sure are peculiar stuff you're asking."

"I dunno why my Ninjutsu Skill projects them in the shapes they are. But they feel really nice in my hands and super easy to use. But then the stuff made through my Skill are really weak, I wanna carry strong ones as my secret weapons."

Reina showed the projection as she explained.
The shuriken looks like it's made of iron yet it's actually Reina's mana so it's hugely influenced by her Attributes.
It should turn into relatively strong weapons once she's gotten stronger, but that is not today.

"I see... Fumu, I can make both from the wolves' or the tiger's fangs no problem. Excess parts unused for the dagger won't go to waste with this."

"I can't wait to see the finished products!"

"Ou, it'll be great... But man, you really carried around the whole bodies huh. They're so fresh like they've just been killed too."

"I'm sorry, the dismantling place I consulted at the previous town said processing them would be difficult."

"As it should be with this stuff. A lot of those dismantling services also strip off usable parts willy nilly. Ain't no worry about that with our trusted dismantling guy tho'. That is if you trust our store."

"This store is selling high quality goods at appropriate prices. I trust you."

"...I see you're confident in yer' discerning eyes eh. Dunno how without Appraisal Skill."

It's thanks to Menu-san, it's seriously cheat. Appraisal Skill ain't no match to it.
Frankly, I'm confident I'd have died like 20-30 times already if it weren't for Menu-san... What a pitiful confidence.

We also ordered gloves made from platinum chicken feather fiber, chest protectors for me and Alma as well as taking measurements for Reina's outfit and we were finally done.`

"That black haired lady's already got a powerful weapon it seems but what about you, don't got one?"

"As you may have surmised from seeing my Status, half-baked weapons would only hinder me while too strong a weapon is a waste for me."

"Yeah, but sure sounds much better than fighting bare-handed... Your Attributes may be high but yer gonna hit yer' limit sooner or later. Or what, you got your own customized weapon?"

"Well, in a way..."

I'd love to wield a weapon if only I could find one that gives me the 'this is it!' feeling.
I can reproduce most weapons with Mana Control anyway, there's no pressing need for one.
And rather than weapons, the stuff I used were all intended to fit my weird combat style. They don't have much firepower yet they work really well as annoyances and distractions during combat.

"I look forward to the gloves made with platinum chicken's feathers the most. That chicken was really strong, I'm sure they'd make for some real sturdy gloves."

"For sure, gloves made from this stuff gonna be on a whole different level than your average... Whoa hey! What's that chick doing!?"

"Eh? ...Oy, Hiyone. What are you eating-"


As gramps shouted, I turned to look at Hiyone, which was in the midst of eating platinum chicken's feathers.
Weren't you listening. Those feathers are gonna be used for our equipment, heck that's your parent you know! Stop carrying out cannibalism like it's only natural.

『Pipi! Pi!』

"You couldn't hold the urge to eat them? But those feathers are your... Hm?"

Hiyone's Status saw a change right after eating the platinum feathers.
On top of having its Attributes increased by around 50%, it also acquired [Martial Arts], [Claw Arts] and [Fang Arts] Skills.
...What's going on.

<<Magic beasts of a certain power level may let their children absorb a part of their body to have them succeed a part of their Status. Do note that Status Succession can only happen once in a lifetime.>>

Had no idea about that kind of system, Menu-san.
Well, I'd probably hesitate to let Hiyone do it even if I knew, ethically speaking.
But thanks to this, Hiyone's leveling should go more smoothly now... I had it fight some weak beasts and the result was disastrous.
Normally, Meadow Cocks fight in a group so letting Hiyone, who doesn't have a single Combat Skill, fight alone is akin to asking it to die.
It narrowly squeezed a victory after I powered it up with Energy Control, and that was only against one weakling.

Hiyone seemed satisfied after eating three feathers, it lost interest and turned away. Man, that's cold.
Guess parent-child relationship between magic beasts is just that dry, or maybe Hiyone knew by instinct that the feathers were from its real parent and ate with that knowledge.
...I'm feeling guilty again...

"Was that a Succession? Which means that chick is this chicken's..."

"Yes, the chicken laid an egg right after I defeated it, and this chick was what hatched out. I was the first thing it saw in this world, so it imprinted me as its parent..."

"I see. Little thing looks quite attached to ya, raise it well ya hear."

"Yes... We'll come here again once our equipment is done."

"Ou, look forward. Ah, this is how much it's gonna cost, you good?"

"Let me see... W-well, we'll manage somehow, yes."

"Gahaha, stings a lot eh. But you do get that this sum is fair and reasonable, ain't I right?"

Gramps is right, 750.000 en is a lot of money but it's no rip off. It's an extremely appropriate price for his service.
But 100 times the cost of this town's inn still stings. We gotta expedite our schedule and start culling magic beasts today or our financial is gonna be in the red.

"Hey, old man. Ain't there anything I could help? I wanna have a go at all these awesome mats."

"...I'll let you work on stuff you won't fail. But don't forget, this ain't about us, we're giving our all for customers. Drive that into yer' skull."

"...Ou. I ain't gonna cut back."

The apprentice young man asked that on our way out. Fine by me as long as they get the job done.
Despite their scuffle earlier, these two might actually get along well.

Now then, time to get culling for the sake of raising money and levels.
...Feels like we've turned into monster cullers rather than adventurers.

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~~~~~Gramps' Perspective~~~~~

What a bizarre customer.
Sounds mighty rude, but odd, atypical are the only words that came to mind.
Guy's pretty polite, his only distinct trait is his black hair. Yet, everything else is just bizarre.
Bizarre Status, don't got a single skill yet he's got a magic beast tamed.

The clincher is how fresh are these beasts' bodies.
...I thought the bag he used was enhanced with preservation effects, but my Appraisal showed it was just an ordinary bag.
And the guy pulled those magic beasts' bodies out of it... What's the deal with him.

"Oy, these mats might spoil if we don't hurry and go to the dismantling place."

"Yeah, I get it. Bring 'em to Roberin, stat."

"Ou. But man, that black hair must be really strong if he managed to kill these powerful beasts solo, guy seems just around my age too. What's his level anyway?"

"I have a duty to keep it confidential. Don't ask."

"Aw c'mon man, I'm not gonna tell anyone."

"Get moving already! Who said they're gonna spoil again, huh!?"

"Okay okay, I'm going now!"

My dumbass apprentice reluctantly shoved the mats into an item bag and ran to the dismantling place.
I get why he's curious but there's no need to know information unrelated to our job. Hell, I wouldn't know how to explain that...

The black haired and blond ladies had some uncommon Jobs as well, but nothing was truly out of ordinary besides their unusually high levels and specialized Skills.
Not that black haired young man. His Attributes are high yeah sure, but these beasts are clearly beyond him solo.
...Perhaps he's got his own weapon but does a weapon customized for someone without a Skill even exist. Or maybe he owns one from that deranged workshop at the town's outskirts?
Don't think those stuff are meant for human use though. No Skill exists to wield 'em. Wait, perhaps that's exactly the reason they're fit for that customer.

Whoa, not good. Gotta stop these idle thoughts and start prepping.
Can't recall the last time I got my hands on such fine quality mats. This will be fun...!





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 436

436 Start, and Finish


The following morning, I'm in this mansion's courtyard. Which is for.

"You're done with your preps? Come, it's time to begin our chase game! Been waiting for this. I'll give you two hours. Do your worst and tuck yourself somewhere hidden within that time frame."

Mirza spoke like her prey was already in her mouth.
Five men are standing around her. Black outfits, black headgear, they've even got black mouthpieces there's no way to tell how they look.
You could say they're ninjas.

"I have my eyes placed everywhere in this town, don't you let up now. Or else, these five and I are gonna find you in no time and separate your head from your..."

She made a neck slicing gesture as she said that.

"My oh my, are you getting cold feet now? Or are you so in awe of these five I trained you can't find a word to bark back?"

Mirza has been under the wrong impression about me as she kept chattering in frolic.

"Are you done? The term is for a three day long chase, correct? Mirza, is that good enough for you? I won't hear any excuse later. You will not complain afterward. Understand?"

"Ah? Eltros, you telling me I'm gonna lose to this plain shortie? Quit acting so servile will ya, I dunno why you didn't get rid of this brat sooner."

Eltros's mouth twitched as he replied to Mirza.

"As a matter of fact, I had begged him not to kill you guys. By my authority, I made the suggestion to unilaterally terminate this 'game' of yours. But he declined saying, 'I don't really care about that'."

This angered Mirza.

"You're getting cocky, Eltros... You wanna taste some pain too? You realize where you stand here?"

"Hey? Enough about that, just get it started already. You'll see for yourself. So, how do we decide the victor and loser? How do you know when someone is victorious?"

I can hazard a guess. But it's important to hear the rules nevertheless.

"Hmph! I'll drag your dead body before this guy. But fine, I'll do anything you wish if you manage to escape us for three days. And by that I really mean anything, get it? Ahahahaha!"

Mirza is convinced of her victory already. It looks like a clown show from where I stand, and Eltros who's aware of my power is looking at her with pitying eyes.

"I take that both sides are ready. Allow me to give the signal. Ready? Go!"

I immediately entered Acceleration and left the place.

===  ===  ===
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"Wha!? What!? Where'd that brat gone off to!?"

Mirza blurted that out loud without thinking. Something which just took place.
Mirza has always been supported by her sheer strength during her tenure in the syndicate. Agility, the eyes that lock on her target and her reflexes are all top class.
She's now losing her mind for a phenomenon that could only be called a vanishing in front of her and her five personally trained subordinates.

"Men! Move out! Gather intel at once! ...Tchhh! What a blunder! I really underestimated him! Fine then! I'll take you on with all my might! Track him down! Then kill him on sight! We absolutely can't lose this match we started!"

Mirza is unaware still. The 'start' and 'finish' are but a single point with zero deviation, and how her defeat is all but assured.

"Open all webs! Raise the density! Do not let him escape from this town! This place is our garden. Fine-comb every location!"

She has no idea that her target is no longer in this town.

"Eltros! What are you playing! You never told me about this!"

"Oh but I did, didn't I? Don't get involved with that boy. I had been constantly on the edge of my seat not knowing when you all would wind up dead. Your intelligence gathering ability is indispensable to our organization, we cannot afford to lose you. And it was you who refused to believe a thing I said, no? And now you're saying I never told you? No, I did not withhold anything. Should I recount where, when and what was the content I spoke to you?"

"Enough! We're gonna find that brat no matter what! Let's go!"

Eltros sighed as he saw Mirza and her subordinates off his mansion.

"...Managed to avoid his wrath and cling on to life... I wish I could cut all contacts with him... But that's nothing more than, a pipe dream..."

Eltros groaned his resignation before moving his legs toward his mansion to resume his work.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 166

Uneven Blacksmith Master and Apprentice


Not this one, not this either, this shop's no good too. This place isn't bad, but not quite there.

Good morning. After sorting my thoughts over a good night sleep at an inn, we're now going around looking for a craftsman who can handle our magic beast materials.
By the way, the inn cost 2500 en per person per night. It's really getting pricier by the town. There were cheaper inns, but they were all fully booked for a while.
Matching the price, the bed and sofa were quite fluffy, but 7500 en a day is quite tough on the wallet.

Gotta find a nice craftsman somewhere, dump our materials and start taking on magic beast culling jobs for income and leveling purposes. Our financial is actually ample enough but I expect a lot of expenditure to fund our equipment making.
Since we're providing the mats, it should come in much cheaper yet handling high ranking magic beasts mats is a difficult process and the fee should match it.

And so, we've been touring the whole town but I just can't get a 'This is it!' feeling in all the stores we visited.
I'm not saying those stores are all bad or anything. In fact, their craftsmen are mostly higher leveled than other towns', Skill-wise.
But many of stores don't have craftsmen with Skill Level 7, or those that do put up gear that aren't up to snuff despite selling them much higher than the market price, it just doesn't feel right.

<<Goods of higher quality are prioritized for high ranking people belonging to nobility or military. The ones shown at the store are either lower quality goods or only the bare minimum.>>

High class materials are given to high class people huh. Fawkin' stratified society.
Well those items at the store are quite pricey even if they're not rip off, I guess this is the right balance.

<<For your information, malicious stores will use the inferior parts of materials provided by their customers, while falsifying about the remaining parts being discarded and using them for other customers in a form of fraud. Recommending to be prudent in choosing a store.>>

Yup, in fact, around 30% of the stores were exactly that. Either they sell good quality stuff at rip off prices, or vice versa.
We did find stores whose prices match the quality, but all of them were at full capacity just to stock their stores, they couldn't accept custom order for several months.
It would have been fine if it was only a month. Can't exactly stay in this town forever.
...I feel like doing a world tour is just the thing to do after coming to another world.

"Can't find a good store anywhere."

"Kajikawa-san, you keep leaving immediately after taking a quick look at the clerks so they all got mad at us, yelling 'Window shoppers'!"

"Leave 'em be. The problem lies on those stores selling stuff way more than they're worth."

"Being able to tell quality of goods and craftsmen level at a glance is a handy thing, but those who don't know why will not take it kindly."

Well yeah. I don't care about what they think though.
Not like I'm gonna buy at that kind of stores anyway.

...Oh, ooh?
My eyes suddenly caught sight of a signboard written with [Gen Workshop] tucked in a super narrow alley.
These kinds of hidden stores usually turn out gold... Not like I have any basis to that.
Speaking of hidden stores, I wonder if Daijel material store's granny is doing fine these days. I felt bad that I had to leave Daijel without contacting her first.
Guess I'll take a peek. Just hoping it won't turn into another window shopping.

Just as I made my way in front of the store's door and about to enter

CRASH!! Sound of breaking glass. That took me by surprise...!
The glass window next to the door was broken by someone crashing out of it. The glass broke into pieces.
An orange haired short cut young man glared at someone inside the store with blood all over his body, likely cuts from the broken glasses.

"That freaking hurt!! The heck did you throw me for dangit!"

"Shuddup!! You greenhorn's 10 year earlier to go on your own! Quit yapping dumb crap and try to get a single sword sold!"

"My Skill's gotten up to Lv5! I'm a veteran already! Heck that blacksmith over there opened a grand store at Lv4!"

"Is a blacksmith who got nothing to show but mundane crap 'sides from store exterior what ya aspire to be!? Ya can go and open a specialty store sellin' wooden swords and bamboo spears then, ya greenhorn!"

"Now you said it! You're grandstanding too, damned old coot!!"

A short yet stoutly build burly gramps stroked his imposing beard inside the store as he yelled at the young man outside.
Looks like it's a quarrel between master and apprentice. I'll go ahead and make myself scarce~.

"Alrighty! I'm gonna beat ya into shape today... Mwu, hold up, a customer?"

The gramps peered outside the window and noticed me. Busted, shitto.

"Yep, we are. Ah, but we'll be on our way if you want to continue."

"No, we're done for now. Oy, get yourself treated and fix that window before you haul your ass back to the workshop. Make sure you start the furnace."

"You threw me and broke that crap, fix it yourself."

"We got a customer here, dumbass. I got no time to deal with you, get the hell to it!"

"Yeah yeah okay, yer' so loud..."
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The orange young man went back into the store as told despite looking hesitant.
Being able to speak harshly to his superior like that, this man is amazing in a way. That's impossible for me. Eh, what about that time during Slime Sealing incident? That was an emergency.

Wait, the heck, this gramps' Blacksmith Skill is at Lv9! He's a top class craftsman in this town.
The Lv9 Craftsman I saw near the town's entrance is apparently the best in this town and you're telling me there's an equal in such a small store like this?
Heck, this gramps really small. He's about as tall as Reina.
Hm, wait could he be...

<<Race: Dwarf.>>

I knew it. A popular race in fantasy, about as much as elves.
Guess they'd be bearded, strong and specialize in blacksmithing too here.

<<That impression is mostly apt. If they have Blacksmith or Master Blacksmith Jobs, their STR far exceed equivalent humans, higher than even rookie Combat Jobs.>>

Guess he did hurl someone.
How strong are dwarves with Combat Job then. Scary.

"Showed ya a sorry sight there. Well, just have a look around."


"I'm Gedagan, ya can call me Gen. That dumbass over there is my apprentice, Higuroima. Abbreviated, Higuro."

"Who's a dumbass, you old coot."

This gramps just shifted to serving customer mode from master-apprentice quarrel mode like it was nothing. Just like Kanatt-san, people good at their job can shift gear easily huh.
Judging from the goods lined up inside the store, all of them are of good quality with appropriate prices.
The only issue now is how long a custom order gonna be.

"Now then, what's your business? We're open for commission if you want a custom order, ya came at a good timing."

"Yeah like anytime. Nobody's coming to this remote spot with the constant angry yelling."

"And who got me yelling if it ain't you dangit! Whoa, sorry 'bout that, my dumbass apprentice just had to interject."

Are these skits a daily routine for these two or something. What a lively workplace.

"We'd like to have equipment made from magic beasts we defeated, can we took them out here?"

"Ou, pile 'em on this space. Just a warning, I might dump 'em on my dumbass apprentice if they're boring mats."

I'd like to think they're pretty good mats.
I put my hand inside a bag fashioned to look like a magic bag and fetched the bodies of Platinum Chicken, Gold Silver Wolves, and Thunderclap Byakko from Item Screen.
The gramps and the young man stared in wonder when they saw them.

"Oy oy oy, every single one of 'em is first rate stuff. These wolf and tiger are B-ranked Unique Monsters, and that chicken is Rank A."

"You said you beat 'em, you guys a Rank A adventurer party or something? But you all look pretty young."

"...You, the man, beat the chicken and the tiger solo huh. Your stats' all over the place, the heck's up with that?"

Ah, this gramps Appraised me without permission. So he can use Appraisal as well as Blacksmith huh. And hey, that's a breach of etiquette!
Well, I don't mind so long he can keep it to himself.

"I would prefer if we don't talk about my Status. I have my own circumstances."

"Those laddies over there are pretty high leveled too for their ages. Job, High Paladin, Ninja? Never heard of 'em."

"Old man, quit digging into people's background and get to it already. Also don't glare at those ladies, yer' scaring 'em."

"Shuddup, ain't nothing good comes from handing over powerful equipment to peeps with unknown Status! Whoa, sorry. This dumbass got me yelling again. Apologize if that scared ya."

"Oh it's not scary at all... Yup, it's way tamer than when Kajikawa-san and Alma-san got mad."

"You mean this black haired pair? They look downright demure compared to this geezer."

"You just shut your trap now, dumbass."

Reina, don't give them ideas. What if they misunderstood.
The talk isn't really progressing thanks to these constant comedy skits though.
Seems like it's gonna take a while till we actually get to talking about equipment...





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 435

435 Small Probability and Its Huge Influence


"Guess money circles the nation huh? But well, this makes things easy for sure. Just gotta remember to keep small changes with me."

"You're right. This card is indeed highly convenient and yet there may be places where it's not applicable. Just like how money circles the nation."

I felt something amiss with Eltros's reaction and stopped in the middle of the hallway to my room.

"Hey, do you know what that means? 'Money circles the nation'. How come you're familiar with that phrase anyway?"

That's it. It's a phrase that comes from Japan, it's not of this world.
The fact that Eltros knows it means something is at work. And that is.

"I came across a merchant peddling unusual wares once. That man caught my interest and I struck a conversation with him. During which he mentioned 'Money circles the nation'. It oddly left an impression on me."

There's no doubt about it. A Japanese person is connected to it. I'm convinced now. There are people other than me who have been reincarnated in this world.

"How was he like? What's his hair color? Eyes? Weren't they black?"

"No, he was a blond blue eyed man you can find anywhere. Is there something wrong?"

I believe humans who received blessings from the god of this world are all blond and blue eyed. They've also gotten their memories and personalities reset through the 'Purification'.
But with so many, perhaps some of them were reincarnated while carrying a part of their memories and knowledge intact?
There's also the existence of 'Hinomoto' country beyond the sea. A country shrouded in mystery with little known information regarding it.
'Katanas' exist there. This cinches it.
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(This western fantasy world's got 'Japanese Culture' mixed in... getting more and more fantasy-like...)

The more standarized the setting looks to be the bigger headache I'm getting.

"Ah... Then that means... I'm gonna get involved with it one of these days..."

Nothing I could do now that I know. I'm sure I'll get dragged into a mess surrounding it in a not so distant future.
I've just raised the event flag. Giving up is the only choice here.

"What seems to be the matter? You don't look so well..."

Eltros peered at my face, I told him 'nevermind'.

"You're free to go now, Eltros. Sorry for taking up your time. Go back to your work. I'll just make myself at home now."

I went back to my room and started groaning on my bed.

"This power means nothing if I can't stop all these incoming events. What's the point even, I'm powerless..."

As I sighed deeply, someone knocked on the door. It's Linda.

"May I have a bit of your time? I would like to give you the letter for my father."

I recalled how I promised her to deliver her letter to the federation and jumped out of my bed.

"These will be all from three of us. We would be grateful if you could deliver them. Um? When will you be departing?"

Staying here too long would make things awkward whenever I bump into these ladies.
Hence, I might as well say it.

"I'm leaving tomorrow. I'll make sure to get these letters to their recipients asap... They might drive me out due to my appearance though, you'll have to give up if that happens."

Thus I joked at my expense while reassuring Linda.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 165

Get Me Off, Off, Ooofh


Get me off... Get me off...
Hello there, I'm currently getting shaken, no vibrated, aboard a beast wagon on the way to the industrial town.
My butt is protected by a mana cushion so it's actually not too bad, but the assault on my semicircular canals is just aw aw aw aw aw....!!
Oy! You big lizard drawing this wagon! Pick a flatter road will you!
Why'd you keep happily going for the rockiest ups and downs you could find anyway!!

<<This is an oft-traversed route. The highway lacks maintenance due to frequent emergence of magic beasts. By the way, the beast drawing this wagon is a high level magic beast known as [Mountain Lizard Airscale], which makes it a good deterrent for wild magic beasts.>>

Ohreallynow. That information doesn't really help me right now.
Ah, crap... I'm hitting my limit...!

"...Sorry you two, could you plug your ears and turn away for a sec... Uuu...!!"

"Hikaru, you look so pained..."

"K-Kajikawa-san! Please do it out of the window if you're gonna throw up! Absolutely don't throw up inside!"

Ah, I'm done for. It's bursting at the seam~.
Welp, this is going to be a sorry sight so please stay tuned as this program *oooooooofh*

We're finally here at the industrial town.
Arriving at a new town feels refreshing, my body feels light even.
Actually it is physically lighter. There ain't nothing left in my belly...
Oh, there's the town's name on the gate's signboard. Industrial town [Ringranaita] huh.

I was bracing for trouble at the gate if someone saw my stat, but the gatekeepers let me pass just like that when I showed them my Adventurer Card.
Looks like once you hit Rank C, you get a no fuss pass in most towns.
By the way, apparently the card won't show Name and Rank if somebody besides the owner carries it. What a mysterious technology.
...Why was Vinfitt's checkpoint that strict I wonder.

The name industrial town gave me the impression of black smokes rising everywhere and the town filled with smog, but that wasn't the case at all.
You could hear sounds of striking metal here and there, see people tanning magic beast leather, and some sort of weird mechanisms full of carts on top of the buildings, truly the picture of an industrial town.

"Gale-san, brought 100 slabs of iron ingot with me!"

"Yeah, pile them up over there! Oy, Jitou! Aren't you done yet with the scabbard?! Our next customer's waiting, get to it!"

"I know I know! I'm almost done, don't rush me boss!"
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The tumult really drives home how bustling it is.
Though, it might get a bit too much if we were to stay here long term.

"It's a bit noisy, but everybody seems full of energy in this town."

"Yep. Lots of them are donning obvious craftsman attire too, oh, that guy's got Level 9 Blacksmith Skill. That's the highest I've ever seen so far."

"Ooh, the craftsmen's levels seem very high. No wonder they call it industrial town."

I'm sure we'll find someone who can deal with unique magic beasts and platinum chicken mats here.
Wonder what their levels should be?

<<Materials from Rank A or upper Rank B Magic Beasts require Blacksmith Skill as well as Sewing Skill. There are individual differences, however around Level 7 and above would be appropriate.>>

Fumu, guess we gotta look a craftsman above that.
I could go for that Lv9 craftsman but that might be a tad too high we probably will have to wait for our turn. Let's skip him for now.

"Speaking of which, I haven't asked you two what kind of equipment you want, have I?"

"A new body armor would be nice. Also enchanted accessories and the likes if possible."

"I want a new outfit and weapons I can throw. I could make them with my newly learned Ability [Ninja Gear Projection], but I wanna have some more to be my aces in the sleeves."

Ninja Gear Projection? What kind of Ability is that?

<<Ninjutsu Skill Lv2 Ability [Ninja Gear Projection], an ability that creates temporary weapon and tools necessary for Ninjutsu by consuming mana. The gear disappear after a certain amount of time. In addition, its strength corresponds to user's Attributes, as such it cannot produce strong weapons at low level. The higher Ninjutsu Skill the more varied the objects that can be projected. Currently, Reinamiure can only project [Shuriken] and [Kunai].>>

So kinda like Traces... Let's not go there with this reference. Somebody might get mad.
I think we can use gold silver wolves' mat for those. Also, can probably throw in Thunderclap Byakko's longest fang to get her a new dagger.
An evolving dagger like Alma's sword might just turn up since we're using a Unique Monster's mats.

Hmm, I've been surveying the stores nearby and you don't see a lot of their types in towns like Vinfitt or Randorainam.
Oh, that black ore is adamantite huh. It's usually used to make shields and armor, but it's also usable as a coating like with my frying pan.
Since it won't char, guess it's resistant to flame element. But heat passes just fine when I use it for cooking, weird.

There's plenty of jewels seemingly used in magic tools manufacturing too.
Wonder if they dig those out of the ground.

<<Confirming the existence of a mine, Monster Mountain Range, and Dungeons in the vicinity. These jewels should be mostly sourced from those areas.>>

Fumu fumu, how strong are the beasts in the magic beast territory, that mountain range.

<<The deeper and higher elevation you go, the higher Magic Beasts' levels become. Initial stage starts at Level 5-10, and near the summit, Magic Beasts over Level 50 may show up.>>

Deeper and higher elevation means tougher foes huh. Same system as Monster Prairie.
Wonder if the dungeon like Daijel's one.

<<The types of Magic Beasts differ from Daijel-adjacent Dungeon. The lowest floor is Floor 15. There have been many records of its conquest.>>

So somebody's cleared it already huh.
No changing it being a source of treasure though, might want to check it out sometimes.

And now for the most important tidbit I want to hear, what's the tastiest thing around these parts?
<<Meat of the Magic Beasts living in the mountain range is time consuming to process, but it is full of nutrition not to mention, delicious. There are breweries offering all kinds of liquor as well.>>

So, magic beast meat in the end huh. Comparing it to the meat from Prairie could be fun.
Ah, I'm good about the liquor. I'm not fond of alcohol.

What do, there's so many things I wanna do and we've just arrived.
...Let's rest at an inn for today. I'll sort out the priority before going to bed and tour the town tomorrow.
Gotta prepare for dinner too. My stomach is grumbling hard thanks to all that throwing up.
Wonder how much a room costs here, feels like these inns are getting pricier every time we visit a new town...





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 434

434 Black Worth


Once Bonuts was done inspecting Round Ape's leather, he took a card out of his bosom pocket.
A jet black card.

"It has no credit limit. This is yours to take. It has been issued with my name and usable in any stores registered to Merchant Guild. This should be more convenient to you than cash. Much better than withdrawing from the guild every time you need money. I don't mind handing over piles of platinum coins if you wish. But these items are all unprecedented. Not to mention the sheer amount. Will you consider accepting this instead?"

Bonuts slid that card on the table toward Eltros.

"Very well. That's plenty fine. I suppose you've taken quite the consideration."

Eltros took the card and put it in his bosom pocket.
That signaled the end of this business talk. Bonuts stood up right away.

"I will take my leave now. Things are going to get busy for me. Feel free to get in touch if you need something."

"Yes, I too would love nothing more than to build a mutually beneficial relationship. Let us save the discussion about my organization for next time. We can make an appointment once you're free."

The two grinned evilly as they left the room. Left alone in the room, I came out of hiding.

"Hmm! It's finally gotten light. Next up is, err? Well whatever. Still..."

I was shocked when Bonuts fetched that black card. Same when he gave the explanation.
It's exactly the same stuff as the one on earth! I retorted heavily in my mind.
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"Oh man... I'm finally an owner of one. Never even imagined that in both lives."

At best, I'd only dream up what I'd do if I won a lottery.
It's worrying me how my sense of value might get warped after getting that card.
I'm supposed to be less than a commoner. And then I got super rich overnight.

"No that's a different mind set... Can't be helped though."

This world has the guild that serves as banks, so I was expecting the money to be placed there, but not the appearance of a black card. The guarantor is even the chairman of the guild himself.

"Hm, I see... We told him not to probe and keep this matter and me confidential, and that ended with this roundabout result. Hm, hmm? I guess it's not exactly roundabout? More like this is the only way to do it?"

Eltros came back in the room while I was mulling over that.
He immediately took the card and reverently offered it to me.

"This is your card. To use it, simply hand over this card to the shopkeeper whenever you're buying something. The store side will take care of the rest. Only stores registered to the guild accept this however. But rest assured. Merchant Guild exists anywhere. Any inn would accept this as well. There's nowhere in this world without the guild or such inns, thus this one card will serve all your needs."

After hearing that, I'm convinced my sense of value is going to become twisted for sure. That's way too user friendly.
I watched the palm-sized black card from all angles while simultaneously feeling relieved from having my cash problem settled forever and trembling at the thought of the terrifying worth concentrated in this piece of card made of unknown material.

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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 164

Farewell Don't Come


It's finally the day to leave Nyushina.
The orphanage is fine now. There's no particularly eye catching commissions at the guild either, we have no more reason to stay here.
...Yet, it's painful to part still.

"Reina-oneechan, you're going...?"

"Stay a bit more! Heck, stay forever with us!"

"Master Chef, we want to learn more from you..."

"You guys have mastered the basics, I've got nothing else to teach. And hasn't Faram-kun been copy writing every day you've got around a hundred recipes with you, poor Faram-kun his wrist almost got an inflammation. It's time for you lot to challenge yourselves... Also, quit it with Master Chef. I'm an adventurer, okay."

"...Yup, I wrote so many it's hurting hahaha..."

I could only smile wryly at the established master chef designation the kids gave me.
Faram-kun grimaced a bit while opening and closing his palm... Thanks for your hard work.

"Alma-neechan, you won't teach us swords anymore...?"

"Hey, don't forget about her magic teaching!"

"What's with you! I asked her first!"

"No fighting. There's still a lot I want to teach you on both. But, I won't do it unless you two make up."


"If you can promise me you won't quarrel until we meet again, I'll teach you again. Get along okay."


Alma went and taught kids who aspire to be combatants, and got herself into becoming a sort of idol to them.
She didn't teach them mana and energy control though... Of course.
If she did, these children would turn out terrifying. Scary.

Reina is saying her good bye to Director.

"Reina, I know it's late, but I had been going around all over looking for kids who got separated after the Stampede and you ended up being the last. I'm sorry for making you go on your lonesome for so long..."

"You don't have to worry about that at all, Director. Pyushia and Hiena who ran with me found themselves a new family, and I got picked up by Kajikawa-san and Alma-san, I even became an adventurer myself!"

"Fufufu. You've always been such a strong-willed and lively kid... You have the traits between the two of them on you."

"Mwu, I agree for mom, but I'm nothing like that guy..."

"...Reina, I understand if you won't forgive Girka nor should you."
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Girka is Reina's father if I recall right... Is she like him? Aren't her Skills the only thing similar?

"But please understand that he wasn't always a rotten piece of work who would sell his own child. Well I mean, he might have no tact, quick to look down on people and never admit his own shortcomings, and also he was a troublemaker who'd erase evidence of his wrongdoings."

"He sounds like a real piece of work though! Heck what's with that super harsh evaluation!? ...Huh? Wait did you know what he was like back then?"

"Well yes of course I do, both your parents were raised at this orphanage after all."

"Eh, wait, what I never heard of that though!?"

"That's because, knowing you Reina, you'd act reserved if I did tell you. You always took it upon yourself and did chores to the point of exhaustion even without that extra information."


"The reason Girka never tried to take you by force from our orphanage was likely because he still had conscience for his place of growing. Or perhaps he couldn't forget the time I whacked his rear for 200-300 times whenever he made a mess."

"2-300!? Are those digits right!?"

"Ah, that's all in the past now. There's no kids as bad as Girka, after all."

"The more I listen to you, the more pitiful I feel as his child..."

Reina listened to Director's story while wincing hard.
...Well nobody wanna hear their parents' shame.

"Reina, I can say this to you now that you've grown strong, you should stop trying to run away from Girka. If you can't forgive him, don't pent up all your hatred inside and get back at him with all your might instead... Not at the vital if possible."

"...I'll do that for you, Director."

"If he still keeps at it even after you did that, you can drag him here to our orphanage. I'll correct him with the force of a thousand suns if he won't turn a new leaf as an adult fufufu..."

"Director, you look scary... No need for that, I ain't afraid of that guy anymore. I'll beat him up to a pulp if he wanna have a go."

"That's quite fine. Also, please go see Feria when you can. I'm sure she's worried sick for you."

"Of coursessu!"

Feria must be her mother's name.
Apparently she looks the splitting image of Reina, wonder which town she lives at? I should ask Reina.

"Now then, that's all I need to tell you, it's time to say good bye... Go, Reina. You're free to come back here anytime."

"Director... I'm off! I'll bring back a lot of souvenirs the next time I drop by!"

"Ah, I wanna beef next time! The chicken pork and rabbit you served were so good I can't wait for beef next!"

"Aren't you getting way ahead of yourself making a request already!?"

Thanks to Director's gluttonous remark, the sad mood got blown away.
...She might have done it on purpose though.

"Kajikawa-san, thank you so much for not only saving Director but this whole orphanage too."

"I was only doing a commission in Director's case, and the potato chips were the fruit of the kids labor. Don't mention it."

"No, what you've done is making best use of people's talent. As the ones on the receiving end, we can't overstate just how amazing a feat that is. That's why, I truly believe you should pride yourself more, Kajikawa-san."

"...Thanks. Take care now. Watch out for your wrist and don't write too much, Faram-kun."


I turned around to hide my blushing and staggered my way out of the orphanage's gate.
...Oh no, I'm feeling really awkward.
Menu was the only reason I managed the kids' talents right, knowing their Skills and assigning them the right job.
It doesn't feel real to have it attributed to me... Guess it's all good as long as they're satisfied.

Okay, now that we're done with the farewell, we gotta get on board of the wagon heading for the industrial town.
The last time I got on one the shaking was so bad, my HP buffer felt useless and I even forgot to put a mana cushion on my butt. Come at me wagon shaking!
Eh, it's not a wagon but a beast carriage this time? They're much faster than wagons but the shaking is also much worse? ...C-come at me beast carriage (trembling voice).
...Maybe I should've just flown there with Mana Flight...





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 433

433 Sympathy Again


Chairman Bonuts came by early in the morning so there was quite a bit of time until afternoon. I spent that time lazing around in my room's bed.
It went too long I ended up working out, the first time in quite a while.

Then it was lunch time, they brought food to my room. Afterward, I took a bath to refresh myself and hid in the negotiation room.
No telling when he's coming in the afternoon. I sat down on a sofa behind a partitioning screen.

But I didn't have to wait long for Bonuts reappearance.

"Sorry for the wait. I'm here for the materials now... Are those on the floor all of them?"

"Pardon. I still have more. There's not enough room here so it would be great if you could put these materials inside your magic bag. I will reveal them afterward."

Eltros put on air as he urged Bonuts.

"Here are the rest of the wyvern earlier."

Scales, leather, eyeballs, fangs, claws, wing membrane, and all kinds of usable parts were lined up on the floor.
The stinger on the tip of its tail is there too. Materials usable as parts are all here. Scales are the most abundant as they're from the whole body. It's jam packed in a big sack.
I wanted to save a portion of meat for myself so I only sold the two blocks in the morning.
There's some from the tail, I'm thinking of having tail soup tonight.

(Gotta pay attention I don't shake the mansion's chef too much.)
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I've learned from watching Bonuts's reaction that I really shouldn't reveal wyvern's materials willy-nilly. So I plan to use it all up in this mansion. Gotta avoid taking out those mats outside.
Besides, they'd rot if I keep lugging them around.

"Their states are simply superb... It's perfect... No point of contention whatsoever. The wing is undamaged? Umu, wonderful... I have no word. So, is this all?"

Bonuts inspected the wing membrane from end to end.
The two had been conversing while I was busy thinking about food.

"No, there is still one left. The real last one. Have you put away all the wyvern materials? Do you still have room in your magic bag? Then, please watch your footing."

It's a piece of Round Ape's leather. Perfectly intact with no damage. It's even got the arm leather. Eltros took it out of his magic bag. No, dragged it out.
It's quite big. I think that ape magic beast was about three meter tall. Its back leather is naturally huge.

There's no way anybody wouldn't be shocked at this. Bonuts trembled at the thought of this magic beast's size.
Eltros warned him to watch his footing, yet he still fell down on his rear.
The same reaction Eltros had when I showed that thing last night. Must be why. Eltros said, 'You have my sympathy'.
Must because he's gone through the same motion.
For having to see something that terrifying, I guess.

"Now then, will you be buying this too?"

Eltros shot a refreshing smile at Bonuts. The reply which is.

'...', silence. And then a nod.
Bonuts stood up, inspected the leather from all angles and then put it inside his magic bag without speaking a word.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 163

Prepping for Departure


It's been a week since we started selling potato chips, and the results have surpassed our expectations.
We sell out hundreds of bags every day, starting out strong. The promotion worked well.
Well, I'm sure most of our customers are people curious to try what's popular, but sales are sales.

"We sold a lot~!"

"I-I've never seen so much money before...!"

"350 en a bag is a bit cheap for snacks but that helped a great deal with the sales."

It's only 30% that in Japan though. It works in this world because that's how expensive the snacks here.
We grow the raw ingredient Oxen Potato in the orphanage's garden ourselves, and even if production eventually can't catch up with the sales, we can simply buy more from the market.

"You kids worked really hard on it... I'm so proud of you all."

"Director, I dug, lots and lots of potatoes. I'm good?"

"Of course you're all wonderful. Nick-kun and the boys are so good at digging all those potatoes everyday."

That blonde little boy is Nick-kun she muttered in her dream huh. Don't mistake him for meat please. <TLN: Niku = meat.>
He's still only 6, but I guess he can at least help out with that much. Must be a hard work for such a small body too, what a good boy.

"Karla and the other kids have gotten quite proficient at peeling too, I see."

"It's thanks to Reina-oneechan teaching us how to handle knives."

"Fufufu, Reina's gonna grow up into an amazing Daggerist like me at this rate."

Reina is a Ninja though.
Heck, had no idea Karla had Dagger Skill. That might be why she's attached to Reina.

"We slice and slice the potatoes Karla's group peeled, then we put them in the water, dry them and hand them over to the cooking group. It's simple if not for the sheer amount."

"Take care not to slice your fingers when you're handling those potatoes okay. The slicer Kajikawa-san had that blacksmith made is super sharp!"

I got yelled at by the town blacksmith at first, "We're blacksmith! We ain't making toys for kids playing house!", but after I got him to sample a bag of potato chips, his face went from sour to that of surprise.
Thank goodness I went to a blacksmith who loves to drink. The chips are a good companion for drinking, so he readily agreed in the end, "I'll smith you the tool if you're making this stuff. But, you gotta tell me where you sell 'em".
It cost 40,000 man. Apparently, the blade part is made of chip resistant mithril, it might very well be the priciest slicer in the world.
I did ask for the best material so it'd last a long time, didn't expect it to become the most biggest expense in the whole preps. Make sure you kids take real good care of it, you hear me...

"We overshot the frying process the potatoes into charcoal at first, but it's fine now, we've grasped the knack."

"Yep and we've learned the right amount of salt to season with. It's time to start experimenting with other flavors."

"Rina's group is working hard with the cooking too I see. Om nom, I think this tastes good already, nom nom but it'd be nice if there's more variations om nom."

"Director, quit talking while stuffing your mouth full! And you're eating too much! What if we run out of chips to sell!"
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I instructed them to release soy sauce and garlic flavored chips after about a month.
The kids are so skillful at handling cooking utensils you wouldn't think they haven't come of age, I even got a bit jealous.

"The biggest hurdle is calculating revenue and profit, yet you kids did really well the other day."

"Well thanks to the cheap price and not much changes, it's not too bad."

"There were some people who tried to haggle down or asked bags for free, but they all backed down once Mia told them, 'No bullying', so we're free of incidents so far."

"...Heck, weren't they just running away afraid of the wolf Mia was riding on."

"It's 'Woofie', not wolf~. Say it right~."

"O-ou... You fine with that name?"


The wolf, Woofie whimpered seemingly a bit discontent. That name's too cute.
We got Woofie tamed by chance and he turned out useful somewhere I least expected. We're counting on you big guy.

Speaking of name, I really should start thinking up one for the little birdie I'm keeping.
Wonder what~. Maybe Hiyone? No wait, it's gonna graduate from being a chick once it grows up, guess not.
Heck, it's been half a month since it's staying with me, yet its size hasn't changed at all, isn't it growing too slowly?
Its fur changed color from yellow to white, but that's the only thing different.

<<Meadow Cock kept by Kajikawa Hikaru has reached adulthood. Its size has not changed because it's using Magic Skill Lv1 [Larva Camouflage] to make itself look small.>>

...Eh, it's fully grown already?
Then why is it pretending to be a chick?

『Pipi, pi.』

You think a big body is gonna get in the way?
Well, I mean I guess it's better if you're small whenever we're traveling yeah.
But I kinda wanna see you gradually growing bigger, you know.
...Well, I'm sure you'd keep evolving from now on, but now that you're an adult and all, we'll start your leveling from tomorrow on. Put your back into it, Hiyone.

『Pi! ...Pi?』

'Eh, that's really going to be my name?' or so the reaction went, which I ignored. My naming sense is hopeless.

The orphanage should be fine now.
They earn tens of thousands up to a hundred thousands en every day, their quality of life should be pretty good now as long as they don't splurge.
I've been teaching them all kinds of recipes every day too, from now on you kids gotta come up with new ones yourselves.
I don't gotta have to butt in anymore. I'm sure Reina can leave with her mind at ease.

"I'm thinking of departing in two days. Thanks to those hardworking kids, the orphanage should be in good hands now, fund-wise."

"Hikaru, I think, we can take it a bit slower..."

"...No, Kajikawa-san is exactly right! ...Leaving is gonna be painful if we stay too long..."

"It's looking painful already. Or maybe you want to stay here Reina? I don't, really mind, yup, real."

"Then what do you say about that reluctant face! I won't stay, I wanna travel around the world with you two and then I can bring them back souvenirs one day."

"That's fine. Radia-kun has gone back to the port town to continue leveling there, wonder what should we do."

I offered to fly him back there, but he declined looking pale, 'Give me a break'. Shouldn't be so reserved.
We really owe him a great deal. I should express my gratitude properly the next time we meet.

"The sensible option for us is to continue leveling at the Monster Prairie as well, but."

"Is there somewhere you want to visit?"

"Apparently there's this Industrial Town in the opposite direction of the port town. So I thought, asking someone there to make us new equipment with all the materials we've gotten so far would be nice. I got told this town's equipment store can't handle Unique and Rank A Magic Beast mats, see."

"Ooh, right you two defeated several strong beasts at the prairie back then."

"There's also this Tiger-type Unique Monster that attacked the orphanage under that piggy upstart's order... It's got a hole torn open on the belly though."

"What did you do to it!?"

"Uh well, I was gonna send it flying with a punch, but then, splat."

"Gyaa!! That's grotesque!"

"...I don't want to imagine..."

I too don't want to recall that sensation of pulling my arm out. It's warm and soft... Let's stop there.
Now that's been decided, time to prep for our departure. Wonder what kind of town is this Industrial Town.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 432

432 Liquidation


All kinds of magic beast materials are lined up. So many of them, there's no more room to step on the floor.
There's meat and specific parts from all kinds of magic beasts. Eltros carefully put them down one by one on the floor.

"What? What is this? This amount! And not a single one is damaged?! You mean there was no fight... but how, with the size of these parts? You can immediately tell how gigantic these magic beasts were... How did that hunter obtain all these? Not even a group of veteran mercenaries could possibly fetch this many fresh mats."

The chairman couldn't stop talking in excitement. At the same time, his eyes calmly make an assessment of each and every item.
As expected of a merchant. Looks like he's making a high speed calculation on the purchasing and selling prices.
I'm poking my head out in the open to watch them from my hiding place, yet he's too focused to notice me.
Eltros hasn't actually revealed the main attraction. I don't know his reason but I'm gonna leave it to him.

"Oy, the meat will spoil like that. Do you mind if I put them in my magic bag? I'll give you good prices. The freshness warrants that. I'd like to sell them at our store right this instance. I'll pay you the meat first here and now, they must stay fresh. Is that fine?"

"Gladly. However, I still have another kind of meat. I shall fetch it now. Here it is."

Bonuts wouldn't compromise and quickly put the meat into his personal magic bag.
Freshness is key, that's only common sense. Him being a chairman isn't just for show I see.

But then he started acting flustered when he saw the meat that was shown next. The block of meat has scales attached to it, proof of it originally being a wyvern.

"...Oy! What's the meaning of this!? Did they hunt a wyvern!? Who is this hunter? I want an exclusive contract! Introduce me will you!?"

This must be what it looks like when someone loses composure. Bonuts dropped his magic bag on the table and pressed on Eltors.
His reaction is more exaggerated than Eltros last night. I'm a bit taken aback.
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"This discussion is strictly a business talk, will you buy or not?"

Eltros calmly refused him. He's already seen the same reaction yesterday.

"Ugugugugu... 'Course I'm buying! Are the scales included with the price? Then... dammit! Didn't calculate this!"

"Oh no, these scales only serve as a proof, you do not have to include them in the price. I am but a negotiator. For free."

Eltros told me that even a single scale of wyvern fetches for a lot of money. I'm not too fussed on that so I told him to just give out the scales as proof.

"Sorry give me time! I must get the meat to... Eei! The Empire! Or maybe the Kingdom! Which one...! Eei!"

Bonuts is losing his mind, it must be rare for him to handle wyvern meat or maybe this is first.
Watching him, I thought to myself I made the right choice.

(Even a bigwig like him got a big panic. Would have been impossible for lesser merchants then. Eltros is right, only the chairman could afford this.)

I almost brought these mats to Aryl. She'd likely pass out from panicking so much.
It's evident how unusual that is from the chairman's reaction.

"...Please wait a bit. You are free to of course. I'd like you to purchase this one as well."

Eltros took another block of wyvern meat and put it on the table.
Bonuts was dumbfounded at this. I didn't overlook how his eyes were darting around too.

"...I get it. Aye, I get it. Why you barred me from probing the person who hunted this..."

Bonuts squeezed that word before putting the block of meat in his magic bag with vacant eyes.

"Paying with cash for all these items will prove difficult. As such, I must ask you to agree with a slightly unconventional means."

Eltros gave his OK. I wasn't so sure but I did ask Eltros to handle everything after all.

"Forgive me but could we continue in the afternoon. Do excuse me. I wish to process them right away. I will return in the afternoon. Until then..."

"Yes, I understand. No other merchants could handle those materials after all. However, do prepare yourself afternoon. Haha, I could have never imagined I would come to sympathize with you on this."

Eltros saw Bonuts off outside the mansion while half joking and half threatening.
Bonuts muttered with furrowed brows at that.

"I have no idea what you mean... All I know is that it will be hysterical..."

As I got the room to myself, I thought.

(If wyvern meat got him to fly off the handle like that, what'd his reaction gonna be like to intact wing membrane.)

I've still got plenty of wyvern materials left in my magic bag. I cannot say if not unleashing them all here is good or bad.
I'm getting a bit scared but it's not like carrying them around with me is gonna do me any good.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 162

Temperature Difference on the Surface and Bottom


"Come on in, come on in! Welcome~!"

"Yummy snacks, sa-sample? Service? Open~."

"They're so crunchy and tasty~, how about a bite~!"

Voices of children energetically promoting potato chips are resounding throughout the town.
Some of them are sounding awkward yet that has its own charm as some people are watching warmly and compelled to try.
A lot of people of all ages have a similar reaction, they look surprised after taking a bite and immediately grab more chips. Seems it's more popular than anticipated.
By the way, we're giving them out for free so we don't have to pay the associated fee presently. It's a promotional effort after all.

"Oy oy, this ain't nowhere enough. Gimme more will you?"

"T-that's all I have on me..."

"I tellin' you this ain't enough, bring me more. You'd be sorry if you don't."

Ah, one of the small kid promoting over there is getting bullied by a big rascal boy. He looks to be the designated bully in this area.
The boy's making a racket after wolfing down one sample. That may look cute outwardly, but the one getting bullied must be scared. He's even tearing up.
Should I go help him? ...No, I don't need to it seems.

"Ah, excuse me! We have more chips here!"

"You must really like our product to eat so much! We're so happy!"

"Here you go take 'em! We still have a lot more!"

"W-who are you guys!?"

"Here you go! Hah, are these not enough!? Time to bring in reinforcement--"

"O-okay, okay! It's my bad! Just leave me alone!"

Other kids who saw the bullying flocked around the bully and pressured him into getting their samples.
Violence in number. It's kinda scary in a way...
Judging from that, I'm sure they can handle small scuffles just fine.
There shouldn't be anymore thugs who'd pick a fight with orphanage children in broad daylight.
...In fact, after the uproar a few days ago, the number of thugs lurking in this town saw a drastic decrease. Wonderwhy.

Anyway, the plan is to promote the chips for two days before selling them for real afterward.
We told the people who took our samples where we'd be opening shop, hoping they'd become repeat customers.

The receptionist of Cooking Guild (Juniva-san apparently) has also been helping out with word of mouth, making a rumor about a simple yet tasty snack which is our chips spread.
It probably won't be that popular among chefs, but I can at least expect a few them turning up. Hopefully.

We also dropped by the adventurer guild and gifted a few bags of potato chips to the receptionist (Binafa-san) who helped Alma's group when they were out gathering herbs, 'These are potato chips our orphanage is selling, if you don't mind having them.'
I hope it'll go the same way Naima-san helped spread the word about my shaved ice at the port town back then.

"That's about everything we can do before opening day. Next up, we just have to wait and see areas that'll need improvements once we've started selling. Gotta think up new flavors so our customers won't get bored too."

"...Those kids all look the liveliest they've ever been..."

Faram-kun muttered looking moved.
They're all running around with their small body, in order to eat good food three times a day, and to repay Director who's always been there for them.
...I'm sure the latter plays the biggest role. Yup. I want to believe.

"Well, things are going well here. So now Alma, Reina and I are off for a bit. We'll be back at the orphanage by nighttime, you can give your report then, okay."

"All right. By the way, where are you going?"

"To a magic beast territory for a magic beast culling commission."

"Oh okay, please take care... I thought Kajikawa-san was actually a Chef, but no you really are an adventurer."

Nuh uh, I'm not a chef, the orphanage kids are calling me master chef or something, but I'm actually just a Skill-less reserve unit old man.

As the one who came up with this idea, I probably should be supervising them constantly, but our main job can't be left unattended too. No choice there.
Besides, my inner ghost is whispering to me, 'Your strength is not quite there. It'll be bad if you don't get stronger quickly.'
I can already solo Rank A magic beasts like Platinum Chicken and Thunderclap Byakko yet it's still not enough, huh.
Ghost-san, I've been working real hard lately, can't I have a break or two? Eh, I can't? Okay...
...Wonder if there's a crisis looming that requires this speedy power up. Ah, man what a pain~. I've had enough of trouble.

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Enough is enough

They have prospered for tens thousands of years as we protect the natural order of things

As a Demon King, a necessary evil that must be defeated, and as an arbitrator, I have been maintaining the balance with nary a dissension

The time is now nigh to close the curtain

The long era of Man has run its course

"My lord, Demon King, we have concluded the time it takes to put that magic into practice."

Well done how long

"It will be ready in about a year."

Very well maintain our bases on each continent for one year

This domain shall not take the center stage until then

"By your will."

Heroes, revived no matter how many times they die, shall eventually grow strong enough to defeat Demon Kings

Regulating the number of humans by granting them dreads and deaths is too my duty as Demon King

...We are not rebelling against Goddess

We are simply making the best use of the possibility granted to us by Goddess

Us, Demon King and demonkind have served Goddess for many tens thousands of years

Carrying out our repulsive duty for tens thousands of years

Playing the role of evil to humanity for tens thousands of years

<<A new human has joined Hero's Party, Job [Sage].>>

Very well keep monitoring the hero's movement


Enough is enough

It is time for us to reap the fruit

It is time to end the age of human






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 161

Side Story Death Marathon


"...How many time is this..."

"...Eighth, no ninth I think..."

"...We've gotten really used to dying now huh hahaha..."

"...Don't say it with that dead man look..."

Hello there, we're currently tackling a commission we took at the adventurer guild... Urp, the shock from dying is still lingering, I wanna throw up...

After many many sessions of magic beast culling, I'm now Level 18, Levia is Level 14.
Since we'd gotten relatively strong and all, I thought it'd be nice to take on a commission about helping people every once in a while and found one that piqued my interest.

According to our client, his daughter came down with [Chronic Mana Deficiency] syndrome two years ago. She's now constantly running short of mana, and weakened to the point she can't even have a good quality of life.
It's an extremely rare disease no common antidote potions can cure.
There's no telling how many years it's gonna take to recover naturally, she could even be dying first before that, yet this syndrome can't be cured with normal methods.
You need either the highest grade all curing Panacea, or a medicine concocted specially to cure the syndrome but the former easily costs two, three houses and it's so rare there's no easy way to get your hands on it around these parts.
There is no info on its whereabouts either. The client tried to look up individuals from Medical Care Guild and Alchemist Guild who might have one but he came out empty handed.

Fortunately, the raw material for the special medicine one can be obtained in a nearby area, so this option has a good chance of success.
The area in question isn't inhabited by powerful magic beasts, even newbie adventurers can possibly get this material.

However, the path there is, simply, dangerous.
The route has so many naturally occurring death traps you'd think someone, somewhere set them up...
Who made this death route anyway! Is it the goddess! I was grateful for her sending me here but I won't forgive her this time around!

<<Let's not vent your misplaced anger. Besides weren't all those deaths preventable if only you came prepared and kept your guard up. This happens because you lack the fundamental of adventurers.>>

Warn me about these dangers will you! I feel like I'm gradually losing something important in me whenever I die! Is it the number of my remaining lives!?

<<It's just your mind playing tricks on you, there is no limit on your death. No pain, no gain right? Trial and error it is.>>

Heck this is more trial and dead! Don't you know safety first?!

"The first time we died was thanks to that crumbling ground on top of a cliff, wasn't it."

"Yup, we fell together, forgetting to even use Air Step."

...Then when we got revived at a nearby revival altar, there was this super annoying announcement, 'O hero lololol, how could you die pfft lolololol'.
Apparently a past hero made this altar and recorded the line that would get played whenever a hero is revived but they couldn't hold back their laughter resulting in that infuriating announcement. That past hero is a troll!

<<I'm not sure you're one to talk Neora-san, what's with your harem objective and all...>>

Aah, I can't hear you.
Heck, feels like these past heroes were all true to their desires and acted on them.
They reproduced miso, soy sauce, curry and even this kind of joke facility all over the world. They were way too free.

So that's how uneventful my first death was, recalling that gives me an indescribable shiver.
No, I guess for the first and second. We died again over there.
Even though I know we'll get revived right away, there's this bizarre dread of actually experiencing death you think will never happen to you.
...But our client's daughter might die if we gave up halfway, and she'd die for good, unlike us. We gotta press on and complete this commission while braving our fear.

"Then on our second try, we managed to pass that area and came across a river with a very strong current. We slipped when we tried to jump over."

"The rock there was really slippery, ended up getting washed away by the strong current and dying..."

It's like that scene in a certain super hell village... Does anyone even get this reference.
Afterward we kept risking our lives, or rather dying multiple times before we eventually reached the spot where the raw material is.

Which is the head of a huge anaconda-like magic beast, [Elemental Snake].
Meaning we have to beat it to get it.
The snake itself isn't strong Stat-wise, just fighting it would be a cinch but the issue is in its nature.
Its huge size belies its timid nature as it keeps running away from us.
Being a snake and all, it can go in gaps and twists impossible for us to venture in, driving it into a corner is an ordeal in itself.
We attempted to kill it quick and got lured into an area full of poisonous swamps and vegetation with blade-like leaves, dying in the process. The snake seems to have a full knowledge of the topography here, it's easily slipping past all those danger zones unharmed.

Then as we kept trying again and again, our deaths reached two digits before we knew it.
Frankly, I don't think I can go on anymore. Wonder if this is how those protagonists in death-return stories feel...

But I won't give up. I can't give up.

"I ain't ever giving up until I made that darned snake pay...!"

"I will never forget that face as it watched us dying in that natural trap just before we cornered it for good...!"
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The two of us grumbled our grudges as we braved through precarious paths.
Saving the girl and completing the commission are one thing, but more than those, our main driving force now is to see that snake suffers.
Remembering the face of that giant snake made me feel a surprising amount of hatred welling up from within me, overwriting the dread of dying.
'Hatred breeds nothing' is invalid this time around. Grudge being my motivation may be unbecoming of a hero but I don't care. I'll never forgive you, dangitallll!!

"Now then, it's our tenth try. Let's see who's gonna die this time you darned snake...!"

"Fufufu... We've gotten a good grasp on your behavioral pattern and this area's terrain by now... You're done for...!"

<<The two of you look the very picture of undead. It's really scaring me...>>

『Ss, ssssss.....!』

I agree, we really do look like vengeful spirits. Hellro instead of hero. Uh forget it.
The expression on the giant snake looks daunted if I'm not just imagining things.
It must be experiencing an unknown sense of terror, being targeted by two people who keep coming back from death.

"Your head is mineeee!!"

"I'll cut it off for good!!"

『Sss, shaaaaaaaaaa!!!?』

"We've... brought the medicine..."

"Hiii!? O-oh you're the two who took the commission... Are you all right?"

After defeating the giant snake, we asked an apothecary to make the medicine and brought it to the client's house.
Physically and mentally exhausted as well as reeling from the shock of dying so many times, we must be emanating a hard to approach aura right now.

"Pardon. The path there was more precarious than we anticipated..."

"I-is that so, please excuse me for screaming as well, thank you... I'm so grateful of you two, Olivie can be cured now...!"

I think Olivie is the daughter's name.
Whoops, gotta tell him about the medicine's side effect.

"Excuse me, I need to give a warning before your daughter takes that medicine."

"? Is there a problem?"

"Apparently the medicine has a side effect that makes its taker lose a bit of their life force. Letting her ingest it when she's weakened may be dangerous. It's a good idea to either let her take a recovery potion together with the medicine or have someone cast healing magic on her afterward... Would you like me to?"

"A-are you sure? Not only have you fetched the medicine, you would even go so far..."

"We're in together on this boat ride. We might as well see it to the end."

"Boat ride...? I-is that right, thank you very much."

...Hm? He looks confused at that saying, wonder why?

<<Probably because Japanese proverbs don't really get conveyed here~. Some proverbs did get popularized by past heroes but nobody knows other kinds.>>

So I just made myself look like a fool saying random stuff huh. I wanna die.
Now then, let's get to curing the daughter shall we.

The old man led us to his daughter's room where a long silver haired beautiful girl is lying on the bed.
She's bedridden and constantly weakened from the mana deficiency.
When she noticed us, she put on glasses left on the table next to her bed and spoke.

Whoa, huge. And I don't mean her height, they're enormous!
Aaa I'm sorry Levia, forgive me, don't pinch my back, please don't pinch my back so hard owowowowow!!

"...Good morning, dad... And they are...?"

"Olivie, everything is going to be okay now. These kids brought your medicine. You'll be cured now...!"

"I-I will...? T-thank you so much... I've been feeling weaker by the day. I thought I wasn't going to make it...!"

Olivie-san thanked us while tearing up.
Yup, thank goodness. This is worth dying many times over.

<<Please don't phrase it like that... Hm? Hmmm!?>>

Shaddup... What's wrong? Something bothering you about Olivie-san?

<<W-why don't you check her Status...!?>>

What's up with you all of a sudden... Wait, does she have another chronic disease on her?
I checked her Status while feeling anxious. Let's se...?


Level 15

Age: 17

Race: Human

Job: Sage

State: Chronic Mana Deficiency Syndrome, Mana Shortage (Large), Weakened (Small), Hunger (Small)

HP (Health): 111/256
MP (Mana): 24/321
SP (Stamina): 21/128

STR (Strength): 100
ATK (Attack): 100
DEF (Defense): 115
AGI (Agility): 97
INT (Intelligence): 278
DEX (Dexterity): 125
PER (Perception): 101
RES (Resistance): 122
LUK (Luck): 51

Wand Art Level 3, Martial Art Level 2, Offensive Magic Level 6, Support Magic Level 4, Recovery Magic Level 4, Elemental Magic Level 1, Space Magic Level 1

...Eh, [Sage]?
I've seen a lot of people so far but never one with [Sage] Job.
Heck, what's up with that super high INT!? It's not as high as mine now, but it's way higher than mages on the same level.

<<It's a super rare Job that can only be obtained if you learn four kinds of Magic Skills before coming of age! It's so scarce you can probably count on one hand the number of people that have this Job in the entire world!>>

...Maybe I could invite her to join our party after she's taken her medicine.
I won't pressure her to agree, but her Stats are simply wonderful. Hope she's receptive.
Then as a member of my harem I will enjoy those bouncy owowowowowow!! Levia it's tearing! My skin's tearing up if you keep that up, I'm begging you, stop!





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