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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 167

Bizarre Customer


"These are small yet trained hands you've got. Pretty good for someone looking so dainty."

"But yours just as small, gramps."


"Oh shaddup. And quit laughing, you idiot apprentice!"

Gramps muttered as he carefully observed Reina's hands like he was doing a palm reading.
It might look a tad concerning from the sidelines. Wait no, normally you'd think he's a grandfather playing with his granddaughter, why'd my mind go there instead...
Have I been poisoned by my mind ghost? Uh but that's me too.

"Umu, I've noted down the right length for the blade and grip. All that's left is to forge it and adjust accordingly after a trial run."


"Also, 'Shuriken' and 'Kunai' was it? I get that they're both throwing weapons, sure are peculiar stuff you're asking."

"I dunno why my Ninjutsu Skill projects them in the shapes they are. But they feel really nice in my hands and super easy to use. But then the stuff made through my Skill are really weak, I wanna carry strong ones as my secret weapons."

Reina showed the projection as she explained.
The shuriken looks like it's made of iron yet it's actually Reina's mana so it's hugely influenced by her Attributes.
It should turn into relatively strong weapons once she's gotten stronger, but that is not today.

"I see... Fumu, I can make both from the wolves' or the tiger's fangs no problem. Excess parts unused for the dagger won't go to waste with this."

"I can't wait to see the finished products!"

"Ou, it'll be great... But man, you really carried around the whole bodies huh. They're so fresh like they've just been killed too."

"I'm sorry, the dismantling place I consulted at the previous town said processing them would be difficult."

"As it should be with this stuff. A lot of those dismantling services also strip off usable parts willy nilly. Ain't no worry about that with our trusted dismantling guy tho'. That is if you trust our store."

"This store is selling high quality goods at appropriate prices. I trust you."

"...I see you're confident in yer' discerning eyes eh. Dunno how without Appraisal Skill."

It's thanks to Menu-san, it's seriously cheat. Appraisal Skill ain't no match to it.
Frankly, I'm confident I'd have died like 20-30 times already if it weren't for Menu-san... What a pitiful confidence.

We also ordered gloves made from platinum chicken feather fiber, chest protectors for me and Alma as well as taking measurements for Reina's outfit and we were finally done.`

"That black haired lady's already got a powerful weapon it seems but what about you, don't got one?"

"As you may have surmised from seeing my Status, half-baked weapons would only hinder me while too strong a weapon is a waste for me."

"Yeah, but sure sounds much better than fighting bare-handed... Your Attributes may be high but yer gonna hit yer' limit sooner or later. Or what, you got your own customized weapon?"

"Well, in a way..."

I'd love to wield a weapon if only I could find one that gives me the 'this is it!' feeling.
I can reproduce most weapons with Mana Control anyway, there's no pressing need for one.
And rather than weapons, the stuff I used were all intended to fit my weird combat style. They don't have much firepower yet they work really well as annoyances and distractions during combat.

"I look forward to the gloves made with platinum chicken's feathers the most. That chicken was really strong, I'm sure they'd make for some real sturdy gloves."

"For sure, gloves made from this stuff gonna be on a whole different level than your average... Whoa hey! What's that chick doing!?"

"Eh? ...Oy, Hiyone. What are you eating-"


As gramps shouted, I turned to look at Hiyone, which was in the midst of eating platinum chicken's feathers.
Weren't you listening. Those feathers are gonna be used for our equipment, heck that's your parent you know! Stop carrying out cannibalism like it's only natural.

『Pipi! Pi!』

"You couldn't hold the urge to eat them? But those feathers are your... Hm?"

Hiyone's Status saw a change right after eating the platinum feathers.
On top of having its Attributes increased by around 50%, it also acquired [Martial Arts], [Claw Arts] and [Fang Arts] Skills.
...What's going on.

<<Magic beasts of a certain power level may let their children absorb a part of their body to have them succeed a part of their Status. Do note that Status Succession can only happen once in a lifetime.>>

Had no idea about that kind of system, Menu-san.
Well, I'd probably hesitate to let Hiyone do it even if I knew, ethically speaking.
But thanks to this, Hiyone's leveling should go more smoothly now... I had it fight some weak beasts and the result was disastrous.
Normally, Meadow Cocks fight in a group so letting Hiyone, who doesn't have a single Combat Skill, fight alone is akin to asking it to die.
It narrowly squeezed a victory after I powered it up with Energy Control, and that was only against one weakling.

Hiyone seemed satisfied after eating three feathers, it lost interest and turned away. Man, that's cold.
Guess parent-child relationship between magic beasts is just that dry, or maybe Hiyone knew by instinct that the feathers were from its real parent and ate with that knowledge.
...I'm feeling guilty again...

"Was that a Succession? Which means that chick is this chicken's..."

"Yes, the chicken laid an egg right after I defeated it, and this chick was what hatched out. I was the first thing it saw in this world, so it imprinted me as its parent..."

"I see. Little thing looks quite attached to ya, raise it well ya hear."

"Yes... We'll come here again once our equipment is done."

"Ou, look forward. Ah, this is how much it's gonna cost, you good?"

"Let me see... W-well, we'll manage somehow, yes."

"Gahaha, stings a lot eh. But you do get that this sum is fair and reasonable, ain't I right?"

Gramps is right, 750.000 en is a lot of money but it's no rip off. It's an extremely appropriate price for his service.
But 100 times the cost of this town's inn still stings. We gotta expedite our schedule and start culling magic beasts today or our financial is gonna be in the red.

"Hey, old man. Ain't there anything I could help? I wanna have a go at all these awesome mats."

"...I'll let you work on stuff you won't fail. But don't forget, this ain't about us, we're giving our all for customers. Drive that into yer' skull."

"...Ou. I ain't gonna cut back."

The apprentice young man asked that on our way out. Fine by me as long as they get the job done.
Despite their scuffle earlier, these two might actually get along well.

Now then, time to get culling for the sake of raising money and levels.
...Feels like we've turned into monster cullers rather than adventurers.

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~~~~~Gramps' Perspective~~~~~

What a bizarre customer.
Sounds mighty rude, but odd, atypical are the only words that came to mind.
Guy's pretty polite, his only distinct trait is his black hair. Yet, everything else is just bizarre.
Bizarre Status, don't got a single skill yet he's got a magic beast tamed.

The clincher is how fresh are these beasts' bodies.
...I thought the bag he used was enhanced with preservation effects, but my Appraisal showed it was just an ordinary bag.
And the guy pulled those magic beasts' bodies out of it... What's the deal with him.

"Oy, these mats might spoil if we don't hurry and go to the dismantling place."

"Yeah, I get it. Bring 'em to Roberin, stat."

"Ou. But man, that black hair must be really strong if he managed to kill these powerful beasts solo, guy seems just around my age too. What's his level anyway?"

"I have a duty to keep it confidential. Don't ask."

"Aw c'mon man, I'm not gonna tell anyone."

"Get moving already! Who said they're gonna spoil again, huh!?"

"Okay okay, I'm going now!"

My dumbass apprentice reluctantly shoved the mats into an item bag and ran to the dismantling place.
I get why he's curious but there's no need to know information unrelated to our job. Hell, I wouldn't know how to explain that...

The black haired and blond ladies had some uncommon Jobs as well, but nothing was truly out of ordinary besides their unusually high levels and specialized Skills.
Not that black haired young man. His Attributes are high yeah sure, but these beasts are clearly beyond him solo.
...Perhaps he's got his own weapon but does a weapon customized for someone without a Skill even exist. Or maybe he owns one from that deranged workshop at the town's outskirts?
Don't think those stuff are meant for human use though. No Skill exists to wield 'em. Wait, perhaps that's exactly the reason they're fit for that customer.

Whoa, not good. Gotta stop these idle thoughts and start prepping.
Can't recall the last time I got my hands on such fine quality mats. This will be fun...!





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