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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 427

427 Anguish


The commercial city's gate has come into view. There's been no trouble at all since our lunch.
It's so peaceful I'm getting anxious with how smooth sailing it's been.
We could see lines of people ahead. They're waiting to get inspected before passing the gate into the commercial city.

The queues for people and wagons are separated. I think the wagon queue looks like it'll be a tad faster.
Now then, there's one thing I need to ruminate here. That is to say, how do I get to Eltros's mansion.
I passed by another gate when I left this city back then, so I don't know the direction from here.
My only option is to ask the gatekeepers, yep that should be for the best.

After waiting for quite some time, it was finally our turn. Or so it should, the gatekeepers led us to a different place when they saw me. Somewhere inside the city.
We didn't have to go through an inspection or show our IDs. All of us were surprised by this. The gatekeepers only did that once they confirmed me. Which means this must have been Eltros's doing.
Frankly, I'm cool with this. The gatekeeper handed us over to a patrolling guard inside the city who then acted as our escort.

But a problem arose here. The coachman has nothing to do with what's to come.
I was planning to say good bye somewhere inside this city initially, but at the rate this is going, he's gonna follow us to the mansion.
The coachman is only supposed to get us to this city, after which we're strangers.
Or so the pretext goes at least, being my watchdog and all, this coachman would have likely come up with one excuse or another to come with us and determine our destination regardless if I tell him off or not.

(Anyone would find this situation weird, why would a guard let us pass and even escort us. Ordinary people would definitely show their confusion on their face, yet this coachman's got this 'Yes, is there something wrong?' expression instead.)

Even the ladies and underling are putting on an obvious look of 'What's going on here?'
This coachman is really brazen. That boldness must be exactly why the prime minister chose this guy as my watchdog.
However, I don't plan on letting a kingdom's personnel inside Eltros's mansion.

We arrived in front of Eltros mansion's gate, I had been here before.
I urged the ladies to get off the stagecoach.

"This is the place. Time to get off guys. Ah, coachman, thanks a lot for your service. You even brought us all the way here. Do take care on your way back."

I flat out told him to leave. The coachman readily agreed and left with the stagecoach.
He's ultimately nothing more than a coachman on the surface after all, he can't exactly squabble that point.
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"I shall fetch the person in charge, if you would please wait here."

The guard half jogged into the mansion.
In less than a minute, the same butler who served last time came out.

"Welcome. Allow me to lead the way. Over here if you would."

The ladies were flustered to see the butler bowing magnificently.
They must be questioning just who am I to have a butler of this huge mansion act so servile toward.
I paid them no heed and briskly walked through the mansion's door.

I want to know the answer to that question myself. What is 'Blessless'? What is 'Manaless'?
Me being an 'oddity' in this world has been made clear during this journey.
And that's the only thing I understand. That's it. Absolutely nothing on what else it's gonna influence in the future.
Letting that fear dominate my life is dumb but neither can I ignore it entirely.
Because it's clear that it also jumbles with the fates of people who come in contact with me.
I need to minimize contact with people who have nothing to do with me.
Yet my biggest anguish is those who don't care about all that as they come messing with me on their own.

Yep, here comes yet another individual trying to pick a fight with me. Right after I got in the mansion.

"You're the guy eh? The guy who got that Eltros by the balls? Teach me how will ya."





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