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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 164

Farewell Don't Come


It's finally the day to leave Nyushina.
The orphanage is fine now. There's no particularly eye catching commissions at the guild either, we have no more reason to stay here.
...Yet, it's painful to part still.

"Reina-oneechan, you're going...?"

"Stay a bit more! Heck, stay forever with us!"

"Master Chef, we want to learn more from you..."

"You guys have mastered the basics, I've got nothing else to teach. And hasn't Faram-kun been copy writing every day you've got around a hundred recipes with you, poor Faram-kun his wrist almost got an inflammation. It's time for you lot to challenge yourselves... Also, quit it with Master Chef. I'm an adventurer, okay."

"...Yup, I wrote so many it's hurting hahaha..."

I could only smile wryly at the established master chef designation the kids gave me.
Faram-kun grimaced a bit while opening and closing his palm... Thanks for your hard work.

"Alma-neechan, you won't teach us swords anymore...?"

"Hey, don't forget about her magic teaching!"

"What's with you! I asked her first!"

"No fighting. There's still a lot I want to teach you on both. But, I won't do it unless you two make up."


"If you can promise me you won't quarrel until we meet again, I'll teach you again. Get along okay."


Alma went and taught kids who aspire to be combatants, and got herself into becoming a sort of idol to them.
She didn't teach them mana and energy control though... Of course.
If she did, these children would turn out terrifying. Scary.

Reina is saying her good bye to Director.

"Reina, I know it's late, but I had been going around all over looking for kids who got separated after the Stampede and you ended up being the last. I'm sorry for making you go on your lonesome for so long..."

"You don't have to worry about that at all, Director. Pyushia and Hiena who ran with me found themselves a new family, and I got picked up by Kajikawa-san and Alma-san, I even became an adventurer myself!"

"Fufufu. You've always been such a strong-willed and lively kid... You have the traits between the two of them on you."

"Mwu, I agree for mom, but I'm nothing like that guy..."

"...Reina, I understand if you won't forgive Girka nor should you."
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Girka is Reina's father if I recall right... Is she like him? Aren't her Skills the only thing similar?

"But please understand that he wasn't always a rotten piece of work who would sell his own child. Well I mean, he might have no tact, quick to look down on people and never admit his own shortcomings, and also he was a troublemaker who'd erase evidence of his wrongdoings."

"He sounds like a real piece of work though! Heck what's with that super harsh evaluation!? ...Huh? Wait did you know what he was like back then?"

"Well yes of course I do, both your parents were raised at this orphanage after all."

"Eh, wait, what I never heard of that though!?"

"That's because, knowing you Reina, you'd act reserved if I did tell you. You always took it upon yourself and did chores to the point of exhaustion even without that extra information."


"The reason Girka never tried to take you by force from our orphanage was likely because he still had conscience for his place of growing. Or perhaps he couldn't forget the time I whacked his rear for 200-300 times whenever he made a mess."

"2-300!? Are those digits right!?"

"Ah, that's all in the past now. There's no kids as bad as Girka, after all."

"The more I listen to you, the more pitiful I feel as his child..."

Reina listened to Director's story while wincing hard.
...Well nobody wanna hear their parents' shame.

"Reina, I can say this to you now that you've grown strong, you should stop trying to run away from Girka. If you can't forgive him, don't pent up all your hatred inside and get back at him with all your might instead... Not at the vital if possible."

"...I'll do that for you, Director."

"If he still keeps at it even after you did that, you can drag him here to our orphanage. I'll correct him with the force of a thousand suns if he won't turn a new leaf as an adult fufufu..."

"Director, you look scary... No need for that, I ain't afraid of that guy anymore. I'll beat him up to a pulp if he wanna have a go."

"That's quite fine. Also, please go see Feria when you can. I'm sure she's worried sick for you."

"Of coursessu!"

Feria must be her mother's name.
Apparently she looks the splitting image of Reina, wonder which town she lives at? I should ask Reina.

"Now then, that's all I need to tell you, it's time to say good bye... Go, Reina. You're free to come back here anytime."

"Director... I'm off! I'll bring back a lot of souvenirs the next time I drop by!"

"Ah, I wanna beef next time! The chicken pork and rabbit you served were so good I can't wait for beef next!"

"Aren't you getting way ahead of yourself making a request already!?"

Thanks to Director's gluttonous remark, the sad mood got blown away.
...She might have done it on purpose though.

"Kajikawa-san, thank you so much for not only saving Director but this whole orphanage too."

"I was only doing a commission in Director's case, and the potato chips were the fruit of the kids labor. Don't mention it."

"No, what you've done is making best use of people's talent. As the ones on the receiving end, we can't overstate just how amazing a feat that is. That's why, I truly believe you should pride yourself more, Kajikawa-san."

"...Thanks. Take care now. Watch out for your wrist and don't write too much, Faram-kun."


I turned around to hide my blushing and staggered my way out of the orphanage's gate.
...Oh no, I'm feeling really awkward.
Menu was the only reason I managed the kids' talents right, knowing their Skills and assigning them the right job.
It doesn't feel real to have it attributed to me... Guess it's all good as long as they're satisfied.

Okay, now that we're done with the farewell, we gotta get on board of the wagon heading for the industrial town.
The last time I got on one the shaking was so bad, my HP buffer felt useless and I even forgot to put a mana cushion on my butt. Come at me wagon shaking!
Eh, it's not a wagon but a beast carriage this time? They're much faster than wagons but the shaking is also much worse? ...C-come at me beast carriage (trembling voice).
...Maybe I should've just flown there with Mana Flight...





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