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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 163

Prepping for Departure


It's been a week since we started selling potato chips, and the results have surpassed our expectations.
We sell out hundreds of bags every day, starting out strong. The promotion worked well.
Well, I'm sure most of our customers are people curious to try what's popular, but sales are sales.

"We sold a lot~!"

"I-I've never seen so much money before...!"

"350 en a bag is a bit cheap for snacks but that helped a great deal with the sales."

It's only 30% that in Japan though. It works in this world because that's how expensive the snacks here.
We grow the raw ingredient Oxen Potato in the orphanage's garden ourselves, and even if production eventually can't catch up with the sales, we can simply buy more from the market.

"You kids worked really hard on it... I'm so proud of you all."

"Director, I dug, lots and lots of potatoes. I'm good?"

"Of course you're all wonderful. Nick-kun and the boys are so good at digging all those potatoes everyday."

That blonde little boy is Nick-kun she muttered in her dream huh. Don't mistake him for meat please. <TLN: Niku = meat.>
He's still only 6, but I guess he can at least help out with that much. Must be a hard work for such a small body too, what a good boy.

"Karla and the other kids have gotten quite proficient at peeling too, I see."

"It's thanks to Reina-oneechan teaching us how to handle knives."

"Fufufu, Reina's gonna grow up into an amazing Daggerist like me at this rate."

Reina is a Ninja though.
Heck, had no idea Karla had Dagger Skill. That might be why she's attached to Reina.

"We slice and slice the potatoes Karla's group peeled, then we put them in the water, dry them and hand them over to the cooking group. It's simple if not for the sheer amount."

"Take care not to slice your fingers when you're handling those potatoes okay. The slicer Kajikawa-san had that blacksmith made is super sharp!"

I got yelled at by the town blacksmith at first, "We're blacksmith! We ain't making toys for kids playing house!", but after I got him to sample a bag of potato chips, his face went from sour to that of surprise.
Thank goodness I went to a blacksmith who loves to drink. The chips are a good companion for drinking, so he readily agreed in the end, "I'll smith you the tool if you're making this stuff. But, you gotta tell me where you sell 'em".
It cost 40,000 man. Apparently, the blade part is made of chip resistant mithril, it might very well be the priciest slicer in the world.
I did ask for the best material so it'd last a long time, didn't expect it to become the most biggest expense in the whole preps. Make sure you kids take real good care of it, you hear me...

"We overshot the frying process the potatoes into charcoal at first, but it's fine now, we've grasped the knack."

"Yep and we've learned the right amount of salt to season with. It's time to start experimenting with other flavors."

"Rina's group is working hard with the cooking too I see. Om nom, I think this tastes good already, nom nom but it'd be nice if there's more variations om nom."

"Director, quit talking while stuffing your mouth full! And you're eating too much! What if we run out of chips to sell!"
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I instructed them to release soy sauce and garlic flavored chips after about a month.
The kids are so skillful at handling cooking utensils you wouldn't think they haven't come of age, I even got a bit jealous.

"The biggest hurdle is calculating revenue and profit, yet you kids did really well the other day."

"Well thanks to the cheap price and not much changes, it's not too bad."

"There were some people who tried to haggle down or asked bags for free, but they all backed down once Mia told them, 'No bullying', so we're free of incidents so far."

"...Heck, weren't they just running away afraid of the wolf Mia was riding on."

"It's 'Woofie', not wolf~. Say it right~."

"O-ou... You fine with that name?"


The wolf, Woofie whimpered seemingly a bit discontent. That name's too cute.
We got Woofie tamed by chance and he turned out useful somewhere I least expected. We're counting on you big guy.

Speaking of name, I really should start thinking up one for the little birdie I'm keeping.
Wonder what~. Maybe Hiyone? No wait, it's gonna graduate from being a chick once it grows up, guess not.
Heck, it's been half a month since it's staying with me, yet its size hasn't changed at all, isn't it growing too slowly?
Its fur changed color from yellow to white, but that's the only thing different.

<<Meadow Cock kept by Kajikawa Hikaru has reached adulthood. Its size has not changed because it's using Magic Skill Lv1 [Larva Camouflage] to make itself look small.>>

...Eh, it's fully grown already?
Then why is it pretending to be a chick?

『Pipi, pi.』

You think a big body is gonna get in the way?
Well, I mean I guess it's better if you're small whenever we're traveling yeah.
But I kinda wanna see you gradually growing bigger, you know.
...Well, I'm sure you'd keep evolving from now on, but now that you're an adult and all, we'll start your leveling from tomorrow on. Put your back into it, Hiyone.

『Pi! ...Pi?』

'Eh, that's really going to be my name?' or so the reaction went, which I ignored. My naming sense is hopeless.

The orphanage should be fine now.
They earn tens of thousands up to a hundred thousands en every day, their quality of life should be pretty good now as long as they don't splurge.
I've been teaching them all kinds of recipes every day too, from now on you kids gotta come up with new ones yourselves.
I don't gotta have to butt in anymore. I'm sure Reina can leave with her mind at ease.

"I'm thinking of departing in two days. Thanks to those hardworking kids, the orphanage should be in good hands now, fund-wise."

"Hikaru, I think, we can take it a bit slower..."

"...No, Kajikawa-san is exactly right! ...Leaving is gonna be painful if we stay too long..."

"It's looking painful already. Or maybe you want to stay here Reina? I don't, really mind, yup, real."

"Then what do you say about that reluctant face! I won't stay, I wanna travel around the world with you two and then I can bring them back souvenirs one day."

"That's fine. Radia-kun has gone back to the port town to continue leveling there, wonder what should we do."

I offered to fly him back there, but he declined looking pale, 'Give me a break'. Shouldn't be so reserved.
We really owe him a great deal. I should express my gratitude properly the next time we meet.

"The sensible option for us is to continue leveling at the Monster Prairie as well, but."

"Is there somewhere you want to visit?"

"Apparently there's this Industrial Town in the opposite direction of the port town. So I thought, asking someone there to make us new equipment with all the materials we've gotten so far would be nice. I got told this town's equipment store can't handle Unique and Rank A Magic Beast mats, see."

"Ooh, right you two defeated several strong beasts at the prairie back then."

"There's also this Tiger-type Unique Monster that attacked the orphanage under that piggy upstart's order... It's got a hole torn open on the belly though."

"What did you do to it!?"

"Uh well, I was gonna send it flying with a punch, but then, splat."

"Gyaa!! That's grotesque!"

"...I don't want to imagine..."

I too don't want to recall that sensation of pulling my arm out. It's warm and soft... Let's stop there.
Now that's been decided, time to prep for our departure. Wonder what kind of town is this Industrial Town.





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