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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.8


Lecan cast <Lightning (Gwinbar)> on all of four beastmen.

Eda leaped to the right and shot a barrage of five magic arrows from <Bow of Yelvitz>.

At the exact same time Lecan cast his magic, the dagger the owlman carried shot blades out. A continuous barrage of dozens of blades assaulted Lecan's group.

Four barrages of Eda's magic arrows and Lecan's <Lightning> got sucked into the shield the dragonman had.

Lecan was going to dodge the flying blades but the magic barrier put up by his <Necklace of Intuador> blocked and broke the blades into pieces.

Same thing happened with Eda.

Knight Yog and Knight Walt dispersed away most of the blades coming at them with their <Swords of Toron> and blocked the rest with their shields.

It seems the owlman's dagger is a Grace Gear that shoots out magic attack.

The wildcatman had rushed right in front of knight Walt. It moved extremely swiftly.

It turned to knight Walt's left side and stabbed at his left elbow, his shield arm. Knight Walt stopped moving for a moment. Looks like the short sword pierced through the gap between his armor joints.

The magic blades unleashed by owlman continued assaulting Knight Yog. Knight Yog shrunk his posture and staved off the barrage with <Sword of Toron> and his shield.

Lecan slashed at the wildcatman. The wildcatman twisted its body and hid behind knight Walt. Then it swiftly moved to the right side and stabbed at the slowed down knight Walt's throat.


Eda's <Purification> hit knight Walt.

Lecan swung his <Comet Cutter> at the wildcatman once again, but the beastman dodged the attack again and tried to move to knight Walt's left side. Where knight Walt swung his sword down.

The wildcatman lost its balance after receiving an unexpected attack from knight Walt who should have suffered grave injuries.


Eda's magic stopped the wildcatman for a moment.

Knight Walt stabbed the wildcatman's abdomen with <Sword of Toron>.

Wildcatman cut up knight Walt's right wrist with its short sword.


The black rhinoman was charging from behind the wildcatman as it raised its axe high up. The black rhinoman swung the axe down over wildcatman's head, toward knight Walt.
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"<Flame Spear>!"

Lecan jumped to the right of knight Walt and blew Wildcatman's head with the magic he shot from his left hand.

Knight Walt blocked the downswinging axe of Black Rhinoman with the shield on his left hand. His left wrist bent unnaturally.


By this point, the dragonman had gotten right in front of knight Yog and swung its giant shield at knight Yog.

Lecan ignored both the black rhinoman and dragonman and dashed ahead instead.

Owlman kept shooting out magic blades in rapid succession. His magic barrier repelled all of those blades.

Both Owlman's eyes emitted suspicious lights.

Lecan was hit by a sense of discomfort for a moment. Must be an abnormal status. However, it didn't work on Lecan.

He raised <Comet Cutter> to slice Owlman but that was when Owlman's dagger suddenly let out an intense light, robbing Lecan of his sight.

A moment later, Owlman thrust its dagger toward Lecan's back.

<Comet Cutter> cut off Owlman's neck.

Lecan has <3D Perceptions> even without his vision. There was no way he could miss Owlman's maneuver.

The owlman was actually moving at such a high speed no normal soldiers could possibly keep up, but as a conqueror of multiple Grand Dungeons, Lecan's reaction time could easily catch it.

Lecan could have teleported right besides the supreme commander and challenged him to a duel now.

However, he turned around toward the dragonman instead. He had a feeling that he wouldn't get the right to a duel with the supreme commander unless he defeated this dragonman.

Knight Yog got blown away, and lay on the ground. Eda lured the dragonman away. Eda skillfully dodged as the dragonman swung its gigantic shield all over the place. She cast <Purification> on knight Yog all the while.

Knight Walt managed to endure the Black Rhinoman's attack but his sword is broken and his shield awfully dented. He won't last long.

Lecan cut at the dragonman's back with <Comet Cutter>. <Comet Cutter>'s magic blade got absorbed into the dragonman's shield.
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(The thing can absorb stuff from behind too huh.)

The dragonman turned around while growling. It lifted its giant shield high and attempted to crush Lecan.


Eda cast <Purification> on knight Walt and knight Yog.

Lecan spoke to Eda while dodging the dragonman's shield rampage.

"Eda! Cast <Purification> on my eyes too!"

He took some distance away from the dragonman. The dragonman took a step forward and swung its giant shield from right to left.

"Haa. Haa. Got it! <Purification>!"

Eda shot out <Purification> while breathing heavily.

However that <Purification> changed course in front of Lecan, absorbed into the dragonman's shield.

The dragonman lunged at Lecan.

"<Flame Spear>!"

Lecan greatly jumped back while shooting a <Flame Spear> on the dragonman's foothold.

A sudden hole on the ground should make it fumble or at least lose its balance.

Yet that attack got absorbed into the shield too.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

Lecan kept shooting <Flame Spears> at the loudly approaching dragonman into all directions. He was testing the range of the shield's magic absorption. But even a <Flame Spear> that was more than three step away got absorbed.

(Don't tell me its absorption range can be freely adjusted.)


The dragonman stopped moving.

Lecan ran left ahead, toward Eda.

Eda correctly guessed Lecan's intention.


Lecan's head was enveloped in a warm light, restoring his sight.

He also noticed the dragonman's unusual state.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.7


The enemy is also changing their formation to match Lecan's side.

Among ten in the front row, six headed north or to the left-wing, while four lined up in the south to face the right-wing.

Six beastmen will intercept Jinga's unit, while four are going to fight Lecan's group.

Lecan found it odd at first.

They should be well aware of Lecan's extraordinary strength from witnessing his battle earlier. They must have seen Eda's healing as well. Thus, they should have at least get five of them to fight his group.

But he quickly found out the reason.

That wouldn't fit these beastmen's belief.

Seeing as how they valued duels so much, these beastmen must be proud of their strength.

Humans must look like a feeble race to them.

They absolutely cannot send more than the same amount of humans coming at them, which is four.

Besides, they could have sent eight to Jinga and two to Lecan.

However, they have borne witness to <Rush Flare> and <Flame Spear>. Also how <Comet Cutter> cut down White Leopardman and Red Bearman.

Thus, four is the minimum amount of people their pride allowed them to.

Even the act of sending four people is proof of their maximum respect to Lecan.

As a matter of fact, the majority of the beastmen were glaring hard at Lecan.

The intense surging bloodlust felt like it's burning his skin.

(Hold it.)

(I see.)

(That's how it is.)

The beastmen empire has sent far too few military personnel in this conquest of a huge kingdom like Zaka. 500 <Fang>, 500 <Pincer>, 300 <Whip> and 50 <Tail>. 1350 in total.

That is the sign of these beastmen's obstinacy. But the entirety of these 1350 individuals must consist of elite of the elite. Every single one of them might possibly on the level of a depth walker.

1350 Depth Walking Dungeon Adventurers.

No wonder they're so tough.


The beastmen finished rearranging their formation. But there's something odd about this new formation.

Four beastmen are lined up 30 steps ahead of Lecan.

Six beastmen stand by 30 steps ahead of Jinga. That's fine and all.

100 steps ahead of Lecan where the supreme commander lies, nine of his ten elite bodyguards moved ahead and formed a folding fan formation. They're situated about 30 steps ahead of the supreme commander.

(Why'd they take some distance away from the supreme commander?)

(Shouldn't it be easier if they were closer.)

Only a golden rabbitman remained next to the supreme commander. Its right ear stood straight while the left ear was half folded while occasionally standing upright.

Due to the elite bodyguards getting scattered like that, the supreme commander finally came into view.

(Makes it easier for us.)

Four beastmen stood 30 steps ahead, then the nine elite bodyguards 40 steps further behind them and finally the supreme commander 30 steps even further behind.

So long as Lecan's group managed to break through the four beastmen ahead, Lecan could warp right in front of the supreme commander with <Leg Bands of White Devil>. He then would challenge him to a duel. The other party might refuse to accept the duel, but Lecan would then simply deploy <Talisman of Darkness Demon> to freeze it and lopped his head off with <Comet Cutter>.

Lecan isn't sure if this battle would result in their victory even after defeating the supreme commander. But killing the supreme commander would complete his quest. And that surely would cause a huge ripple in the war.

(Was also told to defeat other generals besides the supreme commander.)

(But who knows who's who.)

(There's just no way to deal with all of these guys.)

(Once I did the supreme commander in.)
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(I'm gonna get the hell out of here.)

(Should be doable with <Ring of Undying King> and <Gust>.)



"Run away once I've started a one-on-one fight with the enemy's supreme commander. Leave the battlefield as as quick as you can."

"Eh? Un, I got it."

What's sure is the fact that this supreme commander is an adventurer from his world. Yet his outward appearance seems unclear for some mysterious reason. It's not only due to the 100 step distance, there's something weirdly hazy about him.


(Arios is coming here.)

Arios is approaching the enemy base from behind despite his last getaway.

He's moving in thick bushes growing in the east side of <Highway of Death>.

Though invisible to bare eyes, <Life Detection> displays him.

Arios probably received a request from someone as well. A request to cut down the supreme commander.

(If he causes a commotion over there.)

(It'll make things easier for us.)

(Good. Go on and make a mess.)

Unfortunately, the golden rabbitman turned around and pointed at the bushes while saying something.

Three of the six guard watching the rear line went toward the place the rabbitman pointed.

(Ah, Arios is getting away.)

(The rabbit won.)

(Arios. You lost.)


Jinga issued his order.

The left-wing force advanced.

Lecan also drew <Comet Cutter>, generated the blade and started walking forward.

Eda to his right. With <Bow of Yelvitz> in her left hand.

Knight Yog is walking ahead of Eda. The shield on his left hand is out protecting his vitals with the sword in his right hand pointed ahead next to the shield.

Knight Walton is walking ahead of Lecan. He's got his shield and sword at the ready as well.

The four beastmen 30 steps ahead had started walking toward them as well.

The leftmost one is a Black Rhinoman. Holding a small yet weighty looking axe. It's taller by a head than Lecan with twice, thrice his body weight.

To its right is an owl-headed beastman. Its dagger is pointed straight at Lecan's group. It's also a bearer of an enormous mana pool.

To the right of it is a Wildcat-headed beastman. It's got daggers in both its hands.

And the rightmost beastman has a face like that of a Great Flame Dragon, twice Lecan's height. It's carrying a gigantic three step tall shield made of a rugged looking dragon-like material which exudes an extraordinary sense of tenacity. The dragon beastman is only wearing a chest protector and nothing else, but its bare skin is pretty much an armor in itself.

Lecan can now tell from this distance. These four are as strong as Dungeon Depth-Walkers. Or more like they're as strong as Dungeon Bosses themselves.

As they got within 15 step to each other, the battle broke out without warning.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.6


"The rest is all yours! I'm gonna tata out and be a good spectator now!"

Someone shouted behind him.

It's Daryra's voice.

She must have been the one who shot the Red Bearman's eye.

She was only hired as a guide by Wazrof House, yet she went out of her way to stealthily follow them and even did a cover fire.

Daryra's presence quickly faded.

Fleet-footed indeed.

The battlefield kept changing in the meantime.

Knight Pulkus ordered first squad to launch another long range attack, and the second squad to advance and unleash a rain of arrows upon the enemies.

The first squad's second arrow rain was dispersed by Golden Snakeman once again.

Knight Pulkus ordered the first squad to aim slightly to the sides.

The first squad unleashed their arrows at the center formation and side formations at once.

Arrows aimed at the center formation got scattered away by the Golden Snakeman's mysterious power, but this power did not extend to the side formations.

Which means the arrow dispersing power didn't cover over that wide of an area.

Thus they opted to shoot the third volley over a wider area.

Several beastmen attempted to charge ahead but this third volley stopped them.

Knight Pulkus ordered the first archer squad to keep shooting for as long as their arrows last.

This afforded their side some precious time.

32 knights who had been running on foot managed to join up with Lecan's group.

The arrows stopped.
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The beastmen in the enemy base stood still while keeping watch on Lecan's side.

As if they were waiting for this side to get their formation in order.

Jinga ordered the 32 knights to halt.

The knights were breathing heavily. They had just run over a 1000 step distance with their heavy metal armor on in one dash, naturally the burden was enormous. However, these knights are able to recover their fatigue by standing still in resting positions. They have the bodies forged and trained for that.

Lecan observed the beastmen with his bare eyes and checked their forces with <Life Detection>.

Lecan's <Life Detection> can cover a 1500 step radius now. He can move the area around but he cannot use it to detect things 3000 step ahead. At max it's 2500 steps.

This skill ascertained the death of howling beastmen, Silver Ratman, White Leopardman and Red Bearman. Because they're not shown in <Life Detection> despite his eyes visually capturing their bodies. Counting the corpses, there were 19 howling beastmen.

He caught the enemy's Supreme Commander's presence and the ten beastmen surrounding him. <Mana Detection> can only detect tens of steps ahead. As there's still a bit more than 100 steps to the Supreme Commander, Lecan can't tell its exact mana pool. However the red dot displayed by <Life Detection> is too small. Meaning the Supreme Commander possesses no mana at all. He's not the Boudo Lecan knows. However, the individual emanating a peculiar presence of a human from his world is undoubtedly this Supreme Commander. As Lecan senses it, the other party must too.

Lecan could have gotten more detail if <3D Perception> was in range, unfortunately it's barely outside that.

There are 16 beastmen surrounding the Supreme Commander with additional 10 right besides him. They were originally positioned wide spread but now 10 among the 16 have put themselves between Supreme Commander and Lecan's group. While the remaining six are on guard in all sides, keeping watch of any potential attack coming in all directions.

There are only 26 beastmen protecting the supreme commander. 26 people with monstrous strength.

(Might as well challenge this supreme commander to a duel.)

That thought crossed Lecan's mind.

With all the noises in the battlefield and at this distance, his voice wouldn't reach the supreme commander, but it should if he just gets a bit closer. Since the man should hail from Lecan's world, he should speak that world's language as well.


(That won't do.)

Trying to speak with someone who has completely fortified himself and demand a challenge is mere fantasy.

(I gotta show 'em I could get to him with my own strength at least.)

(Otherwise they ain't gonna take it.)

Jinga spoke to Lecan in whisper.

"Lecan-sama. Luck be with you."

Just as Lecan wondered what he meant by that, Jinga issued a command loudly.

"Knight Yog! Knight Walton! Open the path for Lecan-sama and Eda-sama! The rest of you come with me!"

He moved 50 steps to the left afterward.


Only Eda, knight Yog and knight Walton remained with Lecan while the horseriding aide and 30 knights moved to the left-wing.

Why would they split their forces now.

Why did they reduce the number of people in the right-wing so much.

Even the two charging horses are there.

(I see.)

(You're going with that.)

Jinga plans to be a decoy.

He's going to lure as many enemies as he could so Lecan can break through the few remaining ones.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.5


A bit before Lecan clashed with Red Bearman and White Leopardman, there was another movement in the battlefield.

Someone had concealed themselves as they approached the enemy base from the east side of the <Highway of Death>'s direction. They're making use of bushes and tall grass to shrewdly hide themselves. This person appears to possess specialized skills in moving around in secrecy.

This individual possesses quite strong mana thus <Life Detection> shows them clearly. Lecan is familiar with their presence.

The enemies had their attention drawn to Lecan's <Rush Flare> when he unleashed the magic. This individual made use of that chance to get close to the enemy base.

That was when a short beastman with the face of a rabbit standing by near the enemy's supreme commander turned around and shrieked out while pointing at a bush.

Four beastmen near the supreme commander turned around and shot magic all together.

That individual had an anti-magic equipment on them thus they managed to stave off the attack, but this made it clear that the supreme commander had powerful bodyguards protecting him.

The individual gave up trying to get to him. Thus they fled to the west, quickly getting out of the magic attack's range.

Very much fleet-footed. Then this individual course corrected and headed straight toward the spot where Lecan was fighting the beastmen.

Several things took place at once.

Jinga had run up to Lecan on his horse and attacked the White Leopardman.

Lecan slashed his <Comet Cutter> at the giant club the Red Bearman was swinging down, but <Comet Cutter> slipped past the giant club. Lecan dodged the downswung giant club and cut at it with <Comet Cutter> again during the brief moment it stopped moving.

Knight Pulkus had ordered the archer unit to stand by, with the first squad aiming for the center army, and second squad aiming for the front row.

The first squad is a group of experts capable of shooting at enemies 500 step ahead.
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The second squad fell behind them but they could still shoot targets 400 step ahead.

The enemy's front row was still more than 400 step ahead, yet now that the howling beastmen had stopped, knight Pulkus decided to launch their offensive.

In the exact moment the howling resumed, the Silver Ratman turned around as they felt like their allies were warning them about something. A human swordsman ran up to them. It's Arios.

Arios drew <Void Cutter> and lopped the Silver Ratman's head off before slicing the white snake wand into two with the return stroke.

And then he quickly got away.

The howling beastmen had resumed their howling but the Silver Ratman's sudden demise shocked them, ceasing their howling. A rain of arrows poured down them an instance later. The arrows shot out by the first archer squad.

White Leopardman swung its curved sword while twisting its body to dodge Jinga's attack. The launched slash tore up Jinga's right hand.


Jinga's knight aide also drew near on horseback and slashed at the White Leopardman with Eda still riding along, but the White Leopardman also dodged the knight's attack and swung its curved sword. The launched slash sliced the knight's chest.


The arrows unleashed by the first archer squad flew in the sky toward a spot further behind the howling beastmen.

However, a golden snake-headed beastman raised a wand embedded with a blue gem high up and all the arrows mysteriously lost their inertia and fell down the ground like they got blown away by the wind.

White Leopardman and Red Bearman ignored Jinga and his aide running past their sides and went for Lecan.

Red Bearman ahead.

White Leopardman to the right behind the bearman.

Red Bearman loudly made a sweeping motion with the giant club in its right hand.

Lecan slashed at the Red Bearman's neck while dodging that.

<Comet Cutter> wounded its neck, but it failed to cleanly cut it and the blade slipped past.

White Leopardman showed up in front of Lecan.

It feigned coming from the right side and went to the opposite side during the brief moment Lecan clashed with Red Bearman.

White Leopardman swung down its curved sword diagonally.

Lecan didn't dodge the attack and continued swinging <Comet Cutter> that had just slashed Red Bearman's neck to the left while explosively extending its magic blade.

The curved sword's launched slash made a deep cut on Lecan's left shoulder and chest.

<Comet Cutter> lopped off the White Leopardman's head.

The Red Bearman had spun its body to make a sweeping motion with its giant club from the other direction.

Lecan swung <Comet Cutter> from left to right.

The giant club got cut apart on its base.

Lecan was about to kick the ground with his right leg to jump to the left when an intense pain hit his left chest, his legs gave out.

Red Bearman threw a punch at Lecan with its right fist still gripping the remains of giant club.

Lecan's brain urged him to get away but his body wouldn't follow. The wound on his left chest is life threatening. He's going to die unless he drinks a God Cure soon.

An arrow pierced the Red Bearman's right eye.

The bearman's aim was off due to that and its right fist swung above Lecan's head barely missing by a hair.


Jinga and his aide had turned around and came back on their horses. Eda riding behind that aide shot out <Purification>.

Lecan who had regained his strength, swung <Comet Cutter> from the left to right at the Red Bearman's neck, and back again from the right to left.

Lecan and Red Bearman stopped moving.

Red Bearman's head fell forward as its gigantic body collapsed backward.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.4


Jinga issued some commands.

30 Knights and 90 archers resumed their advance. Only Jinga and one of his aides still on horseback, the rest were on foot.

Lecan ran ahead without waiting for them.

He looked to his right ahead as he ran.

A detached force of the main beastmen army that was going to intercept Lecan's group got stopped by a detached force of Zaka Kingdom's army.

Knights wearing light black leather armor.

Some of them wield exceptionally strong swords.

Some wield swords that cause explosions with every swing.

Another knight would cut enemies that then fall down like they've been paralyzed.

And the most conspicuous individual among them is a knight that warps around everywhere. No it's a pirate.

That pirate would warp diagonally behind an enemy whenever he swings the sword in his left hand. And then he'd swing the sword in his right hand at oddly high speed, cutting down his foes.

Another time, he'd swing his left sword prompting his foe to turn around only for him to cut down that exposed back since he didn't actually warp.

Whenever an enemy got behind him, he'd warp away to escape them and cut at another foe fighting his ally.

Very skillful.

The guy's very skilled at cutting the enemy's back.

<Warp Sword> is a sword that lets its wielder warps in the direction it's swung. However, this warp won't activate when there's an object obstructing the path. By flawlessly making good use of that flaw, the guy excels in cunning combat.

Visca Kouen.

The Raid Corps Commander of The Pirate Noble House of Fotos.

(The man shines the brightest in chaotic combat huh.)

Visca sent a glance at Lecan for a moment during the dizzying display of melee.

Lecan grinned.

(Much appreciated.)

(Yer' a big help.)

<Warp Swords> are dropped quite far below in the hidden floors. One of them must have been kept as a treasured heirloom of the Marquis House since long ago.

The other pirate knights seem to be fighting with Grace Swords obtained in Tsubolt. Fotos must have bought lots of those swords from Tsubolt since they are old time trading partners.

The howling beastmen stood by while glaring hard at Lecan. They must plan to howl once again once he got close enough. In order to finish him off.

A beastman behind them issued a command, five of the howling beastmen started inhaling greatly.

(Like I'll let you!)
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Lecan hastened his running pace and recited a spell.

"<Zoruas Kurt Venda>!"

He warped 50 step away from the enemies. Well within <Flame Spears> range.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

<Flame Spears> landed on the beastmen just as they were about to start howling, blowing them away.

Lecan also shot a <Flame Spear> at the white snake wand wielder, but it vanished just before it hit the silver ratman.


It was no barrier. The <Flame Spear> literally got erased.

This silver ratman is probably immune to magic attacks.

It started reciting a spell. The white snake wand lit up red.

Lecan kept running. Until the silver ratman is a stone throw away.

Two beastmen stepped forward to block Lecan's path. Lecan shot magic at them.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

One of the two beastmen, the one to the right was as tall as three steps. It's a giant. It's got a red fur, with a bear-like face, wearing a silver armor and carrying a gigantic club in its right hand. It looked unaffected even after getting hit by two <Flame Spears>.

The left beastman is as tall as Lecan, it's got a white fur with a leopard face. Wearing a green leather armor and holding a curved sword in its right hand. This one easily dodged two of Lecan's <Flame Spears>.

Lecan had a goosebumps when he saw these two. They're undoubtedly very strong.

Lecan drew the <Comet Cutter> hanging on his left waist as he ran, generated its magic blade and slashed at the red bearman.

An evening sun-like light swelled up behind the red bearman.

Just as the red bearman was about to swing down its raised giant club, Lecan accelerated, got within into a close quarter combat distance and slashed at its chest before dodging to the right. The giant club grazed his shoulder. It had tremendous destructive power. Getting hit by this wouldn't leave even Lecan and his Great Flame Dragon's armor unscathed.

As Lecan attempted to turn around toward the red bearman's back, the white leopardman showed up in front of him. It had anticipated Lecan's movement and ambushed him.

The white leopardman swung its curved sword. Lecan twisted his body and jumped back in front of the red bear to dodge this slash. Yet he felt pain on his right calf even though the sword never hit him.

(I got cut?)

It does feel like a cut wound. Quite a deep one at that. It got to his bone.

The red bearman swung its giant club upward at Lecan. Lecan kicked the ground with his left leg to jump and fall backward.


He sprung up with the <Gust> just before his back hit the ground.

The red light swelled up even more and reached Lecan's legs.

'Oh crap', thought Lecan as leaped further behind.


The pain on his right leg went away.

That red light apparently heals both allies and enemies.

The white leopardman swung its curved sword. With the blade's edge aimed at Lecan.


Lecan dodged using the power of <Gust>.

Then he looked at his legs.

The shinguard on his right leg is not cut. Yet his right leg under it did get cut. He could feel the stream of blood as well.

(A sword that cuts the flesh and ignores armor huh?)

(And it can even launch the slashes?)

(Another Genesiac Grace Gear class item.)


(What a pain.)

The red bearman's chest protector has been deeply cut. A mark left by <Comet Cutter>.

That red light earlier must be directed to heal the red bearman's wound.

The red bearman attacks by swinging down its giant club. With incredible destructive power.

Then from behind the bearman, the white leopardman maintained its distance while vying for a chance to attack.

Both of them together make for frustrating foes to deal with.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.3


"Come. Come. For the time is nigh. Heaven's arrows that trample upon all creations. Heed my command, tear through the earth. <Zoruas Kurt Venda>."

Lecan warped far ahead a moment later. 400 steps until the howling beastmen. A bit too far for <Rush Flare>.

Lecan kept running while maintaining the prepared magic. Then he stopped and recited the activation spell.

"<Rush Flare (Gailvey)>!"

An enormous mass of mana got emitted out of <Wand of Halvos>, which then turned into arrows that flew high into the sky. The arrows changed its angle right above the howling beastmen before pouring down incessantly.

As Lecan has put his entire mana into them, every one of the arrow contains terrifying destructive forces. About ten thousands of such arrows rained down a mere group of 20.

Some beastmen erected anti-magic barriers. No surprise that these beastmen have such equipment in their country. Beastmen who didn't erect a barrier were unaffected by just one or two arrows. But faced against the waterfall-like downpour of magic arrows, their barriers used up all of their power and by the time all the arrows had come down, all the beastmen were down on the ground.

Lecan put his right hand into <Storage> to put <Wand of Halvos> away and looked at the sky while inhaling greatly.

The two air force units have finished their clash.

The beastmen air unit flew to the northeast direction. They've been whittled down to 100 from 300. The remaining 100 should have suffered some serious damage as well. Their loss seemed too great against mere 20 mages on Palcimo's side. Those Palcimo guys must have used <Magic Quivers>. Specially made ones. It did feel like that.

On the opposite side, Palcimo Magic Unit is flying to the southwest. They were originally 100 strong and had barely decreased.

Lecan put a Large Blue Potion into his mouth and focused back on the ground.

He's defeated 20 of the 50 individuals in the enemy base. <Life Detection> still show living signs among them, not all have died but they're in no state to fight anymore. However, the remaining 30 have extraordinary presences on them. They're all outstandingly strong. There's no way he could charge in alone.

The beastmen air force unit started to turn around mid air once again.

However, Palcimo Magic Unit just kept flying southwest, leaving the battlefield.

(Hit your opponents with maximum firepower to turn the tide of battle.)

(Then peace out right after.)

(Nothing less to expect from Jiza-obaba.)

(Quite an outstanding display of one mindedness.)

Last Lecan heard, Palcimo mages were supposedly still on their way to the capital after getting summoned by the king.

They must have let their dragons take a rest somewhere, and flown to Aspora to wait for the right time to make their entrance. They likely rested at Mashajain. Which explains how they knew about Aspora being the decisive battlefield.

Still, this is quite bold of them.

After all, only Dragon Knights under the king's direct control are allowed to tame and keep White-Necked Dragons. Palcimo having the dragons were supposed to be a secret.

Yet they broke into the battlefield with 100 of those White-Necked Dragons in tow. And scored a major achievement. The royal palace would have no choice but to give the permission to Palcimo to keep the dragons.

Jinga shouted out to give his commands, but since he's 500 step apart from Lecan and this being a war zone, Lecan can't tell what he said.

The archer unit that had been running all this time had gotten close to the main unit led by Jinga. They should get within the range to effectively hit the flying beastmen next time.

The archer unit got down on their knees as ordered by their commander and readied their bows aiming toward the northeastern sky.

A lone beastman stood behind the 20 fallen beastmen. It had the face of a silver rat, carrying a huge white wand on them. The wand had a unique shape of double-headed snakes.

Lecan glanced to the right.

That's the spot where Beastmen's <Fang> and <Pincer> are fighting Zaka Kingdom's army, a detached force of around 50 beastmen are heading toward Lecan's direction.


(More nuisance huh.)

A group of human knights are going after them. Zaka's side looked like they were getting pushed back earlier, but seeing as they could afford a group of knights to leave the main force, perhaps not so.

The flying beastmen unit lowered their altitude.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

Lecan shot a barrage of <Flame Spears>.

The archer unit's arrows flew in the sky.
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As well as Eda's magic arrows.

Those who got hit by the arrows crashed down.

The flying beastmen had descended low enough to graze the ground.

Seven enemies hit by <Flame Spears> crashed.

The flying beastmen attacked Mashajain Knights.

Around 80 knights, 20 spearsmen and 100 archers clashed with them.

The clash was a brief one.

The beastmen's air unit had used up all their spears during their first assault and lost their mages after the clash with Palcimo Magic Unit. Thus they resorted to attacking with claws and swords now.

Mashajain Knights and the spearsmen fought fiercely and felled many enemies.

Only a little bit more than ten flying beastmen flew away after the clash.

However, Mashajain Knights also suffered a great deal. Only about 30 knights and 90 archers could still move.

The silver rat beastman cast some sort of spell. A red light like that of evening sun lit up on its wand, then the light swelled up and wrapped all the fallen beastmen.

Lecan couldn't believe the spectacle his eyes witnessed a moment later.

Half of the incapacitated howling beastmen got up.

(It can't be.)

(Area of effect recovery magic?!)

Neither in his original nor in this world had Lecan ever witnessed an area of effect recovery magic. And it's got an unbelievable scope.

(It's that wand.)

(That wand must be a Grace Gear on the level of Genesiac Grace Gear.)

Seven, no, eight beastmen remained listless on the ground. <Life Detection> didn't show them. They're dead.

However, the risen beastmen stood like they never suffered grave injuries despite their tattered equipment.

Which means that wand may not be able to revive the dead, but its power is capable of instantly healing even those on the verge of death.

(I see.)

(So that's how it is.)

Some things just didn't add up.

Why are the numbers of beastmen army that crossed the Great Forest so squarely like 500 and 1000. These numbers should be less shapely if we consider the possibility of defectors.

They should have gone quite deep into Dungeon Daina, and yet their numbers stayed neat, how come.

And these beastmen should have suffered a great deal of damage after their skirmishes with Zaka Kingdom's army, and yet their numbers barely dwindled in every subsequent skirmish, how come.

That wand is their secret.

(Their numbers won't go down unless you kill them huh.)

(Even grave injuries get healed instantly.)


(Dammit all!)

It felt as if the path to the enemy's commander had been closed shut.

But a moment later, a fiery burning flame blazed up in Lecan's chest.

(Fine then.)

(I'll just cut down every single one of you that stands in my way.)

(Down to your last breath.)




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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.2


The enemy's air force unit is more than 300 people strong. They're bird beastmen.

Flapping their wings as they flew toward Lecan's group.

About five of these beastmen possess terrifying amounts of mana pools.

Looking again, most of the birdmen were carrying weapons on them except for the leading five who were were flying while carrying five other beastmen on them. These five individuals were the owners of those incredible mana pools.

The archer unit led by knight Pulkus changed their course slightly to the left. They plan to intercept the air force unit. But it doesn't seem like they'd make it in time.

The air unit rapidly approached.

Lecan thought of using <Rush Flare> for a moment.

But it won't reach their current altitude.

<Rush Flare> is originally a magic cast by a group of mages, but Lecan's version can only reach 200 to 300 steps ahead since he casts it by himself.

It might work when they have started attacking but there's no guarantee they'd get within <Rush Flare>'s range even then.

Besides, <Rush Flare> is an offensive magic that comes hurling down from above. It could hit allies when it comes down.

Their figures clearly came into view.


The five beastmen mages have their wands at the ready.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

Lecan shot a barrage of <Flame Spears> he knew wouldn't reach. It's something at least.

"Jinga! Incoming magic attack! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

Magic arrows shot out into the sky from behind Lecan.

Eda is attacking with her <Bow of Yelvitz>.

<Bow of Yelvitz> can covers a much higher range than <Flame Spears>.

She hit quite a few of the flying beastmen. But the enemies were unperturbed. The range must have weakened the arrows but they likely have high magic defense as well.

These flying beastmen rapidly approached.

The wands set up by the five mages are accumulating a dreadful amount of highly dense mana. They've finished reciting the spell, they can shoot it anytime now.

"Spears! Spearsmen! Point your spears at the sky!"

Jinga gave his order.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

The leading five started their descent.

Eda's barrage gets even more intense. Yet the enemies won't fall.

Mashajain archer unit also launched their attack under knight Pulkus. But there is too much distance and the angle isn't optimal.

The five beastmen mages unleashed their magic. Red, blue, yellow, purple and white colored attack magic.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

One of the <Flame Spears> landed on one of the mages as it barely got within range.

The ground exploded a moment later.

The view was completely obstructed for a while.

Lecan and Eda were unharmed due to <Necklace of Intuador>'s protection. And the spearsmen had swiftly pointed up <Spears of Toron> fortifying theirs and the knights' defense during the chaos.

Then the rest of the flying beastmen descended.

Eda shot out a high speed barrage of arrows and managed to shot down two of them.

The flying beastmen threw down the spears they were carrying.

A downpour of 300 spears.

Eda stopped shooting and curled up on the ground.

Jinga stood before Eda with <Shield of Wolkan> deployed and blocked the raining spears. The sounds produced were no joke. Those spears have quite some weight behind them.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

Lecan kept shooting <Flame Spears> while guarding himself with his own <Shield of Wolkan>.

However, the flying beastmen wouldn't descend to <Flame Spear>'s range.

The beastmen's air force raised their altitude once they were done the spear hurling.

Leaving gouged grounds, burning grass and horses and spearsmen suffering from getting pierced by the spears behind.

The knights didn't suffer as much damage thanks to their heavy equipment.

The flying beastmen flew away and started making a turn in the air. They'd likely resume their attack. This would devastate Mashajain's force.

Then, Jinga shouted his order at an earsplitting volume.

"Stand up, O Knights of Mashajain! Charge to the enemy base! We must turn this into melee!"

Just as the knights attempted to resume their charge, the beastmen's howls reverberated once again.


(Nasty timing!)

"<Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>!"

Eda cast six <Purifications> among the falling Mashajain Knights. Exquisite blue speheres of lights protected Jinga and five other knights' heads.

However, <Purification> can only protect so many people. Most of the knights and spearsmen had been incapacitated.

The flying beastmen had finished circling around in the horizon.

Jinga stared at them with an intense gaze.

(No choice.)

(Guess I'll charge into the enemy base on my own.)

He's only 1000 step away from the howling beastmen. He should be able to reach the enemy base shortly if he just use <Leg Bands of White Devils>. But the question remains whether he'd be able to cut the path to the enemy's supreme commander.

That was when.

Lecan sensed some sort of presence and turned his head to the northeast sky.

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Something flying.

Many something.

A hundred of something are flying in their direction at an amazing speed.

(Are those?)

(White-Necked Dragons!)

About a hundred White-Necked Dragons came flying toward the battlefield they were on.

No, that's not it.

They're heading toward the flying beastmen.


Lecan looked to the western sky.

The flying beastmen that had completed their reversal came flying in this direction while raising altitude.

They must have inferred the enemy's reinforcement and resolved to face them off.

Lecan grabbed the <Wand of Halvos> Shira gave him and started reciting a spell.

"Mana. Mana. O Great Mana. Heed my call, and converge."

Both enemies and allies are focusing their attention to the sky. Now's the chance to grab the first strike.

"Dwell in my abdomen, swirl into a vortex. Pass through my right arm and dwell in my wand. Loop the mana in my wand. Keep looping and wait for convergence."

The flying White-Necked Dragon unit entered Lecan's <Life Detection>'s range.

A familiar presence of an enormous mana pool.

It's Jiza.

A guide of Palcimo Magic Research Institute, Chief Minister Jiza Morfes.

Palcimo mages are riding on the hundred White-necked Dragons.

"O fresh mana, well up. Well up and settle in my abdomen, join into a pool, connect into a whirlpool and flow into my wand!"

Palcimo Magic Unit is on a higher altitude. They're descending to intercept the enemy force. The flying beastmen are heading straight at them.

The two high speed flying units got within each other's range in a flash before a clash of magic began. However, the beastmen mages may be powerful but there were only four of them. Contrasting that, 20 individuals in Palcimo Magic Unit unleashed their magic. Every one of them must be a Guide-class mage capable of long range magic.

"Wand. Wand. Accelerate. Accelerate my mana. All prayers into one. All destruction in my hand. Foretell me the time. The time of liberation. The time is nigh."

An especially gigantic sphere of magic hit the leading flying beastmen, wrapping them in an explosive burst of flames. The image of Jiza and her <Seven-headed Blue Wand> flashed in Lecan's mind.

Lecan broke into run with his right hand still gripping his wand.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.1


The 200 horse-riding Knights of Mashajain rushed toward the enemy base creating tremendous sounds along the way. 100 of the 200 knights have spearsmen riding along their back. The horses would be bearing a huge load each carrying a heavily fortified knight and a spearsmen, but Jinga decided to go with it regardless. It's a way to defend against magic. All the spearsmen are equipped with <Spears of Toron>. The spearsmen would jump off the horses once they get close enough. They have been trained in this tactic.

Lecan took his specially made Mana Restorative. It would be indispensable in the upcoming fight.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Lecan hit his back with <Gust> to propel himself forward.

2000 steps until enemy base.

There are around 200 people surrounding this base with around 50 in the core center. The ten individuals in the center back must be the supreme commanders and his aides or the elite. These ten are situated just right on the <Highway of Death>.

The area around <Highway of Death> here is that of a sprawling meadow with a good view and only some bushes and thickets here and there. From the point Daryra led them to the enemy base is a relatively level plane with short grass. It's the perfect spot for an ambush.

The enemies are all on foot. Great Forest might be impassable on horseback, or perhaps they simply don't have a horse riding custom.

Even after they had noticed the ambush, the enemy's base was unperturbed. They calmly and orderly positioned themselves to face Mashajain Knights' charge.

The enemy's base is located a good distance away to the right from the <Formation of Ishas>'s <Whip>, while the main enemy force, <Fang> and <Pincer> are fighting with Zaka Kingdom's unified army. Both the <Fang> and <Pincer> are on foot as well.

The 100-strong archer unit is running to the right. Their target is not the <Tail>. By the time they are within <Tail>'s range, the knights should already engage with it. Archer unit's job is to stop a portion of <Fang> and <Pincer> from trying to help <Tail>. Archer units are usually accompanied by another arrow supply unit but they don't have one this time. However, all the quivers Mashajain Archers carry on them are <Boxes>, with each storing more than 100 arrows inside.

Archer unit commander is knight Pulcus Gawein. A gallant man with the dexterity to swiftly move around and the strength to draw his bowstring to its limit, he may look young, but he's someone that's been active together with Jinga since Jinga's prime.

Mashajain Knights and their horses ran through 500 steps in the blink of an eye before raising their speed even further.

1500 steps until enemy base.

Lecan felt like he could hear a shrill sound of a whistle.

He had been experiencing a peculiar sensation for a while now. The same sensation he had when he first met Zoltan.

(It's there!)

(Among the enemies ahead.)

(An adventurer from my world.)

Yet for some reason <Life Detection> didn't display it like it would Boudou. There are several enemies with enormous mana pools matching Boudo's. Yet none is like Boudo's.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Lecan was initially leading but now those knights are 100 steps ahead of the him. That's fine. The knights will cut open a path for Lecan to charge straight at the Supreme Commander.

Mashajain Knights advanced on as they trampled on short grass leaving cloud of dust behind.

1000 steps until Enemy Base.


(Even if the <Whip> is lurking in the forest behind that enemy base.)

(They ain't gonna make it.)

Just when Lecan believed that their plan had gone well, the enemy's front line pulled back, replaced with a line of 20 beastmen who greatly inhaled and pointed their faces to the sky. They're dog and wolf-type beastmen.

And they barked.


Eerie voices echoed on.

The volume was incredible despite it coming from merely 20 people, the space around Lecan was occupied by their howls, it felt as if the world itself was rattling.

His body felt numb.

He twisted his legs and tumbled down.

With the effect of <Guardian Jewel of Miko>, the numbness immediately went away, and Lecan managed to stay on his feet.

But all the knights around him fell down at once.

Horses that were running at maximum speed also tumbled down, flinging them down the ground at full force. The knights must be suffering bruises due to their heavy armors from this.

Lecan stood up in shock.

The howls continued on.

Jinga and all Mashajain Knights are equipped with curse and poison resistant equipment. They also have <Spears of Toron> with them, so most magic attacks shouldn't work on them.

Then what was that numbness anyway.

It's the beastmen's unique skill.

A voice-carried attack that's neither curses, poison or magic.

"<Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>!"

Lecan turned around and saw Eda rapidly casting <Purification>. Eda had been riding behind Jinga's aide on a horse, that horse hadn't fallen down. Neither did Jinga and his horse next to them. The archer unit running to their right were unaffected, likely due to the distance.

(I see!)

(That Eda.)

(She wrapped Jinga, herself and their horses in <Purification>.)

Eda's <Purification> barrage recovered all the knights and spearsmen near her, letting them back on their feet. Eda's <Purification> honed in Yufu did not only heal the bruises from falling down, but even dispelled the mysterious numbness caused by the beastmen howls.

"<Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>!"

Eda cast <Purification> on the horses.

The beastmen stopped howling.

Lecan could feel the nausea wrapping his body vanishing.

Knights and spearsmen who didn't get <Purification> started to stand up as well. The numbness has disappeared with the howls it seems.

"Drink Red Potions! Take up your position! We shall charge again!"

Jinga gave his command.

This was when <Life Detection> caught hundreds of red dots coming in at an unbelievable speed from behind the enemy line.

Running at this speed in the forest is simply impossible.

Lecan strained his eyes.

It's the sky.

Somethings are flying in the sky.

A great many number of them.

Lecan felt a chill down his spine when he realized what it was.

It's the beastmen's air force.

The beastmen army's <Whip> was an air force unit.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 54.15


"OK then, let's roll."


On the morning of the 20th.

Once Jinga replied to Delos's call, Mashajain Knights began their march.

They're marching inside a forest. With horses in tow. It takes time. But there is no need to hurry. Their destination isn't too far away. In fact, they'd likely have a lot of spare time on their hands once they got there.

To the north of Aspora town is a sprawling meadow with a good view. Their destination is the forest to the west of this meadow.

The weather is quite fine today.

It's springtime, the forest is lush with greenery and blooming flowers all over.

Yet Lecan couldn't shake this feeling of restlessness.

He's got a feeling that something bad is going to go down.


"What's up."

"Sorry but could you scout ahead near the forest's edge."

"Didn't you know you were a worrywart. I gotcha, I'll go real quick and..."

A sound of an explosion suddenly could be heard whilst Daryra was speaking.

More explosion sounds resounded several times followed by shouts by a huge amount of people.

A combat had broken out.


(Who the heck decided.)

(The next raid gonna be tomorrow.)

It all went according to the enemy's plan.

By launching their offensive on the 13th, 15th, 17th and 19th, they whittled down Zaka Kingdom's forces.

If each battle decreased the number by 200, Zaka's side should lose 800 people by now.

On the other hand, Guido's side pretended to fool around during days where they didn't attack, inviting Zaka's side to let their guard down.

And once Zaka's side had grown accustomed to the schedule, Guido launched a surprise attack under pretense of relaxing around.

How they never attacked the town must have been part of their strategy as well.

The attack this time likely won't stop until they've eradicated every last opponents. Cutting deep into the town.

Jinga's voice resounded loud as if it was cutting through Lecan's inner thought process.

"Notify all units! The battle has begun. Hasten our march! But you must not lose your presence. Mobilize as planned. We shall keep heading north to our destination and out of the forest, true to our goal, eliminate the enemy! Advance!"

Jinga called Delos and Daryra.

"Leaving the forest right away would jeopardize our ambush. Yet it would take too long if we march as is. Lead us somewhere right next to the enemy's flank."

"Dang if yer' not asking for the impossible. But that's exactly my thing. Delos. I'm gonna head to forest outskirts and check out the battlefield."

"Got it. And I'll lead our good knights there."

Thus a hasty march began.
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It was utterly irritating to Lecan.

'Why aren't we going faster', dominated his thought.

But they're going through a forest on horseback. Naturally it won't be fast.

Lecan entertained the idea of breaking into the battlefield on his own but that would leave him out of the knights' aid. Manfrey had ordered Jinga to have a few elite knights accompany Lecan and open a path to the enemy's commander. Jinga had selected seven elite knights. He should bear with it for now.

One fortunate thing about this is, due to the all the noises from battle, their noisy march in the forest stays out of the enemy's attention.

The combat noises kept intensifying.

And just as Lecan's irritation reached its peak, Daryra came back.

"Here's your order, this point here is right next to the enemy."

"Good. Notify all commanders! Change course to the right. Assume your formation near the forest exit. And wait for my command to charge!"

Mashajain Knights consisting of 200 knights, 200 squires, 100 archers, 100 spearsmen moved through the forest till they got near the exit.

Lecan arrived earlier than anyone else and checked on the war progress from behind a cover.


The enemy dots displayed on <Life Detection> have red colors. Meaning they're humans. These beastmen may have beast-like appearances, but they're humans.

Jinga gave his next command.

"Knights and squires are to strike the enemy's base! Eliminate their supreme commander. Archers and spearsmen are to attack the forces assaulting Aspora from the flanks!"

Zaka Kingdom's forces consisting of knights and adventurers are holding the line in front of Aspora while a concentrated force of Guido Imperial Army fiercely assaulted them. There's a group of 50 people behind them staying out of the war. That must be the base. And if the enemy is truly taking the <Formation of Ishas> those 50 individuals must possess enough strength to match an army.

Army versus army, a clash between groups. The loser is the one that gets their line broken down. In these kinds of fights, once a crack has been formed on the formation, the enemy will flow in unhindered. Nothing can stop this inertia. Such is a fight between armies.

Once it's turned to that, intricate commands just won't work, nor will anyone listen.

The groups of people fighting in the center of the battlefield move like they're one being, they work together to crush the other group and look for the weak spot.

Lecan felt a stinging sensation on the back of his throat.

(Jinga! What are you doing.)

(We're all ready to charge out.)

(Our allies' defensive line's gonna get torn down if we don't move out now!)

It may look like the two forces are on equal grounds, but to Lecan's eyes, Guido Imperial Army is gradually pushing Zaka's side. On the receiving end, Zaka Forces just don't have the strength to repulse them. A crack is getting formed in the meantime. Once that happens, Zaka Army will collapse.

Lecan glared at the ongoing state of affairs with a burning gaze.


(Where's the order to attack?)

Lecan isn't the only one getting flustered.

Several knights pressed on Jinga.

"Your order sir!"

"Now's the time to!"


Most of the knights are begging him to issue the order to attack.

But Jinga kept his left hand gripping the rein atop his horse, and opened his right palm at those knights to check their rein. His figure is like that of an unwavering boulder.


(Come on!)

That was when a unit in the rear line of Guido Imperial Army started their advance. This living group of people had inferred Zaka Army nearing their limit and moved out in an attempt to swallow them whole once and for all.

And this mobilization resulted in a gap forming between this unit and the unit behind them.

Jinga's eyes opened wide.

He drew his lustrous silver sword and pointed it straight ahead.

Jinga inhaled greatly before issuing a thunderous command.


Mashajain Knights flooded out of the forest like an arrow drawn to the limit and unleashed, charging straight ahead toward the enemy's base.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 54.14


Jinga signaled to a knight behind him with his eye. That knight said 'sir', and left the room before returning with two adventurers.

"Lecan-sama. These two are Aspora adventurers. The man is Delos, while the woman is Daryra. They know this area well, they have been hired to be our guides here."

"Hou. I'm Lecan. Good to meet you. She's Eda."

"Ah, nice to meetcha. The name's Delos."

"I've heard all about you. I'm Daryra."

Delos is a small nimble-looking adventurer that looks the part as a scout.

Daryra is a big woman with well defined muscles, carrying a sword on her back. Considering her light armor, she should be quite quick on her feet as well.

"Explain to Lecan-sama the problems we face with the route."

"So y'see, we gotta go west if we wanna go around those guys. The east is a no go since we'd hafta pass some open space, woulda make us a sitting duck. Meanwhile, the west side got a small mountain, advancing without being caught is possible. But this side here's entirely composed of a cliff y'see. No way to get through 'em on horseback."

There's a small mountain to the west of Nikuya town, and to the west of that is a cliff.

However, going east will likely get them ambushed by <Whip>. Going west would be best here.

"How long's this cliff?"

"It's gonna take three whole days if you wanna reach the spot where the cliff stops."

"As you have heard, Lecan-sama. Even if the next skirmish is to be in two days time, we will not make it in time. Delaying our participation in the war even further."

"Well, what's wrong with that if that's how it's gonna be? Either way, I'm clueless about war strategy and stuff."

"Just you know though, we actually have never passed through that alternative route ourselves. And we gotta take like 200 horses with us, no telling what's it gonna be like. I can assure ya three days ain't gonna be enough, but can't say either how many days we gonna need beyond that."

Hearing that, Jinga fell into silence.

Lecan gazed at Jinga and Delos for a bit before speaking up.

"Delos. How high is this cliff?"

"Highest one got to 150 steps. But I know a spot where it's only about 30 step tall."

"Can we get down there if we don't bring horses?"

"Sure can. We're gonna tie some sturdy ropes around sturdy trees. Ya just gotta hold on to those ropes as ya climb down. Work well on luggage too. But not horses. They're gonna break them legs if they jump down."

"Where is this place?"

"Around here."

Delos pointed at a spot on the map.

"Pretty close by. Jinga."


"We're going down from there."

"But, the horses"

"I've got an idea. Let me show you how it's done. Let's go outside."

The group left the room.

Lecan asked Jinga to get on a horse.

The horse was blindfolded.

He asked Jinga to talk to the horse to calm it down.

"Alright. Here goes. <Float>."

The horse floated in the air, with Jinga still riding on it.


"My goodness."

The knights voiced their shock.

Delos were wide eyed.

Daryra was grinning for some reason.


The horse moved a bit and slowly floated down the ground.

"So yeah. One Large Blue Potion should be enough to last me 200 horses and riders."

Just dropping them down a cliff should consume much less mana than floating up a horse and its rider high up into the sky and down.

"Understood. Lecan-sama. We will be in your good hands. Come, let us have lunch for now."

Daryra spoke in whisper when she passed by Lecan.

"As expected, Bat Demon-san."

"Don't address me with that name."
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They received a message after lunch.

The battle today ended quickly again.

The enemy has been regularly launching their offensive every two days, on 13th, 15th, 17th and 19th.

And Zaka's side would lose 200 people every time.

"Lecan-sama. Aspora is asking for reinforcement. As the next battle will be on the 21th, they plan to leave the town and go after the enemy. They are asking Mashajain Knights to launch an assault on the enemy's flank then."

Lecan wasn't on board with them deciding that the next battle would surely be on 21th. He's not gonna complain about it but the quicker they leave for the battlefield, the better.

"Jinga. How about departing now."


"Or are you saying Mashajain Knights can't camp outside? We're not gonna have fires after all."

"Oh that won't do at all Lecan-sama, please do not underestimate us."

"We'd better get down that cliff asap. We might have to spend two nights in the forest, we should get as close as possible to the battlefield."

"Very well. We shall begin the preparations at once."

Thus Mashajain Knights left Nikuya town on the 19th, to the west.

Climbing down the cliff took more time than anticipated.

Though it didn't actually take that long for the knights and horses.

They simply needed to blindfold the horses and stood still until they touched the ground. Both the knights and the horses were well trained, thus Lecan's magic smoothly got them down the cliff.

Next to them, archers and spearsmen took quite some time to climb down from a slightly taller cliffside. They lowered their wrapped weapons and luggage as well as themselves with ropes, but as they had never trained in such activity, the whole thing took them quite a lot of time.

Nevertheless they managed to get everyone down before nightfall and they all camped down the cliff.

Lecan chatted about all kinds of things with Jinga.

Incidentally, in the end Lecan never spent a night in Nikuya town, which was a huge relief to a certain individual.

It was none other than Nikuya townlord, Snow Demoka.

The eldest son of Paizlan Household was dungeon exploring as an adventurer in Dungeon City Ninae when he abducted Heles Rainzats to make her his own. Lecan prevented his escapade, then later on, Head of Rainzats who heard about the incident from Heles sent a messenger to Paizlan Household, strongly condemning the action. The head of Paizlan promised to disinherit Snow while trembling in trepidation. Afterward, he shoved Snow to a relative, Demoka Household which had been wanting for an heir, to get rid of the nuisance he became.

Once his elderly foster father passed away, Snow took on the position of the small town lord, but despite his rotten attitude, the guy was still a high born noble. When Nikuya town turned into a traffic stop for many lords' knights on their way to halt Guido Imperial Army's invasion, he would still flawlessly deal with them and their needs, albeit haughtily.

Then one day, he was told that a high ranking adventurer who's also the fiance of a Wazrof Lady would be coming. He couldn't believe his ear when Lecan's name came up, but it really was the same Lecan when he peeked at him from afar.

Snow had a panic attack and locked himself up in his room, quivering behind his blanket, but then Lecan and Mashajain Knights departed right away without him seeing them off, prompting him to throw a small celebration on his lonesome.

Lecan himself had zero recollection of Snow's face or even name.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 54.13


Lecan were shocked to see Jinga again, but the same went to Jinga as well, he looked taken aback when he saw Lecan.

"Your left eye. I see that it has been restored. Congratulations. And this dignity and strength Lecan-sama exuded. Please pardon me, but what is that armor."

"Ah. It's made of Great Flame Dragon's leather I got at Yufu. Master artisans at Yufu worked on them."

"Great Flame Dragon! Did you subdue one in Dungeon Yufu?"

"Yea. Along with Eda."

"Ooh, just the two of you prevailed against a Great Flame Dragon. Splendid."

Jinga is acting quite a bit too polite. Almost as if they were strangers. As that thought crossed Lecan's mind, it hit him.

(By propping me up like this.)

(He's trying to elevate Norma's stature.)

Norma had a weak presence detached to Wazrof Household to many people connected to Wazrof. However, she's no longer able to avoid getting involved with Wazrof's affairs from now on. Thus, by showing to others how him, a Chief Knight of Wazrof, bowed before Norma's groom, it would give off the impression that Norma is a high ranking noble lady of Wazrof.

"Here's a letter the Family Head of Wazrof entrusted with me."

Lecan avoided calling Manfrey by name in the presence of Wazrof Knights' bigshots.

Jinga opened the letter Lecan presented, and took a quick look.

Then he handed it to a knight behind him. The knight read the letter and handed it to another knight besides him. All the knights who read the letter looked shocked as they turned their sight at Lecan and Eda.

"We will be moving out with you until we come in contact with the enemy forces. Eda and I will act independently once the battle begins. We'll be with you guys till then."

Lecan is not reckless enough to charge head on to a general protected by his army. This general has likely surrounded himself with elite guards, not to mention other beastmen around. Not even Lecan could do anything if they all came at him at once. His only chance of getting to General Boudo is during the confusion from a clash between armies.

Or perhaps he could even present himself as a messenger of peace? But that's definitely not the greatest choice.

First of all, his standing is on a shaky ground. A representative of Zaka Kingdom is out of question. Yet calling himself a messenger of Marquis of Mashajain would put the responsibility on Manfrey. Trying to negotiate with the invading army without the kingom's approval, not even Wazrof could get out of that without repercussions.

Besides, there's no guarantee that Zack Zaikaz really is in the possession of Beastmen Empire's treasure.

No guarantee that General Boudo is the same Boudo Lecan knows. Were he not, entering Guido Imperial Army's territory would be a suicidal act.

To begin with, Manfrey would have asked Lecan to go with it if a peaceful negotiation was on the table. The fact that that man did not choose this path means that it's simply asking for the unreasonable.

In the end, his aim should be General Boudo's head. If it turned out the man could be reasoned with then good, all the more if he is willing to go to Zack's town to check things out and negotiate the retaking of the treasure.

(But looking at it again.)

(The war has long since started.)

(Don't think we can afford to peacefully negotiate.)

(Heck, what a pain.)

(My specialty is fighting.)
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(Not negotiation.)

(Alright. That's that.)

(Don't care if this supreme commander Boudo is that Boudo or not.)

(He's dead meat.)

(I can think what to do next after.)

By this point, Lecan has mostly given up trying to open a negotiation.

"Well then, please take your seat."

"Hm? You need me for something?"

"I shall give you a rundown on the situation."

(I'm just gonna tag along Jinga though.)

(I ain't gonna get all the minor details anyway.)

(Nor can I give a good answer to their issues.)

Lecan took his seat despite feeling slightly dubious.

"Eda-sama, you too."


Eda sat down next to Lecan.

Jinga sat at the other end of the desk. With the other six knights standing behind him.

One of the knights unfolded a map on the desk.

"By the order of the War Council, us Mashajain Knights are to go around the enemy forces and launch a surprise attack on their flanks or rear line. Have a look at this map."

Jinga pointed at a spot on the map.

"From here Nikuya town to Aspora town, the terrain is that of a gently sloping downhill, marching on this terrain will surely alert the enemy. In other word, our only choice is to enter the forest right away from here. How much does Lecan-sama know about the war progress?"

"Our side had a force of 2700 in Aspora but we lost 400 from skirmishes on the 13th and 15th of month four. The enemy total force was originally 1000 and barely decreased. That's about all I know."

"There was another skirmish on the 17th. 200 on our side were either dead or incapacitated. We arrived here on yesterday evening. Our scout had reported another skirmish going on just now. Our arrival has been relayed to Aspora through a contact adventurer. Since we wouldn't have made it in time even if we marched now, we are to join the fray in the next skirmish."


It all sounds lax, but Jinga is undoubtedly more experienced in this kind of things than Lecan. Lecan did not interject.

"However, we hit a roadblock. I would like to hear Lecan-sama's opinion on it."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 54.12


It was the 19th of month four the morning after.

Lecan took the Great Flame Dragon leather armor and put it on.

To check how it feels worn.

It was comfier than expected.

At first he thought it would be heavy when worn since the armor is thicker on all the most important spots, and it did feel heavy when he picked it up, but once it was on him, it actually felt quite light.

Lecan drew Sword of Rusk and took some swings, he could move around unhindered.

He assumed the thicker part on the arm would get in the way of swinging his sword, but that wasn't the case either.

(So this is how the work of master artisans feels like.)


It even feels like power is surging out from within himself with the armor on.

As there's an opinion that eating dragon's meat will raise your mana pool, perhaps the vestiges of the dragon's mana and life forces grant its wearer some vitality.


(Should have put this armor on before we bolted.)

Eda were wide eyed as she kept praising Lecan, 'so cool, you look soo cool' over and over again.

Lecan grabbed the Argent Flame Wolf's overcoat, put it over the leather armor and tried swinging his sword and jumped around.

(Umu. Feels good.)

"Lecan. Both your eyes are open now, and you've lost your starving wolf-like expression from before, you look so grand and imposing, like a prince or a general. Ah, you are a prince."

They resumed their travel before eventually sensing extraordinary presences ahead of them.

Must be a group of knights. There are presences of strong mana too. Around 200 people. Lecan and Eda made a detour around this group of people.

Lecan and Eda arrived at Nikuya just before noon.

Mashajain Knights were still there.

Lecan was brought before Jinga right away.

(Who the heck?)

That was his first thought when he saw Jinga again.


Jinga has obviously been rejuvenated.

There's less wrinkles on his face. The skin on his face is no longer dry like an elderly man, but moist and brimming with vitality, elasticity and tenacity.

He carries himself with more vigor as well.

Jinga offered Lecan the seat of honor and bowed deeply.

"Lecan-sama. It is an honor to have you here."

His voice sounds springy as well. With power and composure.

As he lifted his face up to match Lecan's eye level, Lecan thought, 'Guy is Jinga alright.'

An unshakable light in his eyes. Firm gaze with unperturbed spirits. Strength and wisdom that comes from age. All of which are in Jinga's eyes.

As a matter of fact, Jinga had been receiving <Purification> all this time.
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By Eda and Norma.

During Lecan's struggle to conquer Dungeon Tsubolt, Eda would cast <Purification> on herself, Norma and Jinga, twice to thrice a day. Lecan saw that too after his return from Tsubolt.

How come Norma get to use <Purification>, it traces back to two years ago.

Nirfut, a spy and assassin sent by Boldrin Household stabbed Prado Goncourt with a poisonous needle in their ploy to take over Goncourt.

Norma and Jinga who noticed something off rushed to Prado's side who was just one step away from death's door.

Finding an antidote wouldn't make it in time.

Norma who was desperately wishing to save Prado manifested <Purification> at this point.

Prado's life was saved, Boldrin's ploy was smashed to pieces.

Norma informed Jinga of her awakening to <Purification>, and no one else. Norma's mother was put under a confined life to work forever once she manifested <Purification>. The sorrow and wound from having her mother taken away was still rooted deep in Norma even now. It was only natural she would keept it to herself.

However, as a medic, Norma strongly desired to grow her <Purification>.

She could save even dying people with this magic. Lecan is an adventurer. If Norma could master <Purification>, she could come to his aid in time of crisis. Of course, Lecan also has Eda, a <Purification> user by his side already, but there's a danger in having <Purification> cast by the same person over a long period. If only Norma could master <Purification>, the three of them could retain their youth for a long time.

Hence, Norma started her training in <Purification> in secret. Fortunately, as she was suspending her medic activities, she could focus all her mana into the training.

The issue is Norma's relative lack of mana.

The key to solve that lay in research memo left behind by her late father, Sasfrey.

Her father had discovered the mixtures of medical plants, and training methods to raise one's mana pool. Though the effect is only noticeable on those with little mana initially, and requires a continuous application over a few years before it takes effect. Her father had devoted himself in that research after the passing of her mother.

Over two years, Norma had ascertained that his father's research bore some fruits.

Norma's mana pool saw a rapid increase as of late. She could even cast <Purification> thrice a day now.

Norma is both an outstanding medic and extraordinary researcher, she has an exceedingly depth insight on the inner working of <Purification>. When such a person mastered <Purification>, it evolved into the most superlative kind.

That was the secret behind Jinga's rejuvenation and regained strength. The cause of him getting bedridden from waist and joint pain back then was the backlash from having his bones rejuvenated.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 54.11


The morning after, they got up and had a slow breakfast before resuming their travel.

After crossing over the mountain summit, Daina Highway came into view in between trees.

They quickly arrived on the highway, where the two gradually increased their speed to the point of absurdity.

Travelers and villagers they occasionally overtook would look at them with frightened expressions.

Peddlers and wagons would notice the two coming from afar and moved far to the sides of the road to make way.

Normally they wouldn't run at full speed and freak people out like this. But they can't afford that this time. They couldn't help it.

They took their time having lunch. They may be in a hurry but taking a good quality rest is important. They talked to locals twice along the way to confirm their position. The journey is going smoothly.

They passed by two groups of caravans escorted by knights along the way. Must be resupply units.

The sun was going down, so they set up camp away from the highway. As it's a mountainous region here, many magic beasts lurk in the area. They carefully laid out magic beast ward potpourris.

"Is Norma still at the capital?"

"Un. She was super busy."

"Why was it again."

"The book, remember? The conversation between Skalabel-sama and Shira-baachan three years ago, the one priest Amamir-sama had recorded is finally getting turned into a book."

"Ah, yeah that thing. But was that such a busywork? Or rather, shouldn't that be Amamir's job."

"They stumbled on all kinds of difficult passages when they looked over it again and kept coming to Norma every time. Norma herself was fine with it if the questions were something she could answer right away, but some required her to look up in many subjects, it was super hectic."

"Hmph. Really."

"Also, priests and apothecaries from every temples just kept coming asking her for a chat when they found out Norma was in the capital. Some even requested her to hold a teaching course, but she's refusing them all for now."

"It's come to that huh."

"They had presented the first completed book to the king on the first of this month four. The plan is to present the book to Wazrof House and every temple this month, after that it's gonna get distributed in other regions."

"Then guess she's free after."

"Actually nope. Norma is starting the process to publish her dad's books, see. They've finally decided on the composition. It's gonna be 30 books in total. And they're gonna publish one book each year. Although it seems like Transcribers-san have finished transcribing five of the eight initial books, so it will be fast in the beginning."

"Fumu. No complain here if Norma is fine with that, but I guess she's not coming back to Vouka."

"Uun. Norma said she gotta be in Vouka to work on the manuscript. I think she'll go back there after the wedding."
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"Yeah? Ah, changing the topic, how come Jinga got to lead the knights."

"Ah, that you see."

Jinga was originally the highest ranking knight in Wazrof. He would lead the knights to subjugate bandit gangs, or eliminate swarms of magic beast in his prime. His exploits were widely known.

Publicly, he had left Wazrof Knights when he went with Sasfrey and his daughter Norma to Vouka, but once the late marquis of Wazrof passed away and sent his retirement money, Wazrof considered him as a retired knight.

However, during the incident around Goncourt House's heir, Jinga was introduced as the chief knight of Wazrof who acts as Norma's bodyguard. Manfrey who found that amusing appointed Jinga as a Chief Knight of Wazrof for real. There was no such thing as Chief Knight position in Wazrof up until that point.

This formally made Jinga once again a member of Wazrof Knights, but to Manfrey, it was simply a ploy to protect Norma.

But once Norma started coming to Mashajain and the royal capital, the younger knights who know about Jinga's fame started asking for his guidance.

Meanwhile, Guido Empire launched their invasion last year. Most didn't see it as a serious threat by that point, but Rigan Notz couldn't discount the worse comes to worst possibility. The present Wazrof Knights had no experience in a large scale battle.

Jinga whose waist had healed came back to Mashajain early this year. Rigan Notz who deeply respects Jinga entreated Manfrey to have Jinga instruct the knights in group mobilization.

Eventually it was made clear that the danger Guido Imperial army possessed was far greater than anticipated.

Mashajain must deploy their knights. Manfrey initially planned to have Rigan lead the knights.

But as days passed by, they found out how extremely dangerous Guido Imperial army proved to be. Under a leader without actual combat experience, the knights could suffer a heavy loss. A burden too heavy to bear for Rigan.

On top of that, the knights could end up getting deployed in a disadvantageous spot due to power struggle between commanders once there. As there is no individual who acts as the supreme commander.

Since Jinga is Wazrof's Chief Knight, his rank is guaranteed. To top that off, he oozes the depth of an experienced knight who won't permit anyone walk over him. Those who come face to face to him could only yield to his composure and decisive judgment.

Thus, under such circumstances, Manfrey along with Rigan requested Norma to borrow Jinga and had him lead the deployed Wazrof Knights.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 54.10


Lecan and Eda took stamina restorative, cast <Acceleration> on themselves, and headed west from Mashajain. There's a highway to the capital immediately to the south, but on top of being a slight detour, it's bustling with traffic so taking the meadow and forest shortcut would get them to their destination faster.

After the meadow and gently sloping woodlands, there should be a small mountain with Daina Highway beyond it.

They set up camp as they started climbing that mountain.

Eda cooked soup, while Lecan grilled some meat and vegetable skewers.

As they gazed the campfire illuminating the surroundings with the sounds of cracking burning woods in the background, Eda spoke.

"We lit up a campfire like this when we first met, didn't we."

"You hit a tree and knocked yourselves out the first night."

"Ahaha. I really should thank you for that. Can't believe you found me tho'."

"You've always had a huge mana pool. Easy to tell once I got close. Besides, I just retraced the path we took. No way to miss you."

"You can only say that because it's you Lecan. Still, wonder what'd have happened to Chaney-san if you got stuck finding me back then."

"Probably got killed by Marakis."

"Un. Probably yep. I was super shocked when they told me what happened. But did that person really think he could win against you, Lecan?"

"Who knows. Guy might have attempted to buy me off."

"Oh I see. So like, I'd get killed?"

"Yeah. One of the escorts betrayed the group, killed the other escort and Chaney then fled with money, probably the planned ploy."

Lecan gulped down his booze. A bit of booze heals fatigue and relaxes muscles. Gonna get a good night sleep. Tomorrow they'll start running for real.

"Hey, Lecan."


"Does your name 'Lecan' have a meaning?"

"Yea. It means 'Unwanted'."

"Eeeh? That's awful. That name's just too terrible from parents to their child."

"Wasn't my parents. I was abandoned as a child, got no name on me. Woulda been a hassle if I didn't have it in the orphanage, so the <Caring Mothers> gave me that one."

"What were other children's names like?"

"<Burnt Head>, <Smashed Nose>, <Drowsy Eye>, <Crybaby>, <Misfit>."

"Um, that's enough Lecan. It's making me feel bad."

"Does your name got a meaning?"

"Un. In mom's hometown, you see, there's this legendary tree that grants wishes, it's called Edarmarfos. Huh, Lecan? What's with the shocked look."

"Nah, it's just, my birthplace got a legend of a tree with that name too. A legend of the Great Wise Tree Edarmarfos in the farthest end mountain. Those who braved the long arduous journey and arrived there may speak with Edarmarfos and be granted one wish. Eda. What's your mother's name?"

"She called herself Dana, but her real name's actually Roojie."

"Roojie huh. You can find the name in my world too. Mostly nobles though. Can't be. No, might be. Where'd your mother come from?"

"I wonder where? She said she couldn't go back anyway."

"I see."
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"Lecan. I have a request."


"I want you to come with me to the village I was born at, just once before our wedding."

"I don't mind, what's the plan?"

"I wanna visit my father's and mother's graves and introduce you, Lecan."

"Ah, yeah okay. That's good. Let's go."

"Thank you, Lecan. And also, I'd like to go see my friend if possible."


"My one and only friend in that village. Nami-chan, we're the same age."

"Really. Be nice if you could see her again. Gotta remember to bring gifts to this friend of yours. Some clothes or something, nothing too fancy."

"Oh wow, Lecan thought about bringing gifts. You've really grown up. Ah, yeah, I heard about you bringing Shurengo fruit for Jericho and Yurika. Did they like it?"

"Nah, I couldn't give it."

"Eh? Why?"

"The two of them were nowhere when I arrived at Vouka. Apparently they were out training or something."

"Aah, they went off again."

"You knew huh. Where are they going anyway?"

"I don't know. I mean, they wouldn't tell me when I asked."

"Err, not like you can understand Jericho's words. Anyway, the Shurengeo would go bad before they got back. So I gave them to Prado and Kanner. Jericho and Yurika returned after a while though."



"Didn't you get a <Timeless Bag> in Dungeon Yufu."


"You forgot."


<Timeless Bag> is one of the treasures he got from defeating the Three Giants, Dungeon Yufu's bosses, all objects stored within this <Box>-like item remain fresh. He was going to check out its capacity but since he got attacked by Argent Flame Wolf immediately after departing Yufu and went in Dungeon of Carrion King right afterward, he completely forgot. He hadn't checked up on <Thunder God Spear> and <Amulet of Hippodora> he got from the battle either.

Lecan proceeded to stuff smoked meat, bread and fruit from Mashajain inside <Timeless Bag>.

Eda who was staring at him all the while spoke in a chilly tone.

"Don't forget the vegetables."

Eda cast <Purification> on herself and Lecan before they went to bed.




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