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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.3


"Come. Come. For the time is nigh. Heaven's arrows that trample upon all creations. Heed my command, tear through the earth. <Zoruas Kurt Venda>."

Lecan warped far ahead a moment later. 400 steps until the howling beastmen. A bit too far for <Rush Flare>.

Lecan kept running while maintaining the prepared magic. Then he stopped and recited the activation spell.

"<Rush Flare (Gailvey)>!"

An enormous mass of mana got emitted out of <Wand of Halvos>, which then turned into arrows that flew high into the sky. The arrows changed its angle right above the howling beastmen before pouring down incessantly.

As Lecan has put his entire mana into them, every one of the arrow contains terrifying destructive forces. About ten thousands of such arrows rained down a mere group of 20.

Some beastmen erected anti-magic barriers. No surprise that these beastmen have such equipment in their country. Beastmen who didn't erect a barrier were unaffected by just one or two arrows. But faced against the waterfall-like downpour of magic arrows, their barriers used up all of their power and by the time all the arrows had come down, all the beastmen were down on the ground.

Lecan put his right hand into <Storage> to put <Wand of Halvos> away and looked at the sky while inhaling greatly.

The two air force units have finished their clash.

The beastmen air unit flew to the northeast direction. They've been whittled down to 100 from 300. The remaining 100 should have suffered some serious damage as well. Their loss seemed too great against mere 20 mages on Palcimo's side. Those Palcimo guys must have used <Magic Quivers>. Specially made ones. It did feel like that.

On the opposite side, Palcimo Magic Unit is flying to the southwest. They were originally 100 strong and had barely decreased.

Lecan put a Large Blue Potion into his mouth and focused back on the ground.

He's defeated 20 of the 50 individuals in the enemy base. <Life Detection> still show living signs among them, not all have died but they're in no state to fight anymore. However, the remaining 30 have extraordinary presences on them. They're all outstandingly strong. There's no way he could charge in alone.

The beastmen air force unit started to turn around mid air once again.

However, Palcimo Magic Unit just kept flying southwest, leaving the battlefield.

(Hit your opponents with maximum firepower to turn the tide of battle.)

(Then peace out right after.)

(Nothing less to expect from Jiza-obaba.)

(Quite an outstanding display of one mindedness.)

Last Lecan heard, Palcimo mages were supposedly still on their way to the capital after getting summoned by the king.

They must have let their dragons take a rest somewhere, and flown to Aspora to wait for the right time to make their entrance. They likely rested at Mashajain. Which explains how they knew about Aspora being the decisive battlefield.

Still, this is quite bold of them.

After all, only Dragon Knights under the king's direct control are allowed to tame and keep White-Necked Dragons. Palcimo having the dragons were supposed to be a secret.

Yet they broke into the battlefield with 100 of those White-Necked Dragons in tow. And scored a major achievement. The royal palace would have no choice but to give the permission to Palcimo to keep the dragons.

Jinga shouted out to give his commands, but since he's 500 step apart from Lecan and this being a war zone, Lecan can't tell what he said.

The archer unit that had been running all this time had gotten close to the main unit led by Jinga. They should get within the range to effectively hit the flying beastmen next time.

The archer unit got down on their knees as ordered by their commander and readied their bows aiming toward the northeastern sky.

A lone beastman stood behind the 20 fallen beastmen. It had the face of a silver rat, carrying a huge white wand on them. The wand had a unique shape of double-headed snakes.

Lecan glanced to the right.

That's the spot where Beastmen's <Fang> and <Pincer> are fighting Zaka Kingdom's army, a detached force of around 50 beastmen are heading toward Lecan's direction.


(More nuisance huh.)

A group of human knights are going after them. Zaka's side looked like they were getting pushed back earlier, but seeing as they could afford a group of knights to leave the main force, perhaps not so.

The flying beastmen unit lowered their altitude.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

Lecan shot a barrage of <Flame Spears>.

The archer unit's arrows flew in the sky.
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As well as Eda's magic arrows.

Those who got hit by the arrows crashed down.

The flying beastmen had descended low enough to graze the ground.

Seven enemies hit by <Flame Spears> crashed.

The flying beastmen attacked Mashajain Knights.

Around 80 knights, 20 spearsmen and 100 archers clashed with them.

The clash was a brief one.

The beastmen's air unit had used up all their spears during their first assault and lost their mages after the clash with Palcimo Magic Unit. Thus they resorted to attacking with claws and swords now.

Mashajain Knights and the spearsmen fought fiercely and felled many enemies.

Only a little bit more than ten flying beastmen flew away after the clash.

However, Mashajain Knights also suffered a great deal. Only about 30 knights and 90 archers could still move.

The silver rat beastman cast some sort of spell. A red light like that of evening sun lit up on its wand, then the light swelled up and wrapped all the fallen beastmen.

Lecan couldn't believe the spectacle his eyes witnessed a moment later.

Half of the incapacitated howling beastmen got up.

(It can't be.)

(Area of effect recovery magic?!)

Neither in his original nor in this world had Lecan ever witnessed an area of effect recovery magic. And it's got an unbelievable scope.

(It's that wand.)

(That wand must be a Grace Gear on the level of Genesiac Grace Gear.)

Seven, no, eight beastmen remained listless on the ground. <Life Detection> didn't show them. They're dead.

However, the risen beastmen stood like they never suffered grave injuries despite their tattered equipment.

Which means that wand may not be able to revive the dead, but its power is capable of instantly healing even those on the verge of death.

(I see.)

(So that's how it is.)

Some things just didn't add up.

Why are the numbers of beastmen army that crossed the Great Forest so squarely like 500 and 1000. These numbers should be less shapely if we consider the possibility of defectors.

They should have gone quite deep into Dungeon Daina, and yet their numbers stayed neat, how come.

And these beastmen should have suffered a great deal of damage after their skirmishes with Zaka Kingdom's army, and yet their numbers barely dwindled in every subsequent skirmish, how come.

That wand is their secret.

(Their numbers won't go down unless you kill them huh.)

(Even grave injuries get healed instantly.)


(Dammit all!)

It felt as if the path to the enemy's commander had been closed shut.

But a moment later, a fiery burning flame blazed up in Lecan's chest.

(Fine then.)

(I'll just cut down every single one of you that stands in my way.)

(Down to your last breath.)




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