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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.4


Jinga issued some commands.

30 Knights and 90 archers resumed their advance. Only Jinga and one of his aides still on horseback, the rest were on foot.

Lecan ran ahead without waiting for them.

He looked to his right ahead as he ran.

A detached force of the main beastmen army that was going to intercept Lecan's group got stopped by a detached force of Zaka Kingdom's army.

Knights wearing light black leather armor.

Some of them wield exceptionally strong swords.

Some wield swords that cause explosions with every swing.

Another knight would cut enemies that then fall down like they've been paralyzed.

And the most conspicuous individual among them is a knight that warps around everywhere. No it's a pirate.

That pirate would warp diagonally behind an enemy whenever he swings the sword in his left hand. And then he'd swing the sword in his right hand at oddly high speed, cutting down his foes.

Another time, he'd swing his left sword prompting his foe to turn around only for him to cut down that exposed back since he didn't actually warp.

Whenever an enemy got behind him, he'd warp away to escape them and cut at another foe fighting his ally.

Very skillful.

The guy's very skilled at cutting the enemy's back.

<Warp Sword> is a sword that lets its wielder warps in the direction it's swung. However, this warp won't activate when there's an object obstructing the path. By flawlessly making good use of that flaw, the guy excels in cunning combat.

Visca Kouen.

The Raid Corps Commander of The Pirate Noble House of Fotos.

(The man shines the brightest in chaotic combat huh.)

Visca sent a glance at Lecan for a moment during the dizzying display of melee.

Lecan grinned.

(Much appreciated.)

(Yer' a big help.)

<Warp Swords> are dropped quite far below in the hidden floors. One of them must have been kept as a treasured heirloom of the Marquis House since long ago.

The other pirate knights seem to be fighting with Grace Swords obtained in Tsubolt. Fotos must have bought lots of those swords from Tsubolt since they are old time trading partners.

The howling beastmen stood by while glaring hard at Lecan. They must plan to howl once again once he got close enough. In order to finish him off.

A beastman behind them issued a command, five of the howling beastmen started inhaling greatly.

(Like I'll let you!)
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Lecan hastened his running pace and recited a spell.

"<Zoruas Kurt Venda>!"

He warped 50 step away from the enemies. Well within <Flame Spears> range.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

<Flame Spears> landed on the beastmen just as they were about to start howling, blowing them away.

Lecan also shot a <Flame Spear> at the white snake wand wielder, but it vanished just before it hit the silver ratman.


It was no barrier. The <Flame Spear> literally got erased.

This silver ratman is probably immune to magic attacks.

It started reciting a spell. The white snake wand lit up red.

Lecan kept running. Until the silver ratman is a stone throw away.

Two beastmen stepped forward to block Lecan's path. Lecan shot magic at them.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

One of the two beastmen, the one to the right was as tall as three steps. It's a giant. It's got a red fur, with a bear-like face, wearing a silver armor and carrying a gigantic club in its right hand. It looked unaffected even after getting hit by two <Flame Spears>.

The left beastman is as tall as Lecan, it's got a white fur with a leopard face. Wearing a green leather armor and holding a curved sword in its right hand. This one easily dodged two of Lecan's <Flame Spears>.

Lecan had a goosebumps when he saw these two. They're undoubtedly very strong.

Lecan drew the <Comet Cutter> hanging on his left waist as he ran, generated its magic blade and slashed at the red bearman.

An evening sun-like light swelled up behind the red bearman.

Just as the red bearman was about to swing down its raised giant club, Lecan accelerated, got within into a close quarter combat distance and slashed at its chest before dodging to the right. The giant club grazed his shoulder. It had tremendous destructive power. Getting hit by this wouldn't leave even Lecan and his Great Flame Dragon's armor unscathed.

As Lecan attempted to turn around toward the red bearman's back, the white leopardman showed up in front of him. It had anticipated Lecan's movement and ambushed him.

The white leopardman swung its curved sword. Lecan twisted his body and jumped back in front of the red bear to dodge this slash. Yet he felt pain on his right calf even though the sword never hit him.

(I got cut?)

It does feel like a cut wound. Quite a deep one at that. It got to his bone.

The red bearman swung its giant club upward at Lecan. Lecan kicked the ground with his left leg to jump and fall backward.


He sprung up with the <Gust> just before his back hit the ground.

The red light swelled up even more and reached Lecan's legs.

'Oh crap', thought Lecan as leaped further behind.


The pain on his right leg went away.

That red light apparently heals both allies and enemies.

The white leopardman swung its curved sword. With the blade's edge aimed at Lecan.


Lecan dodged using the power of <Gust>.

Then he looked at his legs.

The shinguard on his right leg is not cut. Yet his right leg under it did get cut. He could feel the stream of blood as well.

(A sword that cuts the flesh and ignores armor huh?)

(And it can even launch the slashes?)

(Another Genesiac Grace Gear class item.)


(What a pain.)

The red bearman's chest protector has been deeply cut. A mark left by <Comet Cutter>.

That red light earlier must be directed to heal the red bearman's wound.

The red bearman attacks by swinging down its giant club. With incredible destructive power.

Then from behind the bearman, the white leopardman maintained its distance while vying for a chance to attack.

Both of them together make for frustrating foes to deal with.





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