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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.13


Late night on the 19th of month three, Lecan arrived at Mashajain.

He went straight to Wazrof mansion and was impressed to see the mansion's servants dealing with his arrival without a hint of displeasure on their faces. He thought Norma was here, but she wasn't. She was preoccupied with a matter she had to absolutely attend at the capital's mansion. He should have gone to the capital's mansion, thought Lecan.

He took it easy in the bath, had meal and drink and a good night sleep in a big bed.

The morning after, just as he was done with his breakfast, Manfrey came by.

"Welcome, Lecan. I'll cut to the chase. Just what have you done at Yufu?"

"Was there something wrong."

"Not exactly wrong, a messenger of Marquis of Yufu paid our household a visit, they expressed their gratitude to Lecan-dono of Wazrof, bearing gifts with them. All of which are dungeon dropped items, or valuable objects crafted by Yufu master artisans however, what came as the biggest shock was the inclusion of several God Cures."

"Is that unusual?"

"Much more than unusual. Up until this point, Yufu had never circulated their God Cures except for their gifts to the royal family. At least I have no knowledge of such. They would never budge no matter how much money many lords offered them for one. In other word, town lords could only get God Cures by asking a favor to the king or by stumbling upon one in a dungeon by chance. And yet they delivered God Cures to us without asking for compensation whatsoever. Moreover, moreover. In his letter, Marquis of Yufu has expressed his intent to send his heir, Ashidgrein Shadrest to your wedding ceremony, as such he's asking for a formal invitation. A representative of the marquis himself will be attending. They never even send the marquis or even the heir to pay a visit to the royal family. Just what is going on?"

Lecan talked to Manfrey about what happened at Yufu. They had a light meal midway through due to its duration.

At first Lecan was not going to divulge on Rubianafale's lineage, but doing so would make the story disjointed. On the other hand, Lecan isn't resourceful enough to make up a story on the spot. Thus in the end, he told him everything he could recall including Orie, Zana, maiden history and their relationship with the royal family. But Lecan didn't really keep track on things he wasn't interested in, thus he would sometimes left out some parts or had inconsistencies, and Manfrey would occasionally ask back to course correct his tale.

Lecan didn't say anything about Genesiac Grace Gear, but he explained what kind of Grace Gear the Founder King gave Yufu in the past. He also told Manfrey that he had a way to nullify that Grace Gear by chance, but he refused to go further. Lecan also told Manfrey how he went in Dungeon Yufu, joined up with Yufu Dungeon Knights and conquered the dungeon but he didn't mention the fact that he defeated the Dungeon Bosses, Three Giants, on his own.

He didn't gave him the detail on <Guardian Jewel of Miko> but he divulged how he exchanged an otherworld item for it with Rubianafale, that item's mana recovery and stamina recovery functions helped her growth as a maiden.

Once Lecan finished his story and Manfrey was done asking, Manfrey got lost in thought for a while.

"I always had my suspicion on the relationship between the royal family and Yufu, that has been made clear now. So that's how it is. I see where Marquis of Yufu comes from then, it is no wonder he's very much grateful for what you've done. What I don't understand is him sending his heir as his representative to your wedding ceremony. Such an act will be seen as the forming of an alliance between Mashajain and Yufu in public eyes."

"That big of a deal?"

"It is that big of a deal."
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"So, what's bad about an alliance?"

"What? Uumu. No. There is nothing bad about it."

"Then, what's there to worry about."

Manfrey broke into a hearty laughter after a brief moment of silence. It's rare for this cold and calculating nobleman to show his humane side.

"That is correct indeed. There is no negative. In fact, it's in our best interest to. Let's just take it as they come. Nevertheless, it appears that I must rethink my assessment of you."

"Ah, right. Needed to tell you something. I went and negotiated with Yacklubend."


"I got her to promise. From here on, Yacklubend will not see, attempt to see nor meddle with me ever again. So you can rest easy now."

"Can we truly be sure that she will uphold that promise?"

"Yea. There's someone who'll make sure of that. That someone is our guarantor. She's already got her to promise to never mess with Norma and Eda as well."

"This is a much more shocking news than Yufu in a way. Someone capable of making that lord Tomato to make promises and even guarantee them? What kind of individual would that be?"

"Ah, yeah right, I was asked. Send an invitation for the ceremony to my master, Shira. Addressed to Yacklubend's mansion at the capital."

"Is this Shira the same individual who acts as the guarantor to Lord Tomato's promise?"

"Well, yeah."

"You mentioned she is your master, of what?"

"Magic and medicine making. Ah, Shira's also Skalabel's master, but she went into hiding after Skalabel's visitation to Vouka, got too much attention. She's supposed to be missing right now. Do take that into consideration."

"I see! She's <Medicine God>-dono."

"Medicine God?"

"The god of medicine. Priest Amamir who oversaw Guide Skalabel's visitation to Vouka believed this master of him was the incarnation of Medicine God in this world, a belief shared by other accompanying priests. Thus the capital populace who heard about this came to believe that Guide Skalabel's master is the god of medicine herself."


"Come to think of it, Guide Skalabel's master was also yours and <Saintess of the North>'s master. She's even your master in magic as it turns out. Uumu. My goodness."

"Ah, also Skalabel asked for an invitation for him. His and Amamir's. Some attendants are also coming apparently."

"I simply cannot fathom your words at times. My understanding Guide Skalabel is prohibited from leaving the capital."

"Guy said he'll come at any cost. Told him he shouldn't push it but yeah. I promised I'm gonna ask you to send a letter."

"This is not akin to asking our household to entreat Prime Minister Office for Guide Skalabel's presence, I take it?"

"No need for that. Whether that office thing gives their permission or not is their problem."

"Understood. I shall make the arrangement."

"Ah yeah, gonna need more letters for other folks too. Zanjikael Zaidmahl, Ezak, Chaney and"

"Hold it right there. I'll summon those in charge, you can tell that to them."




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