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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-39

10-39. Training


Satou's here. A scalpel can't dismantle a tuna no matter how sharp it is. Something with suitable length and size is needed even if it's less sharp.

"Tou nanodesu!"

With her small body, Pochi charges toward a monster that's as huge as a two-story house. Pochi and the others are currently fighting the strongest monster in this area, the level 39 Mace Lizard. The figure of Pochi who's charging to the bump on the monster's head which has countless thorns on it looks like a hero.

Even though Pochi's short magic sword pierces the Mace Lizard's head to the sword's base, it doesn't looks like it has any effect. The Mace Lizard shakes its huge head, throwing Pochi away to the corner of the room.

"Having a large head means that you are wise is just an urban legend, so I inform!"
"Arisa, reinforcement magic. Mia, break open its mouth."

The Mace Lizard who was going to pursue Pochi with a tail attack was lured by Nana's provocation and then changed its course.

Looks like the magic balls shot from Lulu's magic artillery only scrape the Mace Lizard body without dealing fatal damages. Similarly, Tama's twin magic swords also only gouge its thick skin, giving only little damages.

Mia's new magic, Balloon Shot wrenches open the Mace Lizard's mouth. This magic consumes more magic power than its original, [Balloon], but since it creates the needed water by itself, it's convenient to use. It's a spell that I've created by Mia's request recently.

"Here comes the reinforcement~"
"Thank you."

Arisa's reinforcement magic gives more power to Liza. Responding to boiling power from her body, Liza shouts out the technique name together with fighting-spirit-filled yell. The shout is unnecessary, but Liza always shouts after she receives reinforcement magic, maybe because her tension is raised.

"Flickering Spiral Spear Attack"

The red light that leaks out of the magic spear wraps Liza's whole body. Her figure runs through 10 meters in an instant with a boom sound as if it's cutting the air. The magic spear and her whole body, which becomes like one with the weapon, ran through the Mace Lizard's body.

It's an absurd technique.

"As expected of Liza-san."
"Affirmative. Her attack is valorous, so I said."

Pochi who has been covered in spiderwebs totteringly comes back, I clean her with life magic.

"Thank you for your hard work too Pochi."
"Master, I'd like a bigger weapon nodesu."

Unusual for her, Pochi was being selfish, or rather, demanding for once. Actually, situations where Pochi's and Tama's weapons cannot penetrate through the outer skin of enemies that are level 35 and beyond have increasingly come up. I've actually began making new weapons for the two since yesterday, but as expected, it can't be finished in one night.

I try taking out various weapons from my storage.

"Do you want to try using a normal long sword?"
"Big weapons nanodesu!"

With sparkles on her eyes, Pochi tries to wield and feel the one-handed sword, the bastard sword, the great sword, the great hammer, and the halberd I've taken out. She can pick up every weapon effortlessly, but since her own body weight is light, it doesn't seem like Pochi can deal the inertia well when she swings them no matter what.

"Master~? Put out one more~"

Since Tama asked me to take out another great hammer like she was holding, I took it out. Although the hammer is lighter compared to the mithril alloy great hammer in the dwarf hometown, it's easily heavier than Tama's weight.

"Look look~ Spinning top~?"

Tama who's holding great hammers on both her hands spins them like a spinning top. I tend to forget since Tama's physical power loses to Liza and Pochi, but it's also quite high. Arisa and Lulu mutter [Tama is koma] while having their shoulders twitching. That seem to be the vital part. I guess it can't be helped since they're at the age where they can laugh at the most trivial thing.
<TLN: koma=spinning top.>

"Uuu, unsteady nodesu."

Looks like Pochi wants to use a long weapon like a halberd as if it's a great sword, and then she attaches a heavy weight on her body to keep the balance.

"It's not unsteady anymore, but it's heavy I can't move nodesu."

I guess the weight is too much. Even while saying that it's too heavy, Pochi moves while dragging the weight.

"Uu~n, I guess I really should finish making the type of swords that can create the blade from nature magic."

Their weapons need replacement, but there's also the problem of everyone's skill's variations which have stopped since level 20 and beyond. The rear guards are already fine as they are, but I feel that the vanguards need to add a bit more technique-type skill to their repertoires.

"Why don't we go back to the elf village to learn new techniques while waiting for the completion of the weapons?"
"Training right! It's the training arc right!"

When Arisa hears it, her eyes are shining--you don't need to deliberately use light magic to add those effects. Just how far her acting styles have expanded.

It seems the one that's positive to it isn't only Arisa. Liza and Nana who are worried about their fighting time that has been extending with every fight recently also agrees to it.

"Hitting the waterfall~?"
"Marching through the snowy mountain nanodesu!"

Pochi and Tama also look eager, although the direction is a bit off.

"The elf hometown is alright, but I'd love to train at the sennin's place or the mountain where dragonkins live~"

While ignoring Arisa's nonsense, I've decided to go to the elf hometown.

"You cheatttt!"

How rude.

We've got back to Boruenan forest by return teleporting five times in a row. Unlike the advanced magic Teleport, Return teleport is limited to 300 kilometers long, so we can't arrive in one go. Therefore, it's quite hard. The magic power consumption increases with the number of people, so it needs around one meteor shower worth of magic power.

Lua-san welcomed us with surprised face in the tree house on the surface Boruenan. Apparently, she had come here to check the rooms ventilations. She had already gotten used to me coming here with teleport though, she immediately greeted me back normally after I greeted her.

"Hello, Satou-san, there are a lot of people today huh."
"I'm thinking of letting everyone train, so we'll be staying here for a while."
"Yes, you're welcome anytime."

Behind me, Arisa sharply catches Lua-san's word, and says "Today?", but I ignore it. I must not react. I have to magnificently ignore it like a flowing river.

"Yes, I will call Poa and the others. Oh right, Nea said that she had succeeded extracting the vanilla."
"Yes, I've heard that one from Aze-san with Telephone yesterday."

This time Arisa and Lulu check the yesterday's schedule. Un, your memories are correct. We certainly fought monsters in the labyrinth in succession for the whole day, and I was making magic tools behind them during the time I'm free. I developed that magic tool in order to contact the slaves in the distant land. Since they don't have any way to communicate if an emergency happens.

"STOP! Jasuto a Momento."

Why in English.

"Question #1, why was it 『Today』?"
"Ara, Satou-san came here almost every other day you know."

Lua-san revealed it without even giving me the chance to explain somehow. Even though I had only come back 7-8 times since we went to the labyrinth city.

"Since when..."

Lulu and Mia look at me with upturned eyes like criticizing me.

"Whenever I found some delicious ingredients, or unusual dishes, I came back here to share them."

This is the truth. Like with Gebo, or Yellow Lizard meat, or Basilisk smoked meat, I came back to bring them. I also came to Nea-san's place when she wanted to consult about the way to extract vanilla. By no means those were just because I wanted to meet Aze-san.

"Hohou? And by Telephone?"
"Huh? Haven't I said it? My telephone and Aze-san's Infinite Telephone (World Phone) can have a conversation between the labyrinth city and Boruenan Forest."

Never heard of it, Arisa and others pressed on me.
I mean, there would be [Guilty] barrage if I said it right?

Looks like Lua-san perceives the awkward atmosphere, she changes the story.

"Oh right, there are the bean from the spriggans in the refrigerated warehouse, please check it okay. "
"They've already delivered it huh, I'll check it, thank you very much."
"By beans, don't tell me!?"

Fu, fu, fu. I had asked the spriggans who were good at exploring to search every corners of Boruenan forest.

"Let's enjoy it later. I'm going to serve it for the dinner today, so don't overeat okay."
"That has come at last! Ah, would the dinner come faster. Hey, do you have something like an incense that can cheat time?"

I understand that you can't wait for it, but I don't think that's an item that warrants the need to hasten time.

I was going back to the mansion of ivy to develop the new equipments for Pochi and the others while leaving everyone in Boruenan forest, but Mia told me to wait.

"Level gap, close."
"Um~m? You want to go to the labyrinth since you want to close the level gap between you, and Arisa and the others, is it?"

Presently, everyone besides Mia is level 35, Mia is level 27. According to Arisa, it seems that elves need twice as much experience points compared to humans and beastkins.

"Understood, then let's raise it quickly."

I go to the labyrinth city with Mia. I felt like I heard Arisa said, "Quickly he said", just before teleporting, I decided that I had just misheard it.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-38

10-38. The Man in Black Clothes (3)


Satou's here. Fake name has the impression of something that phantom thieves or swindlers, those kind of criminals, have. It might be because there won't be any opportunity to use a false name if you live honestly. Even though Pen-name and Handle-name are kinds of false name too, the impression you get from them is greatly different isn't it.

"Kuro-sama, we have taken all 262 lost thieves to the explorer guild. The guildmaster is calling for you."
"Is that so, I'll go immediately."

While nodding to commander-san's report, I advance through the passageway of death toward the labyrinth city. Commander-san is a 27 years old woman called Sumina. She's an intense carnivore woman with red lion hair, thick eyebrows, and thick lips. I can't call her beautiful, but she's someone with a mysterious charm.

Together with her, I go to the guildmaster room in the west guild. The guildmaster instructed commander-san to get out of the room as soon as she saw my face.

"As I thought, it's you huh."
"Fuhn, to think that the pyromaniac old woman is the guildmaster. Think more carefully about the place when you use magic."
"Mind your own business."

I talk to the guildmaster as Kuro with haughty attitude.

"You broke that Sokel guy out of prison didn't you. I think I should arrest you here and now as a guildmaster myself, how about it?"
"Enough with the pointless mind game. I'm protecting that guy in a safe place. I want to interrogate him, but I'd deliver him in person if you can provide a safe place that can prevent him from killers or poisoning by his relatives."

The guildmaster is threatening my undaunted and proud attitude. Frankly speaking, the only reason why I'm sheltering Sir Sokel is because I don't want an acquaintance to die needlessly. I'll gladly let the guildmaster takes him if she wants to bear the responsibility.

"Who's behind you?"
"My master is the sword of heaven."
"Hou, didn't think you would answer. To think that the royal family is behind you."

No, I wanted to say that I was Nanashi's subordinate, but it seemed she misunderstood.

"So, have you suppressed all the fiend drug cultivation fields?"
"Yeah, I didn't burn them since I'd like to lure those guys out, but I had released all the people who worked there."
"You really are the person who saved all those people huh. Doesn't seem like there's anyone with Alchemy or Compounding skill though?"
"There is no one with Alchemy skill. I've put the people with Compounding skill in a proper place."

The guildmaster looks satisfied with my answer. I can imagine that she's misunderstanding it, but I don't intend to correct it.

"And, are you going to stay in the labyrinth city for a while?"
"No I originally came here by the request of an acquaintance to take care of someone from his clan who had become a lost thief. I'm going to be in the royal capital for the time being, although I intend to come here again in near future."
"That so. I'd like to give you a medal in my capacity as the labyrinth resource minister."

I tell so, and get out of the guildmaster's room. I tell the commander-san who looks worried outside that it's fine, and head to the guild treasury to receive the prize money. It's nearly 400 gold coins. It's about as much as two Rudaman's worth.

I give commander-san and the other explorers one gold coin each. Then I handed over the rest to Porina whom I had tasked to buy the vacant site and asked her to pay the settlement.

"Tifaliza, add me new names."
"Yes, what kind of name would you like to have?"

I ask the girl with the unreadable tranquil gaze to add some famous names from the earth onto me.

"Master, even if I add you several names, all of them besides the last one are going to be useless, is it fine with you?"
"Ah, I don't mind."

I nod, and then she chants the naming spell in calm quite voice.

"■■ Name Order. 『Trismegistus』."

I've forgotten about the details, but Trismegistus should be the name of a famous alchemist.
Tifaliza who has finished the naming tilts her head while looking puzzled.

"Master, I'm sorry. The naming just now might have failed."

She tells it without looking troubled, to check her words, I open the menu. The Companion column stays at Kuro name indeed. To make sure, I select the name on Companion and Status columns to check, and the [Trismegistus] name has been properly added.

"It is the case that a name that has been given by someone powerful cannot be overwritten."

Although Tifaliza doesn't know about it, she explains the condition that makes naming fails. The name Kuro is given by the Black Dragon Heiron, so it can't be helped.

"I don't mind even if it's fail, add me another name."
"Yes, if that is what master says..."

Her word stinks a little like she's somewhat dissatisfied, but she immediately fixes her manner and mechanically continues the naming. While supplying her with [Magic Power Transfer] along the way, about 10 names had been added to me.

Now then, as for Tifaliza's and Nell's future--

"You two, do you have anything you want to do?"
"If it's allowed, I wish to know the well-beings of my parents in my hometown."

Come to think of it, their hometown was destroyed by the demon wasn't it.

"Very well, I cannot teleport to Lesseu Earldom, but I will check it."

I listen to Tifaliza's parents' names, levels and features. Looks like her parents have been turned into slaves together with her. As for Nell, she doesn't seem to have any attachment to her hometown since her relatives have been bereaved.

"You don't have anything you want to do Nell?"
"Right ssu. Please stop with the half-killing and quickly hold me ssu."
<TLN: She speaks like that. Try listening to Disgaea's Prinnies in the original language if you want to hear how it sounds.>

She's a carnivorous woman like Arisa huh.

"What, are you frustrated?"
"I, it's not like that ssuyo? I'm a genuine maiden ssu."
"I'll free you in two, three years, so take care of it until then."

Looks like she was anxious since she didn't know when her master would want her body.
I won't be forceful anyway. I'd just go to the brothel if I want to hold a woman, although I won't expressively say it.

"Are you going to free us? If I'm not mistaken, the two of us should worth around 30 gold coins. I have never heard anyone who releases slaves worth that much."
"I've heard story about someone releasing slaves that's over 50, 60 years old though ssu. But if I have to say, that's more like throwing them away ssu."

Is it that unusual? I think I've heard the slave trader man in Seryuu city saying the same thing.
Nell and Tifaliza don't seem like they have something particular they want to do. They said that they wanted works if they had to.

"Well, when you've found something you want to do, just say it. Until then, study magic from this book. Tifaliza, if you don't know anything, ask Nell to teach you."
"Yes, master."
"Understood ssu. Tifa-san, I'll make you to become a full-fledged spell-user ssuyo!"

Umu, good answer.

I give Nell elementary books of nature magic, water magic, earth magic, and Tifaliza an elementary book of life magic. It'd be most satisfactory if Tifaliza can learn the magic, but it's not like I'm expecting too much. Sooner or later, I'm going to take the two for power-leveling, so this is a preparation.

Now then, I leave Nell who has began her lecture at once, and teleport to the outskirt of Furusau town.

From there, I fly with Flash Drive toward Lesseu Earldom.

I caught a sight of the kingdom army being kicked around by a monster that looked like a dragon.

It's a huge monster called Gaudy Mole. It has dragon-like wings, a split tail, and it wears a richly colored collar roll on its head. Since its level is 47, it seems to be quite formidable.

Is that the dragon that's blocking the highway?

I'm sorry for snatching their job, but I change into Nanashi-style with violet hair and eliminate it with Claiomh Solais from the sky. The highway blockade should be opened now.

I install several carved seal boards for teleporting along the way. I've also installed a carved seal board on the outskirt of the town in Zettsu Earldom that neighbors Lesseu Earldom. I saw an unexpected person in the town of Zettsu Earldom, but since I couldn't meet the person as Satou, I'll be waiting for the next chance. We will probably meet in the labyrinth city or the royal capital.

I arrived at Lesseu Earldom that day, but unfortunately, there weren't anyone who seemed to be Tifaliza's parents. There was no mistake about it since I had searched on the map. I also searched on the three adjacent earldoms and the two neighboring kingdoms, but the people in questions didn't exist there.

I felt slightly depressed, but since the search was over, I teleported to the labyrinth city.
I told the truth to Tifaliza, and then she went to her room after muttering "Thank you very much." I'll let her cry as much as she wants today.

I leave it to Nell to cheer Tifaliza up and went back to the mansion.


Tama finds and meets me who comes out of the basement door. Pochi also rushed here slightly later.

"Today is the festival of Lasagna and Cheese Gratin nanodesu!"

Hou, that sounds nice.
I let Pochi to dangle on my arm while supporting Tama who's climbing my body with my hand.

"Welcome back."
"Ara, welcome back. I saw it~ Master did flashy things that weren't like usual master."
"I'm back. No one will associate it with me if I do something that flashy right?"

I sit down beside Mia and Arisa who are relaxing in the living room. Before Mia could dive on to my lap, Tama quickly climbed down my neck from where she was on my shoulder, and landed on my lap. Pochi changes place with Tama, she's climbed on to my shoulder.


I've never accepted to that reservation though.

"So almost everything has been settled today?"
"Mostly yeah. I guess it's just eliminating the mastermind behind Sir Sokel and securing the way to make the slaves who've remained in the mansion of ivy to sustain themselves left?"

I wish the kingdom would do something about the former, but if they can't settle it before the Kingdom Conference, I'll intervene without reserve.

I listen to Liza's report about the children's training observation while eating the piping hot Lasagna Lulu's made in the dining room.

"Since there were many rash children, Iruna and Jenna had a hard time. They're going to live in the tent of training ground with the children from today on."
"I see, I should bring them some Brownie Wine for evening-drink."

Looks like the apprentice maids in the mansion are also being strictly trained by Ms. Miteruna. They reported happily about how they were taught letters with the learning card and magic control with magic powered spinning top by Lulu and the others during the break.

Now then, it's been awhile, let's go to the labyrinth with everyone to level up from tomorrow on.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-37

10-37. The Man in Black Clothes (2)


Satou's here. I guess communication in the ancient times relied on smoke signal and carrier pigeons? There were things like fast horses or postmen, but there weren't anything real time like the internet and emails. Although there is magic in the other world, they don't seem to be too wide-spread.

I take the girls with the compounding skill to the living room.

"I'll confirm it once again. Are you prepared to have your name changed and live as a different person?"
"""Yes, please."""

The five girls voiced their consent in unison.

"Tifaliza, give a new name for these five. Starting from her it's Ann, Beth, Chris, Debbie, and Emily."

It's a secret that I take the name from ABCDE in sequence.
Since Tifaliza used up all her magic power after naming three of them, I refilled it with [Magic Power Transfer].

I take the five freshly named girls to the hiding place that I've prepared on the nearest town to the labyrinth city, Furusau. For the ex-slaves, Chris and Emily, I need to do the troublesome procedure of making them into slaves once again and then release them. After we finished the procedures in Furusau town slave trader, Ann, Beth, and Debbie also got their IDs. I made the hesitating guard to grip a silver coin when the IDs were being issued, so it had gone smoothly.

"Now then, make the items written in this list."
"Yes, Kuro-sama."

I give a bundle of recipes to Beth and Chris who can read. I will provide their living expense during their life in this hideout temporarily in exchange for them to make the troublesome intermediately materials. Since Emily the ex-slave has swordsmanship skill, I give her an iron sword for self-protection.

Next, I take the slaves to the hideout on the junction town of Kelton located beyond Furusau town. The hideout is reasonably big residence, but 55 people still can't enter all at once as expected, so I only take 20 people at a time. I had their ears plugged and blindfolded since glossing over the chantless magic would be troublesome.

I go visit the smallest slave trader firm. I make the slaves to wait in the refuge.

"Is there anyone inside!"
"You don't have to yell, I can hear you. My ears are fine."
"I have a request."
"Leave it to me. We have everything to your liking, either the blond big breasted girls, or the silver haired little girls. If you have a peculiar taste, tell us beforehand okay. We'll teach them how."

I stop the battered middle-aged slave trader who's happily promoting while taking out a slide rule.

"There are 55 slaves who have lost their masters. I want you to make me their master with [Contract], and then release 25 of them. As for the payment for all those procedures including the necessary overhead, how about 20 gold coins?"
"I'll take it! Let's do it, like I'd let other people take such a delicious job."
"Very well, then, follow me."

The trader leaves the store to his boy staff, wears an overcoat, and then goes out of the store. I take him to the refuge with a carriage. I had the slave trader blindfolded like in some common plot. There's no particular problem even if he knows, but it's not really good if some strange rumor spread either.

Since the slave trader has ran out of magic power after using Contract for 15 people, I give him magic power recovery potion to drink, let him take a break, and resume the work. During each break, I bring the slaves who have been contracted back to the mansion of ivy, and then bring along new slaves out.

The slave trader seemed to be doubtful, but, losing to the gold before his eyes, he didn't ask unnecessary questions. Cheapskate is the best.

I brought the slave trader, who's blindfolded again, back and presented him with the promised 20 gold coins and high-class liquor I had bought in Furusau. For some reason, the slave trader's face cramped when he was receiving the liquor. He must be very tired. Go drink some good liquor and dream good things.

Now then, about the freed slaves, since they have production-related skills, I'm thinking of building production tenement houses which also double as workshops in the city's vacant lot for them to live in. I had asked Porina, who had gone out together with the rescued explorers, to buy the vacant lot and build the temporary houses. They should be staying in some cheap inn for explorers until the tenement houses are built.

In addition, 18 of the 23 slaves with master have come back. The masters of the slaves who have been saved from the labyrinth have the right to them, but they need to pay remuneration for the explorers who have saved the slaves in the labyrinth that's equal to buying the slaves anew.  The masters of the 18 people who had come back didn't want to pay that remuneration. They're presently registered under Porina as their master.

I'm planning to let the slaves who have come back and the unreleased slaves to either work in the tenement houses as apprentices, or become explorers of the labyrinth. I intend to ask them to decide their choice themselves.

In the future, it's just a coincidence that I, as Satou, am going to use the vacant land nearby the production tenement houses for the explorer training.

In order to get the Wood Plate needed to enter the labyrinth, I go to the west guild.

"I'd like to register in the guild. The normal registration one."
"Y, yes. I'm very sorry, but would you take off that mask? And also please tell me your name."
"Ah, sorry. The name is Kuro."

I take out the black mask which covered my eyes.
I change my voice to be rough with ventriloquism skill. I imagine it to be like the voice of Togawa Mikaru, a voice actor.

"This is the Wood Plate--"
"The explanation is unnecessary."

I interrupted the female staff who was going to explain in accordance to the manual, took the wood plate with one hand, and then left the guild.

Since the carriage that links the east and west guild has come, I ride it behind boys who look to be beginner explorers. One of the boy seems to find my equipments unusual as he frequently looks back, but the other one rebukes him. Three veteran-like middle aged explorers get into the carriage, making it full, so it departs.

"Yo, brother, that weapon is a gun isn't it?"
"You know well. Yes, it's an old muzzle-loading gun called Musket."
"As I thought huh. I've seen it in my local governor's mansion."

Guns aren't a new weapon in Shiga kingdom, it's more like an old obsolete tool from several hundreds years ago. The reason seems to be because its accuracy is low, and it's hard to obtain the sulfur. There were also magic tool guns like the magic pistol I have, but since the military magic tools called Flame Wand and Lightning Wand are more popular, it has also become obsolete.

"Are you alright using such an antique like that?"
"It's alright, no problem."

I'm not lying. The middle-aged explorers didn't pry more than that, maybe because there are a lot of explorer's kinds. The boy who has been glancing behind since a while ago is slightly unpleasant. Just say it if you have something to say.

"Can I help you?"
"Hey hey, if you're alone, why don't you enter the labyrinth with us? We've just registered today too."

What, they're looking for a companion huh.

"Sorry. I already have an appointment in front of the labyrinth."
"I see, that's unfortunate."
"That's why I said not to do it."

I don't mind going with you guys if I don't have a business, but I can't do it now since I need to transport the lost thieves.

"Oy oy, isn't it quite lively in front of the labyrinth today?"
"Ah, there are so many young girls gathered, maybe some Red Iron guys have come back from the middle part of the labyrinth? With so many girls like that, they're probably waiting for the [Crimson Young Noble]."
"I'd like some~"

I thought that there were few high level explorers, so they're assaulting the middle part of the labyrinth huh. One of the girl notices me, and then tells her friends.

"We've been waiting for you Kuro-sama."

The boys who are riding the carriage with me acting strangely while saying, "Eh? Kuro-sama? Eh?" Come to think of it, the boy who can't calm down is called [Kerou]. It sounds a bit similar.

It goes without saying that the girls who are calling me are the freed explorers. The carriage can't move due to the surrounding people, so I get down halfway through, and take everyone along to the labyrinth.

"Kuro-sama, there are 47 people in all. We've done all the preparations."

The commander-san who's hanging the ant wing silver sword stands beside me. 47 people, it's like Ako vendetta. We move to the teleport point that has been prepared beforehand, and then I leave the girls behind and teleport to where the lost thieves are to transport them.

"Hyahha! You guys, we can win if we all go at him!"

The lost thieves have been decreased by 10 people. There seem to be a dispute for boss. Having bloodbath is too much no matter how you look at it. I created several prisons with no hesitation.

Since I've taken their weapons away, they come attacking me with weapons made from stones and some kind of bones, and also by throwing stones with slingshot-like thing.

Why can't you guys put those idea and effort for something proper.

I eliminate the stones which come flying with surprising accuracy altogether with the lost thieves by using three blazes of [Remote Stun]. They shouldn't be able to get up since every one of them was hit by three orbs. With this, it'd be nice if the second group become quiet without causing trouble when I'm taking them.

I wrap the two former bosses of lost thieves who have killed their own friends together with the 10 corpses that they've killed by using cloth handed by the lost thieves who attacked me just now.

I tie the fainted lost thieves in 10 people group, and teleport them to the first area where the female explorers are waiting. I entrust the female explorers to wake the lost thieves and take them to the authority. It seems they're being somewhat rough with the lost thieves when they're waking them up, but when I consider their circumstance, I decide to look the other way as long as they don't kill them.

While restoring my magic power with magic swords, I continued to shuttle 262 lost thieves, including the corpses. I leave the 38 people who haven't committed felony like murder in the temporary prison. They would be treated like the other lost thieves if they go now.

I'll take them along when I'm handing Sir Sokel to the kingdom later.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-36

10-36. The Man in Black Clothes


<TLN: Title can also mean the man behind the scenes.>

Satou's here. When I'm doing a big job, I make a list of what should be done, and then progress in accordance to the priority. When I make the priority, forgetting to take the dependency into account will lead to failure, so I have to be careful. There is no meaning if I have to plan an A-grade process before I check if the degree of completion is A-grade.

"How is it? Even among the many slave trading companies in the royal capital, only Orield firm has these array of product lines."

The trader made a signal, and then 10 beautiful women and girls entered the room. It's quite a sight for sore eyes since every one of them is only wearing a thin piece of cloth.
I've come to the royal capital to look for a person with a certain skill needed for my plan.

"Orield-dono, I should have told you that I'm looking for educated people."
"Yes, of course. Every one of these girls can read and write letters, they have also been properly educated on other things."

I confirm the skills of these girls once again. Only the former Serushioku noble girls have the Shiga kingdom language skill, so I can't judge it from their skills. If I'm not mistaken, the country of Serioshioku was the country of princess Menea's fiance, the one that was destroyed by the weaselkins.

I check them one by one, and confirm whether the girl with the skill I want is among them.
The slave trader takes a languid pose while explaining each of the girl's skills and appeal points.

"Leave the second and the third ones from the right, and then the girl on the left end, and also, let's see, the red haired girl over there."
"Yes, understood."

Once the explanation was finished after about 10 minutes, I asked the trader to leave the target girl, and three other girls as dummies behind. The dummies are the former noble girls, and a girl who can use life magic.

When the slave trader gives a signal, the girls strip off their thin cloth.
No, it's nice and all but I'm not asking for that kind of service.

"How much are they each?"
"Yes, this former duke daughter is 300 gold coins. She has the blood of the royal family although of a small kingdom, she's an excellent girl who has not only Etiquette skill, but also Shiga Kingdom Language and Poem Recital skills."

She looks somewhat strong-willed. She's fair-skinned with normal breasts, but her waist looks like the type that can have an easy delivery. Her curly blond hair coil around her voluptuous body. 17 years old. Level 4.

"This former earl daughter is 200 gold coins. Her lineage is a bit inferior compared to the girl just now, but she's obedient, and her body is splendid, she would be useful for various things."

This timid girl has splendid breasts that are nearly D-cups, she's also fair-skinned. She has soft-looking straight long silver hair. Her eyes are of beautiful blue. Her skills are Shiga Kingdom Language and Etiquette. 16 years old. Level 3.

Up until now are just the opening act, the next one is the main act.

"This one is a girl who worked as a heraldry official at the castle of Earl Lesseu. She was rude to Earl Lesseu-sama, and got turned into a slave. Her body is somewhat childish, but her ice-like transparent beautiful face is something to look forward in the future. Her skills are plain with only Heraldry and Naming, but of course she can read and write letters and she excels at filing documents, so she should be helpful for merchant-dono. Her price is slightly cheap at 30 gold coins."

This girl who looks like she's given up on life is the reason why I've gone out of my way to come to this firm. I'm thinking of changing the name of the girls with compounding skills who were capture by the lost thieves, and let them hide themselves in other cities.

She's quite a beauty just like the slave trader's praised. She's beautiful enough to be compared to Arisa and Mia, although of different kind (of beauty). Her breasts are small, but they're at least A-cup. Her hair is pale gold. Her small lips and her lax-focused ice blue eyes only foster her lifelessness. Her name is Tifaliza. 15 years old. Level 5. Her title is [Orield's Slave], but there are hidden titles like [Superficial Courtesy], [Rude One].

I feel like looking for another person with Naming skill when I look at these titles.

"This one is a spell-user girl. She also worked in the castle of Earl Lesseu-sama like the one before, but she also made some mistake, and was turned into a slave."
"Fumu, she must be expensive since she can use life magic right?"
"No, she's only as much as 50 gold coins."
"Fumu, how many times can she use magic in succession?"
"I hear that it's about twice."

This girl's level is only 2 even though she can use life magic. She probably got it from a gift. Although her looks is inferior compared to the girls before her, she's cute enough to warrant the praise. She's a 16 years old girl with dark brown eyes under her red hair. Her name is Nell. She's about as tall as me, her breasts size seems to be around Lulu's. I feel that her waist is a bit thin.

"I'll buy the heraldry user and the spell-user for 30 gold coins. The fallen noble girls have good looks and lineages, but I don't need them if they need other people to take care of them."

The two girls have market price at 48 gold coins so I haggle it to a bit cheaper price, but the slave trader agreed to it just like that. Afterward, the person with [Contract] skill came, and then the trade is completed. I've confirmed that the girls' titles have changed to [Kuro's Slaves].

When I was leaving, I passed by a slave, and felt like I had been duped by the slave trader. That slave had the Naming skill, and priced only at 2 gold coins. Even though I knew that there were three slaves with Naming skill here, I feel a bit of fail.

On the other hand, since other slaves who can use life magic aren't much different in price than Nell, they probably judge the price of magicians from their ability, not look.

"Well then Kuro-sama, please come to our firm again whenever you need slaves."
"Yeah, I'll come here first thing first when that happen."

I replied with some lip service to the slave trader who was rubbing his hands, and then went back to the inn by riding the carriage that had been arranged in front of the firm.

When we enter the inn room, I take out one-piece clothes and sandals, and put them on the bed. I looked back when I noticed some rustling sounds.

Why are you two taking off your clothes?

Well alright. I've already seen these girls' naked bodies in the slave trader firm just now anyway. They're clean enough to not need to be washed with life magic.

"Change into these clothes. We will leave this inn shortly."
"I understand."

I can't exactly stare at girls changing clothes, so I write a letter saying that I have vacated the inn, and put it on the table. I've already paid the inn in advance of course.

I took the two who had finished changing to the mansion of ivy's basement by teleporting through two relay points. I've put the relay points when I was going to the royal capital, they are 300 kilometers apart each. I've also put a teleport point nearby the royal capital of course.

No coup d'etat occurs on the royal capital. I don't know whether I've prevented it, or the notion that coup d'etat will occur in the royal capital is just an unfounded fear. I searched for places with fiend drugs just in case, but they were in the medicine warehouse of the normal army facility, it might be just their equipment.

The reports from the viceroy and the guildmaster should have arrived here, so there's no need for me to butt in on purpose.

"Teleport magic.... Chantless.... Is master the hero of Saga empire?"
"No. I forbid you to disclose the fact that I can use chantless magic. This is an order."

I take off the Collars of Subordination from the neck of the two who consent. They had Collar of Subordination since they were treated as crime slaves.

"Eh? How did you take it off?"
"How, even high ranking magicians need to perform a ritual to take them off without the key..."

I take the two who are surprised to the living room.

"Kuro-sama, welcome back. Are these people the human resources in question?"
"That's right."
"Kuro-sama, welcome back."
"Porina, gather everyone besides the five people with the Compounding skill in the courtyard. Leriril, check if there's any girl left in the building."

I instruct Porina while receiving a tea from her. I ordered the two slaves to stay here while they're drinking the tea, and then I went to the courtyard.

"Explorers, gather. You're going to keep them safe in the labyrinth."

I announce so, and then teleport to the labyrinth together with the 47 armed explorers. Of course I held a long wand, and even used a dummy chant.

"Here is the first area. Monsters rarely appear here, but I ask you to escort them from here to the great stairway of the labyrinth entrance. I'm entrusting the foremost person to be the commander of the escort."
"Aye sir, Kuro-sama. I will tell them that we have ran away from the lost thief."

I haven't let them bath for the past two days in order to have some credibility in that claim. Their equipments are something that have been taken from the lost thieves. They're relatively good compared to the ant armor and bone armor. I had given the silver sword of ant wing magic sword to the commander in exchange for the bothersome job I asked her. This weapon used ant bone as the base, and it had become a transparent silver sword when I made it by following the recipe. It's slightly more fragile compared to a normal iron sword when it's not filled magic power, but it's a sharp magic weapon that can cut nicely. It's written in Trazayuya document, and it seems to be a relatively major magic sword in the labyrinth city. It's roughly about 30 gold coins worth. I made it as Nanashi, so the maker is blank like the casted magic swords.
It's cheaper to make than casted magic swords, but since making it is quite laborious, I probably won't make it again unless it was a request.

Continuing on, I divide 87 carriers in two groups and then teleport with them. Lastly, I teleport with 23 slaves whose masters are still alive. I let one act as a guard in five-person groups, and then they escaped out of the labyrinth.

I had given five big copper coins to each people who were released through the labyrinth, enough for their immediate livelihood. I felt that it wasn't enough, but since Porina said that I gave too much, I didn't give more.

Now then, excluding the five people with the Compounding skill, there are three explorers, and 55 slaves remaining in the mansion of ivy.

The remaining slaves didn't have a master, so they requested me to become their master. I'm thinking of releasing the one who seems possible to go independent with their worker-type skills, while the rest can be released after I find them jobs.

The explorers who remain are the noble girls from foreign kingdoms. I have no choice but to leave them behind since they were crying and saying that they'd better off dead than having to endure the rumor about how they've escaped from lost thief.

Now then, I guess I'll continue on to the next step.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-35-2

10-35-2. Banquet and the Truth of Beria [Revised Version]


Satou's here. Back then, quitting your job and becoming independent by opening a cafe was popular, but nowadays, it seems that retiring to the countryside and buying a plot of agriculture land to lead a slow life there has become popular.

I was invited to Baronet Dyukeli's mansion under the pretext of an apology for causing me trouble regarding lady Merian.

Looks like I'm not the only one who's been invited to the banquet, the shopkeepers of magic tool shops and medicine shops under his control in the labyrinth city have also come.
When I was in the reception room before the banquet began, lady Merian in a dress apologized for the trouble and thanked me for the rescue. She left the room while whispering me to keep the matter about her going to the swordsmanship dojo a secret from her father.
Her impish smile must have been just my imagination.

"You should get acquainted with them since you're going to be an explorer of the labyrinth city."

He introduced me as his daughter's savior to the shopkeepers.

During the banquet, it naturally has become the talk about goods that are selling well and ones that are in serious shortage in the labyrinth city. Especially the healing medicines, it seems that even for the shops under baronet Dyukeli with their inflated prices as the viceroy's ally, the medicines are usually out of stock there.

"Moreover, if we want to create the healing medicine in this city, there is no choice but to stock the ingredients from the merchants in the neighboring cities who sell them at a high price, or pick them from the mountain with wolves after pushing our way through the wasteland."
"It sure is hard to compete against the guild that's selling the healing medicine without minding the profit."
"That's cause those guys are selling at the price of the Royal Capital."
"It really is, they can stock the medicines easier."

I see, although it's obvious that there are difference between the buyer's and the seller's perspectives, there is such a circumstance behind it huh. Although I shouldn't swallow their story entirely just like that, it doesn't seem like they're just being too greedy.

"However, that means during the time when it's out of stock, explorers dive into the labyrinth without even having a way to heal themselves?"
"No, poor explorers will go with leaves of Beria they've plucked."
"That still hasn't changed even now."

It seems Beria is a cactus-like plant that's growing wild on the wasteland around the labyrinth city.
They were also growing along the highway's sides if I'm not mistaken.

Beria is a succulent plant with aloe-like thick needled leaves growing around its cactus body, and as a matter of fact they're edible, while the leaves can be used to cure bleeding or burn.

As for the center fruit, even though it's relatively tasty, it has an alias [Beggar Killer] since it seems that it causes diarrhea which goes on until you're dehydrated if you eat it too much. It can make children and the elderly who don't have much physical strength to die.

Looks like the baggage carriers who have failed to get a job pick those fruits and sell them in front of the city gate to earn enough income to sustain their livelihood. I ignored it since there were many peddlers who were selling things before the gate, but there were such things being sold there huh. I'll pay more attention to various things next time.

"Maybe it's possible to make a healing medicine from Beria leaf?"
"There's a legend about the sage-sama of olden days who can create a magic potion from Beria leaf, but it's a lost tale from a long time ago."
"Nowadays, 『Healing medicines made from Beria leaf』 is a phrase only said by the frauds in labyrinth city, it's something that no one believes."

By sage, does he mean Trazayuya?
I searched about Beria on his documents, but there were no hit.

When I go to the elf hometown next time, I'll ask Tsutoreiya-shi the alchemist if he knows about the recipe to make the magic potion from Beria leaf.

Later, I was able to see various treasured items on his shops when I was going around them.

Among the items, it seems that the silver sword of ant wing is quite popular. It was more of a gray sword than silver, but it seems to be the easiest magic sword to make from monster materials in the labyrinth city. Since the way to create things from ant wing is written in Trazayuya document, I'll try to make one.

The magic scrolls which I looked forward the most had the same line-ups as the duchy capital since they were all provided by Viscount Shimen.

Interestingly enough, the ignition rod that most explorers use seem to be sold at high price in the neighboring earldom and small kingdoms. It's cheap in the labyrinth city since it's mass produced by amateur craftsmen from scrap magic cores, but in other territories, the rod is made by full-fledged craftsmen from proper magic cores like other magic tools, so it's expensive there.

The Marchioness has requested me to redevelop an experimental farm outside the labyrinth city, although it has nothing to do with Beria fruit.
It seems to be a place near a small water source where the previous viceroy created an experiment to grow wheat, but was abandoned since the yield was bad.

It was right when I was looking for place to employ the slave girls I had saved as Kuro, so I agreed to it.

The explorer-turned-thieves who had built a hideout there were trampled by Pochi and Tama, turned into crime slaves and taken to the coal mine.

Since the land has become barren, I decide to grow Beria fruits for healing medicines, beans for food, and tomatoes. Especially the tomatoes, I expect to mass produce them.

About the healing medicine recipe made from Beria leaf, when I went to meet Tsutoreiya-shi to consult it, he quickly wrote the recipe and handed it to me. It seemed that it was a well-known recipe in the elf hometown, so Trazayuya didn't leave it on his documents since it was too common.

I came back to labyrinth city, immediately made it, and confirmed its effect on the pupils of the training school.
Since the effect isn't especially strong, I guess I'll make it public.

I wrote the recipe on some papers, put them on treasure chests, and then hid them on various places inside the labyrinth. It's a little surprise for beginner explorers.
I've divided the recipe into several pieces of paper with numbering, and put them in treasure chests.

They should understand that the recipe is real since I've put a sample of Beria healing medicine together with it.
Just in case, I've prepared six sets of the recipe instead of just one.

The first piece of the recipe was found five days later, the labyrinth city was enveloped in a slight festive mood.

In a little while, low level cheap healing medicines should spread.

While thinking that, I watch over the children who are happily harvesting Berias that are growing wildly around the labyrinth city.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-35

10-35. Selection Test


Satou's here. In recent games, urgent quests that suddenly appear as time-limited quest with their tedious work has given me a bit of stress. Yet an urgent quest in real life feels like a mere bothersome work that's been pushed into me, I wonder why is that?

It's been three days since I eliminated the fiend drug users. Besso and the explorer who were in possession of the fiend drug have been captured by the guild, but there is no surprise attack since that incident.

The next day, by the guildmaster's request, we went to Rudaman's hideout and the cultivation fields, but those places had already been vacated and only uninhabited field remained. I'm the one who have made it uninhabited so there's no mistake. The guild staff onee-san who was going with us only collected the Ruin Weed and Decay Stem as evidences, and then we went back to the labyrinth city.

"Then, the field you found had been emptied huh?"
"Yes, since foodstuff and daily necessities were also gone, they might have moved to another place."
"We also searched for something like hidden rooms, but there was no one remaining just like chevalier-sama's said. They weren't moved by the lost thieves mastermind since there were unharvested ruin weed and decay stem that remained, maybe they might have ran away by themselves?"

The guild staff onee-san who had gone together with us in the investigation is reporting the result in the guildmaster room.

"We also tried searching the neighboring passages with magic, but we couldn't find anyone."
"That so, thank you for your hard works."
"Should we dispatch explorers again to search for the abducted people?"
"Think of the place, the place. The only ones that can search in such a deep area like that are the Red Iron bunch. Even if they were running away on their own, they would have ended up eaten by monsters before they could reach the surface."

It seems the guildmaster has decided to give up on rescuing, or rather searching for those people.

"They might have been unexpectedly saved by some explorers and returned to the surface."
"That would be nice."
"I also think that the possibility is low, but I wish that they have safely returned to the surface and gone back to their peaceful life."
"I pray that there isn't anyone with compounding and alchemy skills."

While vaguely sweeping off my words, the guildmaster said so.

"Is there something bad about it?"
"Yeah, it's bad. Someone who has the Alchemy skill must be involved in the creation of the fiend drug, even the one who has the Compounding skill should be able to prepare for the making of fiend drug. These guys will most certainly be forced into becoming slaves and made to be in non-disclosure condition to prevent them from divulging the method to make the fiend drug, after that they will probably be confined in the kingdom research facility their whole life."
"Are the other people who are involved in the cultivation alright?"
"Yeah, putting aside the Ruin Weed, Decay Stems can be found in the labyrinth relatively easy so there should be no problem."

Fumu, that means I can release people besides the ones with Compounding or Alchemy skills before long.
Then, the guild staff-san reservedly interjected.

"Umm....May I?"
"What? Say it?"
"People normally don't think of breaking through the labyrinth where monsters are crawling, away from their safety zone, I think such an idea comes up because guildmaster and chevalier-sama are strong. Even if there are some people who come up with the idea, the majority won't move unless there's a reason like having limited food. In actuality, they have crops from the cultivated field."
"In other words, there must be secret hideouts nearby where they can move safely to huh?"
"Yes, there might be hidden passages that couldn't be detected by the young lady retainer of Chevalier-sama."
"Then I guess I'll torture Rudaman until he spits it out."

Looks like the guildmaster is going to torture Rudaman after this, but since it doesn't seem like she'll kill him, let's not mind it.

I acquire the consent of the women sheltered in the mansion of ivy to stay there by saying that it's because "They will be killed by the mastermind behind the lost thieves if they get out right now". Strangely enough, there were only a handful of people who persistently wanted to go back to the city, most didn't seem eager. I tell them to be patient for 10 days. I'll do something in the meantime.

At the present time, these women are unlikely to be eliminated by the mastermind.

According to the guildmaster's story, I can probably release the people who don't have compounding or alchemy skills. Since the fact that this is the mansion of ivy have been known to them I can't release those people right now. It should work out somehow if I bring them to populated places nearby the royal or the duchy capital, or maybe some villages in Muno barondom and then give them a new name and ID.

I should search some places that can accept them.

"Do you want to become an explorer~!?""

Amplified with Mia's magic, Arisa's voice is echoing through out the labyrinth city's outer wall. We're currently in a temporary tent right outside the labyrinth city.

100 baggage carriers who aspire to become explorers have gathered before Arisa. We're going to decide the pupils for Iruna and Jenna of Beautiful Wings from among them.

There are 70 boys and 30 girls. They're children who have gathered after hearing publicity talks from Iruna and Jenna during the past three days. Although I said children, the age range spans from 10 to 18 years old. The mean age range is at around 12-14 years old.

Iruna explains the selection test to the children with her voice alone without relying on magic.

"We will choose 15 children among you. First we will choose five children with fast legs. It's important to have fast legs in the labyrinth for scouting and luring monsters. Run once you hear this flute as a signal. The first five children who run around Selbira outer wall for a lap pass."

The children began to run when Arisa blew the flute. Some got their feet entwined by other's foot, some were tumbled by their own feet. The one thing they have in common is that every one of them stands up on their own without crying even while covered in dust, and run. They're truly strong-willed.

I used [Clairvoyance] magic along the way to see if there were any fallen children, but there were only two who had fallen from anemia. I contacted Nana who was patrolling with a horse by using [Telephone], and had them withdrawn.

For some reaosn, Pochi and Tama had somehow started running too. They must have been tempted. Pochi was the winner by a wide margin. Tama was unusually worked up and challenged her again.

When the two had finished running, I looked back at the winning children who had been passed quite far.

"Damn, to lose to a dogkin and a catkin children. It's a disgrace for a rabbitkin."
"I can't believe I lost to someone beside Usasa."

The first and second place winners looked at Pochi and Tama in frustration. They are 14 years old rabbitkin girl and boy. These children are separated quite far from the third place. The third place is a ratkin, while the fourth and fifth are human boys.

There are 10 children who have failed the first test. These 10 children are doing physical exercise lead by Lulu to build their stamina nearby the temporary HQ.

The second test will begin after a short break with sandwiches. During this break, we distributed water for re-hydration and baked sweets for calorie intake. It'd be troubling if they faint from hunger along the way.

"The next one is endurance run. The first five children who have ran five laps around the Selbira outer wall pass. Lunches are waiting for the children who have ran for more than two laps. Do your best."

For some reason, the answer this time have more power in them than the first time. I intended to let them eat unconditionally for the test this time since we had already prepared meals for 100 people from the beginning, but since it was so effective like they have a carrot dangling in front of their eyes, I couldn't intercede. However, besides the leading pack, many children who were unlikely to be chosen by the selection members stopped running after two laps.

The boys were strong for endurance marathon too, there were three boys and two girls. This time humans were strong, among the five children, three boys and girls who had dark-skin like Roji were particularly strong. They looked calm enough to run several more laps.

The remaining five children will be chosen after the meal break. By the way, the meal menu is croquet made from Leaping Potato and insect meat, and Walking Bean with insect meat soup.

The meal this time were prepared not only by Ms. Miteruna and the seven apprentice maids from our mansion, but also five baggage carrier girls who could cook. I'm planning to have Ms. Miteruna taught these five girls, and then permanently employ them as personnels for food distribution on the orphanage and the slum. They are plain and honest girls who are at 14-18 years old.

"Well then let's begin the last test. Use the twig we have distributed earlier like you would a sword. Yes, stretch out your elbow. Keep that posture, the one who doesn't lower their arm until the end passes."

Screams broke out from the children, but this is a selection to choose the last five children with will-power. It's out of question if they can't even endure the training before entering the labyrinth.

The majority of them fell in the first one hour, but it was quite long for the remaining seven, once the last one dropped out after three more hours, the five children had been decided.

The final selected members have 11 boys and 4 girls. The plan is to have Iruna and Jenna teach these children the basic for 10 days on the surface, afterward, five of them are going to be taken alternately in three turns into the labyrinth, each group spend five days, 15 days in total, to be leveled up to level 7.

Since the contract with Iruna and Jenna is for three months, the children who have failed in the test this time still have two more chances.

"Everyone, thank you for today! We will open the test again next month, so to the one who have failed this time, please don't give up!"

With Arisa's closing words, the disqualified children go back to the west gate in groups of twos and threes. Everyone is given three baked sweets as the consolation prize. These sweets seems to become the spreading bait for the children who didn't participate this time.

Iruna and Jenna explain the plan hereafter to the children who have passed. There were shouts of joy particularly when they heard that they were going to be provided with three meals and were free to ask for second.

The children are going to be drilled on the vacant land nearby which I've borrowed.

I was going to give the selected children the same ant armors that I had given to Iruna and Jenna, but Arisa strongly objected and warned me. You should not give them cheat equipments if you're going to let them become an independent explorer after the training is over, unless you're making them into your retainers.

Not only Arisa, Iruna and Jenna also stopped me. The reason is a bit different; if they have an armor that protect them from getting hurt from a monster's attack, they will neglect avoiding attacks. Moreover, if they don't get some slight wounds, they won't learn the way to stop bleeding during an actual fight, so I'm told that such armors will not let them learn the importance of them.

When I consulted to Iruna and Jenna about the right equipment for the children, they recommended the equipment called bone equipment. They seem to be goblin bones that are knitted on jacket and trousers made from knitted grasses. It seems the basic equipment advancement for labyrinth explorer is as follow : wood chips equipment to bone equipment to insect husk equipment and then to insect shell equipment.

As for the weapon, the plan is to have them use a club made from goblin thighbone, and then a short spear made from ant claw from the second area on. For the shield, it seems they're planning to use leather shield. Iruna and Jenna bought these equipments cheaply from the apprentices at the shopping district. I've revised some of the weakly-made points, so they shouldn't incur major injury from low level enemies.

By the way, the two currently use mantis-type equipments. They were very happy when I gave it as a present for the celebration of getting to level 15. Apparently, mantis-type equipments are proof of veteran in the labyrinth city. I probably shouldn't say that they only look different on the outside, as compared to the ant equipment from before, there's hardly any difference in the defensive power.

Now then, if I need permissions from the Marchioness and the guildmaster to hold regular food distribution in the city, let's get them to issue it.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-34

10-34. Fiend Drug (4)


Satou's here. I feel that assassins mainly use poison as their weapons. I wonder since when their attack variations increase, like strangling with wire, or long-range needle attack on the vital spot. Nowadays, what's the weapon that's in fad for assassins. I'm slightly interested.

"You're Sokel right?"
"W, who are you guys?"
"We're just running an errand."

There are two burglars who have invaded the viceroy office where Sir Sokel is confined. Both of them have completely covered their faces and worn thick brown mantles. Their hands are holding swords which leak out dubious light.

"From who?"
"From his highness of course."

The burglars finally noticed my presence with that question and hurriedly pointed their swords at me. While one of them proceeded to restrain me, the other one probably continuing on to erase Sir Sokel. I was unsure since I kicked the burglar before me away to the burglar in the interior, stopping him. Maybe I kicked them too strongly, both of the men have sunk into the wall. They would have come out to the room beyond if they had been pushed further.

"Goha, what a heavy kick."
"The rumored Mithril explorer huh."

You guys actually have some leeway right?

The men look alright even after receiving an attack that should have normally fainted them. I think the coughed salivas have some red color mixed in, but they have enough mettle to stand up and ready their weapons.

Both are level 30 [Human] races, and their Status are [Magic Body Bestowal]. I think that it's most likely the status of someone who has drank fiend drug.

As a proof, even without chanting spells, purple flashes leaks out from their bodies, and then the area around their bodies are clad in flames.

"I don't know who you are, but I'll have you die together with that man."
"We'll offer you to the death. We are fiends. The ones who will become the protectors of the new world that his highness will build."

Their words have strange accents mixed in. Their grotesque figures were hidden in the mantles which I saw for an instant. Half of their faces have become like tortoise shell, and their eyes are like compound eyes of insects. They look quite grotesque even compared to various demi-humans I've seen so far.

They are still humans despite the grotesque though, so let's proceed without killing them. I have to at least draw that line, or else I feel that I will become a demon lord myself.

Since they are tough enough to stand against a blow from me, I hit them with normal [Short Stun] instead of [Remote Stun]. Let's go easy at first and go with 20 shots. The Rhinoceros Beetle back then could endure 20 shots, so let's go with that many.

One of them was hit with the magic, broke through the wall behind, and vanished into the next room. The other one seemed to have dodged several short stun orbs with his intuition, but the rest of the orbs caught up to him, and sunk him into the outer wall in a strange posture. The outer wall of this city seems to be quite sturdy.

Neither lose their consciousness. The drug seems to be quite excellent as a boost medicine. There are probably some people who have drank it at least once in the battlefield.

What should I do.... Ah, right. I didn't think about it.

Let's test it on one of them.
It's a success. After taking my blow, he's fallen down unconscious.

"Y, you bastard, what did you do?"
"No way would I expose my secret to the enemy right?"

While evading his attack, I destroy his reinforced state with [Break Magic], and then thoroughly snatch his magic power with [Mana Drain]. I also drain the magic power that's circulating on his weapon. I don't know how great is the magic circuit granted by the fiend drug, but it shouldn't work if the magic power that works as its fuel is cut off.

Finally, I hit him, who has his magic power stripped bare, unconscious and it's the end. The enemy still has sturdiness fits for his level, but his unreasonable toughness from just before has disappeared.

I restrain the men with magic-sealing ivy. This is something that I've made from the ivy of Thorn Foot in the workshop earlier, it has the same effect as magic-sealing chain. Unlike the usual, the maker is Kuro this time, not Nanashi.

I reported to Arisa with Telephone that I had taken care of viceroy office.

I can hear the footsteps of the viceroy office guards who have finally noticed the uproar, heading here.

『What? There's an invisible wall here?』
『There's a magician among the burglar. You guys go from another stairs. You go call magician-dono here.』

Sorry for them, but I'm blocking the passage for now.

"Now then, Sir Sokel. Would you answer questions from your life savior?"
"Ah, I'll tell you. I'll tell you, so please shelter me in a safe place."
"Alright. I'll bring you to a safe place if you answer honestly."

I asked Sir Sokel who was desperately clinging to me about the mastermind.

"His highness is a blood relative of Shiga royal family. I think he's a man who has just come of age. I don't know his true identity since he always wore recognition inhibition mask whenever we met."
"How could you make a dangerous drug like fiend drug from the order of such a man."
"It's because his guardian is Marquis Kelten. He also hid his face, but I immediately knew it was him from his peculiar way of talking. I thought that a chevalier like me would be able to become a baronet if I cooperated with someone who had Marquis Kelten, one of the eight marquis along with his tremendous influence on the army, on his back."

I think that's a coup d'etat flag though, will the next kingdom conference be alright?

"In truth you're just disposable huh."
"That's right, how laughable."

I get information about his highness like the way he speaks, his figure, and various things that weren't hidden by the recognition inhibition mask from the listless self-deprecating Sir Sokel. It's really not the third prince huh. According to Toruma Memo, the fourth prince is 18 years old, the fifth prince is 14 years old, since the second child of the king's younger brother is 15 years old, this one is suspicious. There doesn't seem to be any unacknowledged illegitimate child of the king, but the previous king and the king's younger brother seem to have strong lust, so there are a lot of candidates that come up.

Now then, I guess I'll shelter him since he listened and all.
I release the [Mana Wall] that had confined the guards.

"You bastard! Who are you."
"I'll shelter Sir Sokel for a while. Those men over there are assassins sent by the mastermind called his highness. They're high levels and also users of fiend drug. Don't let your guard down even if they're unconscious. They're as strong as low-rank demon at least. There should be a jail for high level criminals in the labyrinth city right? Put them there."

I intentionally ignore their words, and tell the burglars' motive and other things unilaterally. I change my tone from how Satou usually is, and speak in slightly high-handed manner.

Since I'm currently in a disguise and all, I introduce myself as [Kuro].

After I've finished telling them, I teleport away with Sir Sokel along with the bed he's sitting on. The destination is in the labyrinth. I took him to the deepest working field of the fiend drug. There are multiple intelligence systems here after all.

"H, here is?"
"The inside of the labyrinth."
"What? A, are you going to kill me?!"
"I don't have such intention. Here is a safety zone. There's no gushing hole, and monsters and people won't come here except for some odd plants that are growing here. It's the most suitable place for a shelter."

I take him to the row house where the abducted people had lived in. There is no rain in the labyrinth, but sometimes natural water drip down from the ceiling, so the roof is necessary.

I put the bed from earlier in a relatively large room. Since he asked if it was space magic, I noncommittally affirmed it. I take out daily necessities like food and water from Item Box and put it on a table in one corner of the room. I also leave a cheap knife and hatchet, although I think it's unnecessary. Any one of them are things that was used by the abducted people.

It may look like I'm doing too much, but leaving a noble who can't even cook for himself alone inside the labyrinth is cruel enough. However, I want him to taste a bit of the anxiety and pain of the people who have been captured and made to work hard by the lost thieves.
I've told him that this is a safety zone, and even though it's the truth, Sir Sokel still gets frightened from rustling sounds of the grass and small animals, he's probably going to sleep while in fear of getting suddenly attacked by monsters.

"Well then, I'll supply you with food in 10 days time. If you don't eat them sparingly, no one will come to save you even if you starve, so be careful."

I leave behind Sir Sokel who looks like he's going to protest, and go back to the mansion of ivy.

When I had returned to the mansion of ivy, fire and smoke from afar came into my view.

『This is Arisa-chan, over?』

I received a Telephone contact from Arisa. Her home-telephone way of speaking has finally disappeared, but this time it's in transceiver style. Please talk a bit more normal.

"It's me. I saw the fire. Is that the west guild?"
『Un, some men with the same clothing as the ones who attacked the viceroy office earlier came flying from the sky. They have wings on their back.』
"I understand, I'll go there immediately. I'm counting on you to keep watching the viceroy office."

I fly in the labyrinth sky with Sky Drive. From the sky, I see that one section of the guild hall is burning. I tilt my head in puzzlement when I look at the stats of the people attacking the guild. I understand that they've used the fiend drug, but their skill compositions are that of an assassin, not a magician. It seem they can use magic, but since it's wind magic, I don't know the cause of that fire.

The flame stretches out from the ground.

With my skill-strengthened vision, I see the man in dark brown clothing evading the flame while flying in the sky.

Oy, oy, that flame is from the guildmaster's magic huh. What are you doing burning your own base. Why are there so many pyromaniacs among fire magicians.

I want to prevent the fire from spreading further so I strike down the flying burglar to the ground with [Remote Stun] magic. People would have normally died from the fall, but they're really some strong bunch. Big shield Jell and some high level explorers who have come out of the guild hall proceed to arrest the burglar.

You guys act too early.

The burglar forcibly flings away Jell and the others with his super strength from the fiend drug. When he was about to fly away once again, the flame bullets of [Multi Flame] magic that the guildmaster had released hit him. The burglar is roasted together with the ground around him from the countless flame bullets, and rolls on the ground.

As expected of level 50. The power is incredible as long as it hits.

Since she had begun to chant [Inferno], I intervene. Just like the magic earlier, it's not something that should be used in the middle of the city.

By using Flash Drive from the sky, I land on the back of the burglar who has put out the fire and stood up. The force was a bit too much, I could feel several of his bones breaking. Looks like it's a bit too much no matter how sturdy the opponent is. Just like with the guys caught in the viceroy office, I cancel the reinforcing magic, snatch his magic power, and bind him with magic-sealing ivy. It's a simple works that only lasted several seconds.

"Who are you!"
"Rather than that, put this guy into the prison. This happens just when I've come to exterminate the lost thieves, looks like strange fellows are rampant here. As expected of Labyrinth City I guess."

I vaguely swept off the guildmaster who had stopped her chanting and asked my identity, and then threw the binded burglar nearby their feet. Then I fly to the sky, and take out ocean water from the storage to extinguish the burning guild hall. Once I've confirmed that most of the fire have been extinguished, I go back to the mansion of ivy.

Good grief, I can't laugh at the fact that the guildmaster is the one who created the biggest damage here. I wonder how is she not demoted and fired like that.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-33

10-33. Fiend Drug (3)


Satou's here. It's important to prepare things in advance. It's troublesome to do it while you're in the middle of a work, but if you don't prepare properly, you'll have a tough time later on. It doesn't feel like you need to do it until you learn it from the mistake though.

Equipped with the artificial skin that I've made in the ivy mansion this afternoon, I change into a different person by using Disguise skill in full throttle. In addition, I equip a black mask to cover the area around my eyes.

Then, I change the Companion column into these. The name is Kuro, level 50, the occupation is bounty hunter, the skills are of shooting-related ones, rare magic, elf language, dragon language, and the exact opposite of Satou's modest stats. I recorded the various stats in the memo column so I won't mistake it whenever I disguise myself. I can use Nanashi if I want, but disguising myself will have no meaning if it becomes [Nanashi appears wherever Satou is], so I've decided to make the third persona.

"Satou-sama, what are you going to do with such a disguise?"
"I'm going to eliminate the lost thieves. Leriril, I'm sorry, but is it okay if I shelter the people who have been caught by the lost thieves here?"
"Please use the surface mansion if possible. There are many dangerous equipments in the underground."

Ah, I forgot about that.
I install a carved seal board for teleport on the surface mansion.

"Well then, I'm going. I'm counting on you to receive them."
"Yes, please leave it to me!"

Ah, I can't stop feeling odd at Leriril who replies promptly.

I initially went to the safe area of Area 17 where the villa is.

First, I have to prepare the particular by finding the place where I can apprehend the lost thieves.

I mark all the lost thieves inside the labyrinth. There are approximately 300 people in total. 90% of them have committed felony like [Murder].

Next, I look for the working field that Rudaman talked about. I try searching the main ingredients of the fiend drug, Ruin Weed and Decay Stem in each area. Although there are places where they're growing wild, I pick ones where they're growing densely that have obviously been tended by humans, and have carriers and lost thieves nearby them. There are three places all in all. Moreover, the places cannot be reached without going through troublesome areas.

Next, I search to see if there's any noble or their servants. Miss Gina's party [Moonlight], and other three noble parties come up. Judging from their positions, every party is innocent. They're quite enthusiastic to hunt by staying overnight. Even miss Gina who was at level 6 when I first met her has smoothly leveled up to 9 now. They're probably leveling up efficiently by constantly fighting higher-leveled enemies.

Next, I need to prepare the place where I can temporarily put the lost thieves. I can't exactly bring them to the authority in the middle of the night.

The chosen site is in one corner of Area 37. It's a bit deep but since it's an area with plant-type monsters, it has watering holes. I've picked the place where Gushing Holes can't geographically appear, and with only one entrance to it.

I look for the shortest route there. I can likely get there in 20 minutes if I break the walls in two passages along the way.

While relying on Invisibility and Spy skills I fly on the passage ceilings with Sky Drive. It seems that no one from the explorers parties along the way noticed me. Even if they do, they will probably regard it as a new kind of monster.

The hall where I've arrived at is quite a damp place with water dripping from the ceiling.

Fern-type plants are growing in colony. It looks like they're monsters. I tried throwing an ant leg from the storage to it, and the fern leaves became like a chainsaw, cutting the leg. I'm unsure whether this monster belongs to a fantasy or a horror work. Let's check the leaf's structure later.

I catch sight of monsters that look exactly like triceratops between the trees.  It's probably not a normal dinosaur since violet flashes sometimes appear on its orange-colored transparent horns. While producing chewing sounds, these monsters are munching the leaves that are rotating like chainsaws without even caring about it. There are also two-meter class dragonfly-like monsters fluttering around.

Geez, it's completely a Cretaceous era.

I pull myself together and begin the clean-up. I swiftly cut down the stronger monsters with [Flexible Swords]. Since they'll likely smell if left alone, I put them into the storage with [Magic Hand] in no time flat.

After I've exterminated the big ones, I use [Remote Arrow] to eradicate the small fries. I retrieve the bodies just like I did with the big ones.

In just 10 minutes, I've completed clearing the monsters in the hall.

In the center of the room, I put a lot of bowls with clothes inside and dried meats from insect-type monsters in jars. These dried meats were something that the mansion children had made for practice. They're terrible thing that even made the beastkin girls to put down their forks with just a single bite. It was clearly a failure, but I couldn't throw them away just like that either, so I stowed it away in the storage. Might as well use it for the lost thieves I'll be capturing.

Next, I block the only passage to the room with a big rock that I had stored in the storage from the aisle. Then I put a carved seal board on the middle of the passage. In addition, I make hard stone walls at a certain length in the passage afterward by using [Stone Wall] magic on the soil taken out of my storage.

The impromptu prison is complete with this.

I catch the lost thieves with a series of capturing combo starting with Remote Stun.

"Who are you bastard! Who do you think this great me is!"
"Yeah yeah, I'll listen to you later."

I defeat the one who seems to be the boss of this lost thief group by pounding him with Remote Stuns. I then floor the rest of the small fries with the capturing combo.

Fumu, it's 55 people with this huh. I guess this is it for this base.

I lift the captured lost thieves with [Magic Hand] and teleport to Area 37. I advance on the passage, and then put the rock that block the way to the hall into my storage, opening the road.

Since the fallen lost thieves were crowding in front of the rock, I pushed the fresh lost thieves inside, putting them back into the room. After I've finished putting them inside, I place the rock again, blocking the passage. Booing broke out from the other side of the rock, but I ignored it since it didn't interest me.

However, it was a bit of failure. I forgot that there were also women among the lost thieves. I can let them stay in the same room, but I don't want that somehow. It can't be helped, I make another room with a door in the passage and decide to confine the female lost thieves there. Just like in the hall, I've also provided food, salt, two barrels of water, an empty jar, and a partitioning screen there.

I teleport back to the base just now and this time, I lift the carriers and the slaves with [Magic Hand], and take them to the mansion of ivy.

"H-here is?"
"Onee-chan, it's stars! I can see the stars."
"Outside? It's really the outside?"

Leriril who have waited for our coming claps her hands to gather their attentions.

"Be quiet children of human. This is the mansion of ivy, the place where sage-sama lives. I'll send you back to the labyrinth if you make an uproar."

The threat seems to be effective as the worked-up people have quieted down.

"Have your representative steps up. Porina, please explain the things to the representative."
"Yes, Kuro-sama."

Porina is the leader of the carriers whom I've saved first. She's level 7 despite being a baggage carrier. Her skills are [Carriage], [Cultivation], and [Harvesting].

I leave here to Leriril and Porina, and go back to the field earlier. I put one of the surveillance magic tool that I've created for the villa in one corner of the room. It looks like a two-meter long pole with a skull on its tip. The skull part has surveillance and information transmission mechanisms installed. The pole part has magic circuit for circulating magic power, and it can operate for three days if it's filled to the brim with magic power. I made this for surveillance around the villa, but since its appearance was unpopular (among the girls), I stowed it away.

I attack the remaining large-scale lost thief hideout and rescue the carriers who are working there. The bigger places are complete with this. Next, I assaulted the smaller lost thief groups that had dispersed in 10 places. Dealing with them was troublesome since they were running away in small groups.

Once I throw the last lost thief into the temporary prison, I take a breath.
It should be fine to take these guys to the west guild after the day has risen.

In total, there are 220 people that I've saved. 110 people are carriers, 80 are slaves, and 30 are unexpectedly explorers. All of them are women. Apparently, men who were caught were either killed, or made to work as slaves until they made them became decoys for a special strategy (Train), killing them.

Most of the women seemed to be working on the field with shackles on their legs. Looks like they were also cultivating crops for the lost thieves' consumption besides the ingredients for the fiend drug. Due to that, there are some who have Cultivation, Harvesting, and Mixing skills.

There are a lot of female explorers at level 5, the ones who were higher than that were either solicited into becoming lost thieves, or killed.

Leriril was still up, but Porina and the others have gone asleep since they seemed to be tired, I'll talk to them again once the dawn arrives.

There are too many of them and not enough rooms in the mansion, so she has prepared beds in the hall and the corridors for them.

"Sa, Kuro-sama, actually, we have ran out of the reserve food. The vegetables grown with 『Green Hand (Grow)』 magic in the garden are at its limit too."
"Ah, sorry, I forgot to supply them."

Leriril leads me to the food warehouse and then I take out a large quantity of ingredients. Most of them are the ones I've collected in the lost thief hideouts, but I've also put things like wheat, potatoes, frog meat, salt and many other things. It should be enough for a while since they're around 6000 meal worth in all. I give her various kind of medicines since there are some unhealthy people among them.

"Is this a space magic?"
"Un, something like that."

It's dead at midnight now, and there's still quite some time until morning, so I go to the underground workshop with Leriril. Communications from Arisa comes at regular interval, reporting "No abnormal~ity" with a sleepy voice. I suggested her to alternate the monitoring work, but since she said okay, I'll let them work hard until Arisa and Mia doze off, and the regular contact gets cut off.

Sir Sokel doesn't have a peerage even though he's a noble. I feel that there's a real mastermind behind this, although I hope it's just an unfounded fear. If the mastermind is in this city, they should be raiding tonight. And right now until the early dawn is the time with the highest probability for the raid.

I thought of going back to the mansion for an instant, but I decided to prepare various things in the underground workshop and went to the streets.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-32

10-32. Fiend Drug (2)


Satou's here. When I hear the word 'jealousy', love is the first thing that comes to mind. However, unexpectedly, jealousy against the success of other seems to run quite deep.

"I'm going back to the mansion since some urgent business came up. Leriril, I'm sorry but please clean-up the workshop."
"Yes, I understand Satou-sama!"

Huh~? I wonder why, Leriril seems strange. Far away from calling me brat, she even uses "sama" instead. I waved my hands to Leriril who saw me off with sparkling eyes and returned with teleport. Come to think of it, I feel that she had become quiet after I completed making the artificial skin.

Now then, putting aside the trivial, I have to go for Lulu's emergency.

I'd like to go back immediately with teleport, but let's check the situation ahead.
First, let's confirm the mansion with the map. About 10 soldiers and two high level knights have come to the mansion. They're all the viceroy's subordinates.

This is puzzling. What do they want?

After checking the mansion basement with [Clairvoyant] I return there with Teleport.

I ignore the knocking on the basement door, take out a pen, an ink, and several paper sheets from the storage and put them on the work desk. In addition, I take out a candle and a candlestick, light it, and put it on the work desk. Lastly, I put the seal ring there and the preparation is complete.

Please let them be pointless if possible.

I unlock the bolt, open the door, and shout at the one who's knocking the door.

"You're noisy. I can't concentrate!"
"I, I'm sorry. Chevalier-sama is being suspected of using fiend drug. Please come to the viceroy office."
"Me using fiend drug?"

We come up above the ground while talking.

Apparently, they're doubting us for using the fiend drug since our levels are abnormally high for being so young.

Ludicrous. The risk is too great compared to the effect. If we only want to level up, I can make them level up to level 50 in just 10 days even without using such a drug.

"It's fine, this is just right. I have some business with the Marchioness anyway, so let's think of this as the opportunity."

Still, who instigate this I wonder?

The Marquis should be thinking that I'm a source of revenue, while Baronet Dyukeli has a debt regarding the matter about his daughter. The possible pattern is from the Marquis' followers who don't want their position get taken.

When I was asking Ms. Miteruna to watch over the mansion, she gave me some advice.

"Master, I've heard some rumor about inquisitor Baron Vilas that he abuses his Fathom skill to get ahold of merchant's and servant's weakness. Please be careful."

I see, so he would change the subject once he starts asking things unrelated to fiend drug, I should object when that happens. I won't be caught off-guard if I just ready myself. Let's have the Negotiation and Tact skills work their magic.

While thanking Ms. Miteruna for her advice, I see the basement with Clairvoyant magic. Then by using [Magic Hand], I open the ink bottle on the work desk, and write a memo using the quill pen with instructions for Ms. Miteruna. I prepare another letter asking for rescue, and stamp the sealing wax with my seal. I collect the seal and the candle into the storage.
I didn't give it directly right now in order to prevent the mastermind from anticipating it. The handwritings are a bit messy, but it should be readable enough.

"Right, Miteruna. I forgot to close the ink bottle in the basement. Could you close it before the ink dried out?"
"Certainly master."

I head toward the carriage that has been prepared by the viceroy office, I explained the situation to Arisa and the others in the labyrinth, and ordered them to stay there for the time being.

I bring Lulu along to the viceroy office, the three-story big building made of marbles that's right beside the eastern gate.

"Sir Pendragon, the inquisitor will be coming in a short while, please wait a bit in this room."

The high class-like bureaucrat young man has lead us to a bizarrely splendid room for state guests. I recorded various interiors like the furnitures with [Photo] magic since I rarely came to such a place.

"Lulu, relax your shoulders and sit down here. It's quite comfortable you know."

I let Lulu who was standing behind me come to sit on the sofa beside me I asked the maid who was standing by in the corner of the room for two sets of tea.

I whisper to Lulu gently that there's nothing to be worried about in low voice while embracing her head. The maid-san shouldn't suspect anything since Lulu's face has turned red. I think maid-san hadn't had enough training since she looked like she'd even vomit out sugar.

The inquisitor guy finally arrived when Lulu had settled down. Moreover, he's even brought six armed knights along, possibly to intimidate us. They're skilled people of level 20-30.

"Nice to meet you, Sir Pendragon. I am Baron Vilas the inquisitor. Ah, you can keep sitting like that. The inquiry will be over soon."

The inquisitor is a bald man with thin eyebrows who has a magic being like Raka with a [Fathom] skill. It should be a skill that can tell if someone is telling the truth or lying if I'm not mistaken. Come to think of it, this is the first time I've meet this baron. I would have meet all the peerage-holding nobles in the labyrinth city if I just met with the vice-viceroy next.

"Then answers my questions with 『Yes』 or 『No』. There is no need to add excessive explanations."

The inquisitor warned with a posed look on his face that would likely have a light sfx on if he wore glasses.

"Inquisitor Vilas asks. Have you used fiend drug yourself?"
"I have not."

"Inquisitor Vilas asks. Have you administered fiend drug to other people?"
"I have not."

"Inquisitor Vilas asks. Have you instructed other people to administer fiend drug?"
"I have not."


He's probably asking the question one by one to prevent deception.

"Inquisitor Vilas asks. Do you know the recipe for making fiend drug?"

A dangerous question finally came up, but I didn't need to answer that.

"Sir Vilas! What do you think you're doing? Sir Pendragon has rescued my son and the state guest princess from the lost thieves. So to speak, he's the benefactor of Selbira city. He wouldn't take those lost thieves who should be his underlings to the surface alive if he had anything to do with fiend drug!"

The one who entered the room with a long protest is the Marchioness. Even the Marquis himself is behind her. A fox in tiger's clothing, version 2*. This time the connection, or rather the bribe power from the prior investment has bear its fruit.
<*TLN: Japanese idiom that means a person in weaker position who hides behind the one with authority.>

"My wife is right. Who instructed you to haul Sir Pendragon away?"

So the one who ordered him to capture me really wasn't the viceroy.

"I-it's because the story about the disparity between the strength of Sir Pendragon and his retainers and their ages was the talk of the salon..."
"In other words, you had bought into the baseless baloney in the salon, and made him, who is one of your fellow noble, underwent the humiliating inquisition?"
"Viceroy-sama, i-it's a misunderstanding--"

Apparently, I have been regarded as an eyesore for participating in the Marchioness' tea party. There really are some narrow-minded people who get upset just from a newcomer participating in the tea party once.

I took advantage of when the Marquis was reproaching Baron Vilas, and inquired him, he confessed while sweating waterfall that his goal was to seize my weakness by first inquiring about the fiend drug. Looks like it's the vice-viceroy who has instigated him.

The reason why he confessed this unnaturally far might be because of Interrogation and Coercion skills. Maybe I had better normally turn both skills OFF.

The Marquis will be discharging both the Baron and the Vice-viceroy the instigator. Since the Marchioness looks satisfied behind, leaving it to him should be fine. I thought that they would only be given some stern warnings, but since this means that they won't freely interfere with us again from now on, this is good enough.

I report to Arisa that the problem has been solved and they don't need to worry anymore.

The reason why the Marchioness conveniently intruded this time was thanks to Ms. Miteruna who properly acted upon the memo that I had left in the basement.

After I was taken by the carriage, she went to the Marquis' mansion to deliver the letter with my seal as instructed. Normally, a letter from some lower noble would have been postponed, and finished just like that, but it seems that as the result of the pastry that I had given back then, the maid gave the letter to the lady attendant, and the attendant gave it to the Marchioness, so she could quickly read the letter. I'll present them with various confections later.

Since Ms. Miteruna had come with a carriage, I lifted Lulu in and let them went home ahead. I was going to go back with them, but I couldn't reject the Marchioness' invitation to a dinner. It had become a dinner where we said our thank and apology to each side.

The princess profusely pestered me to tell stories about the labyrinth during the dinner, I answered her while taking care not to disturb other attendants. It would be bad if I carelessly told her some exaggerated stories and made her and plump-kun go to the labyrinth again.

None of the the dinner menu, the so-called full course meal, use ingredients made of monsters at all, it's probably the Marquis' house chefs' fixation. If I have to say, there are not enough vegetables. Every dish was delicious, but the beef stew was superb. I'll recreate this taste for everyone later.

I thank the coachman of the Marquis' house carriage for sending me to the mansion, and enter the mansion. Ms. Miteruna who had come to meet me gave some kind of basket to the coachman. Since I smelled something sweet, it was probably confections that Lulu had made.

I search the map while relaxing on the sofa. Looks like Sir Sokel has been arrested, he's currently being confined in one of the viceroy office's room. Shockingly enough, Besso is still running away. One of Besso's male friend has been apprehended by the explorer guild, he's in the dungeon of the west guild.

I have been surrounded by everyone when I finished the check and closed the map.

"Looks like it was terrible."
"Yeah, it's going to be uglier tonight though."
"Hoe? 'I won't let you sleep tonight', that kind?"
"Yes, yes, you're cute Arisa."

I off-handedly sweep off Arisa who's playing around.

"Since the lost thieves are more trouble than I thought, I'm thinking of seriously eliminating them. And also, it seems that there are carriers and slaves whom the lost thieves have captured and made to work, so I'd also like to rescue and shelter them."
"I'll help~?"
"I'll work hard nodesu!"

I pat the head of Tama who looks up from where she sits on my lap. Pochi and Tama peek from both sides, but I can't let them help me this time.
However, I feel slightly lonely that Arisa didn't retort back even though I said something quite absurd.

"I'm sorry but please stay at home this time. Mia, can you create Artificial Being like Aialiaze-san does?"
"Is there any that's suitable for surveillance?"
"...■■ Wing Ball"

No wait, I didn't say that you have to use it now.
Mia has called something that looks like a ball with wings. Can it do surveillance even without eyes? Mia said that it's alright while beating her flat chest.

"Then, please watch the viceroy's mansion and the west guild with Mia's Wing Balls. Get in contact with me if a disturbance happens."

Now then, let's get some work done for the sake of safe labyrinth life.

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