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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-28

<Author's note:
This isn't from Satou's point of view.
There will be a lot of [Noja] words appearing. People who don't like it please take heed.>

10-28. Princess and Lost Thieves


I'm bored noja.

Even though I've come to the labyrinth city and all, I'm not allowed to go out of the viceroy mansion even once, this isn't what is promised.

If I don't get stronger by defeating monsters in the labyrinth, I can't become the hero's companion.
But even if I go alone, I surely won't be a match to monsters.

I stare at the dagger with Nooroku family crest and heave a deep sigh. Yes, I got a sprain on the second day of my sword training, and I couldn't even make a spark after training magic continuously for two years. The only things that I can be proud of are embroidery and lacework.

When I was walking on the only place I could freely do so, the courtyard, I heard the voices of boys on the arbor beyond the thickets.

"Uwah, it's really the Bronze Plate! Jeans, you're amazing!"
"Did you make your cousin who has Red Iron Plate that you mentioned before to take you along?"
"Yeah. As the eldest son of an Earl family, I think having at least the Bronze Plate is necessary."

A light brown short haired young man who looks a bit cruel pridefully replies to the two boys who are pressing on him. The plump black haired one should be the fourth son of Baron Larupod, Peison-dono, and the the slightly clever-looking short blond hair should be the third son of Viscount Gohat, Dirun-dono.

The second son of the Marquis, Geritz-dono, and his follower, the second son of Baron Notoke, Lulam-dono don't seem like they find it interesting, they spew venom.

"Fu, fuhn. You must have thrown stones behind your cousin anyway right?"
"Right, right! There's no way you can defeat monsters when you've never even won against Merian with sword."

When the eldest daughter of Baronet Dyukeli, Merian, heard it, she quickly drew her sword and put it on the tip of Lulam-dono's nose.

"Are you saying that my sword is no match for monsters?"
"T, that's not it. I don't mean that, so please put your sword back."

You shouldn't have said careless remark if you're going to beg with cramped face like that. Or is it just how friends act with each other?

I'm a bit envious noja.

After listening to their fun conversations while feeling envious, apparently, they've decided to go to the labyrinth with just them.

"Then I'll pick you all with a carriage tomorrow, so everyone wait after wearing your weapons and armors okay. Please take care not to get found out by your family yourself. I'll prepare everything beside your armors and weapons, so everyone turn in three silver coins each."
"Eh~ that's expensive."

Lulam-dono complains to the experienced Jeans-dono's order.

"Then, can you escape from monsters when they've surrounded you without a smoke ball and a flash ball?"
"It's fine, there's no way we will turn our back from monsters with this many warriors."
"Exactly, we also have Dirun the magician. Dirun can use his wind magic to rout monsters if they surround us."
"Well, there is no monster that my wind magic cannot cut."

Jeans-dono seemed to have been taken by everyone's confident attitude, he lowered it to one silver coin each while heaving.

"I've heard it noja."
"P, princess."

Please take me with you. I couldn't hold that feeling, and jumped out in front of everyone.

"Geritz-dono, Jeans-dono, please noja. Could you take me with you?"

I ask with teary eyes while inclining my head cutely. This would have been the finishing strike if it was my father the king.

Geritz-dono and Jeans-dono couldn't bear against this just like my father the king, they granted my wish with reddened faces.

"I don't feel good noja. I don't need the breakfast today. Leave me be alone until noon."

My foster sister who had been raised together with me since we were born immediately seen through my staged illness, but it was good that she interpreted it as me wanting to oversleep.

"Princess, are you ready?"
"Merian-dono, please help me a bit."

Why is wearing this clothes so hard noja. My arms and head come out of the same place, I can't move noja. I didn't think that I would face such a challenge even before entering the labyrinth! Truly the labyrinth city! What a frightening city nanoja.

After Merian-dono helped me put on the thick horse-riding clothes that she had brought and I wore the thin mantle, I immediately feel like I've become an explorer, my heart is exhilarated. It's complete when I hang the flat white mask she's given that covers half of my face.

"How is it?"
"It really suits you. Then, let us go."
"Umu, to the labyrinth!"

"I'd like to register them as explorers."
"Umm, is it for special registration?"
"No, for general one please."

Jeans-dono is the only who doesn't wear a mask since he's already an explorer. For some reason, an eyebrow of the receptionist lady is twitching. Maybe she's tired?

"Then, please your name."
"『Mysterious Noble』 Geritz."
"『Black Storm』 Peison."
"『Strong Sword』 Lulam."
"『Hero's Follower』 Mitia."

Why? Dirun-dono and Merian-dono don't continue giving their name after me and everyone else. When I looked back, they give their name while sighing. Why didn't they give their [Second Name]?

"Yes then, please take these Wood Plates. Do you need an explanation?"
"It's unnecessary."

Jeans-dono distributed the Wood plates that had been given by the representative.

Umumu. Why is my lips loosening noja. I didn't think that I would be this happy just from this tree chip. I want to dance, but I would be a disgrace of Norooku princess if I can't keep calm here.

When I raised my view, everyone was having a broad grin besides Jeans-dono. Of course Dirun-dono and Merian-dono aren't excepted either noja.

"Hey, Jeans. There isn't any enemy is it."
"It really is. We've only passed other explorers once in a while. Where's the monster."
"I can't do anything about it even if you complain to me. The competitions for monster hunting are furious in the first area after all. When I came here before, I followed a retainer knight who went scouting at the border of area 11, and defeated a 『Maze Moth』."

They let out their dissatisfaction for having been let down by the labyrinth after getting enthusiastic about it to Jeans-dono noja.

"Then, let's go to that area 11."
"I've heard that area 11 is a dangerous area that has an infamous monster called knight killer though?"
"That's why we stop at the border right?"
"I'll chop the knight killer with my magic if they come."
"I'll pierce it with my rapier before that happens."

Knight killer is it. Is there a monster that can defeat the like of big men with metal armor which fully wraps their bodies? It must be a gigantic monster.

Everyone is reliable noja. As expected of young nobles who have been studying martial art and magic art since they're young. Truly reliable.

Even when we occasionally discover a monster, some young-looking explorers in shabby clothes are desperately engaging it, there is no monster left.

"Sheesh, those commoners are vulgar."
"It's just as Geritz-sama's said! Shall I lend my hand for them?"
"You can't do that, Lulam. Snatching monsters that other explorers are fighting inside the labyrinth is a serious breach of etiquette. If you do such a thing, your noble honor will fall as low as a lost thief."

Jeans-dono rebukes the two who were cursing the explorers.

"Hey, look at that Sign Monument. Isn't this already area 11?"
"Eh? That shouldn't be. There are a lot of monsters on the border of area 11--you're right, moreover, looks like we've even come extremely close to the interior."
"Should we head back?"
"Isn't it fine, let's keep going. There are a lot of commoner parties since a while ago anyway. It must be alright."

Jeans-dono and Dirun-dono were having careful opinions, but since most approved the strong-willed Merian-dono's opinion, we decided to continue advancing.

We found that at the place nearly one hour ahead of the place earlier.

"Look at that the color of that Sign Monument! There's something strange about it."
"Everyone! Prepare for battle. That's the sign of Gushing Hole. Monsters are coming."

The Sign Monument which shines white occasionally flickers like a candle fire in red. As if lured by everyone who has drawn their swords out, I also grip my dagger.


Merian-dono's rapier pierce through the Maze Moth's wing. Peison-dono's and Lulam-dono's short swords have cut the empty air. Disappointing noja.

"As expected of Merian."
"There's nothing that can avoid that rapier."

Before Jeans-dono could cut with his great sword, Dirun-dono invoked [Air Blade] and cut one wing of the Maze Moth, snatching it from Jeans-dono.

"That's dangerous! Warn everyone before you use magic!"
"I don't hit (you) right. You must adapt to the circumstance during battle."

In order to finish the Maze Moth that has been dropped to the ground, Geriz-sono swing his one-handed sword unsteadily.

"Cut it too Princess since it's alright now."
"I, I understand noja."

I also draw my dagger and participate in the Maze Moth extermination. I was surprised to see that the stomach was hard enough to prevent dagger from penetrating it even though it looked so soft.

"We did it! We've defeated monsters!"
"Hey hey, I wonder how many levels are raised?"
"Now, let's go for the next."

A voice that seems like a poured cold water reaches everyone who's excited from their first monster.

"There's no next time time for ye' guys."

Several people come out of the shadow and surround us while carrying weapons. A big bald man who's carrying a three-pronged spear on his back approaches while laughed vulgarly.

"Lost thieves huh!"
"That's right, noble young men and women. Yer' adventures is over. You can die here now and become feeder for monsters."
"I won't let it! Can you avoid my rapier?"

The bald big man casually caught the sharp stab of Merian-dono's rapier with his three-pronged spear, and broke it.

"You stupid? Ye' think yer' playing sword could reach us?"
"Uh, that can't be. Blocking against Merian's rapier."
"It's over. Save me, father..."
"Mother, I'm sorry."

This is bad noja, everyone's heart is going to break nanoja.
I encourage everyone as loud as I can. Please allow the shaking in that voice.

"Don't give up, someone must be coming to save us noja!"
"Hou? Who is coming to save you?"

The bald man rudely catches the nape of my neck, and draws his filthy face close. Uuu, it's scary noja. It's smelly noja.

My limbs become cold and shaking. The rasping sound from a while ago was coming from <<my>> clattering teeth.

"Look now, don't cry and say it? Who's coming to save you?"
"Of course it's the ally of justice you know?"

A little girl's voice cut into the audacious man's voice.
Has she come to help?!

The voice and figure of a little girl that's not suited to be in this place give courage to me. I pushed the bald man with my hands with all my might. I can't aim to become the hero's follower if I let myself become a drag to someone who's coming save me after all!

Three demi-humans who appear while leaving red trails of light easily get rid of the lost thieves like they're breaking dead trees apart. That scene was one-sided like it was some kind of play.

"I thank you for your rescue. I am the princess of Norooku, Mitia."
"Arara, the princess of the western end huh. We are 『Pendragon』. We're going to take care of this, so wait a bit okay."

Noroku is of the western end she said? Does this girl come from a country in the center union?
As the 10 years old girl has promised, they have taken us out of our crisis--

"Arisa, it's the enemy's reinforcement. I suggest to hold a defense line in the small room ahead for the safety of the protection targets."
"Okay, I'll contact master for reinforcement once we've moved there."

--or so it seems, but the lost thieves are coming one after another, we have been cornered into a small room.

The lost thieves persistently and constantly keep invading the small room. The most terrifying thing above all is the countless monsters they've brought along with the assault, it has become a [Train]. We would have been trampled by the countless monsters if there wasn't Nana-dono's impregnable nature magic. I didn't think that monsters would be so dreadful. It's so furious, it even makes Jeans-dono and the firm Merian-dono can't stand up in the corner of the room.

The time until the reinforcement arrives feels really long even though it should have been short.
And then, I met that boy.

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