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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-16

10-16. Guild Disturbance


Satou's here. In the old dungeon-exploring games, you assemble your party in the bar, revive and release your curse in the temple, and getting ripped-off in stores.

I explain the details regarding the circumstances and give the Red Iron Plates to Arisa and the others who are waiting downstairs.

"Yafuu! It's a promotion authorized straight by the guild master!"
<TLN: Authorization: osumitsuki. Okashiratsuki: Fish dish served whole.>
"Its eyes are scary nodesu!"

Arisa exaggeratedly getting happy, she pushes her hands up and jumps.
Tama, that's not right. Pochi is still scared at the eyes on the fish head that she said was looking at her. The two mimicked Arisa, jumped, and almost hit their heads on the ceiling. It's dangerous if you don't grasp your own physical prowess you know?

The other members look reserved, but it seems they're also happy.

"Keh, since when did Explorer Guild become children's playground?"

I guess we were too noisy?
I looked back and was going to apologize, but that intent disappeared immediately.

Since the man was kicking the children who were gathering near the entrance of the guild around. He wasn't talking about us, but the baggage carrier children who were occupying the entrance. This man looks familiar. If I'm not mistaken, he's the party leader of the male explorer party that were running from the ants.

The kicked children don't have serious injuries yet they can't move and fall limp on the guild's wall. Just like the tigerkin back then, how could big men like them kick children around.

"Violence against young organisms are dangerous, thus prohibited, so I tell. Warn them with words, so I recommend."
"What's with you bastard? Hou, aren't you quite the beauty. Don't you have the wrong job? You can make more money as a prostitute than an explorer y'know?"

The man's hands casually stretch toward Nana.
The armor that Nana usually wears has green silk in the interior layer, whale leather in the middle layer, and the armored newt leather on the outside. It looks like a soft leather armor from the outside, and although it is actually soft, the armored newt leather part harden when it's supplied with magic power.

It's the leather from a monster with [Armor] on its name. It can repel swords and spears used by normal soldiers.

What would happen to defenseless fingers that tried to grab her breasts.
This man will learn the answer to that question with his body.

"Fi-fingers, my great fingers areee"

The man screamed like he was surprised, and crouched down on the floor.

"You bitch, what did you do to Besso"
"Enemy of Besso!"
"Denied. He has brought it upon himself, I report."

Those men seem to be friends of the crouching man. The faces of those two are red. Looks like they've been drinking liquor in daytime.
Those two did the unbelievable thing of drawing their swords inside the Explorer Guild, let alone th city.

Now then, guess I'll arrest them before anyone got hurt.
Liza drives her spear to the flank of the man, before I can step forward. Of course it's not with the pointed tip part, but the blunt one, and lightly at that.

Liza was intending to do it lightly, but with a small sound, a hole was formed on the man's armor that seemed to be made from monster's shell, and he fainted after getting his abdomen hit hard. The poked man fainted in agony, and the other man beside him lost his balance and rolled on the floor.

『Oy, aren't those guys wearing ant shell armors?』
『B, breaking that so easily like that...』

The peanut gallery are saying something, but since this armor is far more brittle compared to the shell breastplates I've given to Kon's friends, it can't be helped if it breaks.

Besso who had his fingers bent picked up his friend's sword that had fallen to the ground and tried to attack Lulu.

I was closing on her like sliding to intercept him, but in the end, it was meaningless. Lulu easily evaded Besso's sword, and then pinned him down to the ground. Besoo who has been held down is resisting, but it's almost like there's no effect, maybe it's due to her level that's almost twice as high, or her self-defense skill.

『Maid-san is strooong』
『Did you see her movement just now?』
『Didn't Besso and his gangs win against the viceroy's soldiers who were three times their number at the bar back then?』
『If the maid-san is that strong, that means those runts are also strong...』

The remaining one has also been defeated by Tama and Pochi who are barehanded, he's groveling on the floor.

『Aren't those runts too strong?』
『Then those guys are the rumored beastkin children who easily opened the labyrinth gate?』
『That means, the two frail-looking children over there are also as strong?』

The peanut gallery are noisy.

"Oy, I'll throw you to the guild dungeon if you're making too much rackets in the hall y'knooo~?!"

A heavily armored soldier with good physique who had come with a guild staff from the interior warned us. He ended his word strangely.

I felt like I had seen his face somewhere, so I tried to remember it. He's the explorer with a big shield who was downed by the demon in Gururian city.

『It's the Great Shield Gell.』
『He survived fighting a demon y'hear?』
『As expected of Iron Wall Gell.』

He rushed before me and asked.

"Excuse me, but aren't you Sir Pendragon?"
"Yes, we've met in Gururian city if I remember right."

He didn't seem to think that I would remember him.

"I can keep living like this thanks to Sir Pendragon who helped me."
"It's thanks to the hard works of my companions."

He's looking around for someone restlessly while thanking me.

"Ge, gell bro."

I remembered the existence of Besso after hearing his voice down below. I gesture Lulu to let him go.

"Ah, the daredevil who picked a quarrel with Sir Pendragon was you huh."

Gell treated Besso who came to cling on him coldly. Quite a difference in enthusiasm.

"You hear? Everyone hear me out! These people are experts who have defeated a demon that appeared in a city of a distant dukedom. Furthermore! They did not only defeat it. It was a complete victory! They defeated the demon without even suffering a single injury."

He talks passionately about how strong we were to the peanut gallery. He seemed to particularly remember about Pochi and Tama who took him to the safety zone, and thanked the two as his life saviors.

"By the way Sir Pendragon. Today, are you not together with the beautiful goddess who was fighting barehanded at that time?"

The one who was fighting barehanded at that time was only lady Karina. He's probably looking for lady Karina since a while ago.

"Yes, she has already returned to her territory."
"Territory is it?"
"Yes, she is the daughter of Baron Muno, Karina-sama."

Afterwards, Gell asked various things about lady Karina. While we're at it, I tell him about the shortage of soldier and knight of the territory army. I don't think that he will enter into government service, but explorers who have heard this story might want to go there out of curiosity.

As a punishment for drawing out swords inside the guild hall, Besso and his gang are to reflect in the guild dungeon for three days, so Gell took them away. Liza used her spear too, but since it wasn't the pointed end but the blunt end, it was waived.

The children who were kicked looked like they would get some bruises, but they had gone outside before the staff could warn them.

"Isn't that macho dimwitted for calling that Karina a goddess?"
"Karina, strong~?"
"She's agile like, pyonpyon, nanodesu!"

Arisa and Mia have low assessment of lady Karina. Pochi and Tama tried to defend her, but since the point was wrong, they weren't really successful about it.

Since we've come to the guild already, I decided to might as well sightsee the facilities here.
I'm being guided by Arisa and the others who have explored ahead of time.

First, let's go to the room where the contracted temple priests reside in the guild.

There are beautiful male and female priests to the point of me wanting to ask if they were selected by their looks. Looks like detoxification, curse dissolution, paralysis release, and healing the severely wounded person are free of charge. There's also life magicians who work as their assistants. Stopping bleeding and disinfecting wounds are probably their jobs.

There's also a place that sells labyrinth maps and information.

Looks like they're selling information about unknown areas, or unknown passages in an area here. It seems only Red Iron explorers and higher can buy and sell information here. Wooden and Bronze ones are to trade information and maps in front of the labyrinth.
There was a map of the first area and the areas that adjoin it pinned on the wall of this room, I only knew it after coming here. Even now, there is a man that seems to be a beginner explorer who's working hard to copy it.

There's also a curio store for explorers.

They're selling emergency goods like preserved food, sleeping bags, and bandages, there are also torches, monster-warding powder, flash balls, smoke balls, ropes, thin weed strings etc. Some unusual things include small metal plates, and mirrors.
I'm wondering what they're used for, but it seems the metal plates are clappers for warning, and the mirrors are for checking enemies positions from the back.
The items in this store are of good quality, but since they're more expensive than the ones in the private-owned stores, the only people who buy here are the wealthy noble-borne explorers, it seems.

Of course, there is also a pharmacy that sells medicines and magic potions suited for explorers.
And, I heard something that sounded like a quarrel from that pharmacy.

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