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Okami wa Nemuranai 11.1_2


"Hou. Idea huh. I may or may not have one."

"Umm. I've heard of this particular rumor."

"Do tell if you know something."

"That day. The day Eda-san came here to take a quest."


"I happened to overhear a talk about how Eda-san healed a wounded adventurer, Gyom-san. This is only my guess, but I believe time-wise it was right after Eda-san accepted the quest to Kogurus."

"Is this Gyom guy still in this town now?"

"No. He has gone on an excursion for a quest. And since he's going with his party, we have no one to ask for more detail. Gyom-san is a married man, as such his wife should be at home now, but even I won't specially visit his house just to ask about this matter."

"Anyone said something about how the wound was and how she healed him?"

"It was apparently a pretty deep wound, and it got fixed up in an instant. Some also said that she didn't do a preliminary chant even though the rank should have been higher than mid-level <Recovery (Kirim)>. But, every person who said that here only knew from hearsays, I don't know anyone who was personally at the scene."

"I see."

"On the 20th, Third Rank Priest Cassis made a visit to this Association bringing temple soldiers with him. He demanded us to immediately inform the temple when Eda-san returned, and that they'd charge us with crime if we hide her. He dropped by here every day thereafter."

"Why would he bring soldiers?"

"I'm not sure myself but it's probably so they can take Eda-san by force if she resists."

"Does that Cassis fellow know where Eda went and with whom?"

"I told him that we had information on her leaving the town as an escort of Zaikaz company's wagon on the 19th. He asked about her companions and date of return, but since the quest wasn't formally accepted through the association, we told him that we had no answer to that. However, we did receive an inquiry from Chaney Company regarding Lecan-san's whereabouts, thus we informed them that the three of you had gone to Kogurus for a quest. That is all I could tell you."

"Got it. Thanks for the information. I'm grateful for association covering for us as well."

"Would you accept the nominated service quest from the orphanage then?"

"...I'll give it some thought."

"And also, over there."

Lecan turned around and saw a familiar man standing by the door.

It's the man Chaney always sends to bring messages to Lecan. He's called Dans.

Dans's eyes met Lecan's then he opened the door and went outside.

"Later then."

Lecan followed after him.

"Please wait."

Lecan decided to ignore Aira who said something toward his back.

Dans turned right after walking 200 steps. So did Lecan.

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"My master is delighted to hear about your safe return."

"News sure travel fast. And how did you know that I was at the Association."

"We had planted our employee at the west gate since the day before yesterday. The employee for today found out about Lecan's arrival this morning at the west gate. We have dispatched another messenger to Shira-sama's house."

"Sounds like a lot of trouble. So what do you need."

"Eifun, or the man also known as Marakis has died. He was killed inside the jail in the lord's mansion."


"You don't look too surprised."

"Nah. I'm quite surprised at how incompetent the lord's subordinates are."

"Well well. And also, the branch manager of Zaikaz Company's Vouka branch, and the beast user man called Bito, two who were also held in the same jail had been killed as well."

"The lord must have lost his face completely."

"Exactly. All three assassinations were carried out on the 18th this month, or in other words, the night before Lecan-sama and his party departed the town."

Lecan suddenly recalled Zack Zaikaz's words.

<This man Eifun... It's a great shame that this has gotten to a point for such a man to have to die.>

As well as Dovor's.

<Vouka Branch Manager died because of you.>

<And we have also lost eight people, valuable forces due to your actions.>

The two knew about the death of Eifun and the branch manager. No, Dovor killed them. Dovor and Gido.

Lecan had goosebumps.

Dovor had executed his own father. It was probably Gido who carried it out in actuality, but it's practically the same. This is what Zack referred as <Settle things>.

<Eight valuable forces> must have meant Marakis, the four assailants, Busuz, Jiba, and Bito. The branch manager was probably not counted in <Forces>.

Taking Marakis out of the jail would have been far more difficult than just killing him after all, and with him missing his right hand, he must have been quite weakened, but still, to think he'd kill his own father.

That's probably the meaning of punishment if you fail your mission. Hence, Dovor detested Lecan for making Marakis fail.

Dans continued on as Lecan was horrified.

"And on the 19th, lord-sama's soldiers performed a search in Midosco-sama's mansion."

Midosco is a cousin of the lord's wife, a knight who was scheming to take over this town. The lord and Chaney had been racking their brains trying to eliminate Knight Midosco. And Apothecary Shira surely had offered them her assistance in some way.

"They found something that should have not been inside Midosco-sama's mansion, the lord immediately apprehended Midosco-sama and put him into a confinement. Then at his trial, many more evidence and witnesses came forward, and after it was clear that he had been plotting a rebellion, Midosco-sama was executed. That was on 24th, the day before yesterday."

"Hou, they finally did it huh. That's some quick execution though."

"It's because House of Avanklein would have intervened if it got dragged out."

Avanklein would be the family name of the lord's wife. Lecan has no idea which noble house and what kind of power does it have. Neither is he interested to find out.

"My master would love to talk to Lecan face to face regarding this master. However, it's not something that requires an urgent attendance. That will be for another matter."

"Hou. Let me hear it."

"Ceres Temple has decided to accept Eda-san into the temple. There is a possibility that she has received the blessing of god Ceres as I'm told."

"What's this blessing?"

"In short, they have deemed that she's a bearer of <Recovery>."

"Has Chaney Company's intelligence network caught a whiff of what caused that verdict?"

"There is this adventurer by the name Gyom. His wife found out that he had been cheating on her with multiple women and stabbed him. Apparently he was on his way to the Adventurer Association to borrow a red potion when he passed out. That was when Eda-san passed by him and healed his wound in no time. That was on the 18th."

"That man's a real piece of work."

"He's not known for good behavior indeed, but he's popular with women. He took an escort quest with his three companions and left the town the day after that. Many speculate he probably won't be back until his wife has calmed down."

"How did the temple know about Eda healing him."

"Gyom sold the information to the temple. He received some pocket money for it as it seems. And there were also several witnesses present. She healed someone who was bleeding profusely and on the verge of death in the blink of an eye and then went off like it was nothing. This quickly became a huge rumor. The day after that, the temple launched an investigation to confirm all facts."


"On the 20th, their priest brought temple soldiers with him to visit the inn of which Eda-san is a regular at, and the Adventurer Association. They've been visiting both places every day since. Ordering them to turn Eda-san in if she came. Even threatening to punish them if they try to hide her."

"What? Is the temple allowed to punish people without informing the town lord here?"

"It's customary in this country for the temples to judge crimes committed toward temples."

"I see. Shira's house didn't get roughed up. Did that priest fellow not come to her house?"

"We can't say about that either. However, it appears that the priest never visits the inn Lecan-sama regularly uses."

"Got it. Anything else?"

"That was all we could inform you at the the moment."

"Did you really plant an employee at the gate just to tell me this."

"Had Eda-san got back to the town without prior information, chances are it would breed trouble. My master considered that would be most unwelcoming to Lecan-sama and Nike-sama."

"Tell Chaney. Lecan said his thanks."

"I certainly shall."

"I've got some info for you myself."

"And what would that be?"

"A man by name of Dovor, temporary branch manager of Zack Company's Vouka branch that had just assumed office very recently was on board the wagon that departed Vouka on the 19th. Together with a coachman called Gido. These two were extremely adept in the art of assassinations."


"They died after the wagon arrived at Kogurus and the quest completed."


"Dovor was Marakis's son. No mistake about it."


"I met Zack Zaikaz at Kogurus."

"Did you now."

"The wagon was transporting something of value to Zack. Zack also said that there are still stores with connections to Zaikaz Company here in this town. Not just one but several."

"...Is that right."

"That's about it for now. I'll consult with Nike how to deal with the temple."

"Oh and also, Lecan-sama."

"What is it?"

"My master has something to talk about with Shira-sama. Would you happen to know where she is?"

"Won't tell you that."

"Pardon me. We'd be glad to have Lecan-sama visit master once you're free. If you would also please inform Shira-sama that master would like to meet her as well."

"Got it."

"Well then, if you'd excuse me."

"One last thing."


"Will the guards notify the temple if I, Nike and Eda pass through the West Gate?"

"That will never happen. The bad blood between the lord's soldiers and the temple's couldn't be any worse."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 303

Chapter 303 Deciphers Ancient Magic Language


"How is it? Do you think you can read it?"

"This is a language I'm not familiar with either... It's probably not a code but an unknown language."

I replied so to Grevil.
As someone who lived a long life in the past, I could speak all known 325 languages back then.
Yet the one in this documents is unlike any of those 325.

However... this doesn't appear to be a code.
Similar words are getting repeated all over these documents.

That's a characteristic of a normal language.
Words may also get repeated in a very low level code, but those demons would never use something so low leveled. Probably.

Well to me there's not much difference between an unknown language and a low level code.
Since both can be deciphered with magic.

"For now, let's decipher it."

I hang my hand over the documents.
Grevil looked surprised when he saw that.

"Could it be, Code Decipherer magic...? Can you use that with your mana?"

"Yea. The simple version that is."

Grevil's surprise is likely caused by his perceptions of the proper powerful decipherer magic.
I can't use that one with my mana indeed.
But... If the target is not a code, but merely an unknown language, then a simpler magic can be used to decipher it.

"Well, let's give it a try."

I cast the decipherer magic.
It's far more complex than the magic usually deployed in battle.. But the me now can use this magic without problem.

"Now then, which one is it similar with..."

You don't simply fully comprehend a code just by casting this magic.
It's a magic that compare and calculate the extracted syntax and common feature of a code with existing languages the user knows.

Since I know 325 languages, I've got a lot of data point to compare.
Then... It got a hit on a similar language.

"...A type of 『Sand Graph』 huh."

『『Sand Graph』 you say... Isn't that the language used by sand demons? ...I believe that didn't have a letter system though.』
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
Hearing my murmur, Grevil spoke to me through comm magic.

As Grevil said, the language that's most similar to the one used in these documents was a language used by sand demons.
However, letters do not exist in that language, [Sand Graph].

...No, to be more precise, letters for it did not exist then.
Since these documents are clearly written in the lettered form of [Sand Graph] pronunciations.

Characteristics of the grammar and syntax are exactly the same.
Which means...

『They must have developed letters after we died. I have no idea why present demons are using this language, but there's no doubt it's a major language among them.』

『I see... But Sand Language huh. That's such a minor language. Even I only knew of its existence.』

『Yeah. I'm surprised the language of those nearly extinct demons could survive to this day.』

There were several major demon languages back then.
But I never catch even a glimpse of any of those after reincarnating.
[Sand Graph] is probably the only surviving language for some reason.

I continue the deciphering.
Since there were several slight changes and new words added compared to the past [Sound Graph], I couldn't manage to decipher everything... But it's still quite a lot.
If the one in my past era is [Ancient Sand Graph] then the present one should be called [Modern Sand Graph].

"Done reading most of it."

Afterward, I transcribe what I've read to the paper we have at hand.
I left the unreadable part as pronunciations written in Common Continental language.
Since this language is a phonetic language, I can make out the pronunciations even if I don't know its meaning.

"You read them, in that time frame!?"

"It's an unknown language you know!? ...Is that decipherer magic really that amazing!?"

Ruli and Alma sounded surprised to hear me.

...Oh right, code decipherer magic through chant magic exists in this world for once.
It's a defective magic that can only be used to solve extremely simple letter-shifting codes and takes super long to cast.
Please don't compare that to a real magic.

"The magic looks for similar points and compares it to existing knowledge... Since this language is similar to an ancient demon language I know, reading it was a breeze."

"""""Ancient demon language!?"""""

"Why would you even know that sorta stuff!?"

Ruli and Alma... Not only them, Second Academy teachers who were present also jumped up.

"Y-you know how to read ancient demon languages!?"

"Please, share your knowledge with us!"

Second Academy teachers pressed me for more.
...Oh yeah, I didn't write a textbook for language study.
All the necessary content for magic teachings I wrote in the textbook is in Common Continental language... but if the teachers need it, I can also make them a linguistics textbook.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Elf and Half Elf


After finishing up sowing first seeds in the garden, I ask the two assistants I had.

"Since we're done with the garden sooner than expected, let's go take the baptism for Tino-chan this noon. Have you decided on which god you're requesting?"

"Un! I want the matching one with Nobu oniichan!!"

Well now, if that didn't make me happy. Even if I don't swing that way... whoa, not good, something got on me.
I'm fine with it personally, but is she really okay with no-goddess?

"Is that okay with you, Dilt-san?"

"Yes, not an insignificant number of us elves worship Levelitt-sama after all."

Apparently since elves have their longevity to boast, they have all the time in the world to polish their ability and growth. Hence choosing Levelitt opens up many possibilities, so she's comparatively popular. Yet she's apparently still not as popular as the other goddess though.

"Well then, once we're done with the baptism I'll introduce you to some kids your age I know. I'm sure you'd like to have friends near your age right. They're girls who work in an inn I stayed before, they're all good girls, I'm sure you'll get along with them."

Dilt-san looked worried for a bit but then she made her resolve for the sake of her daughter's future.

"I'd be lying if I said I'm not worried, but please if you would. Even though, as her mother, I don't want to see this child heartbroken, it's important to form connections if she were to live among people after all."

And so, it's an outing with Tino-chan.
She's put on a camouflage consisting of a hat and my handmade hooded poncho (cat eared) I've prepared beforehand. There's Tino-chan and Mitama ecstatic to see the cat eared hood. Then there's Futsuno-san who looks peeved somehow. I'll make a fox-eared one next time. Ah, Kagura-san, no I'm not gonna make a horned one. You can't put on horns unless you're a commander after all.

By the way, Kagura-san has stopped disguising herself and is now in her Onifolk form permanently. She's reported the matter to the guild as well. People were startled at first, but it should settle down in time. I'm gonna crush anyone persistently trying to pick a fight with her though!

"Million mani~♪ Million mani~♪ My purse is dramatic~♪"

We're holding hands together so she won't get lost. Tino-chan is bouncing around while humming a song. This girl is frolic, she must be thrilled to go out. But where did she hear that song anyway?
I walk trudgingly while showing her the stores around. Since I'm matching my steps with a child's, we're walking very slowly. I could let her board Hakumai, but she won't remember the area if she's not walking on her own feet, and thus it's turned into an outing of two people and one animal to introduce her to Boss-san and co. in case of emergency. For this occasion, Tama-chan has gotten on top of Tino-chan's head inside the hood. She'll contact me right away if anything happens.

"I have made my entrance!"

BANG!! I flung the door open and threw a thumb up. Infected by Tino-chan's high tension, I got too into it myself.

"Ou, that you Nobusada. What's... you, when did you make a child!?"

He ignored me just like that. No wait, hold it right there. The way you're saying it is like I made a robot or something.

"This girl is a daughter of our new employee at [Shut-in Lamia]. She might occasionally go out to run errands or something along the line. I was thinking, maybe she could run here and hunker down if anything were to happen."

"Oy oy, why would ya ask that to this old man."

I took her hood and hat to show Boss-san. He looked surprised to see her long ears, but he immediately got the message.

"And that's the circumstance. I think of Boss-san and the gang when I think of people I can trust."

"Humph, yer' like a magnet to trouble aren't ya. Geez, young lady, I'm Maurio. Nice to meetcha."

"My name is Tino. I'm currently staying at Nobu oniichan's place. Maurio ojichan, pleased to meet you."

Boss-san's scary face melted at Tino-chan blooming smile. The corners of your eyes are sloping down, y'know.

"Umu umu, come on right here if you're ever in trouble just like Nobusada told ya."

Boss-san gently patted her head with his rough hand. Alright, succeeded securing an ally.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Halt, this is Public Inspection!!"

"Weeeee, what's going on here Nobusada-san."

"Mind me not, just playing around as Shinsengumi."

Dumbfounded Bell with ??? above his head. Fumu, his complexions look good. Seems like he's been eating well. It's kinda like having a son who's gone to a big city.

"So you see. We're here today for this kid's baptism. C'mon help us out here, you look free anyway."

"Yes yes, leave it to me~ Huh? Is there something the matter young lady?"

Oho? Tino-san froze when she saw Bell.

"Nobu-oniichan. Is this person an elf too?"

Oh! I completely forgot about that since I had him pegged as a helpless kid, but this guy is actually a half-elf. Hohhohho, no no I'm going senile over here.

"Eh? Eh? 'This person, too'??"

She let down her hood and hat, then Bell was at a loss for words.

"Aa, aaaa, aaaaaaaa"

He's looking at Tino-chan while bawling his eyes out. Eventually he's turned into a sobbing mess clinging on her legs.
After 10 minutes, Bell seems to have calmed down and realized the situation he's in. He's earnestly apologizing with a red face, probably thinking that he's gone and done it.

"S-s-s-sorry. It was such a huge shock to me that I went and did something so unbecoming."

"It's okay, Tino doesn't mind either. Mom said that you'd feel better if you cry out when you're troubled."

Umu, Tino-chan ways of thinking are pretty grown up. Wonder if it's a fruit of Dilt-san's teachings.
Still, what's up with Bell-san. I never heard him talking about his upbringings though. Just thought that it'd be rude to ask him about the half thing too. I forgot all about that though.

"Thank you, you're far stronger than I am even though I'm older. I never know my mother's face since I'm an orphan you see. So when I saw Tino-san, a real elf, I overlapped the figure of my mother on you and ended with that..."

He's scrubbing his red eyes while speaking. Now that I think about it, Bell is a 14 year old. Yet he's thrust into a situation where he has to live alone without even knowing his parents, wonder if I could regard that as quite harsh.

Afterward, we listened to a bit of Bell's life story.
There was a half-elven baby abandoned in front of a Levelitt's temple in another town. That was Bell. (Since there was a letter found with him, [I beg of you, please give your guidances to this child. Forgive me for being a selfish mother], does that mean it's his mother that's an elf? Thus they guessed.)
The priest there took a pity on the abandoned baby and raised him as his own child. Fortunately, he has aptitudes as a priest class (I think it's thanks to his skills like Oracle and Divine Mingle), hence he underwent training as a priest instead of monk.
He was working in a suburb town near the capital, but from what I gathered from his story, people around him were apparently keeping their distance, so his foster parent appointed him to this town.
Living in an area predominantly filled with General Humans, there must have been many who outright showed him unpleasant looks for acting as a priest despite being a half elf. When even people who worship that no-goddess are this bad, wonder if it's even worse at other temples? Even while thinking, that's one hard life, I feel to heart the hardships he's gone through.

"Oh excuse me for the gloomy story. It's all right, I'm basking in joy right now, I can have meals every day I even forgot about those hard times."

Apparently, his situation was such that he was forced to learn water magic and acquired knowledge on plants and animals to get by. (Thanks to his senior apprentices harassment, he would often go on a day without food and stuff), since he couldn't trouble the priest he's indebted to any further, he learned water magic from books and gathered fruits and mushrooms between training, which turned into knowledge about plants and animals before he knew it... Wait, he's got more than enough talent. No wonder those senior apprentices were jealous of him. Not defending them though.

"I can even save up now thanks to Nobusada-san's jam sales and treatment center. I can never thank you enough. Oh right, please don't worry about paying for the baptism. I've got to show my appreciation..."

I poked his forehead. Bell was a bit teary eyed as he held his forehead. Kukuku, this is exactly why I can't leave him alone. He's like an age-apart little brother or nephew.

"No need to play favorite with me. As the maker, I also got my shares from the jam sales. Don't worry 'bout it."


"Frankly, you're already repaying your debt so long as you keep your mission to spread Levelitt, and do god charity work in the form of treatment center. I'm not doing anything as a believer after all. Just pretend that my support has made it easier for you, got it?"

He reluctantly ceded after I told him that. I mean, we're forgetting our objective here.

"Well, in any case, please proceed with this kid's baptism. She's a daughter of an elf who's started working at our store. You'd probably see her again from time to time, be nice to her okay."

"Please call me Tino. It's nice to meet you, Bell-chan."

"B-Bell-chan!? I'm a man you know. L-look here, I even amassed a bit of muscles lately!"

He flexed his arms to show off. Un, it's so soft and fluffy. But Tama-chan ain't gonna lose to you, ha ha ha. Speaking of muscles, I've gotten much stronger compared to the time I first got to this world thanks to the rapid level up I experienced. Specifically, I'm strong enough to easily crush an apple with one hand now.

"I'm sorry for thinking you were a girl."

"Oh please don't worry, I've gotten used to it since people often mistook me as one, sob. Well then, please step before the goddess's statue. And then please kneel down and close your eyes."

Tino-chan stood before the goddess statue as told. Then she took a praying pose.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 10.12_13_14_15_16


They crossed two mountains before arriving at Golbul.

Along the way, Lecan was made into a test subject in Eda's learning the basics of <Recovery> under Nike's guidance.

Eda kept casting <Recovery> over and over as if she had an inexhaustible supply of mana. You get better at magic the more you use it. Since normally getting your dried up mana refilled takes time, the progression speed is not fast. In that regard, you can say that Eda is a bearer of a monstrous talent.

By the time they got to Golbul, Lecan's wounds have completely disappeared without a trace. And he's feeling abnormally fit. Probably thanks to Eda.

"Eda-chan. Lecan will pay all expense for our rooms in this inn."

"Is that true, Lecan?"


He can't exactly refuse here.

He's still got money from when he explored the dungeon last time. Lodging fees for <White Pavilion> are a really cheap price to pay for having his life saved and the curse and wounds inflicted on him completely cured.

"If it isn't Lecan-sama. Welcome to our humble abode."

"Manager. We'll be in your care again. Get me the room from last time, and rooms for two women near mine. I'm paying for everything."

"It's our pleasure to."

They had a meal in Lecan's room.

Nike guzzled down expensive wines one after another.

Lecan was drinking liquor.

Speaking of, Eda does not drink alcohol. He's never seen her drink. Apparently she tried taking a lick on wine a bit before and found it taste appalling.


Lecan woke up in the middle of the night.

He desires to go to the dungeon.

Strongly so.

He left <White Pavilion> and headed toward the dungeon.

Passing through a guard who was letting out a big yawn.

"Oy. Ain't that <Overlord in Black> just now?"

"Ah, yer' probably right."

"Aren't we supposed to contact captain if <Overlord> is headed to the dungeon or something."

"D'ya know where captain is drinking tonight?"

"I got one in mind, but it's a bit far."

"Let's just go to his lodging room and wake him up to report on this once our shift is over in the morning."

"Sounds good. Let's do that. Overlord is prob gonna prowl the depths anyway, he's not gonna be out for days."

Lecan proceeded inside.

Then he cast a spell.

"<Floor (Sijmel)>"

Floors that have been carved with <Marks> are displayed in his mind. He picked the last floor on the list, floor 26.

"<Warp (Palp)>"

A moment later, Lecan was on floor 26.

Apparently even humans who don't have mana can use this Floor Warp magic. It's an extremely weird little fact, but then again, dungeons themselves are lumps of mystery.

Relying on <Life Detection> and Map, he descended the floors while avoiding contact with enemy.

There was an explorer party on floor 27, but he carried on without getting in contact with them either.

And then, Lecan arrived at the bottommost floor.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Lecan stepped inside the lowest floor without <Guardian Jewel of Zana> equipped.

The last battle ended in a tie.


He barely managed a tie and it was only after he received the protections of Guardian Jewel, so for all intent and purpose, it was his loss.

He's not saying that protections granted by accessories are not part of one's strength.

If he were, he would have to forgo fighting with swords and armor.

Getting stronger includes getting better equipment.

However, strength that fully relies on equipment is not true strength.

If one were to lose sight of that, they would be misled by accessories with convenient protections, heading toward a path of self-weakening.

Adding accessories' protections to your own properly honed strength is what makes strength.

This time Lecan will defeat that formidable foe with his own strength.

It's absolutely imperative for him to defeat this enemy that way.

'The me right now can do it', felt Lecan.

He advanced toward the central part of the floor.

The boss really is in the central part.

Lecan approaches the <Great Ogre (Ulgang)> without stopping.

It's sleeping like last time.

Shooting maximum powered <Flame Spear> at it will likely kill it. Or at least deals a fatal damage. But he hasn't come this far only to resort to such a cheap trick.

When he got 20 steps away from the ogre, Lecan spoke out.

"Get up."

The Great Ogre stood up.

The same as last time. An overwhelming intense force gets unleashed toward Lecan.

A shiver down his spine.

The real fight begins now.

Looking closer, it may be the same Great Ogre kind, but its appearance differs slightly from the last one, it's got a slightly slimmer profile and its fur is more yellow colored. But the intensity of its force remains the same.

The Great Ogre isn't moving.

Neither is Lecan.

Both understand that they're already in each other range by the time they're half a step away.

(The fight back then became a drawn out one because I didn't have an attack to decisively end it.)

(But this time.)

The Great Ogre raised both its arms up, putting strength into its fingers. Its ten fingernails emitted dim lights. It has activated a skill. Right now the sharpness of those fingernails rivals that of Sacred Solid Silver swords.

The Great Ogre rushed off without any signal, and perceiving that, so did Lecan. No, perhaps they rushed off at the same time.

Lecan is focusing at a single point on the Great Ogre's throat.

This sensation wasn't present last time.

His body is telling him where to make a thrust.

An instant later, the two crossed paths, with Lecan's sword pierced through the Great Ogre's throat.

It's just as he thought.

<Puncture> skill greatly increases his attack power and accuracy whenever he launches a thrust.

This is the decisive finishing strike for Lecan.

And it's been proven in this rematch against Great Ogre.

In a fight between two individuals of equal skills and strength, the deciding factor is a superlative finisher. As a swordsman, magic is nothing more than a support to Lecan no matter how powerful it is. This is the moment where Lecan obtained that deciding factor.

A treasure chest spawned as the Great Ogre vanished.

He opened it.

There's a dagger inside.


It's <Dagger of Harut>.

Its effect is Curse Annulment.

Most curse won't have any effect on you if you have this dagger equipped.

In case you still get afflicted by a curse however, the dagger will suck the curse out of you if you use it to wound yourself.

"Wish I had this on our way there."


"Good morning."

"Aa, morning. Is Lecan awake already?"

"I have been entrusted with a letter from Lecan-sama."


"What's wrong ssuka? What's in the letter ssuka?"



"Lecan has gone back ahead to Vouka."


"Looks like he paid for our rooms already."

"Ah, then all's good ssu."

"Go enjoy your shopping before getting back, he said."

"Come at me ssu."


"Hee? What is this about?"

"Lecan-sama has conquered the dungeon for a second time."


"Lecan-sama came back before dawn this morning and quickly took his leave. Right afterward, magic beasts inside the dungeon disappeared, causing a commotion over the second conquer of the dungeon."


"And this is nothing more than a prediction of mine."

"What is?"

"I believe that town lord-sama's envoy will soon arrive here."

"We've got nothing to do with Lecan. Can you leave it at that."

"With all due respect, that would prove most difficult."

"Why's that?"

"As Nike-sama and Eda-sama were also present in the reception party sponsored by lord-sama the other day."

"Oh right."

Nike tore up the letter and threw it away

"That little."

"What? What? What's happening here?"



"For now, let's go grab some food."

"Yes. Agreed ssu."


Lecan kept running while chugging Stamina Recovery medicine Shira made.

He arrived right as the town gate opened.

This early in the morning, even Adventurer Association isn't open yet.

He got back to Shira's house, greeted Jericho, had a light meal he took from <Storage> and made his way to Adventurer Association.

The association is full of busy adventurers competing for good job. Yet as Lecan walked toward the receptionist desk, those adventurers receded opening him a path, as if they were scared of Lecan.

"Ah, Lecan-san. Welcome back."

"Aira. I owe you one for that time during our departure. You have my thanks."

"Please don't mention it. It was a huge blunder on our part to let that happen inside the association as well."

"We completed the quest and got the promised rewards for all three."

"I'm glad to hear that. Could I have a moment of your time."

Aira took Lecan behind a cover and said this.

"The temple is looking for Eda-chan. And the way they're going at it is not normal. It's as if they're exhausting every possible means to track her down. Do you have any idea as to what may have caused it?"

[Episode 10 Zaikaz Company] End/ Next [Episode 11 Ceres Temple]

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 302

Chapter 302 Strongest Sage, Gathers Info


Codes huh...
I do know few magic for deciphering codes.

But it can take too long to decipher a code depending on its level of complexity.
I also know a magic that can decipher any kind of code in an instant in exchange for an enormous amount of mana consumed, but unfortunately it's not usable to the me right now.

"...Guess I can only hope the codes are simple."

"I have full confidence in Mathias-san being able to decipher it."

"I can't say for sure before taking a look at them... Could you gather the documents in one place for now?"

Number of samples are the most important thing in deciphering codes.
The more samples there are, the easier it is to find a common point and to try out all kinds of angles.

"Yes. I had the same idea so I've arranged them to be gathered... I believe there have been about 10 pieces delivered already."

He sure can get the job done.

"Where are you putting them?"

"Here... In the basement of Second Academy. This building is presently the safest place in the capital after all."

Grevil threw out his chest.
Indeed, this academy makes the top of the safest place in capital list.

I mean, students who have been training in proper chantless magic are walking around all over this place.
Though I'm not sure which comes out first if compared to the royal castle... but there's no doubt the academy is well suited for safe keeping of secret documents.

"Second Academy students and the knights are working together to collect the documents. They departed quite awhile ago, so it shouldn't be too long now until they get back."

"Got it... But is it really okay to let students do the document gathering work...?"

Students' duty is to study and practice.
I'm not sure if getting them to collect documents is the right thing to do here.

"Many students in Second Academy aspire to apply at the knights after all. Many of those which wish to have an internship at the knights."

"Un. My family also told me to give my all experiencing how knights are like when I was departing for Second Academy."

"Me too I've heard about that! ...In my case, it was about how you could undergo many unusual experience and even got money for it, so the competition was tough..."

I see.
Never knew that Second Academy had that system.

To think knight internship would be popular... I had no idea about that at all.
...My father Castor is supposedly an old guard of Second Academy though.

"...I got it. No problem then."

These royal academies are not the same as ordinary [schools] indeed.
They even put the biggest priority in combat-related magic and all... I guess it's like some sort of military academy.

Well, I'm thankful if the academy is helping.
The knights are gradually training in and getting better at chantless magic themselves... But Second Academy students are just more adept at it.
With their adeptness in magic, transporting the documents should take less time than normal.

"As such Mathias-san, please wait a bit more."

"Got it. I'll wait."

It's not my place to intervene if they're already on the move transporting documents.
My soul still hasn't made a complete recovery from reviving Gaias anyway, might as well take it easy till the documents are here.

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Two days after my return to the capital.

"And this one is the last of today's shares!"

"A section of documents from distant territories is scheduled to arrive the day after tomorrow... We're at 70% for the time being!"

Documents are getting delivered into a conference below Second Academy's building.
There are 52 piece of documents that have been delivered in total.
Apparently the remaining 30% will be delivered later... Let's work on deciphering what we have first.

20 pieces of those are normally readable without issue...

...There's nothing of note in documents written in the continental common language.

"Un. It's all obsolete info..."

"They do have locations of those demons written down... But those demons have all died off anyway."

The language we're using is known as Continental Common Language.
Since it's also commonly used in Raginia Federation, I've never been conscious of it as a language in particular.

Information from documents written in this common language were all useless trivia.
Stuff like intimidations between demons like 『** is my hideout, piss off』, to 『Kill Mathias Hildesheimr, he's an eyesore』, to, 『X Day Y Month, a wagon carrying a large amount of cash will be on the move. It's our chance to get our hands on the currency humans use.』, in short, all simple messages.
Demons from these messages are no longer of this world, so they're all pointless.

Which means...

"These ones are our problem huh."

I look at documents written in an unknown language.

There are 32 pieces of documents remaining.
It's in a language I'm not familiar with either... All these 32 pieces of documents seem to be written in this one language.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Interlude 6

Interlude 6 Mandora-san


The mansion has a needlessly spacious yard. Since it'd be a waste otherwise, I've decided to build a medicinal plants garden in the great majority of the available space.
Nobusada-san is diligently collecting humus in the mountains. With a scoop in one hand, I shoveled on and on into Dimensional Storage, heave-ho, heave-ho. By the by, no one is lending me a hand. Today is a rest day, so everyone is sleeping around and drinking around, drinking around, and drinking around. I'm not lonely not at all nuh uh.

I'm also using the occasion to gather mountain products. I stuffed my bag full of edible summer plants like Udo and Gingers.  There's so many ingredients that's so Japan, truly.

And for the calcium, I got shellfish's shells from Kumahat-san, then I used magic to wash away the salt, turned it into powder and dried it out.

Now then, since we've got all the fertilizers we need and all, it's time for the soil reclamation.

First, I make use of Stone Walls to remove all the stones and stuff inside the soil. Then I recycle the walls as an enclosure for the field. Afterward, I use Earth Walls to stir the soil up and down, over and over again. I mix in compost and stuff, then I mix it, and mix it again and again. Right now, I have fully transformed into human tractor. After getting used to it, I was able to easily designate range and target area, so I eventually succeeded reclaiming the yard in one go.

But really, land reclamation with magic is so quick, it's nice. I could have never been this quick even with a tractor.

OK then, now that the soil is nice and fluffy, time to put up ridges and sow seeds. I plan to grow the main ingredient of potions, Hira Grass. Since it can be used to even make Hi-potions, there's no disadvantage in having as much as we can. And also several types of herbs to be mixed with diluted Tama Soup (Temp). Still in development, but it's almost practically a finished product, so I'm gonna preemptively plant all the necessary ingredients ahead of time.

And lastly, I'm also gonna grow four mysterious seeds of completely unknown nature. Sefi-san gave these to me when I was asking her permission to make this medicinal plants garden.


"Sefi-san, I see the empty yard over yonder is covered in weed, are you not using it for anything?"

"Over yonder? Aah, you mean that."

Yup, turned out there was no particular reason for the neglect. It was solely because Sefi-san and her tendency to shut herself at home could never muster up the motivation and thus she just left the yard alone.

"Then, do you mind if I reclaim and turn it into a field? We can skip going far if we can get all the herbs we need from the garden."

"Oh my my, you can do that too Nobu-chan? I would love you to if you could."

Then we two consulted together, and just when we decided to mainly grow Hira Grass, Sefi-san looked like he recalled something and went on to look for something in a cupboard. Eventually, "There it is", she brought back something inside a dirty bag.

"I got these seeds from a wandering peddler a lo~ong time ago. Could you grow them too, pretty please."

"Fumumu, I can't promise you the result but I'm gonna give it a try."

"Thankies, *smooch*."

Thanks for the treat.

~Reminiscence End~

Looking at those seeds with Discerning-sensei gives me this.

Seeds of Mystery
Quality: Mystery - Enclosed Mana: Mystery
Mysterious seeds of unknown origin and nature. Seed you be beseed yourself with these seedy seeds?

Their colors and shapes look exactly like Sei*maru (TLN: No idea, help). Let's grow them in the specially reserved corner so I won't mix them up.

~~ A week later ~~

They may be medical herbs, but they're still relative of weed after all. These plants are growing wildly, harvest time should come soon. By the way, I've left the care of this garden to the elven mother and daughter. Their great care bring on incredible results, we're gonna have an abundant harvest. Being forest dwellers, they might have green hands on them.

Hira Grass
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 30/30
Hira Grass grown vibrantly by absorbing dense concentration of mana. Ingredient for Potions and Hi-Potions.

The problem is those seeds. Just what kind of things have sprout up you ask. Here you go.

Mandragora (Sweet)
HP: 3/3 - MP: 89/89
Plant monster that takes the shape of human. Let out a shriek when pulled out, those who hear it will pass out, and in the worst case, instantly die. Ingredient for aphrodisiac, vitality drug and nutrient, but it needs a special handling otherwise the toxin will remain hence dangerous.

Mandragora (Salty)
HP: 4/4 - MP: 77/77
Plant monster that takes the shape of human~.

Mandragora (Small Mouth)
HP: 1/1 - MP: 105/105
Plant monster~.

HP: 30/30 - MP: 201/201
Mutant variant of plant monster that takes the shape of human. Let out a shriek when pulled out, those who hear it will pass out, go mad, and in the worst case, instantly die. Ingredient for aphrodisiac, vitality drug, nutrient, muscle-relaxant drug and anesthetic, but it needs a special handling otherwise the toxin will remain hence incredibly dangerous.

Hold it right there. Especially the last one!
What the heck kind of dangerous plants are growing here. Or rather, they're not even plants, they're monsters. Fortunately, we don't have neighbors around this mansion, so it shouldn't be too bad even if these things let out screams, but just how do I even pull these out...

After pondering for a while, I've decided to equip myself with earplugs and pull them out myself. I can't let other do it. I can only sincerely hope that my Instant Death resistance will activate when the going gets tough.






Tettere~♪ Resistance: Faint was liberated.

Tettere~♪ Resistance: Instant Death leveled up.

Whoa dang, they got instant death out in full force! It's ringing in my head despite the earplugs!? Man those were pretty mind breaking unpleasant shrieks. I don't really get what the third one is all about though.
And lastly, the mutant variant. Just how'd this one go I wonder. I steel myself, tightly grasp the root's leaf and pull it out strongly.


Hm? What about the shriek?

The root turned around as if it was turning its face toward me and then our eyes met.
(-_-)← It's looking at me like so.

"Yo, young'un. I know Imma vegetation and all, but I dunno 'bout pulling me out without even givin' me a chance to refuse ya'no?"


Nobusada silently buried it back.

Then the Mandagora that should have been buried suddenly trembled, then it skillfully used both its arms (?) to crawl out of the soil.

"Oy, oy, young'un. What's the big idea with burying someone(?) when he's still talkin' huh? I ain't gonna keep silent on that one ya'no??"

What is this?
He's at most seven days old, yet there's this sense of dignity and refinement drifting about this fresh product...
And Mandora-san (Temp) really wouldn't keep silent.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Listen here, young'un. Didja know just how bad of a thing it is to uproot us out of mother earth, huuh?"

Mandora-san is admonishing me in a super deep voice.
For some reason, I got on seiza on the spot when I heard him.

"I-I'm sorry."

"Nah, I ain't mad at ya. So 'bout this uprooting us business, what'd happen to ya if ya got yer' neck plucked out?"

"...I'll die."

"It's akin to death....!!"

Mandora-san's trembled. I kind of feel like I could see vein-like thing on his body.
The impact is such that it almost feels like I could see 『DUN DUN DUN DUN』 SFX behind him.

---30 Minutes Later--

Afterward, Mandora-san's sermon (?) continued on. For some reasons, it turned into 『Go Go, Mandora-san Jaunty Trip』 halfway through, I wanted to hear more about that though.

Mandora-san's body which had been dynamically moving about while swaying around as he narrated his story suddenly halted.

"Looks like mine time's up. Young'un, I got one last request for ya. Mind if ya have a listen?"


There's no way I could refuse a request from everybody's hero, Mandora-san. Huh? Am I getting corrupted??

He skilfully groped about the root of his leaf, grabbed something and then he showed me several seeds in his palm (root?).

"These chaps are mine seeds ya see. Make 'em bud will ya?"

Thus nodded Nobusada. I'm tearing up for some reason. Is this man's tear. Such though crossed my mind.

"Sorry' bout this. Imma teach you young'un something good. 30 minutes after mine rigor mortis is the time to turn mine body into medicine for best effects. Drill that through yer' skull... Ah, seems mine escort's here fer' me."


Do plants even experience rigor mortis?! While enduring the temptation to quip that, I read the mood and shoved it away.

"Keep yer' tears, young'un. Parting comes as a set with meeting. That's just living. Imma go this time, but you young'un still got a long way ahead of ya. Yer' probably gonna got many more meeting and parting. Imma always watchin' young'un's way of life behind grass."


"Well then. Adios!!"

Mandora-san fell down like a puppet cut from its strings.

It was less than one hour short, but it was an extremely dense one hour.
Good bye Mandora-san. I'll never forget your gallant figure. You're the man.

~~ Another week later ~~

It's nearing harvesting time for the three seeds Mandora-san gave me. I planned my return from dungeon on this day.

I'm plucking them alone again to prevent any other victim.

Mandragora (Taste of Man Bound by Bitterness)
HP: 10/10 - MP: 89/89
Plant monster that takes the shape of human. Let out a shriek when pulled out, those who hear it will pass out, and in the worst case, instantly die. Ingredient for aphrodisiac, vitality drug and nutrient, but it needs a special handling otherwise the toxin will remain hence dangerous.

Mandragora (Taste of Twilight Years Tired of Savoring Sourness and Sweetness)
HP: 9/9 - MP: 108/108
Plant monster that takes the shape of human~.

There's too many things I can quip, but other than that these look to be normal mandragoras. Let's pluck 'em out real quick.

"OHYOUFLATTERME. AAA----------------"


These are all huh... So far so good. So far that is.

Mandoragorua (Second Generation)
HP: 40/40 - MP: 256/256
Mutant variant of plant monster that takes the shape of human. Let out a shriek when pulled out, those who hear it will have their SAN point obliterated, then they shall pass out, go mad, piss themselves and in the worst case, instantly die. Ingredient for aphrodisiac, vitality drug, nutrient, muscle-relaxant drug, anesthetic, hair-growth formula, and hair-growth agent but it needs a special handling otherwise the toxin will remain hence incredibly dangerous.

Second generation! And there's more, lots of things more!! There's too many things to quip, or rather there's nothing but things to quip so I'm just gonna stop thinking about it. Amen!!!


"Yo. Yer' again huh, young'un. But dang, ya never learn do ya. Been tellin' ya, you ain't pullin' without asking..."

He even succeeded the memory!!!

After some sermon time, we found out that he wouldn't die if he were provided with mana, so we exchanged contracts and he became my tamed monster through Differing Soul Telepathy. His name is 『Wakamoto-san』.

It's nice to meet you?

Name: Wakamoto-san - Gender: Man among Men - Race: Mandoragorua
Class: Mandoragorua Lv2 - State: Healthy (Has Mana Provision from Nobusada)
Title: 【Refined】 - Bond: Soulmate
HP: 40/40 - MP: 256/256

Plant Control Lv1 - Roar Lv1 - Water Magic Lv1 - Earth Magic Lv1

【Unique Skills】
Seed Bombardment Lv1

Title bestowed to those who have the taste capable of empathy despite gloomy-looking exterior. Improve favorability to those who understand taste.

【Seed Bombardment】
Shoot out mana-compressed seeds. Burst open on impact causing small explosions. The scope and power scale up with level.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 10.10_11


He opened his eyes at the sound of crackling fire.

A campfire.

A forest.

It's bright even though it should be night.

Multiple <Lamplights> are floating about.

There are humans. Two of them.

It's Nike and Eda.

"You came to? Lecan! You're awake?"

It's Eda.

What a noisy woman.

That noisy woman is clinging to him while bawling out.

"Thank goodness. Really what a relief. You were about to die and I, I."

"Quiet down."

"Just what on earth happened. You don't lose to anyone ever right? You're stronger than anyone right? And you're also hateful, and impudent."

"You're heavy. Get off me."

"Always acting so aloof, unwavering no matter what's going down."

"Don't use my neck to wipe your snot, you."

"Trampling down any enemy coming your way, no matter who they are."

"I rarely ever do that."

"Puffing out your chest proudly no matter how painful it is, you refuse to change your way."


"I. I've always envied you."

"I'm telling you, get off me."

"I wanted to be a strong adventurer just like you. And then, even I."


"And then, even I'll live my life without getting mocked by anyone, without getting pushed around by anybody."

"...I see."

"And besides, you're kind."

"I'm cold to you though."

"There's thoughtfulness within that outward coldness. You won't do unfair or unjust things."

"That's a misunderstanding."

"You never look at me with obscene eyes."


"You're a man among men. You're how an ideal adventurer is like. So I thought, even I could probably change if I stay where you are."


"I'm so glad you're alive. So so glad."

Eda clung tighter on Lecan's neck.

He could feel her wiping her tears.

The situation he was in was very uncomfortable, but even Lecan wouldn't forcefully tear Eda away here.


It's Nike's voice.

"You've really got to thank Eda-chan this time."


"You got done in by a Curse-laden Graced item and were on your deathbed."

"Curse...  You said?"

That's weird.

Lecan had the silver ring equipped. The ring has been enchanted with <Abnormal Status Resistance>, <Posion Resistance>, and <Curse Resistance>. It should be hard for curses to affect him.

"It's Curse Resistance Purger and Poison Resistance Purger curses, y'see. Along with a coat of venom. <Five-headed Serpent (Gavanurin)> venom. It's an awfully rare deadly venom that costs a fortune to get."

"I see."

The <Curse Resistance> on Lecan's ring was incapable of resisting that <Curse Resistance Purger> then. When objects of opposing forces clash, the more powerful one will win. It's only natural.

"The Graced dagger is attached with a thread of <Spotted Spider (Hadrin)> to a black instrument. What a repulsive weapon. Mastering it must have been pretty tough though."

"Hold it. Eda saved me who was afflicted by a curse?"

"Yup. She kept desperately casting <Recovery (Kirim)> over and over on you."

"You told me that <Recovery> won't lift curse off though."

"Yup. Ordinary <Recovery> cannot undo a curse. But there is one case when it does."

Lecan felt like not listening to what was coming. But he knew he couldn't just shirk this out.

"In what case."

"In case the user has a talent in <Purification (Fira)>. When such a user frantically cast <Recovery> on a patient afflicted by a curse, the effect of <Purification> will be added to their <Recovery>. It's really rare though."

Nike should be able to use <Purification> herself, but she would perish if she did.

Which means, Lecan would have died were Eda not here and her latent talent didn't awaken.

"Oh and the venom too. I made you drank a green potion I had, but Eda-chan's <Recovery> was probably more effective toward the venom. She's really such a wonderful girl."

Green potions are antidote. But Eda's <Recovery> had a bigger hand in this case. <Recovery> is effective on symptoms caused by poison, but it has no power to erase the poison itself. It's thanks to <Purification>.

"Lecan. Even an adventurer of your caliber will die when they're killed. Graced Goods can have some strange effects on them, you can never let your guard down against one."

"I'll take it to heart."

"Why did you fight assassins in a grove of trees."

"...Right. I should have lured them out to a more open space."

"Since you seem to have a high precision detection ability, and quick on your feet, you must be good at melee in a cramped space, no?"


"That confidence will be your undoing."

"Nike-san. Isn't that enough. Lecan is reflecting on it already ssu."

"Since Eda-chan told me so, I guess I'll let you off tonight."

"I owe you one ssu."

"I'm starving over here. Why don't we get some grub."

"Oh that's nice ssu."

Lecan thought about the necessity to freely wield <Flame Spear> with his left hand while his mind was still a bit vacant. Thinking again, there's no merit in being able to use both swords and magic if he can only shoot powerful <Flame Spear> from his right hand.

He also needs equipment to resist curse. He's got to obtain one ASAP.

Equipping <Guardian Jewel of Zana> will give him <Curse Annulment> effect. Considering the jewel's power, it's most definitely highly effective. However, Lecan intends to temper himself in daily life without relying on the jewel. Hence, he desires for another equipment to resist curse.

In the world Lecan came from, curses were something that take time and effort to cast, and in most cases, he would notice it before getting afflicted by one. The effect was not that dreadful either. At the very least, the curses that Lecan knew were like so.

As such, he wasn't too eager in pursuing equipment to resist curses. In fact, the silver ring was the only equipment intended to deal with such he had before he got here.

However, it seems these stuff are a bit different in this world.

Curses with instant effect exist aplenty, and the effects themselves are dramatic.

But he would have never imagined that <Curse Resistance Purger> curse even existed.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Lecan only lost consciousness for a short while.

Nike and Eda immediately rushed to him right after the battle ended, and his treatment didn't take too long either.

His cheeks and the inside of his mouth really hurt for eating. Putting his hand on his cheek, he found a huge scar left on it. But it should have been torn off worse, with his shaved bone on display, yet the wound isn't that serious now.

"It's all thanks to Eda-chan, you see. She carefully and gently healed your cheek over and over again."

"I see, Eda. Thank you."


"You should regularly heal him over the course of the entire day tomorrow. The scar will most likely disappear completely. It'll be a good practice for Eda-chan too."


"I suppose Eda-chan is already better than Lecan at <Recovery>."

"Ehehehehe. Ah, right. Please hear me out, you two."

"What is it, Eda-chan."

"I've been thinking, it'd be nice if this party got a name."

"Ah, that's a nice idea."

"What do you even need name for."

"You can use party's name instead of individual's for accepting quests. It's handy in all sort of ways."


"So, Eda-chan. Have thought up a good name for our party?"

"What do you think about this."

Eda carefully took a small bag out of her chest pocket. And from inside a bag, came out small small pebbles.

"Those are, <Rainbow Stones (Wyllard)>."

"They're <Rainbow Stones of Happiness> ssu."


"Meaning Wyll <Stones (Ard)>."

"I get the stone part. But what is Wyll?"

"It's that seven colored rays of light phenomenon you see in the sky after a rain."

"Ah, I see. Rainbow (Wyll). <Rainbow Stone (Wyllard) huh. I got it."

"The white milk stone and the red, and green crystals can be bought on store. You've got red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, a nice set here. With white, it'll be seven colors. Hmm. They're quite unusual, these stones."

"They're <Rainbow Stones of Happiness> ssu."

"Just what are those?"

"Good things happen if you carry these stones with you."

"Did someone give you those?"

"Dad gave it to mom, then mom gave it to me ssu."

"So did your father, mother and you find happiness?"

"We did. Dad got to marry mom. Mom gave birth to me. Then I got to meet Lecan and Shira and Nike."

That may seem like three, but it's actually only two persons, thought Lecan but he said not out loud.

"I see now. These stones sure have a good history behind them. Sure then, I don't see a problem. From now on, <Wyllard> is our party's name."

"Yeay! Yaay ssu."


"Un? What is it, Lecan."

"How old are you?"

"Eh? I'm fourteen."

"Eeeeh? Are you telling the truth, Eda-chan."

"I am ssuyo."

"I thought you looked 15 at most, but it was 14 huh."

"Wait a minute. You can't get Adventurer Badge issued if you're 14, can you?"

Nobles are considered an adult at 14, commoners at 15.

"Ah, I told Adventurer Association I'm 15 ssu."

"Dearie me."

"Your father has passed away already, hasn't he?"


"Is your mother still among the quick?"

"The quick?"

"Is she alive?"

"No. Mom died, then that idiot son of village elder tried to force his way on me, so I walloped him real hard and left the village."

"You took the quest to escort Chaney's wagon with me, didn't you."


"How many quests have you taken by that point?"

"That was my first quest!"

Why are you throwing out your chest.

Lecan felt a bit of headache.

"Humm. Eda-chan's stones might very well be stones that bring good fortune for real."

This ignorant 14 year old young girl with no power, no knowledge, no support who left her village by herself has managed to gain an ever increasing footing as a competent adventurer without getting tricked or meeting with a disastrous end along the way. She got a magic tool <Bow of Isya> and a magic mentor. What can you call that beside good luck.

"So you think so too ssuka! It must be true then!"

"You must have absolutely no clue what it means."

"That's okay! It's because I'm lucky that I'm happy now."

"That's right. That's what important."


"My head hurts. Gonna sleep."

"Ah, Lemme cast <Recovery> on you before you go to sleep."


Lecan thought while sleeping.

What was that attack about really in the end.

Zack made Dovor present in the same room while he had a meeting with Lecan.

In order to inform Dovor about Lecan being his father's nemesis.

As a result, he assaulted Lecan together with Gido.

Did Zack let Dovor in that room to instigate the attack.

Or perhaps, Zack wanted Dovor to have the resolve even after knowing that Lecan was his father's nemesis, otherwise he wouldn't make it in the future.

Lecan doesn't get it.

He doesn't have enough lead to draw a conclusion.

What's clear is that there is no more obstacle for Zack to hire Lecan now.

Zack Zaikaz does not make decisions based on likes and dislikes but purely on loss and gain. No matter what kind of history there is between him and Lecan, Zack would pay Lecan fittingly so long as Lecan could prove useful to him.

Or perhaps, he found Dovor to be too much to handle after the death of Marakis and used Lecan to get rid of him.

In any case, it's an exceedingly heartless approach.

But as an adventurer, a heartless client isn't all that bad. As conversely, even though passionate clients may be fine if you have a good relationship with them, they would turn to be extremely troublesome when you don't. While heartless people will keep their promise regardless of the change in situation and relationship. As it's a relationship bound purely by promise.

He's got a strong inclination toward Zack Zaikaz to begin with. The man has a strong emotional attachment toward prospering his lands and fortune. Humans with strong emotional attachment will occasionally take actions that go beyond reason at time.

It's not that Lecan likes Zack. He probably won't ever accept a quest from Zack either. However, he's understood Zack enough that he probably wouldn't mind taking one or two quests from him depending on rewards and as long as it doesn't directly harm Chaney. At that point, Zack will probably pay reimbursement fee for Dovor's attack this time.

That he managed to make Lecan understand that is a sign of victory for Zack in this chance meeting.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 301

Chapter 301 Strongest Sage, Looks for Lead


"Ah Mathias-san and his party. Welcome."

"Yeah. We just got back."

Then we went inside Grevil's room.
...There's a lot more stuff inside Grevil's room.

The majority is related to teaching materials.
Looks like he's been busy as an educator.

"I also saw Gene... That light. I assume it must be the shockwave from the destruction of [Broken Star]?"

"Yeah. Something like that... What effect did that light have?"

"There is no problem at all, nothing to worry in that regard... Actually thanks to the procurement of a massive amount of materials for free, the town is in a slight festive mood right now."

Festive mood huh.
Come to think of it, there was a lot of clatter in the town on our way here.
That was because of monster materials huh.

100 kilometer radius is a decent size after all.

"...They don't know the cause right?"

"Of course, the cause remains a mystery... Some people are suspecting that it has something to do with Mathias, but since they have absolutely no basis at all, you can rest easy."

"Are they doubting me?"

"Rather than doubting... It's more like they'd just automatically assume Mathias-san is behind it whenever something magically unexplainable occurred. And since that fits the bill this time..."

I see.
Blaming me whenever something weird happened is pretty harsh.
I mean the one who did it was a long gone mage, Gaias, not me.

"What caused problems is the lights that followed."
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"...The lights that followed?"

"It's those lights that poured down towns all over the world after the demise of monsters. It caused a huge uproar due to the dead of many."

The light following monsters' demise...?
Ah, he means [Eyes of Heaven] huh.
I made that magic to only hit demons though... Don't tell me someone got caught in it?

"What kind of people died?"

"Well... The casualties were all demons that were disguising as humans. Everyone is in uproar once they realized that demons had slipped in all over the places."

So only demons died after all.
We'd beat any demon we came across to... But we've only been to an extremely small percentage of towns that are in this world.

There must have been many demons that were still lurking in towns all over the world then.
Guess things are in chaos cause they were purged all at once.

...I said all and all, but demons above middle rank are still around.

"None of the ordinary populace fell victim then?"

"Yes. I haven't received any report of anyone other than demon dying... Truly a mysterious light that was."

Grevil muttered with a completely flat look on his face.
Naturally, he would know about [Eyes of Heaven].

"Have you gathered any lead from the dead demons?"

[Eyes of Heaven] abruptly fell down and deprived demons of their life without giving them any chance to even process it.
In other words, they had no time to hide information.

"Lead... You mean like from documents and stuff?"

"Yeah. We might be able to figure out their movements if we found some sort of documents."

Demons are fundamentally a race that doesn't keep documents... But they do and have used paper to transmit information in some occasions.
To communicate between places too far away to do with magic, to send a huge amount of data, and to impart something that absolutely needs be passed down for when they die... Those such cases.
The last case in particular usually has the stuff encrypted with code, so you can't read it just like that.

"We have received a few bundles of documents... But they're in a language I don't know. And none of First and Second Academy teachers could decipher it either."

Language Grevil doesn't know huh...

As a member of royalty, Grevil received a very high level of education in language even by previous era standard.
There were around 30 kinds of languages in the era I lived back then.

The languages in this era are covered by Second Academy's teachers.
Royal Magic Academies are top class educational institutions even in linguistics.
Which means...

"It's been encoded huh?"

"That might be the case."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 10.9


Eda was bemoaning about wanting to stay at Kogurus town for several days.

She's in an unfamiliar town after having just been paid a handsome sum. Understandably, her instincts as a girl is urging her to look and shop around.

However, Lecan wanted to quickly end the bothersome thing.

Even if the enemy most likely won't rough up their own town, assassins are just the kind who would do the unexpected. Fighting back would be hard if they got attacked in the middle of a town like here.

"Okay then, let's go our separate ways. I'll leave this town by myself."

"Let's do that. That's a good idea. You're with me right, Nike-san."

"That won't do at all."


"Eda-chan, you want to go shopping around in this town right?"

"That and food ssuyo. I wanna eat tasty stuff ssu."

"The food at Golbul inn was really good, wasn't it."

"It was the best ssu!"

"Why don't we do the shopping and eating at Golbul then."

"That's nice ssu. But staying at that inn and paying for real seem like it'd be super expensive ssu."

"I'll cough up my own if you don't have enough."

"You sure? But unn. I didn't catch a sight of nice dresses when we passed through Golbul then."

"That's because that town is not a place where girls would want to dress up. But then, you can't expect much from this town either. It's located in a backwater after all."

"Eh? Is that true?"

"I believe Vouka actually has much more fashionable clothings even. And Eda-chan, have you ever taken a peek inside high-class clothing stores in Vouka?"

"I haven't ssu."

"Then you should use your money at Vouka."

"I gotcha ssu."

Thus, Lecan's party departed Kogurus even though it was already near evening hour. They got hit with an egregious amount of tax at the town's gate for leaving.

Lecan's party moved at a quick pace and arrived at the mountain.

When they reached a comparatively open space, Lecan halted.

"Alright. I'll set up a camp here. You two go on ahead."

"Eeeh? Why would ya do that. We're gonna camp here too then."

"You can't, Eda-chan."

"What is it that I can't?"

"We have to go on ahead."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"But why?"

"I'll keep you company with your magic practices."

"Let's go ssu."

"Alright then, first, let's start from <Lamplight (Parm)>. Light one, 20 steps ahead of you and another two steps ahead, move them matching with our walking speed. Have a go now."

"I gotcha ssu."

Eda walked off happily while practicing Lamplight.

Nike left a word before departing herself.

"Do yer' best."


Lecan swiftly gathered firewood and ignited it with magic.

Just as he sat down on a fallen tree and hovered his hands over the campfire, two red dots displayed on <Life Detection> began moving closer toward Lecan.

The silver ring on Lecan's left middle finger gleamed dully. He's been having it on often lately.

Lecan's ears couldn't pick up any suspicious sound at all. It's very unusual for him to be unable to detect things at this distance. These two must be extremely extraordinary assassins. Or perhaps they posses some kind of skills that allow them to erase their presences.

When they got 30 steps away, Lecan could finally hear their footsteps and rustling leaves if he just concentrated. But even that would have been inaudible had it been windier.

His opponents took their time to get close to him. They're very good at picking the timing to close in.

And just when they were 20 steps away, they stood still there. The other red dot took a roundabout way heading toward the opposite side.

"Marakis was your father huh?"

Lecan's question got sucked into the depth of darkness. Just when Lecan started thinking that they would not reply back, Dovor's face suddenly surfaced up on the darkness.

"I have never thought of that man as my father."

"Yet here you are for revenge."

"I suppose you can call this a revenge. However this is not for Marakis's sake. Zaikaz Company had spent many years, great labor and money to build our foundation at Vouka town. You broke that foundation down into pieces. I must settle the scores with you to make things right."

"I have no grudge nor debt toward Zaikaz Company. Neither did I do anything to break foundation or something."

"Vouka Branch Manager died because of you."

"Isn't that guy in custody, under an investigation right now?"

"And we have also lost eight people, valuable forces due to your actions."

"Eight people?"

"Even if I was only a temporary branch manager for a short time, I cannot just let you off without proper recourse."

"Did Zack order you?"

"No. This is my own volition."

"<Flame Spear (Bandroux)>!"

After confirming that the other opponent was rushing straight to Lecan from right behind him, Lecan unleashed <Flame Spear> from his loosely hanging right palm toward his back.

Then he abruptly turned his right hand to draw his sword and attacked Dovor in front of him.

However, Dovor turned around and disappeared into the grove of trees. Lecan was about to give chase and jump into the grove when something came flying toward his head.

He reflexively dodged but the object changed its trajectory, homing to him. Lecan twisted his head with his beastly reflexes, but that weapon managed to graze his forehead.

Lecan who had greatly leaped back was getting attacked from behind this time.

The assailant behind Lecan had managed to dodge his <Flame Spear> and survived.

Lecan twisted his body to dodge the dagger that was flying from behind him. The move wouldn't have been possible if not for <3D Perception> informing him of his opponent's movements.

A weapon flew at him from the front.

At this point, Lecan had roughly found out the identity of this weapon thanks to <3D Perception>.

Dovor is controlling something that looks like a thin thread. There's a sharp weight-like object attached to the tip of this thread.

The changing trajectory earlier was done by him bending the thread on the tree grove. In other words, they had already anticipated which one Lecan would try to deal first.

Lecan daringly closed in the distance to the enemy ahead of him. A knife came flying from behind, but he kept advancing on without dodging.

Lecan's action apparently slightly took Dovor by surprise, he got slightly delayed at throwing his weapon. That slight delay was fatal from the point of view of someone as skilled as Lecan. The knife hit Lecan's back dead-on, but his overcoat made from <Overking Bear> fur did not allow it to pass.

Lecan dodged the weapon coming from ahead and slashed at the thread.

But he couldn't cut it off. It was a terribly durable thread.

However, Dovor lost control of his weapon for an instant. Lecan closed the distance between him and Dovor in that instant and swung his drawn sword down.

Suddenly his whole body felt numb.


The silver ring Lecan wears on his left hand is enchanted with <Abnormal Status Resistance>, <Posion Resistance>, and <Curse Resistance>. How could he feel numb with this ring on.

Was the poison smeared on Dovor's weapon more powerful than the resistance granted by his ring. Or perhaps there was something more than poison to it.

Of course Dovor wouldn't let his chance go. He drew his dagger and thrust it toward Lecan's face. Aiming at his face instead of his overcoat was a sound judgment.

Moving his numbed face away was the biggest defense Lecan could muster up at that point. His cheekbone caught the dagger, averting the blade away.

His attempt was partly successful.

The dagger Dovor thrust didn't manage to stab Lecan right in the face.

In exchange, a large portion of meat on Lecan's cheek has been gouged out, his cheekbone shaved down.

This  dagger must have been coated with poison as well. If his silver ring had truly been annulled, then Lecan would soon lose his ability to move at all.

Dovor jumped into Lecan's bosom. As if they were lovers embracing each other.

"<Flame Spear>!"

Lecan shot <Flame Spear> out of his left palm. The magic flame opened a huge hole on Dovor's chest before disappearing into the forest.

The enemy behind him swiftly approached. With a thin sword-like object in hand.


Lecan swung his sword greatly as he turned around. Lecan has a big stature and long arms. As such, the reach of his sword is abnormally huge compared to ordinary humans. The rushing opponent crouched down in an attempt to dodge the sword, but Lecan changed the trajectory of his sword by knocking his own body down.

The opponent behind him got split in two on the chest, dying instantly.

It was Gido.

The old man who served as the wagon's coachman on their way here.

Lecan had surmised that the old man would be skilled in the art of assassination, but never would have thought to this degree.

His body is burning hot.

He tried to to fetch potions, but his body wouldn't listen to him.

He cannot afford to faint now.

Someone is coming closer.


It's Nike and Eda.

Lecan lost consciousness.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 10.8


The emptied teacups were taken away and replaced with new cups with the tea refill. Piles of cake put on a huge plate was placed in front of Lecan. Lecan moved that plate before Eda. Eda swiftly took a piece, but then it looked as if she was brooding over something.

(This girl. She must be thinking about taking this cake back.)

"Zack Zaikaz."

"What is it, Lecan."

"Can we take this cake home."

"Hou? No, we'll prepare the share for you to take with. Don't worry and eat that."

"Sorry for the trouble."

Zack sipped the hot tea, leaned his body on the sofa and shut his eyes.

Eda made a revering stance toward Lecan before gleefully reached her hands toward the cake.

"Zaikaz House of old was the lord of Kogurus."


"Were you not aware then. You must hail from a distant land. Somewhere awfully far and away."


"But a certain man betrayed the lord, deceived him, killed all members of his family and snatched the lord's position. The king gave his approval since the man went about it cleverly."

"I see."

"The lord had several concubines. One of them was sent back to her parental mercantile home, she secretly gave birth to a boy."


"That was my grandfather."


"My grandfather had a talent in the art of dealings. He opened his own shop, grew it, and built his powers."

"And then."

"Grandfather reached the point of exerting complete control over Kogurus Town's economy. He eventually succeeded making that usurper's household fall into a trap, slaughtered them all and regained his rightful property and authority."

Perhaps that usurper also had a reason to exact revenge on Zaikaz household himself, thought Lecan, but he kept that to himself.

"However, it proved difficult for the king to change the lord once again. Further, grandfather had too many restrictions in all sort of ways imposed on him to seize the lordship."

"Those things happen."

"Hence, grandfather revived Zaikaz house and made my father the family head, then he voluntarily put his company under Zaikaz House patronage. He instated someone from a house related to the usurper as the lord and sent his trusted retainers to be the lord's aides."

"That's quite an undertaking."

"It was. It was a gigantic undertaking. Grandfather managed to accomplish that in one generation."

"Glad for you."

"House of Zaikaz do business like it's no business."


"To Zaikaz House, business is war."

"I think there's many companies with the same idea though."

"Zaikaz House do business without getting caught up in classic business ethics and practices."

"You're saying you don't mind dipping in crimes?"

"Long before Zaka Kingdom was founded, town rulers would go to war with each others, competing for domains to take over."


"Now that we are under one country, one cannot make their enemy yield, rule over them and seize lands through sheer force. This is an age where you fight with material and money."

Lecan understood what Zack was trying to say.

<Business> to Zack is not a contest between stores. It's a struggle between individuals over power and fortune. Where they bite into each other's territories, where the loser has to yield to the rules of the winner. They use force in the unseen parts. It's exactly what makes war war.

Since it's a war that decides on one's survival, naturally spies and assassins would be involved. He would lie and break promises. He'll go on the offense when his enemy shows any sign of weakness and deploy strong individuals. Zack does not think of any of that as a bad thing, not in the slightest.

"Fumu. I get your thinking. But I don't see why you would go out of your way and use your time to tell me your story."

"My enemy employed an unknown mighty adventurer whose capability exceeded that of which I prepared. I wish to employ that adventurer in the next fight. For that reason, I wanted to make it known to him, the fact that I bear no grudge nor hatred whatsoever."

Lecan was completely taken by surprise by his word. But he couldn't detect a lie.

Suppose it costs one coin to employ one force, 100 forces will mean 100 coins.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
In contrast to his enemy who has gone with five forces, he's spent extra to employ 100 forces.

Yet, despite having prepared many tens times the enemy's forces, he came out as the loser.

All because of a foreign element who had slipped in.

As such, he intends to employ that foreign element this time.

That's what Zack is telling him.


"Good to hear that. I had been wanting to talk to you face to face. However, I could not come up with a way to summon you here. Having you taking on Dovor's escort job was truly a windfall for me. I had a hunch already, but you really are a staunch adventurer. A man who weighs his loss and gain."

Lecan understood Zack's line of thinking. But there's an obstacle to Zack hiring Lecan. It's Dovor. Dovor most definitely doesn't think well of Lecan. Lecan himself can't possibly work in peace at a place where Dovor is. Zack must have perceived that. Thus the reason he make Dovor participate here. This is absolutely not a coincidence.

Lecan decided to go for a push.

"Does a man by name of Marakis, have a son."

Marakis was the real name of Eifun, a former coachman of Chaney Company. He's a criminal with the nickname <Coldblooded>, and even though he supposedly had been executed, he somehow survived and snuck in Chaney's Company to leak information.

Dovor's and the butler's faces tightened up. Zack's eyes opened wide ever so slightly, but that was the extent of emotion he showed on the surface.

"That's a name that takes me back. Why would you, someone who came from a faraway country, know that name."

"That's what the person in question called himself."

"Is that so. However, I can assure you that you must have misheard it. Or perhaps, he had the same name by coincidence. The Marakis I know was a faithful right hand of mine. His loyalty was of such zeal that he carelessly laid a finger on those who attempted to harm me. I had no mean to cover for him as there were too many witnesses. These eyes of mine personally saw to that man's execution."

Of course, it's a lie. Not sure what trick he used, but Zack had made sure Marakis escape alive, and sent him to Chaney as Eifun.

"He even got the alias <Coldblooded>. His carelessness must have known no bound."

Zack did not reply to what Lecan said this time.

A weird sense of strain is adrift in the room. In the meanwhile, Eda flipped over the emptied plate and gathered the cake scraps in her hand.

"You haven't answered my question. Does Marakis have a son."

"...He might have."

So Dovor truly is Marakis's son then. Perhaps he agreed to look after Marakis's son to reciprocate Marakis's loyalty, or perhaps Dovor was a hostage to Marakis who had snuck into an enemy's lair. Considering the disposition of this man called Zack, both are most likely mutual shackles. It doesn't really matter.

What can't be taken lightly is the glances Dovor is pouring at Lecan.

This is no trivial matter.

Zack talked to Nike.

"I would have never imagined that <Nike the Comet Cutter> was this young."

"Is that so."

"I heard you're Apothecary Shira's granddaughter, is that true."

"I guess so."

"I have offered Apothecary Shira business opportunity many times over, but I could never get a positive reply from her."

"Apparently so."

"There may come times when we will need your assistance with work. I hope for your cooperation then."

"We'll see about it when that time comes."

Afterward, the talk died down.

"Thanks for treating us with tea and cake. We're leaving."

Lecan stood up, so did Zack.

"Surely we'd meet again."

"Beats me."

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