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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 301

Chapter 301 Strongest Sage, Looks for Lead


"Ah Mathias-san and his party. Welcome."

"Yeah. We just got back."

Then we went inside Grevil's room.
...There's a lot more stuff inside Grevil's room.

The majority is related to teaching materials.
Looks like he's been busy as an educator.

"I also saw Gene... That light. I assume it must be the shockwave from the destruction of [Broken Star]?"

"Yeah. Something like that... What effect did that light have?"

"There is no problem at all, nothing to worry in that regard... Actually thanks to the procurement of a massive amount of materials for free, the town is in a slight festive mood right now."

Festive mood huh.
Come to think of it, there was a lot of clatter in the town on our way here.
That was because of monster materials huh.

100 kilometer radius is a decent size after all.

"...They don't know the cause right?"

"Of course, the cause remains a mystery... Some people are suspecting that it has something to do with Mathias, but since they have absolutely no basis at all, you can rest easy."

"Are they doubting me?"

"Rather than doubting... It's more like they'd just automatically assume Mathias-san is behind it whenever something magically unexplainable occurred. And since that fits the bill this time..."

I see.
Blaming me whenever something weird happened is pretty harsh.
I mean the one who did it was a long gone mage, Gaias, not me.

"What caused problems is the lights that followed."
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"...The lights that followed?"

"It's those lights that poured down towns all over the world after the demise of monsters. It caused a huge uproar due to the dead of many."

The light following monsters' demise...?
Ah, he means [Eyes of Heaven] huh.
I made that magic to only hit demons though... Don't tell me someone got caught in it?

"What kind of people died?"

"Well... The casualties were all demons that were disguising as humans. Everyone is in uproar once they realized that demons had slipped in all over the places."

So only demons died after all.
We'd beat any demon we came across to... But we've only been to an extremely small percentage of towns that are in this world.

There must have been many demons that were still lurking in towns all over the world then.
Guess things are in chaos cause they were purged all at once.

...I said all and all, but demons above middle rank are still around.

"None of the ordinary populace fell victim then?"

"Yes. I haven't received any report of anyone other than demon dying... Truly a mysterious light that was."

Grevil muttered with a completely flat look on his face.
Naturally, he would know about [Eyes of Heaven].

"Have you gathered any lead from the dead demons?"

[Eyes of Heaven] abruptly fell down and deprived demons of their life without giving them any chance to even process it.
In other words, they had no time to hide information.

"Lead... You mean like from documents and stuff?"

"Yeah. We might be able to figure out their movements if we found some sort of documents."

Demons are fundamentally a race that doesn't keep documents... But they do and have used paper to transmit information in some occasions.
To communicate between places too far away to do with magic, to send a huge amount of data, and to impart something that absolutely needs be passed down for when they die... Those such cases.
The last case in particular usually has the stuff encrypted with code, so you can't read it just like that.

"We have received a few bundles of documents... But they're in a language I don't know. And none of First and Second Academy teachers could decipher it either."

Language Grevil doesn't know huh...

As a member of royalty, Grevil received a very high level of education in language even by previous era standard.
There were around 30 kinds of languages in the era I lived back then.

The languages in this era are covered by Second Academy's teachers.
Royal Magic Academies are top class educational institutions even in linguistics.
Which means...

"It's been encoded huh?"

"That might be the case."

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