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Okami wa Nemuranai 10.4


They arrived at Golbul on the second day.

"Head to <White Pavilion>."

"Got it."

Dovor looked slightly bewildered when Lecan didn't ask for its location.

Of course Lecan knows <White Pavilion>. It's the highest class inn in this Dungeon City, the place where Lecan stayed when he was here.

"O-oy. It's the <Overlord in Black>."

"Y-you're right. Overlord-sama has graced us with his presence once again."

"So that's a Dungeon Conqueror. That's one hella expression and crazy body he got."

There were people who pointed at and gossiped about Lecan on the way, but none dared to approach nor talk to him.


Lecan nodded as a reply to the doorkeeper and led the way into <White Pavilion>. He then observed Dovor walking toward the receptionist while scanning the surroundings vigilantly. Nozz follows behind him. Nike and Eda are watching the wagons together with Ritz and Numes outside. Gido is on the coachman's seat.

"Welcome to our humble abode, Dovor-sama."

The one who's doing the greeting is the manager of <White Pavilion>, Lecan knows the man.

"We'll be staying here. Put me in the same room as Gido our coachman. We'll be carrying our luggage in, so please prepare a spacious and safe room."

"With pleasure."

"My subordinates will bring in our luggage, please tell where the room is to the ones near our wagons outside."

"With pleasure."

"There will be three of my personal bodyguards. Put them in a room close to mine."

"With pleasure."

"We'll be eating dinner inside our own rooms. We'll depart by dawn tomorrow. Prepare takeout for two."

"With pleasure."

"There are three temporary escorts. They will consult to you about their rooms and meals themselves."

"With pleasure."
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"These temporary escorts will pay for their own expense."

"With pleasure."

After concluding that there was no more additional order, the manager called his employee.

"Jumu. Lead Dovor-sama to his room."

"Yes. Dovor-sama, if you would please."

Dovor stopped in front of Lecan.

"Lecan-san. You're dismissed of your escort duty until we depart. We're leaving by dawn tomorrow."

"Got it."

"However, you must not stay at any other place than this inn."

"Got it."

"Would be nice if the room met your standard, wouldn't it."

After saying that, Dovor headed toward his room while faintly sneering and walking like some nobleman would.

This inn is expensive.

It's hopelessly out of reach for adventurers who do escort jobs just to put food on the table. Perhaps, Dovor is expecting Lecan and co. to come crying to him and ask to cover their expense.

Once Dovor left, Lecan turned toward the manager.

"Welcome to our humble abode, Lecan-sama."

"Manager, I'll be in your care."

"It would be our honor to."

The manager put his right hand on his chest and bowed deeply to Lecan.

Lecan was perplexed for an instant at this treatment. But thinking again, of course the fact that Lecan is a Golbul Dungeon Conqueror must be known to him. Those who cannot get hold of such little information can't possibly run a high-class inn in a dungeon city.

"I'll take the same room as before. My companions, Nike and Eda are both women. Rooms near mine would be good."

"Our pleasure. But if I might be so bold."


"A certain gentleman would like to provide rooms for Lecan-sama and his companions as a celebration for the first Conqueror of Golbul Dungeon, would that be satisfactory to you?"

"Hou. Sure."

"Thank you very much. Please excuse me, but all expense is to be a token of congratulations from that gentleman."

"Got it. You have my thanks."

"I'm unworthy of such words."

Afterward, the manager nonchalantly spoke about how Zaikaz Company was a top customer of <White Pavilion> and that they had a contract for several years of lodgings for cheaper. By becoming a regular customer of this high-class inn, they intend to show off the nobles around here of their level.

Lecan couldn't get a good sleep this night. Doug the commander of Security Guards came over. As well as the lord's eldest son, knight Tomaj Douga and his two aides. Tomaj incessantly invited Lecan to the lord's mansion, but Lecan declined since he was still on the job. In that case, allow me to entertain you at <White Pavilion>'s dining room, offered Tomaj.

As they had some drink together, Lecan found that Tomaj was not a bad person. He's someone quite hearty and tolerant, very much a good-natured man. Despite his headlong impulsive personality, he might be a good lord if he were blessed with good aides.

Looking from his angle, Golbul isn't that bad of a town as Chaney had told him. However, Chaney has his own position and perspective to look from. From his point of view, this town is terrible. Chaney must have experienced enough to form that opinion, and that will persist in the future.

However, it's not the case for Lecan.

Lecan has no reason to hold the same sense of value as Chaney. The face this town shows to Lecan differs from that's shown to Chaney.

That said though, Lecan has no intention to stay long in this town. Comfort-wise, Vouka Town is still far better.

In the end, Lecan's inn expense was paid by the lord as a show of hospitality. The dungeon went into hibernation for seven days after he defeated the dungeon master, but the news about an advent of a conqueror has prompted many skilled adventurers to come over to this city, as such it's currently enjoying an unprecedented boon.

Eda went to bed early. Nike also went back to her room after having enough. Lecan was made to accompany the guests till late at night.

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