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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 299

Chapter 299 Strongest Sage, Ranks Up


The receptionist turns over the document once again.
Then she starts murmuring.

"Err... Demons are Disaster class aren't they?"

"Yeah. The branch head and receptionist who were here back then said so too."

"Right? I'm sorry, I haven't had much experience in jobs involving Disaster class monsters..."

Then the receptionist turns over the document.

...She must be a newbie.
Thanks to sending all the competent veteran staff to the busy temporary purchasing counters... They've left the newbie here to house sit huh.
While I was thinking that the receptionist suddenly raised her voice.

"C-could it be... You're going to get promoted straight to Rank A!?"

"Probably yeah... Isn't that how it's written on the reference?"

"Y...Yes. And the fact that Mathias-san has defeated many demons is well known to everybody after all..."

The receptionist showed me the [Rank Up Prerequisite Table].

Rank Up Prerequisite Table
To Rank E - Completes 50 Rank F Quests
To Rank D - Completes 200 Rank E Quests
To Rank C - Completes 500 Rank D Quests
To Rank B - Completes 2000 Rank C Quests, or participate in a Disaster class monster subjugation and play an active role in it
To Rank A - Participate in a Disaster class monster subjugation and play a leading role in it

We've cleared the prerequisites for rank D and C with these quests.
Rank B should be cleared as well since we had defeated many demons back when we were at Second Academy.
Rank A should be cleared since we had defeated demons independently.

"It's gotta be Rank A no matter how you look at it! Congratulations!"

The receptionist opened the guild's drawer while shouting that.
She took out something written with [High Rank Promotions].

"Err... It will take eight hours to prepare your cards, is that fine with you?"
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Eight hours huh.
That's quite a long wait.
I'd like to get back to the capital quick and report to Grevil about [Broken Star].

"That long?"

"Yes... Rank A cards are complex, even creating one takes time. And since we need to make four cards, it will take around eight hours..."

The receptionist opened a rectangular box at the guild's back.
Looks like there's a magic tool inside that box.
There must be many procedures in the making of these high-ranking cards to prevent forgeries and stuff.

Guess I'll just ask the capital's guild to make the cards.
Not like we're in a hurry anyway.

The receptionist shouted in surprise while I was thinking.

"Ah! These cards... They've got Mathias-san and his party's names on them! There's ones for Ruli-san, Iris-san and Alma-san too!"


"Yes! ...And there's a memo! Looks like the branch head-san and the others had anticipated Mathias-san's party rank up and made these in advance!"

...I see.
The branch head and co. had preemptively issued these cards under the assumption that we would clear those quests we took.
We really ought to thank that branch head.

"Which means... Congratulations for the rank up! It's the fastest record of rank A promotion you know!"

The receptionist handed over four guild cards to us.
On top of being gilded... These rank A cards are adorned with fine engravings and ornaments.
Big difference from our old student IDs we had been using in place of guild cards.

"These cards are extravagant indeed..."

"Rank A means becoming adventurers that represent their country... It also has to be foolproof against forgeries, so of course it's gotta be extravagant!  Normally it takes 20 years to get to this point just so you know!"

20 years huh...
If you started out when you're 18, you'd be 38 by then.

Even forgetting the numbers of quests needed, the time it takes to clear the Disaster class condition could very well be that long.

"I feel like many Second Academy students will reach that point."

Right now those students are getting lectured on chantless magic.
They must be getting better each day with the efforts of Second Academy instructors.

Which means subjugating a Disaster class monster with a group of few should be doable to them before long.

"You're exactly right! Several of the higher ranked ones among Second Academy students are already at Rank C... They're breaking the guild records left and right with Mathias-san leading the pack!"

Figured as much.
...This country can't hold their own against demons if they can't do that much at least.

Years later down the line, there may come an era where graduates of Second Academy getting to Rank B and A.
And in the meanwhile, chantless magic should begin spreading among common adventurers.
Would be nice if that's the case.

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