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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 295

Chapter 295 Strongest Sage, Returns


"The monsters suddenly died out all at once, Mathi-kun did you do something!?"

"Just what happened here!?"

The two seems OK.
It might be a good idea to use this chance and tell them about the past me... but I feel like it'd stir some kind of trouble, so I better not for now.

Since the previous me got the same name as the magic god Gaias revered in this era, I can't just carelessly talk about the past.
I also really don't like how that magic god Gaias even looks outwardly similar to the past me.
There was no god with that name when I was living in the past.
Would love if they didn't use someone's name without permission.

If I utter something like, [I was Gaias in my past life], today, it's not out of question if people erroneously consider it as me trying to claim as a god reborn.
Worse comes to worst, I might end up making countries or churches as enemies.
...Which means, let's pretend it's something else.

『Iris, match with what I'm saying.』

『I got it!』

I speak after asking Iris to match her story with mine.

"I just revived a long gone mage, and asked for his cooperation to expel [Broken Star] off this planet."

"Long gone, mage...?"

"Yeah. He's a fairly strong, long gone mage. My power alone couldn't have possibly removed that heavy [Broken Star] off this planet, you see."

By the way, [Broken Star] being heavy is true story.
Even the [Broken Star Flake] I used earlier was as heavy as a huge lump of iron despite being smaller than the end tip of my little finger.
[Broken Star] is probably far heavier than any object that exists on this planet.

"Reviving, a mage...?"

"How'd you even revive a long dead mage!? ...Wouldn't you need his corpse or bone to do that!?"

"There was this my, err... something like an ancestor who was reasonably strong, you see. I managed to revive him through a keepsake item."

Not ancestor, but the previous me to be exact.
Well, it's not that far off.

"Mathi-kun's ancestor..."

"Did you come from some incredible lineage!? ...I mean even Mathi-kun's big brother is famous for being an amazing mage..."

"No uh... We're just an ordinary family with an ordinary lineage. We just got this, you know, a mage ancestor."

My brother Reich is indeed strong for a mage of this era, but that's because of his training in chantless magic.
He does have talent, but not extremely so.

...Biffgel is not ordinary, and I mean that not in the good way.

"Unn... Is it really?"

"It won't surprise me even if Mathi-kun's ancestor is Magic God Gaias-sama or something though, I mean it's Mathi-kun..."

"It sure does!"

I look at Iris's face when I heard that.
It was indeed Gaias who got resurrected... But not the magic god one, it was the human Gaias.
Unfortunately, he's not the same person.

"We hail from humans you know. No god was in our family tree... I mean, we wouldn't be stuck as a small noble if we were related to god."

"...Now that you mention it, that does make sense!"

"Can a god even leave a descendant...?"

I look at the tunnel we took to get here while talking.
We used a magic freight car on our way here, but...

"By the way, how's that magic freight car?"

"Ah, sorry. I think it was broken once monsters began flooding in the tunnel..."

"Figured... Well, nothing we can do if it's broken. We parked it there fully knowing it could be broken after all."

I walked in the tunnel.
Looks like we gotta get back to Adventurer City Haigis the foot way.
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A while latter.
We arrived at Adventurer City Haigis safely.

"That was so far..."

"But it went by so quickly with the magic freight car... Magic freight cars sure are fast!"

"Yeah... That magic freight car had been custom tuned for speed in particular."

The railway track was there for a reason after all, the tunnel was just very long.
I think it's around 50 kilometer long.
I'm amazed those guys managed to dig out a tunnel that long.

I head toward the guild while thinking that.

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