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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 297

Chapter 297 Strongest Sage, Hears Rumor of Impostor


"Okay then. We'll do the transaction here then. The subjugation proof parts we have have some damage on them though... Is that fine?"

"Yes! ...Rather, we won't count monsters defeated without wounds for subjugation quests! Picking apart monsters died by that light is simple, so it's gonna be found out immediately!"

I see.
Looks like we can't complete the quests by bringing monsters defeated by 『Genesis』.

"Ah, by the way, we won't tell you how we identify them. Some people would try to tamper with it if we did."

"Yeah. We don't mind that... There's quite a lot. Are you sure we can take it out here?"

I show her the quest tags.
Here's what written there.

Type: General Quest
Quest Rank: E
Required Rank: E
Reward: 100 elmi
Quest Spot: Senisye Plain
Subject: Subjugation of one Rank E monster
Client: Adventurer Guild
Remark: Multiple Acceptance is Allowed

Type: General Quest
Quest Rank: D
Required Rank: E
Reward: 200 elmi
Quest Spot: Senisye Plain
Subject: Subjugation of one Rank D monster
Client: Adventurer Guild
Remark: Multiple Acceptance is Allowed

These are quests especially issued by the guild's branch head.
The rewards are low relative to the ranks, but there's no limit to number of subjugations and monster types.

I'd need to complete 200 Rank E quests and 500 Rank D quests to get to rank A.
These are the quests specifically made for that.

"Err... What is with these quests...?"

The receptionist turns over some documents on her hand.
And then... She spoke in surprise.

"Ah! ...Are you perhaps Mathias-san from Second Academy!?"
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Looks like this guild has left notes about these quests.
There's a proper information sharing being done here.

"Err... The comment from branch head says you would most likely bring down 200 rank E monsters and 500 rank D monsters... Have you really defeated that many?"

"We did... Bringing the Proof Parts of those subjugations proved challenging though."

I took a proof part from Storage magic.
We collected these on our way back... it was a pure mundane work.

Cause there's just so many of them.
It doesn't matter how much capacity Storage magic has, cramming 700 monsters inside it is not a good idea.

Besides, my maximum mana will be decreased equivalent to the amount stored inside Storage magic.
When it get to 700 pieces, even the proof parts alone took a stupid amount of size.

Hence, I did my best to fetch and compact the subjugation proof parts before putting them inside Storage magic.
It might have taken more time than actually defeating those monsters even.

"Err... Don't tell me, you've brought all the 700 proof parts with you?"

"I did. Otherwise, how would we complete the quests?"

"T-that might be true... Is it with Storage magic thing?"

The receptionist timidly asked me.
Oh right, I haven't popularized Storage magic at Second Academy.

You need a bit of knack to learn these space magic types.
On top of that, putting too much into the magic decreases your maximum mana, impeding growth and combat, so it's not a good magic for beginners to learn.
That's the reason why I haven't taught it to them.

"Yeah. Storage magic indeed."

"Ooh... It's the real Mathias-san...!"

The receptionist is looking at me with curious eyes.

"Real huh... That almost sounds like there's a fake one or something."

"Eh, there are though?"

The receptionist replied back like it was obvious.
...First I've heard of impostors though.

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