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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 298

Chapter 298 Strongest Sage, Learns Way to Distinguish Impostors


"...There are?"

"Yes. I think there were several of them already... The more famous an adventurer, the more people will try to impersonate as them. They got exposed quick though. And Mathias-san is especially popular among those individuals."


"Since you don't show yourself much in public, not many people are familiar with your face. I think there were already around five known impostors... It's okay though since all of them have probably been found out already."

I see...
I'm a Rank E adventurer, yet some will still try to impersonate me.

Well, guess it's not a problem if they're exposed already.

"By the way how do you distinguish those impostors?"

"Err... All of those impostors are ordinary persons, so we know at once!"

"...Ordinary persons?"

"Yes! They avoid taking on dangerous quests, worry about money problem and such... The point is, they're just common men! Second Academy's principal has also sent a directive, [If anyone with common-sense shows up claiming to be Mathias, that person is an impostor]."

...Anyone with common sense, an impostor...?
I don't get what does that even mean.
Can you even pick apart those shams with that?

As I was thinking that, Ruli and Alma whispered in earnest.

"Wow that's pretty clever..."

"...In the first place, the real one wouldn't have been caught and got interrogated anyway..."

Looks like the two are in agreement with the method.
I thought this party had come to one understanding... but a divide in opinions had been born in unexpected parts it seems.

"...The real one is also someone with common sense, you know?"

"I thought the same until just now myself... I was wondering if they had caught the real Mathias-san by mistake..."
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"Yeah. Your worries are warranted."

"No, I was wrong... No ordinary person would beat 700 monsters in one day and bring all the subjugation proof parts with them. Besides... Just look at these parts!"

The receptionist took a subjugation proof part--a horn of a monster of some sort.
I've sliced the horn clean to compact our luggage.
Normally I'd have cut it more roughly... but we had a strict requirement for our load this time.

"What about those? ...Since we're carrying a lot with us, it's only natural to cut them as small as possible right?"

"Err, the size itself is weird for sure... but just please look at these cross-sections! These couldn't have been done by a human!"

The receptionist said that while showing the horn's cross-sections.
...I sliced this horn with a sword Ruli made.

Swords made by Ruli are on a different level of sharpness compared to common swords.
Hence, you can make real clean cross-sections if you're skilled at it.
The receptionist must be referring to that.

Well, whatever.
This is actually mostly thanks to the weapon than my skill... but it doesn't seem like she'd get it even if I explain that anyway.
Let's just get on with the quest report.

"...Can that horn be used as a subjugation proof part?"

"O-of course it could! It's the very bestest kind of proof part!"

Looks like we don't have to worry about it getting rejected then.
Lucky us, would be bothersome if they mistook it for monsters killed by [Genesis].

"Okay then. Then please proceed with the report."

"I...I understand! I'll put them in the storage as I count so please put them on the counter one by one!"


I gradually stack subjugation proof parts on the counter.
The receptionist wrote and counted everything before stuffing them in boxes.

The work continued for a while...

"This is the last one... Is it enough for the quests?"

An hour later, all the parts were finally done counted.

The problem is number.
I didn't count how much monsters I defeated.
Rather... I couldn't since a [Warmonger] participated in the battle.

Would be nice if it's enough.
The receptionist spoke while I was thinking.

"I've finished counting the total! It's 320 Rank E monsters, and 862 Rank D monsters... The reward will be 204,400 elmi, you've cleared the requirement for Rank Up to Rank C!"

...Seemed it sufficed.
Now I can safely rank up.

"Err... Please wait a moment. Just how far up the rank will this go...?"

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