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Okami wa Nemuranai 10.2


"I'm Lecan. This here is Nike."


The adventurer called Nozz winced.

Though it's only understandable to be skittish when a swordsman with a ferocious aura like Lecan is looking at you from above.

"So who's Ritz and Numes?"

"I'm Ritz."

"I'm Numes."

It's clear as day that these three are no decent human beings at a glance. The type that you must never show your back to.

"Where's Dovor?"

"Dovor-san is inside the wagon. OK then, let's go."

"No, first we have to meet Dovor face to face and confirm the contract."

"What'd you say!"

Lecan put strength into his right eye and glared at Nozz quietly.

Nozz who acted tough for a moment there couldn't even talk back anymore.

Lecan called out to the wagon with a quiet voice.

"Dovor, get out."

The wagon's door opened up, and a tall slender man got off.

Lecan had a weird sense of déjà vu when he saw that man's face.

They've never met before. But it feels like he's seen the guy somewhere before.

Just where has he seen him.

"Calling out your client like that, I'm wondering just where did you learn your manners."

"Are you Dovor?"

"Yes I am Dovor. Are you satisfied now."

"I'd like to confirm whether or not, you're really the client."


"This Eda here accepted your quest through Nozz yesterday. A quest to escort wagons to Kogurus. The reward is one gold coin per person. Is that correct."

"That is indeed correct."

"Just to be sure, the client will provide us meals during the journey right."

"Oh my my. I don't believe Nozz have promised any of such thing."

"We're supposed to stay at an inn on the second day, will the client cover the cost for us?"

"Who said anything to that effect?"

"I see. So what we are guarding is the wagons' luggage."

"I believe we told you so."

"What's the luggage."

"You don't need to know that."

"Okay then, we won't probe the luggage. In other words, we will have finished our contract to protect the luggage as long as the inside of the wagons does not get damaged nor plundered even if we get raided."

"...Hou. You have got quite an incredulous personality, don't you."

"In addition, we will not be responsible for your guards', Nozz, Ritz, and Numes's safety."

"Are you trying to start something with my guards?"

"Not at all. I'm saying that we won't protect them. So what we are guarding will be you and the wagons, correct."

"Can you add Gido our coachman to that."

"Very well. The contract will be complete the moment we have safely delivered the wagons, you and Gido to the town of Kogurus. Is that acceptable?"

"That's fine."

"Where in Kogurus is our destination?"

"I'll tell you that once we arrive at Kogurus."

"We cannot take an escort job with such a vague condition. At which location in Kogurus will the contract be considered complete?"

"Like I said, Kogurus Town."

"Where in the town?"

Dovor squinted and glared at Lecan.

"I shall consider it an arrival the moment we have passed through Kogurus's town gate."

"Very well. Aira."

Aira approached them from a slightly distant spot.

Dovor's squinted eyes opened wide.

Aira is a staff member of Adventurer Association. Of course Dovor would find it strange for her to be here.

Aira wrote the contract clauses on a paper pasted on a board with thread, and submitted it to Lecan. After confirming the content, Lecan passed it over to Dovor.

"Please confirm the content and put your sign here."

"I do not remember asking a mediation from Adventurer Association."

Aira explained to Dovor who showed his refusal with a sullen look.

"This is not a mediation. However, Adventurer Association can and do verify and intervene with personal contracts exchanged inside the Association. In this case, we are verifying the contract exchanged between Dovor-san and Lecan-san's party per Lecan-san's request. Lecan-san will cover the commission fee. The contract will be annulled should you decline to sign."

Dovor squinted and glared at Aira with reptile-like eyes, took the pen and the board, signed on it and returned it to Lecan. After glancing at it, Lecan handed it over to Nike.

"Could you add your title below your sign. Just write, Temporary Branch Manager of Zaikaz Company's Vouka Branch."

Dovor's squinted eyes glimmered as he stared at Nike.

"And I've just arrived here, you're pretty quick on your feet. Nike, was it. Could it be, you're <Nike the Comet Cutter>?"

"Some do call me with that moniker."

"You cannot possibly be Copper Rank."

"Whoever said I was?"

Dovor turned around and looked at Nozz.

Nozz had a pale complexion on his face.

Dovor added his title on the paper and handed it back to Lecan. Lecan gave it to Aira after a check. Aira put her sign after confirming the content. In other words, this contract has been formally exchanged between the two party with Adventurer Association as a guarantor.

"We have wasted enough time. Let us depart at once."

Dovor got on the wagon and had the coachman run the wagon.

Lecan followed behind. Nike positioned herself in front of the wagon. Eda ran off and came next to Nike after hesitating for a bit.

What a weird bunch, thought Lecan.

The three guards are human trash.

Both personality-wise and skill-wise.

Yet the client Dovor is skilled.

Very skilled.

The person they have to protect being the most skilled one, what a thoroughly odd ensemble this is.

And they have to stay together with these odd bunch for five days.

A quest is a quest.

Thus the group departed.

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