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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13 Intermission 2

※This story is after [Intermission: Zena Squad's Journey (3)]
※For people who don't remember John Smith, please read [Intermission: The Agony of a Transported Person]

Intermission: John Smith


After separating from Mito and the others in Zetsu Earldom, I went toward the Royal Capital by mixing myself among the walking refugees.
I thought I would accomplish my goal there, but--.

"We cannot let you see Master if you don't have a letter of introduction. Go back to downtown at once, commoner."

I was driven out by the mansion's servant in a brusque manner.
The master of this mansion is a famous expert of magic tools--especially artificial limbs, I've come as far as the Royal Capital to replace my arm which was eaten by that damn mantis.

"Damn you gorilla, you'd look better in military uniform than a butler's."

After confirming that the gorilla had disappeared beyond the door, I stood up while cursing him.

"Letter of introduction huh...."

I try remembering my acquaintances in my mind.

Soutari, the long elf-kin who taught me the language of Shiga Kingdom. She's a beauty, but she's an undercover agent, no way she would have noble acquaintances.

Next is the old man innkeeper of Puta town. I was able to continue my journey after teaching mayonnaise recipe to that old man.
He bragged that he was friends with the lord of the town, but it was probably just a big talk, I can't count on it.

Come to think of it, after that, I journeyed together with a female guest of the inn....
Haah, that guy was the worst. She almost sold me as a slave after getting me drunk.... Haah, it'd been possible to buy noble position if I just had my smartphone and memo pad at that time.

I try remembering the people of Ash Rat Principality too.
That red helmet said that he was the elder brother of the chief, so he must have been of ruling classes, but the distance is too far, and even if I got a letter of introduction from them, I don't know how effective it is in a kingdom that discriminates demi-humans like this.

Next, I try remembering the people I met in Seryuu Earldom and Lesseu Earldom.
Wasn't Lilio's plain beauty captain-san a noble. I can't quite remember her name.
She looks like a softhearted person, I think she would write a letter of introduction for me if I ask through Lilio.

I recalled Mito who was sleeping in a mysterious ruin, but she said, "I'm not a noble", and in the first place, it's questionable whether she's a human or not, counting on her is fruitless.

Lilio and the others said that they were going to Labyrinth city if I'm not mistaken.
I vacate the restaurant that I lived-in, and board the stagecoach heading to the labyrinth city.

The old man who owns the restaurant told me to stay and marry his daughter, but I refused since it's not possible for me to cook.
I keep the fact that Lilio's face flashed in my mind when he talked about marriage a secret.

"Is one-arm nii-san going to the labyrinth city too?"
"Yeah, I want to meet an acquaintance."

A kid who's sitting beside me in the coach talked to me.
Breaking my [Don't Talk to Me Aura] while I was blending in the background, he's got quite a communication force.

"I thought I should stop you if you said that you wanted to be an explorer."

The kid smiles befitting of his age while looking relieved.
I thought of getting a job in the labyrinth after meeting Lilio, but it looks like I shouldn't bring up that subject.

"A lot of my acquaintances went to the labyrinth city too, but it became half in a year, and there wasn't any one left in three years."
"....T-that sure is harsh."
"Yeah, it is. But, I'm different y'see? I was taught the way to fight by the town's gatekeeper. Defeating a goblin is easy as pie."

I said, "Is that so, do your best", to the boasting kid and shut my eyes.
What the kid was saying felt like it'd be a flag, so I talked to no one until we arrived in the next town.

"Sorry, but this is as far as I can take you. From here on, you can walk to the labyrinth city on foot."
"Oy! What does this mean! Didn't I pay you to go until the labyrinth city?!"
"It's the viceroy's requisition. Give it up."

A man and the kid who were riding with me pressed on the coachman, but there's no way that a noble decision could be toppled in a kingdom that prefer nobles like this.

The reason for the requisition is probably the swarm of meteorites that could be seen in the western sky this afternoon.
The passengers were frightened, but judging from the time of the flash and the sound getting to us, the falling point should be more than 1000 kilometers away, so it was a needless fear.
It'd be a problem if the meteorite is as huge as the one that made dinosaurs extinct, but if that happened, no use in running anywhere anyway.

I got tired of seeing the passengers harassing the coachman.
After asking for the reimbursement, I try to look for a wagon heading toward the labyrinth city.

Fortunately, within an hour I was able to ride on a wagon that was carrying shafts of spears, axes and hatchets.
It seems growing plants is hard around the labyrinth city, so these kinds of woodworks are carried from the neighboring cities.

It might be a seasonal thing, but there's a lot of young people heading to the labyrinth city.
From children younger than even junior high school students to ones who are of high schooler age.

"There are many explorer applicants this year."

The peddler who's driving the wagon talked to me while gazing the young people walking on the street.

"--Is that so?"
"At this time of the year, it's usual for many youngsters who aspire to become explorers to come out of the woodwork every year, but this year there are some people who defeated 『Floormaster』 and became nobles. A lot more kids are probably inspired by it."

I see, not American Dream, but Labyrinth Dream huh.
While thinking such a thing, the wagon entered a village protected by barrier pillars. When the wagon stopped at a square, a village-head like man in good clothing negotiated something with the peddler.

Judging from the pattern of our lodging in villages so far, he's probably negotiating the rent for the wagon, water well, and selling woods for the fuel.
The price for these is just several big copper coins, but it seems to be an important income for the village.
The peddler traded some things required by the village like ointment and nails to decrease the cost.

I watch the back of the wagon for thieves while the peddler is negotiating.
According to the peddler, the danger of thieves is more prominent inside such a village than during the journey.
During the season where a lot of youngsters are heading toward the labyrinth city, the Royal Capital's knight order regularly patrol the highway, so thieves and such hide themselves far away.

Besides us, there are a lot of youngsters in traveling clothes doing preparation to camp in the square.
That said, their 'preparation' only consist of them putting their mantles on the ground and napping on it, or preparing for meal. There are a lot of people who are only making bread porridge that consists of dried vegetables and black bread stewed together.
It seems to be normal around here, but I was surprised when I saw black bread being stewed for the first time.

"Thank you for waiting. Let's have a dinner. Can I leave it to John today too?"
"Yeah, leave it to me."

I draw water from the nearby well, and then put it on the pot on top of the stove the peddler put.
When I have the fund, first thing first, I'll make hand pumps and spread it to villages.

The moment bubbles came out in the water in the pot, I put cereals and jerkies to make a risotto. The lump broke when the hot water boiled, and good smell from the spice overflowed.
The other people in the square are looking here with envious look, but we don't have enough to split for them.

It's the peddler's job to put the cooked instant risotto to the bowls.
It's troublesome with just one arm you see. I'd eat directly from the pot when I was alone.

"Yup, it's good. Don't you want to sell this? I think it'll sell well."
"Sorry, but it takes too much effort to make them."

I bluntly declined the peddler's offer for the umpteenth time.

I do want to mass produce it and get some nice profit, but I just don't have enough fund.
There's no doubt that I can profit a lot if I cooperate with someone, but I can only see the future where my partner runs off with the profit afterward, so I don't intend to cooperate with anyone.

I once heard that Echigoya Firm in the Royal Capital is buying idea, but I don't want to get close to it.
Someone who named his firm like the name of a [corrupt merchant in a historical drama] can't be good.

From I heard in the rumor, the firm seems to be peerless even against nobles, there's no doubt that he's probably a reincarnated or a transported person with administration cheat.
Sooner or later, it looks like I'll clash with him, but if possible I want to do it after gaining enough power to.

After crossing the mountain range before the labyrinth city, I saw the labyrinth city and the bald mountains behind it beyond the wasteland.
There are more mountains even beyond that, and it seems to be the desert after that.

Now I can finally rest easy from any more mountaineering.

As we get closer to the mountain foot, the temperature gradually rises.
Sheesh, the climate of this world is too free. It makes me doubt whether it's round.

The temperature rose every time we got closer to the labyrinth city.
It's almost unbelievable that the other side of the mountain is in spring climate.

"Geh, my water bottle is empty."
"No wonder when you drank that much. There's a well at the rest station you can see over there."
"You serious."

I feel like I'll lose to the thirst.
Sheesh, there should have been some vending machines if this is really a highway.

I miss being in Japan.

I look at the airships flying in the sky over head, trying to forget my thirst.
....Impossible. It won't be hard if I can forget my thirst by just doing that.

"If you're thirsty enough to look like you'll die, why don't you just drink from the beria over there."
"You don't know? It's the one growing along the highway with spines for leaves. You can pluck off its long thin body or the leaves."

I nod to the peddler, and collect the aloe-like succulent plants nearby.
Following the instruction of the peddler, I cut off the top tip, and then eat the emerald green flesh with a spoon.

"Is it that bad?"

It's slightly sour on top of smelling grassy.
The coconut milk-like texture isn't so bad, but it's not something you'll eat by choice.

It feels like I'll get diarrhea if I eat too much of them, so I throw them away to the side of the road after quenching my thirst.

The next day, we got into the labyrinth city after passing through a gate protected by huge stone statues.
I part way with the peddler on the main gate, and head toward the west Explorer Guild to see if Lilio and the others are there.

"Huh? Isn't it John."

Looks like I have a good fortune.
The person I was looking for found me instead.

"What's wrong? Didn't you run after that beauty-san and went to the Royal Capital?"
"I have some business with Lilio--"

I told Lilio about the letter of introduction.
After telling me, "I think it's no good", Lilio brought me to Marientail-san, the captain.

"Letter of introduction?"
"Yeah, I can't ask them to make me an artificial arm without a letter of introduction from a noble."

Marientail-san's expression darkened after hearing me.

"I'm sorry. I am a member of nobles, but a letter written by a noble who isn't their relative will only get laughed off. It has to be at least written by the head of the house with baronage peer or higher..."

--No good huh.

"Can't Iona-san do it?"
"I'm from the house of a baron, but we're a branch family. If I wrote a letter of introduction carelessly, I might be scolded by the head."

Lilio tried to talk with her sexy-onee-san co-worker, but it was quickly shot down.
It's understandable, it's like asking a job from a former boyfriend of your friend if this were in the modern japan.

"Geez, you're really unlucky. It'd have been better if you came before Satou-san departed."


"What kind of person is he?"
"U~mm, you see--"

I'm convinced after hearing Lilio's story.
That guy is either a reincarnated person or a transported one. Moreover, judging from the story of Marientail-san's beginning of romance, the identity of the silver masked hero who had a fist fight with the greater demon in Seryuu City must be that Satou guy.

Considering it's said that he has black hair and plain Japanese-like face, he must be a summoned hero.
The current hero of Saga Empire should be called Masaki, so this Satou was probably summoned by another country.

From the story of Saga Empire's spy, Soutari of the long ear-kin, the people who were summoned by Rumooku Kingdom didn't have any cheat just like me, therefore, that cheat guy must have been summoned by someone else.

Suddenly, I'm reminded of the meteor swarm from the other day and the [Stars Fall] thing that I just heard.
Did that Satou guy use it by any chance?
If that's true, then who the heck summoned Satou?

If he was summoned by a country, then that country would have used that power to unify the whole world.
It seems wars are happening on the eastern and western parts of the continent, but there's no sign of it in the center Shiga Kingdom and the neighboring countries.

Therefore, the summoner should not be a country.
Since he's fought against demons, it doesn't seem like the demons or the demon lords did it too.

....Perhaps, the summoner was the God?

I imagined such a baloney.

Marientail-san offered to ask for the letter of introduction from that Satou guy, but I flatly refused.

Satou must be a cheat main protagonist type of man.
There's no doubt that disturbances will happen in the places where he's at.

I don't want to approach such a dangerous place.

Moreover, Satou's girl--Marientail-san is in this labyrinth city.
Applying tales to real life is dangerous, but from my experience, this world has high affinity with tales. This place should be safe as long as she's here.

Even if anything happened, Satou probably would appear to remove the danger before she got into crisis.

I remained in this labyrinth city with a reason unsupported by anyone.
Of course the reason is not just that.

"John, are you delving alone again?"
"Won't you go with us?"

I refuse the invitation of a rabbitfolk who's wearing a blue mantle, and delve into the labyrinth alone.
My objectives are treasure chests.

Recently I've found pieces of magic recipe using beria's fruit inside treasure chests in shallow floors.
My intuition tells me that this is Satou-shi's doing.

From the rumor I've gathered in this labyrinth city, this Satou-shi guy is a [Good-natured Japanese]. That guy probably prepared the treasure chest event.

Putting that aside, searching for this recipe pieces is attractive.

Certainly the recipe will make me some profit, but there's another point to be excited about.
Several days ago, the viceroy of Selbira city announced that the explorer who found the last piece would be given the chevalier peerage.

According to the rumor in the city, this was initiated by the viceroy's follower, Baron Dyukeli, but even if they can't give me a peerage, a Marquis should be able to write a letter of introduction.

While checking my home-made map, I break through unexplored area.
It's going to be difficult for the day trip soon.

That said, exploring the labyrinth alone overnight is nonsense.
I can declare that continuing the exploration without sufficient sleep even in the best condition is impossible.

When I was thinking that I should go back soon, the stone monument in the passage began to blink.

--This is bad! It's a Gushing Hole.

I throw the stink ball to the ground, and run away from that place.
However, I was too impatient and didn't mind my steps.

The moment my foot stepped on a large slate on the ground, that slate broke, and a pit appeared.

I immediately threw the rope on my waist, but I had no hero revision that would make it coil around the passage's lumps.
The fact that it was not a vertical pit, but a sloping one was my sole help.

--I have a good fortune.

I wonder how many days have elapsed since I thought that.

It looks like I've fallen to the passage just after the Gushing Hole where monsters appeared.
According to the rumor in the labyrinth city, in 100 years, the only people who treaded upon the end of a Gushing Hole and came out alive were Satou-shi and his companions.

At present, every time I met a monster, I sneaked past ones I couldn't win against, and only fought against ones I could win like goblins and mock-wolf, while advancing through the underground passage.
This underground passage continued deep until a large room filled with spider webs, a dead end.
Of course, there's probably a passage on the other side of the large room, but I know that the goblins presiding in the large room would be my end, I couldn't bring myself to recklessly challenge them.

I was able to survive thanks to mayonnaise jar and rock candies that I always brought just in case, and water trickling on the passage wall.

However, it's getting bad.

I had ran out of mayonnaise on the second day, and the rock candy that I just ate was the last.
Above all, a mantis bastard got stuck on the trap right beside the water source. My life would be in precarious state if I couldn't drink water.
The special bullets, three remaining.
Although, even if I use the gun, there's no way I can win against that mantis bastard.

"Aah.... this is the checkmate huh."

A bullet for the death with dignity--.

"You half-dead person over there, can I have your time?"

--Is it an auditory hallucination?

"If you can give me the knowledge I seek, I can grant you one wish you see?"

--Or perhaps the devil?

Even the devil's fine.
Cure me from this thirst.

"Give me water."
"Here you go."

The water I got was a cold water that was so good it couldn't be expressed in words.
It feels like it's penetrating deep into my body.

After escaping from the extreme situation, I talk to the man with my brain that finally starts to work a bit.

"What do you want to know?"

It's fine if it's just the way to make smokeless gunpowder or internal combustion engine, but it'd be bad if he asked the way to make nuclear weapons.
It'd be the worst if he asked the way to make potassium cyanide or sarin.

"Teach me how to make dried gourd."

I unintentionally let out a stupid voice.
What, did he just, said?

"You don't know how to make 『Dried Gourd』?"
"No, with bottle gourd, you--"

I teach the man the way to make [dried gourd] while recalling it from my memories.

"I-it is that simple?"
"Yea, the 『Dried Gourd』 that you want for sushi roll should be with that recipe."

Apparently, he really wanted to know that.
I can't see well with my hazy vision, but the man's delight didn't sound like an act.

"Thank you! D-don't tell me you know how to make cola too?"

I answered the questions the man asked.
I feel like I even answered knowledge that I shouldn't have known too, but that must've been my imagination.

"Kuro-sama, this boy is?"
"Treat him like a guest of honor. I've promised him to grant his wish, so call me when he's awoken."

I feel like I've heard those while being half-asleep.
The next morning, I woke up in a canopy bed that looked like it was made for nobles, and had a superb feast prepared by a beautiful maid-san for breakfast.

--This is a dream.

I should have been in the bottom of the labyrinth with no way to escape.

--This is the revolving lantern seen before you die.

I mean, my arm which should have been bitten off by that mantis bastard one year ago has been regrown.
I move my fingers and ascertain its touch.

It's fine even if this is a dream.
With both hands, I can create administrative cheat items that I couldn't create up until now as much as I want.

I noticed a letter by the pillow when I was trembling with delight.

Parameters like from Yamato Stone are written on the letter.

John Smith. It's my name in this world.
Level 13. It seems my level has increased by one during my exploration.
I recognized my skills too like, [Skill: Burying, Concealment, Evading], and the last was an unfamiliar one, [Lost Knowledge].

Looks like I got the skill in the labyrinth.
It seems my another world life has turned upward somewhat.

After leaving a thank you letter and a letter written with knowledge of cooking for my lifesaver, I left the mansion behind using [Burying].

My story in another world starts now!

Previous Chapter

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13 Intermission 1

Intermission: Want to Practice Magic [Orb Arc]


Satou's here. Mistakes of youth, anyone has done it. Use that experience to leap and fly toward the future. Although there are also lessons that are too painful in the world.

"■■■ Breeze"

Storm rages in the narrow alley, sweeping the fainted subordinates of the phantom thief to the berm along with garbage.

Kukukukuku, I couldn't suppress the overflowing delight welling up from my body.

I carefully put the [Chant Orb: Used] that had lost its transparency to my Storage.
I want to immediately use thi~s, or tha~t spells I've finished developing, but it'll be a great disaster for sure if I do it in the royal capital, so I restrain myself.

In order to chant without reserve, I went back to the auction hall with Unit Arrangement to settle my business.

"Kuro-sama, welcome back. How is the--no, I couldn't help asking."

It seems the Manager guessed the result from my look.
Ignoring the people in the auction hall behind the Manager who are being surprised, "Teleport magic?", I return the stolen Orbs to the man in charge of delivering them.

"T-this is the Orbs!"
"I got them from the phantom thief. I've taken the orbs that I've won in the bid.

I tell the bidders and the staff members who are thanking me, "It's unnecessary", over my shoulders, and then teleport to Echigoya Firm together with the Manager.
I forgot about Female Executive A, but well, there's the carriage anyway, she probably will go back alone.

"Kuro-sama, we're going to celebrate tonight."
"The preparation has already been completed."

Tifaliza continued for the manager who spoke with a lively voice.

"I'll be going out for some business. Begin the party ahead of me, if it looks like I'm returning late."

After telling that, I moved to the desert to the west of Selbira city with Unit Arrangement.
Oops, before absorbing myself in the experiment, I have to contact Arisa and Liza.

"■■■ ■ ■■ ■ Short Message"

Unlike the [Telephone] that I usually use, this is a space magic that can send one-way short sentences.
The magic can only send up to 128 characters, so it can't convey intonation of words. It's similar to phone mail.

Even though I only sent, 『Succeeded bidding the Chant Orb. I'll be late returning home since I'm going to experiment with magic, so go ahead and eat dinner first.』, for some reason Arisa replied, [You're too frolic (lol)].
I wonder if I used to many emoticons?
I don't understand--.

Well fine. Now it's free time until sunset!

I picked the vast desert to the west of the labyrinth city as the experiment site.
There wasn't any direct damage to the surrounding countries during my fight with the Dog-head, so using advanced magic here should be fine.

--No, the people of the Royal Capital were panicking since they could saw the Meteor Shower from afar.

I choose the most suitable magic in the magic book.
Using, the forbidden spell of space magic [Another World], I create a copy of the desert in the sub-space.
The size seems to depend on the magic power used, so I make it 10 kilometer wide for the experiment. If I use holy swords as battery replacement, it seems possible to create the whole desert for the maximum size.

I won't have to worry about damage in a sub-space, and there won't be any witness.

When I entered through the Gate, I reflexively thought that the magic had failed since the inside wasn't any different at all to the desert just now.
Even the sun is in the sky.

According to AR, that sun seems to be a picture.
Confirming on the map, it's read as [Satou's Sub-space: Desert]. Looks like it's not an [Area without Map].
Confirming on 3D reading, the sub-space's shape is spherical.

Now then, now that I've secured the place, let's begin the experiment.

Whirling sands would be a hindrance, so attack type magic would be for the last.
First, let's go with Creation type magic--.

".....■■■■ Create Golem"

The ground of the desert is rising, forming a doll (human).
Before long, a Golem that looks similar to Mia's Sand Giant complete with the decoration is finished.

The Golem's height depend on its level if you don't specify it. It's possible to create a high-level small Golem, but the less mass it has, the weaker the Golem becomes.

According to AR reading, the Golem's level is 50. According to magic books, the created Golem will be 70%-80% of the user's level, but it seems there are other conditions besides that.

--Too bad.
Many things would be easier if I really could create level 249 Golems....

"Perhaps the maximum level is limited by its material?"

It's a game-like way of thinking, but it sounds normal in this game-like world.
I tried sand, wood, stone, bronze, and iron in turns, but their maximum levels weren't much different. Unexpectedly, only iron had low maximum level.
When I checked the wreckages of Iron Golem inside my storage, turned out that it was a stone Golem with iron plates plastered on it.

Checking the magic books I have in hands, it seems that the level changes depending on how well the material can channel magic power.
When I tried using magic metal and material from Jewel Golem that Nana gave me, I found out that it could go up to level 99.

Looks like Golems created from magic stop operating in two hours after their magic power supplies are cut, but you can make them permanent if you use magic cores as the power source when using [Create Golem].
When the magic core method is used, the Golem's level is dictated by the level of the monster the magic core comes from and the magic core's grade.
It might be usable for power-leveling, I'll do some experiment with it later.

Nevertheless, magic is convenient.
I can make Golems in an instant from now on.

The Golems in the underground vault of Echigoya Firm were created by diligently making their magic circuits, and it took even me three days to make one. It took me 10 days to make the Orichalcum Golem....

It seems the Golems created by magic can only move sloppily and can only perform simple orders though.
While healing my gloomy heart with those words, I began the next experiment.

When I release the sealed Spirit Light, colorful spirits gather to me from the surrounding.
There are fewer spirits than usual, perhaps because it's inside the sub-space. Around 20% of the usual number.

"....■■ Beast King Creation (Create Behemoth)"


I tried calling Behemoth using the spirit magic Mia taught me.
Its level is 52, slightly stronger than the Behemoth that Mia and Aze-san summoned.

As a test, I made Behemoth lightly battle against the Golem army I had just made earlier.

The lightning that Behemoth preemptively shot rushed down the Golem army with a roaring sound while spreading ozone smell.
However, it only damaged the surface of the stone and sand Golems, they didn't get any serious damage.
The Golem army is approaching Behemoth while raising cloud of dust.

Behemoth raised a war cry, and then stretched its elephant-like nose, attacking the Golems like a whip.
The sand Golems were torn in two with a hit, but they regenerated in the next moment, returning to their original forms. They're quite tough.

And then when the distance was enough for close combat,  an uncouth exchange of blows like a confrontation between kaijus began.
Behemoth's hoofs, tusks, and long nose tore, stabbed, and struck, and the Golems regenerated every time.
The Golems struck the large indomitable building-like body with their machine-gun-like fists, but since Behemoth's body was only semi-materialized, their attacks never reached it.

I continued to chant many magic, registering them into my Magic Column while this seemingly endless battle continued on.

At first, it looked like it was a close battle, but ultimately it was a complete victory of the Behemoth.
Having diverse way to attack, and an AI that fights by utilizing attacks that are effective, the artificial spirit is stronger.

However, the advantage of the Golem is that you can create an army beforehand as long as you have a lot of magic cores.
Use Golems if it's against a lot of weak enemies, and the artificial spirit if it's against a few powerful army, that should be the correct way.

Next, I tested Soul magic.

I'm not good against zombies and grotesque things though, so I only took out bones and shells from the leftover of dismantling jobs from my Storage and used [Create Undead].
With this magic, it seems that the level of the undead depends on the original level of the remains, the stronger the monster of the remains the stronger the undead becomes.
Just like the Golems, they become permanent servants if you use magic cores.
The stench is unbearable if it's anything besides the ethereal body type and bone type undeads though, so I probably won't have any use of them.

Rather, [Summon Skeleton] and [Summon Litch] magic that don't need corpses to use seem more convenient.

>[Summoning Magic] Skill Acquired.

For some reason, I got [Summoning Magic] skill even though I used soul magic.
I don't understand, but well it's good.

For the occasion, I wanted to summoning magic that humans use, but the ones in the magic books I have only have the inferior version of the spirit magic ones, so for now, I only registered the useful-looking, [Summon Messenger Pigeon] and [Summon Spy Rat] into the Magic Column.

I can freely move these servants with Unit Arrangement.
I peeked at [Unit Creation] with some expectation, but it was grayed out and unusable like usual.
Really, I wonder what's the release condition of [Unit Creation]?

I got tired of watching servants war, so I decided to try using peaceful magic this time.

".....■■■ Create House"

After finishing chanting a long spell, sands rise up from the ground, creating orcher structure in a flash.
Magic is nonsensical like always.

When it's finished forming, the sand harden into stone-like wall, and there are even some parts that have changed into marble-like things.

At first I thought the windows were transparent, but then they changed from fully transparent to semi-transparent frosted glass-like.
I understand after entering the house that I can look outside through the glass window from inside.

The appearance is simple, so I'll need to take extra steps for the decoration and outer appearance.

"However, you can't call this a house eh--."

I murmured alone while looking up at the completed fort.
I deem it good as it's convenient.

This gets me interested, so, after confirming that the advanced magic earlier has been registered in the Magic Column, I try chanting [Create Village].

After I've finished chanting the spell that's as long as a novel's chapter, the ground is rising at a grander scale than the [Create House] earlier.
The area is about as big as a city.

I can't see the magic process well since a lot of sand is dancing in the air, due to using the magic in a desert.
I thought of using wind pressure magic to scatter away the sand, but it looked like it'd blow away the building that were under construction of [Create Village], so I endure it.

Eventually, a lot of houses divided by Igo board-like grid's alleys appeared beyond the cloud of dust.

"This scale isn't a village, it's a city...."

However, unlike [Create House] which upgrades a house into a fort, in [Create Village]'s case, the [Number of House] increases instead.
The countless houses that are lined up all look similar, boorish-looking one-story house of hollowed cuboid shape.

"Let alone a castle overnight, it's a city overnight huh."

While talking to myself, I take a stroll in the city.
Of course, I continue to register low grade battle-type magic and life magic into Magic Column while taking the stroll.
It seems I can't suppress this efficiency maniac habit when I'm not with everyone.

After taking the stroll, I understand that this [Create Village] magic has a fault.

There is no infrastructure that's necessary for a city, perhaps because it's based on village.
There would be many problems as it doesn't have gutter to drain rain water and sewage.

On the other hand, I was surprised to see that water could be drawn from the well even though this desert was made.
The water vein should be considerably deep as I understand, so it seems the magic has interfered into the underground too.

I'll remodel this with [Create House] later.
Right.... Naming it [Create Kingdom] sounds fun.

When I had finished registering non-battle type magic into Magic Column, I proceeded to the real advanced magic experiment, but--.

『....■<<White Inferno>>』

With dazzling flash, and speed that exceeded the speed of sound, the white glittering flame evaporated the desert's sand.
The flame reached the other end of the sub-space, and went back to me along the wall.


The sub-space was broken together with the sound of cracking glass.
The flame trampled the dimension fissure, wrenching open the gate that connects the sub-space, spouting out to the desert of the original world.

"This is bad--"

I hurriedly canceled the magic, and erased the white flame with [Neutral Magic].
Even though it was one of the strongest advanced magic, I didn't expect that it would burn even the sub-space wall.

Let's test it in a safer place.
I teleport to the tree house in Boruenan Forest.

"Hello, Aze-san."

While having my cheeks loosened from seeing Aze-san who broke a smile when she saw me, I greet Lua-san and the cooking researcher Nea-san.
Including them, there are a lot of elves preparing for banquet in the living room.
It's a [Congratulatory for the Chant] party mentioned by Aze-san when I visited yesterday isn't it.

"Can you use chanting now?"
"Yes, fortunately--■■■ Breeze"

Minding not to obstruct the preparation, I went to the balcony and used a magic.
Of course, I paid attention so that the wind wouldn't turn up the one-piece dress that Aze-san wore.

However, I paid too much attention in that point--.

"I'm blown away~"

The pixies who flew to the balcony were blown away.
I quickly rescue the pixies with [Magic Hand].

"--Sorry sorry"
"There's no sincerity in that y'know?"
"That's right, my hair is a mess now."

Boo boo, the pixies were complaining, but they completely changed when I presented them with a newly developed sweet.

"As expected of Satou."
"It smells sweet."
"Looks tasty."

They're truly energetic.

"Long candies right?"
"It's hard to eat them. Cut it~"

I cut the kintaro-ame, and then the pixies grabbed the cut and flew away somewhere while dancing around.
They probably want to show it off to the other people.

"It's mysterious isn't it? Why do the same face always appear no matter where you cut it?"

Seeing the cross-section of the kintaro-ame, Aze-san tilts her head seriously.
She's cute like always.

--By no means do I think that she's at the same level as the pixies.

A great person of the past said that cute is justice after all.

After getting congratulated by Aze-san and the others for acquiring the chant skill, I talk about my real objective.

"Aze-san, I want to go to the void sky through the observatory of the World Tree, is it alright if I use it?"
"Yes, it's fine. Satou doesn't have to ask every time, you can use the observatory whenever you want."

The World Tree's observatory should be an important secret area, but Aze-san readily gave her permission.
Her supervisor, Lua-san beside her nods too, it doesn't seem to be a problem.

"Then, I'll go out for a bit."

I wave my hand to Aze-san and the others and then move to the observatory with Unit Arrangement.
I apologize to the engineer Gia-san who was surprised at my sudden appearance, and then jump out to the void sky--the space, through the pressurized observatory dome.

I've used the newly developed [Astro Suit] magic this time, so it's comfortable even in the void sky.
It's a low grade magic, but since it's a composite magic that needs several elemental magic skills, only Aze-san and I can use it for now.

Now then, leaving that aside, let's start registering advanced grade and higher attack type magic to the Magic Column.
The world should be fine, but the world tree might be damaged, so I'm going away a bit more.

It seems there's little resistance with Flash Drive in the void sky, I've reached the satellite orbit in a flash.
Flying a long distance with Flash Drive consume a lot of fuel, so making an exclusive high-speed movement magic for use in the void sky might be a good idea.

Aze-san taught me during our stroll in the void sky that there is this Ether Stream which is the bare form of the Dragon Vein flowing from the direction of the sun, and it's possible to restore your MP as much as you want if you can ride on that stream.

This time my objective is to test fire attack magic and confirm their power, so I've picked some place away from the Ether Stream.
I'm on to the noon side, but flashy light might be seen by the people below, so I create a jet black wall with shadow magic's [Shadow Wall] between the planet and me.


A several kilometer long wall appeared.
I use advanced grade attack magic behind the shadow wall.

Chanting several spells from every elements, I register them into the Magic Column.
I don't really understand their power since there's no target for them to attack on. Perhaps I should make a magic that can create targets for test firing, like [Remote Decoy] or something.

When the registration had been going well for about 30 minutes, a World Phone call from Aze-san in the ground came up.

『Satou, how is it going there?』
"It's going well here. Did you see the flash of light from the ground?"
『--Light? Wait a minute.... I asked Lua about it, she said that it could only be seen if she strained her eyes.』

It should be fine if it's just that much.
Unexpectedly, the shadow wall seems to be invisible from the ground. I thought something this big would have been seen, but considering the background, the void sky, is black, it probably doesn't stand out.

『And also, actually--』
『Mou, how irritating. Satou, been awhile. Can I have your time for a bit?』

Interrupting Aze-san who seemed hesitant, the one who intruded in the World Phone is the high elf-san of Biroanan clan.
Besides her red hair, her face looks completely the same with Aze-san.

『Actually, an exploration scarecrow found a crowd of [Evil Jelly] in the deep area, we dispatched a phoenix to exterminate them, but it was exterminated instead you see. It'd have been a different story if they were near the World Tree, but the phoenix that could exert its full power shouldn't have lost to [Evil Jelly]....』

The high elf-san's voice had a tone like she couldn't accept it.

『So, I have a request for Satou. Could you defeat them for a bit? The reward is, right.... You can sleep together or get a kiss on cheek from me--』
『It's a joke, Aze. You don't have to be that flustered.』

Aze-san is embarrassed with her frantic state.

Having drawn out such Aze-san is quite enough for the reward.
I'll vaporize those jellyfish, bring tens of thousands of them.

High elf-san continues the call before it's cut.

『Here's the real reward. I'll teach you the special Phoenix and Ifrit spells of Biroanan clan. They're far stronger than the standard Boruenan type.』
『Mwu.... Boruenan's Behemoth is more amazing mon.』

Aze-san who opposed like a child is cute.
While getting healed by the two's conversation, I head toward Biroanan's World Tree on the other side of the planet by going around it through the orbit.

A large amount of jelly fish are reflected on the radar as red dots on the verge of the map.
The range of the void sky map extends until the orbit of the moon but not the moon itself. Even though it's smaller than the earth's moon's orbit, the distance is still 300.000 kilometer long, so the extent of the map is an order magnitude higher than the ground's map.

It'll be troubling if there are a lot of them outside the map's range, so I head there with Flash Drive.

It's a bit too far, so I evaporated all the jellyfish on the map using advanced light magic [Photon Laser].
The flow of the log is too fast, I mask off the jellyfish defeat on the log.

>[Unidentified Object] defeated!


Apparently, there was another specimen mixed among the jellyfish.
I try to search the map by excluding the jellyfish.

An [Unidentified Object] is moving like it's chasing the jellyfish mass.
Its speed is equaling my Flash Drive.

I activate [Clairvoyance] from the Magic Column, that [Unidentified Object] comes into my view.

When it was suspending, it looked like a white spherical object with some strange protrusions, when it was chasing the jellyfish it was moving like a comet leaving a trail behind, and when it was predating, its pointed ends split into the shape of four feelers, attacking the jellyfish.

--It's totally like a kaiju.

Since we're in void sky, void sky kaiju? Or maybe we should call it a space kaiju?
I don't think that that thought is a flag, but that [Unidentified Object] found me, and came closer.
Fast. It was only a blink of an eye until it got here.


It's at least bigger than the jellyfish.

I splendidly evade the feelers its extending to try to predate me.
Thinking that it might be able to talk, I tried to send some signal light with life magic's [Light] following after a masterpiece story, but it was no good.

I cut the feelers that persistently tried to predate me with Flexible Sword.
Holy swords don't have enough reach.

It was softer than I thought, but the cut part turned into a sphere and then reunified with the main body.
I wonder if it's a kind of slime?

Looking at the AR information, there's no new information besides its name changing to [Space Kaiju].

I don't mind it if it predates the jellyfish, but it'll be troubling if it pushes itself into our daily life.
It seems to be a primitive life form impossible to talk with anyway, let's exterminate it along with the jellyfish.

I use [Photon Laser] to annihilate the space kaiju and the jellyfish.
There's a bit of distance, so the Space Kaiju quickly moved erratically to avoid the laser.


Just now, the diffused light from the laser illuminated something.
When I concentrated the laser there, I could see a dark grey lump in the profound dark depth.
Looking at it relatively, its diameter seems to be around three kilometers.

Its mobility is low compared to the white ball Space Kaiju, but my laser can't hit it.
Looks like the surface of the dark grey Space Kaiju is distorted tight.

....I made light of the distance of the space.

Just when I thought that the dark grey Space Kaiju had become big before my eyes, it attacked at a speed I couldn't evade.
In a hurry, I evade it with short distance Unit Arrangement.

Fortunately, the Space Kaiju didn't seem to be interested in entering the planet's atmosphere as it corrected its orbit, but it'll be bad if that gigantic mass falls to the ground if I fight it leisurely.

I'll go with the strongest forbidden spell here.
I can't use the Meteor Shower since I can't make use of the planet's gravity.

Among the spells I have, there is one spell that exceeds the Meteor Shower.
It's an unfinished spell, but its immensity of the range and effect emulated in my mind is the strongest.

Theoretically, I'm also currently developing an Annihilation type magic, but it hasn't taken form yet. Moreover, Annihilation magic feels too SF, its fantasy-ness is insufficient, I don't really want to use it.
<TLN: Annihilation can also be translated as 'decomposition'.>

We have magic and all.
I think it's important to be particular about the fantasy.

While thinking such a stupid thing, I evade the mysterious jagged light shot by the dark grey Space Kaiju.

Now then, let's prepare the forbidden spell chant.

This place is far away from the planet, but this distance is still close.
In order to prevent damages on the planet, I use the remodeled version of the space magic [City Guard], [Planet Guard].
After consuming magic power from two casted holy swords, the planet is wrapped in a huge defensive membrane on the low satellite orbit.
A light veil that looks like something I saw in an anime of the past spread as if wrapping the planet, creating a colorless and transparent dimensional gap wall.

Alright, the ground should be fine with this.

While chanting the unfinished forbidden spell that hasn't been named yet, I lead the dark grey Space Kaiju far away from the planet with Flash Drive.
Apparently, the dark grey Space Kaiju is a rare POP-up monster that only appears as one.
The white ball Space Kaiju's number has increased since then, but the dark grey Space Kaiju hasn't.

When I've come to halfway through the satellite orbit, I invoke the magic with the planet on my back.
The activation range is 12 kilometer forward, truly space scale.

Flash of light is born together with the invocation.
While protecting my eyes from light so intense the Light-intensity Adjustment skill couldn't catch up, I grasp the situation around me with the Radar and Map.
The Flame of Genesis overflowed in the void sky, getting the dark grey Space Kaiju and the nearby jellyfish and white ball Space Kaiju indiscriminately eliminated.
It's useless no matter where you go. There is no escape from the vastly expanding flame.
The distorted defense of the dark grey Space Kaiju got thoroughly burned, and then it disappeared from the map in zero point several seconds.

--The convergence isn't too good.

The flame should have been extending in front of the invoked point in a cone-shaped form, but it spread in every direction instead.
Moving in accordance to Crisis Perception, I escape to the other side of the dimensional gap with Unit Movement.

I observe the flame from the other side of the dimensional gap that cuts everything but the visible ray.
Concerning the mystery as to how visible ray can permeate even though it's a dimensional, I'm thinking of analyzing it since it looks usable for many things.

Looking at its speed that's far slower than when it's spreading forward, the flame coming here seems to be only the waves from the after-effect.
The flame that touches the dimensional gap spreads on its surface.

With a snap, the location where the flame hit the dimensional gap cracked.
It'll take a long time from the time of invocation to its completion if I create another dimensional gap, so I directly put magic power into the dimensional gap to restore it.
Although, the Flame of Genesis's burst is limited to one millisecond long, so the flame quickly lost its momentum.

--Good grief, I'm relieved now.

『Satou! What was the flame earlier!』
『Hey, Satou, are you alright?』
"Yes, I've cleared up the things here--"

I lightly replied the World Phone calls from both Biroanan and Boruenan sides to ease their anxiety, and then ask the two a little request.

"I'm sorry but could I borrow the figure of you two?"
『Eh? Yes, it's fine but?』
『What do you want to use it for Satou.』
"The flame was a bit too flashy, so I wanted to borrow your mystical appearances to tell the people of the ground 『Don't worry』."
『Ehehehe, mystical~』

Damn, you cute thing.

『Ah, that's easy.』
『Un, I'm fine too.』

They both agreed when I was in agony, so I go around to statesman and patriarchs  of the area where the flame could be seen, telling them 『Evil was destroyed through the works of gods』.
Of course, I showed the towns that were in panic the 3D vision of the high elves, calming them down.

It was good that my map range had increased, but because of that Arisa and the others' predicament reached me regrettably late.
From now on, I have to think more carefully when I'm doing magic experiments.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-38

13-38. Inaguration (3)


Satou's here. Having [Great Surprise] situation when I was working was an everday occurrence. Even so, I don't think that's an excuse to abandon the endeavor to improve the present situation. Mainly for myself.

At the same time the king announced about the attendant, one of the chamberlain signaled to the entrance of the audience hall.
The one who appeared from that entrance was a woman in dress--.

The nobles in the audience hall rustled when they saw the girl.

"I believe you are in good term with Sir Pendragon."
"Yes, we are familiar with each other."

The girl answered the king while smiling.

"I appoint Sera Oyugock to be Vice Minister Pendragon's attendant."
"I respectfully accept."


As I was surprised, I checked, Sera's name had a family name on it.
Apparently, she was secularized this morning.

While kneeling, Sera-san glanced at me and showed a playful smile. It's a rare expression for the serious Sera-san.

"If there is someone that can receive the 『Oracle』, you will be able to quickly sense it when the kingdom is in danger. If it's come to that, abandon everything and rush here."

I see, certainly they've been saved many times by Sera-san's [Oracle], so making her into a staff member is surely a good choice.
At the very least, it's better than having miko Auna-san, the daughter of Earl Seryuu, as the attendant.

I've confided her my secret just yesterday anyway, so there's no problem in having her in our journey together.

"And, we will announce the second attendant."

--Eh? It's not just Sera-san?

I turned my head toward the entrance where Sera-san appeared earlier following the prime minister's words, but there's no one appearing.
Yet, the nobles around me have all been looking ahead since awhile ago.

When I timidly looked to the front, Princess Shistina had walked ahead of the royal family's line up.

--That can't be.

That wish of mine is unfulfilled, and the king says some heartless words.

"And, my daughter Shistina will accompany Sir Pendragon as a special envoy of the tour."

You serious?

Apparently the other nobles thought the same too, the place got filled with objection that bordered on being disrespectful from the nobles of pedigree centered around the young ones.
Unfortunately, I didn't take any notice of them, so I can't remember the details.
I only remember Princess Shistina sending ice cold glances toward the nobles.

"Be quiet! ■"

The king's words were tremendous, the nobles shut their mouth like their hearts had been gripped.

Oops, [『The King's Roar』 resisted] came out on the log.
Judging from the fact that I didn't get the skill, it was probably a magic originated from the City Core or an effect of a magic tool.

"I had intended for Shistina to just be an attendant in the journey, but I changed my mind after looking at your attitude. I will make Shistina be Sir Pendragon's fiancee."

Oy oy, how about my consent?
Please stop making a hasty decision like a young man who has no resistance against agitation.

Still, making a hasty decision is rare for the king--it can't be, but was it an act?

Perhaps by doing this rather than announcing her to be my fiancee from the get go, there would be fewer people complaining?
Either way, it's won me the animosity....

The silver lining is the fact that it's only an engagement, I'll reject it through Nanashi later.
Yup, that's good.

That's why Princess Shistina. Please don't show such a happy look on your face.
And also, Sera-san. Please don't look at me with those eyes. I only knew about it just now.

"--Sir Pendragon. I entrust Shistina to you, but the formal marriage will be in one year during the new year gathering. Until that, I ask you to act like a gentleman with moderation."
"At your will."

After a long winded talk typical of a parent with a daughter of marriageable age, I replied back with a short consent.

I was caught in a barrage of questions from acquaintance nobles and my companions after the audience.
I only got released after the date had changed.

"Gueeeez, master (masfer) is too soft."
"That's right! I think not allowing me to take a bath together after I became of age is cruel! I also want the opportunity to appreciate Master's collarbone!"

Putting aside Arisa, Lulu who's also drunk grumbled some incoherent things.
I can see how they are sisters when they're like this.

"Master! It is possible for humans to mate with homonculus so I inform, inform, inform...."

Nana repeated words like a broken record toward Liza.
Looks like Mia was fast falling asleep.

"Pochi wants to be a bride too nodesu."

I pat Pochi and Tama's heads who were sleep-talking.

"Arara, everyone is asleep?"
"Isn't it because you let the children drink the sake?"

As a punishment, I made Hikaru to do the clean-up.

"It's fine. If you don't let them moderately loose for such a dissatisfaction, they'll fall out of the cogs of human relationship."

Oh, Hikaru is an adult.

"Fufuhn, are you surprised? After all, how many years do you think I was a hero?"

'It's okay to fall for me', she boasted, I lightly hit Hikaru's crown of head with a chop, and then went to sleep for the day.
Good grief, it's like there are two Arisa now.

Afterwards, I spent busy days for half a month.

"Can I leave it to you?"
"Ou! I take pride in tempering spoiled children like him. Moreover, Semeri is having fun too."

Two days after I was inaugurated as the vice minister, I went to Armor's place in the lower layer of the labyrinth.
Shin boy who's just recovered is running in the site for military drill in the area that Armor rules.

"Damn it, why do I, have to do this!"
"Oh, you're still energetic huh. Tsuntsun-maru, ya can raise the speed a bit more."

The vampire princess who's in her rebellions phase, Semeri, is chasing Shin boy while riding on a multi-legged sea anemone.
Looks like she has a sadistic tendency, she's training Shin boy while looking truly happy.

When I was thinking of punishing Shin boy who almost did a genocide in the royal capital as a demon lord, Armor who came visiting Ban's castle took up the job to reeducate him.

"This was my specialty in the former world."

Accepting Armor's suggestion, I decided to entrust Shin boy to him.
I gave materials and food together with a refrigerator magic tool needed for the reeducation from the storage to Armor.

In addition, as a thanks to Armor whose figure is that of a full-body Orichalcum armor, I plan to present him with a full-size replica of the mecha ridden by the protagonist of an anime that he liked in his former world.

Furthermore, I was able to make sushi roll with dried gourd for Yuika after getting the recipe through [Lost Knowledge].

And, the majority of the members of the carefree occult group [Wind of Liberty] that assisted the disturbance in the royal capital ended up in the prison.
Through the inquisitor, the ones who were found guilty were executed for the crime of treason, ones who weren't were charged with harsh punishment like stripping of peerage or assets confiscation.

Of course, the house of Souya boy who sheltered the person who was the epicenter of the red rope monsters in a detached building was to be disposed of.

As Nanashi I was able to somehow save their life besides the head of the house, though I couldn't say that it was because he's my acquaintance.

It doesn't end up in their acquittal though--.

"Kuro-sama, my name is Yui Akasaki. Please take care of me and my husband, Souya."

Souya boy who has been deprived of his recognition as an illegitimate child of the late king has become like a cripple.
As long as an existence like Yui is beside him when he's at the rock bottom like this, he's probably going to move forward before long.
Their positions are that of crime slaves, but they're going to get an amnesty from the king in a few years, at that time I plan to release them from slavery.

It's a bit hard, but I've employed a lot of people with similar situation as them, so they should be able to get accustomed with it before long.

"Are you firing me ssuka?"

That reluctant words hit me when I called Nell, the life magician of Echigoya workshop, and told her, "I'll release you from slavery."

I deny it as Kuro.

"Don't be foolish. I've heard from the workshop manager Porina that you're working well, so it's a reward. Work as the section manager of the life magicians from now on."

Porina has gathered around 20 life magicians, so she's going to work them.

"I'll work as hard as the legendary 『Corporate Slaves』 ssu."

After tearing off Nell who clung to me during the confusion with hardships, I told her, "I'm counting on you", and then left the workshop.
I wonder if that 'corporate slave' thing are words left behind by some past hero or reincarnated person?
I'd have liked if they didn't brought the term from hard life.

As for the workshop, they're currently increasing production line for the instant food suggested by Aoi boy.
Copy products of the kickboard will appear in the market sooner or later, so I'm thinking of making the instant food as our top product.
The powder soup is especially popular among peddlers, I plan to sell them in the branches office in Shiga Kingdom next time.
The woman underwear suggested by Arisa is also doing well.
Right now, stockings can only be made in the workshop of the Ivy Mansion or with my magic, so it's going to be awhile before we can commercialize it.

In addition, knowledgeable slaves of Echigoya Firm increased explosively in the Royal Capital, so the lack of personnel in the branch offices and the workshop is getting better.
The manager told me that we have bought the ruined workshop in the downtown and are currently enlarging the venture and building Royal Capital's orphanage at the same time.
I'd like them to work hard but not to the degree of overworking.

"Viscount-sama, this is the site of the House of Earl Muno."
"It's quite wide."

Lady Karina and I have come to the site of the House of Earl Muno where the mansion is going to be built.
Today, we're planning to create the mansion's wall with a famous construction magician.

"Then allow me to begin. ■■■■...."

I memorize his spell with ear copy.
It's quite long. Remembering it is going to be difficult.

"....■■■■ Create Fort Wall"

The construction magician swings his wand, and then a wall is appearing from every direction of the site with great speed.
Advanced magic is quite amazing. The construction magician has used up all of his MP with that one.

"Fuuh, next is the decoration, but since my magic power has ran out, it is for later--"
"Here you go if you would. It's a magic power recovery potion from Echigoya Firm."

I, who couldn't wait until later, took out a magic potion from my bag and presented it to him.
The magician hesitated, but when I was going to put the potion into my chest while muttering, "It's a intermediate level magic potion of Trismegistus....", he agreed to continue even while his face was looking truly complicated.
The race called magician can't hold back their curiosity after all.

That day, I got all kinds of magic; wall creation, ornament creation and a small detached building creation that's for the manager, so I was quite pleased.
These magic are fruits of individual research, so I put a note reminding me not to teach it to others. Copyright is important.

As a thanks, I gave him a lot of magic potions to the magician.

Even ignoring Hisui who raided during the mealtime, I didn't expect the truck-sized infant dragon would come visit the royal capital too.
I'm glad that it was when I was doing some work in Echigoya Firm.

The black dragon Heiron would eventually come to visit here, so it might be a good idea to create a secret base somewhere.
Let's postpone the construction of the aerial city.

I suspense my thought, and return my attention to Arisa and Mia who are running from beyond the hill of the Royal Capital's outskirt.

"Master! Athena had came to call us."
"Nn, Synchronous Magic."

Following Arisa and Mia, we're going to visit the royal court magician--Shiga 33 Wands during the magic practice.

Shiga Kingdom has been really peaceful for the past half month.
The Royal Capital reconstruction has also been completed thanks to Echigoya Firm bringing a large amount of material.

It'll be nice if the peace continues on like this--.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-37

13-37. Inauguration (2)


Satou's here. When it turned out that my friend was acquainted with my other friend, I feel that it often ended it with, "the world sure is small huh". However, it seems that it's a bit different in another world.

"Huh? Is it Mastill? Is that beautiful girl your current master now?"
『That's a nostalgic name. If you know that name, then you're really not Yamato's descendant, but Shiga Yamato herself?』

--So Raka and Hikaru were acquainted?

Mastill is probably Raka's old name.
I block Hikaru's mouth before she could affirm it.

"U-um! Wasn't Mito-san Satou-san's childhood friend?"
"You there, is that true?"

Sera-san keenly heard Zena-san and asked her.
Come to think of it, these two weren't acquainted huh.

"Raka-san, is she your acquaintance?"
『Yes, she was the king whom my master served many generations ago. I occasionally talked about her to Karina-dono, the Ancestor King Yamato is this girl.』

Raka answered Lady Karina's question.
There's no meaning in me blocking Hikaru's mouth now.

"You're too close."

Arisa who was watching the situation a step away pulled me and Hikaru apart.
For some reason Hikaru's face is red, but there's something that needs to be done first right now.

"Satou-san, I have a question--"

Sera-san started to speak with a serious face, but I put my index finger on her mouth to stop her.

It's possible for me to befuddle these three here.
Admitting that Hikaru is the Ancestor King Yamato, I can just tell them, "She has been tempered since she was little and becomes strong."

But now that I'm able to chant, have secured bases of operation, and able to manipulate the mind of someone who opposes me, there is no need to lie to my close friends.

"--You cannot turn back once you heard it you see? Yet, do you still want to know?"

Though that's only if the other party is aware of the disadvantage and wants to know the truth.


Sera-san answered without any hesitation.
Unlike her graceful looks, her character is straight-forward.
Even though Sera-san might dislike it if she heard it, but on this point, she might be similar to her older sister, Lady Ringrande.

"I want to know too."

Zena answered next.
It seems she was hesitating for a bit, but then she said those words with a clear expression.

"--I, I too, um.... I want to know about Satou too."

Lastly, Lady Karina answered with a shaken voice.

"Well then, let us have a talk."

I asked Arisa to take care of Hikaru, and then brought the three to the [Mansion of Ivy] in Selbira the labyrinth city.
I couldn't go to Pendragon Mansion and Echigoya Mansion, and I couldn't think of any other place where there were illumination and complete protection against espionage.

"Th-this place is?"
"It's the 『Mansion of Ivy』 in Selbira the labyrinth city."

I told the truth to Zena-san who was the first that came to her sense.

"N-no way! But we were just in the Royal Capital!"
"Is it true, Raka-san?"
『I'm sorry, Karina-dono, even I am not that almighty.』

In order to calm them, we left the entrance hall for the parlor.
Leriril with sleepy looks appeared from the manager room when we were walking.

"Satou-sama! You have (haft) come!"
"Hey, Leriril. I'll be borrowing the parlor."
"Then, I'll get (gef) the tea (fea) ready."

Leriril sleeps early, so it's already hard for her to speak properly.

"Don't worry about the tea and sleep, I'll have the tea tomorrow."
"Fuai, goof nifht."

I put Leriril who was tottering to sleep on the manager room's bed, apologized to the three who were waiting, and settled down in the parlor.

"Um, who was the child earlier?"
"Ah, she's the manager of this mansion, Leriril a house fairy (brownie)."

I answered Zena-san's question briefly.

"The 『Mansion of Ivy』 of the sage, Trazayuya.... Then Satou-san is...."

Sera-san is muttering in low voice, scary.

I take some tea and cakes from Storage and line them up on the table, then begin the talk.
Looks like they were surprised with Unit Arrangement, they didn't even retort about the things that appeared out of nowhere.

"Then let me show you my true identity."

I might as well do this in chronological order.

"Once, I was the Silver Mask who exterminated the greater demon in Seryuu city."

I put on a blond wig and a silver mask while saying that.

Zena-san looks surprised.
Since I also wore them in Muno City, Lady Karina reacted the same too.

"Another time, I was the White Mask who exterminated the revived 『Golden Wild Boar King』 in the Duchy Capital underground."

This time I changed into a white mask with a smile on it.
Sera-san is hardened with startled expression.

"And, my true identity is--Hero Nanashi. I'm someone who was summoned from another world just like the heroes of Saga Empire."

Lastly I put on the violet wig, and bowed like an actor.
The three listened until the end without laughing.

"Thank you for listening to me. Do you have any question?"

I changed back into Satou and lightly asked them.
My mind felt lighter after revealing my secret.


Sera-san was the one who spoke first.
She takes my hands and continues speaking while shedding tears from her eyes.

"You saved me from the demon lord's hand."

'Save' is incorrect.
Because I had let her die.

"At that time, my power wasn't enough--"

Sera-san interrupted me from denying.

"No, I am here because Satou-san took back my body from the demon lord's hand and lent your power to the  『Artifact of Resurrection』."

Then, Sera-san stopped talking and stared at me.
I understand that her lips are trembling since our bodies are close to each other.

"That's why, let me say it. Thank you for saving me."

Looks like she was overcame with emotion from expressing her gratitude, Sera-san kissed me passionately.
It's just an innocent kiss where our mouths touch each other, but I can feel the passion of her feeling.

Being kissed by a pretty girl doesn't feel bad, but I'd like this kind of thing in 5-10 years.

Zena-san and Lady Karina looked like they were about to cry, so I lightly hit Sera-san's shoulders and separated our faces.

"I-I'm sorry, Satou-san. Suddenly, doing such a thing--"
"Please don't mind it."

I won't get angry from just a kiss as long as it's not like Arisa's style, aiming during a chance.
I'll get mad if it's done when I have a lover though.

"Do Zena-san and Karina-sama have any question?"

While apologizing to the two whose eyes were moist, I asked them.

"Sa-Satou-san is. No, is the name Satou an alias?"
"Right.... It is indeed an alias. My name when I was in the other world was Suzuki Ichirou."
"Suzuki Ichirou...."

Zena-san murmured my name sadly.

"However, my name when I got summoned to this world was 『Satou』. Therefore, I think that my real name is Satou with this body."

It's a bit far-fetched, but I don't know the reason why my body got younger after all.
Arisa and the others call me [Satou] anyway, I think having Satou as my real name in this world is good.

Hearing my explanation, Zena-san nodded and said "Yes" while wiping her tears.
I'm glad that she understands.


Looks like this time it's Lady Karina.

"Will Satou return to the other world once you defeat all demon lords in the world?"
"I do not know that."

I replied Lady Karina who asked hesitantly with a vague answer.

"In the first place, I don't know why I was summoned to this world."

According to Hikaru and the others, the eighth person who was summoned by Princess Menea's kingdom was not me, but Shin boy.
Thus, the one who summoned me might be the Gods besides Parion, or perhaps even the Demon God.

The Dog-head mistook me for the Demon God, so there's a possibility that I might be the Demon God's offshoot (wakemitama), or an anti-dragon anti-god weapon.
This is just a supposition, so I haven't told it to anyone.

"Is that true?"
"Yes, I appeared near seryuu city several days before I met Zena-san after all."

I plainly answered Lady Karina.
I had talked about this to Arisa and the others, but Zena-san's reaction was a bit different.

"Then that 『Stars Fall』 was?!"
"Yes, that was a magic I used. I caused some uproar because of it."

I apologize to Zena-san since it caused an uproar in Seryuu city.

Afterwards, I answered several questions of the girls--for some reason, they asked whether I had girlfriends in the former world.
I thought it was a meaningless question since right now I have Aze-san as someone in my mind, but I answered properly regardless.
I also touched my relationship with Echigoya Firm just like with Hikaru. Zena-san who learned that the identity of Kuro was me was surprised with rounded eyes, but she didn't react in an extreme way like Sera did.
After answering many private questions, and when we were going back to the royal castle's garden, I remembered one thing I forgot.

I have to ask them to promise not to tell anyone my secret.

"--This is all of my secret. Would you promise me keep them a secret?"
"Yes, I will absolutely never reveal it."
"I'll keep it a secret even if I have to defend it with my life!"
"I-I also won't tell Satou's secret to anyone."
『I too pledge that I will never disclose it.』

The three people consented with sincere faces.
Normally, I should have used [Contract] skill chantlessly here, but I don't want to do something that looks like a sneak attack on my friends, I'm thinking of believing their sincere friendship.

--Lady Karina seems like she would say it out loud inadvertently.

There are plenty of ways to deal with it even if that happens though.
If the other party has bad manners, then that means I just need to erase their memory with mind magic.

And then, the day after the people who were aware of my secret increased by three, my companions and I got to receive rewards from his majesty for the [Floormaster] subjugation.

The rewards are the money from the auction of our loot though.

"Viscount Pendragon, as a reward for subjugating the 『Floormaster』 of Selbira Labyrinth Upper Layer, I grant you with 3500 gold coins."
"I will respectfully receive it."

Around 10% of the magic swords' sales huh--wait, my sense of money turned a bit strange.
I want to split the money to my companions equally. There might be times when they need money when they've become an adult after all.

Come to think of it, I don't think I've gotten the payment for the aerodynamic engine.
Well it's fine. There's the amount anyway, I'll make it a loan for 1000 years with no interest.

The team that subjugated the Middle Layer [Floormaster], Jeril's party, is on the campaign to Bishtal Dukedom, so the second position of the party, Mamoth-shi the scout received the rewards instead.

When I was going to step back after getting the reward certificate, the prime minister told me to stay.

"Next, announcing the new vice minister of the Tourism Ministry."

--No wait, you're virtually announcing that it's me by making me stay.

Sure enough, I could hear the nobles gossiping with my Attentive Ears skill.

"I-it can't be. An upstart viscount is the vice minister?"
"Impossible! Giving such a responsibility to someone with suspicious origin!"
"But I can tour the best!"
"Has his majesty lost his mind?"

Oy oy, putting me aside, if the last one was heard, you'd be executed for lese majesty y'know.

Moreover, what the heck is [Can tour the best]?
I'll befriend him if we can get along well later.

"I inaugurate Viscount Pendragon to be the vice minister of the Tourism Ministry."
"I will respectfully accept the responsibility."

I knelt before the king, and respectfully received the inauguration for the vice minister position.
I received the seal for the proof of the position, a scepter, and some medal-like thing. Looks like every one of them is a magic tool.

"We will bestow you attendant for it is a rigorous mission."
<TLN: It's not specified whether there are more than one attendant in the raw.>

--Eh? I never heard about this?

Attendant is just a nuisance though.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-36

13-36. Inauguration


Satou's here. Getting a position means having more responsibilities, and with that position, things that you could do for the first time also increase. In case of the modern Japan, there are some situations where a section chief has no subordinate in order to cut overtime pay.

"Some business came up, so please enjoy yourself in the hall ahead of me."
"Satou! Are you going to leave your escort pa-partner?"
"I'm sorry. I've been summoned by the prime minister. Lina-sama, I'm sorry, but please take care of Karina-sama."
"Yes, please leave it to me!"

Lady Karina complained because I was leaving her behind, but I'll leave the rest to Viscount Emlin's daughter.

"Liza, and Lulu, please watch over the girls so they won't make any mistake."
"Yes, I'll do my best!"
"Waait, you should've asked Arisa-chan there."
"Nn, objection."

After deceiving Arisa and Mia, who showed their dissatisfaction, by patting their head, I followed the gentleman who had been waiting for me to the prime minister's office.

"I'm appointing you to be the vice minister of the Tourism Ministry."

The matter for my summoning to the prime minister's office could be summarized in those words.

"With all due respect, it is far beyond my ability."

Of course, I rejected immediately.
The 'tourism' word is attractive, but in actuality it's just a nice way of saying the prime minister's secret service activity.

Moreover, I remember they wanted Satou to protect the royal capital when I was talking with them as Nanashi, I wonder what's happened with that?

"Rather than someone like me, the people of noble birth with more experiences are--"
"You're fit for it."

Interrupting me, the prime minister declared.
No, I understand you're declaring and all, but please stop taking a strange pose while emphasizing your muscles.

"The Tourism Ministry is nice y'know. I am stuck in office works as a cabinet minister myself right now, but His Majesty will lend a small airship for the tourism activities."

I see, a provision to get around the tourist spots huh.
I have my own airship, but being able to move freely with a high-performance airship might be convenient.

The next lines is mixed with discrepancy from the conversation with Nanashi.

"This airship boasts the highest speed in the kingdom, and is equipped with the long-distance true magic artifact."

I see, so it's an equipment that enables us to save the kingdom from outside if anything happens.
I'm planning to clean up the obstacles ahead of time as Nanashi though, so it's not really relevant.

"Furthermore, by making use of Shiga Kingdom's prestige as a major power, you can tour facilities and events that aren't possible for a commoner, and taste the special dishes that are only served in the royal court in each country."

Mumumu, that's a bit tempting.
I can stealthily intrude off-limit places with Unit Arrangement and space magic, but that's a kill-joy right.

"And, I don't mind if you use the current 1000 gold coins fiscal budget of the Tourism Ministry like they grow on a tree. Of course, you'll have to report the spending, but that's simply a formality."

I don't care about money since I already have an income that far exceeds my consumption.
However, with these many baits, what is the prime minister trying to catch?

"--Of course, obligations goes hand in hand with those rights."

The prime minister switches the talk as if he's read my mind.

Now then, now's the real issue.

He's probably going to talk about secret intelligence.
Before it got too deep, I should skillfully change the subject and run away.

"Every time you visit a foreign country and a city, you have to make a report regarding their famous places and specialty. Especially in securing sample of the famous specialty products for the preservation, you have to absolutely make sure to bring them back--"


"In addition, make sure to either get the recipe of the local famous or special product, or guess the recipe by yourself or your chef and put it on the appendix of the report. In case of ingredients not being available in Shiga Kingdom, you have to consider the replacement too. If they're plants, then secure the seeds in order to grow them here."

Wait a minute--.
Prime Minister (you), since you can't freely travel outside the kingdom yourself, you want me to go in your stead?

Looks like my thought was perceived, the prime minister coughed once, and said his official stance as if he was trying to varnish over it.

"This is for the sake of protecting the cultures nurtured by each country from disappearing because of the 『Age of Great Disturbance』. By no means this is for fulfilling my hobby and appetite."

You said appetite out loud.
The prime minister is probably serious, but it's possible that he's merely acting too, let's confirm it a bit more.

"Then, there is no need for me to gather intelligence in each country?"
"But of course. We have already dispatched spies dozens or even hundreds of years ago in countries that need them. There is no need in sending a hastily trained noble now. Moreover, it'd be a great loss to have the precious airship stolen under the pretext of you doing espionage activity."

I see, there are people who have fitted in the actual places just like Ninja's [Grass].

"I'm giving this position to you because you have the ability to efficiently collect cuisines and also the prowess to defend the airship from monsters and other countries."

As the prime minister has said, with me and my companions, the airship probably won't even get a single scratch as long as we aren't hit by a surprise attack from a demon lord or a greater demon.
Even if it gets broken, that means I just need repair it.

Right, I need to ask one more thing.

"What happen in case of monsters or a demon lord attacking the country that we were visiting?"
"Escape immediately if the opponent is a demon lord or a dragon. For any other opponent that you can win against, you can help them in order to demand gratitude, or you can abandon them."

The prime minister said it like that, but his way of speaking sounded like he believed that I would save them without fail.
That's true and all, but it feels like he's seen through me, it doesn't feel good.

"In case of cross-national war, you're forbidden to take side as a representative of Shiga Kingdom."

In other words, if I want to intervene a war between humans, do it stealthily without being known huh.

"Moreover, you're forbidden from visiting countries where there are oracle of demon lords reviving like Parion Holy Kingdom and Weasel Empire."

He did say that we should escape if we met a demon lord after all.
Moreover, I plan to visit those countries as Nanashi, so it doesn't hurt even if they're forbidden.

Oops, before I knew it, my thought worked as if I had taken the job.
As expected of the prime minister of a major power. He's good at negotiation.

"Is there a rule for resignation?"
"If you have written the report of the countries you've visited, then I don't mind if it's arbitrary."

Judging from the answer of this question, it looks like he seriously doesn't intend to make use of me as a secret agent or an agent for diplomacy.

"That is quite.... Doesn't the receiver side get way too much?"

The prime minister laughed off my question.

"His highness Soltrick has said it too, you really are too much of a good man. It's good that you're prudent, but if you don't have the guts to at least make use of your opponent's verbal slip, you'll get taken advantage of by old countries like Saga Empire or Garleon Union y'know."

Indeed. I remember Prince Soltrick saying the same thing when I met him in Princess Shistina's room.

"--Viscount Rottol and Duke Oyugock told me that you'd take actions that will profit the kingdom if I leave you alone without shackles after all."

The prime minister muttered in low voice.
I picked it up with Attentive Ears skill, but you wouldn't have normally heard it.

I can't argue back, since various things flashed in my mind.

"Then, let's hear your answer--"

I contemplate for awhile.

It is attractive, but there's too few advantages for me.
There's mostly no disadvantage in accepting it either though, but....

Let's decline since it's making me hesitate like this.
He probably won't force me to become the vice minister anyway.

The moment I was going to talk, the prime minister, seemingly perceived my disinterest, clapped several books that were placed on top of his office desk.
He presented the top book bound with thread.

"This is?"
"The thing that contains information about products and delicious gourmet food from each country that have been collected during my term."


"For someone who like to travel like you, you should feel like jumping at it right?"

Kuh, to think he took out such a trump card in the end....

Prime minister, you're good!

"If you work as the vice minister, in addition to these books, I'll give you letters of introduction for the influential people in each country. This should save you the trouble even against a cook who's hard to please."

GJ (Good Job)!!

It can't be helped if it's this much.
The prime minister who's making an awfully bright smile is vexing, but I'll let him have his way here.

After contemplating for a bit--.

I answer the prime minister with my affirmation.

We'll leave the details for later, so I follow the prime minister who ought to go to the evening party, leaving his office behind.
It seems the airship needs to be equipped first, so the delivery will be in one month.

During that time, I'll do what I need to be doing as Satou in Shiga Kingdom.

While I was walking and listing things that have to be done, the prime minister suddenly stopped.
Blue marker is reflected on the radar. It's Hikaru.

Looks like Hikaru is currently accompanying the king and the queen to evening party hall.
Looking at their harmony, it seems she's getting along with the queen too.

"If it isn't His Majesty."

I kneel together with the prime minister.

"Ara, Prime Minister. Is the child your son?"

Hikaru asked an artificial question.

"No, he is Viscount Satou Pendragon, one of my subordinates."
"Then, you've decided on the vice minister at last."
"Yes, I'm sorry to make your majesty worry."

It was the king who first reacted to the prime minister.

"Hm~mm. Subordinate of the prime minister huh~"

Hikaru is grinning with a face that looks like she's thought of a mischief.

"Then, I'll have Satou escort me to the hall!"
"I can be Ancestor King, no, Mito-sama's escort...."
"You can't, His Majesty must escort the queen."

Hikaru curtly refused the king's suggestion.

"Then I'll go in His Majesty's place."
"Ara? Didn't you say that your wife was coming to the evening party today? You said that you'd introduce her to me right?"

The prime minister intercepted but he got tragically sunk down by Hikaru's attack.

"Satou, your hand please."

Hikaru's triumphant face is irritating me, but I can't refuse Hikaru who has the higher position.
I should quickly fade-out once I escorted her to the hall.

Escorting Hikaru, a Duchess, sounds like it'll make me stand out, but I've stood out so much from Liza's matter and attaining Viscouncy, so it's too late now.

I took Hikaru's hand, and walked down the corridor after the king couple and the prime minister.

I'll be omitting Hikaru's introduction scene.
Even though it had become a slight chaos, it was settled down by the prime minister's thunderous roar.

Entreated by Hikaru, right now I'm dancing with Hikaru in the center of the hall like we're the leading part of the evening party as the surrounding people get pushed by the atmosphere.
The tune ended before long.

"Hmm, I sure am satisfied to be able to dance with Ichirou-nii to my heart's content."
"What? If you wanted to dance, I would dance with you as much as you like in our mansion's hall."
"Not like that~ it's nice since it's during this kind of party."

I led Hikaru who was sighing in satisfaction away from the dance space.
After this, Hikaru is going to have some chat with the princes and the princess, so I part way with Hikaru and head to where Arisa and the others are.

However, someone appeared and blocked my way.

"Good evening, Satou-san. Where did you get acquainted with Duchess Mitsukuni at from earlier?"
"G-Good evening Sera-sama."

Sera who's smiling even though her eyes are not is scary.
Why do I feel like a man who's cheated.

"Satou! After leaving me behind like that, why did you become the Duchess's escort?"
"....Satou-sama, I believe in you."

Then, Lady Karina who looks angry and Viscount Emlin's daughter who looks anxious also appeared.

"Oy, look there. It's shuraba."
"That's the new viscount right?"
"That's how you'll end up when you put your hands everywhere."

I could hear some unwilling rumor mixed with envy from the young noblemen.
I didn't put my hand on anyone though, what a cruel talk.

"Satou! I have come noja! Together with Maryann too!"
"Please excuse me for my long silence, Viscount Pendragon-sama."

Turning my head to the energetic voice, I saw Princess Mitia of the small Norooku Kingdom and the daughter of Barone Dyukeli, Maryann, who should have been in the labyrinth city.
I saw Baronet Dyukeli over the crowd too, so I saluted to him.
Maryann has become an adult this year, perhaps she's come her to look for a marriage partner.

"Satou-sama! Please hear me out! I've gone through something really terrible today."

Princess Menea of the small Rumooku Kingdom with her disheveled pink hair is also present.
She has just been attacked by Demon Lord Shin this afternoon, what a tough girl.

I catch sight of noble princess whom I'm acquainted with starting from Ririna, the daughter of Gururian City's viceroy, coming here from a distance.
Somehow or other, the place became chaotic.

Usually, I would be having some pleasant chats while dancing sometimes, so why did it became like this today.

Well, I guess it's fine.
It's probably just my hallucination, but let's taste how it feels to be a popular man once in a while.

The members are mostly loli-loli though, but expecting luxury is not good right.

After dancing with the girls until they were all satisfied, I succeeded running away by saying I wanted to see my companions.

"Pochi's stomach is full and round nanodesu."
"It was truly delicious. I won't ever forget the taste of the whole roasted Ecu."

The beastfolk girls are relaxing with satisfied faces in one section of the buffet space in the center hall.
I was interested in the whole roasted dish that sounded like the name of some currency, but there was nothing left. Truly regretful.

"Master, you're late."
"Nn, tardy."
"Welcoming Master's return."

While listening to Arisa and Mia, I drink the fruit juice that Nana gave, quenching my throat.

"Welcome back, Master. Although there's only a few, I've put aside various dishes."
"Thank you, Lulu."

Receiving the plate from Lulu, I enjoy various tastes.
As for the whole roasted Ecu that Liza highly praised, it tasted slightly gamey with rich flavor that was unlike of beef or pork, and there was also the chewiness that she liked.
Since it seems that it was Liza who suggested the dishes on the plate, I also thanked her for it.

Feeling full, I decided to take a walk in the garden to help digest the food.
The dance is nice and all, but I take everyone for a stroll until the shining flowers path.

I saw Zena-san on the radar, having come to the party hall. Let's meet her there after taking a lap back.
Checking on the map, it looks like she's with Miko Auna-san, Earl Seryuu's daughter.

"Hey, isn't that Mito-cchi?"

Where Arisa pointed, Hikaru was standing alone in the flower garden while looking up at the sky, looking like she was enduring not to cry.

"Ah, Ichi--Satou."

When our eyes meet, Hikaru made a forced smile.

"Did something happen?"

Hikaru shakes her head to my words.

"Were the king's family being mean to you?"
"Ahaha, nope. Everyone is a good child."

Hikaru laughed and denied Arisa's question.
However, it seemed her smile was forced, she quickly stopped laughing and looked languid again.

"But, they are all really good children, it makes me remember Sharlick-kun and the others--"

--Hikaru who was able to cry muttered.

I hug Hikaru's head, and let her cry as much as she wants.

Sensing the scene, Liza took the girls besides Arisa to the nearby arbor.
It seems Arisa is on a monitoring duty so that there won't be a strange mood happening between Hikaru and me.

I felt the presence of the wind when I was calming Hikaru.
It was not a poet, it was probably the wind magic [Wind Search].

"Ah, Zena-san and Liza-san."

And then, Zena-san appeared from the arbor when Hikaru had wiped her tears.

"Satou-san... Huh? You're with Mito-san today?"
"Yes, she was feeling unwell from the crowd, so we were just enjoying the night wind for a bit."

Right, I introduced Hikaru as my childhood friend to Zena-san.

It seems Zena-san had left the earl and Auna-san in the hall to search for me alone.
Liza who found Zena-san showed the way here.

And then, Liza wasn't only the one who found Zena-san--.

"Satou?! Yo-you were flirting again in this place."
"Huh, aren't they Karina-tan and Sera-sama."

Lady Karina who's together with Sera is walking here angrily. Sera is smiling, but I feel that her cheeks are twitching.

'There sure is a lot of shuraba-like situations today', perhaps thinking like it was none of my business was bad, even more bomb got thrown into the scene.

『Yamato? Shiga Yamato?!』

That voice came from Raka the <<Intelligent Item>> that was emitting blue light from the direction of Lady Karina's forehead.

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