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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-28

This chapter is in third person point of view

13-28. Orb


The boy pulls back the orb that he has raised up toward the sky.

"I see.... I wanted my memories erased myself."

The moment the boy saw the sun light reflected on the orb, the locked memory played back in the boy's mind like a revolving lantern.

--The memories from the former world.

--The memories when he was summoned during a ritual of a small kingdom.

--A beautiful woman who transcended humans.

--And then the people who rescued him who was kidnapped under the pretext of 'summoning'.

"I remember...."

The boy grips his other hand not holding the orb hard enough to spill blood.

"I wanted to try living as a person of this world, and see if I would still think the same like before my memory was sealed...huh."

The boy sighs once to himself for his roundabout way of sealing his own memory.

And then, this time he chooses to use the orb.

"To gain power from this orb, I should do it like this."

The boys understands how to use the orb just by flowing it with his magic power; he swallows it.
The boy's throat moves, and then the power of blessings dwells in the boy before the orb could reach his stomachs.

"■■■ Breeze"

The breeze of life magic shakes the boy's hair.

"Kukkukku, this is magic--"

The current boy can use any magic.
Because he can browse all magic like turning a dictionary.

"--For I am the king who rules over magic."

The boy smiles with his mouth looking like the shape of a down crescent moon.

And then a cataclysm happens as if responding to that smile.

--Flame envelops the world.

Beyond the horizon, flame raises toward the void sky as if blown from the earth.
That's happening on 360 degree direction, there are walls of flame everywhere you see.

"Looks like the world welcomes its end---"

The boy laughs loudly with his hands reaching out to the sky.

As if waiting for his laughter to end, the flame walls that have surrounded the world abruptly disappears.
Without even questioning the unknown walls of flame, the boy mutters to himself.

"A king who's alone doesn't look good.... Right, I'll summon a servant."

By just thinking that, a magic circle that emits violet light appears on the ground.
Two circles float to mid-air, then the upper circle projects a light cylinder.
Black stains are created inside the cylinder, and then it produces a grotesque figure before long.

The figure pushes down the joint cemetery stone monuments to where the boy stands, one after another.

『Your highness, the greater demon [Black Three] has come before your presence, I am blissful.』
<TLN: The demon refers to himself with 'wagahai'>

The boy knits his brow toward the black greater demon that's appeared.

"I am the king. Call me majesty."
『As you wish, your majesty. I consent.』

Accompanied by the greater demon, the boy who's smiling harder feels an intense vertigo.

"....Guh, w-what?"
『A human body is brittle, it cannot endure the recoil from the summoning, so is my humble opinion.』

Just as the greater demon had said, the boy's body was assailed by the recoil of the forbidden magic used to summon a greater demon and the sudden shortage of magic power.

"If it's weak, then I can just remodel it, yes, remodel it stronger."

As if waiting for the boy's mutter, the power of magic without chanting transforms the boy's body with crackling sound.

--The bones lengthen, the muscles increase, the figure turns into that of an adult.


The boy screams with his mouth.
The physical growth stops when he's become a two-meter tall big figure.
However, the transformation isn't stopping.

--A thin violet-colored horn appears on his forehead, and his hair lengthens until the waist.

"Haa, haa, haa"

Repeating short panting, the boy's hair is shining silver, his bangs is dyed in violet color.
The boy clicks his fingers once, and then clothes and mantles appear out of thin air, wrapping the boy's body.

Someone calls to the boy who's dumbfounded with the transformation of his body.

『What a magnificent figure zamasu. With this, his majesty 『Onifolk King』 will be delighted too zamasu.』
"So it's you--"

The boy looks at the source of the voice.
There are the green demon in its 30-meter long green dragon mock body, and its lower demon subordinates.

『Please pardon me to be in the form that once bared its fang to the king. I have brought an item for congratulating your highness zamasu.』

Boom, the ground shakes, and then on its place is a lump of magic crystal pillar that has the effect of MP recovery.
It's not an item that can be gotten easily even for a senior greater demon.

"That is?"
『It's an item for recovering magic power called magic crystal pillar zamasu.』
"I see, hand it over."

The boy uses [Magic Hand] magic to move the magic crystal pillar.
The moment he touches it, the boy's magic power that was about to run out is recovered in a flash.

"This is magnificent."
『I am extremely delighted to see that it is to your highness's liking zamasu.』
"Call me majesty."
『Understood zamasu--』

Even though the green demon is using polite speech toward the boy, perhaps his loyalty doesn't lie to the boy.

The green demon suddenly raises its dragon's neck toward a section of the sky and scowls at it.

『--It seems an annoying person has noticed us zamasu. Leave it to me zamasu.』

After saying that the green demon kicks the ground and soars to the sky.

The lower demons that had accompanied the green demon also disappeared without even leaving a shadow just like when they appeared.
They're probably familiars for shuttle use.

『Your majesty's order, I await.』
"Right. First I'll punish the kidnappers--"

The boy orders the greater demon to bring one of the people of the kingdom that kidnapped him.
Ignoring the greater demon that showed its displeasure by keeping silent, the boy talks to himself in delirium.

"What kind of punishments should I do? Ordinary punishments are not good. Making that beautiful princess cry tears of fear and regret is good....Right. I have a good plan...."

The boy chuckles to his own good idea.
Before long, the greater demon returned while carrying an unconscious girl.

"Wake up."

Using mind magic chantlessly, he wakes the girl--Princess Menea up.

"He-here is? ....Demons!"

Princess Menea immediately stands guard, and then throws a magic tool for emergency summon to the ground.
A mist-like dog shrouded in white mist growls toward the boy and the greater demon.


The boy clicks his fingers, and then the white mist dog disappears into the air with a whimper.

"...N-no way....Chantless magic."

Princess Menea speaks with trembling voice.
The girl is probably aware.

--An opponent that can use chantless magic, that is.

"....Demon lord."

Princess Menea shrinks back in fear.

"What's wrong? Don't you usually come to me yourself?"

The boy clicks his fingers, and then ivy which grow from the ground restrain Princess Menea and lift her up.

"Do not worry, princess of the kingdom of sinners. I will not kill you immediately."

The boy swings his arm, and then the thick trees are parted to the sides, revealing the royal castle and the big sakura tree beyond.

"First, I who was summoned by you bastards will destroy the capital of a foreign kingdom. Witness the slaughter of your friends and the innocent people, and cry."

Princess Menea who's being scowled by the mad boy is trembling to the point of losing her consciousness.
Nay, every time she's going to faint, she's forcefully woken up with the boy's magic.

"Once it's over, I'll bring your head to Rumooku Kingdom and abduct that beautiful sister of the king."

The boy laughs with a slight admiration among his insanity.

"....Yuriko-sama is already....."

Princess Menea's mutter never reach the boy.

"First, I'll start with that hateful sakura tree."

Princess Menea sees the visage of a person before the grotesque transformation from the boy's face.

"....Y-you are!"

Taking no notice of the girl, the boy starts a spell chant since the first [Breeze].
Enormous magic power is gathering to the boy, that spell chant forms a shape.

The sky above the royal castle is split, the tip of a gigantic meteorite shows itself up.

"Fuhahahahaha, look at my meteor! This is power--"

The boy who was going to laugh loudly with spread arms turns toward Princess Menea.

"--What are you doing?"

Before the boy's eyes, a plump boy is struggling to untie Princess Menea from the ivy.
The boy clicks his fingers, and then the ivy that binds Princess Menea flings the plump boy away.


The boy rolls on the cemetery while repeatedly raising dust.

The boy recognizes the plump Souya boy, but right now he's an existence that's no different than a garbage, he loses interest after glancing at him once.
The boy clicks his fingers, and then a bundle of fireballs appear.

"Clown begone."

The fireballs explode above the boy, the flame wrap the boy's figure.

There isn't any trace of the charred remain of the boy once the flame disappear.

"Hmph, vaporized without leaving a bone huh..."

Even though he's a bit puzzled, the boy seems to think of it as of little significance, he turns his concern toward the meteorite creation.
The gigantic meteorite is giving a roaring sound while being created in the sky, however only 50% of it has appeared.
The boy suddenly looks around, the greater demon scowls at a section of the cemetery.

"--As expected of a greater demon, you're not leaving any opening."

A lone swordsman appears from behind the grove.

"Your majesty, please leave cleaning up the small fry too me. I am industrious."
"Small fry huh.... Been a while since I was called that. Second seat of Shiga Eight Sword, Heim the 『Weed』, coming!"

He rushes with Flickering Movement, the greater demon also accelerates and counterattacks while leaving black afterimage.
The demon blocks the great swords with its claw, and then Heim kicks the counterattacking claw away.
Heim is freely wielding the great sword that should've been heavy and slow, he deals with the greater demon's claw by kicking its tail.

"Fushururuu, you're good human! I am delighted."
"I'd have died from the first attack if I didn't use the forbidden acceleration drug..."

The greater demon breathes roughly, taking a charging posture with both its claws on the ground.
In order to meet it, Heim takes an upper stance with the great sword.

"Heim-sama! The one who creates that meteorite is that silver-haired demon lord!"

Princess Menea screams so to Heim, but the greater demon's protection is firm, it seems Heim can't approach the boy.
When the gigantic meteorite finally starts its fall, the boy speaks to himself while his eyes are chasing it.

"Now, it's the beginning of the end--"

"Aaa! The big sakura tree is--"

Princess Menea's scream resounds throughout the cemetery.

And then, the moment the meteorite is going to touch the big sakura tree, the space over there looks like it's split and then the meteorite disappears.


There's no one who responds to the boy's surprise.

The moment the meteorite disappears completely, the ground of the royal capital shakes.
The lone scream of Princess Menea is echoing throughout the cemetery.

"Assistance for assistant nanodesu!"

Little swordsmen wrapped in golden sparkle break into the place.

"Worthy rivals! I welcome."

The dogfolk swordsman--Pochi assaults the greater demon while leaving blue glow behind.
The greater demon's claws wrapped in red light clash with the small holy sword, scattering red and blue sparks.

The catfolk swordsman--Tama who's rushing from the side is counterattacked by the demon's tail.
The tail quickly cuts down the swordsman's stomach, a little figure falls on the cemetery.

--However, the thing that's fallen down is a log wrapped in a pink mantle.

<TLN: Cast-off cicada shell.>

Slipping off before anyone knew it, the cat ninja Tama releases Princess Menea, and then takes her away to the edge of the cemetery.

Souya boy who should have lost his life in flames is over there too.
His survival is due to cat ninja Tama's secret action.

"Impertinent, who are you bastards!"

As if waiting for the boy to ask their identity, several girls in golden armors land on the cemetery.

"Isn't it obvious! We're the allies of justice!"

A girl in golden dress armor whose violet hair is trailing behind--Arisa laughs cheerfully.

"Come now! Let the match be--huh? Why are you here?"

Arisa is shaken when she perceives the former visage of the grown-up boy.

"W-why are you... Answer me!"

The boy throws his mantle, and then he scowls at Arisa with a smug face.

"You servant, you're being haughty toward the one who rules over magic, the omnipotent king, me!"

The boy rebukes Arisa with all his dignity.
However, without being daunted by it, Arisa asks another question.

"Answer me, you who should have been a hero, why?!"
"I don't care about the me whose memory was sealed."

The boy clicks his fingers, several force spears appear attacking Arisa.

"Useless useless useless, so I declare."

A beautiful woman wrapped in golden armor--Nana amasses impregnable defensive wall before Arisa.
The force spears disappear fruitlessly the moment they touch the defensive wall.

"Are you obstructing me, small fries!"

Right at then, boom, a grotesque figure wrapped in green scales is dropped.

"Thank you for the wait, it's the appearance of the star performer! Hero Nanashi Second, coming!"

A woman protected by 13 holy swords glowing blue is taking a victory pose on top of the green dragon.

"Ara~? Your look sure has really changed."

Mito tilts her head when she sees the boy's face.

"H-hey, Mito, you're late."
"Real sorry. This green greater demon was tenacious you see."

When Mito shrugs her shoulders, the greater demon who's taken the form of a green dragon disappears like a mist.
It probably couldn't maintain the mock body (avatar).

"Now then, let's fight."
"Wait a minute. That guy is--"
"I know. However, I'm a hero, he's a demon lord. That's a reason enough to fight."

Mito holds back Arisa who's still trying to stop the boy.

"Now then, let's go--"

She twirls the holy wand taken out of her Inventory once, and then glares at the boy.

"--Demon Lord Shin!"

Thus the curtain opens for the fight between a demon lord and a hero--.

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