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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-22

13-22. The Princess's Tea Party (2)


Satou's here. I've seen harps in stories and tv shows, but I've never seen one in person. I have an image of a woman wearing toga playing a harp, but that's quite heavy isn't it.

I'm saved by the announcement that the little sister of Princess Shistina will come.
Stopping the anti-listening device, we clean up the spell documents and get back to a normal tea party state.
While feeling a bit like a secret lover of a married woman somehow, my eyes catch sight of a little girl who appears on the entrance of the room.

"Shistina nee-sama!"

The small princess hugs Princess Shistina.
Her name is Doris, born from the same mother as Princess Shistina, she's the twelfth princess who's only 10 years old. She's two years younger than Arisa, but her physique is no different than Arisa's.

Princess Doris is behaving like a spoiled child with her big sister for a while, after that she turns toward Mia and speaks in high tension.

"Mia-sama! I've brought an unusual harp and Hisui today for Mia-sama!"

The 'Hisui' that Princess Doris was talking about isn't a jade but a small songbird with feathers as beautiful as a jade. <TLN: Hisui=jade>
It's singing beautifully from inside a luxurious cage.

--I wonder what is this? I get deja vu like I know this bird.

"Mia-sama, please play this!"

Mia receives the harp, flicks the strings with her finger and confirms the music scale.
The harp looks mystical befitting to be an item of a princess of a large kingdom.

The strings that look like they're made from gold are arranged on the harp's jade-like main body.

In addition, a relief of a long haired woman is carved on its supporting part.
This female statue doesn't seem to be a mere decoration but it also serves as an echo pipe, Mia is doing trial and error with a serious face, trying to grasp the harp's characteristic.

Looks like Princess Doris is bored now that Mia isn't keeping her company, she steps toward me.

"I permit you to give your name."

Princess Doris spoke so as if commanding me who was still sitting.
The way she's trying her best to look dignified is heartwarming.

"Nice to meet you your highness. I am Viscount Satou Pendragon, a retainer of Earl Muno."

After that, I bow stylishly like a young nobleman would.
Normally I would only do this to a lady, but this kind of greeting should make a little girl who's trying hard to look like an adult happy.

"My! What a wonderful greeting, Sir Pendragyon--Viscount-sama. I am the twelfth princess of Shiga Kingdom, Doris Shiga. I'm born from the same mother as Shistina nee-sama's nano--desuwa."

Princess Doris returned the greeting even while fumbling her words and using wrong speech.
After looking restlessly to my sides, she turns toward Arisa.

"Arisa, leave that space."
"No way."

Arisa rudely refused the order even though it was against a princess of a large kingdom.
It seems the princess didn't think that she would be refused, her line of sight loiters around restlessly.

Mia is sitting on the opposite side of Arisa.
After looking troubled for a while, seemingly unable to tell Mia to leave, she smiles as if she's realized something and then she holds both her hands toward me.

--What does she want me to do?

"Let me sit on your lap, Pendra--Satou."

I see, she wants to sit on my lap huh.

"Doris, you're being impolite."
"Princess, sit beside Princess Shistina."

Princess Shistina and Princess Doris's close aide rebuked her, but she turns her clingy-like line of sight toward me.

"--I can't?"
"Understood, Princess Doris."

I grab her waist and put her on my lap.
Mia and Arisa seem dissatisfied, but please let me off for just spoiling a cute child.

After Mia has finished adjusting the strings, she begins playing the harp.
It seems the jade colored bird likes Mia's performance, it's chirping with the music.

--Un? I can feel wave of magic power.

According to information from AR reading, the crystal tree which the harp is made from has an effect on the emotion of the audiences.
Simply put, the item has an extra effect of making the listeners get more easily impressed.

In fact, the people here, besides me who've resisted it, are listening to Mia's performance in ecstasy.
By no means it's because my sensitivity has been gotten bad.

Well, it doesn't seem like it causes any harm anyway, I'll just listen to Mia's performance quietly--.

Right at that time, I heard a bird's shriek, and then sound of metal bursting echoes in the room.
It's followed by the servants' screams, throwing the room into chaos.

Before my view, there's a monster spreading its wing on top of a broken cage.

An emeral green colored bird-type monster opens its bright red eyes.
Red-rope pattern magic circle is emerging from the surface of its jewel-like feathers.

--A red rope monster?

"Hisui's cage!"
"Y-your highness, please evacuate!"

I throw the three little girls to the corner of the room, and carry Princess Shistina to that corner.

"Your highnessssssss!"

I feel sorry for the maids who look like they'll faint, but I only have two arms.

I put down Princess Shistina to the falling point of the three little girls, and receive the coming little girls one by one.
I think Arisa is a big shot for trying to aim for my lips in this situation.

I felt that the presence of the monster trying to act when I was receiving Arisa, so I kicked one of the heavy sofas toward the monster.

"Why is a red rope pattern in this place?"
"Let's defeat it for now."

Mia's and Arisa's questions are reasonable, but there are too many non-combatants here.
Removing the monster quickly is probably for the best.

"You can't! Don't kill Hisui!"

When I was going to eliminate the monster, Princess Doris stops me with her whole body.
So that's really what remain of Princess Doris's songbird.

"I'm sorry your highness."

I apologize to the small Princess Doris and rush toward the monster.
Unfortunately, I lack preparation.


I block the bird's ultrasonic breath with [Air Curtain] magic chantlessly, and hit the monster's body with my palm.


Princess Doris's desperate scream is beating my back.

--I'm reflecting.

Even if it's unreasonable, I shouldn't give up easily.

Having nothing to lose in trying, I rob the monster's magic power with [Mana Drain] through my palm.
The red rope magic circle that protects the monster's body disappears.

So far it's just as planned, I'll leave it to luck from here on.

I search the magic core inside the mosnter's body with map search.
It's really not possible huh....

--Wait, perhaps!

I consciously use the [Magic Essence Distribution Perception] that I've learned recently.


I can perceive the distribution of magic essence inside the monster's body.

It seems the magic sense is thick around the blood vessel and the body surface.
The thickest one among them is probably the magic core.

I pierce the monster's body with my arm and pull out the magic core inside.
However, my intuition tells me that doing only this much is the same as just killing the monster.

Then what should I do next?
Maybe I should remove the magic essence flowing in its body?

I execute that thinking.
If I can tear magic barrier with my hand, then I should be able to grasp magic essence too.

I grasp the magic essence together with the blood that's coming out from the wound opened from taking the magic core, and then carefully pull it out like pulling a root from the ground.

I feel like several hours have passed, but it's probably only a few seconds in reality.
I pulled around 70% of the magic essence from the monster's body.

The monster's body is shrunk, turning back into a bird.

"Princess, you can't."
"No! Let go!"

--However, the damage is probably to heavy for a small bird to withstand.

The songbird's fire of life is disappearing.

I confirm the stock of magic potions in my storage.
Low-grade medicines are out of question. I think mid-grade medicine should be able to do it, but I don't have the conviction that it'll succeed.
Let's be careful here and use the best one.

I take out a small bottle of upper-grade magic potion from the storage.
It's been mixed with my blood so I can't use it to other people, but there shouldn't be anyone complaining if it's for a bird.

I sprinkle the magic potion on the songbird's wound, and put the rest into its small beak.

--Pi, pi, pu, piru, piru, pipirururuu.

The agonizing voice from the bird gradually turns energetic.

"Hisui! Thank god!"

As expected of upper-grade magic potion.
The effect is outstanding even though it's been mixed with my blood!

"A m-monster got... turned back into the original creature?"

I feel slightly guilty when I hear the feverish voice of Princess Shistina, but since this ended without Princess Doris having some strange trauma, I guess you can call this excellent.

Now then, what kind of excuse should I use.

"Your highness, the medicine that I used just now was called Nectar, an item that was found in the lowest floor of a certain labyrinth--"

Do your best [Deception] skill.
Tomorrow's peace depends on you!

The twelfth princess of Shiga Kingdom. 10 years old. Born from the same mother as Princess Shistina's.
Her pet appeared at a glimpse in [12-18. Tea Party's Intruder].

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-21

13-21. The Princess's Tea Party


Satou's here. Even someone who's usually taciturn can talk fluently when it's about their favorite thing. If you want to get along with someone who's hard to please, I think you should begin by knowing their favorite thing.

"Thank you for inviting me to the tea party today--"

I bow like a retainer would before Princess Shistina, the sixth princess of Shiga Kingdom.

The ones that have come to the tea party are only Arisa, Mia and me.

The three beastkin girl and Nana have gone to the labyrinth. They wished for it since they hadn't moved their bodies for awhile, so I sent them to the marine area deep in the first layer. Of course, Lulu who brought cooking tools were also with them.
In addition, Crow and Shiro are attending the royal academy like usual, and Hikaru is watching Shin boy.

I finish my greeting, and look around the room while being careful as to not make it seems rude.

As might be expected of the room of the princess of a large kingdom, eight lady's attendants and maids are packed inside.
Every one of the employees is a beauty.

"Welcome Viscount Pendragon. Arisa and Mia-sama too, welcome."
"Good day Shistina-sama. I have brought the snacks I talked about the other day. It has been put inside the magic refrigerator storage, so please go ahead and enjoy it."

Arisa was talking about crepes.
It was topped with strawberry and lulu's fruit ice cream, so I ended up making a magic refrigerator for it too. I made it in the name of one of my alias, Trismegistus.

This is the first time I've been invited to a tea party by the princess, so I've brought some presents that's just right coming from a Viscount.

Adding up the princess's preferences I heard from Arisa, I brought things like stationery with flower fragrance, self-made paper that felt nice to write on, a pen made from water stone that didn't need ink, and a box with lock for putting letters.
Every one of them is adorned with pretty decorations that suit the princess, made in the name of Michaelangelo. They were quite good considering they were made in half an hour.

In addition I also gave six-colored paper tags. They're Arisa's and Mia's favorites, so a researcher should be happy with them.

I also gave things like pastry and perfumes to the personal attendants of the princess.
They've been taking care of Arisa and Mia, so these much is alright.

"This is the first time I've seen such a small refrigerator. Perhaps, Viscount Pendragon made it?"

The princess asked with eyes full of expectation, but I can't exactly tell her YES.

"No, it's a work of Trismegistus-shi."
"That's the name of the up-and-coming mysterious magic tool engineer isn't it. If I'm not mistaken he's contracted exclusively to Echigoya Firm."
"The princess knows well, it was brought by my personal merchant. It is quite useful when I need to bring cakes."

After hearing my conversation with the princess, one of the princess's attendant looked subtly dejected.
A small-sized magic refrigerator is convenient after all, so she probably wanted to have one nearby.
Unlike the pen and the letter box that use the user's magic power, magic refrigerator uses a crimson treasure manufactured from a philosopher's stone as its magic source, so I can't give it.

Beckoned by the princess, we sit on the sofa and then her personal musicians begin to play a soft elegant tune.
Mia seemed to be interested with the musicians, but she sat besides me with a thump after Arisa urged her to.

When the princess touches the crystal pillar-like magic tool beside the sofa, wind begins to circulate around us and the musicians' performance can't be heard anymore.

"I've used the anti-listening device, so you can talk with ease."
"Thank you, Tina-sama."
"You too Viscount Pendragon, please relax more."

The princess's way of speaking changed.

I see, so it's a free and easy party.
Looks like Arisa and Mia are good friends with Princess Shistina.

Apparently, even the special music is nothing more than a way to check the magic tool's function.

"And so, Viscount Pendragon--"
"You can call me with just Satou."

My house name is a bit hard to say, so I tell her to use the easier one.

For some reason, Mia and Arisa who are sitting beside me are grinding my arms and rubbing their heads, but they stop acting strangely after I slip my arm away and pat their heads.

"Then Sir Satou. Could you please tell me about the firework and the <<Firework Illusion>> that you made in Oyugock Dukedom?"
"Yes, it's fine. At first I asked about the firework that was made from gunpowder from Hero Hayato--"

The Deception skill was doing great after a long absence, so I succeeded telling a fabricated story about the making of the firework spell without any trouble--

--Or so it should have been....

"Then! Satou-sama really made the firework!"

The princess links her fingers in front of her chest looking so happy, staring at me with a gaze full of admiration

Maybe I should have told her that I found it in ancient document from Ancient King Yamato's era and recreated it.

No, it's widely known that the firework is my creation in the Duchy Capital, so telling a lie would get it exposed.

"Nn, genius."

Mia nods.

Afterward, we had a break when the maids brought the snacks and the tea, and then the four of us discussed about magic lively.

She stated her knowledge about magic and spells so fluently I'd have never thought she was the same taciturn person like when she was in the Forbidden Library, she was debating with Arisa and Mia about magic.

It's been two hours already, but their liveliness don't seem to be fading.
They look like Akiba warriors when they talk about anime and games they like.

I hesitated as to whether I should show the spell that was requested through Arisa or not, but thinking that the princess probably won't use it for anything strange, I take out the document about the spell I've brought.
Even if I got caught in something annoying because of this, I could probably do something about it through Nanashi.

"This is, don't tell me!"
"I had found some right spell, so I altered it a bit and made it so that it fulfills the request."

I pour water on the silver tray and then pour it with thick colored fruit juice.
After stirring it with a wooden stir stick, I ask Mia to use the spell.

"■■■■ ■ ■ ■■ ■■■ Remove Different Water"

The mixed fluid on the tray is gradually separating.
Eventually, the water is on the left side, and the concentration of fruit juice is gathered on the right side. They'll mix again if left alone, but this should be enough for the spell experiment.

I don't know what she want to use this for, but this might be useful for cooking and such.

"Amazing! Satou-sama, you're amazing!"

The excited princess holds my hands on the table.
Rather, she's been adding "sama" to call my name since awhile ago.

"The color is a bit different than the original fruit juice isn't it."
"Nn, condensed."

Arisa and Mia fold their arms while criticizing the magic's effect.

I've also made other spells, one that uses space magic and another that uses lightning magic, but the former has become an advanced level magic because it over-consume the capacity to pick up the molecules, while the latter makes use of the ionization tendency so it doesn't meet the requirement of separating the fruit juice.

In the end, the water magic that makes use of osmotic pressure has the best cost to performance ratio.

"Your highness, what do you plan to use this spell for?"
"--Can you promise not to laugh at me?"

The princess replied seriously to my nonchalant question.

"Yes, of course."

I replied immediately, but the princess seems to be hesitating about something.

"It's alright, Master won't laugh at people who are earnest."
"Nn, no problem."

Arisa and Mia back the princess when they see her like that.
It seems the princess makes up her mind with that, she resolves herself and speaks.

"I'm researching the method to return monsters into normal creatures."

The princess began to talk with such a shocking statement.

"Do you know that monsters are born from the concentration of miasma?"
"Yes, I do."
"Ever since I heard about it as a child, I've had this question,  『If miasma turns creatures into monsters, can't the reverse happen too?』--"

I did think about that too.

In every book I've read up until know, they've concluded that the process is irreversible, but I've been thinking even now that it should be possible to turn back monsters back with magic.
In fact, humans that had began to change into monsters after consuming Fiend Drug did stop their transformation when their magic power were extracted.

At the very least, I think that if it's immediately after the transformation, they can turn back to the original creatures by pulling out the miasma inside their bodies.

There is a darkness magic that can control miasma and create monster, so I think it's possible if I get that spell.
I didn't see it in the Forbidden Library of Shiga Kingdom, I think asking True Ancestor Ban or the knowledgeable Corpse in the Labyrinth's lower layer might be worth it.

It seems the princess is researching separation magic like this in order to link it with her [Turning monsters back into normal creatures] research.

"--I think that if the miasma in monsters can be pulled out, turning them back into normal creatures, the living space of people will open up more, and then even the people in the downtown will be able to live prosperously."

I agreed with the princess until the halfway through, but I couldn't really agree with the last part.
If people become the ruler of the world, great wars between people are sure to happen.

Moreover, if the monsters are created by the gods to become the deterrence of war, then I can't help but feel that making them disappear would mean violating the gods' taboo.

Furthermore, even if you can turn a monster back into a normal creature, I don't think you will be able to make the monsters in the whole world disappear.
Rather, if you want to enlarge living space, researching monster-repellent barrier should net you better result.

"That's a splendid way of thinking."

Nevertheless, I read the mood, and affirmed the princess's noble desire.
I agree to the first half at least.

Also, it'd be troubling if strangely denying her would make the princess progressing to some distorted way.
If there's no one who sympathizes with with her, I'm worried that a remnant of the [Wings of Liberty] would take advantage of her, making her support the demon's plot after getting tricked.

"I'm glad--"

After hearing my impression, the princess muttered and relaxed her shoulders.
So she really was afraid that her view would be denied.

"I think materializing it would be difficult, but the result of the research would be left for the future. Continuing the research while keeping the hope that it'll blossom someday is alright."
"Yes! Satou-sama!"

In an indirect way, I had told her, "It might be useless, but your research might be useful for someone in the future", but it seems her heartstrings have been touched, the princess is staring at me with gleaming eyes.

For some reason, Arisa and Mia are glaring.
The stares of the maids beyond the anti-listening device are piercing.

Well now, what's up with this place....


The sixth princess of Shiga Kingdom. 18 year old. Allowed to go in and out of the royal castle's forbidden library. Her mother is the daughter of Duke Bishtal. A friend of Arisa and Mia.

A good-looking boy with white hair that Arisa met in the Royal Academy. He seems to be a local hero.

One of Satou's aliases. Used when making magic potions and magic tools.

One of Satou's aliases. Used when making artworks and accessories.

A reincarnated person who was formerly a Japanese. A vampire True Ancestor who takes up a residence in the lower layer of Selbira's underground labyrinth.

A reincarnated person who was formerly a Japanese. A mummy military otaku man who takes up a residence in the lower layer of Selbira's underground labyrinth. Once a scientist of Furu empire. Once threatened the gods using nuclear weapons.

Saga Empire's hero who was summoned from Japan. Currently chasing after a demon lord in the labyrinth of the weaselkin empire.

【Akiba Warrior】
Veteran volunteer. Possible to job-change into a wizard when they exceed 30 year old.
Devoted to do habitual image training in order to prepare for when they get teleported to another world.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-20

This is also in Arisa's point of view.

13-20. Nanashi and Arisa (2)


"Sorry, sorry, an idiot rode on the Griffon, so I had to take them someplace away that wouldn't trouble other people."

It's rare for Master who's a gentleman to speak like that.

--I wonder what is this? I feel a really bad premonition.

Then, Liza who should have been doing rescue comes back.

Looks like she's been called by Master's Telephone magic.
Unlike me, Master can use Telephone without speaking. It's plainly cheating, enviable.

"Master, did you call for me."
"Yeah, I want Liza and Arisa to come with me."

The scene before my eyes changes into jungle like frame drops in a movie.
There's a Griffon laying on the space before us, grooming itself.

"Hikaru! Where are you?"

Whuat?! A woman's name!!

Th-theis is a case!
The case is happening on the spot, nee-san!

"Ah! Ichirou-nii."

--Another alias?
You might forget your true name before long you know?

Mumu! The black-haired woman who took off her wig lightly runs toward Master.


Isn't she the broom woman who barged on when the greater demon attacked!

The broom woman rushes, going to hug Master vigorously, so I put myself between them using short-distance teleport.

"Too soft!"
"Uwah, Teleport magic? Huh aren't you the violet-haired girl. Then maybe it's a Unique Skill?"

The broom woman were surprised against Arisa-chan's impregnable guard.

"You two calm down."

As I intimidatingly growled, 'garuru', Master embraced me.
I don't intend to yield to the broom woman, but in order to fully enjoy this wonderful situation, I decide to stop my hostility outwardly.

"First, she is my childhood friend who comes from the same town, her alias is Hikaru, her real name is Kouhai Mitsuko, she's the Ancient King Yamato herself. It seems she underwent cold sleep with magical means until the present age. She usually calls herself Mito."

There are many things I want to retort, but I'll endure it for now.

I mean, I'm currently experiencing a miracle right now.
For Master to hold me on his lap while patting my head!

Ah, it'll be nice if time stop like this--

"Then, she's Liza of Lizardfolk kin. She's a master of spears and the mediator among my companions."

Introduced by Master, Liza bows to the broom woman.
Liza's eyes are on alert against the broom woman and the Griffon, her hand is not letting go of her spear. As expected of Liza.

"Nice to meet you! You don't have to be so vigilant, I won't harm Ichirou-nii you see."

While turning aside Liza's spirit with ease, the broom woman waves her hand carefreely.

"And, this one is Arisa. As you can see, she's a reincarnated person, and although she's a bit troublesome, she's my advisor."

A-at least call me your lover or your future wife please!

"Don't tell me, there are other girls too?"
"There are though?"

Even though the broom woman asked anxiously, Master replied back utterly normally.
Apparently, the broom woman--nay, Hikaru's position is close to ours.

"Master, a question!"
"What is it so suddenly."
"Is this Hikaru person your ex-girlfriend? Or an ex-wife?"

I asked since I thought the possibility of 'YES' was low, but it might be better if I didn't ask.
My heart is beating like it'll explode.

"There's no way right? I've never gone out with Hikaru. Of course, she's never been my wife either."
"I see~♪"


Indeed my Master!

"Ichirou-nii is mean. I'm planning to be your wife from now on so it's alright! I mean, I'm not a younger girl now! I'm older than Ichirou-nii! Fufufu, no more lolita! Another world is the best! Now you can't tell me that you're not into younger girls!"

Uwah, her personality somehow feels like a deja vu.

"I've been thinking this since awhile, Arisa's and Hikaru's personalities are similar aren't they. "

S-T-O-P iiiit!

I did think I was fickle, but I don't think I'm that bad.

"And, is the name Ichirou that Hikaru-san has been saying since awhile ago Master's new alias?"
"No that's my real name."
"Real name?"

--Ah, I see.

Satou can't be a real name after all.

"So Master's name was Satou Ichirou."
"Nope. My real name is Suzuki Ichirou."


"Where did Satou come from Suzuki Ichirouuuu!"

Master ignores my soulful retort.
I think Master's ignoring talent is too high.

"Should I call Master as Suzuki Ichirou-sama from now on?"
"No, just call me Satou like it's always been."

Master replied so to Liza's question.
I and Liza have never called Master with Satou even once, but let's not tease it needlessly now.

Arisa-chan is a woman who can read mood.

"My default name has been Satou ever since I came here, so being called Satou in this figure has become natural for me."

I see, so it wasn't a name that was added later.

"And, what did this childhood friend Hikaru-san come for?"
"I was asked to do something by Ichirou-nii."

Hikaru answers with a smile.
It looks like she's really in love with Master. I can't help but feel that she's happy to be relied on.

"I asked her to be Shin boy's guard since it seems he's being targeted by a greater demon."
"Ah, that hero kid huh."

I'm not happy that Master relied on this Hikaru instead of us, but complaining about it will be misdirected of me.
It's vexing, but we are no match against a greater demon unless we are all together with our equipment and in fully boosted states.

We have to become stronger, and be relied upon the most!
I'll work hard to aim for level 100 once we get back to the Labyrinth City!

"Right, why were you dressed up as Hero Nanashi?"
"Nn? Because I've succeeded as the second generation Hero Nanashi. I've been told that I won't be attacked even if I ride a dragon if I'm in this clothing."

It bothered me for a bit so I asked, and such an answer came back.
Certainly, I think no one attacked her with arrows or magic, only us did attack.

"But I never thought that the horses would run away earlier than the humans when the Griffon appeared."
"Griffon is the natural enemy of horses in fantasy setting after all."

It's said that Hippogriff is born between a horse and a Griffon isn't it?
Come to think of it, I might have never heard the name Hippogriff in this world.

"You have to apologize to the people you troubled later okay."
"Which reminds me, why did you ride a Griffon?"
"The dragons wouldn't let me ride on them since they were afraid of Ichirou-nii, so I asked the Griffon who was playing in the mountain foot to let me ride on it."

Saying so, Hikaru-cchi release her hidden status and plainly showed her Unique Skill, [Friendship].
Won't you become the greatest tamer with this skill?

"But you shouldn't have ridden it to as far as the royal castle."
"Well~, I noticed that I didn't have Ichirou-nii's contact address when I arrived at the Royal Capital, so I thought, might as well see Sharlick-kun's descendants at the royal castle."

Hikaru frankly told me her reason when I gave her my honest opinion.
Judging from the flow of the conversation, Sharlick doesn't seem to be about the current third prince, but probably about the second generation Shiga Kingdom's king.

Your own descendants, that super fire you up!

And also, right.
I have to ask one more thing.

"I missed my chance to ask earlier, what do you mean by second generation Nanashi?"
"Ah, since Hikaru can probably defeat a demon lord even if it appears, and the king and the prime minister think Nanashi as the Ancient King Yamato, Hikaru is the right person for it right?"

So it's like that?
How should I say, aren't you pushing the troublesome work to Hikaru-cchi?

Leaving me who had such a doubt behind, Master said something serious.

"Oh right, I've been wanting to talk about something for awhile--"


I, can't, hear, it.

"To the dragons?"
"That's right. I'm sorry to Liza who's from the clan that worships dragons...."
"No, dragons seek powerful opponents. I heard that the dragons commend anyone who can hurt them by any means. Besides--"


"Are you alright?"

Master looked at me, whose thought was in disarray, worryingly
Long eyelashes. His skin is disgustingly beautiful like always.

"S-sorry, I couldn't hear it well. It's about how Master defeated the dragons at the Dragon Valley and leveled up right? I did wonder how Master got to level 310, but to think that the experience points was from defeating dragons. As expected of my Master!"

I talk like a machine gun to escape reality.

Yet, this Hikaru girl!

"Isn't it~. To even defeat the strongest dragon god AkonKagura-sama, can't believe it~ As expected of my Ichirou-nii!"

She plainly thrust the reality, she didn't even doubt or try to escape.

--God slaying?

I could believe it if it was a half, demi-god, or the god's apostle.

"Arisa, I understand that you can't believe it."

No! You don't understand!

"But that's not an excuse to open my robe on the chest and try to enter inside!"

--Isn't it fine, just for a bit!

"Have you calmed down?"
"Un, a bit."

My Masternium is being replenished.
Please wait for a bit more.

"Since Arisa has calmed down, let's get back to the Royal Capital. Hikaru, you change to normal clothing too."
"Un, okay. Guri-kun we're parting here. Really thank you for today."


I won't retort.
I won't retort anymore!

"And also Hikaru, just call me Satou."
"Then please call me Mito."
"But, can I call you Ichirou-nii when it's just us two?"
"Yeah, I don't mind."


"Please call me Hikaru during that time too."

Flirting is forbidden!

I desperately drill my head on Master's stomach.

"Now then, since Arisa is in bad mood, so let's go back."

We return to the royal castle with Master's Unique Skill.

The people seem to be in the middle of rescue operation, so we go help too.
Despite being the daughter of a noble, Karina is pulling the carriages together with Pochi and Tama, rescuing the injured.

It's a pity that my instruction for her to attract Master's attention isn't going well.
I wonder if I really should instruct Karina to be the tsundere type after all?

In the end, the evening party today is canceled too.

After seeing the young nobles who were supposed to debut on the high society this year crying their eyes out, Hikaru--I mean, Mito secretly apologizes and prays for them to meet their good matches.
Well, the person herself is single without a lover, so you can't expect it to be miraculous.

"--And so, Mito is my childhood friend. She's going to live in the mansion for a while, so please get along well with her."
"Nice to meet you!"

Master introduced Mito to everyone, Mito unabashedly greeted.

After discussing with Liza, we're going to tell about Master's real name in Japan, and about the god slaying to everyone once we find a good opportunity.
For me and Liza, 'Satou' feels more like Master's real name than 'Suzuki Ichirou'.

"Nice to meet you~?"
"Nice to meet you nanodesu."
"Registered as Master's sister-in-law so I report."

Tama, Pochi, and Nana welcomed Mito.

"Mwu, increased."
"P-please take care of me."

Mia and Lulu seem to have mixed feelings due to the appearance of a rival.

"Mito knows that I'm a hero, so you can show her your magic bags and the hidden equipment."

When Master finished speaking, the entrance bell rang.

"--Looks like Zena-san has come."

Master who turned his face toward the entrance muttered.

"Zena? Don't tell me it's another new girl?"
"Yes, it's the girl who's saved Liza and the others, and works as a magic soldier in Seryuu city."

Should I say that the concerned party is in love with Master?
Well, I guess it's fine.

There's a lot besides Zena-tan anyway.

Zena-tan who entered the room is surprised to see Mito.
However, the meaning of that surprise is slightly different from what I expected.

"Ara, aren't you the child I met in Zetsu Earldom?"

Looks like Zena-tan and Mito are acquainted.

The world is small~

The two were asking about their common acquaintance, John-kun, but I didn't really care so I ignored it.

After hearing that Mito is Master's childhood friend, Zena-tan is having a complicated look on her face, but Mito looks like she's used to it.
It seems Master really was popular with younger girls in his former world too.

But, well, I'm not that pessimistic to the status quo.

I mean, unlike the monogamous Japan, the countries here approve the polygamy law.
Moreover, Master is an upper noble, so he should be able to have three wives at the very least!

Even if I have to yield the first seat to Aze-tan, I'll get the second and the third seats together with Lulu!

If I just smash Master's strangely high ethics, I should be able to be considered a wife candidate!
My highest priority is to build a bombshell body!

Now then, I'll get the secret of Lulu onee-sama who's stealthily attained C-cup, and get that nice body!

Oh but, tomorrow is the princess's tea party, so I have to sleep quick.

Alright, let's work hard from tomorrow on!

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-19

In Arisa's point of view this time.

13-19. Nanashi and Arisa


"Arisa, you sure look quite cheerful today."
"You think so?"

Dehehe, I understand myself that my face has broken into a smile.
I don't think something wonderful like Yotogi will happen probably, but getting called out by your loved one in the middle of the night sure fires you up.

If I don't stop myself from getting another three helping in the feast today, were I strip and show my bulging stomach, my maiden's heart will be in a pinch.
Ah but, the dishes in the royal castle are different than what Lulu and Master usually make, so I just can't stop~


I heard a high-pitched voice when the carriage was just about to arrive at the royal castle's parking lot.

"Chicken meat~?"
"Bird of prey nanodesu."

Bird of prey? Is it like a hawk or an eagle?

"--Coachman! Stop the carriage!"

Liza who's looking outside speaks loudly.

I wonder what is it?

Time for magic!

[Area Search] activate!

Above is--.

"Arisa, pull yourself together."

Liza is slapping my cheeks.
In the grove of trees--the carriage is overturned on the thicket.

Apparently, I fainted.

"W-what happened?"
"The horses acted violently and overturned the carriage."

The horses did--?

"--Right! I remember now!"

Right when I was shouting, I heard the call from Tama and Pochi.
It seems they've gone scouting.

"Lots of carriages fell~"
"It'll be bad if we don't save them quick nanodesu."

That thing flies over the grove of trees like, 'gouu'.


Beyond the grove, I see many carriages toppled over and something circling in the sky.

Eagle as its upper half of the body, and lion as the lower half.

The mythical beast that rules over the sky--Griffon.

Anyone who sees that figure can only choose to escape.


However, I'll say this daringly!

"Griffon's cry should be 『Guruu』!!!"
"Arisa--what are you saying?"

Liza is looking seriously worried about me.
I'm sorry. I know that it's not a good timing to make the joke, but I couldn't help but did it no matter what.

I wonder if being an otaku is sinful....

"But, how did that monster invade the royal castle?"

I suddenly realized it when I heard Lulu.

Come to think of it, the royal castle has the barrier of Ancient King Yamato, so it was even safe during the attack of a greater demon back then, how did this one enter I wonder?

"It's Master nanodesu!"

Eh? Where?

"■■■■ ■■ Long Sight. That clothing and violet wig is certainly Master's, so I report."

I also take out a telescope from my magic bag, and look at the back of the circling Griffon.

I see a small figure of a person on its back.
If that figure is really Master, then the Griffon seems to be around 10 meter long big body in total.

"But, I don't think Master would do something that trouble people you know?"
"Nn, agree."

Just as Lulu and Mia have said, this is unlike Master.


"Everyone, get ready for battle!"

Everyone looks surprised hearing my command.

"That's an impostor!"

I mean the chest area is swelled.
Master who hates cross-dressing will never cross-dresses by himself.

"For now, let's attract their attention. I'll confine them in my space magic once they come here!"
"Understood. Pochi, Tama, use Magic Edge Cannon. Lulu, guard Mia and Arisa. Nana, provide the counterattack."

Everyone starts to act following Liza's instructions.

Red balls of light shot by the three fly toward the Griffon.
However, right before they hit, the shots missed the Griffon as if they evaded it themselves.

"--Wind barrier."

I hear Mia muttering next to me.

However, we should have succeeded tempting it going to the grove.
I mean the Griffon's hostile line of sight is directed here.

The Griffon plunges toward us at a terrific speed!
I look up at the Griffon and shout.

"Only barrier can win against barrier!"

That ain't the case, but the mood is important!

The tension MAX me can do it!
Without unique skill, there's no way this can be resisted!

--Activating space magic's [<<Dimension Labyrinth>>]!

The space before the Griffon swirls, swallowing its big body.
They tried to evade in a hurry, but their speed became their undoing, they disappeared into the the other dimension created by my magic.

"As expected of Arisa."
"Not yet! Three minutes. I'm going to call for reinforcement, so everyone please help the injured people in the parking lot!"

After I told so, everyone began to act immediately.

I take out the continuous MP-healing magic potion, that Master's created, from magic bag and drink it.
I still have enough magic power, but it's to be doubly sure.

Next I activate space magic's [Telephone], calling Master.

『Yes, it's Satou here.』
"Master, it's an emergency. Come here."

I frankly report.

"What's happened?"

As expected of cheat Master, to come at the next moment, he's too wonderf--mu?

"Wait, don't come with that figure."
"Ah, sorry--"

Master is not in his usual black haired shota-like figure, but in Echigoya Firm's Kuro figure with a foreign actor's face and white hair.
It might be handsome and all, but I like his usual face more than the camouflage mask.

After confirming that no one is looking, Master changes back to the usual Satou figure.

"And, what happened?"
"An impostor of Master and a Griffon appeared."
"What? Here too?"

Master expressed his surprise.

"Eh? Did a Griffon come out too there?"
"No, it was a fake Satou in my case."

So, such a wonderful object appeared.
I want to see it a bit.

"So, where's the impostor and the Griffon?"
"They're there."

We ran out of time-out before I could explain.
The sky broke, and a beak appeared.

"Then, I'll go ahead and eliminate--"

After declaring so reliably, Master won't move for some reason.

"--That idiot."

Master who's unusually angry changed into Nanashi form, disappeared, and reappeared beside the Griffon.

They're saying something in the distant, but I can't hear it here.

Next moment, the Griffon disappeared together with Master.

....I wonder what happened?

Explanation pulisu!

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-18

13-18. Satou and Kuro


Satou's here. I've heard that, "You'll die if you meet your doppelganger", though I don't know the source. Is it because you get the urge to kill it when you see yourself objectively?

"Kuro-sama, welcome back."

Even though I moved into the main office without any sound, Tifaliza greets me in no time at all, and then she pushes the button to call the manager.
Sound of footsteps, 'dadada', that aren't fit for a lady are reverberating from the corridor.

The footsteps stop right before the door, and then someone knocks the door after enough time for a few deep breathes.

"Please excuse me."

There wasn't any trace of going full throttle at the corridor on the manager who opened the door.

"Kuro-sama, besides the matter about the auction, there is a report regarding the boy and the orphanage from before. Which shall I report first?"
"Start from the auction."

The latter is probably about the encounter with us during the day, so leaving it for later should be fine.

"Yes, all of the magic arms that were exhibited in the first day have all been bid as planned. Furthermore, nobles, military officers, and merchants who couldn't bid have made reservations. Total income from the successful bid is--"
"It's 30.713 gold coins. The details is in this copy."

Tifaliza's calm and melodius voice takes over the manager's triumphant report.

"We've got quite a lot for only 100 exhibited items."
"The effect from the incident where demons and monsters appeared in the Royal Capital was quite impactful. I heard that magic arms that were exhibited by other people had also been sold for three times the price."

....I see.

I guess it's not improbable for the sudden price hike since the red-rope pattern monsters can't be hurt by normal weapons that haven't been enchanted at least.

"Fumu, check the applicants levels, and prioritize the ones who are level 30 and above and have magic edge skills."

Giving magic swords to people with 1-digit level is meaningless after all.

"Certainly. And also, a special request for a magic sword has come from Sir Heim of Shiga Eight Swords."
"A made-to-order magic sword huh..."

It sounds quite interesting.
After getting the chant orb, making a one-of-a-kind magic sword without burdening Arisa and Mia sounds fun too.

"I can't do it right now, but inform him that we will consider about it positively."
"--Yes, understood."

Looks like she didn't think that I would receive it, the manager's response was slightly delayed.
The manager pulls herself together, rolls up the list on her hand and then continues talking.

"The prime minister requested that we don't sell magic arms to merchants who deal with foreign countries. This is the list of them."

I receive the list from the manager.
The house of Souya boy I met today is in that list. It's no wonder that they're in the list since it seems they have dealings with the weaselkin empire and the continent west.

The prime minister probably sent the sales control request because he wanted to prevent powerful weapons getting to foreign countries.

"It should be natural for us to think about the national defense."
"Then we will handle it as is. Kuro-sama, I'm thinking of asking for tax concession from the prime minister for undertaking the request, would you permit it?"
"Do it."

The manager is shrewd unlike me.

Next, I receive the report about Shin boy.

"--Thus, the kidnapped orphans were saved by Viscount Pendragon and his Mithril explorer retainers. May I ask if the orphanage directors were really arrested by Kuro-sama?"

I reply, "It's the truth", to the manager.

"Then I'll omit the matter about the orphanage directors. The details are described in this report, Kuro-sama can look at it on later time."

I take the report from the manager and toss it into the black hole of the item box.

"The majority of the missing children were found in the slum."
"Is that so--"


It seems not all of the missing children were sacrificed for the demon summoning.

"The watchmen reported that social welfare bureau had dispatched junior officers to the orphanages that had lost their directors."

I thought the replacements for the directors wouldn't come for a while, but the public office worked unexpectedly fast.

"Lastly, Shin boy has sold his black bandana to a weaselkin merchant."
"When was it?"
"It was right before the kidnapping incident."

I didn't notice it at that time, so he wasn't wearing the recognition inhibition bandana huh.
That explains Arisa finding out Shin boy's hero title.

Even if I give Shin boy another recognition inhibition item, he will just sell it again if he doesn't understand its importance.
I'll talk to him about the reason properly before giving it next time.

"Who is that merchant?"
"I am very sorry. It's not described in the report."
"Then investigate it, just the name is fine."
"Understood. I'll arrange it so that it'll be ready by tomorrow morning."

I had searched for the bandana on the map, but I couldn't find it. It's probably stored inside Item Box.
I tried searching the weaselkin, but there were more than 1000 of them in the Royal Capital, so I gave up.
Being annoying was one of the reason, but there was simply no information to narrow them down.

"Kuro-sama, you might be not interested in it, but--"

With that preface, the manager talked about how thieves appeared in two venues of the auctions.
They were all amateur thieves, so all of them seemed to have been arrested by the venue guards and soldiers, but the story continues.

"--The goddess statue has disappeared?"
"Yes, the inside of the box that had been carried into the venue was changed into another stone statue."

Fumu, it's probably unrelated to the matter about orbs, but it kinda bothers me.

"It's bothering me a bit. Inquire the detail about the incident."

Next, I received report about the decrease of burglary of the merchant houses in the Royal Capital.

"That's pleasing to hear and all but...."

I feel puzzled inside my mind since I don't know how it relates to me.

"This is the result of Kuro-sama's actions."

Did I do anything?

"Thanks to Kuro-sama smashing thief hideouts one after another, the number of thieves in the metropolitan area and night burglars have decreased sharply."

Come to think of it, I remember arresting around 400 people recently.


I replied so and urged the manager for the next report.

"Kuro-sama, there is a little something I need to talk about Sir Pendragon--"

After finishing the report, the manager wanted to consult with a serious face, so we change places from Kuro's office where Tifaliza is working to the manager's room.

"What is it about?"

Don't tell me, has she realized that Kuro and Satou are the same person?

"Y-yes. Actually the main head of the earl house that's related to me--"
"Manager, this is bad!"

The manager was finally going to talk, but then a light blond executive girl rushed in so it got interrupted.

"Viscount Pendragon has come for a meeting!"


"Moreover, he said that he was Manager's fiance!"

I suppress my surprise with [Poker Face] skill, and search the map in order to find out the identity of the fake Sir Pendragon.

"Nice to meet you, fiancee-dono. I want to talk with just the two of us without other people interfering if possible. Sorry but could you please leave?"

That guy talked while having the exact face of Satou.
Unfortunately the voice is slightly different from my natural voice. It sounds like he's forcing higher pitched voice to sound lower.

I confirmed just in case, but he's not a mock body (avatar) of the green demon.

"--Don't mind it."

I cut off Fake Satou's talk.

"And, what's your business for coming here?"

Fake Satou shrugs off his shoulders to my pressing, he's putting the expression of 'can't be helped then'.
His attitude is quite aggravating, though it's probably his aim.

"I received her marriage proposal, so I thought of meeting her here and having some talk with her. We're neighbors after all."

Fake Satou smiles refreshingly towards the manager.
The manager isn't looking at Fake Satou, but to me, she tells me the reason why he's insisting that he's her fiance.

"A-actually, the head of an earl house related to ours had colluded with my father to propose a marriage to Viscount Pendragon."

I see, so it was among the many marriage proposals that had arrived in the mansion.

I had told the butler to write letters of refusal if the other parties were lower nobles, but I have to write the letters myself if it's for the upper nobles, so it's been put on hold.
It looks like it'll become troublesome if I don't write my replies soon.

Now then, leaving that aside, let's find out Fake Satou's motive.

"Apparently an annoying bug won't go away today, so let's deepen our love in another day."

The manager lifts her eyebrows in anger toward Fake Satou's joke.
She muttered in low voice, "He dared to insult Kuro-sama."

However, it seems because the other party is an upper noble, she endures herself not to raise her hands against him.

"This is a commemoration for our meeting."

Fake Satou takes out a necklace wrapped in cloth from his chest and presents it to the manager.
It's an expensive looking necklace that has a glittering vermilion drop on the top.

The detailed information is displayed beside the necklace on the AR reading--

"I want you to at least take this."

The manager who wants Fake Satou to go away is going to take the necklace without even looking at it.
I grab her arm and stop her.


The manager smiles broadly from my restraint.

"You are really boorish--"

Fake Satou disappeared before he finished speaking.

He didn't run away, he was sunk into the wall after receiving my front kick.
I didn't kill him of course, but he probably won't wake up for now.

I leave the surprised manager and put the necklace dropped by him into my storage.
This necklace is a cursed item, it's a dangerous item that makes the wearer unconsciously obeys the order of the one who has the other pair.

"Ku-Kuro-sama?! He's still tentatively an upper noble. From the standpoint of Kuro-sama and Hero Nanashi-sama...."
"I don't care. It's an impostor."

Long blond hair flows down from Fake Satou's black hair.
I get close to the impostor and strip off his disguise.

"--A woman?"
"That's right."

This person was the female phantom thief whom I met when we first arrived at the Royal Capital.

I had noticed that the Fake Satou was the phantom thief from the beginning, but she didn't do any offense, so I assumed a wait-and-see stance.

I tied the phantom thief with Thorn Foot's ivy, gave her the minimum treatment with a diluted low magic potion, and interrogated her.

"--Then you wanted to manipulate the manager in order to steal the orbs in the underground vault?"
"That's right."

This one wanted orbs too huh--.

Organized thievery has decreased, but now an individual phantom thief has appeared.
I'm getting tired of eliminating them, it's about the time they should stop.

"Is that all you want to ask? Then just quickly hand me over to the guards. Or maybe you want my body?"

The female phantom thief pushes out her breasts while being tied up, provoking me.
It's the manager who reacts instead of me.

"Be silent."

The manager hits the phantom thief with a horseback-riding whip.
A red mark is engraved on the phantom thief's cheek.

"Leave it at that."

I take out a sleeping magic potion from my storage and force the female phantom thief to drink it.
The female phantom thief twists her body, trying to resist it, but she quickly loses her consciousness, turning to [Coma] condition.

She was probably going to try escaping before the imprisonment, but now she should sleep for a whole day.

"Send her to the prison as she wants--"

As if waiting for me to finish dealing with the fake, the ring tone from [Telephone] rings.

The caller is Arisa.
Did anything happen in the royal castle?

While recalling a slight irritation, I put the Telephone reception to ON.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-17

13-17. Royal Capital Sightseeing, Downtown Arc (3)


Satou's here. I remember my superior insisting, "People only see what they want to see" while we were drinking together. I replied randomly and ignored it at that time when I was drunk, but it might be unexpectedly deep.

The Japanese food in the creative cuisine shop turned out not bad taste-wise despite looking bad.

The fried food looking strangely black is probably because they rarely ever change the oil.
It's fine once a while but eating here everyday would make your cholesterol raised to dangerous level.

When we've eaten for awhile, some new guests appear from the shop's entrance.

"Oy, Yui. Is this outskirt eatery really good?"
"U~n, I don't know if it's good, but it's popular you see."

The one who entered first was a plump black-haired boy.
He's handsome enough to pass as an idol if he were slimmer. Rather, he looks like a character from some 2D otome game.

And, the girl who's linking arms with the boy is an acquaintance--the self-proclaimed idol of Southern Japan Union who was summoned by Princess Menea's kingdom, Yui Akasaki.

According to AR, the black-haired boy beside her seems to be Souya boy, the rumored highness of the school.
I was thinking of meeting him sooner or later in order to see if he's the [Highness] that the [Light of Liberty] referred, so this is convenient.
I had confirmed his skill and title without problem using Map search, but I wanted to meet the person directly to ascertain things.

"Ah! Isn't it Satou-san and Arisa!"
"Long time no see~"

Arisa waves back at Yui who's waving her hands while looking so happy.

That expression of Yui gets clouded.

"What's wrong Satou-san, you're wearing poor-looking clothes! Don't tell me, your business failed?"

Looks like she misunderstood seeing our clothes.

"Are they Yui's acquaintances?"
"If you don't have any work, you can help in our house. You don't seem to have the strength, but if you were a merchant before, then you should be able to do accountant works. We'll also give enough food for the beastkin and the children over there to at least live on if they do odd jobs."

He's quite cheeky, but this Souya boy seems to be unexpectedly the type who takes good care of others.
I had a prejudice since Arisa said that he was bullying someone weaker, but he might just be a common good guy.

Arisa and the others are putting difficult faces, so it's about time to stop his unilateral performance.

"I am thankful for your kindness, but our jobs are already sufficient--"

Let alone 24, I'm already working 28 hours even now, so there is no need to add more works.

"What, you're Yui's acquaintances. No need to be reserved."
"We're only traveling incognito today. Look at this, see."

Arisa takes the silver noble tag, and the mithril explorer plate from my chest.

"What is it? Silver--Vi-viscount?!"

Souya boy screams with an aghast face when he sees the tag.
There's no way he'd have though that an upper noble would go to a cheap restaurant in commoner clothing after all.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to make fun of you, I couldn't seize the right timing to speak."

I introduce myself to him since I feel like I've done something bad.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Viscount Satou Pendragon. May I ask your name?"
"So-Souya. I cannot tell you my family name due to circumstances. Please forgive me for that."

In case of Shiga Kingdom, if an illegitimate child like him referred himself as Souya Shiga, he would be hauled to the prison with illness as a pretext and be disposed of.
Yui interrupts with a friendly face between us.

"I'm sorry Satou-san. My darling acts bossy around everyone, but he's not a bad guy so please forgive him."
"I don't feel offended. To offer works just because they're your acquaintances of your girlfriend is not something anyone would do just like that."
"Ehehe~, he's not my boyfriend, he's my fiance~"

Come to think of it, I heard such a thing from Aoi boy.
At that time I thought, "He must be a lolicon to fall in love with a 13 year old girl", but if the guy is a 14 year old himself, it's nothing questionable.

Yui covers her mouth bashfully.
A ring fitted with a small diamond glitters on that hand.

"Uwah, stop showing off your ring plainly."
"Ehehehe, isn't nice~ Darling made this for me."


The crafting quality is shoddy, but it's quite a stylish ring.
Although you can't possibly sell it to nobles or wealthy merchants, but it's good enough to be sold in stores.

"I had an opportunity to see a Mich-aelangelo-made pendant. I was just imitating that."

Come to think of it I remember creating many kind of pendants using [Michaelangelo] name.
Souya boy's pronunciation was slightly strange, but there's no need to point that out.

"Do you want to become a jewel craftsman in the future?"
"...I do not. I (ore), no, I (watashi) have to aim for the position of supremacy. That is my mother's...."

Souya boy spoke painfully but lost his power to continue in the latter half. The only one who heard the part after [watashi] was probably me with my Attentive Ears skill.
Looks like he's burdened with various things as well.
I don't have any intention of sticking my neck out for him though, so let' just watch over lukewarmly.

When I was at a lost as to how to change the subject, another carriage stopped in front of the shop.
It's a gaudy carriage that lower nobles like to ride in.

A sharp-eyed man wearing coachman clothing enters the shop and then looks around the shop interior as if evaluating it.
It seems he thought there was no problem with it, he went back to call the noble waiting outside the shop.

The pink hair swings like spreading flower scent, a beautiful girl treads upon the shop with light steps.
Her white dress covers to her ankles, her boots are peeking from the hem.
Even though her attire looks like something that doesn't fit the TPO, it seems she's aware that she was going to the downtown.

"Hee, so this is the shop with Japanese food."
"Yes, it'll be nice if it suits Aoi's palate."

A boy who looks like a girl entering afterward looks around the shop restlessly with great interest. He is a researcher of my Echigoya Firm, another summoned person like Yui earlier--Land of Prosperous Japan Empire's Aoi Haruka.

The pink princess noblewoman--Princess Menea's pink eyes seem to have finally caught me, she approaches me half-running happily.

"My, Satou-sama!"
"It has been a long time. Princess Menea."

It seem the other children around can't catch up with the sudden appearance of Menea.

"My, please call me Menea."

Princess Menea wraps my hand at a strange distance, and pushes herself.
If this were a manga, I feel like her eyes would turn heart-shaped.

Arisa and Mia would declare me guilty if this kept up, so I gently separate myself from her.

"--Me-Menea. It's been awhile."

The one who replied her instead of me was Souya boy.
Seems he has some feeling for princess Menea, he looks like the template of a boy in love.

Yui looks like she doesn't find it amusing, but it doesn't seem like she'll reprove Souya boy.

"I do not remember allowing you to call me without honorific. I will not object this one out of respect for Satou-sama, but it'll be dealt with appropriately the next time you do it."


Princess Menea rejects Souya boy with an expression that makes her look like a completely different person than the one I know.
Souya boy nods in agreement while trembling and looking pale.

Princess Menea has a good look but her personality is problematic, so I'd like for Souya boy to live with Yui's pure love.

We were going to leave after finishing our meal, but since Princess Menea wanted us to listen to Aoi boy's worry together with her, we went into the restaurant's private room with them.
I'm surrounded by Yui, Souya boy, and Arisa so that Princess Menea won't get close.

"I wonder what I should do...."

Aoi stares at the table and mutters.

"Hey, so what are you worrying about anyway?"
"If you're being bullied by your senpai in Echigoya Firm, shall I go and stop them?"

Arisa and Yui looked at Aoi boy's face and talked.
We've been eating the sweets on top of the table, so it's about time for some serious flavor.

"It's not like that. The manager told me to bring a new idea for invention the day after tomorrow, but I can't think of anything good."
"There should be many for that though?"

Arisa tilts her head in puzzlement.
Apparently, Aoi boy is the type who thinks too deeply.

"That's right! Aoi, make smartphones, smartphones. One that works with magic!"
"Please don't be absurd. I've been told not to make smartphones or telecommunication devices. Also, cars and railroads are not allowed either."
"Long distance telecommunication and mass transportation violate the god's taboo, so I can't do it, said Kuro-sama."
"Eh~, gods are stingy~"

Arisa doesn't join the two's conversation, and puts herself on top of my lap as if constraining Princess Menea who's gone around the table to try to sit besides me.

Arisa--don't stroke someone's thigh casually.

"Do cars include golem carriages too?"
"You might not understand, but it's about cars that work with internal combustion engines and burning oil."
"I see. It'll be dangerous if they explode after all."

While stopping Arisa's sexual harassment, I replied like a native would.

"Hey, what about pump?"
"By pump, do you mean the thing that pulls water?"
"Yes, that."

Arisa is probably talking about pumps that work with human-power.
People use buckets to draw water from wells in Shiga Kingdom, so just having pumps should save quite some labor.

I thought it was quite a good idea, but Aoi boy shakes his head.

"That's not good. Royal Capital has water service...."

Just as Aoi boy's said, the Royal Capital is fully equipped with water and sewer services.


"It's not like you have to sell it in the Royal Capital."
"Right right. There's no waterworks besides in the Royal Capital, so I think it'll sell explosively well."

Just as Yui and Arisa have said, it should be useful in rural areas.
It's strange that it hasn't been spread by reincarnated people and the others, but it really shouldn't violate the god's taboo.

"--Is it really so?"
"How about presenting that if it seems good?"
"You've got nothing to lose anyway."

Encouraged by Yui and Arisa, Aoi boy seems to be getting motivated too.

"Invention huh.... Aoi or something, you come from the same hometown as Yui right?"

Seemingly like having thought of something, Souya boy talked to Aoi boy.

"Y-yes--wait, you talked about it, Yui-chan."
"Un, sorry. I didn't want to keep any secret to darling."

Aoi boy pressed on Yui who betrayed his secret, but Yui lightly apologized. Her face looks like she doesn't feel bad about it.

"Souya-san, if possible, could you please keep our origins a secret--"
"I know. I don't want to let Yui becomes something like an experimental animal."

Souya boy flatly asserted so, thus Aoi boy leaks out a sigh of relief.

"Now then, getting back on the topic, since you come from the same place, you should know about magical dishes that can be eaten immediately after pouring hot water into it, the 『Insutan』 or something? How about making that? You should have no problem regarding the market if you have some connection with the military."
"In-stant ramen or bouillon cube, something like them is it.... Making dried noodles and powdered soup seem doable. I'll try doing a presentation about that to the manager!"

He's quite good at looking at things.
I'll scout Souya boy to Echigoya firm if he becomes a bump.

I'll add some information while at it.

"I remember seeing dried noodles in Standell city in Oyugock Dukedom. It should be helpful if you order it right?"
"Thank you very much, Satou-san. I'll ask about it once I go back!"

I'm glad that Aoi boy becomes energetic again.

"It's thanks to Satou-san that Aoi got well! What should I give as a thank."
"No no, I didn't do anything."

Princess Menea approached me while looking impressed, but I really only gave a reference in the end, and actually not did anything. I think the three people besides me are the meritorious ones.

"That's not the case at all! That's right! Will you come for the hanami (sakura blossom viewing)? You can see the royal capital's sakura tree from the girl's dormitory garden well."

Yui gets on Princess Menea's suggestion outright.

"Hanami huh~, that sounds nice! Menea-sama, could I go too with darling?"
"....I-it can't be helped. If Yui insists, then I will allow--"
"I dislike Sakura. I won't go. Yui should go if you want."

Princess Menea seems like she's going to give in to Yui's cheerful request, but Souya refuses with heavy atmosphere.

"--Darling? Wait for me. Let's go together if you're going back. I'm sorry, Menea-sama. Let's do the hanami for later."

Yui hurriedly chases after Souya boy who heads toward the exit.

"Princess Menea.... Do not get close to the white-haired orphan anymore. He's--eerie somehow."

Before going through the exit, Souya boy left a warning that also sounded like a backbiting.

During the hanami with Princess Menea, the girls from the girl's dormitory intruded when they found Mia, so it became quite a chaotic party.
Even though there were no liquor, the tension felt like they'd start stripping, I couldn't follow, so we excused myself by saying that we needed to prepare for the evening party.

"Everyone should go to the evening party ahead of time once you've prepared, I'll be going after finishing my business at Echigoya Firm."
"He? We'll wait."

I told that to Arisa who stopped her hand changing clothes while having a curious expression on her face.

"I'd like you to see Karina-sama's condition before the evening party."
"Okay then, but it's rare for you to worry about Karina-sama."

I think it's not that strange for someone to worry about his employer's daughter.
Lady Karina may get the opportunity to make some friends at that place, so I want Arisa and the others to remove her timidness.

If she were with me, we would get surrounded by nobles who brought marriage proposals, it'd cut down the time.

"Then I'll leave it to you."

I wave my hands, going to leave the room, but stop.

"That's right Arisa. I have something to talk about after the evening party, so don't get too frolic to the point of running out of battery like yesterday."
"Is it perhaps, YO・TO・GI?"

While feeling slightly uneasy toward Arisa who raised a shout of victory like 'Hyaho~i', I leave for Echigoya Firm.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-16

13-16. Royal Capital Sightseeing, Downtown Arc (2)


Satou's here. Anywhere you go, there are always people who turn to crime. However, to be biased against the people who are doing honest activities due to the mess caused by the few unscrupulous ones is too sad.

"--The other children are also missing?!"

I heard some troubling things from Shin boy and the saved children when I was searching for the evil directors' locations.

"U-un. Pon and Chobi are gone. When everyone split to search for them, Noza and Joi went missing and then we were caught by the people earlier when we were confused."
"What should we do, Shin-nii"

Fumu, group kidnapping huh.... How nasty.

"Be at ease. We will carry out the rescue operation of the young organisms. Master, the permission!"

Nana is unusually fired up.

"That's right! Our Master will find the kidnappers and rescue the children like a walk in the park!"
"Don't make fun of me just because I'm a kid! How do you search for them in this crowd!"

Shin boy snaps hearing Arisa's rash promise. Looks like he'll become emotional when he's pressed.
The little girls who became anxious hearing his exasperation burst into tears, then Pochi, Tama, and Lulu hurriedly try to calm them down.

Now then, let's get the situation under control--.

I search for people that belong to the orphanage on the map.

Looks like they're confined in a workshop in the same area.
It seems they're with other children from other orphanages.

There are several dozens of crime guild people, one slave trader, and level 20 and 30 man and woman who seem to be the bodyguards.
The man has [Berserker] title and [Frenzy] skill, a bit dangerous.

I question the man Nana caught who was acting as a relay, and get information about the workshop's location.
I've already known but it's a necessary action.

"--Like I said, it'll be fine."
"We'll do it ourselves. We'll find them even if we have to walk until we're utterly exhausted."

I put myself between Arisa and Shin boy who are quarreling even now.

"Leave it at that. I've heard the place where the children are held from this man."
"W-where is it!"

Shin boy is looking like he'll run.
His action is truly like a hero, but his level isn't enough to act in solo.

"It's dangerous to go alone. Let's go together--"

I hold back Shin boy and suggest to him that we should go with him.

"Leave the criminals to us, I'd like to entrust the children rescue to you, is it fine?"
"Y-yeah. As long as I can save the children, I'm fine with it."
"Alright, that's that then. Arisa, Lulu, and Mia, you three please protect these children. Once the guards have come, hand over the kidnappers and tell them about the situation."

I leave it to Arisa who readily consents, and then we head toward the workshop with Shin boy.
I'll put aside the prison invitation of the evil directors for later.

"Is it an abandoned workshop?"
"Looks like it--"

We arrive at the workshop which has been closed off with thick woods on the entrance with no sign of humans.
While answering Liza, I looked around and found the workshop signboard, which made me realize the reason why this workshop was abandoned.

"Look at that. It's the crest of the Earl house which was destroyed because of the crime of treason."

In other words, this place was used by people related to the [Light of Liberty].
The kidnappers inside are probably carrying out the plan that the [Mirage] had ordered them when he was alive.

The street in front of the workshop is deserted, it seems the inhabitants have gone to the festival around the auction venue.
If it's like this, no one will report to the authorities even if some suspicious men going in and out of the workshop.

"Tama, go infiltrate and look for the place they keep the children."
"Aye aye sir~"

Tama disappears with my instruction.
Shin boy and Zena-san are surprised, but let's ignore them for now.

After waiting a bit under the shadow of the workshop, Tama comes back passing over the fences with 'nyurun' voice.

"Found them~?"
"No way"

Shin boy and Lilio leak out voice of surprise to see Tama who completed her duty in under a minute.
Zena-san is too surprised no voice comes out her.

I've told Tama about the underground employee lodging where the children are held beforehand though, so this result is reasonable.

"I'll leave it to Shin to rescue the children. Pochi and Tama, please guard him."
"Yes nanodesu."

Nana and Zena-san show disapproval to my instruction.

"Master, permission to accompany the rescue mission."
"There might be other children inside the workshop, so I want Nana to protect them."
"--Taking charge of Master's order."

Nana nods and then pulls back.

"Um, is it fine to let only the children go?"
"It's alright. However, that's right--Lilio-san, would you please accompany the children?"
"Understood. Take care of Zena-cchi 'kay."
"Yes, I won't let even a scratch on her."

Lilio waves her hand energetically to Zena-san whose cheeks are dyed red besides me, and then she trails behind Shin boy.
The four of them cross over the workshop wall, infiltrating it.

"Shiro and Crow, go the top of that tree to see if there's anyone trying to escape. Could you tell me using flash Light Magic if there's anything happen?"
"It's 'yes'. Shiro."

Shiro and Crow fly to the top of the tree.

Now then, let's do it.

"--Who the heck are ya? Ya knew this is place belongs to Earl-sama and yet entered?"

The moment we went into the workshop, three crime guild men approached us while threatening.

"Are you people under Earl-sama?"
"Huuh? Something like that doesn't matter! Leave those women and ya kid go away. Ah, you can bring that lizard home with ya."

Zena-san's ears could be polluted from the men's vulgar speech.


Liza attacks on with my signal.
She doesn't have her favorite spear, but against these small fries, such thing won't be a handicap.

With a single swing of Liza's tail who's closed in fast, the men get mowed down like decayed trees.
Seemingly hearing that sound, the door in the back opens and around 10 tough-looking men come out.

"Tch, I thought they were the guards."
"Looks like they're strong."
"Then, leave it to the two bodyguards--"

I don't intend to keep them company for long, so let's get this over with quickly.
I silently order Liza and Nana.

Liza rushes out like a low-altitude arrow, peerlessly beating down the men.
Nana runs on the space that Liza's created, sends the men who stand on her way flying with magic shield using Force Arte, and rushes into the door.
I can't see it from here, but it seems she knocks down the slave trader inside and saves the children.

The mercenary man who has Berserker title is attacking Liza repeatedly while screaming like a beast.
The other female mercenary is more cool-headed, she tries to attack whenever there's a gap on Liza's defense while using the other men as shields.
They're quite contrast--

"....■■ 《Wind Protection》"

Zena-san's magic flicked the poisonous dagger that flew out of nowhere.
Looks like it was thrown by the boss.

"Tch, they even brought a magician huh. You guys, seize that black-haired kid!"

With the signal from the boss, three men are coming to assault me all at once.

"■■ Wind Fan"

Zena-san's magic obstructs the men's visions with dust, and then she cuts down the men quick like the wind.
She's relatively merciless, but it doesn't seem the men are killed.

She can't compare to our girls, but her strength doesn't pale in comparison to an average holy knight.
Even though they're crime guild people, against hooligans like them, this result is natural.

I saw the shadow of a man who seemed to be the boss trying to hide.
I grab the boss's feet with [Magic Hand] and throw him in front of Liza who's finished dealing with the mercenaries.

"Uwah, what? Is it magic--gueeh"

Stabbed by Liza's baton, the boss faints in agony.
It looks really painful.

Nana came back from the door just when we were finished.

"Master, secured three young organisms."
"Well done. I'll look after those children, so go with Liza to look for any survivors after we tie these guys."
"Yes, Master."

I know there isn't anyone left in this workshop, but I can't not do anything in front of Zena-san.

"Zena-san, let's evacuate the children for the time being."

With Zena-san, I go outside the workshop while bringing the children.

"Who are you onii-chan?"
"Will you bring me back to the orphanage?"
"I'm hungry."

While giving candies to the little girls, I check their skills.
Apparently, they were managed separately because they had magic-type gifts.
They were most likely were going to get slave-contracted ahead of time.

When we get to the workshop's courtyard, the children who were confined in the cellar come out, led by Shin boy.

"Rescue complete nanodesu."
"You two did well."

I catch the two who are reporting mission complete in my arms and pat their heads.
I instruct Shiro and Crow who came back from the treetop to go to where Arisa and the others are and to bring the guards.

Now then, time to question the boss.
I order Liza to pour water to his head to rouse him up.

"Buwaah--, tch. Pathetic, everyone's captured huh."
"Answer my questions."
"Tch, bring the hero if you want to make me talk."

This boss seems to have the habit of clicking tongue.

"Are you the one who ordered people to kidnap children with cloth wrapped on their arm."

The boss stops talking when I question him.
Let's bluff here.

"Your silence is already an answer. The other guys have already confessed you see? What I want to hear from you is his location."
"Hmph, I won't sell out Mirage-aniki even if you tear apart this body. Don't lump me together with other small fries."

....So this guy is really connected to Mirage too.

I've thought of this before, but Interrogation skill is dangerously effective.
Afterwards, I questioned him many things, and he confessed that he had been regularly gathered orphans and broke people of the slums and given them to the earl's agent.

The gathered people were probably the countless corpses that were in the earl mansion's underground cave.
The boss isn't directly acquainted with the evil directors, but they were in touch through the direct subordinates of Mirage.

It seems they had been ordered to gather the sacrifices every odd months whenever the auction open since a year ago.
The last one was several days before the incident of the year-end.

I also confirmed the thing about the Orbs, but his replies were are all irrelevant.
Apparently, these guys aren't related to the Orb matter.

Fumu, then there's a high possibility that they're unrelated to the green demon's secret plot.

I've heard the thing I wanted to hear from the boss, so I separate from everyone with nature's call as an excuse.
Just in case, I told Liza that I was going to capture the other criminals.

I change to Kuro, and move to boarding place for stagecoaches in the royal capital's eastern gate using Unit Arrangement.

"Are you traveling?"
"What do you want!"

I catch the shoulder of the orphanage director who's carrying a big bag and talk.

"Eey, let go! Do you not know courtesy!"

The orphanage director struggles to shake off my hand.

It seems he's trying to escape the royal capital by riding the stagecoach.
He probably sensed the danger for himself from Echigoya's inquiry.

He has some good intuition.

"Do you know Mirage?"
"W-what is it about? Talk to other people if you're mistaken me with someone. I'm in a hurry."

Fumu, he doesn't seem to be playing dumb, so the evil director doesn't seem to be related to Mirage.

"--Then what about the 'arm cloth'?"
With that, the evil director shakes in surprise, and tries to run off to the stagecoaches while pushing the other passengers.
Looks like he takes part in the kidnapping case.

I catch his shoulder when he's about to get on the stagecoach, and hurl him behind.
With a crashing sound, gold coins flows out of his bag.

"Orphanage director nowadays seem to be quite well off."

While glancing at that, I scowl at the evil director.

"O, oy, it's gold coins."

The masses are starting to make noise when they see the gold coins, but no one tries to steal it, maybe because there's a guard station nearby.

"Oy! What are you doing in front of the gate."
"Guards, arrest this guy."

I show the dagger with Mitsukuni crest to the guards and order them.
The dagger was a thing I got as Nanashi.

There are three evil directors including this one. The other two are arrested in their orphanages.

After questioning the third evil director, I push them and the kidnapper boss to the prime minister secret agent bureau.
Zena-san and the guards were panicking when I snatched the boss as Kuro, but since I've told Liza and the others that Kuro's identity is me, there should be no problem.

After a slightly long nature's call, I returned to where everyone was.

As for the treatment of the evil directors and co--

According to the prime minister, as they took part in the summoning of the greater demon that put the royal capital in danger, they are all charged of treason to be put for capital punishment.

"So, did you question the orphanage directors?"
"Yeah, they were just in for the money. They were acquainted with the earl in question after he donated to the orphanages."

In order to have a secret talk, I put Arisa on my shoulders and parade around the auction venue.
I let the guards to handle the orphans. I gave the guard leader one gold coin as a bonus, so they must have sent the children back to the orphanages properly.

"However, to be thanked by a defiant handsome boy in quite murmur sure fires you up~"

She's probably talking about the curt thank you of Shin boy when we parted.
It's hard for me to agree with Arisa's remark, but it's not like I can't understand if I were to put myself in a cheeky girl's shoes.

'Kyururuu', I heard a sound from Zena-san's stomach.
Having Attentive Ears skill, I'm probably the only one who heard it.

Unlike our girls who have been buying and eating, the four people of Zena squad haven't eaten anything since morning, they must be hungry.

It's already way past 2 PM when I check on the clock.
Looks like we missed lunch due to the kidnapping incident.

"I'm feeling hungry. Let's get some lunch on a shop somewhere."
"Yes! Yes! I know a good shop! Arisa-chan recommends it!"

Arisa reacted to my suggestion first.
There wasn't particular shop I wanted to go, so we went to the so-called creative cuisine shop Arisa recommended.

It was slightly far, so we took a carriage.
It's near the knight school of the royal academy--or rather, it's close by the Echigoya Firm's workshop.

It seems to be the Soba shop that Nell had a meal at back then.

"Here it is!"

Arisa points to a two-story building restaurant while looking proud.

"The gyuudonburi here is delicious nodesu!"
"Like gyuu gyuu~ it's packed with deliciousness~?"

Looks like Pochi and Tama too have come here to eat with their classmates after school and between-meal snacks.

"It smells nice of meat."
"Aren't the smell of soy sauce and miso stronger?"

Lulu and Liza seem hungry too, they're sensitive to the smell.

"Occha~n! Is the back private room available?"
"Ou, if it isn't the noble young lady. Sorry, but the back room's been reserved."

The thirty-something old shopkeeper who has thick body hair comes out of the kitchen.
There are only several people by the counter inside the store, so all the eight tables inside are empty.

"Eh~, how unusual."
"Sorry for being unusual. All the tables are available, so you can sit wherever you like."

We secure three six-people tables inside and sit down.
Zena-san and her squad are in the table close to the entrance since they act as the bodyguards.

"What do you like to order?"
"Do you have any recommendation?"

As to be expected of this country's literacy rate, there's no menu in this shop.

"Of course gyuudonburi nanodesu!"
"Mwu, kakiage."

I was actually asking the shopkeeper, but Pochi and Mia quickly told me their own recommendation.

"If you're fine with something a bit expensive, I recommend Oumi cow karage special."
"Then I'll go with that. How about everyone?"

Looks like karage (fried food) have begun to spread in the royal capital.
I urge everyone to order.

"Viscount-sama's treat?"
"W-wait Lilio!"

Zena-san is panicking to Lilio's unreserved remark.

"Of course. You can order anything you like without minding the price. Just in case though, liquor is prohibited okay."
"Alright, as expected of noble-sama!"
"Then I want the most expensive dish!"
"W-wait Ruu!"
"Ruu, let's have some talk later."

Zena-san and Miss Iona raise their eyebrows to Ruu's remark.

"Oy oy, our most expensive dish is two silver coins y'know?"
"I don't mind. Everyone, order without hesitation!"
"Pochi is gyuudonburi nanodesu."
"Tama gyuudonburi too~"
"I'd like Oumi cow karage special like Master's please."
"Kakiage special."

After Pochi, Tama, Lulu and Mia, everyone tells their order to the shopkeeper.
He sure can memorize well without memo.

Lastly, Arisa who was pondering with a serious face speaks her order.

"I'll go with gyuudon set, kakiage, and cold tofu with a lot of spring onions."

Arisa--I can hear the wailing call of diet y'know?

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