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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-20

This is also in Arisa's point of view.

13-20. Nanashi and Arisa (2)


"Sorry, sorry, an idiot rode on the Griffon, so I had to take them someplace away that wouldn't trouble other people."

It's rare for Master who's a gentleman to speak like that.

--I wonder what is this? I feel a really bad premonition.

Then, Liza who should have been doing rescue comes back.

Looks like she's been called by Master's Telephone magic.
Unlike me, Master can use Telephone without speaking. It's plainly cheating, enviable.

"Master, did you call for me."
"Yeah, I want Liza and Arisa to come with me."

The scene before my eyes changes into jungle like frame drops in a movie.
There's a Griffon laying on the space before us, grooming itself.

"Hikaru! Where are you?"

Whuat?! A woman's name!!

Th-theis is a case!
The case is happening on the spot, nee-san!

"Ah! Ichirou-nii."

--Another alias?
You might forget your true name before long you know?

Mumu! The black-haired woman who took off her wig lightly runs toward Master.


Isn't she the broom woman who barged on when the greater demon attacked!

The broom woman rushes, going to hug Master vigorously, so I put myself between them using short-distance teleport.

"Too soft!"
"Uwah, Teleport magic? Huh aren't you the violet-haired girl. Then maybe it's a Unique Skill?"

The broom woman were surprised against Arisa-chan's impregnable guard.

"You two calm down."

As I intimidatingly growled, 'garuru', Master embraced me.
I don't intend to yield to the broom woman, but in order to fully enjoy this wonderful situation, I decide to stop my hostility outwardly.

"First, she is my childhood friend who comes from the same town, her alias is Hikaru, her real name is Kouhai Mitsuko, she's the Ancient King Yamato herself. It seems she underwent cold sleep with magical means until the present age. She usually calls herself Mito."

There are many things I want to retort, but I'll endure it for now.

I mean, I'm currently experiencing a miracle right now.
For Master to hold me on his lap while patting my head!

Ah, it'll be nice if time stop like this--

"Then, she's Liza of Lizardfolk kin. She's a master of spears and the mediator among my companions."

Introduced by Master, Liza bows to the broom woman.
Liza's eyes are on alert against the broom woman and the Griffon, her hand is not letting go of her spear. As expected of Liza.

"Nice to meet you! You don't have to be so vigilant, I won't harm Ichirou-nii you see."

While turning aside Liza's spirit with ease, the broom woman waves her hand carefreely.

"And, this one is Arisa. As you can see, she's a reincarnated person, and although she's a bit troublesome, she's my advisor."

A-at least call me your lover or your future wife please!

"Don't tell me, there are other girls too?"
"There are though?"

Even though the broom woman asked anxiously, Master replied back utterly normally.
Apparently, the broom woman--nay, Hikaru's position is close to ours.

"Master, a question!"
"What is it so suddenly."
"Is this Hikaru person your ex-girlfriend? Or an ex-wife?"

I asked since I thought the possibility of 'YES' was low, but it might be better if I didn't ask.
My heart is beating like it'll explode.

"There's no way right? I've never gone out with Hikaru. Of course, she's never been my wife either."
"I see~♪"


Indeed my Master!

"Ichirou-nii is mean. I'm planning to be your wife from now on so it's alright! I mean, I'm not a younger girl now! I'm older than Ichirou-nii! Fufufu, no more lolita! Another world is the best! Now you can't tell me that you're not into younger girls!"

Uwah, her personality somehow feels like a deja vu.

"I've been thinking this since awhile, Arisa's and Hikaru's personalities are similar aren't they. "

S-T-O-P iiiit!

I did think I was fickle, but I don't think I'm that bad.

"And, is the name Ichirou that Hikaru-san has been saying since awhile ago Master's new alias?"
"No that's my real name."
"Real name?"

--Ah, I see.

Satou can't be a real name after all.

"So Master's name was Satou Ichirou."
"Nope. My real name is Suzuki Ichirou."


"Where did Satou come from Suzuki Ichirouuuu!"

Master ignores my soulful retort.
I think Master's ignoring talent is too high.

"Should I call Master as Suzuki Ichirou-sama from now on?"
"No, just call me Satou like it's always been."

Master replied so to Liza's question.
I and Liza have never called Master with Satou even once, but let's not tease it needlessly now.

Arisa-chan is a woman who can read mood.

"My default name has been Satou ever since I came here, so being called Satou in this figure has become natural for me."

I see, so it wasn't a name that was added later.

"And, what did this childhood friend Hikaru-san come for?"
"I was asked to do something by Ichirou-nii."

Hikaru answers with a smile.
It looks like she's really in love with Master. I can't help but feel that she's happy to be relied on.

"I asked her to be Shin boy's guard since it seems he's being targeted by a greater demon."
"Ah, that hero kid huh."

I'm not happy that Master relied on this Hikaru instead of us, but complaining about it will be misdirected of me.
It's vexing, but we are no match against a greater demon unless we are all together with our equipment and in fully boosted states.

We have to become stronger, and be relied upon the most!
I'll work hard to aim for level 100 once we get back to the Labyrinth City!

"Right, why were you dressed up as Hero Nanashi?"
"Nn? Because I've succeeded as the second generation Hero Nanashi. I've been told that I won't be attacked even if I ride a dragon if I'm in this clothing."

It bothered me for a bit so I asked, and such an answer came back.
Certainly, I think no one attacked her with arrows or magic, only us did attack.

"But I never thought that the horses would run away earlier than the humans when the Griffon appeared."
"Griffon is the natural enemy of horses in fantasy setting after all."

It's said that Hippogriff is born between a horse and a Griffon isn't it?
Come to think of it, I might have never heard the name Hippogriff in this world.

"You have to apologize to the people you troubled later okay."
"Which reminds me, why did you ride a Griffon?"
"The dragons wouldn't let me ride on them since they were afraid of Ichirou-nii, so I asked the Griffon who was playing in the mountain foot to let me ride on it."

Saying so, Hikaru-cchi release her hidden status and plainly showed her Unique Skill, [Friendship].
Won't you become the greatest tamer with this skill?

"But you shouldn't have ridden it to as far as the royal castle."
"Well~, I noticed that I didn't have Ichirou-nii's contact address when I arrived at the Royal Capital, so I thought, might as well see Sharlick-kun's descendants at the royal castle."

Hikaru frankly told me her reason when I gave her my honest opinion.
Judging from the flow of the conversation, Sharlick doesn't seem to be about the current third prince, but probably about the second generation Shiga Kingdom's king.

Your own descendants, that super fire you up!

And also, right.
I have to ask one more thing.

"I missed my chance to ask earlier, what do you mean by second generation Nanashi?"
"Ah, since Hikaru can probably defeat a demon lord even if it appears, and the king and the prime minister think Nanashi as the Ancient King Yamato, Hikaru is the right person for it right?"

So it's like that?
How should I say, aren't you pushing the troublesome work to Hikaru-cchi?

Leaving me who had such a doubt behind, Master said something serious.

"Oh right, I've been wanting to talk about something for awhile--"


I, can't, hear, it.

"To the dragons?"
"That's right. I'm sorry to Liza who's from the clan that worships dragons...."
"No, dragons seek powerful opponents. I heard that the dragons commend anyone who can hurt them by any means. Besides--"


"Are you alright?"

Master looked at me, whose thought was in disarray, worryingly
Long eyelashes. His skin is disgustingly beautiful like always.

"S-sorry, I couldn't hear it well. It's about how Master defeated the dragons at the Dragon Valley and leveled up right? I did wonder how Master got to level 310, but to think that the experience points was from defeating dragons. As expected of my Master!"

I talk like a machine gun to escape reality.

Yet, this Hikaru girl!

"Isn't it~. To even defeat the strongest dragon god AkonKagura-sama, can't believe it~ As expected of my Ichirou-nii!"

She plainly thrust the reality, she didn't even doubt or try to escape.

--God slaying?

I could believe it if it was a half, demi-god, or the god's apostle.

"Arisa, I understand that you can't believe it."

No! You don't understand!

"But that's not an excuse to open my robe on the chest and try to enter inside!"

--Isn't it fine, just for a bit!

"Have you calmed down?"
"Un, a bit."

My Masternium is being replenished.
Please wait for a bit more.

"Since Arisa has calmed down, let's get back to the Royal Capital. Hikaru, you change to normal clothing too."
"Un, okay. Guri-kun we're parting here. Really thank you for today."


I won't retort.
I won't retort anymore!

"And also Hikaru, just call me Satou."
"Then please call me Mito."
"But, can I call you Ichirou-nii when it's just us two?"
"Yeah, I don't mind."


"Please call me Hikaru during that time too."

Flirting is forbidden!

I desperately drill my head on Master's stomach.

"Now then, since Arisa is in bad mood, so let's go back."

We return to the royal castle with Master's Unique Skill.

The people seem to be in the middle of rescue operation, so we go help too.
Despite being the daughter of a noble, Karina is pulling the carriages together with Pochi and Tama, rescuing the injured.

It's a pity that my instruction for her to attract Master's attention isn't going well.
I wonder if I really should instruct Karina to be the tsundere type after all?

In the end, the evening party today is canceled too.

After seeing the young nobles who were supposed to debut on the high society this year crying their eyes out, Hikaru--I mean, Mito secretly apologizes and prays for them to meet their good matches.
Well, the person herself is single without a lover, so you can't expect it to be miraculous.

"--And so, Mito is my childhood friend. She's going to live in the mansion for a while, so please get along well with her."
"Nice to meet you!"

Master introduced Mito to everyone, Mito unabashedly greeted.

After discussing with Liza, we're going to tell about Master's real name in Japan, and about the god slaying to everyone once we find a good opportunity.
For me and Liza, 'Satou' feels more like Master's real name than 'Suzuki Ichirou'.

"Nice to meet you~?"
"Nice to meet you nanodesu."
"Registered as Master's sister-in-law so I report."

Tama, Pochi, and Nana welcomed Mito.

"Mwu, increased."
"P-please take care of me."

Mia and Lulu seem to have mixed feelings due to the appearance of a rival.

"Mito knows that I'm a hero, so you can show her your magic bags and the hidden equipment."

When Master finished speaking, the entrance bell rang.

"--Looks like Zena-san has come."

Master who turned his face toward the entrance muttered.

"Zena? Don't tell me it's another new girl?"
"Yes, it's the girl who's saved Liza and the others, and works as a magic soldier in Seryuu city."

Should I say that the concerned party is in love with Master?
Well, I guess it's fine.

There's a lot besides Zena-tan anyway.

Zena-tan who entered the room is surprised to see Mito.
However, the meaning of that surprise is slightly different from what I expected.

"Ara, aren't you the child I met in Zetsu Earldom?"

Looks like Zena-tan and Mito are acquainted.

The world is small~

The two were asking about their common acquaintance, John-kun, but I didn't really care so I ignored it.

After hearing that Mito is Master's childhood friend, Zena-tan is having a complicated look on her face, but Mito looks like she's used to it.
It seems Master really was popular with younger girls in his former world too.

But, well, I'm not that pessimistic to the status quo.

I mean, unlike the monogamous Japan, the countries here approve the polygamy law.
Moreover, Master is an upper noble, so he should be able to have three wives at the very least!

Even if I have to yield the first seat to Aze-tan, I'll get the second and the third seats together with Lulu!

If I just smash Master's strangely high ethics, I should be able to be considered a wife candidate!
My highest priority is to build a bombshell body!

Now then, I'll get the secret of Lulu onee-sama who's stealthily attained C-cup, and get that nice body!

Oh but, tomorrow is the princess's tea party, so I have to sleep quick.

Alright, let's work hard from tomorrow on!

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