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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 210

Chapter 210 Strongest Sage, To be Going on Site


"...So how do you suppose we should deal with these dolls?"

The knight commander asked me while looking at the doll used in the attack on Relaia Barondom.
However, the solution to it isn't quite so simple.

These dolls are capable of autonomous actions, therefore just setting up magic tools to jam transmissions won't be enough to stop them.
However... Instructions still need to be issued to these auto dolls to get them to act.

Thus, in order to wage war with a new set of dolls, there's a need to give them orders.
The attack on Relaia Barondom should abate if we could just crush the doll master that's giving these orders.

...However, even if that is the case, more attacks would probably occur in other locations right afterward.
These dolls and doll masters are disposable pieces after all.
If they really intend to simply give orders to these dolls, they could just use some magic items to do so.

In conclusion...

"As we destroy the doll masters... we also have to cut off its supply source of powers, the life force."

"Life force?"

"A power that every human posseses within them that is the source of many things such as mana. It's hard to control, so ordinarily life force is not usable... yet these dolls are using this power to move."

"A power humans posses huh... So in order to procure this life force stuff, these demons are murdering humans?"

"It is possible to collect life force by confining and killing them, but such method gives too little return for the effort expended. Rather than doing that... it's more efficient to collect if from a huge number of people little by little."

Life force is fundamentally made to be used inside the body, thus utilizing after taking it outside the body has a poor efficiency rate.
Killing and snatching life force away from 100 or 200 people won't get you that much power, while holding so many people restrained in a confinement is out of question.

"A huge number of people?"

"Collecting life force from hundreds of thousands of people little by little. Though that means, there is a need to spread magic tools that collect the life force in an entire nation."

"Tools to collect life force? Do such things exist?"

"It can be in the form of machines or even medicines if you just need a small amount from a person... But the side effect is severe, and you still need to spread it in a whole country."

I have no idea which kinds these demons are using.
However, regardless of which, taking life force from hundreds of thousands of people is not a simple task.
With the population rate of the current era, the scale might be as big as a whole country even.

Making something like that works with ordinary means would require an unrealistic amount of effort.
They're probably using some specific method to help accomplish the feat, nevertheless, it doesn't change the fact that it's affecting a country-wide level of population, thus requiring a large-scale operation.

"...These dolls are created by demons, right? Does this mean Saihill Empire is conspiring with demons?"

"I can't say for sure how far their involvements are, but there is a low chance they're not connected at all."

I don't know what kind of means these demons are employing.
But judging from the magic circles carved on this doll, our enemy is planning to utilize a large number of these dolls, no doubt.
It must be linked to 『Something』 lurking in the upper echelon of the country.

"...Demons made these dolls right? How about we just smash them?"

After contemplating a bit, the knight commander said it like he just realized it.
That's certainly an option.

"That's one option if the doll masters slip up on their disguise. However, as our opponent is demons, catching them when they're being wary won't be easy. They can freely fly around after all."

All the demons I defeated so far were either stuck in the place or coming for me themselves.
When demons attempt to run away using their speed, normally there is no way to defeat them.
And since they can create these dolls anywhere so long they have the materials, the demons don't have any reason to stay in one place.

"Indeed, defeating fleeing demons won't be an easy task... But how are you planning to cut off the life force supply, concretely speaking?"

"As this affects the entire country, there must humans who work together with the demons involved in this. Unlike demons, organizations made up of people cannot be relocated around as easily, so destroying these organizations should be easier."

Of course the demons are 100% aware that these humans are their weak link.
There's quite a high chance that the demons would get in our way if we make a move on these organizations.
We just need to fight and defeat those demons right there, then.

"...I see. Then, what do you suppose we should do?"

"First of all, put watchmen on the national borders and see if there's any other suspicious movements. Afterward, it depends on the situation after going and seeing it first hand at Relaia Barondom. I think you should limit the number of personnels you sent to prevent the campaign from getting mistaken as a declaration of war."

"Got it. We will arrange the watchmen immediately. As for Relaia Barondom... Would your party participate in the investigation, Mathias? Unfortunately, our kingdom has no one else that's as knowledgeable on the subject of these dolls. Of course we shall prepare fitting rewards, and we will do everything we can on our side too."

Hearing that, I look at the three girls sitting beside me.
The three immediately nodded.

"I understand. We will lend our cooperation."

I can't abandon this matter since it's related to demons.
There would have been no need if it were just for fighting the dolls, but the situation would deteriorate if we left it alone.

"We are in your debt."

After hearing my reply, the knight commander turned his line of sight toward a knight at the prime of his life who was also attending the meeting.

"Regido, arrange a unit to go for Relaia Barondom at once."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"What about personnels selection?"

"We need to avoid getting it mistaken as a declaration of war, yet, getting looked down by the local authority would negatively impact the investigation. So how about one trustworthy viscount, and their guards?"

Viscount... is a rank above baron huh.
From the lesson I learned in Second Academy's class, apparently the higher your position in the knight order, the higher your court rank.

Since means of communication in the current world are undeveloped, having commanding officers with influence should make things easier.
Like in this case, they must be sending people with higher rank than the local baron to smooth things out when we get there.

"...I shall go. That should be acceptable right?"

The knight replied.
That knight was a viscount huh. Quite high on the ladder.

"Of course. Regido is one of the most trustworthy viscount knights that I know... However, as you will be taking a limited number of personnels, do not overestimate your force. If the situation turns for the worse, Regido is to abandon the mission and return immediately. Mathias, is that fine with you?"

I don't know how is this Regido knight like, but judging from the knight commander's words, he seems trustworthy enough.
And the fact that he orders Regido to quickly return if it looks dangerous must mean that he's that important.

Since I don't know any other knight I can trust anyway, having someone that credible going with us would be a welcome addition.
We can't probably hope for his participation in battle... but he should be a considerable help in gathering info from the local people.

"There's no problem here."

"I will be counting on you... When are you going to depart?"

"I am ready to go anytime."

Viscount Regido replied to the knight commander.
I can go anytime too, but it depends on the girls.
Thinking that, I activated comm magic.

『Anyone need to make preparations?』

『I personally don't really need to.』

『Me too, I'm ready to go anytime!』

『Same here, I can go.』

Looks like there's no problem.
The viscount is probably prepared to go on a campaign whenever an order comes down, and since we have Storage magic, we basically have no need to prepare for anything.
Though my life force has not fully recovered yet, I've gotten back the majority of it already. It should finish recovering while we're moving and investigating.

"I can go anytime as well."

"Good to hear you can move right away... That means, Mathias, you need a temporary court rank."

"Temporary court rank...?"

"Yeah. When someone is required to lead the army in case of emergency and such, a temporary court rank may be granted to that person. It's quite rare for anyone but a noble to lead a detachment though."

I see. And that's where temporary court rank comes in huh.
Looks like I'm stuck to be the commander of this investigation.

"Army huh, but I'm only going to give instructions to these four you know? Is there really any need for temporary rank?"

"It would not be necessary if the objective of this campaign were to wage war, but it's an investigation. If you don't have a rank, the local nobles may not look on you favorably and unnecessarily give you a hard time... Besides, your current position is one where you can be a noble if you really want to, Mathias. No one would object over you having a temporary court rank."

...I see.
Come to think of it, the king is still persistently trying to 『grant me a territory』 even now.

Apparently in this kingdom, anyone who's given a territory becomes a noble... or rather, only nobles can have a territory.
In other words, giving me a territory is the same as giving a peerage, turning me into a noble.
...Well, territories are bothersome and I don't need one right now, even if it comes with a peerage rank.

"I believe that receiving a temporary rank takes time."

One of the knights in the meeting voiced his objection to the knight commander.
The knight commander shook his head.

"That is indeed the case in normal times. We have an an emergency now, the rank should be granted without even the conferring ceremony with a written decree by the king. Normally, there would be a hearing to see whether a person is fit to be granted a rank even during emergency, however, for Mathias, there is no--"

The meeting room's door was opened, interrupting the knight commander.
And then a knight came in through the open door.
Holding a piece of paper with ornaments in his hand.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 209

Chapter 209 Strongest Sage, In Strategy Meeting


30 minutes later.
We arrived in front of the Second Academy's gate.
When we were about to get in, a knight guarding the gate halted us.

"You must be Mathias-san's group, yes? Please come over here."

The knight then showed us the way.
He's wearing a Second Academy's insignia on his shoulder.

He's probably a Second Academy's graduate. Apparently, the royal capital's chivalric order is one of the main place of employments for Second Academy's graduates.
...This building originally belonged to First Academy though, they got it completely occupied huh.

While thinking that, we got inside the First Academy as led by the guard and went down from there.
Looks like the sixth conference room is located in the basement.

It's the ideal location for the army's command room.
Seems like the First Academy has gotten quite all right while I was gone.

"We will now hold a strategy meeting to discuss countermeasures for the 『Wooden Troops』!"

The meeting began not long after we arrived at the conference room.

Though it's called a meeting, there's only 10 people besides us.
There's Second Academy's Principal Edward, three Second Academy's teachers, and one First Academy's teacher.
All the teachers are related to augmentation magic.

The rest is probably the upper echelons of the kingdom's knights.
I've seen some of these faces in the audiences with the king.
Presiding over the meeting is the knight commander whom I defeated in the entrance exam, Gayle.

"Two days ago, we received a report that Relaia Barondom bordering on Saihill Kingdom had suffered an attack. The kingdom knights thus proceeded with the standard procedure and made the preparations to sortie out... but then we discovered some unusual situation from a report that came afterward. We'd like to borrow expertises from augmentation specialists and Mathias about this issue."

Afterward, the knight commander put what appeared to be a doll made of wood on top of the desk.

"What do you think this is?"

"...Is it the assailant's body."

"Correct. How did you come to that conclusion?"

The knight commander nodded at the answer given by a Second Academy's teacher.
I see, this is the reason why they're calling augmentation experts here.

"Complex magic circles have been carved in the entirety of this doll. It's impossible for chanted magic to create this, thus it's most likely created via chantless magic... I presume that there is no other reason why we were called here."

"I see... Do you get what this is?"

"I'm afraid to say that its complexity exceeds my present knowledge. Given time to research it, I shall try to analyze it... but it would take about five years. I think Mathias-kun or Ruli-san would likely know. After all, our augmentation is still nothing compared to these two."

The teacher looked at me.
I do have an idea about the mechanics behind this doll.
...In fact, I'm not sure if this thing can even be called a magic item.

"This doll moves with forces generated by a particular magic item located in its heart section. It's not remote controlled, it's an autonomous type. Judging from its output, it's only about a bit stronger than a warrior that's not buffed with magic."

"...It's exactly like the report says... I heard you're good with magic tools, Mathias, but you could even comprehend something just by looking huh... Do you know who made it?"

"I do not know that far, but the augment magic on this doll is indeed considerably advanced. There is nobody in the neighboring countries with a skill this advanced, which means the culprit must be demons."

I don't feel mana specific to demons from this magic item.
But this doll is quite a peculiar type of magic items, it's exceedingly hard to distinguish its creator's mana.

Finding it out isn't really impossible if we go back to Folkia and use the Detector magic tool... but I've used up all the mana stored inside that magic tool to search for the magic sword.
It'd be faster for us to go to the location where the incident took place than going around looking for other detector magic tools.

"Demons huh... Those troublesome bunch again..."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
The Knight Commander paused after saying that.
And he continued after taking a breath.

"I get the picture about the doll... Well then, I shall now explain our current situation. After all, it's related to Mathias's hometown."

My hometown?
By that he means Hildesheimr right?
Wonder if the accident occurred near the territory.

Hildesheimr territory itself isn't located in the border of the kingdom, but now that I look again, there might be other territories where that apply nearby.
I wait for the Knight Commander to continue while thinking that.

"In conclusion, the national border army received an attack from about 300 dolls, however, they were able to annihilate the dolls without the help of the kingdom's main army. The parent and child pair from Hildesheimr who received a call from a nearby town were of a tremendous help in particular."

I see, Hildesheimr household came as a reinforcement huh.
After all, my brother, Reich can use chantless magic, and my father Castor is good with sword.
These two should be quite a force to be reckoned with.

"That means there's no problem anymore, right? Then you should stop the knights right away. If this attack is really the demons' ploy, mobilizing the army away is exactly what they want."

The principal who had been keeping silence stated his opinion to the knight commander.
Augment magic is outside the principal's expertise, but he's the most experienced one amongst the people here about wars.

The principal is most likely worried about the possibility of demons planning this attack to instigate wars.
From demons' point of view, wars between humans would stave off both resources and be like killing two birds in one stone.
There's a high chance that the situation will progress just as the demons planned if the national army do get mobilized.


"No, unfortunately, the attack is not over yet. Mathias's elder brother claimed that the enemy they defeated was only a very small part of a larger group... As we still occasionally received reports about wooden dolls that appeared to be scouts getting caught, we should consider that the battle is not over yet."

The knight commander denied the principal's request.

"Mathias's elder brother... You mean Biffgel of Glory Crest? I heard that guy is an idiot, sure you can believe him?"

"The one being a huge help is the eldest son, Reich, not Biffgel. I heard that Biffgel did participate but he wasn't much help on the battlefield."

The fact that Biffgel is an idiot has even reached the principal and the knight commander huh....
Well, since my father Castor and knight commander are apparently acquaintances, he must be the source.

"Still, they made this huh..."

I look at the doll in question while muttering such.
Just as my brother has guessed, if they can make this doll, the number won't stop at just 300.

The demons would rather sortie out themselves rather than creating several hundreds dolls of this level, it'd be faster that way.
They must have made preparations to mass produce these things.
At the very least there should be thousands, or at worst, tens of thousands of this, no doubt.

If these dolls are the demons' handiwork... The situation is quite problematic.
Because the driving force of these dolls are human's life force.

It's one thing if there's only one or two dolls, but they must have the backing of quite a huge organization to handle so many dolls.
Or worst, the entire neighboring country might be ruled by the demons.

...Good grief, these incidents involving demons just won't stop coming, do they.
Well, it also means it never gets boring though.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 1-2

1-2. Written as Dream of Man, Read as Fleeting


Hello there, it's Suzuki here.
Just a low profile man who, for some reason, was often called Satou in his school days.

It's said that you cannot feel pain in your dreams, but there are dreams where you can feel the sign of [Pain], like in a dream about tooth cavity, aren't there.

Not at all?

Well, it doesn't really matter either way.

Apparently two hours have passed since the intense pain assaulted me right after I got swept in a dust of cloud from the Meteor Shower's impact.
Time is displayed permanently on the Menu. Quite convenient.

I attempt to raise my body that has been buried in soil.

Huh? I can't get up...

It's like when you can't get up from bed in the morning in winter.
I can move my hands, but it's so heavy even operating Menu feels tiresome.

If only I had ESP, I could operate the Menu and check the Log with it.

Having nothing to lose, I tried to imagine fiddling the Menu with my finger, it worked. As expected of a dream. It's so loose at the weirdest part.

Looking at the Log using it, it's filled to the brim with [Satou has leveled up] messages like some kind of prank. I scroll back the Log while playing the famous level up sound in my head, [Charararacchara~].

After a while, I finally found different messages on the Log.

>Skill 『Summonning Magic: Otherworld』 Acquired
>Summoning Magic 『Meteor Shower』 Acquired

So, I guess 『Meteor Shower』 is a magic to summon meteors huh.
This magic doesn't exist in FFW tho'. Only spirits and golems are available for summoning there. The chuuni-sounding words behind it is curious. [Otherworld] doesn't exist in either FFW nor WW. No point in thinking too hard about a dream, I'll just ignore it.

The [has leveled up] messages continued after these messages.
There's no mistake about the ordering since these messages have time stamps on them. The order is, [Skill Acquired], [Magic that belongs to the Skill Acquired], and [Level Ups].

Which means, this is a type of RPG that doesn't give you skills or magic on level ups!

"No no, what am I even doing analyzing a dream..."
Looks like the habit from my gamer days had resurfaced.

But there's no point in getting embarrassed inside a dream either, so I continue the analysis.
After all, my real body should be getting its well deserved rest even while I'm doing this!

I decided to exit the Log and checked on Magic and Skill tabs.

"But before that."

I open [Setting], and make the Log to be always displayed.
Switching to it all the time would get old fast.

There's two magic on the tab, [Meteor Shower] and [Explore Entire Map].
As for skills, it's [Summoning Magic: Otherworld] and [Force Magic: Otherworld].

Looks like [Explore Entire Map] is in Force Magic category.

So, magic and skills that you have used get registered here.
But I can't use one if I don't learn one, using the summoning bonus like in this particular case is irregular. I would have refused this specification on the spot if I were the programmer in charge.

My Status has changed considerably. I mean, my level went from 1 straight to 310. I'm sure we've put the level limit on server side to 50 on FFW. The test server used for development has no level limit though, perhaps that affects my memories.

I'm not going to count how many 9 are there on the exp value, the numbers are just astronomical. Wish they'd put comma on every three digits. I should propose the idea on the next update.

Attributes like Strength (STR), Intelligence (INT) and stuff are maxed out at 99. In FFW, our client instructed us to limit the displayed numbers of these attributes to 99 at most, but in actuality these numbers have no upper limit. I hear that they plan to gradually revise the displayed numbers as the level limit gets released... Which means these values are even higher in reality?

Health (HP), MP (magic point), and stamina (SP) are all 3100 each. These values increase by 10 on every level up, it seems. Variations come from many kinds of skills that reduce consumption and such.
According to the planner, it's cause balancing them would be annoying were the growth rates not constant.

And my skill points are now 3100.
Guess I can allot the points now since I've learned some new skills?

Looking at the Skill column, the two skills earlier are grayed out. I try tapping on the [Force Magic: Otherworld Lv0]. Tapping on the Lv gave me, [Please Allot Skill Points 1-10], so I tried to put 10 just because.
The text changed to white, [Force Magic: Otherworld Lv10], with no particular sound effect. Skill points: 3090 remaining. Skills consumes 1 point for every level huh. Easy to understand. Tapping the skill again only showed, [Max Level].

Looking at the Magic column, [Explore Entire Map] text has turned white, while [Meteor Shower] is still grayed out.
Apparently, you need to allot skill points to raise a particular skill level before you can use the magic associated to it. I allotted 10 points to [Summoning Magic: Otherworld Lv0] as well.

There's so many new things on the Title column.
First of all, [Monster Slayer]. Yep, I get this one. Then there's [Scalekin Slayer], [Scalekin's Calamity], [Scalekin's Natural Enemy], dunno what these scalekin are, maybe lizard-like demi-humans or monsters. Next there's [Wyvern Slayer], [Dragon Slayer [Lesser]], [Dragon Slayer [Infant Dragon]], [Dragon Slayer [Adult Dragon]], [Dragon Slayer [Ancient Dragon]], and other [Dragon Slayers] with other specific types inside the [].

Welp, no wonder my level went up to 300s, with so many dragons slain like this. I mean the Map was filled to to the brim with their markers before the Meteor Shower.
And the last set of titles are just like with the scalekin, ending with [Dragonkind's Natural Enemy] and lastly, [God Slayer].


"Hold on, when did I kill that?"
I tap on the search bar of the Log at the tip, and search for [God].

>Defeated Dragon God Akon-Kagura!

There it is, the cause of God Slayer. I see, Meteor Shower could slay even gods huh.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
I see, I killed one huh...

Two remaining, this god-slaying attack!!

No no wait, why would I do that.
But since the Log does not show damage numbers, I have no clue just how strong it is. In both FFW and WW, damage numbers should always be shown even if it's an instant kill hit... Guess no point in asking for authenticity in dreams huh.

I stand up as I'm feeling a bit better now.

I don't want to click on it by mistake and become an enemy of mankind, thus I turn OFF the [Meteor Shower] icon on the Basic Display on [Setting].

Oh right, there's new things on Magic column.
Switching to Magic tab, I see [Meteor Shower] and [Explore Entire Map] displayed. Well now, how do I use these. Is just tapping them suffice?

I tried tapping lightly on [Explore Entire Map] but I don't see anything different.

Checking on Log, I see [Performed Magic: Explore Entire Map] displayed. Looking at Status, my MP has decreased to 3090. Looks like the spell consumed 10 MP. It's annoying to switch tabs all the time, so I also add HP/MP bars on the basic display.

Nothing else but me displayed on the Radar.
It's cool that this means no enemy, but when I think that this is an aftermath of a massacre, I can't really laugh even in a dream. No wait, this is normal in games huh.

It should be OK since there's no potential victim anyway, right? I slowly tap on [Meteor Shower]. It feels like blood is getting rapidly sucked out of my body. The MP bar in the edge of my vision is decreasing fast. It stopped right when it had decreased by 1000 points.
I didn't get this sensation when I used it the first time earlier, that one probably didn't consume my MP.

I look up into the sky. No falling meteorites in view yet. Considering the time lag earlier, it should be about time now.
And then clouds are torn apart as a group of meteorites fall down.

Huge. What the heck are those things.

The falling Meteor Shower are almost 100 times bigger than the ones earlier.

I instinctively ran out before my brain could process it.
Of course, to the opposite side of the impact point!

While consecutive sounds of explosion from the meteorites or rather ludicrously gigantic masses hitting the earth are resounding behind me, I earnestly moved my legs.

The air resistance is strong, like I'm running in water. Usually my body would feel heavy running in dreams, or is it just me?

Eventually I turn around at a cliff that looks like a smallish table-like ground like I'm rolling. By smallish I mean a cliff with around 100 meter in radius, should be enough as a cover.
Right as I found myself a shelter, a tsunami-like cloud of dust swept over. I feel chills down my spine when I see rocks the size of a person roll inside the dust cloud at times.

Wonder how long has passed. Once the dust cloud has stopped to a degree, I decide to climb to the top of the cliff and look at the impact point.
The slope is quite steep, but it has a lot of footholds, I should reach this 50cm difference in levels with a light jump.

Poon. While feeling like I could almost hear such sound effect, I leaped about 5 meter above the ground.
And landed on a rocky protrusion while almost going into a panic.

"These status boosts are bonkers~"

Feeling relieved, I talked to myself to deceive my trembling body.

"Wonder if those huge meteorites earlier are thanks to the boost from INT and level~"

I got to the top of the cliff by bouncing on rocky protrusions like a ninja in games and manga. So handy. Even if this is a dream, I sure got quite a high adaptability.

I could see a crumbling mushroom cloud in the distance. That's probably the earth and sand that were sent up high by the meteorites. If this were a real life, it would create health problems from the dust accumulation and crops problem from the decreased sunlight.

"I mean it's a dream and all anyway, no point in mulling over it, I guess."

I think it's bad how this all feels too real.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-65

16-65. Holy Land Parion, Once Again (4)


Satou here. I often found myself getting absorbed and lost in thought when I encountered something that piqued my interest. Usually it's no biggie, but it gives me many troubles if I do it when I'm with my friends or my loved one...

"This is kind of amazing."

Arisa muttered while watching the heroes.
Before her eyes, Hero Meiko is engaging the lich demon lord in a high speed battle while three rings of flames are flaring up around them as if encircling them.

"Meiko! I'll burn down all the blood and pieces of meat! Keep slashing at it without worry!"

Hero Yuuki shouted at Hero Meiko.


Hero Meiko replied curtly, but the corner of her mouth lifted up in glee as she switched from full-on dodging to attacking.

"Give it your all, Meiko! That's the real body of the split demon lords! My Unique Skill tells me that!"

Hero Seigi shouted out loud from outside the rings, but it didn't seem to reach Hero Meiko who kept slashing at the demon lord in ecstasy.
There's nothing that differentiate it in my AR reading, but Hero Seigi's Unique Skills, either the [Evil Search (Where's the bad one)] and [Justice Eye (There's only one truth)], must have seen through it.

In fact, the demon lord that's fighting Hero Meiko does move far quicker and fight more skilfully than the rest.
Hero Meiko herself is even better and faster than the demon lord though, thanks to the dodging skills assisted by her Unique Skill, and her battle sense.

"Yuuki-sama! Some pieces of meat flew off!"
"--Great Forge!"

Hero Yuuki's attendant discovered a piece of meat that was starting to transform into a sludge-like feeler while regenerating mid-air, responding to that, Hero Yuuki evaporated the meat piece with an advanced fire spell that would even melt magic metal.

"Yuuki! Some fell out behind the flame! Burn it down before it regenerates!"
"Tch, easy for you to say! --Great Forge!"

Hero Seigi who was emitting blue light pointed out a piece of meat behind the flame rings that had started to regenerate.
At a glance, Hero Seigi may look like he's not doing anything, but it appears that he's playing an important role in this demon lord subjugation as well.

However, at this rate, Hero Yuuki's mana would run out--.

--Oh? Hero Yuuki's mana hasn't decreased as much as I thought.

Checking with Mana Sight and AR readings, looks like Hero Yuuki's attendants are supplying their mana to the hero.
Attendants who have run out of mana cancel the link to Hero Yuuki and take mana recovery medicine, and once their mana has recovered enough they link back to the union, such is the routine.

"Hero girl is doing her best nodesu. Let's cheer for her together nodesuyo!"
"You can do it~"

Pochi and Tama cheer for Hero Meiko.
The innocent Lulu and Nana joined them too. Lulu has put away her gigantic Floating Fort in [Garage], Nana too has changed her broken golden armor.

"Sa--Nanashi-sama. Is it alright, should we not help them?"

Zena-san is looking at Hero Meiko and the others with a worried look.

Even for Hero Meiko and her perfect evasion-type Unique Skill, fighting one-on-one against a demon lord seems to be quite taxing, sometimes she dodges too far away consuming her stamina, other times she evades too narrowly, breaking parts of her armor.
She suffered small wounds whenever her armor got torn off, but Hero Seigi's attendants healed those wounds even without me giving a hand.

"It's okay, don't worry."

Right when I said that, Hero Meiko made a mistake and chopped off the demon lord's wrist.

"Meiko you dunce!"
"Seigi! Can't you use your flame yet?"
"I told you not yet!"
"Damn it--Great Forge!"

Hero Yuuki attempts to burn down the wrist with the conflagration, but apparently larger parts regenerate faster than the flame could burn them, it's gradually turning into a new demon lord.

"Uwaaa, what do we do."
"Shut up! Great Forge! Great Forge!"
"Yuuki! Stop your magic! I'll grind it down into a size that can't regenerate!"

Hero Meiko got away from the demon lord's main body, and unleashed a furious rapid assault at the regenerating wrist.

"I won't let you get to Meiko-sama!"

Hero Yuuki's wingkin attendant blocked the main body's way, but her shield and armor broke apart in a flash and she suffered wounds all over.

"She shouldn't have--. <<Dimension Pile>>."
"Shadow Stitch~?"

Arisa's space magic and Tama's ninjutsu stitched the demon lord's body in its place, stopping its fist as it was about to blow away the wingkin attendant's neck.

"O-oh thank god--I thought Michael was gonna die there."
"I would have never imagined Yuuki-sama to worry about me. Also, my name is Mieka."

The wingkin attendant came back flying outside the flame ring unsteadily, and Hero Yuuki hugged her, looking glad to see her safe.
Hero Yuuki muttered in a small voice, [Thank you], and the wingkin attendant gave her thanks to me and the golden knights.

After several more of such small events, Hero Meiko succeeded in literally slashing the demon lord down into nothingness before she ran out of energy.

"We did it! We beat it!"
"Something came out!"

Mixed among the black mist that came out of the demon lord's corpse, the usual dark purple light orb--[God's Fragment], showed up.
Even thought it had three Unique Skills, only one [God's Fragment] showed up.

And it's acting differently than the usual fragments.


Usually they would be grumbling about some wicked-sounding stuff here, but today, it only floated around anxiously before it began to silently ascend to heavens.

I don't plan to let it get away, but the people who should perform their role here, the heroes' attendants were quarreling about [whose attendant should seal it], so I gave them a warning, "It'll get away if you don't act soon."
That apparently would be bad, the attendants took their [Divine Talisman] from their bosom in a fluster and pointed them toward the God's Fragment.

"""O Divine Talisman! 『Seal』 these evils away!"""

The purple light was wrapped in blue light and got sucked into a Talisman the wingkin attendant held that was double the size than the others.
Hero Meiko's attendant looked frustrated, but during Hero Meiko's fight against the demon lord, he was simply watching from the safest location without even healing her, so I think he's not really qualified to complain here.

"Hey, master."

Arisa pulled my sleeve and asked, "Did you see these heroes' titles?"
After looking at it as advised by Arisa, I got what she was trying to say.

None has gotten the [True Hero] title.

With the pattern so far, a hero who has defeated a demon lord should get [True Hero] title.
With Hero Hayato, right about now should be the time for lights to descend from heavens wrapping up the heroes, but there's no sign of that happening.

"Maybe the gods can't see what's going on here since we're inside Yuika's barrier."

Arisa reminded me of the barrier that the Little Oni (Goblin) Yuika, a reincarnated person, put up to prevent gods from peeking here.


There's no way the return offer would come if the gods didn't know these heroes had defeated a demon lord.

I brought everyone back to the sanctuary site while ruminating a way to apologize to the heroes.

"Why am I still here! Didn't you say that Parion would return me home if I beat a demon lord!"

Hero Meiko pressed on her attendant with a threatening attitude.

"I've got no 『True Hero』 title either."
"Sure missed our chance to power up."

Unlike Hero Meiko, Hero Seigi and Hero Yuuki didn't seem like they have any intention to go home at all.

"Hey, let me back! Let me go back to my home!"

Hero Meiko grabbed and pressed her head on the attendant's clothes.
Her sorrowful scream originated from my careless mistake stung my heart.

"Hero girl is crying nodesu."
"Cheer on~?"
"That's right nanodesu! Pochi will present her with Pochi's especially reserved whale jerky nodesuyo!"
"Oh, great~"

Tama and Pochi took their snacks, whale jerky, hidden in their golden armor, they were going to cheerfully walk to Hero Meiko before Liza caught and lifted them under her arms.

"We can't~?"
"You can't."
"There's no kid who wouldn't cheer up after eating whale jerky nodesuyo?"
"There are kids where that does not apply too."
"Bummer nanodesu."

The two fell dejected and took on corpse poses after Liza admonished them.


Urged by Arisa, I step toward Hero Meiko to tell her the truth and take the blame.


Tama who was enjoying playing as a corpse looked up with perked up ears.

"The sky feels weird nanodesu."

An unnatural dark cloud hangs over the holy city.
It's weird for such a thick dark cloud to appear in holy city that's practically in the desert area.


A howl that felt like a frost blade stabbing your soul resounded in the dark cloud hanging over the holy city.
And from inside that dark cloud, a wraith lord with a swelled up presence--Pope Zazaris showed up.

Its body is clad in a flowing vestment made of what seemed to be an embodiment of darkness and resentment.

"That's the former pope right?"

I affirmed Arisa's question.

"How did he turn into a demon lord?"

Demon Lord Zazaris has two Unique Skills that the lich demon lord had,  [Unparalleled Pulverization (Nothing that cannot be pulverized)] and [Unlimited Regeneration (Rebirth)], its level has also exponentially increased to 70.

"It's probably--"

I narrated my guess to Arisa.

Wraith Lord Zazaris probably took a group of lich demon lord with it to the Realm of the Dead when the lich demon lord greatly multiplied itself in the City Core Room, then Zazaris probably used [Life Drain] and [Soul Drain] to snatch their levels and exp, eventually it took the demon lord soul with [God's Fragments] into itself, transforming into a demon lord.

"Zazaris! First you did something foolish and lost Parion-sama's favor, now you even desecrate the holy city as a demon lord!"

The middle-aged Parion Temple Miko-san who had been ignored all this time censured demon lord Zazaris that was laughing loudly above the sanctuary.

"--Demon lord?"

Hero Meiko overheard the middle-aged miko and lifted up her tear stained face.

"Oh look, there's one here."

Hero Meiko looked up to the sky with a sickened look on her face.

"Demon looooooooooord!"

Hero Meiko bounced up toward the demon lord while creating footholds in the air.
It's probably Sky Step skill, not Sky Drive.


Hero Meiko easily dodged the rain of [Ice Javelin] that demon lord Zazaris poured down on her.


Demon lord Zazaris immediately switched to [Ice Storm], but Hero Meiko cut through it with her holy sword clad in her Unique Skill.
She's acting quite reckless, her body is covered in innumerable wounds, the Ice Storm is getting painted in red.

--Aqua Heal.

As an apology for earlier, I healed Hero Meiko's wounds with an extended range recovery spell, and supported her with [<<Enchant Spirit Protection>>], and [<<Enchant Physical>>].


Hero Meiko let out a small voice of admiration at the physical enchantment that far exceeds the extra mode installed on Pochi's golden armor.

"I can do it now!"

Hero Meiko looked up straight at the demon lord and climbed up the sky at a speed that far exceeded hers before.

She cut up demon lord Zazaris that should have had the physical resist trait from its Wraith Lord days.
Chopped arm disappeared into black mist, and a new arm grew in its stead.

"Oy, Seigi. Did you see it?"
"Yea, I did. This guy ain't multiplying."

Hero Seigi and Hero Yuuki who suddenly get all pepped up support Hero Meiko from afar.
Hero Yuuki with fire magic, Hero Seigi shoots cover fire with a magic gun he snatched from his attendant.

"...■■■■ <<Sacred Turn Undead>>!"

Silver Knight Holy, aka Sera, unleashed holy magic on demon lord Zazaris, but it gave no real damage besides a miffed scream.

"We will burden the sin of Parion Temple ourselves. Tenion temple personal over there, please refrain from interfering."

The middle-aged miko who saw through Sera's magic to have originated from God Tenion gave a warning to Sera.

"Heroes! Keep that traitor that's turned into a demon lord in check just like that! We shall utilize this chance to seal the demon lord with the miracle brought upon by our artifact!"

The middle-aged miko and her companions took out a rainbow colored orb from Item Box and held it up high.
The main temple personnels who've come along with her put their hands on the orb and pour their mana into it.

I'll be watching over them, I'll leave them alone if they're going to help Hero Meiko and her friends, and expel them if they look like they're going to get in the way.
A light magic circle appeared in the center of their group, then it piles up into 20 circles.

"That's quite an unusual spell."

Mia frowned and groaned.

"Master, did you get it?"
"I think it's a sealing-type spell based on holy magic--"

First I've seen this spell. Truly fascinating.

Magic circles of holy magic only have one symbol that signifies a god, but for some reason this magic circle the middle-aged miko and her cohorts have created carry eight symbols that signify gods on them.
There's one symbol that looks unlike any of the seven pillar gods' symbols I know.


Demon lord Zazaris noticed the magic circle the miko produced and tried to get away into the Realm of the Dead, thus I got next to the opened portal with Flash Drive and destroyed it.

"This is our prey okay!"
"Yeah, I'm not going to take it from you, do your best."

I snatch away demon lord's mana with [Mana Drain], and destroy the buff magic it's put on itself using [Break Magic].
In addition, to prevent the demon lord from opening another portal to the Realm of the Dead, I fully opened my Spirit Light as well as purified all the miasma in the surroundings. Though I have no proof, these measures should be correct if the knowledge I got from the [Sage's Tower] is correct.

"Good work out there. You're as overprotective as always, master."

Ignoring the amazed-sounding Arisa, I watch over the battle.

"I wanted to fight more, I mean the demon lord came down and all."
"Shut it, Seigi. Just keep shooting!"

Hero Seigi's magic attacks were mostly resisted by the demon lord, but Hero Yuuki's magic attacks dealt enough damage even though they were also resisted.


Hero Meiko kept up her fierce assault on demon lord Zazaris while furiously emitting blue light.
This demon lord doesn't seem to have battle sense of the former homonculus lich demon lord, it's getting pushed around by Hero Meiko even though it should be higher leveled.
Though apparently, she's still having a hard time to deal as much damage as she wants since she's up against a demon lord that has a naturally high resistance against physical attacks and of higher rank.

"Master, look at the magic circle!"

The rainbow orb the middle-aged miko was carrying floated and dispersed in the air.

Right after the orb dispersed, the magic circles stretched out toward the sky in a cylindrical shape, and once it was twice as high as the altitude where the demon lord was, it began to transform into a more precise sphere.


A great number of spell formations complement each others, forming a powerful seal that cannot be easily undone.

It's quite an artistic spell.

Nothing to worry about since it's not complete yet, but once you're caught inside this seal, magic break-type of magic is useless against it. At least, my own magic won't work.

I memorize the sealing spell formations, thinking I might be able to create something out of these.

"Good--get back, heroes! Otherwise, you will be caught up in an infinite prison where not even demon god could escape from!"

The middle-aged miko-san proudly shouted.

It is indeed a powerful sealing spell, but the [not even demon god could escape from] is exaggerated.

"This 『Rainbow Gem of Sealing God』 is an artifact from the age of gods bestowed to my grandfather, an apostle of Parion-sama, the Yellow Clothed Saint! We were not able to seal the demon lord that showed up in the holy city the other day because of Zazaris's intervention--"

The middle-aged miko began to explain about the rainbow orb even though no one asked her.

Or rather--.

"Yellow Clothed Saint?"

There's probably no mistake about it, it must be the yellow bodied demon--the senior greater demon I defeated at the Duchy Capital.
And suddenly, this [Rainbow Gem of Sealing God] thing gets more suspicious manyfold.

"Shut up! This one's our prey! I'm not gonna hand it over to anyone!"
"Then, be sealed off along with the demon lord."

The middle-aged miko gave her last warning to Hero Meiko who refused to stop fighting the demon lord.

"Master, shouldn't we stop the sealing artifact, we've got to save Meiko--"
"Ah, yeah you're right."

I got too absorbed in memorizing the sealing spell formations, I forgot about it.
But it's okay. There's still a few seconds remaining before the sealing spell is completely activated.

I use space magic [Aport] to pull Hero Meiko along with demon lord Zazaris.


The holy sword clad in Hero Meiko's Unique Skill [Strongest Katana (Nothing that cannot be cut)] cut down my [Aport].

--No no. This isn't the time to be surprised.

It's OK, I can still make it.

I moved next to Hero Meiko with Flash Drive and captured her abruptly--.

My reached out hand fell in empty air as if slipping through Hero Meiko's body.
It must be a technique that combined her Unique Skills [Unrivaled Mobility (Nothing can hit)], and [Foresight].

Nevertheless I managed to catch her on my third time's the charm, but that was when the sealing spell formations had been completed, thus we ended up getting sealed inside.

"Lemme go! I will defeat demon lord even if I have to go alone!"
"You're not alone."
"Geez, putting my life on the line for a friend is really not like me though."

Looks like Hero Seigi and Hero Yuuki had jumped in before the sealing spell was completely done.
They looked like they didn't get along well, but turned out they were friends enough to jump into dangers to save each others.

"Let's just beat the demon lord for now."

I put a hold on Hero Seigi's suggestion.

"If you defeat it here, the result might not reach God Parion, and the return offer might never come to you just like earlier."
"That's bad--wait, I couldn't go home earlier because of you?"
"Forgive me."

I resigned myself to Hero Meiko's denunciation.

"Hold it, Meiko. We should get out of here first."

Hero Seigi mediated in.

"Can't your Unique Skill cut it apart, Meiko?"
"I'll give it a try."

Hero Meiko slashed at the barrier with her blue light-clad holy sword, and one of the spell formation got cut in two.
However, the other spell formations around it worked together and repaired the hole in an instant.

"--Tch. Don't look down on hero youuuuuuuuuu!"

Hero Meiko rapidly slashed at the spell formations while screaming her lungs out, but it's a perfect sealing barrier formations that flawlessly complements each other.
That [not even demon god could escape from] the middle-aged miko boasted might not have just been a mere bravado.

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"So, you can get out of here, can't you?"

Hero Meiko glared at me while breathing heavily.

"I've tried several kinds of magic to break this seal, but simply breaking it resulted in the hole getting quickly restored, it's no good. Of course, teleportation is useless here either."

I can't get out of this sealing barrier with teleport magic or ninjutsu, even Arisa's familiar link has been severed.

"Are your [Inventory] and [Unlimited Armory (Endless Swords)] still usable?"
"I still can use them both--huh?"

Hero Meiko stopped talking while she was concentrating.

"My mana isn't recovering."

Now that she mentions it, my mana isn't recovering either.
Since we've been cut off from Sources, magic essence isn't getting replenished and we've got to make do with mana essence present in this place.

"I don't wanna starve in this place."
"You think I want that too."
"I shouldn't have helped if I knew it would come to this..."
"I never asked for your help."
"H-hey now! Meiko, and Yuuki too, stop fighting."

I observe the sealing barrier's spell formations next to the quarreling heroes.

"You look calm somehow, got any plan?"
"Yeah, probably."

This spell is absolutely unbreakable with magic or physical means.

I reach out to the heroes.

"Give me your hand."

I grip the heroes' hands.
Also, I extend out [Magic Hand] and catch demon lord Zazaris that's frantically trying to break the barrier wall in desperation.

--Unit Arrangement.


Many voices call out to us.
We've moved outside the sealing barrier.

I figured it would be fine since Hero Meiko was able to use her Unique Skills, but that was quite a thrill.
Well, even if Unit Arrangement failed, I could probably get out with my mysterious trait that could break every kind of barrier.

"I-it cannot be! How could they get out of Saint-sama's seal!"

The middle-aged miko who had gotten all beat-up somehow shouted out when she saw us.
The heroes' attendants probably beat her up.

--<<Dimension Pile>>.

I stitched demon lord Zazaris that was trying to get away in the confusion.

"First of all, why don't we defeat the demon lord."

I proposed the idea and went on with the heroes to knock down the demon lord.

"--here it comes! You guys, no quarrellings now okay!"

Hero Seigi point at two dark purple lights--[God's Fragments] that came out of the demon lord's body.


Just like the fragment earlier, these two are also fluttering about in silence.

"""O Divine Talisman! 『Seal』 these evils away!"""

The two purple lights got wrapped up in blue lights and sucked in the double sized talismans Hero Seigi's and Hero Meiko's attendants carried with them.

When the demon lord's body disappeared into black mist, blue light fells down from the heavens into the heroes.
The same spectacle that unfolded after Hero Hayato's successful subjugation of a demon lord.

The heroes are probably meeting God Parion.

After a while, the blue lights disappeared.

"--I'm returning tomorrow she said."

Hero Meiko shed tears with a cheerful face.
She must have been really eager to go back home.

"I'm staying here. This world is a shitty game no different than earth, but at least it's more stimulating than my grey former world."
"Me too, I'm staying. It's easy to tell apart evils here, simpler to judge them too."

Hero Yuuki and Hero Seigi are staying it seems.

Hero Meiko walked up to me while wiping her tears.

"Thank you for your help. This makes your failure earlier a wash."

I exchanged a handshake with Hero Meiko.

"But you're really out of ordinary aren't you."
"I mean, guy's grabbed an incorporeal demon lord and tore it apart and all."
"With silly strength of magic to boot."

How rude.

"This native hero and dragon king over there are extraordinary themselves."

Pochi's and Liza's tails are wagging in elation at Hero Seigi's words.

Inside my shadow, Tama muttered, "nin nin" lonesomely.
Looks the heroes didn't even notice her because she was way too stealthy.

"Later then, Seigi, Yuuki. If you meet Fuu, tell him to bathe in the sun once in a while."
"Got it. Don't forget about my letter okay."
"I know. Yuuki, you sure you don't wanna send a letter?"
"Un, I'm sure. Nobody needs me in the original world anyway."
"Really. But I will remember you. Come back home if you feel like it, you hear me."

After the heroes have said their farewell, I walk up to Hero Meiko.
Along with Pochi who's had a connection with Hero Meiko.

I handed over a lump of pure gold and several bottles of elixirs stuffed inside a baseball bat bag, and exchanged a handshake with Hero Meiko.

"This is?"
"A gift for you. It should be useful in the world there, I think."

I've made it to look like a modern art outwardly, it should be okay even if she gets questioned by police.
Pochi presented Meiko with her treasured jerky set.

"See ya--"

Hero Meiko disappeared inside the blue light after whispering that in the end.


Attentive Ears skill picked up something curious, so I looked at the direction it came from.
The middle-aged miko who was watching Hero Meiko's return from afar is groaning with both hands on the ground.

I didn't know what it was about at this time, I found out the significance when I visited her as Satou two days later.

"Parion Temple at the old capital of Saga Empire?"
"That's right. It's regrettable to say, but since the holy city's cathedral is in this state, having God Parion descend here would be blasphemous. Therefore, temporarily. Yes, temporarily for sure, Parion Temple of Saga Empire will perform the duty in place of Parion main temple."

The middle-aged miko spoke of the oracle she received as the blood vessels on her head looked like they were about to burst.
I donated a sensible amount of money to the miko who had done a good job conveying the message, "Hope this help with the restoration."

"What's the matter Master? You've got this somewhat unsatisfied look on your face y'know."

I think the middle-aged miko received the message when Hero Meiko was leaving, but I didn't feel any kind of divine presence from the miko back then.
Well the volume of divinity was thick at the time of Hero Meiko leaving, I might have just missed it because of that.

"Nah, it's nothing."
"Alright then. But if you have any worries, Arisa-chan is here to hear you out--of course, she also warmly welcomes night crawling--"

I whacked Arisa on the head as she started to babble some ridiculous stuff, and then I changed the airship course toward Saga Empire.

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Previous Chapter

Okami wa Nemuranai 17_18


Lecan is currently standing on top of a small hill, looking over a great beast crouching on the side of a mountain.

The monster's naked eyes could only see things very close to them, he won't be discovered at this distance.

The eye that apparently can see mana is maxed out at 100 steps range.

After all, such a gigantic beast probably has no real need to detect faraway foes.

Looks like it's sleeping. Here's his chance.

Lecan groped his chest and grabbed a jewel. It's the blue jewel he got from Lady Rubianafale. He could sense some mana in it, it might carry some sort of effect. No clue what kind, but today it would serve as a good luck charm. The chain part is too delicately made, he plans to replace it later.

He put the magic jewel inside his shirt, erased his footsteps, and carefully yet quietly approached the monster.

He's gotten right next to it, and the monster still has its eyes closed.

--Allow me to claim the first strike.

Lecan held his trusty sword high and locked his gaze at the scruff of the monster's neck.

There are several wound marks on it. They're from Lecan's attacks. Every one of them is a shallow wound.

Lecan swung down his sword. The feedback betrayed his expectations.


His sword sank deep into the beast's neck.

After a momentary pause, the monster got up while violently writhing, and let out a skull shaking roar. Its forehead eye is firmly locked on to Lecan.

Lecan took a stance. He's got to be ready to dodge the frost breath if it's coming.

Afterward, the monster took a slightly comical action. It began to lumberingly turn around with its short legs.

Lecan swiftly jumped back about 30 steps.

--Just as I thought.

The monster is attempting to launch its spines since its opponent is close by. But it has exhausted its front spines in the battles yesterday and three months ago. It's already got new spines growing, but those likely cannot be launched off before they get big enough.

The monster finally rotated enough to turn the side with spines toward Lecan, and then it shook its huge body.

While staring fixedly at it, Lecan took another 10 steps back.

The spines were launched off.

These spines could only fly straight from their initial location. The farther Lecan is from it, the wider the gaps between each launched spines. Dodging these incoming spines is child's play for those with superior reflexes like Lecan.

Afterward, Lecan waited for his chance to strike at the same spot. He can't dodge the spines if he's too close, yet the monster will shift to other attacks if he's too far away.

The monster finally ran out of spines to launch off after the fourth volley. Some of its spines still remain on top of its back, but that's probably unusable for enemy that walk on land.

Instead, the beast points its head straight at Lecan and exhales. Lecan took another 20 steps back.

He couldn't dodge the breath fully, it hit the outer layer of his overcoat. He's fine. Just as he thought, Overking Bear's fur could safely block the frost breath at this range.

Now that he knows, he just needs to keep dodging the breath while maintaining the distance.

Every time the monster moves slightly forward, Lecan steps slightly backward.

When the monster lets out its frost breath, Lecan moves out of a direct hit.

These pushes and pulls lasted about 12 breaths before the monster finally stopped with the breath attack and curled up its body.

Lecan turned his back and ran just as the monster began to roll. He's running while leading the monster toward a location with bare rocks.

There's nothing that obstructs his dash here. The monster will never reach him if he just keeps <Gust> up.

After leading the monster by the nose for awhile, it eventually stopped rolling, curled out and plopped down on the ground.

It might be faking it.

Lecan carefully approached the monster's head.

And when he was 20 steps away, he rushed in with <Gust>, landed a hit on the monster's scruff and used <Gust> again to back away 20 steps.

The monster shook and growled, but then it fell down on the ground again.

Looks like it's lost its offensive capability due to exhaustion. It must have used up all its mana.

Still, his strike just now sank deep again. Just what's going on.

He rushed toward the monster with <Gust> again, and struck its scruff.

Surprisingly, that strike sank deep into the monster's neck.

The monster shut its eyes and stopped moving.

Surprisingly, the blue dot disappeared in his <Life Detection>. It's dead.

But, why.

Why was his attack more effective only today.

Is it due to a circumstance on the monster's end.

Or perhaps something changed on Lecan's end.

What has changed on Lecan's side anyway.

Suddenly, it hit on him.

The blue jewel.

The jewel he got from Lady Rubianafale.

This jewel must possess the power to increase attack power.

So he thought for an instant, but he laughed off the idea.

Even in his former world, dungeon's floor bosses sometimes drop abilities that increase attack power.

He himself has met adventurers who posses those abilities, <Slash>, <Break>, <Accelerate>. Heck, he had gotten into a deadly duel with a <Slash> possessor. Once he chanted the activation spell, swings from that guy's sword managed to cut a breastplate made of Rock Dragon's pelt and even split Lecan's trusty sword at the time in two.

However, those are ultimately abilities bestowed only to adventurers who braved the depths of a dungeon and defeated the boss there, a technique that can only be obtained during an extremely rare occurrence, and not something that can be passed over to someone else.

It's also possible for jewels to have <State Preservation> or <Auto Restoration> effect, if an enchanter with a special talent enchanted jewels using a magic gem with unique mana. In fact, Lecan's trusty sword is embedded with a jewel enchanted with <Auto Restoration>.

However, he's never heard an accessory that gives the effect of increased attack.

If something like that really exists, it would be a legendary class artifact.

Lecan tried to do a little experiment.

He tried to cut at the dead magic beast's neck and legs, with the blue jewel equipped and with it stored inside <Storage>.

The result made it obvious.

This blue jewel has been enchanted with an effect that grants an enormous increase to attack power. No mistake about it.

Its value is immeasurable.

Just getting ahold of this jewel makes his trip to another world already worth it.

Still, did Lady Rubianafale know about this enchant.

She couldn't have been. If she did, she would have handed this jewel to either her father or her brother.

But, if by chance she did know, why would she give it to Lecan.

Even after contemplating for a while, he couldn't come up with an answer.

Since it was getting dark, he stopped thinking about it, and took the magic gem out of the monster using the jewel's enchant at will. It's a shockingly powerful magic gem. The monster's huge body crumbled into sands in front of Lecan.

He went back to his hut like flying and plopped down in his bed.

Next morning, Lecan woke up, gulped down preserved food and water from <Storage> and immediately departed for the forest.

Then he began experimenting.

Different swords.

Blunt weapons.

Thrusting weapons.

Throwing weapons.

Bare handed attack.

Attacking with a stick.

And the result, he confirmed that this blue jewel does indeed posses an effect that grants increased attack power. It's neither a sharpness enchantment nor a damage increase.

However, the effect did not manifest with throwing weapons or bare fists, only when Lecan equipped armor on his fist did it show up.

In other words, this blue jewel increases attack power only when you're attacking with weapons equipped, it gives no effect without equipping one.

He took out a wand that shot out <Red Fireball> and experimented with it, but it didn't augment magic attack.

Which means the effect is only true for physical attacks.

The next day and the day after, Lecan kept going into the forest and inspected the blue jewel's effects.

He discovered that the effect won't activate if he doesn't launch an attack with a certain amount of force behind it.

In other words, the effect won't be manifested when you're doing things like cutting meat with a knife or a fork, or sewing cloth with a needle.

On the other hand, swinging a simple stick at a target with enough force will trigger the effect.

Rather than merely increasing a weapon's attack power, it's probably more like augmenting the total offensive force of someone who brandishes a weapon.

As for the activation requirements, he has no idea whether there is anything else other than holding it.

In order to check that, Lecan needs to ask someone else to experiment for him, and he has no intention to do that.

Lecan hypothesizes that perhaps only those whose offensive ability exceeds a certain threshold could activate it, but since he himself is able to use it, it's good enough for now. 

He was going to replace the chain, but he called off the plan.

If by any chance, doing so ruined the jewel's effect, he wouldn't be able to live it.

Instead, he added a pocket inside his shirt.

So that the jewel won't fall off even if the chain breaks.

Though, he plans to put the jewel away in normal situation.

He's got two reasons.

First, in order to develop his skills while he's in a state without the enchant.

Second, there might be people who possess <Appraise> in this world as well.

Up until now, he had neither the leeway nor necessity to be on guard against such, however, once he leaves Zaidmahl house and wanders the world, he needs to keep a degree of precautions for such.

He cannot let anyone find out about this jewel's secret.

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"I see. So you're leaving tomorrow."

"Yale (yes)."

"If someone asks where you come from, just tell them that you hail from the northern country."

"Yale (yes). I shall keep my identity as a descender a secret."

"That's good. However, I'm sure there will come time when you have to reveal yourself as a descender."

"I will think about it when that time comes."

"This is a parting gift along with my gratitudes to you."

A bag was handed over to him.

"And this one is the reward from the magic gems you procured."

Another bag was given to him.

"You should bring some clothes and food with you. I will have a maid deliver them later. Have you a flint?"

"Yale (yes). Bought tools needed for journey, in town."

"I see. You've already made your preparation."

"I have."

"We're having a farewell party tonight."

The farewell party with the knights and the underlings was quite festive and entertaining.

The next morning, almost everyone in the mansion are seeing him off.


Morda the cook handed out a cloth bag as he said that.

The bag is closed. Looks like he's giving the bag along with Griphil Leaves inside.

"Narou (thanks)."

Lecan hangs his sword on his waist, puts on his overcoat, shoulders his luggage and turns his back on the people seeing him off. And then, he briskly walks away.

"May we meet again!"

Knight Ezak shouted at his back.

Lecan raised his right hand to respond him, but at this time, he never thought that he would really meet Ezak again.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 15_16



Morda the cook handed out a cloth sack.

It's filled with Griphil Leaves.

"Narou (Thanks)."

Lecan took a leaf as he thanked. He put it in his mouth and chewed on it. Bitter taste spread inside his mouth. Apparently it hadn't been fully dried out yet, a sharp jolt assaulted him. But he preferred it right now.

Despondent, you could say that's Lecan's state right now.

He lacks drive to do anything.

Though that doesn't apply to Lecan alone. The day after the young lady left, sword training stopped altogether. The servants turned untalkative.

Lecan has been sitting on this rock behind a tree so many times all day, gazing at neatly growing vegetation. Morda has taken a rock next to it.

The two sit together without saying a word, just chewing for a while.

Lecan felt a sense of loneliness.

Is that from his jewel going far away, or Lady Rubianafale going far away, he himself is not quite sure.

As he chewed on the luxury goods that would have fetched a nice price were sold, Lecan pondered about the great beast.

Lecan has an awful affinity with that monster. To begin with, it's a monster he should not challenge alone, and even discounting all that, it'd be hard a fight regardless.

Lecan specializes in fighting a great number of enemy at the same time in a cramped place. His full potential is unleashed when he fights against magic beasts in a dungeon, or when he's surrounded by enemy all around on a battlefield.

That monster's forehead eye can probably see mana. That's why it was able to detect Lecan through obstacles.

Since <3D Perception> range is limited to 50 steps, he's in a serious disadvantage against that monster. His foe has at least two means to attack from more than 50 steps away. On top of that, it can roll around. Speed, range and area of attacks, it's got everything he's unable to deal with.

The monster's skin seems to be quite hard too. It's unclear whether Lecan's attacks could get through it.

He might be able to overcome it if he used <Bombshell>, but that's something he's saving for a really critical situation, he has no way to replenish it once used.

Lecan wishes Boudo was here.

Boudo's blunt weapon and ability <Impact Penetration> are effective against foes with hard outer shell. Lecan draws the enemy's attention, Boudo whittles it down. There's nothing to be afraid of against this monster if he could do that.

However, Boudo isn't here. There's no one else he could work together with.

He's got to do something about the monster by himself.

For now, he'll try to challenge it once again. To ascertain the enemy's ability. Everything begins after that.

Lecan spat out the leaf that had lost its flavor and stood up.

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The next day, Lecan went out early in the morning and came back late at night.

The fight today was a close call. He missed his chance to dodge a spine the monster launched, opening a hole in his stomach. He survived thanks to the high potions he had stocked, but he would have succumbed to the wound and died if he didn't have them.

Magic potions is a headache inducing problem itself.

Lecan made low and mid potions himself, but he has no idea what their raw materials are in this world. He needs to find a talented apothecary and learns from them. Otherwise, he cannot fight recklessly. It's imperative for him to obtain high potions. If such things even exist here that is.

At any rate, the battle today was a fruitful one. He's seen through the monster's skills.

First of all, the spine launching attack, it can continuously launch its spines so long as there remain some, but once it's past the fiftieth spine, its attack power and speed fall.

As for the frost breath, it can only exhibit its true power at around 70 steps to at most 100 steps, at 50 steps the breath could freeze a huge tree down to its core, but at more than 100 steps, its strength falls down dramatically and could only freeze leaves.

The rolling attack is a menace. Moreover, when it's in that state, its skin turns even harder, making it completely invulnerable to physical attacks. However, the rolling speed is slower than he originally thought. It's one thing inside a forest, but in places with clear views, Lecan can outrun the beast roll.

He thought it was an opponent with bad compatibility that he couldn't beat it by himself, but it might not be the case at all.

Going against it in a group would slow down mobility, the rolling attack would devastate them. Even if he brings a mage that could attack from a distance, they'd just get frozen over within 100 steps, and you'd be hard pressed to find a mage that could launch an attack from more than 100 steps away. Even if there is one, they have no way to keep the beast away anyway, it'd close the 100 step distance in a flash and massacre everyone.

However, for Lecan who's capable of accelerating himself with <Gust>, it should be possible to get away from it depleting its mana all the while.

That said, the problem is offense.

He managed to strike the monster's neck three times, and none dealt a serious wound.

Landing a blow near its throat should be more effective than the sides of its neck.

However, it would be difficult to aim at such a small throat when its head is situated so low.

Lecan can't think up a solution. He's got no choice but to look for one while fighting.

It's probably a good idea to attempt the rematch asap. This monster would be more difficult to defeat the more time passes.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 14


Lecan has been summoned to the young lady's room.

It has been awhile since the last time.

When Lecan first took up residence at this mansion, he was called every single day. Even though they couldn't communicate with words, they talked with gestures. And he learned many words. Thinking again, those were fun times. It was also the young lady who taught him how to write at first.

After thanking Lecan for protecting her all this time, the young lady threw him a barrage of questions about his hometown.

"My Mr. Descender (La Enpi). What do you eat for breakfast at your hometown?"

"Mr. Descender. What kind of sweets do they have at your hometown?"

"Mr. Descender. What kind of clothes do noblewomen wear at your hometown?"

Descender is a term to refer to people who have descended from another world.

Surprisingly, such people do exist, albeit rarely. And descenders apparently all posses some kind of powerful ability. Though it has been 100 years since the last descender appeared in this country. In other words, it's a stuff of legend that may or may not be true. However, the young lady truly believes that Lecan is a descender and is quite ecstatic about it.

After a considerable time had passed, the young lady finally stopped. Gria, the head maid who had been standing behind her all this time must be tired.

"I have something to ask you, my Mr. Wolf (La Geedo)."

"Yale (yes)."

"Would you show me the jewel hanging on your chest?"

--Ah crap. And after I've taken extra steps not to show it to other people and all. Just when did she saw it. It can't be just now. She couldn't from her position. However, the chain attached to the jewel must be visible to her. Perhaps, she guessed that there would be a jewel at the end of the chain.

"That red jewel."

Apparently not. The young lady is aware of the color of the jewel hanging from Lecan's neck. As it's something that he always carries around with him, someone somewhere might have caught a glance. And that someone informed the young lady.

Marinka the maid stepped forward and presented a tray. Having no choice, Lecan put the red jewel onto the tray.

"It's really, beautiful."

That was the young lady's impression of the jewel in her hand.

She stared at the red jewel in fascination for quite some time.

Then suddenly, she took off a blue jewel along with the chain keeping it on her neck and handed it over to Marinka. Marinka put it on a tray and presented it to Lecan.

"My lady! That's"

"It's fine, Gria."

--Oy, don't tell me. Please no, not that one. O God!

However, the God of this world did not answer Lecan's prayer.

"Mr. Wolf. I will give you my jewel. So you give yours to me, would you."

Silence ruled the place for a while.

The look on head maid who's been glaring at Lecan is getting worse by the minute.

The maid Marinka is sending him painful glances too.

It's understandable. From their point of view, the expensive looking jewel that Lady Rubianafale is wearing cannot be compared at all to a pebble belonging to a vagrant. In other words, this is not an exchange, it's a scene where Rubianafale rewards her favorite warrior, refusing her here would mean the same as throwing huge insults at her.

Even so, Lecan is still toying with the idea.

But what would happen if he did. He probably will have to leave this mansion immediately. That he doesn't mind. However, Lady Rubianafale would likely be crestfallen. And Lecan would be like throwing mud onto his benefactors as he leaves. It's not like he minds that, but....

"...Yale (yes)."

Lecan reflexively gave the word of consent, he himself had no idea why he did.

However, Lecan immediately regretted his decision as he took the blue jewel on the tray. And then, he made a slightly dangerous vow.

--I'm leaving this mansion asap. I'll sneak into the young lady's room the night before the day. And take back the jewel.

It's only natural for Lecan to harbor such thoughts.

This red jewel is a rare item that has been enchanted with both stamina and mana recovery effects. He acquired the jewel itself in a dungeon, and procured himself the magic gem used to enchant it, however, Lecan expended everything he had at the time to pay a famed enchanter he hired. The jewel had continued to support Lecan in his adventures ever since. It's an item that he absolutely cannot let go of.

However, he was unfortunately unable to act on the ploy to take the red jewel back.

Lady Rubianafale spent every day being busy with something and in constant attendance of someone else, two days later, she went off to a faraway town to be wed into a high ranking noble that lived there.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 12_13


Lecan had his right eye wide open while still in his bed.

There's an intruder.

And someone who possesses mana at that.

He immediately put on his mantle, and after a slight hesitation, put away his sword into the <Storage>, then he went toward the main building while erasing his footsteps.

Despite being in the dead of night, this intruder is proceeding on behind the cover of places with little visibilty like behind trees and such. And at a tremendous speed. So this is how a specialist in assassination work.

The intruder has stopped moving at one of the pillars in front side of the main building. They're probably climbing up the pillar. It's just a guess since <Life Detection> cannot perceive altitude. They must be using some kind of tools to climb up that bare pillar without anything to hold.

--Why are they climbing from the front? The present family head and family should be located at the inner part of the upper floor.

As a matter of fact, there are many traps installed along the walls to the inner part. If you try to climb up on one of those walls, it will peel off and throw you down. It's common for a mansion that belongs to nobility in this world.

The intruder got on the roof. Right at this time, Lecan has arrived behind the main building, and is hiding himself behind a tree.

The intruder installed a rope end on the roof. With Lady Rubianafale's room right below.

Lecan rushed out of his cover, and dashed toward the main building's back wall at full speed without attempting to erase his footsteps.

The intruder noticed Lecan approaching. However, they faltered only for an instant and proceeded with their attempt to descend into the young lady's room.

A few moment is enough for an expert assassin to get into the young lady's room from the roof. Even if Lecan were to run around to the front, break the window and run up the stairs or perhaps shout out loud to draw attentions, he wouldn't make it in time at all. The assassin must have come to that conclusion.

However, Lecan did not go up the stairs.

"Wind! Wind! Wind!"

He ran up the wall with winds pushing his back. The wall he stepped on peeled off along the way, but he paid no heed to it and arrived next to the intruder in no time flat.

The intruder made an excellent reaction for an enemy.

Their left hand gripped the rope, as they came slashing with the dagger in their right hand.

Lecan took out his trusted sword form <Storage> and lopped the intruder's head off at a blinding speed.

The slightly visible intruder's eyes opened wide when they saw a sword appearing out of thin air. Those eyes were that of a woman.

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"It has been decided that Rubianafale shall be wed to Schadrest household. As Schadrest house is a distinguished family who has ties to the royal family, there are many who do not approve of the marriage, for a lady of a countryside noble to be a legal wife of such a house. Or those who consider their own daughters to be more fitting. As such I have installed guards in front of Rubianafale to stand watch all night every day. But never would have I imagined they would come from the roof."

After the disturbance had settled down for a bit, Lecan was summoned to the room of the family head, Zankajiel, to receive an explanation. Knight Ezak is standing next to Zankajiel.

Of course Lecan had noticed the night watch. He even knew who the night watch was last night from the characteristic he perceived with <Mana Detection>. However, he didn't think that the night watch could detect the intruder, nor would they win against her.

"Lecan. Was it not possible for you to capture the intruder without killing her?"

Knight Ezak asked looking seemingly displeased.

"The assassin was a professional. Capturing her alive, proved difficult."

"Ezak. I have heard that assassins would rather choose death when caught. Capturing her would likely not bear anything."

"However, Zankajiel-sama. We could have interrogated her. We might be able to find out who is responsible for such a cowardly act."

"There is nothing we could possibly do even if we knew. Then we would be better off not knowing."

"But, was it really necessary to kill such a young woman."

"She was wearing a mask, surely he did not know it was a young woman until after she had lost her life. Give it up."

That assassin was a mana possessor. She must have some sort of magical ability. It might have been a dangerous kind. Even if she was restrained, she might have been able to kill the young lady from a distant. Lecan never had any other option but to kill her at the time.

"Still, to notice an intruder that no one else could, and then brought them down after running up the wall, I could offer nothing but praises at your feats. Is it some fashion of ability that enables you to run up a wall that high?"

Lecan did not give an answer.

"Fumu, a secret is it. Well, no matter. Lecan, I am most grateful to you. Please continue to protect my daughter from now on."

"Yale (yes)."

Lecan decided to keep the silver ring on his left hand's middle finger day and night.

Afterward, the mansion suffered three raids within two months time.

It was Lecan who took care of the assailants in every cases.

None of the assassins left Zaidmahl house alive.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-64

16-64. Parion Holy Land, Once Again (3)


Satou here. You usually find numerous bugs in a program you perfectly put together during the testing period. Rather, a program that doesn't exhibit any bugs during the testing usually hides a nasty bug inside.

"What the heck is this thing. Why's it multiplying."
"--Tch. Yuuki! Blow them away with your magic."
"No wayyyy~~~"

The heroes are panicking to see the demon lords proliferating quickly to fill the room entirely.
Their attendants have started to chant some kind of spell, but they'd be swallowed in the tsunami-like swarm of the demon lords before they could finish for sure.

"Me-Meiko, do something about thiiiiiiis"
"Shut up, Yuuki. Fighting lots of foes is your forte."
"F-forget about that, we've gotta run--"

It might be a good idea to take these heroes away to a  safe zone for now.

Since handing over the City Core to the demon lord would likely complicate things, I put up multi layered barrier around the Core and order it to defend itself.

I dug out a tunnel vertically above me with earth magic [Free Mining], caught the heroes with [Magic Hands], and moved to the faintly visible sky above the sanctuary with sight-based Unit Arrangement.

"T-the sky? Why the sky?"
"W-where's the demon lords?"

Since Hero Yuuki's scream was getting too loud, I teleported us again to the demolished site of the sanctuary.

After a slight pause, an object that was a mix of ultramarine and dark colors clad in purple phosphorescence gushed out of the vertical tunnel I created as if it was breaking out. 
It barely has any trace of its original form, but that's probably the swarm of Lich demon lords.
It's like an aggregation of sludge-like mucus and old rag down to the inside of its body.

Only 10 demon lords have come out above the ground.
The path seems to have been clogged up, the remaining demon lords are wriggling around in the tunnels and the City Core's room.

"Demon lord, dieeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Hero Meiko rushes up toward the demon lords while clad in blue light.
Fighting against 10 demon lords at the same time should be too much even for Hero Meiko and her perfect evasion-type Unique Skill.


I turned my sight at the direction of the black dragon Heiron's roar and saw Liza and the others circling in the sky.
I got close to the Lich demon lords with Ground Shrink, caught them with [Magic Hands] and then I threw them up into the air.

We're using this opportunity to go all out mainly to relieve the girls' stress and carry out a field combat test, so having this many demon lords is just convenient.

"We will be helping ourselves with the excess."

After telling that to the protesting Hero Meiko, I threw all but one demon lords into the air.
The reason why I left only one is because I'm hoping the heroes defeating it would raise their Return Home flag.

"This one's our prey! Don't butt in, you hear me."
"I know, do your best."

With Ground Shrink, I took enough distance as to not get cut along with the demon lord.


The entire sky flashed, and several Lich demon lords were burned down into black mist by the Black Dragon Heiron's breath.
Pochi riding on the white dragon and Liza flying with her Powered Exoskeleton close in on the three demon lords who have withstood a direct hit of Heiron's breath.
The Infant Dragon that was flying together with them used its breath but it couldn't manage to beat even one demon lord, and cried out sorrowfully.

『TOU, nanodesu!』

Pochi's holy sword clashed with a demon lord's fist, blue colored glints of flash and purple sparks danced in the air.


Perhaps due to effect of [True Hero] title Dog Hero Pochi has, her clashing holy sword emits out a dazzling blue flash of light, burning the Lich demon lord's body.
Pochi's holy sword managed to bisect the demon lord, however it also didn't escape unharmed as the entire blade down to the base broke into pieces.

Liza evaded a Lich demon lord's fists and stabs its head with her dragon spear, then a whirling blue light unleashed from her finishing move blew away the upper half of the demon lord's body.
However, she couldn't dodge the innumerable feelers coming from the other demon lord as they passed by, the side of her Powered Exoskeleton's defensive barrier was pulverized, damaging the exoskeleton suit itself.

Even though these two have overwhelming advantages in levels, a demon lord's Unique Skills is still not something to underestimate at huh.

『Master, forgive me. The defensive barrier of Assault Mode has been breached.』
『Save the reporting for later, switch to the balanced Battle Mode or Defense Mode.』

After telling that to Liza, I turn my gaze at the demon lords that slipped out of their assault.


With a cute yell, a blue laser-like shot from Lulu's accelerated cannon pierced through one of the demon lords.
Judging from the caliber, it must be a holy shell from the big caliber accelerated cannon loaded in her Floating Fort.

『Ey! Ey!』

The next holy shell that Lulu shot blew away the upper half of another demon lord, however--

『Uhaa, they're tough even with such low levels, as expected of demon lords.』
『Yeah, it's unbelievable.』

The next target demon lord struck the holy shell with its fist clad in purple light.
Of course, the demon lord didn't come out unscathed resorting to such a reckless act of interception, the holy shell that got turned into spray by the fist ended up blowing away its upper half along with it.

"Now, Yuuki!"
"I got it!"

Wide area flame magic shot from the ground burn down the falling remains of the demon lords.
Hero Yuuki's fire magic did reduce the demon lords' health, but these demon lords appear to have high resistance against magic, it's not really effective.

『Arisa, if you would.』

A blue flame that was unleashed seconds later erased the remains of demon lords that had begun to regenerate in mid-air.
It's [Blue Inferno] that once burned down greater demons in the battle at the Weasel Empire.

"『Blue Inferno』? If I just link myself with Michael, I also--"

Hero Yuuki sounded frustrated.

"Meiko! They're multiplying! The demon lords are multiplying, stop cutting off their limbs!!"
"Shut it, Seigi! How'd you expect me to beat them without slashing at them!"
"Stop fighting you two! Seigi, are your flame still not usable yet?"
"I'm telling you, I can't do it for a while! Can't you just use purification flame yourself!"
"Meiko would be roasted along if I use it!"
"Don't you have magic that can distinguish between friends and foes?"
"I don't do those kinds of half-assed magic!"

Turning around toward the quarreling heroes, scenes of Hero Meiko fighting against three newly spawned demon lords on top of a dark red ground unfolded before me.
Judging from the blood splat and pieces of meat lying around, there appears to be some kind of condition for this demon lord to proliferate, as it only does it when Hero Meiko cut off its limbs.

I've got a feeling that it's related to the miasma density.
Despite the demon lords rampaging around here, the miasma around the holy city is thin.


To confirm my suspicion, I tried to cut off a wrist and the right arm of one of the demon lord with Miasma Sight active.

"Waaa, idiot moron! What are you doing!"
"You, the purple hair over there! Do something about that new spawn yourself!"

The right arm that had fallen on the ground finished regenerating into a new demon lord before Hero Seigi, and Hero Yuuki could finish their complaints.
Sludge-like thing extends out of the cut wrist as it begins to regenerate, but the process is slower than the right arm.

--Just as I thought.

This demon lord consumes the surrounding miasma whenever it regenerates itself.
The reason why the regeneration rate differs depending on the cut limbs must be because of the difference in the amount of miasma contained within those parts.
And the reason why this demon lords aren't regenerating from the blood splat must be because it's lacking in miasma.

"Purify the surrounding miasma! The demon lord will stop multiplying if you do!!"

I shouted toward the priests and magicians who were among the heroes' troupe.
I forgot to use Hero Nanashi's tone, but well, no matter.

I gave the task to the hero's attendants since Hero Yuuki seemed bad at precise magic control.
As long as I'm around, my Spirit Light would dissipate the miasma, but there's no guarantee that I will always be around to protect them.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>


Pressed by Mia who had finished summoning her artificial spirit, I threw the demon lords that regenerated from Hero Meiko's and my slashes toward her direction.

『Do it.』

A gigantic platinum colored wolf showed itself from beyond the wreckage.
That's an artificial spirit shaped like a great wolf born from Mia's spirit magic, [Mythology Eater Wolf].
Mia whose MP is almost twice as much as Arisa cannot summon it by herself, she needs the help of a Warship Wand loaded with a huge amount of Philosopher's Stones.


The great wolf let out a howl that was like a chilly wind reverberating in a wintry mountain, and it exhaled a sparkling white breath toward the demon lords.
The demon lords that were bathed in the breath disappeared into black mist.
There were some who tried to oppose it with their fists and feelers clad in purple light, but they all vanished without the slightest bit of resistance.

Though it's probably only right given it's an anti-god magic, I never would have thought it would be this overwhelming.

"W-what is that thing?"
"New enemy? Is it a new enemy?"
"M-my sword shall cut down anything, no matter the opponent."

I don't blame the heroes and their attendants for getting shaken up.

Just like the other artificial spirits, this great wolf also requires an enormous amount of mana to maintain its form.
It ran out of mana provision before long and disappeared into white mist, scattering white crystal snow around.

『Vanishing right after it was summoned and unleashed its finishing move, just like the summons in Final Quest, don't you think.』

Arisa nonchalantly threw a reference to a hugely popular national game along with her commentary.

Adding more mana supply can be done by using a Warship Wand, but there's none that can continuously maintain the highly intensive [Mythology Eater Wolf], it's not that simple.
You'd end with a Warship Wand the size of a small island for it.

『Master, any enemy still remaining?』
『Yeah, there's still around 90 of them.』
『Uhaa, and all of them are around level 50? If we just cultivate this, I could get to level 80 before today's--』

Arisa stopped midway and began talking to someone else.

『--Yes yes, I'll be sure to tell him.』
『What's wrong, Arisa?』
『The miko-san that Tama saved was getting fussy, she told us to stop defiling the holy city at once~』

Far from defiling, the miasma in the holy city has never been thinner.
Though, even if the area around the sanctuary has turned into nothing but rubbles, as far as my eyes can see, around 40% of the buildings are still standing, they must be afraid that our fight and Hero Yuuki's attack magic would sink the holy city in flames.

In fact the flame magic Hero Yuuki shot out had turned one section of the holy city into ash.

I let them to duke it out since the site had turned into ruins anyway, but perhaps I should have brought them all into one of the sub-spaces I had instead.

『Got it. Let's change the battlefield.』

"<<DANCE>> Wind Stiletto!"

Seven stilettos flew off silver knight Air, aka Zena-san's, hands and danced in the air while playing clear refreshing sounds.

"<<WEAR>> Wind Stiletto!"

Stilettos clad in dazzling blue purifying wind tore up a demon lord.
Zena-san who's done reciting the Holy Verse begins to chant an advanced level wind spell.

"Watch out desuwa! Ze--"

The Lich demon lord clad in purple light is closing in on Zena-san while evading the swarm of stilettos coming at it.

『It's Silver Knight Air.』
"Yes, that desuwa!"

While receiving the assistance from [<<Intelligent Item>>] Raka she had equipped, Lady Karina puts herself between the demon lord and Zena-san.
Lady Karina attempts to block the purple light clad fist of the Lich demon lord by crossing her arms together.

『You must not! --Emergency Deployment, Phalanx!』

Raka who had judged that raw defense alone wouldn't be able to take on the punch deployed the defensive shields loaded in Lady Karina's silver armor.
The multi layered barrier fashioned like an umbrella that's as tough as Castle clashes with the Lich demon lord's fist.

The demon lord's fist that pulverizes everything gets pushed back by an explosion that occurs every time a defensive layer is destroyed through Phalanx spell art that works like a reactive armor.
The sludge-shaped feelers that extended out of the Lich demon lord's body assaulted Lady Karina on both sides, but she was already long gone.

The Lich demon lord looked around and caught sight of Lady Karina flying in the air.

"<<WHISPER>> Holy Servant!"

Pieces of armor split out of Silver Knight Holy, aka Sera's, armor, turned into geometric objects and floated around her.

"<<PRAY>> Holy Servant!"

Blue colored light waves of purification shot out of the objects, pushed and wrapped around the demon lord.

"<<BESEECH>> Holy Servant!"

Black waves that came with the third holy verse physically smashed the demon lord.
I concocted these Holy Verses when my tension ran high after an all nighter session. The fact that the first two verses sound similar to the revival spell of a certain dungeon game is just an accident. I came up with the last one randomly. No regret.

The demon lord tore through the assault with its purple light clad fists and feelers, but it couldn't manage to smash all the waves at once, thus it's been stopped dead on its track.

While leaving the roles to the Objects, Sera has begun the chant for advanced level holy magic.

"Let's do this, Raka-san!"
『--Umu. <<SURGE>> Rending Force Armor!』

Silver Knight Kung-Fu, aka Lady Karina, who had run up high in the sky began to make her fall in a sharp jumping kick posture while being clad in a blinding light from the holy verse Raka recited.

『<<STARFALL>> Rending Force Armor!』

Lady Karina who wears dozens times the normal gravity through Gravity Control is accelerating to a meteoric speed.

『It's Kung-Fu』

Lady Karina who couldn't finish shouting the full name of the technique since she corrected herself due to Raka's quip crashed into the demon lord's defensive barrier.

An intense clash between purple and blue lights happened only in an instant.

The demon lord's defensive barrier that had been whittled down by Zena-san and Sera's attacks couldn't endure Lady Karina's finishing move that had been reinforced with holy verses, and got broken into pieces.

Lady Karina who broke through the demon lord's upper right half pierced deep into the ground as dust and rocks flew everywhere from her momentum, sinking deep underground just like that.
That last error was just like her, but the power of that one strike is still quite something.


Zena-san's [Wind Stilettos] lodged themselves into the demon lord who had lost the upper right half of its body, and then the stilettos lifted it up high into the air.


Right before Zena-san activated the delayed advanced wind magic spell, she recited the last holy verse.
Wind blew violently around the demon lord like a tempest, and then tracks of golden light manifested inside the wind and shut the demon lord inside the tempest.
The golden birdcage that once encased a greater demon couldn't seem to withstand the demon lord's fists and feelers clad in destructive powers, it looked like it was going to get wrenched open many times.

However, the dignified look on Zena-san's face isn't perturbed.


"Divine Retribution!"

Sera cast a delayed spell, assaulting the demon lord.
The holy magic she cast was originally a ritual magic made possible to be cast by herself with the assistance of the geometric objects floating around Sera.

The demon lord is crumbling into ashen sand starting from tips, the tempest and birdcage help to accelerate the process.


Purple light floods the outside of the tempest birdcage as the crumbling body of the demon lord crept out of it.
Normally, it should have been long dead by now, but the Unique Skill this demon lord has, [Unlimited Regeneration (Rebirth)] is resisting the spell.

"This isn't the time to preserve my stilettos--<<Fill"
"Hold it, Air."

Sera stopped Zena-san who was going to recite the last holy verse.
Before Sera could reply to Zena-san who looked at her asking for her reason, a shout gave her the answer she sought.


Like a fighting game character, Lady Karina sprung up from right under the demon lord.
She punched the demon lord into heavens inside a blue whirlpool.

Lady Karina landed beautifully as the remaining vestiges of the demon lord disappeared into black mist.
Shupin pose that looks cute on Pochi looks somewhat cool on Lady Karina and her outstanding proportion.

『Looks like the Silver Team could defeat a weak demon lord by themselves now.』
『Yes, their fight was quite steady.』

Unfortunately, they didn't get the hero title.

『How's it going over there?』
『We beat every last one of them, but there were only 70. Less than the number Master mentioned at the beginning.』

I tilt my head in puzzlement to hear Arisa.
I checked on the sanctuary site just in case, but I couldn't find any demon lord that I forgot to bring into the sub-space.

『No worries if none escaped then. The exp they give isn't that good anyway.』
『Un, each only nets like 40% of a same level monster. Most didn't even net 10%. I think the more the demon lord regenerates itself the less it gives exp.』

Looks like we can't exploit the Unlimited Regeneration to level up easily.

『Master, my golden armor, purged powered exoskeleton, and spare great shields have all been destroyed, so I apologize.』

I had equipped Nana with a defense oriented Powered Exoskeleton on top of her golden armor, but apparently, it was destroyed in the fight against multiple demon lords.
I had it furnished with a mechanic that could defend against even stuff like dragon fangs, but that apparently got broken through because the number was more than what I anticipated.

The battle was fiercer than I thought, even Ninja Tama had her golden armor damaged.

『There's no need to apologize. I mean Nana has accomplished her duty to protect everyone after all.』

It's more than enough for me if Nana came out without suffering serious injury.

『Yes, Master. I shall be sure to handle it better next time, so I declare.』

Just like with Nana, the powered exoskeletons still have room for improvement it seems.

『So, are those heroes still going at it?』
『Aah, seems like they drew the short end of the stick.』

I turned my gaze to look at the heroes who were fighting against a strongish demon lord.

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