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Okami wa Nemuranai 14


Lecan has been summoned to the young lady's room.

It has been awhile since the last time.

When Lecan first took up residence at this mansion, he was called every single day. Even though they couldn't communicate with words, they talked with gestures. And he learned many words. Thinking again, those were fun times. It was also the young lady who taught him how to write at first.

After thanking Lecan for protecting her all this time, the young lady threw him a barrage of questions about his hometown.

"My Mr. Descender (La Enpi). What do you eat for breakfast at your hometown?"

"Mr. Descender. What kind of sweets do they have at your hometown?"

"Mr. Descender. What kind of clothes do noblewomen wear at your hometown?"

Descender is a term to refer to people who have descended from another world.

Surprisingly, such people do exist, albeit rarely. And descenders apparently all posses some kind of powerful ability. Though it has been 100 years since the last descender appeared in this country. In other words, it's a stuff of legend that may or may not be true. However, the young lady truly believes that Lecan is a descender and is quite ecstatic about it.

After a considerable time had passed, the young lady finally stopped. Gria, the head maid who had been standing behind her all this time must be tired.

"I have something to ask you, my Mr. Wolf (La Geedo)."

"Yale (yes)."

"Would you show me the jewel hanging on your chest?"

--Ah crap. And after I've taken extra steps not to show it to other people and all. Just when did she saw it. It can't be just now. She couldn't from her position. However, the chain attached to the jewel must be visible to her. Perhaps, she guessed that there would be a jewel at the end of the chain.

"That red jewel."

Apparently not. The young lady is aware of the color of the jewel hanging from Lecan's neck. As it's something that he always carries around with him, someone somewhere might have caught a glance. And that someone informed the young lady.

Marinka the maid stepped forward and presented a tray. Having no choice, Lecan put the red jewel onto the tray.

"It's really, beautiful."

That was the young lady's impression of the jewel in her hand.

She stared at the red jewel in fascination for quite some time.

Then suddenly, she took off a blue jewel along with the chain keeping it on her neck and handed it over to Marinka. Marinka put it on a tray and presented it to Lecan.

"My lady! That's"

"It's fine, Gria."

--Oy, don't tell me. Please no, not that one. O God!

However, the God of this world did not answer Lecan's prayer.

"Mr. Wolf. I will give you my jewel. So you give yours to me, would you."

Silence ruled the place for a while.

The look on head maid who's been glaring at Lecan is getting worse by the minute.

The maid Marinka is sending him painful glances too.

It's understandable. From their point of view, the expensive looking jewel that Lady Rubianafale is wearing cannot be compared at all to a pebble belonging to a vagrant. In other words, this is not an exchange, it's a scene where Rubianafale rewards her favorite warrior, refusing her here would mean the same as throwing huge insults at her.

Even so, Lecan is still toying with the idea.

But what would happen if he did. He probably will have to leave this mansion immediately. That he doesn't mind. However, Lady Rubianafale would likely be crestfallen. And Lecan would be like throwing mud onto his benefactors as he leaves. It's not like he minds that, but....

"...Yale (yes)."

Lecan reflexively gave the word of consent, he himself had no idea why he did.

However, Lecan immediately regretted his decision as he took the blue jewel on the tray. And then, he made a slightly dangerous vow.

--I'm leaving this mansion asap. I'll sneak into the young lady's room the night before the day. And take back the jewel.

It's only natural for Lecan to harbor such thoughts.

This red jewel is a rare item that has been enchanted with both stamina and mana recovery effects. He acquired the jewel itself in a dungeon, and procured himself the magic gem used to enchant it, however, Lecan expended everything he had at the time to pay a famed enchanter he hired. The jewel had continued to support Lecan in his adventures ever since. It's an item that he absolutely cannot let go of.

However, he was unfortunately unable to act on the ploy to take the red jewel back.

Lady Rubianafale spent every day being busy with something and in constant attendance of someone else, two days later, she went off to a faraway town to be wed into a high ranking noble that lived there.

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