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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Master's Evaluation


"And, father. Why did you bring me here?"

Ah, I forgot about Eleanor-san. That's right, mater. Why did you have to kidnap her?

"Oh right right. Eleanor, ya have anyone you fancy right now?"

"Eh? Eeeeeeeh, w-what are you talking about out of the blue!?"

Eleanor-san was in shock with the sudden turn of event. That really was out of the blue all right.

"Well you see, this Nobusada here is going for either a peerage or Rank S adventurer rank to make the young ladies at the feast back then his legal wives. So I thought, might as well use this chance to sell you on the lad."

"Eh!? Is that true?"

She's looking at me with a slightly hopeful face, but mostly she looks like she can't believe it. I guess it's only natural. It's the kind that sounds like a big fat lie even as a joke.

"Yes, they told me that they were fine being concubines, but as a man, I would like to draw a clear line. I don't know when I will get there, but I fully intend to see things through."

"So whaddya think, Eleanor? For someone who's always been cold with men, I feel that you've been getting quite enthusiastic these days. Fate allows, I'd like to see my grandchildren's faces y'see."


Eleanor-san is fidgeting with a reddened face. She's kinda glancing here. Is it OK to think that I might have a chance here?

"Besides, you're at that age already, if ya don't get married soon, guhwa"

Eleanor-san instantaneously took a stance before her straight right went into master's cheek. It's a nice clean punch with good weight in it. It's amazing how she could do it without master being able to react. Even though she's smiling, I know that it did him good. I can see a demonic aura behind Eleanor-san. Wonder if I should say it out loud or not.

While I was wondering if I should butt in or not, she turned around and stared at me with a serious look.



My voice reflexively faltered.

"Is it true that you plan to get married with everyone?"

"It's true. Every one of them has given me their approval too. It looks like I'm greedier than I thought, I want to live together with everyone."

I take a deep breath, put some strength in my abdomen, and psyche myself up.

"I like Eleanor-san too. I've been in your care ever since I drifted here, and I don't think I could ever repay you back. But I'll give it my all to make you happy to make up for the interest at least, so would you be with me?"

I told Eleanor-san how I felt while staring straight at her. It seems like she's ruminating about many things after hearing what I said. After a few seconds of silence that felt like dozens of minutes long, she slowly opened her mouth.

"Er, umm... I'm very happy to hear how you feel."

Ah, this is the refusal route huh. Too bad.

"Um, since there's the matter about my father... do you mind if I don't live in the same house but be like a commuting wife?"

Eleanor-san who said that with upturned eyes and flushed cheeks looks really cute. I hug her as a sign of consent. She jolted at first, but then she relaxed and leaned herself.

"Yes, I don't mind. Thank you for accepting me, Eleanor-san."

Just how long were we embracing each other I wonder. I heard a cough nearby, and quickly came to my sense.

"Aa, forgive me for interrupting you young fellows, but could we get on with the matter now?"

Amiral-san said so while looking at us with warm eyes. Of course he would, even I was wondering what came into me after coming back to sense. Sorry, for real.

""W-we're truly sorry""

"Fuhaha, yer' already in sync I see. Ah youths, how nice. Nobusada, I leave my daughter in your care. Also, let me see my grandchildren quick, you hear me."

Master is totally unfazed.

"I-I'll do my best?"

"What's with the question mark. Still, I like that you're aiming high, but have ya got a plan?"

"Yes, for the time being, my goal is to conquer the dungeons here with the current members. Since Eleanor-san has her job in the guild, we will be going with four people and one tamed monster."

Master played with his beard for a bit and then snorted like, 'fumun'. Ah, this is master's habit whenever he's lost in thought about something. Wonder if he's got something on his mind.

"Alright then, Nobusada. I've taught you the basics. Next, it's up to you to sublimate them into your own. From here on, I deem you a full-fledged pupil. Next, run up to that rank S or something else."


"Umu, you guys can go back now, I've got a little chat with Amiral here."

""Please excuse us.""

The two of us excused ourselves from the guild master's office room together.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

After Nobusada and Eleanor have left, the two who've remained in the room toast their glasses. It's currently 10 AM. Totally in broad daylight.

"That little lady finally left her nest huh. You must be overcome by emotions no?"

"Well, she seems fully intend to stay in the house, I do not think it will change much."

"Hahaha, it's obviously because she's worried about you. However, I'm surprised you valued that youngster so highly you would entrust him with the daughter you cherished so much."

Amiral knows Eleanor since she was little. And how much love his best friend, Matda, had poured into her. Thus, he couldn't comprehend. Indeed, the lad is growing and getting rank up faster than your ordinary adventurers. However, it's not really that fast. And yet his best friend easily entrusted his daughter to the newcomer.

"That guy is probably going to be my last pupil. And can you believe this? It has only been a few months since he came to this city. After looking after him for a while, I noticed that he had real training only after he got here, y'know? And now, regardless of the fact that he had a collaborator, he went and destroyed an entire bandit gang. I'm really looking forward to what the future holds for him."

"That's quite a high praise coming from you."

"Oh and don't tell this to anyone. I'm telling you this here partly because I expect you to also deal with it when the time comes. The lad's talents lie more in magic than martial art. His mana amount is most likely the highest in this city. As far as I'm aware, he's got aptitudes for all four elements, and sacred magic. Even that much alone is enough to entrust my daughter to him."


Amiral's expression changed due to the shock. Matda continued on.

"And that's at the present stage. No doubt it will get even bigger as he grows. Can you imagine it? If we recklessly make an enemy of him.... Gramada would fall just like that y'know? And we'd absolutely have no way to fight back. You of all people should know just how terrifying fighting a long-range battle against magicians. I do think of my daughter's happiness, but it's also partly because I want her to support him to prevent him getting out of control. After all, he could probably learn strategic class magic by himself."

Strategic class magic are magic that are cast by an entire division of magicians via a drawn magic circle. It demonstrated enough power to blow away a fort in the northern battlefield once.
Matda is not a man who would jest about this. He must have concluded that the possibility is there. After taking that into consideration, I could see why my friend would entrust Eleanor-kun. Well, we're talking about this guy here, so it's probably 20% self-interest, 80% for his daughter's sake. Goodness gracious, I might get more than I bargained for with the promise earlier.


I talked to Eleanor-san a bit after we left the guildmaster's room. 'Please come to the mansion behind 『Shut-in Lamia』 tomorrow, I have something to give you'. Yes, nodded Eleanor-san as she bashfully smiled, "Please take care of me from now on." Awright! I'm getting fired up with the dungeon conquering! I also asked Eleanor-san to register the party 『Izumi no Kami』. Gotta wait till everyone is together for the final registration though.

Alright! Time to make a custom order. I've gone and measured everyone's sizes already with Discerning-sensei. Would be nice if they're pleased with it.

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