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Okami wa Nemuranai 24.3


"I don't get it. Skalabel, a lone apothecary coming necessitated exaggerated escorts and even repairing roads. I don't get that either but how'd that come to neighboring town lords making a fuss. They're unrelated."

"Lecan. You are correct, highway maintenance is not a huge event in itself. I was taken aback when they said the budget was eight white gold coins, but once I've taken a good look on the plans, eight white gold coins are about right."

"Hou. Guess that's how it works."

"We're running short on time however. You simply cannot truly repair highways in just one month."

"Yeah, figured."

"Lecan. The king made the decision for this matter purely as a kind gesture to respond Guide Skalabel's wish. However, the Prime Minister Office is making use of this opportunity to the fullest."


"Indeed. They're making a declaration, 'we at the royal capital knows what you're up to in the Northeastern Part, don't think you can do as you wish forever'."

"Hou. I got it, a bit."

"The two officials they left here are truly competent. The first thing they uttered was, 'Let us gather up workers from neighboring towns'."

"Sounds obvious."

"It is not. Ordinarily, you'd want to come up with plans, calculate all necessary positions and numbers, arrange for materials, and then look for manpower. And yet they wanted to gather people before we even had a concrete plan."

"What about it."

"There's no way I could go against them. Thus I did as I was told. Those two kindly gave me accompanying notes. Under their names as representatives of Prime Minister Office Domestic Affairs Department. Naturally, all town lords and village chiefs sent out their workers and craftsmen right away."


"What do you think happened afterwards?"

"No clue."
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"Kogurus town lord demanded neighboring towns and villages to send their workers to help maintain roads around Kogurus."

"Haha. I see now."

"Kogurus town lord intended to hinder the maintenance work on Vantaroy-Vouka roads once they found out about it. Then he would probably wait for me to come crying at him and put forward some sort of conditions I would have to accept. However, those officials had already anticipated what he was thinking and planning to do."

"Hahaha. Interesting."

"There's not a lot of skilled workers around. The construction work would have been halted had they gone to Kogurus first. Despite the fact that we don't have much time on hand."

"I see."

"Prime Minister Office must have anticipated that it would come to this and that we wouldn't have much time."

"I see, they beat them to the punch."

"That's right. They did what needed to be done before the information spread. That must be the plan."

"The construction went smoothly as planned then."

"No, not exactly. In fact, Kogurus poses as a small pebble on the road for this particular issue. Vantaroy is a much bigger problem."


"Vantaroy is a big town. Their culture is blossoming, and the quality of all kinds of articles they produce is a step or two above even Kogurus. In other word, it's twice, thrice, no, even higher than that compared to Vouka."

"Right. It's a big nice town."

"Vantaroy definitely don't think well of Vouka taking the leadership in this project to repair the highways connecting to them."


"And yet, we have to hire many workers from Vantaroy for this project. Especially for repairing big bridges, only Vantaroy's craftsmen can manage that. We need their cooperation to supply furniture for the guest house as well."


"The officials too were worried about this. They could send a directive under Prime Minister Office Domestic Affairs Department, but that came with a risk of them backlashing instead."

"They could pretend to cooperate outwardly, and send out second-rate craftsmen or delay their departure."

"Haha. That's exactly it. However, I had confidence in this matter for once. I told the officials to leave it to me and sent forth Agito. How do you think it turned out?"

"How would I... Hold it. Agito said something earlier. He was saved by Eda's achievement."

"Hahahaha. That's it. That's exactly it. The bandit leader Eda took down was undoubtedly a gold rank adventurer from Vantaroy. Liton came straight back here after showing the head in the presence of Vantaroy Adventurer Association's chairman and Vantaroy's lord representative. Without asking for any sort of compensation. That did it."

"Lecan-dono. I was treated with unbelievable hospitality when I got there. The town lord himself welcomed me, and they didn't ask twice about dispatching workers here. They would even bear the cost of transportation. Asking if there was anything else they could do for us."

"Hahahahaha. I wanted to show you the look on those officials when I reported to them. Hahahaha."

"The way they look at father has changed as well."

"Good for you. You must be busy right now, did you call me here just to tell me all this?"

"Ah, no. That's not it. What I've said so far is required to get to the real issue at hand."

"What's this issue."

"Someone is aiming for Shira-sama's life."

Okami wa Nemuranai 24.2


Town lord Crimus Ulban is accompanied by his son, knight Agito Ulban in his office.

"Hey there, Lecan. Thank you for coming. I see that you, Shira-sama and Eda were out of town for several days."


"Ah, that's better. Thank you."

"You look quite tired. I got back last night. Shira and Eda too."

"Yes well, I have been working on things I am not used to. But it is all very much worthwhile."

"Lecan-dono. I had gone to Vantaroy as a representative of this town's lord to negotiate with the town lord over there, I just returned the other day and I'd like to thank Eda-dono for her achievement, it was truly a great help."

"Hm? What is this about?"

"Well, have a seat for now. You too Agito."

"No, I shall remain standing."

"Will you. Then go bring tea here."


Lecan took a seat, but the town lord wouldn't start talking until after Agito got back with tea.

"Now then, Lecan. In order for you to understand the situation, I will have to narrate a tale not directly related to the matter at hand first."


"This country was born from a union between the northern royal family and the southern group of small powers. Being equipped with harbors, the towns of Gido and Smark are still the most prosperous towns in the whole kingdom even today."

Lecan has seen those towns on map before, they supposedly have a dungeon each.

"Gido and Smark are connected to the royal capital by great highways. Incidentally, the great highways connecting Trubolt, Egis, Parcimo, Wadd, Yufu, the five great dungeon cities to the capital are called Dungeon Highways, running in every cardinal directions that join together into one.​ The southern part is very well developed."
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"But then contrasting that, the area north of the capital, a region where many smaller states disorderly crowded together originally, lags far behind in development. There exists Daina Highway that connects the capital to the Dungeon City Daina, but the present state of that highway is so poor people call it Highway of Death."

Daina is supposed to have a great dungeon called <Dungeon of Death>. It's a city Lecan plans to visit some day.

"The capital is barely connected to Vantaroy by a highway, but north of Vantaroy are highways in name only, they are rural roads that only lead to Ninae and Golbul."

"And also Vouka."

"The road from Vouka to Vantaroy joins the road from Golbul to Vantaroy in form."

"Hm? Isn't it the  opposite? It should be that Vouka-Vantaroy road is joined by roads from Golbul."

"Historically speaking, yes indeed. As Golbul is relatively a new town. However, the capital officially recognize the highway as a Vantaroy-Golbul highway."

"Hmm? I don't really get it."

"Lecan-dono. There was a time when Golbul town lord demanded tax to maintain the highways from our town."

"What the heck."

"They claimed that Vouka who joined a highway formally recognized by the capital without permission must be taxed should we want to utilize it."

"Hasn't the road always been there?"


"A false accusation then."

"Lecan. Doesn't matter even if it is, so long as they have a degree of ground to stand on, it might go through regardless. At the time, my father galloped his horse straight to the capital and appealed to the subordinate of the subordinate of Undersecretary-dono, he thankfully managed to annul the tax."

"I see."

"Well anyway, the southern half part of this kingdom is flourishing, and with it comes a huge traffic of people and goods. Not the case with the northern half. This was a natural course of development for this kingdom."

"So what about it."

"Now now, hold your horses. As the northern half part is practically neglected. The people there take matters into their own hands since the capital won't. It's an inevitable outcome that's neither good or bad. If no one from capital is coming to help, then we can only rely on those within arms' reach."

"Yeah, makes sense."

"Hence, several economic blocs have been formed in the northern half of the kingdom. Around these parts, neighboring towns are united under Kogurus's banner."

"I've been to Kogurus before. It's a big town for sure."

"You have huh. I've never seen Kogurus with my eyes myself. Anyway, Kogurus holds the largest power around this area. Even towns and villages without direct interest in Kogurus have no choice but to obey them. Kogurus itself know how to make use of their position and have been gradually expanding their influence."

"Fumu. And."

"Hence, it's in Koguru's best interest for roads located to the north of the capital, northeastern region in this case, to be limited. After all they simply cannot compete with the capital in term of furniture, foodstuff, weapons, everything even though theirs are the best in class in the northeastern region."

"So Kogurus don't want better items flowing from the capital."

"Indeed. That applies to information as well. Kogurus would prefer information on the northeastern part doesn't reach the capital. They don't want to be told and commanded. However, the more foot traffic there is, the more information naturally flows. As such, this highway maintenance project is not something Kogurus takes well to."

"I get it so far."

"Well now, I wonder if I've missed anything. Agito, what say you."

"Lecan-dono. Many neighboring town lords who have hitherto gotten in contact with us have been visiting us once they found out that the capital has taken charge of this Vouka highway maintenance project."


"Those town lords can sense it. The wind of change."

Okami wa Nemuranai 24.1


The town is bustling.

It can be felt anywhere in the town.

The town lord Crimus Ulban has entrusted Chaney Company to construct a guest house where <Herb Saint> Guide Skalabel will stay at, and let him coordinate with the domestic affair officials from the royal capital to make the arrangements.

At first Chaney was thinking of calling Vantaroy's workers to work on the construction.

However, there's not enough days. It's just too short a notice.

There, the local workmen got mobilized instead.

After all, it's a facility where the most important of VIPs will stay. Even though the scale won't be massive, the building has to be of the highest quality. Same with its furniture and tableware.

Chaney decided to tackle this project without regards to profits. It will be a work Chaney Company is proud to work on for posterity. That said there is simply no time to lay the foundation solidly. It will have to be simplistic and modest. Nevertheless they plan to jam in as many work as possible and build a comfy building.

The supervisor on site is Chaney's grandchild, Winny.

Chaney himself is heading for Vantaroy to greatly expand his trade partners using Octocular Great Spider materials. He's also using the opportunity to purchase smaller furniture in Vantaroy for the guest house.

The town lord was extremely swamped with work to repair the highways north of Vantaroy. They gathered up people from all lines of work, stonework craftsmen, masons, carpenters, laborers from around Vouka to do the work but they had to call stonework craftsmen that can build bridges from Vantaroy.

A huge number of people come and go in Vouka every day.

The movements of those people enliven the town.

And another new hope also whirls up in the town.

Right after the envoys from Royal Capital went home, Eda was officially granted gold rank adventurer rank.

However, apparently she hasn't been showing up at the Adventurer Association at all lately.

She's been getting invited to many houses, learning how to cook and sewing, engaging in lively chats. And once every few days she would accompany Norma to make house calls and cast <Recovery>.

She would cast <Purification> on Lecan before going to bed at night.

She's also polishing up <Sleep> and <Detection>, following Shira's advice. She'd go to forest to practice sometimes.

Eda appears to really enjoy her current style of life.

Lecan too never showed up at the association, but Aira would come to their house bringing many quests for him.

He has no idea how she did it, but Aira quickly found out where Lecan and Eda lived. Then she'd come to visit in evening and talked about quests over tea. Of course Lecan declined all of it. Eda too isn't taking a quest for now. Saying that she won't accept quests if it's not with Lecan.

As for Lecan, he's spending half of his day learning magic at Shira every single day.

First he learned <Flash>. At elementary level, this magic merely emits a dazzling light, but since it's effective against Soul Ogres and Spectres, he's told to better learn it.

"And besides. Don'tcha underestimate how potent blinds could be in an interpersonal fight. It even work on some magic beasts like Ape Ogres and Oddmud. You got nothing to lose learning it."

He managed to learn the spell right away. As it's capable of temporarily blinding opponent if the output is raised, this magic is actually pretty terrifying when you think about it.

And with that, he's told to have completed his Light and Heat type magic learning.

"No point in learning more than that really. Go polish up <Flame Spear>, <Lightning> and <Ice Bullet>. That's your path to strength."

In Shira's classification, <Water Blade> is Space type, <Ice Bullet> is both Light and Heat and Space type, but both use water to attack. At their highest level, <Ice Bullet> has an overwhelmingly higher penetrating power than <Water Blade>, thus Lecan was told to forget <Water Blade> and work on <Ice Bullet> instead.

Next, he learned <Concealment>. The request to learn it came from Lecan himself.

According to Shira, there's nothing in Perception type magic Lecan should learn. Lecan's detection is so advanced he doesn't need <Clairaudience> and <Amplification>, and <Concealment> doesn't fit well with Lecan's character and battle style, it's pointless, she said.

"Can you imagine a hulking monstrosity like you trying to sneakily slip into someone's house. You cannae' even stand motionlessly bating your breath for half an hour, can you?"

She got a point, realized Lecan.

Lecan was interested in <Analysis> of Perception type, but it's a kind of magic that cannot be learned unless you are equipped with specialized knowledge and crafts for it. The Lecan now could probably activate <Analysis> on medical plants, but unless he gained even deeper understanding, the <Analysis> won't be as precise, and it's not like he'll be able to make better medicine that he can make now even if he manage.
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As such, Lecan was done with Perception skill study, and yet he still wished to learn <Concealment>.

Asking for more info, he found out that <Concealment> magic is unlike the skill assassins learn as it can be used on objects other than yourself.

In other word, it can be cast on other people and objects.

People, objects and animals that have been put under <Concealment> will be harder to recognize by other people. Your awareness of seeing them disappears even when they're right in front of your eyes. <Concealment> is effective on animals and magic beasts to a degree, but it's fundamentally an interpersonal magic.

Since it sounded quite convenient, Lecan insisted that he should learn it and Shira eventually relented.

Shira herself wanted Lecan to learn <Barrier>.

There's two types of <Barrier>, physical and magical, Shira wants Lecan to learn the magical one.

"Yes you might have <Necklace of Intuador> on you. But you should never leave it all to one equipment. You won't find something that handy again if you lose it, you know."

She's exactly right.

"You likely will never find yourself at the end of multiple physical attacks that deal huge damage coming at you all at once. But a downpour of magic capable of dealing huge damage on you is not out of question."

She's right and all, but just what kind of opponent does Shira imagine Lecan is going up against.

Despite being in Perception type like <Appraisal>, the nature of <Concealment> magic differs quite a bit from it, in fact, it's more closely related to Mind type magic. As Lecan has no aptitude in Mind type magic, he's not having any success learning this magic.

One day, a messenger from Chaney Company dropped by to deliver his repaired vest and trousers, as well as brand new undergarment, trousers and shirts. Lecan is wearing a vest made of Thousands Rock Spider material he brought from his former world until his light armor is done. As for trousers, he's wearing the new one and put away the old one from his former world in <Storage>.

The undergarment made from spider materials feels unexpectedly comfortable. Eda was delighted as well, saying she could wear them.

On month eight, they went out to gather herbs for about ten days. Along with Eda. Eda looked like she was having so much fun.

Lecan barely gathered herbs and spent all his time practicing magic.

He was told to have completed Heat and Light type magic study, but he still didn't get how to use <Lightning> well, thus he got some guidance. Shira demonstrated how to cast <Lighting> in a specified area that dealt specified damage only to specified targets.

Lecan kept on practicing <Concealment> but he couldn't grasp the knack. However, he was told that he had potential for it.

When they got back at town, there was a summon from the town lord.

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 18-9

18-9. Tales of Hero Hayato [6]


『Oh this is not looking good dyesu.』

The yellow demon tore up its own fingers and produced three mid-class demons and nine lesser demons from them.

『Go stall him dyesu.』

As ordered by the yellow demon, the created demons went to attack us.
Once I beat two mid demons and five lesser demons in one blow, the third mid demon and the rest of the lesser demons took some distance away from me and started to snipe me from afar.

When I tried to use this chance to go after the yellow demon, they went and blocked my way.
They destroyed the terrain with excessive magic, and they would blow me away with gales if I tried jumping in the air.

I would have been long gone if it weren't for the rainbow lights.

Time keeps ticking.

This can't go on forever.

I can sense the rainbow power is disappearing inside me.


I cut apart the protruding terrain and even the gale trying to blow me away as I rushed at the yellow demon.

I exterminated the lesser demons that got in my way, and then just when I eradicated the third mid demon that put up a layered barrier, my time was up.

The rainbow light has disappeared.

My body won't move from the backlash of performing superhuman feats.

『I knew it, that was a time limited power dyseu.』

The yellow demon sneered.
I saw it producing two whirlpool of fiendish flames in both its hands. It's hopeless.

『Killing you outright won't be fun. The longer you despair the funner dyesu.』

My Analysis skill told me this hopeless situation got even worse.
The yellow demon erased its flames and buffed up the surviving four lesser demons with overt support magic.

The buffed up lesser demons that have gotten many times stronger slowly are approaching me.

Am I gonna die here.
I can't even protect my friends, and perished in the hand of a greater demon's underlings...

"--Don't give up Hayato!"

Several arrows rained down the leading lesser demon.


Shiaryi aimed her bow and arrow even when she's bloody all over.

"Don'tcha forget about us--Buster Hacker!"
"Evil Slasher."

Subac and Zayan who should have been cut in two eliminated one lesser demon each.

"...I made it in time somehow."

I saw Loreiya kneeling down.
Apparently She had healed Subac and Zayan with holy magic.

『Sheshesheeeeee, duesu.』

The last lesser demon slipped in between Subac and Zayan.
Swinging its great sword-like transformed arms overhead at me.


An argent tornado swallowed the lesser demon.
An argent knight rushed up and pierced the lesser demon with a magic sword as he yelled.

"Good grief, you'll always stay a half-wit without me around."

Jerid put up a manly smile with his half-dead body.
The lesser demon is crumbling under him.

"Can always count on my man."

We both exchanged a high five with our barely lifting arms.

『Wonderful camaraderie dyesu.』

A metallic sounding clap resounded in the battlefield.

"We'll buy you time."
"Jerid, Hayato's in yer' hands."

Subac and Zayan stood up blocking the demon's way, covering me.

"N-no! We're all returning alive together!"
"Yeah would love that."
"Got no other choice, see."

The two turned around slightly, looking at me with eyes of men resolved for death.

"Go! Jerid!"
"Leave this place to us, you go on ahead!"

Subac and Zayan walked up to yellow demon.

"--Forgive me."

Jerid shouldered me and ran in the opposite direction.

"N-no! Wait, Jerid!"
"Get it, Hayato! We cannot lose you."

I get it in reality.
That yellow demon isn't an opponent you can fight with a wounded body.


"Subac... Zayan..."

I burned the two's figure in my mind until the very end.

Jerid slipped and tumbled down when we got out of the grotto.


Loreiya who was running right behind us gave some sort of magic potion to Jerid.

I just realized that Loreiya had been carrying the fainted Shiaryi on her back.
Rokos who's following behind is shouldering Seina.

『Oh my my, are you done running away dyesu?』

The yellow demon emerged from the grotto.

"Looks like my turn's up."
"No, it's our turn."

Next to Rokos who readied his weapon, the roused up Shiaryi staggeringly readied hers.

"Loreiya, take care of Hayato."

Jerid passed me to Loreiya then he took some sort of medicine bottle from Item Box.

"Jules Verne is arriving soon. Take Hayato away on it."

As Jerid drank down the medicine, a red light wrapped him.

"Hayato, this is farewell. Make sure you beat the demon lord."
"Don't fret over us too much."
"Go! Loreiya!"

With Jerid, Shiaryi, and Rokos's voices behind us, Loreiya ran off carrying me and Seina.


Shouting their names was the only thing I could muster up.

What a hero am I.
I'm just a powerless boy.

"Hayato-sama! That's!"

At the end of my sight was the subdimensional ship, Jules Verne emerging out of a torn argent boundary.

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"Subac, Zayan, Jerid, Rokos, Shiaryi...."

I muttered the names of my friends who lost their lives in the clash against Yellow Demon.
Loreiya, Seina and I were saved by master Burume and Maryest who came to our rescue on Jules Verne.

We couldn't save anyone else.
Forget me saving anyone, they were the ones who saved me instead.

If only I went about it better, we could have all got away intact...

"Hayato, wanna go out for a stroll for some refreshment?"
"I don't feel like it."

"Hayato-sama, how are you feeling? If you like, I could use Healing Miracle to--"
"Leave me alone."

Maryest and Loreiya came to cheer me up, but I was full of self-loathing I couldn't respond to them. I'm starting to hate my immaturity.

"You're still down in the dump?"

This time it's Seina huh.
Just leave me alone for awhile.

Seina lifted my face with her hands and turned it toward her.
Seina's big eyes are staring at me.

Seina looked like she made up her mind and got her face closer--.


A shocking impact hit my cheek.


Did I get hit?
Should I yell that not even my dad ever beat me here?
No wait, my dad beat me up all the time, so that's not right...

"What are you--"

Just as I tried to protest, Seina hit my other cheek with another fist.

"Who are you? What did you come here for?"

I? I'm--.


That's right. I'm a hero.
I chose to be a hero to answer the little goddess's wish.

"Yes, you are a hero. Or do you not want to save the world now?"

--Hayato-chan, what do you want to be like when you're all grown up?
--Me? I wanna be an adult who saves those in trouble!

That's right. That's what makes me me.

As I recalled what's important to me, I slowly raised my face.
My eyes met Seina's.

"Are you, awake now?"

She's wrapping her fist with her other hand and murmured with a half-crying half-smiling face.

"Yea, that was pretty effective."

I noticed as I said that. I feel more clear-headed than I thought.
Perhaps I had always wanted a punishment, not consolation.

"That's a better look on your face."

I asked Seina what happened while I was shutting myself off.

Apparently Master Burume took responsibility for the collapse of hero party and got dismissed. I protested the decision, but it fell on deaf ears.
As if they were saying that I had no say, being a hero who lost to a mere demon.

"Hayato, don't look so glum, we're here for you."
"Yes, Hayato-sama. Believe in yourself chosen by Parion-sama and god."
"Listen to Seina and Loreiya. Chin up."

Seina, Loreiya, Maryest supported me.

"I know. We're gonna start anew from zero--no, it's not zero. I--this great me got you girls. We're all the greatest, we'll definitely beat down this demon lord. Let's believe in it--no believe in me, come!"

I don't care if it's a mere bluff. I've made the resolve to be a true leader that guides my comrades, from now on I will call myself [Ore-sama (great me)].

"First we gotta get more comrades."
"Very well. I shall recruit people from among Saga Empire knights--"
"--Hold it!"

I stopped Maryest who was about to stand up.

"This time this great me's gonna look around for comrades myself."

Can't leave it all to others.
So I've decided.

"Then let us head to Earkin Sanctuary first thing first."
"Earkin Sanctuary?"
"It's Shiaryi's and Subac's hometown."

When I told her that I didn't want to pick someone due to connections, she replied back strongly, "That's not it."

"Earkin are often said to be a race of combatants, they are also known to have served previous generation heroes."

Apparently, there were only a handful of heroes who didn't have an earkin as their attendant.
We jumped on Jules Verne and went to Earkin Sanctuary with Maryest on the helm.

...So we did, but it was quite a heavy journey.

We're never letting Maryest taking the control stick ever again.
Thus Seina, Loreiya and I swore.

"The 333th Cup of Hero is now starting!"

With a bunny-eared bunny girl costumed onee-san's shout, hoarse and shrill yells echoed in the venue.
Everyone here is an earkin. Full of bear-eared people like Subac, long-eared like Shiaryi, and even cat-eared and dog-eared people like you see in anime.

I was excited to see cat-eared and dog-eared little girls when we first arrived, but I quickly learned the uniqueness of this place.
Everybody I met, be it young, middle aged and even elderly, every single one of them had forged bodies, and all of them immediately and gleefully challenged me to an arm wrestling match or a real match the instance they saw me.

"Do you wanna be an attendant!?"
"Don't you dare fall behind those hornkin!"

My ears hurt.

"What's a hornkin?"
"They are a race of people that look like humans with horns, just like Deer-horn Zayan. At first they all lived together with earkin, but due to a number of reasons, they now live in their own hornkin sanctuary. They are also a race of combatants."

Loreiya explained.

As I watched the intense battle royal unfolding before my eyes, I could see how that renown stuck.


A longear-kin who had climbed a tree defeated everyone who got close to the tree with speed rivaling Shiaryi.

"Oh she looks like Shiaryi. Perhaps she's a relative."

It's not only her face, her nonchalant-ness and relentlessness are also similar.

"Hayato, look over there. Those two."
"A bit rough on the edges, but they've got quite the sense."

A pair of wolfearkin and a tigerearkin women routed a line of men in a very good combination.
There were other strong men but only these two and the longearkin girl that calmly shot out arrows could possibly join us.

In this world, rather than how you look outwardly, it's level, skills, arts and battle senses that decides the outcome of a battle, thus watching one first hand is ideal.

"Wiyaryi is a natural choice, but are you sure you want to let our village's problem kids join?"

The chief ward of the sanctuary said that back when we went to him after the battle royal ended.
By the way, the longearkin girl, Wiyaryi was indeed Shiaryi's cousin.

"Picking us up huh, you know your stuff!"
"We wanna see your strength first. Let's have a match, hero!"

The tigerearkin Rusus and wolfearkin Fifi may not look similar outwardly, but they're two peas in a pod inside; battle junkies who could only be satisfied by battling.
I ended up fighting them due to their demand, but once I showed the gap in our strength and level, them being level 40, they agreed to be my attendants.

More than agreeing even, they went straight to clinging on me.

"Earkin and humans can make children. Hero's children will be strong for sure."
"Dunno how ya do it, but mom said the man would come on their own if ya just keep watching the ceiling!"

Fifi and Rusus clung all over me.

They're a bit too clingy. I was surprised when they went at me buck naked on the very first day, saying something like making children to succeed the next generation is a longearkin's mission or something, but once I reproved them seriously, they thankfully stopped their approach.
Might be disappointing as a healthy young man though...

"This is Jules Verne!"

Unexpectedly enough, Wiyaryi had interest in piloting and maintaining Jules Verne.
Since no one, including Maryest, could teach her how to do maintenance, we planned to find someone in Saga Empire's old capital to be her teacher once we're back.

"This great me's gonna be the tank, Rusus and Fifi physical attackers, Wiyaryi a ranged attacker, Seina a scout, Maryest a mage attacker and Loreiya in charge of healing and support."

I pondered our party formation while counting my fingers.

"I want someone to hold the center position. Someone who could use magic as well as Maryest would be best."
"That's a tall order if I ever hear one. --Do you have anyone in mind?"
"I do. Fit to a T."

I gave a positive to the stunned Maryest.

"Don't tell me--"
"Oh yeah, I'm telling you."

I'm going to scout that obnoxious cheeky woman.

Shiga Kingdom Duke's daughter, Ringrande.

Okami wa Nemuranai 23.16


Inside the parlor, on Vouka side are Vouka townlord Crimus, guard commander Tesla, two officials, then Lecan and Shira.

On the capital side are the Undersecretary Yeteria, his two assistants, first class priest Amamir and temple knight Derston.

Zaifad also went in later.

Lecan treated Zaifad as if he wasn't there.

As he couldn't keep his promise despite losing in a honor-bound duel, Zaifad could only die if Lecan told him to. He also have no choice but to obey whatever unreasonable demands Lecan may have for him.

But now that Shira has shown herself up, he should not cause trouble anywhere between Vouka and the capital. Meaning, Zaifad cannot die here. Besides that, Lecan had no other demand for Zaifad.

The capital people did not talk to Zaifad either.

Lecan couldn't care less what Zaifad had in mind. Zaifad likely won't butt in needlessly anymore now. That's more than enough.

The discussion proceeded smoothly.

Guide Skalabel will depart the capital on the 30th month eight, arriving at Vouka around 10-15th month nine.

Apothecary Shira will see Guide Skalabel. Maybe, added Shira, but everybody pretended like they didn't hear her.

Vouka lord will oversee a construction of new lodgings for guide Skalabel and his personal assistants to stay at. Prime Minister Office spared two white gold coins to cover the cost.

Additionally, here are personnels that will stay at the town lord's mansion and other lodgings.

Ten Royal Knights and ten subordinate knights as escorts. Two Royal Mages and two attendants. Two temple knights and two subordinate knights.

As companions, 20 apothecaries including one first class priest and two third class priests.

Two officials of Prime Minister Office to manage expenses.

Then several more for chores.
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All lodging expenses will be paid by Prime Minister Office.

The two officials who have come along with the envoy this time will stay in this town to work out the details. One of the subordinate knights who showed up later would be their escort.

Additional Vouka town lord is to do maintenance on highways that connect Vouka to Vantaroy. Prime Minister Office expended eight white gold coins for this.

Later on, Lecan was told that ordinarily this matter should have been left in the hand of a town lord of a much bigger city like Vantaroy. But now that Vouka town lord is in charge, many things will now go in the good direction to benefit Vouka town later.

This is apparently a form of reward for Vouka where guide Skalabel will be staying at.

The fact that the town is where guide Skalabel's master lives at may have also come into consideration.

Highways near Vantaroy are under regular maintenance, but those around Vouka are highways in name only, thus being able to repair them is a big win. The town lord was beaming.

The envoy group will stay in the town lord's mansion tonight. There will be a banquet at night. Both Shira and Lecan were strongly requested to participate as well, but they declined. Like he could eat good food at such an annoying spot.

Temple Knight Derston said that he wanted to learn the way to Shira's house. Apparently he's going to accompany guide Skalabel in his journey.

Consulting Shira, she told him to go ahead and lead the way, so he did.

Of course they didn't walk on normal roads, they jumped over walls and roofs.

Yet Derston easily followed after Lecan. Derston's agility is not to be underestimated considering he's doing the feat in full heavy armor. His two subordinate knights dropped out of the race at the starting line though.

Derston apparently has some knowledge in herbal plants. He'd know with Derston being at a loss for words when he saw the toxic plant garden.

Jericho was tending the garden when they arrived.

Derston was watching with sparkling eyes as Jericho went around picking up dead leaves, tearing up withered branches and watering plants among the thickly growing dangerous plants.

"Who is that."

"A Longarm Ape. Jericho's the name."


"Guys. I've got tea ready for you, come on inside now."

"Huh? Shira-shi? Didn't Shira-shi stay at the town lord's mansion when we departed here earlier? Huh?"

"Don't mind it. Let's get inside."

Lecan stared at Shira while sipping his tea.

Shira was in the town lord's mansion the whole time he had a talk with the envoys. And she must have listened to it using <Clairaudience>. Otherwise, she wouldn't have known the Undersecretary's and the first class priest's names.

What shocking was her entrance when Lecan was about to kill Zaifad.

Lecan's detection never caught Shira until that exact moment.

She literally appeared out of thin air.

Wonder if she always had the ability to do that.

It might be. Lecan knew magic <Invisible (Elmus)>, <Concealment (Nirzum)> still only by names. Those spells may carry the properties that allow them to escape Lecan's <Life Detection>, <3D Perception> and <Mana Detection>.

However Lecan doubted if that was truly the case.

Perhaps Shira developed a magic to counter Lecan's detection after finding out how it worked. Or perhaps she remodeled an existing magic for that purpose.

He couldn't help but harboring such thoughts.

While Lecan is growing during his study, perhaps so is Shira.

This old woman is truly terrifying.

But still, things have gotten troublesome.

First of all, this Skalabel dude cast can't be allowed to cast <Purification> on Shira.

On this one though, maybe Shira herself could convince Skalabel that she doesn't need <Purification>. At any rate, since Shira herself agreed to meet him, she might have a plan in mind.

Another thing is if Skalabel is more than 100 year old, then a question of just how old Shira is will come up.

Of course there exist masters who are younger than their pupils in this world. However, once Skalabel divulged about the time he met Shira and how much he learned from her, also the fact about Shira's extensive knowledge in apothecary would be proof of her extraordinary long life.

They would come to suspect if she was a Longlifer. That'd be bad. Longlifers are treated as enemies in the royal capital, while the temples deem them as either angels or devils. Neither of which ends up good.

Worst case scenario, Shira's true identity might be exposed.

As this Skalabel seems to be a famous influential person, this whole affair have probably attracted unwarranted attentions to Shira.

That'd be bad.

Standing out is the worst possible outcome for an existence like Shira. Things that can normally be glossed over will be hard to when she's under scrutiny.

Truly a conundrum.

However, this may not actually be THAT concerning.

Shira can simply make a run for it and live somewhere else with a different name if she feels like it. She might even be able to alter her face and figure.

There are so many ways she could go about it as long as she doesn't have to stay in this town.

However, Lecan personally likes the town Shira lives at.

That's the part he's anguishing on.

[Episode 23 Envoys from the Royal Capital] End/ Next [Episode 24 Shira Assassination]

Okami wa Nemuranai 23.14_15


Lecan walked up to the fallen Zaifad.

"Zaifad. I won."

Zaifad moved his eyes to look at Lecan.

His face is bloodied all over, blood is gushing out of his nose.

He must have terrible bruises under his armor. He also surely suffers not so light burn wounds.

His arms and legs are limp and unmoving.

"Keep your promise. Forget Skalabel ever coming here."

"Kill me."

"What do I get from killing you. Keep your promise. You're a knight, aren't you."

"Kill me."

"Oy oy. That was a grudgeless duel on a condition we both agreed upon."


Temple knight Derston talked to Lecan.


"Guide Skalabel's journey has been approved by the king. And as decreed by his majesty, his excellency prime minister commanded us to make the arrangements. We have left officials in the main towns leading to this town on our way here. Towns neighboring capital must have begun their highway maintenances and lodging remodeling right about now. This project cannot be canceled."

Lecan digested what he meant by that.

"You're telling me this guy made a promise he can't keep, despite being a knight and all?"

"That would be the case. He likely never would have imagined he would lose."

Lecan glared at Derston and then at the Undersecretary who was watching from a distance. These two who didn't try to stop the duel despite knowing that bear some faults themselves.

"Kill me."

Zaifad's voice sounded like he was entreating Lecan.

A knight has their honor on the line in a duel. If they cannot keep the promise despite swearing by their honor, death is the only way out. Lecan decided to write off the sins of three people by killing Zaifad.

Lecan raised <Sword of Agost> with his right hand over Zaifad's defenseless head.



Two subordinate knights ran up.

"<Lightning (Gwinbarr)>!"

Lecan thrust out his left hand and cast a magic.

Crackling lightning encircled the two and they fell down just like that.

And then they started convulsing on the spot.

Lecan fixed his breathing, then just when he was about to swing down his sword to reap Zaifad's life.

"Lecan. Leave it at that."

Lecan stopped his sword and turned around.

There, Shira stood.

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"<Origin Water><Recovery>."

From a spot 20 steps away, Shira raised her hand and cast a spell that generated Pure Magic Water over Zaifad's face, then she added <Recovery> in the mix before soaking his face with the water.

In his mind, Lecan was surprised at this.

Putting <Recovery> on Pure Magic Water turns it into Magic Water with added <Recovery> effect. However, it could only retain that effect for one day, and by the third day, it would lose most of it, so he was taught.

It's a pointless trick for someone who can use <Recovery> like Lecan, that was what he believed until now.

However, the method Shira showed here is like having <Recovery> continually cast on Zaifad's head. The Magic Water likely penetrates Zaifad's body from the head inside, recovering his internal organs. As Magic Water carries a property that let it permeates your body like potions do.


Next, Shira cast <Recovery> on Zaifad's whole body. His bruises and scalds get mostly healed, the rest is up to Magic Water to permeate his body.

So you could use <Recovery> like such. Coming up with new ways to do things is very much important, thought Lecan.

The first class priest and third class priests are kneeling next to Shira.

As those who dedicate their life to the art of healing, they know just how aberrant what Shira demonstrated.

From somewhere 20 steps away, without a wand nor preliminary casting, successively casting <Origin Water> and <Recovery> to mix them up and then slowly soaking the patient in it.

From that much distance, putting <Recovery> over a big man's entire body.

Lecan has no idea how's the standard like at Royal Capital's Medical Centers, but even that Norma wouldn't believe it when they told her about casting <Recovery> over a distance.

To these priests, it must feel like seeing a legendary mage in person.

"Amamir-dono, was it. You're a pupil of Skalabel, aren'tcha."

"Yes. It's truly an honor to be granted an audience with you, Shira-sama."

"Stand up now. Can't talk with you like that. And Undersecretary-san over there, Yeteria-dono, was it."

"Delighted to make your acquaintance. I am Undersecretary of Zaka Kingdom's Prime Minister Office, Yeteria Wazbon. Would you be apothecary Shira-dono?"

"I go by that name now, yep. You come too. Let's have a chat at the parlor, shall we."

Lecan was gonna head to the parlor as well.

"Lecan. You take care of them now."

Shira's line of sight ends at two convulsing subordinate knights.

Lecan cast <Recovery> on them.

Since he wasn't going to use the few yellow potions he had left, he just kept casting <Recovery> on them.

Their burns and convulsions healed up right away, but their paralyzed state just wouldn't go away.

They finally managed to move after a session of <Recovery>, then he left them alone.

Zaifad stood up and looked at Lecan like he was something curious.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.13


"<Deploy (Parshoot)>!"

"<Deploy (Parshoot)>!"

The spell resounded at the same time.

<Shield of Wolkan> also emerged concurrently.

Lecan took a step forward.

Zaifad took a step backward.

Lecan swung down his sword overhead, Zaifad blocked it with his shield.

And just when Zaifad was about to swing the sword in his right hand, Lecan recited a spell.

"<Fire Arrow>."

A light emerging from Lecan's chest turned into ten pieces of <Fire Arrows> that flew toward Zaifad's face.

Zaifad quickly lower his head to block the <Fire Arrows> with his helmet.

The <Fire Arrows> got repelled while barely dealing any damage.

(That helmet's got some terrifyingly high magic resistance.)

(Meaning the armor must be too.)

Defense against magic is largely classified into two types, resistance and nullification.

The <Overking Bear> overcoat Lecan wears on him boasts a high resistance to magic and physical damage. And although it can reduce powerful magic attack to a sliver, a portion of the damage as well as the impact produced still gets passed on to the wearer.

On the other hand, nullification erases magic through some sort of mechanism, denying any damage to its wearer. However, the act of erasing magic requires mana. Once the mana supply is no more, so is the nullification.

Hence equipment that nullifies magic will eventually get broken through if you keep flinging magic at it. While equipment with high magic resistance will continue to reduce magic attack no matter how many times, but it has a limit on its durability, eventually damaging the equipment itself after a certain point.

Now then, as Zaifad lowered his head to protect his eyes from Lecan's magic, a moment of opening was created. Lecan isn't one who would overlook that.

He struck Zaifad's lowered head with <Sword of Rusk>.

As it was a swift attack, there was not much strength put into it, however the effect of <Guardian Jewel of Zana>'s attack boost was tremendous. A loud clashing sound echoed, pushing the neck down.

Zaifad's sword came swinging at Lecan from his flank. His dauntlessness to calmly attack while taking a blow himself is quite something.

Lecan blocked it with <Shield of Wolkan>, but the impact generated was shocking, his whole body got pushed back as his feet dragged the sand on the ground.

Zaifad's sword must have some sort of Grace on it as well. A grace that boosts strength, not speed.

Bwosh, Zaifad bashed shield toward Lecan.

Lecan too swung his own shield to the right, clashing with Zaifad's.

"<Fire Arrow>!"

Lecan scraped off a bit of the ground Zaifad's pivot leg, his right leg, stepped on with the <Fire Arrow>.

Simultaneously, Lecan pulled his shield back.

Zaifad lost his balance and fell forward, Lecan struck Zaifad's left shoulder with his sword. However, the attack didn't do much.

Zaifad firmly treaded the ground with his left leg, and thrust his sword upward from below.

Lecan parried Zaifad's sword with the shield on his left hand and jumped backward.

He was going to put Zaifad through the wringer if he recklessly rushed toward him, but Zaifad swiftly regained his balance and shifted into a defensive position instead.

Both his head and left shoulder Lecan struck earlier looked like they barely had any scratches.

(That some terrifying defensive strength his armor's got.)

He might have been better off swinging <Sword of Agost> here. No matter how sturdy or physically defensive an armor is, the human on the inside cannot avoid getting damaged to a degree. Hence, a big heavy sword is effective against them.

Zaifad appears to have figured that he shouldn't make a reckless advance against Lecan, he's making his body look smaller while observing Lecan's every moves.

(If you're gonna focus on defensive.)

(Then I'll just shift gears to offensive.)

(From outside your range, that is.)

Lecan kicked the ground and jumped backward. Zaifad with his armor cannot follow him.

Lecan greatly leaped back once again.

"<Reduction (Pirua)>."

Lecan put <Shield of Wolkan> away.

He knew Zaifad was tightening his body.

Zaifad must think Lecan is attempting to recklessly charge at him.

Lecan held out his left hand forward, his palm turned toward Zaifad.

"<Flame Spear>!"

A red ray of light assaulted Zaifad. His reflexes that allowed him to parry that with <Shield of Wolkan> was superb.

"<Flame Spear>!"

"<Flame Spear>!"

"<Flame Spear>!"
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"<Flame Spear>!"

"<Flame Spear>!"

"<Flame Spear>!"

"<Flame Spear>!"

A rapid fire of <Flame Spears> without even a breather.

Zaifad managed to parry the first three spears with his shield, but after that, he couldn't afford to even position his shield to protect against the barrage of rays, he moved his shield into protecting his head and chest while relying on his armor to endure the magic barrage.

"<Flame Spear>!"

"<Flame Spear>!"

"<Flame Spear>!"

"<Flame Spear>!"

"<Flame Spear>!"

It's really one highly protective armor.

Even after that many <Flame Spears>, there's no obvious scratches let alone damage on it.

That said, its once beautiful argent luster is turning darker, and you can see small scratches forming here and there.

"<Flame Spear>!"

"<Flame Spear>!"

"<Flame Spear>!"

"<Flame Spear>!"

"<Flame Spear>!"

The barrage of magic was relentless, regardless if it hit the armor or the shield.

As Lecan continued to shoot the magic with his left hand, he used his right hand to put away <Sword of Rusk> and fetched <Sword of Agost>. He ended up showing <Storage> in front of many people, but winning this duel took priority.

Zaifad's legs are already staggering.

The heat and impact from <Flame Spears> are quite toilsome. The body inside that armor must be suffering burns and wounds all over.

"<Flame Spear>!"

"<Flame Spear>!"

"<Flame Spear>!"

Lecan stopped his magic attack, brandished <Sword of Agost> behind using both his hand and run forward.

Zaifad barely managed to hold up his shield against Lecan who closed the distance at tremendous speed. However, it took all his strength to merely hold the shield up, a far cry from the stance he took during the start of the duel.


A powerful gust was generated behind the shield Zaifad held.

Loosening his grip, the shield slipped off Zaifad's hand.

As he hurriedly caught the shield and tried to regain his posture, Lecan with his sword raised overhead was already right in front of Zaifad.

Despair was reflected in Zaifad's eyes as he inferred the situation.

Yet the tenacity that prompted him to swing the sword in his right hand at Lecan is worthy of praise.

However, long before that blade could reach Lecan, the great sword Lecan swung down flicked <Shield of Wolkan> away, striking Zaifad's helmet cleanly on the side.

The helmet came off and got flung away. If it didn't, his neck bone would have been broken.

Thud, Zaifad fell behind.

"We have a winner! It's Lecan-dono's victory."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.11_12


"Lecan-dono. What do you mean by great."

"I'm really not good with all this longwinded talk. So I'm very much on board if this can be settled with swords. If this vice commander win, I'll give it my everything to go look for Shira and make sure she'll see Skalabel when he's here. If I win you guys go back to the royal capital, pronto. Forget about Skalabel ever coming here."

"Bastard, have you gone mad?"

"Stand back, Zaifad-dono. You too Lecan-dono, please do not instigate Zaifad-dono. Zaifad-dono is an escort Royal Knights dispatched as ordered by his majesty, I have no right to command him directly."

"What. No duel huh. Boring."

The town lord groaned with his hands on his head.

"I'm telling you not to incite him. Zaifad-dono as well, calm yourself. There is no way I could report to his excellency prime minister about how Zaifad-dono dueled and killed Shira-dono's pupil. Think about how guide Skalabel would react to that."

This seems to have hit the nail on the head, Zaifad forcefully suppressed his swelled up fighting spirits.

Vouka town lord, Crimus Ulban let out an incredibly deep sigh.

"I see you must have it hard too town lord-dono."

"I truly feared it would turn into a duel for a moment there. If a gold rank adventurer of Vouka town were to duel and kill a vice commander of the royal knights, I wouldn't know--"

"What did you say."

Zaifad looks at Crimus with an awfully sharp gaze.

"Vouka town lord, what, did you say."


"You said a Vouka town's adventurer would kill me in a duel, did you not."

"N-no, that's not what I"


"What is it."

"I hereby challenge Lecan to a duel."

"You cannot."

"I cannot abide by that."

"And why wouldn't you."

"Vouka town lord has spoken that a town adventurer could kill a vice commander of the Royal Knights. Royal Knights are the highest absolute force of might that protects this kingdom's public order. The existence of Royal Knights is precisely why the populace could live in peace knowing they would be protected from foreign invasions or domestic riots."

"Well yes, that may be so."

"Royal Knights cannot be allowed to fall behind noble knights. It can never be compared to an adventurer under a rankless lord of some remote region. Permitting that would disturb the kingdom's harmony"

"Let's think calmly now."

"A mere Vouka town lord dares doubt the capability of Royal Knights, this is truly a grave matter. Pardoning this would result in more remote lords having the wrong idea. This problem concerns the significance of Royal Knights' existence. I cannot simply overlook it."

"Zaifad-dono, you might end up killing a fellow disciple of guide Skalabel."

"Priest Amamir, please worry not. I shan't kill him. We have red potions as well. And when the necessity arises, would it be fine if you could cast <Recovery> on him."

"I don't mind. I see. There's no avoiding this duel then."

"Lecan, lead us to the duel ground."

"Gotta ask the town lord for that. <Recovery>."

"M-my headache isn't going away."

"Then that's a sort of pain <Recovery> doesn't work on. Get us to the dueling ground."

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There was a building used by the guards to train in the site, but since it was too cramped, they would be holding the duel in the courtyard instead.

Several great shields were brought out to protect the VIPs like the undersecretary and the first priest. All other people are hiding behind trees or pillars mostly.

The Underscretary had a really difficult look on his face. As an official, this situation was truly regrettable toward Lecan. However, Lecan himself truly welcomed this situation where he could settle things in a duel instead of some bothersome discussion. On top of that he's got to fight such an interesting foe in a royal capital knight. Nothing regrettable about it at all.

Lecan decided to use <Sword of Rusk>. <Sword of Agost> is ideal against dungeon monsters, but <Sword of Rusk> handles easier in his hand, which is better in a fight with a knight.

He thought of using a Solid Sacred Silver sword as well, but considering how fragile it is despite its sharpness, it may fracture during a clash against a knight's armor and shield. Hence he decided on <Sword of Rusk>. He won't hold back in fear of it breaking. He fully intends to attack with all his might even if it means breaking the sword.

He's got <Dagger of Harut> hanging on his waist, <Guardian Jewel of Zana> in his chest pocket, and <Necklace of Intuador> worn on his neck. His finger has the silver ring, his left wrist has <Shield of Wolkan> in gauntlet form.

When Lecan came out of the shadow after putting on his equipment, some wondered out loud if that was <Shield of Wolkan>. As expected, royal capital's temple knights and royal knights would be familiar with it.

Zaifad is a sour looking man between the prime of his life and middle aged. His neatly pruned mustache is hidden behind his helm right now.

Since he was wearing armor initially, he only got a helmet and a gauntlet that should be <Shield of Wolkan> as new equipment.

As the two stepped into the center of the awfully spacious courtyard, temple knight Derston Barmoa followed.

"I will be acting as the umpire. The winner is the one who has neutralized his opponent. And naturally you can raise the white flag yourself. You two are fine with zero handicaps right."

"So we can attack with anything?"


"Come at me with any dirty tactics you've got."

"You can use magic too then."

"Yes. Of course. Feel free to use any kind of Grace Items as well."

Derston looked like he wanted to say something to Zaifad.

However, he said nothing in the end.

Derston possesses quite a huge pool of mana. And it's an awfully tempered kind of mana. Perhaps he hoped Zaifad would notice the enormous amount of mana Lecan bears. Zaifad himself has no mana.

Derston stepped back five steps and raised his hand before swinging it down.


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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 18-8

18-8. Tales of Hero Hayato [5]


After an encounter with the cheeky duke's daughter at Shiga Kingdom's Dungeon City Selbira, we crossed over Great Desert and went to visit the western country group on the continent.

The first visit was to the Holy Land of the little goddess which shares her namesake, Parion.
Here to investigate the ruin of a dungeon [Demon God Gaol]--also known as [Devil's Grotto] where a demon lord emerged once.
Master Burume and Maryest aren't with us. They had some sort of complicated matter to talk about with the pope and the sage, so they stayed at the cathedral in Holy City Parion.

"An entrance in the middle of nowhere desert..."
"Would be bad if the demon lord lurks here."

Rokos who picked up my murmur gave his impression. Exactly.

"No worries there. I mean demon lords would only show up in a [Living Dungeon] not a ruined one."
"Please don't let your guard down, but Seina has a point. Demon lord ceased to emerge in Holy Land Parion ever since the dungeon here turned into ruins."

Seina aside, if Loreiya said so it must be true then.

"Hayato, let's head back."

Subac said while looking around.

"The base of my tail feels itchy. Shitty stuff tends to come up whenever this happens."
"That dumb superstition aside, you won't see me against that. We're gonna be eating sands if we get raided here."
"Me too~! My hair and ears are getting gritty from all the sands."

Rokos the scout, and Seina also wanted to go back.
I personally wanted to explore this Devil's Grotto a bit but no one seems to be on board.

Longearkin Shiaryi keeps looking at the surrounding rocky mountains, and deer hornkin Zayan and knight Jerid are looking away like it's none of their business.

No, they're watching out the surroundings.

Come to think of it, Maryest said something about the spread of a demon lord believer group, [Wings of Liberty] in Holy Land Parion.

"Got it. Let's go b--"

I felt a stinging presence as I was speaking.
The talisman from god Parion is reacting.

This is--.

"--a demon!"

Learning from our last experience, I quickly activated [Invincible Shield] around us and surveyed the area carefully.

『Kyokkyokkyo. Good sense there hyero.』

I hurriedly jumped away from a yellow shadow spreading out below me.

A huge yellow ocher-colored demon showed up.
I immediately used analysis skill to read the demon's info.

"Mid-clasa demon! Level 55! Watch out for its venomous claws and ice magic!"

Loreiya cast support magic while I was gathering info.
It's gonna be a bit tough without Maryest and master around, but we're gonna make it out without losing anyone for sure.

--Cause I'm a hero!

"I'll stop its attack!"

There's nothing my Unique Skill cannot stop.
I've also used [Unlimited Regeneration] just in case.

"Come! Demon!"

I shouted with a [Provocation]-laden voice.
It doesn't work too well against intelligent beings, but the demon went after me nonetheless.

"--Buster Hacker!"

A red glow came from the side before Subac's finisher exploded.

"Dangit, that didn't work?!"

The strongest skill of axe was stopped by a barrier that emerged before the mid-class demon's hand.
The demon sent Subac flying by swinging its tail, and leaped at me while baring its venomous claws.

I blocked it with my holy shield.

"Don't panic guys! Let's whittle at it slowly but surely!"

Everyone tried attacking just as I instructed, but they all got blocked by the barrier that stopped Subac's finisher.

"I'm on it! --Blast Armor"

Jerid's armor breaking finisher hit the mid-class demon's barrier.

--That hit didn't break it?

"What a demon!"

If this is mid-class, just how bothersome greater would be.

"If once didn't do it, I'll just keep at it until it does!"

Jerid shot the second, third Blast Armor.
Subac and I stopped the mid-class demon from trying to eliminate Jerid.

And eventually--

"It broke!"
"Nice, Jerid!"

As I praised Jerid, I shield bashed the demon to make it lose its balance.

"Evil Slasher."

Zayan's great sword finisher burst the motionless demon.
The demon's body seemed quite sturdy even without its barrier, that move failed to cut it apart, only leaving red sparks scattering everywhere.

Knight Jerid approached from the opposite side of Zayan.

"Aim at the gap on its armor!"

Jerid's one-handed sword finisher, [Evil Piercer], stabbed a gap in the armor.

『Annoying flies buzzing everywhyere!』

The demon spun like a top, blowing Jerid and Zayan away.

"Sniping Swallow Eye."

Shiaryi's red arrow pierced through the demon's eye.

"--Buster Hacker!"

Subac attacked frontally after the demon lost its sight.
Loreiya's healing magic must have fixed him up.

Scout Rokos and Seina also let out their dagger finishers.
Even with everyone going all-out, it wasn't enough to end it.

I too forgo my defensive stance and activate [Strongest Pike] Unique Skill joining in the melee.

As expected of Unique Skill, god's authority.
Even normal attacks are as powerful as the guys' finishers.

The mid-class demon is losing its HP amusingly quick.

"This is the end! --Shining Strike Rush"

I tried using the move the previous hero specialized in I learned from master Burume for the first time in a real combat at the end of the guys' finisher rush.

A dazzling blue light pierced through the demon before it dispersed into black mist.

Clank, clank, a near jet black magic stone dropped by the demon fell down.

"Did we beat it?"
"Yeah, it's our victory!"

Even though I had a doubt with the anticlimatic end, we really did beat it.
I celebrated our victory together.

"Still, I can't believe a level 55 would be this tough."

Demons possess unmeasurable strength outside their levels.

"But we nabbed the victory without losing anyone. Us together can beat even demon lords!"

High in victory, knight Jerid spoke words that were unlike him.
He must be ecstatic to have won against something that strong.

『That's a death flag dyesu!』

A yellow shadow showed up along with an eerie-sounding voice.

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--What the heck is this guy.


A moment after the yellow bastard showed up, it beat knight Jerid down with a swung of its arm.

--What the heck is this guy.

"Subac! Zayan!"

Subac and Zayan who rushed ahead to save Jerid got cut in half by a magic the yellow body demon unleashed with no time lag.
The bloodied remains of the two fell on the ground.

Those guys can't have been beaten this easily.
Am I looking at a mirage right now?

--What the heck is this guy.

I would also have been done in for sure if the Unique Skills I used earlier weren't still active.
I tried to drew the yellow body demon's attention so Loreiya could heal Subac and Zayan, but even though my holy sword with trace of Strongest Pike could stop the demon, it couldn't break through its barrier.

Analysis skill gave me what I wanted to know of the yellow body demon.
A level 72 greater demon. A frightening opponent bearing the title [Hero Killer].

"Hayato this guy's bad news. Run away with Loreiya now. I'll buy you time."

Rokos who ran up to me whispered in fluster.

『My oh my, where are all your big talks' gone off to dyesu, humans?』

The yellow demon stopped our attack with its hand, and grinned evilly.

Every time this massive 5 meter tall demon attacks, ground splits apart, armor gets torn asunder.
Moreover, looking at this thing's skills, it's supposed to specialize in magic.

That weirdly strong barrier must be one.

"Hayato-sama, we should withdraw. Our foe is--"
"Yea, I know."

Its pressure and presence completely beyond the earlier mid-class demon, shriveling us.

There's no doubt that there's no hope of winning.
Even so, I will buy enough time for the guys to run.

Steeling my resolve, I focused on the powers of gods dwelling in me.

--Invincible Shield (Nothing can pierce).
--Strongest Pike (Nothing cannot be pierced).
--Unlimited Regeneration (Endless Healing).

I liberated all my Unique Skills.

An enormous power far above the traces earlier wraps me.
A sense of omnipotence drives away my fear, unraveling my shriveling body.

"With this I--"

--Still can't win, but I won't go down as easily.
Or so I wanted to say, but I lost my consciousness midway.

『You are supposed to be a bearer of god's authority, what a disappointment dyesu.』

I raised my face as I vomited iron-tasting saliva.
My brain seems to have a concussion, my vision is blurry, I can't think straight.

I could recall up to a point an impact hit my shield.

"--What the hell is this."

A disastrous scene filled with heaps of corpses.

『I suppose it won't be much of a match until you're done buffing yourself with magic and potions dyesu.』

Rokos whose limbs are torn apart, a doll-like unmoving Seina with a missing leg, Loreiya whose limbs are still intact but laying on a pool of blood, Shiaryi is the only one still moving.
Even that Shiaryi has lost her bow and right hand, only making a diversion with a vermilion magic sword.

『You can't even break through my barrier, too bad so sad dyesu.』

No, Seina and Loreiya are still barely hanging in there.

I'm sure they can be saved with the magic potions in my Inventory.

"Hayato! I've contacted the princess. Hero summoning in the talisman will activate soon. Live on!"
"Shiaryi! What are you--"

A magic circle emerged around me.
Shiaryi got kicked away by the yellow demon in front of me.

My body floats up, the sensation of teleportation magic I experienced once before is wrapping me.

--Run away?

Me alone? Leaving these guys behind?

"...Like hell I could do that!"

I pushed the teleportation magic away with my spirit.

If I run away here, I can't save Shiaryi, Loreiya or that cheeky Seina.

『Oh my oh my, and just when I was thinking of letting him go, your hero appears to be the biggest fool in all history dyesu.』

The yellow demon sneered at me.

"Call me fool all you want. Because--"

--Hayato-chan, what do you want to be like when you're all grown up?

My childhood memories rush about in my head like a revolving lantern.

--Me? I wanna be an adult who saves those in trouble!

"Because that's me. I'm hero. Hero Hayato Masaki!"

I use my Unique Skills once again.
The little goddess told me not to overuse them, but who cares about what's ahead now. I put three layers of [Invincible Shield].

But it's no good.

It's still not enough.
This cannot overturn the 12 levels difference.

--This shrine's talismans possess a miraculous quality to them, use only when the need truly calls for it

I had another flash back.

--It shall sweep away thine trouble, although only once.

I took the talisman out of my Inventory.

How do I use it?

I'll just shout out loud then!

『Talisman! Grant me power to overcome!』

I shouted out loud in Japanese.

The talisman in my hand burned out instantly, my holy sword and holy armor got clad in a rainbow colored aura.

『What is that light dieeesyuuuuu?!』

The yellow demon sounded flustered for the first time.


The yellow demon roared out, several white flames emanating incredible heat manifested around it.

『Eat this <<White Inferno>> dyesu!』

That's bad news.

I had made a headlong rush toward the yellow demon with Flickering Step, they would hit me head-on at this rate.

I can't dodge it now.

In exchange for my life, I'll definitely drag this demon down with me!

The air feels heavy.

It's like I'm running underwater.

Every second feels very long.

I could see the incoming white flames.
I dodged them by slightly moving my body, but I eventually ran out of spots to go.
I'll just parry them by sacrificing holy shield--my trusty shield is not here. It must have been blown away somewhere when I got knocked out earlier.
Then I'll sacrifice my arms--.

With that resolve, I hit the white flames with my arms.
A rainbow light burst out along the surface of my arms, erasing the white flames.

The totally unexpected spectacle created a blank in my mind before I realized.
More and more white flames hit me, but every one of them disappeared.

Furthermore, my holy sword shrouded in rainbow light easily pierced through the nigh impenetrable barrier the yellow demon boasted, like they were made of paper.
As if it's the [Pierce All] dragon fang that appears in the legend of dragon.

The yellow demon lost a lot of its HP.

I can win now!

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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.10


The Undersecretary closed the box and handed it over to Lecan.

Lecan took the box and put it away in <Storage>.

The Undersecretary and the first class priest got back to their seats.

Lecan licked his lips before speaking.

"Envoy-dono. I've got something to ask you."

"What would that be?"

"Are there other magic stones that can record shapes and voices like this?"

"That will require a magic stone procured from a magic beast dwelling in dungeon depths, an especially strong one at that. Then it must be crafted using a special method. Only Tomato company can accomplish that. It's an exceptionally scarce tool the king lent to guide Skalabel."

"I see. It's rare and expensive, but it can be made."

"I believe guide Skalabel has borrowed three of them. In other word, he should have two left with him."

"I see. A suggestion, can you instead bring the medicine guide Skalabel want to show Shira and that crafted magic stone here."

"Are you saying you want to stop guide Skalabel coming here then?"

"I am. Show Shira his medicines, and let Shira give her impressions on them. Record her doing that in a magic stone and bring that magic stone back to the Capital. No reason to make the weary guide Skalabel at his advanced age go all the way here."

"Lecan-dono. Guide Skalabel wishes to cast <Purification> on Shira-dono himself. What becomes of that then?"

"Envoy-dono. <Purification> isn't necessary for Shira."


"<Purification> isn't necessary for Shira."

The undersecretary got lost in thought with his eyes squinted. And then he threw an unexpected question.

"Perhaps Lecan-dono is capable of casting <Purification>?"

"No, I can't use it."

"Hou. If that word doesn't have an implication."

"I'd prefer if you don't pry further."

"I see."

Undersecretary folded his arms and pondered for a while.

"Lecan-dono. The first time guide Skalabel mentioned going to Vouka town, the prime minister office strongly advised him to invite apothecary Shira-dono to the capital instead."

"Ah, I see. Make sense."

"The guide was livid. What kind of pupil make their master come to them, he said."

"Pretty straitlaced, this guy."

"The office also proposed having the king confer a medal of merit to Shira-dono. That is quite an honor. By doing thus, Shira-dono can come to the capital without disrespecting her."

"Fumu. I see."

"Guide Skalabel was in favor of that idea. However, making his master go to him while she was in the capital for the medal would be an extremely disgraceful gesture, and he insisted on going to Vouka town himself to visit his master as a separate matter from the award."

"What a stubborn old man."
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"Come off it already, you insolent cur!"

The one letting out that stiffening roar was the Undersecretary's escort, vice commander of the royal knights, Zafaid Kacchini.

"Who do you think you are calling guide Skalabel 'old man'. And that absent of respect to a delegation of prime minister. Any more showing of your impertinence and I shall cut you down right here and now."

"Fumu. I've been trying to be careful with my words actually. However, if the envoy Undersecretary-dono finds them unpleasant, I shall take my leave. Our talk ends here."

"That won't do at all. My duty precedes any sort of decorum toward petty officials like me. Conversation has been established between Lecan-dono and me. We have also largely confirmed Shira-dono is the right person. This situation is desirable. Zafaid-fono, stand back."

"B-but sir."

"Stand back."

Zafaid had a steep look but then he saluted lightly before carrying out his order.

Vouka townlord next to Lecan is holding his forehead. Must be the return of headache.


"What is it."

"You've come here to make arrangements for guide Skalabel's visit to meet Shira. Shira hid herself once she found out about that."

"It is truly regrettable."

"In other word, Shira doesn't want to meet the envoys from royal capital. Meaning she doesn't want to meet guide Skalabel."

Zaifad let out his bloodlust. Quite a force he's got.

"Fumu. And?"

"How about telling guide Skalabel that his master, Shira is not willing to meet him, and see his reaction first before proceeding further."

"Quit with your balderdash!"

Zafaid shouted out loud.

"How dare you tell us to discontinue his majesty's royal decree as mandated by his excellency prime minister. You have far overstepped your bounds!"

"I'm not telling you to stop. Just that it better go in the right direction."

"Undersecretary-dono, you are only wasting time talking to this mannerless cur. Let us make him obey with swords instead."

Royal Knights, the superlative elite forces of Zaka Kingdom. The vice-commander of those knights is giving off an intense pressure while letting out an incredible bloodlust. Faced against this, an ordinary man could only nod in agreement as they cowered in fear.

However, Lecan was no ordinary man.

"Ooh! That would be great. So we're settling this with swords then?"

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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.9


"As you are aware yourself, I moved to the royal capital, lived in downtown to continue making medicines in my every waking moment. Winegem and Rokisimam were also such a great help gathering herbs for me, but as more and more pupils and cooperators came to my side as time went on, they too left and found their own paths."

Everyone is staring fixedly at the phantom.

First class priest Amamir is focusing in entirety as to not miss a word.

This must be the first time they've seen this.

"After nurturing many outstanding pupils my own, I then went on to refine my <Recovery> skill further. And praise be, master. I finally succeeded in casting <Purification>."

Ooh, the priests sighed out in admiration.

Being able to use <Purification> is probably these men's ultimate dream, thought Lecan.

"With <Purification>, I was tasked to serve his majesty the king for generations. And with the royalty patronage, the development of apothecary proceeded smoothly, and today, the art of apothecary has become common place in every part of this country just as you wished."

The phantom guide Skalable had a far off look in his eyes. He must be looking back at the life he treaded.

"Winegem and Rokisimam endeavored hard as well. Today, I do not believe there is any place in this country that is without an apothecary. Your medicines have filled up this whole kingdom now."

Some of the priests sobbed. Lecan didn't think his story was that touching, but it shows just how much this apothecary, Skalabel, is loved.

"My life saw an unforeseen extension due to <Purification>. However, even this <Purification> will soon be ineffectual. The day for me to return this soul to heaven and this body to earth is coming closer."

Norma's grandfather also got to live 14 years longer thanks to <Purification>, but by the end, it ceased to have any effect on him. <Purification> is not be all end all.

"That was when I caught sight of a medicine you made. And as I investigated more about the apothecary who made that medicine, I knew it would be none other than you, master. Thus I came to harbor two wishes."

Here's the important part. Just what is Skalabel's objective.

"The first of those wishes, I would like you to see the medicines I made. Please bear witness to the medicines I have perfected my whole life."

He wants to show off his medicines. He's eager to see Shira's reaction to it. That's one of his wishes.
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"The other one, is regarding your well being. You were definitely not in a good state of health that day when we parted ways."

(She was definitely acting there. Don't swallow it whole.)

"From what I gathered, even now you would shut yourself in your house all day, hardly ever going outside."

(Oh she does. A lot. Skipping about all over the place like nobody's business.)

"This is exactly the moment for me to repay all my debt to you."

(Hold it. This guy, he can't possibly be.)

"If only I could hasten to your side, bow to your countenance, and cast <Purification> on you to elongate your life even for a single day, there would be no greater joy."

(He plans to cast <Purification> on Shira!)

"As a day worth of casting may not deliver desirable effects, I would like to stay in Vouka town for nine days, and keep casting <Purification> on you in the entire duration. I do not mind breathing my last in Vouka if I only I could achieve that. Nothing else would be apt as the last job in my life."

The envoys from Royal Capital look like they're overwhelmed with emotions.

However, a storm is brewing in Lecan's mind.

(Casting <Purification> on an undead like Shira is just gonna destroy her.)

(She'll turn to ash.)

(I've got to stop this Skalabel geezer from coming here.)

(No matter the cost.)

"Perhaps this voice coming out of this magic stone falls not on your ears. I know full well just how exceptionally capricious you could be. You are probably in hiding right about now even."

(This geezer really knows Shira well.)

"However, you are not far away. I am confident you are somewhere close by, observing the situation from there."


(No, wait, he might be right.)

(Shira is just that kind of woman.)

"As such, ally of Shira-sama whom I know not. Please pass this magic stone on to Shira-sama. This magic stone can manifest my form and voice as long as it is supplied with mana. The necessary spell has been engraved on the box it is in."

(Hou. Quite an interesting magic.)

"Shira-sama. I truly, truly look forward to the day I could see you once more. It is the last wish of this old bone with the little time he has left in this world. I would be delighted if you could accept it."

The phantom abruptly vanished.

The envoys bowed at the vanished phantom.

Lecan is racking his brain overtime.

Desperately formulating a way to persuade these envoys to stop Skalabel from coming.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 18-7

18-7. Tales of Hero Hayato [4]


"Now that the inauguration ceremony is over. There's some things I need to tell you hero, and your highness as a representative of attendants."

A day after the ceremony, master Burume called me and Maryest to a room with us three alone.

"First of all, about how the talisman work."

After telling us to teach other members later, she spoke about a function to capture [Demon Lord Authorities] that show up after a demon lord is defeated.

"This function can only be performed by the Main Talisman your highness possesses, however it cannot be done without the help of Sub-Talismans the other attendants bear. You must keep the matter about authorities to yourself, but definitely tell them that the act is required to [Prevent demon lord from resurrecting] immediately after it was defeated."

Master Burume waited for Maryest to nod before turning torward me.

"Next up, regarding the Hidden Function of hero's Self Status."
"Hidden Function?"
"Yeah, you heard that right. I'm sure her highness told you it can't be done, but in reality there is a [Backdoor] to reset your skill points back to initial state."
"For real? I can go wild trying out stuff then!"

I reflexively yelled out but then I wondered why they kept it hidden.

"Do you find it curious that it was kept a secret?"

I nodded at master Burume.
I wanna go tell the me who spent all day mulling over what skills to pick.

"Because it's not without risks."

According to master Burume, the reset skill points aren't restored entirely, what happened to the lost skill points is unknown.

"I see, I'd get weaker and weaker if I just randomly pick stuff out and then respec-ing..."
"That's how it is. Think of this [Hidden Function] as a last resort for when you have to re-allocate your skill points no matter what."

Guess it's like a measure to prevent me from getting stuck from not having a skill required to proceed ahead?
Well, not like I've got anything to lose learning how, so I've got master Burume teach me the [Hidden Function].

"You'll be doing some international work outside the empire from now on."

Master Burume said thus once we were done explaining talisman's function to everyone.
This international work is about going to countries all over the world to sell my face.

"Establishing personal connections is a part of your job desc as a hero."

My honest feeling to that is what a bother.
At this point of time, I didn't realize just how important personal connections could be.

I begrudgingly attended balls thrown by Saga Empire VIPs in the old capital, ran around from honey trap-like socializing during tea parties sponsored by Maryest-sama, slipped out of Heroes Temple with Seina, Subac and the guys to try out food in the old capital, spending a brief period of freedom.

As a result--.

"Hayato! I won't let you off the tea party today!"
"Hayato-sama, his majesty the emperor will be attending the tea party today, miss it and Burume-sama will have a special course ready for you."

--We've got to a point where we could joke with each other.
Even Maryest called me by first name.

Then I somehow managed to finish socializing with all the big wigs I needed to, and it was finally the day we set out for a worldwide trip to mostly cities with dungeons and dungeon ruins.

"This is a ship reserved for heroes, Subdimensional Ship, Jules Verne."

A smug-looking Maryest pointed at a ship shining in silver color.

"What the heck, it's a freaking spaceship!!"

I shouted that out loud while pointing at Jules Verne since I was sure we would be going on a blimp-like airships that often flew above the old capital.

"Spaceship? I have read about previous heroes calling it as such indeed. This is a light ship the first hero-sama received from the elves which has been further remodeled with Saga Empire's technology."
"As it is capable of flying in the void sky beyond where no breathable air is present, it may be correct to call it a spaceship indeed."
"It really is a spaceship."

Elves are awesome.

"Hayato! Forget about that, let's get on it quick!"

Urged by Seina, I got on board Jules Verne.
Even the entrance hatch is secured by a double airlock. Feels like I'm experiencing a genre shift from fantasy to SF.
Even the seats' got seat belts that look like the ones you find in a fighter jet or a spaceship.

"Get on your seat. I'll only teach how to fasten the seat belt once, ya hear me!"

The previous generation hero's attendant, master Burume went around to each seats.
Everyone except me who's familiar with seat belts was quite bewildered.

"Now let us take off. Burume-sama, if you would."
"Got it."

Apparently master Burume is taking the helm.

I had a scene of an airship taking off from an underground hangar playing in my head, and was getting excited for it, but Jules Verne took to the sky in a way that betrayed my expectations.

"Dimensional submerge--commence."
"What the heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck!"

An argent boundary was formed around the ship before the ship itself went into it.

"Quit your yelling. I'll take her to normal space once we're outside okay."

The ship really did come out of the argent sub-space into the sky above the old capital.

"It's the sky!"
"We're flyin'!"
"Hmph, country bumpkins. Haven't you flown on an airship before?"
"This is my first time flying!"

Subac, Seina and the guys made a commotion as they watched the old capital below us.
No one's paying attention to Jerid's sarcasm.

"You're quite calm aren't you, Hayato-sama? Do you often get on an airship in the country of heroes?"
"Nah, I've only been on a plane once. This feels quite different from that."

I replied back to Loreiya-san.
I'm just used to seeing airships in TV and movies, a senior high school student like me didn't have many chances to get on one.

"We're submerging."

Master Burume said that as Jules Verne dived in the sub dimension once again.
Apparently this mode gets us around faster but consumes a lot of mana. As it eliminates the danger of monster raids, it's recommended to use this mode when we're traveling over a danger zone.

The visits around the world were quite stimulating for someone who never even stepped out of Japanese's soil like me.

Of course, since it wasn't a pleasure jaunt, I ended up getting stuck with greeting the bigwigs and spending times in some boring ceremonies.
I also got invited to a great many balls and tea parties. There were white peachy beautiful girls, and women that wouldn't be out of place if they starred in a movie running on barefoot.
Every country welcomed the hero, so many high-ranking nobles tried to make connections with me by sending forth women.

Spare me from honey traps please.
Sorry but I'm into younger ones.

Feasting on cuisines from many countries is nice and all, but I'm yearning for Japanese food.
If previous generation heroes are Japanese, then there should be one or two restaurants that serve Japanese food back in Saga Empire. Maryest and the girls had no idea, but Rokos said he knew some places.
He promised to take me there once we're back. You can count on this dude.

During the trip, we also visited dungeons all over the world as advised by master Burume.

We eradicated the hideous Vampire Slaves in [Bloodsucking Dungeon] found in a remote region of Saga Empire, and even encountered a real life vampire, but it was so quick on its feet we didn't manage to catch it.
It was fun watching the charmed Seina trying to flirt with me with heart-shaped marks on her eyes, but master told me that undoing the charm would have been super tough if we were up against a Vampire Lord, it was no laughing matter.

We finally encountered demons in Rampant Evil Dungeon in Longnose Rat emirate. We managed to finish it off, but I cannot believe that's just a lesser demon. Master Burume sliced apart another one that showed up afterward. Master is amazing. Gotta work hard on it myself.

And then I had a miraculous encounter in one of a country with dungeon ruins, Kubooku Kingdom of Central Country Group.

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"Whoo are you?"

I met a little angel with purple hair when I strayed off somewhere after running off from the ceremony.

She's the cutest girl I've ever seen in my whole life.

"Yes Lolita! No Touch!"

My tension got so high from her cuteness I babbled some incorrigible stuff.

"Come back to your senseeeeeeeeeee!"

Had Seina in full uniform chasing after me not whacked me, I might have blabbered more weird stuff out.

"S-sorry--I'm a hero. A hero of Saga Empire, Hayato Masaki."
"My! So you're Hero-sama!"

The angel called my name with her cute bell-like voice.
The angel showed me her innocent smile, lacking any disgust on her face, despite my shameful behavior.

The angel is an angel on the inside as well as the outside. It's the best.

"Would you willing to tell me your name."
"I am Arisa. Youngest princess of Kubooku Kingdom, Arisa Kubooku."

Her name sounds familiar like a Japanese.
Her Alice in the Wonderland-looking dress suits her well too.

"--This kid is the hidden princess of Salvation."

Seina is saying something behind me, but I can't turn my eyes away from the angel.

"Your highness."
"Please call me Arisa."
"Princess Arisa--"
"Please don't worry about using honorifics with me."

Kuuh, she's just way too cute.
I would have run off to hug her if I didn't have my Yes Lolita, No Touch mindset.

"Yes, Hero-sama."

My heart is gonna explode from this cuteness overload.

『Aah, I so wanna call her honey!』
『Ufufu, I don't particularly mind.』


Princess Arisa replied back in Japanese when I shouted out loud in Japanese reflexively.

『Japanese, but how?』
『Is hero-sama not aware that purple hair denotes reincarnated persons?』

Right. Maryest told me about this during the lecture.
There are reincarnated people bearing hair in Taboo Color--purple in this world.

Some of those reincarnated persons bring prosperities with them, but since the majority of them cause disasters to people, there are many cases of them getting killed right off birth in remote regions.

『Then, you're a reincarnated person?』
『Yes, I am. I cannot recall my previous life too well, but by telling fragment of memories I see in my dreams to my retainers, I strive to better people lives.』

Later on, Seina told me how princess Arisa had played active roles in dealing with crises befalling this country to the point that she earned the nickname [Hidden Princess of Salvation].

『As I am but a child still, there are limits to what I can do, but that won't stop me from trying to better the lives of our citizen even a bit.』
『How very noble!』

Her nobleness knows no bound for a little girl.
Please act spoiled in front of me only.

Our meeting today ended with Maryest dragging me back, but during my stay here, I attended many tea parties with princess Arisa and managed to teach her some useful skills and information.

"Honey! I'll come visit you again!"
"Yes, Hero-sama. I will be waiting."

We got along well enough for me call her honey.
Once we're done with this trip, I'll definitely drop by here before we get back to Saga Empire.

Those fluffy high spirited days didn't last for long.

I came across a cheeky girl, Pride of Shiga Eight Blades or something, at the largest dungeon in the whole world, Selbira Dungeon.

"Hmph, you're the hero? Look kinda unreliable."

An intense silver-haired beautiful girl with slight Tsurime eyes and thin eyebrows came picking a fight right off the bat.

"Good grief, I'll be sure to tell Zeff off on how to educate his pupil next time."
"Hey you! You can't call master's name so casually just because you're someone from Saga Empire!"

This girl even snapped on master Burume.
Very reckless of you, girl.

"As his mere pupil, you've got no right to tell a mother how they wanna call her son! Besides, that kid is one of my pupils. Meaning you're a pupil of my pupil. Name yourself first before snapping at someone if you've truly been educated!"

Despite getting the talk down from master Burume, the beauty pulled herself together and greeted back.

"So you were Swordsaint Burume-sama, please pardon my impoliteness. I am a granddaughter of Shiga Kingdomo's Duke Oyugock, Ringrande Oyugock."

It's a true blue lady-style greeting.
It's in no way inferior to Maryest's, as expected of a natural-born noble.

"I learned the basics of sword from Gouen-dono during my enrollment in Royal Academy. After graduation, I have the pleasure of training under Sir Julberg by referral of Gouen-dono. Presently, I am undertaking practical combat training in the dungeon."

I heard Julberg-san, the top seat of Shiga Eight Blades, is a spear user, guess he can use a sword too befitting of [Eight Blades].

"Royal Academy--Academy of Knights is it?"
"No, I was enrolled at the Academy of Magic."
"You must be Ringrande-dono who revived 『Explosion Magic』!"

An excited Maryest butted in. Looks like she knew about Ringrande.
She excitedly narrated about how Ringrande was a prodigious kid who learned advanced spells of fire and wind magic while in school and even carved herself in history by reviving a lost magic.

So on top of being a mage equaling Maryest, she's also a swordswoman, this girl is pretty greedy. Is she like, magic swordswoman or something?
Were her personality a bit less thorny, I woulda invited her to join us.

"So, Hero-sama. Would you spare me a match? I'd like to see how strong a Saga Empire Hero is with my own eyes."

I checked her level with Analysis skill.

--Level 40 eh.
She's quite forged at her age, but she can't reach the level 60 me.
I found out after doing practice matches with the knights that a ten level gap is usually unsurmountable. Affinities could come into play in a high level battle, but a 20 level is gap is just impossible to overcome.

"You're only gonna hurt yourself. Let's not."
"My? You, a hero is running away from a fight?"
"Know your place, fine, I'll take you on. Don't come crying if you're hurt."
"Please do not concern yourself with that. I have brought an excellent priest from the duchy capital with me. She will fix you right up no matter how severe the burn is."

Dangit, I can't stand this woman.

I decided to get serious from the start to roast her a bit.


A composite of fire and wind magic was shot out right from the get go.
She must have finished her chanting during the signal.

I forcefully broke through the magic Ringrande weakened on purpose with Flickering Steps.

"No less to expect from a hero--■ Little Fire."

She was in the middle of casting another spell, but then she unfalteringly canceled it and switched to another spell.

But dang, this woman sure can chant fast.
She'd cast another magic just as I brushed away her magic with my shield.

And even though she's stopping my advance with small magic, she's really good at it. Must have been drilled by a real combat practice type of teacher like master Burume.

Her swordsmanship is pretty good too.
About on par with Jerid the knight.

"■■■ Flame Javelin."

A spear of flame flew at me.

How there was another flame spear waiting at the spot I moved on to dodge that magic was pretty annoying.
I could block it with my shield, but let's throw her off here.

I cut the magic apart with a technique master Burume taught me and rushed headlong.

"Cutting magic?!"

Ringrande had no chance of winning after losing the leeway to cast magic, she sprawled on the ground after a few exchanges of close combat blows.

"I can't believe I lost--if only I could use explosion magic then..."

Girl looks to be a sore loser, Ringrande is gripping the ground with tears in her eyes.

"There is no [If only] on the battlefield. You die and that's it. Give it your all in the battle, run away when it looks like you're losing, that's the way of warrior."

Master Burume is as strict as ever.

I walk up to Ringrande.

"Yer' pretty good."
"What do you want, flaunting before the loser?"
"Try to make this great me use my Unique Skills next time."

I was going to encourage her at first, but I ended up provoking her instead when she snarled at me.

Yep, don't think I'll ever see eye to eye with this woman.

If only ya could have even half of princess Arisa's grace on ya.

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