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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.8


Undersecretary Yeteria asked.

"I do not doubt Amamir-shi's judgment, but allow me to confirm several things as part of my duty. Did what Lecan-dono perform was truly such a high level craft?"

"Not one person I know could replicate the act shown by Lecan-dono on their own, including me and guide Skalabel himself."


"Stamina restoratives are ordinarily made by boiling in pot. With normal water, nevermind Pure Magic Water. What Lecan-dono just showed us was an advanced technique of the highest form of medicine making only taught to the very few best disciples."

"So it was."

"Usually you have seven helpers assisting you during the process. Three experts in <Control>, three experts in <Ignition>, as well as a mage who can cast <Origin Water>. And the process is done in mixing plates, doing such by making them float in the air is a superhuman feat. And doing all of the procedures alone means no sync issues, affording one a total control over the whole process. And yet the precision was truly something to marvel at."

"I see. I understand that Lecan-dono is an outstanding apothecary. He did show a fascinating control over magic earlier. But how do you know that he is a fellow disciple. He might have learned it from another skilled apothecary."

"You are aware students tend to catch specific habits from their masters, even in swords and bows, aren't you. These habits show up a little in stances, procedures and such. And in a serious match with your life on the line, these habits come out in full force. Lecan-dono medicine crafting is of the exact same school as guide Skalabel."

"Then perhaps Lecan's master was a student of guide Skalabel."

"You can easily tell the difference in impurities found in a river source and in a mountain foot stream. Lecan-dono's craft is by no mean a stream. Moreover, this may have cleared a longstanding suspicion."

"A longstanding suspicion?"

"Rumors about Apothecary Winegem and Apothecary Rokisimam being fellow disciples of guide Skalabel have been around for quite some time."

"So it is said, are they not then?"

"I did not believe they are. All three schools may share commonality in the main types of herbs used, but the protocols slightly vary in high level crafts."


"Winegem-shi and Rokisimam-shi are no longer in this world, and guide Skalabel had never said anything about his master until now. Hence no one could ever ascertain whether the rumor is true or not."

"I had no idea."

"Witnessing Lecan-dono's techniques was a revelation. The main protocols are the same as Guide Skalabel's but there are also traces of Winegem- school and Rokisimam-school in some of the steps. Lecan-dono's craft is probably the closest to the source of the river, while guide Skalabel, Winegem-shi and Rokisimam-shi all have their own variations added by themselves."

"Understood. Then I shall ask you, first class priest Amamir, once again. We can reconsider apothecary Shira-dono as guide Skalabel's master now then."


"Then, apothecary Lecan-dono does possess the qualification to assert himself as apothecary Shira-dono's official substitute."
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"I no longer have any doubt in that."

"Umu. We can now proceed then. Lecan-dono, pardon us for all the trouble, but we have now formally recognized you as apothecary Shira-dono's substitute."


"There is something we would like to show you. Guide Skalabel has entrusted it to his excellency prime minister so it could reach apothecary Shira-dono's hand."


Undersecretary stood up and urged first class priest Amamir to do the same as well. Then the two secretaries move their sofa to create a space between the table and the sofa where they put a small decorated box and then opened the lid.

There was a huge magic stone inside. The size rivals Dungeon Ninane's boss's magic stone.

Some sort of spell art has been engraved in it.

One of the secretaries recited a spell.

"<Reproduction (Tutor)>."

A soft light emerged out of the magic stone before forming the shape of an elderly man.

The elderly man is transparent. This isn't him in person, the magic stone must have this shape sealed within.

The elderly man wears a fluttery robe.

You can tell at a glance that he's quite at an advanced age.

He's thin and tall. His color is exceedingly white, giving off the impression of a sickly man.

The top of his head is bald, but a long hair hangs down from the area bit above his ears. Both his hair and his long beard is pure white, with a luster that makes it look nearly argent.

The undersecretary and his guard, his whole group bowed their head toward the elderly man.

The priest, temple knights, and priest officials are kneeling on the floor.

This elderly man must be <Herb Saint> Guide Skalabel.

Guide Skalabel bent over and knelt down to make a bow once before standing up.

"Master. O Master. Long have I dearly missed you. Tis' I, Skalabel. You might not recognize me with all these wrinkles withal. Master. O Master. Are you alive and well. There is no greater joy than such knowledge. You are going by the name Shira-sama now, I believe."

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