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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.9


"As you are aware yourself, I moved to the royal capital, lived in downtown to continue making medicines in my every waking moment. Winegem and Rokisimam were also such a great help gathering herbs for me, but as more and more pupils and cooperators came to my side as time went on, they too left and found their own paths."

Everyone is staring fixedly at the phantom.

First class priest Amamir is focusing in entirety as to not miss a word.

This must be the first time they've seen this.

"After nurturing many outstanding pupils my own, I then went on to refine my <Recovery> skill further. And praise be, master. I finally succeeded in casting <Purification>."

Ooh, the priests sighed out in admiration.

Being able to use <Purification> is probably these men's ultimate dream, thought Lecan.

"With <Purification>, I was tasked to serve his majesty the king for generations. And with the royalty patronage, the development of apothecary proceeded smoothly, and today, the art of apothecary has become common place in every part of this country just as you wished."

The phantom guide Skalable had a far off look in his eyes. He must be looking back at the life he treaded.

"Winegem and Rokisimam endeavored hard as well. Today, I do not believe there is any place in this country that is without an apothecary. Your medicines have filled up this whole kingdom now."

Some of the priests sobbed. Lecan didn't think his story was that touching, but it shows just how much this apothecary, Skalabel, is loved.

"My life saw an unforeseen extension due to <Purification>. However, even this <Purification> will soon be ineffectual. The day for me to return this soul to heaven and this body to earth is coming closer."

Norma's grandfather also got to live 14 years longer thanks to <Purification>, but by the end, it ceased to have any effect on him. <Purification> is not be all end all.

"That was when I caught sight of a medicine you made. And as I investigated more about the apothecary who made that medicine, I knew it would be none other than you, master. Thus I came to harbor two wishes."

Here's the important part. Just what is Skalabel's objective.

"The first of those wishes, I would like you to see the medicines I made. Please bear witness to the medicines I have perfected my whole life."

He wants to show off his medicines. He's eager to see Shira's reaction to it. That's one of his wishes.
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"The other one, is regarding your well being. You were definitely not in a good state of health that day when we parted ways."

(She was definitely acting there. Don't swallow it whole.)

"From what I gathered, even now you would shut yourself in your house all day, hardly ever going outside."

(Oh she does. A lot. Skipping about all over the place like nobody's business.)

"This is exactly the moment for me to repay all my debt to you."

(Hold it. This guy, he can't possibly be.)

"If only I could hasten to your side, bow to your countenance, and cast <Purification> on you to elongate your life even for a single day, there would be no greater joy."

(He plans to cast <Purification> on Shira!)

"As a day worth of casting may not deliver desirable effects, I would like to stay in Vouka town for nine days, and keep casting <Purification> on you in the entire duration. I do not mind breathing my last in Vouka if I only I could achieve that. Nothing else would be apt as the last job in my life."

The envoys from Royal Capital look like they're overwhelmed with emotions.

However, a storm is brewing in Lecan's mind.

(Casting <Purification> on an undead like Shira is just gonna destroy her.)

(She'll turn to ash.)

(I've got to stop this Skalabel geezer from coming here.)

(No matter the cost.)

"Perhaps this voice coming out of this magic stone falls not on your ears. I know full well just how exceptionally capricious you could be. You are probably in hiding right about now even."

(This geezer really knows Shira well.)

"However, you are not far away. I am confident you are somewhere close by, observing the situation from there."


(No, wait, he might be right.)

(Shira is just that kind of woman.)

"As such, ally of Shira-sama whom I know not. Please pass this magic stone on to Shira-sama. This magic stone can manifest my form and voice as long as it is supplied with mana. The necessary spell has been engraved on the box it is in."

(Hou. Quite an interesting magic.)

"Shira-sama. I truly, truly look forward to the day I could see you once more. It is the last wish of this old bone with the little time he has left in this world. I would be delighted if you could accept it."

The phantom abruptly vanished.

The envoys bowed at the vanished phantom.

Lecan is racking his brain overtime.

Desperately formulating a way to persuade these envoys to stop Skalabel from coming.

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