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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.7


"Hou. You're saying I'm lying then."

"Just how many crafts do you think involved in the making of this one medicine. You are not gonna know half of them at your age. Nay. It is not an issue with the number of techniques. It's a matter of proficiency. One must have spent a considerable amount of time to master all the arts to create something this grand. And on that note, this is not something that can be produced by one person alone."

"Fumu. Hold on a bit."

Lecan stood up from his sofa, turned around and walked to the wall side.

He took his <Overking Bear> overcoat from <Storage> and put it on.

Then he went back to his seat, pulled up his overcoat collar and took out mixing platters from <Storage> onto the table. He got the tureen out too.

He put all the necessary herbs on the ten platters. The tureen is empty.

He held both his hands over the tureen.

"<Origin Water (Sogshoot)>."

First class priest Amamir stared in amazement.

The third class priests behind him sounded surprised.

Once the tureen had enough Pure Magic Water in it, Lecan recited another spell.

"<Move (Torim)>."

Lecan can't afford to follow how the people in the room react anymore. The procedures he's going to attempt demands his full concentration.

Three kinds of herbs and a small quantity of Pure Magic Water floated in the air, mixing together as they spun.
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Two kinds of herbs and a bit of Pure Magic Water floated up and mixed together while spinning mid air.


Each of the herbs got mixed together with the Pure Magic Water.

Right now, seven spherical objects soaked in Pure Magic Water are spinning neatly in a line between Lecan's held out hands.

Lecan focused on a big sphere of water on the leftmost and then he recited a spell.


There is no flame. It simply generated a tiny amount of heat. Maintaining that level of heat requires a precise control.

Lecan poured his mana on the remaining six water spheres. Wrapping the Pure Magic Water in mana will dramatically increase the efficacy of extracted herbs.

Lecan skillfully yet carefully extracted the herbs' composition and mixed them together. Among the ten type of herbs, he returned three types back to the small platters as they had been extracted out. The remaining seven types have completely dissolved in the Pure Magic Water, forming the medicine itself.

He's finally got to the most important part.


You can make stamina restoratives even without casting <Recovery> here. Moreover, the effect of <Recovery> ultimately doesn't linger in the finished medicine.

The reason for this <Recovery> is to turn Pure Magic Water into Magic Water. By doing so, the leftover herb extract will get instantly dissolved, raising its quality two-three times higher.

The heat got raised even more here. Losing its moisture, the extract turned into a mud-like matter, then it got heated once again to solidify it. Doing this ensures a long shelf time for the completed medicine.

Lecan slowly put the completed Stamina Restoratives in the tureen.

Phew, Lecan breathed out.

The tension in room loosened up.

However, first class priest Amamir alone kept staring at the medicine inside the tureen with his eyes wide open.

Lecan pushed the tureen toward Amamir.

Amamir took his wand once again and pointed it at the tureen.


He checked the medicine for a while before putting his wand away and made a gesture like he was pinching his eyes with his right hand. As if he was wiping tears.

Then he suddenly stood up, moved diagonally behind Lecan, put his knees on the floor with both his gripped fists bent over forward and his head down.

He's bending down with his knees on the ground.

The room was astir with buzz.

The two third class priests also hurriedly followed after Amamir and bend-kneeling behind him at Lecan.

Lecan stood up and turned toward priest Amamir.

"O Shishuku. I humbly beg your pardon for my impoliteness. You are indeed a master apothecary who has studied the ways of school. And some of the crafts you have kindly shown me are not among what Guide Skalabel have passed down to me. Here onward, I shall venerate you as Shishuku."

There are customs where ranks in a school of practice resembles family designation.

Master is akin to father, called Shifu. The master's fellow disciples are akin to uncles called Shihaku, his junior disciples are called Shishuku.

First class Amamir calls Lecan Shishuku. Recognizing him as a junior disciple under the same master as Skalabel. Meaning he has admitted that Lecan's master, Shira is also Guide Skalabel's master.

Lecan has no idea about the meaning of the word 'Shishuku', but he's quite bewildered to see Amamir revering him.

"Priest Amamir. Raise your head. I only learned wound salve, remedy, cold medicine, antidote, stamina restoratives and also magic beast ward potpourri from Shira. You probably know how to make medicine for all kinds of illnesses. I'm not a worthy enough apothecary for you to revere."

"Having mastery over wound salves, remedy, cold medicine creations alone can save tens of thousands people. And you have also mastered antidotes and magic beast ward potpourri on top of that. And above all, the secret art of Stamina Restoratives has remained an art that never gets passed down, you truly are a Shisuku."

"Stop calling me that, call me Lecan. I haven't learned how to make Mana Restoratives yet."

First class Amamir raised his head.

"Are you initiated in the art of Mana Restoratives as well?"

"She's gonna teach me how once Tago Grass can be gathered on month nine or ten. That'll mark the end of my apothecary study as well. Just, stand up.

"My goodness. So you will be receiving two secret arts then."

"Go back to your seat. Letting an elderly sit on the ground doesn't sit right with me."

"Hahahahaha. If you'd excuse me then. Then I shall take a seat, but Shishuku, no, Lecan-dono should assume the seat of honor."

"You're the companion of this envoy from Royal Capital. You sit there. You sitting here will just worsen the town lord's headache."

"Hahahahaha. Then please don't mind if I do."

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