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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.10


The Undersecretary closed the box and handed it over to Lecan.

Lecan took the box and put it away in <Storage>.

The Undersecretary and the first class priest got back to their seats.

Lecan licked his lips before speaking.

"Envoy-dono. I've got something to ask you."

"What would that be?"

"Are there other magic stones that can record shapes and voices like this?"

"That will require a magic stone procured from a magic beast dwelling in dungeon depths, an especially strong one at that. Then it must be crafted using a special method. Only Tomato company can accomplish that. It's an exceptionally scarce tool the king lent to guide Skalabel."

"I see. It's rare and expensive, but it can be made."

"I believe guide Skalabel has borrowed three of them. In other word, he should have two left with him."

"I see. A suggestion, can you instead bring the medicine guide Skalabel want to show Shira and that crafted magic stone here."

"Are you saying you want to stop guide Skalabel coming here then?"

"I am. Show Shira his medicines, and let Shira give her impressions on them. Record her doing that in a magic stone and bring that magic stone back to the Capital. No reason to make the weary guide Skalabel at his advanced age go all the way here."

"Lecan-dono. Guide Skalabel wishes to cast <Purification> on Shira-dono himself. What becomes of that then?"

"Envoy-dono. <Purification> isn't necessary for Shira."


"<Purification> isn't necessary for Shira."

The undersecretary got lost in thought with his eyes squinted. And then he threw an unexpected question.

"Perhaps Lecan-dono is capable of casting <Purification>?"

"No, I can't use it."

"Hou. If that word doesn't have an implication."

"I'd prefer if you don't pry further."

"I see."

Undersecretary folded his arms and pondered for a while.

"Lecan-dono. The first time guide Skalabel mentioned going to Vouka town, the prime minister office strongly advised him to invite apothecary Shira-dono to the capital instead."

"Ah, I see. Make sense."

"The guide was livid. What kind of pupil make their master come to them, he said."

"Pretty straitlaced, this guy."

"The office also proposed having the king confer a medal of merit to Shira-dono. That is quite an honor. By doing thus, Shira-dono can come to the capital without disrespecting her."

"Fumu. I see."

"Guide Skalabel was in favor of that idea. However, making his master go to him while she was in the capital for the medal would be an extremely disgraceful gesture, and he insisted on going to Vouka town himself to visit his master as a separate matter from the award."

"What a stubborn old man."
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"Come off it already, you insolent cur!"

The one letting out that stiffening roar was the Undersecretary's escort, vice commander of the royal knights, Zafaid Kacchini.

"Who do you think you are calling guide Skalabel 'old man'. And that absent of respect to a delegation of prime minister. Any more showing of your impertinence and I shall cut you down right here and now."

"Fumu. I've been trying to be careful with my words actually. However, if the envoy Undersecretary-dono finds them unpleasant, I shall take my leave. Our talk ends here."

"That won't do at all. My duty precedes any sort of decorum toward petty officials like me. Conversation has been established between Lecan-dono and me. We have also largely confirmed Shira-dono is the right person. This situation is desirable. Zafaid-fono, stand back."

"B-but sir."

"Stand back."

Zafaid had a steep look but then he saluted lightly before carrying out his order.

Vouka townlord next to Lecan is holding his forehead. Must be the return of headache.


"What is it."

"You've come here to make arrangements for guide Skalabel's visit to meet Shira. Shira hid herself once she found out about that."

"It is truly regrettable."

"In other word, Shira doesn't want to meet the envoys from royal capital. Meaning she doesn't want to meet guide Skalabel."

Zaifad let out his bloodlust. Quite a force he's got.

"Fumu. And?"

"How about telling guide Skalabel that his master, Shira is not willing to meet him, and see his reaction first before proceeding further."

"Quit with your balderdash!"

Zafaid shouted out loud.

"How dare you tell us to discontinue his majesty's royal decree as mandated by his excellency prime minister. You have far overstepped your bounds!"

"I'm not telling you to stop. Just that it better go in the right direction."

"Undersecretary-dono, you are only wasting time talking to this mannerless cur. Let us make him obey with swords instead."

Royal Knights, the superlative elite forces of Zaka Kingdom. The vice-commander of those knights is giving off an intense pressure while letting out an incredible bloodlust. Faced against this, an ordinary man could only nod in agreement as they cowered in fear.

However, Lecan was no ordinary man.

"Ooh! That would be great. So we're settling this with swords then?"

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