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Okami wa Nemuranai 23.6


That first class priest Amamir spoke.



"You can call me Amamir. I am a priest in charge of the medical division of Royal Capital's Elex Temple."

"I see."

"I consider myself as Guide Skalabel's best pupil if I do say so myself. Hohhohho. I'll be straight with you, the impetus for all this hubbub is none other than me."


"I heard about awfully effective medicines sold at town of Vouka, so I used my connection and got my hands on some. There were three types of medicines from best to worst, but every one of them had impurities in them, thus I ordered more later on. Along with information on the apothecary who made them. And they were indeed very well made."

"Ah. I see."

"Then one time Guide Skalabel was visiting during our medical division's council, I showed him the medicine and talked about the maker, Apothecary Shira."

"I got it now."

"The guide stared at the medicine for quite some time before he suddenly stood up and shouted out loud. 'This medicine is made by my master', so he said."

"So that's how it went."

"At first I thought I misheard things. The skill of an apothecary who made that wound ointment must be like a baby's first walk before the guide's expertise, however there are things you could learn even from a medicine made by that baby-like apothecary, or so I interpreted the guide's emotional outburst."

"Your personality sounds like a pain."

"Hohhohho. But then, the guide inquired me further regarding that apothecary and he would go on saying something like, 'So she was alive', 'To think she's been making medicines in that town.'"


"As there were many apothecaries present at the place, we could do nothing to stop rumors from spreading. On the other hand, the guide used his connections to temples to gather more information about Shira-dono."
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"Connections to temples?"

"The temple at this town is Ceres's, is it not? Royal Capital has Ceres Temple as well. And Ceres Temple is among many who regard Guide Skalabel highly."

"Ah. I see."

"He asked Ceres Temple to find out more about Shira-dono, get more medicines she made, and investigate more before two months eventually passed. The next thing the guide said caused a huge stir."

"What did he do?"

"He went straight to the king at the royal palace and said this to his majesty. 'I'm going out to Vouka town for a bit'."

"What's so bad about that."

"Hohhohho. There are rules that require the royalty's permission before this country's treasure, Guide Skalabel, could leave the capital, ya see. It has been put in place to ensure the guide's safety, established by previous kings, I have heard instances of the guide visiting the neighboring cities in the past."

"Then it's only natural that he's looking for permission."

"Those kinds of things should have been communicated through the Prime Minister Office, not directly to the king, ya see. And the king gave his permission to boot. The guide immediately started preparing like he was going to depart the day after."

"This old man sure is very active for a centenarian."

"Prime Minister Office was thrown into chaos. No, so were temples. Everyone rushed to the guide, asking him to reconsider. However, his determination was resolute. A royal charter was even issued."

"So then, you asked for a new decree with the prime minister assuming the responsibility, and you guys working toward arranging the visitation."

"Exactly. As we proceeded, we found out there were many adjustments to be made which took quite some time to sort out. Does that clear up our situation to you."

"I think I got the gist of it."

"Good to hear. Then, it's my turn now."


"Even if Guide Skalabel says that she is his master, I do not think of her as one."


"However, I am here to help the envoy appointed by the prime minister tasked with arranging the guide's visitation in his quest to meet apothecary Shira-dono who is supposedly his master."


"And please do not take it the wrong way, but I don't know if you're really a pupil of apothecary Shira-dono either."

"Well, I don't blame you."

Vouka town lord spoke.

"Ah, no. Lecan is unmistakably Shira-dono's pupil."

"This is not about how it's known publicly. I'm talking about whether he's truly a learner, whether he has been taught on the arts of apothecary."

You can't argue against that. The town lord could only hang his head down.

"Neither do I know if that apothecary Shira-dono is truly that impressive an apothecary."


"Had Shira-dono was present here, town lord-dono could affirm her identity, and we could ascertain her truly being Shira-dono, then we would not mind entrusting Guide Skalabel. And yet, the person herself isn't present, with nary a clue to her whereabouts."

"You're not the only one confused."

"As her substitute, I'm wondering how would you prove yourself as one to us."

"Will this do as proof."

Lecan hid his breast pocket with his left hand and used his right hand to take out his handmade Stamina Restorative from <Storage>. It must look like he was taking it from his pocket from other people's perspective.

It's the one he just made yesterday.

He handed that over to first class priest Amamir.

Amamir put that pill on his left hand and closely stared at it for a while before taking a wand from his pocket with his right hand.


Gone is his gentleness from earlier, replaced by a stern glare at the pill.

It's as if he's probing at an invisible opponent that lies beyond that pill.

After some time, the priest let out a sigh.

"Wonderful. I cannot believe I would bear witness to such a superb medicine. This is clearly a pill made with our school of apothecary techniques. Although the procedures used appear to slightly differ from ours. If Shira-dono made this, then she might truly be the guide's master. And even if she is not, she must be a fellow student and an expert herself."

"I made that medicine."

A cold light emitted out of first class priest Amamir's eyes.

"Hou? Are you saying you made this medicine on your own?"


"Youngling. Cease with yer' obvious lies."

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