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Okami wa Nemuranai 6.17


The day after, Lecan's legs felt heavy as he made his way to Shira's house.

She's probably going to make him drink poison considering she mentioned green potions yesterday.

But he's not sure if 14 pieces are enough. As she's taught him about 17 kinds of poison.

"Oh there you are. Now then, I have taught you 17 kinds of poisons made from herbs. You've memorized their smells and colors as well. Also how to use and detoxify them. Today, I'm teaching you five kinds of poisons. They're not made from herbs. But from snakes and spiders, see."

There are five small jars.

"First, it's the <Flat White Snake (Urasuruin)> poison. This is a poison used to assassinate nobles. It's highly lethal and immediately effective, it's also tasteless, odorless and fairly transparent, and you can take it with you into many dungeons. Hence, it's hard to trace back. Nobles won't use a poison no matter how effective it is if it can be traced back to its maker, you see."

This poison is tasteless and odorless and fairly transparent, but your skin will feel tingling if you get it closer to the poison. Moreover, it gives off a slight peculiar irritating odor when it's mixed in a tea above a certain temperature.

Lecan was made to take the poison in both the raw form and mixed in tea. He had to immediately take green potions afterward. This was to make him memorize the feeling of having the poison spread in his body.

He was made to learn several poisons in a similar manner. It was over in half a day, but he was already worn out by that time. The inside of his mouth and stomach wouldn't have been restored with just green potions, as such he also took some red potions, but the nausea didn't go away.

Noon break was the time to practice magic.

"Well now, try firing a <Flame Arrow (Beyart)>. Don't forget to reduce the power."

An extremely tiny <Flame Arrow> hit the center of the target fur.

"Very good. You've got a good control. This magic is very practical you see. You can make it explode on impact if you get to mid level. At advanced level, you can raise its destructive power even more, and depending on your mana quantity, you can put out dozens or even hundreds of it at once. I saw a magician used this magic against a 5000 strong army once a long time ago, half of the army was decimated in one shot."

Shira took the fur off the target and put it on the floor.

"However, <Flame Arrows> are not well suited for defeating dungeon monsters. Since it's got no penetration power. So the one I actually want you to learn is the higher version of <Flame Arrow>; <Flame Spear>. Watch closely."

Shira slowly held out her fingers, invoked her mana and when it all converged from every part of her body into her right hand, she recited the spell.

"<Flame Spears (Bandroux)>."

A spear of flame shot out of her entire arm, and it had blasted the target right as Lecan thought it just flew out.

Shira repositioned the target back, then she spoke to Lecan.

"Now, give it a try."

Lecan closed his eyes and recalled how the flow of magic went with Shira. It looked as if she projected the spear out of her finger, but it's actually not. She kneaded mana from her entire body and converged it in one spot.

Lecan controlled his mana just as he pictured.

"<Flame Spear>"

"Ah, you dummy!"

A huge pillar of flame manifested, a loud explosive sound echoed. Flying lump of soils hit Lecan's legs.

Cloud of dust enshrouded the surroundings, followed by raining soils. A huge hole has opened on the target fur along with a smoke rising out of it.

"Dearie me. Another rumor to go around the neighborhood it is. Like, the witch sneezed out or something."


"Well, it's way too late to mull over that. But I suppose there's no need for practice. Next is to test it out in a dungeon."

"Is that okay."

"You're the type that learns in real battle anyway, aren't you?"

That's exactly correct. Lecan is already devisings several ways to potentially use this magic in his mind.

Eda came by in the evening. Lecan taught her [Draw] for a while, but eventually Shira spoke out.

"It appears like space magic is not for you. Time to try out the next magic."

Eda looks dejected.

"Now then, Lecan. You're going in a dungeon right. There's no set days this time, so go venture out to your heart's content."

"That's great. It takes time since I can't avoid climbing my way out if I go down deep."

"Eh? Can't you just instantly go back to the floor you've been on already?"

"I heard that you can't."

"You can. There are several magic beasts that are about twice as big as the average monsters on each floor. Go beat two of them in a row."

"Two in a row?"

"Those big units spawn on the same spot you beat them, so beating two in a row is a simple matter."

"What'd happen when you did."

"You'd get the <Mark> of that floor. Then when you enter the same dungeon next time, recite <Floor (Sijmel)> at the entrance, floors with <Marks> on them will show up in your mind, afterward you simply think of the floor you want to go to and recite <Teleport (Palpu)>."

'That's it', Lecan thought. He saw adventurers who disappeared after reciting something when he first entered Golbul Dungeon. They must have recited the spell Shira told him just now.

"I had no idea. What should I do when I want to go back."

"Simply recite the same spell and pick <Ground Floor>. However, you can only use this spell in the pathways, or in other words, the stairways on other floors besides the <Ground Floor>."

"H-hold it right there! Lecan, you're going to a dungeon?"

He's got a bad feeling about this, but there's no point in lying here.


"Oh me! Me! I'm going with you too!"

Lecan absolutely won't take this encumbrance with him, thus he cuts it short.

"Do as you like. I'm leaving tomorrow."

"I'm going with you!"

"There's no way you'd catch up to my speed."


Afteward, Shira asked Ledcan if there was any way to take Eda with him, so Eda got on the momentum and threw a huge tantrum.

"You're just going to drop dead at the floor I'm going to."

"Eda-chan. You can find strong magic beasts in the neighboring forests depending on the spots. It's still not too late to hunt them down when you have time to spare between other quests and take on dungeons once you get stronger."

"But, but those arrows are so pricey. I can't afford them. I dunno how am I supposed to hunt."

Then how are you working as an adventurer, Lecan almost asked her that, but he refrained to. He can't afford to complicate this any further.

"Lecan. Don't you have a bow Eda-chan can use."

Lecan himself was eager to finish this unproductive talk. As such, he took out a bow from <Storage> and handed it over to Eda.

"T-this is?"

"It's a magic bow called <Bow of Ishia>."

"Magic bow?"

"Take a stance."

"Ah? And the arrow?"

"Just try taking a stance. Then pull the string just a bit. Good. Then put your mana in the core part, here. Good. Then recite this. <Dish>."

<Dish> means <Arrow> in Lecan's world.


"Not desh. Dish. Do not shoot."

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
The bow's core emitted a faint light that immediately formed an arrow.


The surprised Eda let her hand off the string.

The arrow was shot out.

Lecan caught the flying arrow mid air. The arrow then disappeared in his hand.

"I told you don't shoot."

"A-amazing. I've never seen a bow with Grace before!"

"The arrow will disappear once it hits the enemy. You can shoot another arrow after that arrow is gone. Once you're used to it, you can shoot three arrows at once. Careful not to get ahead of yourself, shoot too many and run out of mana."

"Amazing. Can't believe I got stuff this nice."

"I'm just lending it. You'll give it back later."

<Bow of Ishia> is a useful weapon to attract attention of faraway magic beasts, but Lecan has gotten its replacement in the form of <Flame Arrow>. Thus, he decided to lend it to her. He's got nothing to lose even if Eda lost it.

Right as he thought that, he realized his mistake.

This magic bow might be something that stands out too much in this world. Or maybe something that doesn't exist in this world. He just realized that.

"Oh my. I'm not sure which dungeon you got that from, but that's quite a nice thing. Not to the point of being too conspicuous though."

Shira promptly and nonchalantly told Lecan what he wanted to hear.

"Un. It feels like Eda-chan will quickly lose that bow."

"That's not true at all. I definitely won't lose it."

She's probably going to show it off to everyone and then get it stolen, such thought Lecan.

But if that happens, Eda will also lose face to show up here, and that's a good thing, better even.

"Here, take this bag with you. This is a <Box (Luuf>), you see."

"<Box (Luuf)>!"

"Moreover, this <Box> is a special Box my friend made that allows only its first user to take items in and out of it. Don't let that bow away from your sight when you're awake. And put it in this bag and then wrap a string on it around your shoulders when you're asleep. Get it?"

"I got it!"

<Bow of Ishia> actually has a fatal flaw. Its arrows always go straight even in windy conditions, and never lose momentum. They fly straight within its range but immediately disappear the moment they go outside the range. As such, you'd lose sense of normal bows and arrows if you use this bow.

However, that's none of his business.

Now that the hindrance is gone, he can enjoy exploring the dungeon once again, freely and without a time limit.

That's the important thing for Lecan.

"Lecan, these are for you."

Shira held out five pills.

"These are?"

"These are mana recovery medicine I made. Leftovers from last year, see. Take them with you in the dungeon."

[Episode 6 Legend of the Witch] End/ Next Time [Episode 7 Golbul Dungeon Revisited]

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-7

17-7. Reason Behind the Taboo


Satou here. There's usually a reason behind banned stuff. The problem is when a ban remains even after the reason for that ban has been renounced. Like irrational regulations in middle schools.

"Ceremony of Oracle shall now begin."

As God Heraruon finished making that declaration, silver lights converged between me and the gods, and then a complex frail-looking structure that seemed to be an old man showed up there.
An orange colored light, similar to that of God Heraruon, is shining in the core of said structure.

"By will of my great master, this Laluloluliluheaph shall preside over this ceremony. O human who has passed God's Trials, you have been given permission to profess your wish now."

Even though these gods are right in front of me, apparently the Old Structure will act as a messenger to convey my words to them.
These gods aren't much different than those in higher positions like nobles.

"Insolent fool. I see that you wish to have your soul be erased here!"

The Old Structure sent out scolding words along with a scathing heatwave at me.

A torrent of raging flame swallowed my astral body whole. I don't feel any pain, but it's blinding and tingling.
Words in this world, particularly those with strong emotions appear to carry physical--or rather, astral shock wave or raging flames with them.

My thoughts would leak out if I let my mind wandered off during the God Mingles when I was taking on the God's Trials back then, I've gotta be careful here.

"Please pardon me."
"Unscathed after getting a direct hit of my divine punishment?!"

That was a divine punishment huh.
Guess this Old Structure is a familiar of god?

"Laluloluliluheaph, we're going in circle, just leave it at that."

God Tenion shut the Old Structure out.
Gods' words are apparently absolute, the Old Structure turns toward me again without looking disgruntled in the least.

"--Profess your wish."

The Old Structure said haughtily.
I don't really get their gestures, but there's no doubt he's holding his head up high while looking down on me right now.

"I wish to know the reasons behind the taboo that resulted in divine punishments being handed down unto ancient Genma Empire and Weasel Empire."

I ask the main reason I came here.
By the way, Genma Empire was the name of a country that King Mummy, Corpse of the Labyrinth's lower layer once ruled over.

The Old Structure translates my words and conveys them to the gods.

"It is not a matter men ought to be privy of."

God Heraruon brushed it off in one sentence.
The Old Structure's translation was way too long so I ignored him.

"In other words, you would not tell me the reason for the taboo?"

Like I'd let him end it with that one sentence after I went the trouble of clearing all those annoying trials.

"You've got an objection to God's Decisions?!"

God Zaikuon roared while scattering psychedelic yellow lights around.
The nymphs who seem to be his familiars are frantically trying to soothe and stop him from jumping out of the spot where the gods sit.

"Oh isn't it fine to tell him."

God Tenion whispered as her green aura fashioned like a hagoromo of a celestial maiden blinked.

"He has passed our trials for this occasion after all, I think it's fair to tell him that much, is it not?"

God Tenion advocated for me while facing the dissatisfied looking God Zaikuon.

"Granting one wish we can grant to those who have passed our trials. That's what we have agreed upon. We ought to upkeep the agreement. Karion said so as well."
"I didn't. But I'm in agreement with what Urion said."

God Urion and God Karion advocated for me as well.

"See, Karion said so as well."
"No. Urion, you should learn about chronological orders."

These two gods sure get along well.

"--It cannot be helped."

God Heraruon reluctantly gave his approval, and then he turns toward God Garleon and God Parion who have been keeping silent while ignoring the shocked god Zaikuon.

"Garleon, Parion, any objection?"
"Do as you like."

God Garleon gave his agreement displeasedly, while God Parion made a gesture like she was nodding lightly in silent.

After confirming that, God Heraruon turned toward me.

"It is for the sake of world peace."

--That's it? That's the reason?

What a shitty explanation!!

"You insolent fool!!!"

The Old Structure shot out a tsunami of crimson flame along with reprimanding words at me.

Whoops. I had reflexively let loose of my mind's shackles since his reply was just too much.

--Pu, kusukusu.

God Parion who had been keeping silent appeared to find the flow of events funny, she burst into laughter with a small, small voice. I'm not sure about these gods' expressions, but she has this cuteness like that of a small animal.

"Parion just laughed."
"Parion's smiles really are the best."
"It's been awhile since I last saw Parion smiling. Karion should laugh together with her."
"I won't. That sounds a bit fun, but I won't laugh just because Urion told me to."

The other gods were surprised to see Parion laughing as well.

"In honor of Parion, I shall forgive your discourtesy."

Once the gods calmed down, God Heraruon forgave my gaffe.

"Be grateful for the vastness of God Heraruon's mercy."

But I can't let this over yet, I should press them a bit more.

"I understand that the reason behind the taboo is for world peace, but as someone unenlightened, I am unable to connect the dots that lead to those. Could you please tell me what those dots are?"

I can't even start with negotiations if I don't at least get that part, and I have no idea how lenient or strict the taboo is.

"Truly indeed. What fools humans are. Asking for answers without even attempting to find out themselves. Trying to grope out the depth of god's generosity, their impudence truly knows no bound."

The Old Structure followed after God Heraruon's disparagement.
I ignore him since he's starting a rally about the ugliness of humans or something.

"Can I go back now?"
"No. You too Heraruon, you should stop dodging the question by throwing unnecessary abuses. Tenion, we leave the rest to you."

God Karion who had gotten tired of the grumbling fluttered as she tried to leave the place, but God Urion stopped her.

"--Me? Is that fine with you, Heraruon?"

God Tenion asked for God Heraruon's approval even while seemingly startled by God Urion's irresponsible remark.

"Very well. Enlighten that fool."

God Heraruon gave his generous permission.
God Tenion's [Is that fine] was for [Is that fine to tell him], it appears.

Looking at the course of events, God Heraruon seems to be soft against God Tenion and God Parion.

"You sure Heraruon?!"
"Silence, Zaikuon."

God Garleon unpleasantly slapped the roaring God Zaikuon with words.
Like, he literally slapped using words as God Zaikuon's body shook.

"I never asked you!"
"Who would. Why don't you understand that's precisely why everyone is making a fool out of you."

Since words carry effects with these gods, I'm not sure if they're quarreling or just having an argument.

"Shut up? Won't you two."

Rebuked by God Karion who kept her own pace, God Zaikuon and God Garleon fell silent awkwardly.

"Satou of man, I shall answer your question."

After surveying the surroundings once, God Tenion began talking after her hagoromo-like aura changed shapes.
That may be the gesture signifying her fixing her sitting posture and clearing her throat.

"If you humans 『Science』 civilization sees a progress, people's faiths will see a degradation."

God Tenion's calmly narrates.
I could only nod at this since earth has similar history.

"And if faiths were to lessen, the barrier that protects the world shall be weakened as well."
"What kind of science would lessen faiths?"

Some terms intrigued me, but since this was my chance to get to the point, I asked her about the exact sciences that would violate the taboo.

"Generally speaking, it would be the likes of constant personal and immediate means of communication between individuals, mass transports, mass manufactures through industrializations, and mass consumptions, I think?"

Just as I expected--no wait, it's a bit different.

It may have been included already in one of the stuff God Tenion mentioned last, but I should ask just in case.

"Is there no prohibition on printing technology?"
"Yes, we did not prohibit it."

God Tenion said it clearly.
Then why hasn't printing spread through all over the world?

"Is that all you want to ask?"
"No, I have one more question."

I pressed on like the protagonist of a long-lasting police drama.

"I forgot to ask before, you said [World Peace] would be in danger if the barrier got weakened, what is this thing that endangers [World Peace]?"

This is the thing that intrigued me earlier.

God Tenion peered at God Heraruon instead of promptly answering my question.

The number of halo rings and intensity of lights on God Heraruon's back increased.
Looks like he's going to give me the answer in God Tenion's place.

"It's the Outsiders."

You mean like Outer Gods?

A sanity check-required horror mythology crossed my mind.

"The Unending, Invaders from a Foreign World, World-Eroding Monsters."

God Karion told me several aliases as I muttered.
Guess they're like otherworld invaders?

"You don't get it?"
"It is outside comprehension of mere humans after all."

God Heraruon disparaged me followed by God Garleon when I fell silent to think it through.

"Is it the same as parasitic bizarre creatures that live off the World Tree?"

The jellyfish are ordinary stuff, but the squids and the asteroid-scale black octopuses that predate on them are quite a menace.
Hence I asked but--Oh?

The outer structures of the gods stir about, their fractal patterns have stopped changing.

--Huh? I got it right?

"...Those are the tips of the tips, they are but mere shadows. If we suppose 『Outsiders』 as dragons, then those parasitic jellyfish are nothing more than skink lizards at most."

God Garleon affirmed my question using an analogy.

"Would you lift off the ban on scientific development if I were to eradicate those 『Outsiders』?"

It's a piece of cake if that's all I need to do.

"You fool!"
"Don't get cocky, you human!"

God Heraruon and God Zaikuon disparaged me.

"Those creatures are mighty. They posses size as vast as the ground you live on along with dreadful speed. No weapons or magic you mere humans possess work on them."

Yup, the jellyfish ones managed to dodge my attacks, and the octopus ones regenerated themselves when they were damaged and even absorbed my magic.

"I understand however--"
"You don't. Fool."

I got unexpectedly disparaged by god Karion.

"It's just as Karion said. Demon God said the same thing once, went to challenge them and came back in a mess. The world faced a light crisis back then. You must not act recklessly."

God Urion deciphered God Karion's expletive.

Unexpectedly enough, the demon god who seem to be an upgraded version of me was no match for those Outsiders.
Apparently there's a lot more of those creatures more powerful than the Black Octopus lurking in the depth.

"After all, those things get more powerful the more you attack them. If your attacks work on them today, tomorrow they will posses a different ability. Getting rid only a few would only prolong the battle forever."

Looks like those things excel in self-evolution.
They're the bothersome type where if you don't beat the entirely of them, they will keep getting stronger endlessly.

I guess that's why?
The gods won't touch the parasitic jellyfish living off World Trees needed to circulate mana in the entire world, it's to prevent them from learning gods' powers.

I've beaten those jellyfish twice and did not see any change in their ability though?
I don't believe they're evolving instantaneously anyway, I should prepare weapons or spell arts powerful enough to eradicate those bizarre creatures all at once.

"Satou of man. Your eyes tell me that you have not given up, have you?"

God Tenion completely saw through me.

"I will tell you an old tale."

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

The world began to be filled with living creatures 100 million years ago.
People were thriving in a prosperous world incomparable to that of present.

(I listen carefully to God Tenion's words.)

Have you ever tried tracing back human history?
Have you ever seen history from before 30,000 years ago?

(History only traced back to Lalakie Dynasty 30,000 years ago at most.)

It's only natural that you don't.
As the world had been destroyed once before that.


There were problem children that found excitement in challenging the [Outsiders] who came from a foreign world. The Dragon God and dragons.

(Ah, I can just picture the images in my head.)

Dragon God destroyed the ringleader of Outsiders and returned.
Then it fell into a deep, deep slumber at the [Dragon's Valley] to heal the wounds it suffered in the battle.

However, [Outsiders] had not perished.
A new ringleader made its entrance, seized the powers of dragons, and even more gigantic [Outsiders] came raiding.

They easily pierced through the barrier we Gods put up and infringed upon the land.
Were Heraruon who had realized our disadvantage did not instruct Karion and Parion to shelter World Trees in the Realm of Gods, we would have abandoned this world and departed to another world.
The Dragon God woke up and exterminated [Outsiders] that had polluted the world down to the last one.
However, only the dragons and a group of Mythical Beasts remained on the ground by the time it was over.

(I see, the Dragon God unleashed about as much or even more destructions than the [Outsiders].)

With our divinity, we covered the whole world with a barrier, a cocoon that makes it invisible to the [Outsiders]. To prevent that tragedy to befall on the world once again.

Those [Outsiders] are still spreading out their fingers over a vast area, seeking a rich land to be sacrificed.
If our powers were to weaken, their fingers would slip through the cracks of the weakened barrier.

(God Tenion must be using fingers to express the parasitic jellyfish preying upon the World Trees.)

This is the truth of the world.

The reason we hand out grave punishments to those who cannot protect the taboo, for the sake of the world peace.

"Human, go back at once."
"Human, refrain from acting out."

After listening to God Tenion's old tale, I was carried to the God Ark by God Urion's and God Tenion's familiars, the nymphs, and was forced out of this place.

I asked the gods about a way to ascend to godhood before I left the place, but that seemed to have been a bad move.
The gods including God Karion and Urion disparaged me and even God Tenion felt like she was rebuking me for being conceited.
God Parion was the only one who didn't say anything, but the gaze she was giving like she was looking at a problem child was a bit painful.

Due to that, I missed the chance to ask them about the [Demon God's Seal] and the Purple Mounds.
I probably have more shots at this later, gotta carefully select the questions next time.

"Satou of human!"

High elf Sillmufuze-san was waiting for me at the waters of Realm of Gods.

She seems panicked somehow.

"This is bad, Satou of human! The body you should get back into has disappeared!"

Sillmufuze-san approached rapidly like she was about to bump on me.

"It's my fault as a guide. I should have been more careful when the nymphs who hate lower world asked me to show them the way to the 『World of Rift』."

--I see.

Not sure which god they belong to, but it seems there's a god who's trying to take my body hostage.
The mysterious little girl's advices were for this situation.

"You cannot return to the lower world with just your soul. As such--"

Sillmufuze-san is looking at me sorrowfully.

"I will give up my body to you to make up for it."


"Although the fact that it's a different gender and race may be an inconvenient, you'll be young forever, and you'll have a plenty of mana."
"Umm, Sillmufuze-san--"
"I understand. I'm fully aware that it's not a substitute for your original body. But this is the least I could do."

I'm amazed by the fact that you can swap bodies, but there's no need for that.
If it were a male body, I would gladly take up the offer since I could marry Aze-san then, but saying that here would make things messy so I refrain myself.

"It's okay."
"I see, so you're fine with my body!"

Sillmufuze-san went and said something that could lead to a huge misunderstanding.

"Not that. There's no need to take your body."
"But, then--"
"I'm saying that my body has not actually disappeared, you see."

We went down the light waterfall and headed to the place we left our bodies.
I wanted to test out many things on my way back, but she'd surely get super mad if I did that in this situation.

I touch the bed where my body was with my astral hand and took my body out of Storage.

"Your body showed up!"

Sillmufuze clapped her hands in delight.

Sillmufuze-san looked a bit displeased when I told her that I was hiding my body just in case, but she quickly cheered up since that act ended up keeping my body safe from pranks.

We got back to our bodies and treaded on the path back.


Arisa's familiar link reached me.
She sounds really worked up somewhat.

『Bad news! The purple mounds--』

Those things ended up being a source of trouble after all.
Good thing it's just right as I got back from the Realm of Gods.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 261

Chapter 261 Strongest Sage, Ends Fight


"True magic knowledge?"

"Yeah. True magic that doesn't need to be chanted... In order to spread that, I was planning to have you guys defeat me and be known as heroes... But that plan has ended up in a failure."

Grevil stared at the malfunctioning wide area magic tool as he said that.
Apparently, those tools were used for that.

He used that magic tool to grandly declare war and show off his power by destroying the capital's Great Barrier.
He must be setting us up to be heroes by defeating him after all that.
And then there would be an influx of people trying to learn the techniques those heroes used, popularizing chantless magic all over the world... or so was the plan huh.

...To be honest, I can't say that it's a good plan.
Royal Academies would have spread chantless magic even without all this ploy anyway.
It could even have the opposite effect if the public ended up cognizing chantless magic as a [Technique for heroes, not for common people].

But I suppose that's just like Grevil.
He's always been a guy who puts everything for his country.
Hence I was absolutely baffled to see such a guy cooperating with demons to declare war on humanity.

But I get it now.
Grevil had taken these drastic measures in order to retake the lost magic knowledge.

"...Regardless of my objective, there's no denying that I have manipulated demons, declared wars on humanity, and destroyed the barrier that protected humans from demons... I fully intend to atone for my sin with my life, but before that, I implore you to listen to my request... Please succeed the true magic knowledge."

"By true magic knowledge, you mean these [General Magic Textbooks]?"

I took out the [General Magic Textbooks] as I said that.
Books that are somehow often can be found at places related to Grevil.

I found that fact strange, but it's clear now why if he's trying to teach chantless magic.
Although the quality of [General Magic Textbooks] can't be called high by any standard, they were the most commonly used books in that era after all.

"That's right... But those books you have are written in ancient language, it would prove difficult for humans of this era to decipher it. I have prepared ones that have been translated in the language used in this era... Would you please take them?"

He's even done that far huh.
With his efforts in consideration--I gave my answer.

"I refuse. Like I'd take the translated version of this stuff."

"...Please I beg you. If humanity does not learn the real magic, they have no hope of surviving in the near future. You guys may be able to use true magic, but you will eventually hit a roadblock without a guide... These books contain all the wisdom of ancient mages including Gaias-sama. I'm sure it will help you--"

"I reiterate; I refuse."

Grevil is still attempting to push the books even after I refused him.
So I talk to him through comm magic.

『I'm that Gaias himself in the flesh. These books are unnecessary.』


Grevil looks like he cannot believe what he heard.

『I sent you a letter, didn't I. It was, 'I'm reincarnating. Please don't look for me.' if I remember right... Did you not get it?』

『I-I did have that letter delivered to me... It can't be, so you're telling the truth?』

『Who else would know the content of a letter I sent myself... I never would have thought the day would come where Grevil would try to teach magic though. And with these mess of books to boot.』

I look at the [General Magic Textbooks].
These books would have proved useful if I weren't present, but the book I wrote is far better suited.

『...Aah, Gaias-sama. To think you were really reborn...』

Grevil shed tears as he said that.
The girls were confused to see the unfolding situation.

"Eh, why'd this person break down in tears all of a sudden?"

"Must have been quite a huge shock to have his books refused..."

I'd better stop talking through the comm magic.
With that in mind, I open my mouth.

"...I don't need the books, but you'll have to pay for your sins."

"I understand. I shall atone with this life--"

"I refuse... What's there to gain in you dying."

I interrupted Grevil's speech.
It'll be bad if I let him die.

"Live and make yourself useful... Presently we have a shortage of workforce to teach chantless magic, you see."

After all, someone who has learned ancient magic well like Grevil is practically an endangered species in this era.
Moreover, since Grevil is completely hopeless with magic, his understanding of chantless magic exceeds that of talented ones.
There's no one better fit at teaching chantless magic, including me.

Grevil opened his eyes wide after I said that.
Like he can't believe it.

"Me, chantless magic?"

"Yeah. But you're gonna use this one as the textbook."

I hand over the Second Academy standard textbook to him.
Grevil shouted out loud when he read the content.

"I-I can't believe there's such a perfect textbook out there... Where in the world did you get this book?"

"I wrote it."

Hearing that, Grevil looked like, "Of course!"
And then, he got down on his knees while tearing up.

"...I will fully dedicate this life of mine as a magic educator."

"Yeah. I'm counting on you."

--Thus, our fight with Grevil closed its curtain.

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Two weeks later.
A new magic teacher assumed a post at Second Academy right as the destroyed barrier finished getting repaired.

He got to be a teacher this quick thanks to me pushing principal Edward.

"Today, this academy welcomes a new teacher...  Grevil-sensei!"

Grevil climbed the podium amidst students' applause.

Only the girls and I know the fact that it was Grevil who declared war on the capital via the wide area comm magic.
Him disguising as a demon paid off in this form.

"Hello, I Grevil will be your new teacher from today on. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything about chantless magic."

Grevil constructed a relatively complex magic after saying that.
That he stopped just before it went over students' level of comprehension instead of going to the extreme and constructed a needlessly complex magic truly shows his affinity as a teacher.

Of course there were oppositions against hiring someone of unknown origin like Grevil as a Second Academy's teacher.
But even teachers who were against it rethought their stance once they saw Grevil's overwhelming magic knowledge, like "He's a necessary talent to be a magic teacher of Second Academy."
In fact, the stuff the students here would learn would be on a completely different level with Grevil around.

He's probably not trusted yet, but trusts can simply be gained from here on.
I'm sure he'll earn it in no time.

The next day.
I came to the Second Academy together with the girls.

We were asked by Grevil to come to his room since he had something to talk about.
Second Academy's teachers have their own private rooms...

"...This is pretty strict security."

I murmured so as we arrived at the room Grevil led us to.

There's an excessive amount of barriers put over the room.
Around 100 barriers of all kinds, ranging from simple defensive barrier to interception prevention and mana isolation have been put over this room.

More than half of the room is occupied by barriers.
The floor has risen by a meter from the stack of barriers.

"And I'm still not sure it's sufficient even with all this."

"...Just what's all this for?"

"I called you all here to talk about that matter... It's related to the reason why I took such a drastic measure to achieve my goal of spreading chantless magic in this world."

Grevil invited us into the room.
This means he hasn't talked about it up until now because he can't do so without the anti-interception barriers put over this room.

If the enemy was just some half-baked demons, Grevil could have just destroyed them with the [Light of Destruction] he possessed.
Also, there's no need for such a strict countermeasure if the opponent is just some ordinary demons.

However, Grevil did all those absurd actions and even attempted to set us up as heroes at the cost of his own life in order to popularize chantless magic.
It's safe to assume that it was because no other means would suffice.
The barriers here also must have been deemed necessary for that.

I can't imagine an opponent that would force Grevil to go that far... But it should be clear soon.

"Got it. Let us hear your story."

I faced Grevil as I said that.

...The commotion caused by Grevil might be over but it looks like we can't rest easy just yet.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 260

Chapter 260 Strongest Sage, Infers Goal


I'm not gonna prolong this fight like the fight with demons earlier.
Grevil isn't as sturdy as demons nor is he able to use defensive magic to cope with that.
This would be over if I could just strike his neck at the right spot with my magically enchanted sword.

--But that's an extremely tall order.
From the exchange just now, I could tell that he would immediately cover up any opening I made using petty tricks.

I might succeed if I could just set up a trap that would create a huge opening--but he must have anticipated most traps already.
Guess I have no choice but to use that hand.

『I could try launching a surprise attack, what do you think?』

Alma offered that suggestion when she saw me pondering how to attack.
But Alma's arrow is too slow to get in between our fight.

『No, this is not a battle where surprise attacks would make a difference.』

To begin with, surprise attacks are impossible against Grevil's sense at this range.

『By the way, you'd better stop using comm magic, he's probably listening in.』

『Exactly. Your comm magic is quite something for this era, but it'll only get intercepted with me as an opponent. Better be careful with it.』

Grevil cut into the comm magic after I said that.
The comm magic we're using doesn't look much different than simply talking with our mouths in the face of a skilled magician.

We'd need a comm magic that's ten times as complex than the one we're using now if we want to avoid Grevil's interference.

『Cutting in comm magic... is he a monster?』

『I'm a human, not a monster... Or rather, I'm actually on the talentless side. Originally that is.』

Grevil looked disappointed as he said that.
However, his disappointment looks more like it's directed at the weakened state of humans in this era than of him being weak.

...Think I get what Grevil is trying to accomplish.

『Well, there's no point in talking about this. Let us resume this fight.』
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『...You're right.』

Grevil readied his sword once again.
This time Grevil lunges forward toward me.

"My turn to defend now huh."

I took the parrying posture as I said that.
But this isn't a defensive posture.
Instead, it's one for the end game.

It seems Grevil thinks I haven't noticed, but I know he's got one fatal weakness.
Though it's dangerous, I can create an opening big enough to end this fight if I can exploit that weakness.

I stare fixedly at Grevil's sword, observing him while holding my sword diagonally.
And when Grevil's sword reaches its maximum momentum--I let down my sword and expose my neck toward his sword.


Grevil sounded bewildered.
And then--Grevil pulled back the sword he was swinging, with all his might.

It's as if he was trying to protect me, an unreasonable feat during a battle.
A fatal opening.

I thrust my sword before the neck of Grevil who had taken an awkward posture since he had to forcefully pull back his sword.
Anyone would have won when your opponent took such a move.

"You never intended to kill me, did you?"

I had noticed that Grevil didn't want to kill us.

Since the demons we met in our way here had some little tricks put on their wings.
As if those magic arts were inserted to prevent those demons from killing us.

"...How'd you find out"

"I was certain of it after seeing the magic put in those demons... So what's your goal really?"

"For that is because, killing you shall not--"

"Aah, you can stop your act now. I've taken care of that magic tool already."

I point at the magic tool installed in the corner of the room.

I might not be able to break the magic tools themselves, but making it so nothing gets transmitted to the capital is a simple matter.
Hence, that magic tool had practically lost its functions the moment we set foot in this room.

"...My goal is to spread the true magic knowledge in the whole world."

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-6

17-6. To Realm of Gods (2)


Satou here. I imagine the world of gods to be like a place with lots of Parthenon-like temples in a carpet of clouds, with gods relaxing around in toga. This might be influenced by the fact that the first western myth I read was a Greek one.

Realm of Gods was a world filled with lights.

An intense glimmer of rainbow colored lights that changes its form every moment like a kaleidoscope, creating a torrent of undulating lights.
Since I don't physically have eyes, I'm able to enjoy such an intense light.

I feel like I can spread my consciousness as far and wide as I want and still be able to perceive things, it's quite an odd sensation.

A world of countless glimmers is spread near the intense light.
When I try to spread my consciousness, I feel a weird sense of omnipotence, like I can grasp every inch of this world.

『Aah, I want to melt inside this light.』

That idea is filling out my head along with euphoria.

--Keep yourself together, my hero.

Someone's voice slipped in my mind.
That voice secured my consciousness from trying to melt into the world.

--For you are my partner.

My awareness became clear as I recalled the soft sensation on my lips.
Looks like I was saved by the mysterious little girl's protection.

"--Tou, Satou of man."

As I came to my sense, I could hear a voice of someone besides the mysterious little girl's.

I look around and find no one.
Come to think of it, I don't see Sillmufuze-san who came here with me.

--Or rather, I can't even see myself due to the rainbow-colored lights.


The faint voice I've been hearing for a while sounds similar to Sillmufuze-san's.
I try to look for Sillmufuze-san inside the light since she's saying something about light.

Wonder where she is?


--Hm? Suppress?

I concentrate on the Sillmufuze-san sounding voice.

"Satou of man, suppress the light!"

Her voice suddenly became clear like I had tuned in the right radio frequency.

"Is this light, maybe, caused by me?"
"It is. Suppress it quick! At this rate--"

Her disappearing voice sounds pained.
This situation doesn't seem good.

Suppress the light huh...
I try to suppress the light like I did with Spirit Light.

The light gradually gets weaker.

--Oh, it's working.

My focus seemed to have loosened up due to that as the light regained its intensity in an instant then.


The scream is becoming distant.


This time I carefully squeeze down the light.
It's harder than with Spirit Light, maybe because of I'm in astral body.

I wasn't able to completely suppress the light to zero like I did with Spirit Light.

"Satou of man, it appears that have succeeded suppressing the light."

A small light with a green outline came closer from a distant while blinking weakly.

"Yes, it's me."

As I stared at the light, a half transparent body of Sillmufuze-san looked like it was overlapping the light.
I'd better not look too much.

"This place is quite dreamy, isn't it."

Maybe it's due to the disappearance of the intense light I emitted, the world seems a bit darker.

There are countless glittering small lights beyond the clouds of faint lights.
Those clouds change form while undulating, the whole things are made to look like it's comprised of a single flow.

There is no land, we're standing on top of a section of that flow.

I opened the Map and as expected it was, [Area without Map].
I can still use Unique Skills in Realm of Gods, but my level and status have been grayed out.

Auto-mapping and Radar also work, let's prudently proceed ahead while hoping that the gods haven't prepared a grand trap for me.

"Follow me, Satou of man."

I follow after Sillmufuze-san's light.

Out of curiosity, I tried taking out a little wooden bird craft from my Storage.
I wanted to see what would happen to physical objects here--.

Unlike in the physical world, the wooden bird transfigured into what looked like a cubic painting before instantly swelling up all the while transforming into bizarre shapes, and eventually ruptured off into nothingness.

"--What are you doing! Satou of man!"

Sillmufuze-san got mad.

"I will leave you behind if you keep needlessly acting up!"
"I'm sorry, I won't do it again."

Sillmufuze-san finally agreed to continue leading the way after I promised her to never do it again.

Yup, let's test other things out on my way back.

After passing through interweaving veils inside mist of light, we arrived at what looked like pitch black waters.

"It's the barrier wall of the God's Realm."
"Do we have to go pass this?"
"A god not cannot pass through this."

Then will the gods come meet me here?

As I thought that, I could see a golden light coming closer from beyond the waters.

"That's the God Ark coming to fetch you."

Sillmufuze-san told me what that golden light was.

It looked like a golden dot of light from afar, but I understood that it was actually cylindrical shaped as it got closer.
I'm not sure if it's a trait of this world or something, but the ark's shape keeps changing even while the impression of it being cylindrical stays on my mind. It kind of looks like soft animal shaped candy, I bet it's tasty.

The ark is bigger than I thought.

If I use myself as the basis, the God Ark's total length might reach several kilometers.
Apparently, it's having a musical performance while sailing, I could hear an elven-like melodious tune conveyed to my hearing-like sense. It sounded quite solemn.

As I enjoyed the tune while gazing at the ark, three white light orbs that were orbiting the ark like satellites drew closer.

"Somethings is coming."
"Those are nymphs who serve under gods directly. Mind your manners."

As they got closer, I saw that these three light orbs had a different outline each, which were bitter orange, blue and yellow .

"Is this the man who cleared the trials?"

The bitter orange outlined light murmured.
The voice sounded dignified somehow.

"He's bearing the marks of gods, so he must be."

This time the blue outlined light replied to its comrades after orbiting around me while blinking.

"What seedy light. Nothing compared to my master."

The last yellow outlined light orb moved like it was turning away after saying something rude.

"High elf, purify him at least."
"Good grief, what would you do if he sullied God Ark with earthly impurities."
"Eww, what a lowly high elf."

Even though she was being haughtily ordered by the nymphs, Sillmufuze-san put me under a light shower without looking particularly bothered.
Though I don't feel anything different in particular, the nymphs seem to be satisfied with that.

"Come, human."
"Be grateful to our great gods as you board."
"Be grateful for god's mercy."

I follow after the nymphs toward the God Ark.
When we got to a certain distance, some kind of invisible force field wrapped me and carried me to orbit the God Ark. It was like how the nymphs were like when the Ark was coming.

The music changed and the God Ark embarked once again.


Only the nymphs and me are boarding the God Ark, Sillmufuze-san is standing by on the waters' bank.

"Is Sillmufuze-san not coming with us?"
"You are not allowed to ask questions."

The bitter orange light denied me of questions.

"Oh fine, since I'm kind and all, I shall tell you."

Despite the content, the blue outlined light orb's word had maliciousness in it as it turned toward me.
The part with a patterned bright light on the orb seems to be its face.

"High elves are the administrators of spots that come into contact with the lower world, hence they cannot come."
"She's got lots of dirts on her, of course she can't board God Ark."

The yellow outlined light orb added to the blue outlined orb light's explanation in mean spirit.

Looks like discriminations exist even in the realm of gods.
Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be a paradise or heavens where everyone is happy.

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"Guess we've arrived?"

The God Ark stopped moving, and the valiant sounding tune slowly changed to a more calm tune.
The force field that was wrapping me disappeared, the thin light membrane cleared away.

"Hee, incredible."

Countless star-like lights have gathered together to form a great number of geometrical-shaped structures.

"Come, human."
"Stop dawdling around."
"Come quick or we'll leave you behind."

The nymphs are calling for me.

I went after the nymphs and landed on a floating monorail-like corridor.
The same force field like on God Ark wrapped me again here, then it gently put me on the rail line before carrying me forward. The locomotion feels like I'm on a linear motor train.

Although I expressed it as monorail earlier, the rail line turned into what looked like a jet coaster created by an innocent child along the way, the track was quite acrobatic.
Felt like I would get motion sickness were I was not in astral body.

I saw a Moebious strip like ring at the end of the rail line.

"Be silent, human."
"This is the great God Gate."

As I muttered, the blue outlined orb ignored me, the bitter orange outlined orb responded in irritation, and the yellow outlined orb told me what it was. That ring seems to be a gate.

The scenery underwent a complete change after we passed through the ring.

That ring seems to be a teleport gate.
The Map's name has changed as well.

This place that's flooded with lights appears to be the [Garden of Gods].
It feels like the morning sun coming down stained glass in a temple or a chapel, makes me feel solemn. The music playing in the surrounding area has changed into something heavy like it's jolting my body.

The rail reached the terminus of [Garden of Gods] and we had to go ahead in the air by ourselves once again.

We passed through several rings along the way.
This time, they were not teleport gates, they were just for accelerations.

The fact that I enjoyed moving like I was in the masterpiece game of Mega Saturn [Nights (YoRU)] when I got through them is a secret.

Every time we accelerated, I was made to witness wondrous scenes of getting lines of lights in the surroundings zoomed past me.
It's like seeing the SFX of [Watching the stars as the space ship entered a warp] in an SF I saw in the past.

While slightly enjoying the journey, I passed through a dense wall of light thing together with the nymphs.


Before I knew it, I had arrived at a place with seven giant floating lights.
Each of the seven lights have mysterious flower-like geometrical patterns that gradually change shapes as if pulsing.
Innumerable lights are orbiting around them like satellites.

Curiously, just looking at the seven lights prompt me to offer my prayers in solemness.
I checked the Log just for sure, but I had not received a mental attack or anything.


Countless silver lights with stern geometrical patterns float between me and the seven lights.
These aren't nymphs, I believe they're the apostles I saw during the divine punishment.

As I go forward, the geometrical patterns turned sharp-pointed, silver thorns formed one after another, forming a passage-like thing.
I think it kinda looks like a saber arch?


There's a 3D magic circle-like area at the end of the passage.
That seems to be the [Ring of Audience].


Those giant lights seem to be the seven pillar gods.
Since AR readings display [UNKNWON], it's not clear which is who, but I could hazard a guess from comparing their colors to the lights I saw during the trials.

A force field gently stuck on me as I arrived at the [Ring of Audience].


I almost took the pose of a certain confectionery company character, but they'd get mad at me if I joked around here so I offered my prayer like I would at a Shinto shrine.
The [Ring of Prayers] I sat on shone golden. Quite pretty.


Apparently, it's not enough.
I wouldn't have met with Liza and the girls if I didn't come to their world, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to offer my thanks.
The light on [Ring of Audience] changed into golden light with a tinge of rainbow colors.

For some reason, the pulsing lights differ from that of gods.
The orange and yellow colors are especially conspicuous.


Alright, this time let's thank them for Aze-san.
After all, I wouldn't have met Aze-san had they not arrived in that world riding the World Trees from the Realm of Gods.
My gratitudes seem to have been transmitted, the [Ring of Audience] begins to emit glimmering golden particles while vibrating intensely.

Now then, let's give it my all to offer--.

"We have received your prayers, Satou of man. Any more than that is unnecessary."

An echoing voice from the gentle-looking light green light stopped me from praying any more.

I've got a feeling that the owner of this voice is God Tenion.
Having numerous images transmitted along with words seem to be the standard fare, thankfully I've gotten used to it during the trials.

"Tenion, gods we are do not heedlessly call out to those of lower world at 『Temple』."
"Yeah, yeah, Tenion! Heraruon is right! You're dragging down our level."

The orange light that shines like the sun--God Heraruon--shot out ripples of lights containing words toward the light green light--God Tenion.
I believe the psychedelic yellow light that rode on God Heraruon's coattail is God Zaikuon.

"Silence, Zaikuon. Why have you not understood that your manner of speaking degrades our dignity."

The blue light rebuked the yellow light--God Zaikuon.
It kinda sounds like a character from a classic masterpiece robot anime that's still running even today.

Their tones are different than during the trials.
I guess this one is more like how they are originally?

"Shut up, Garleon! This great me is not wrong!"
"That's exactly why, you!"

Between the quarreling God Zaikuon and blue light--God Garleon, a wave of indigo light vigorously ran through the space between the two.

"Garleon, Zaikuon, both of you quiet down. Right now is the top seat, Heraruon's turn to speak. We ought to watch in silent. Karion said so as well."

The serious indigo light mediated between God Garleon and God Zaikuon.

"I don't. Urion's delusion."

The vermilion light with a very complex shape--God Karion--denied God Urion's acclaim while pulsing slowly.
These gods sure have striking personalities, more than I imagined.

By process of elimination, the light blue light who's snuggling to God Tenion must be God Parion then.

Now then, I should get down to business as to why I come here.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-Intermission 1

17-Intermission. The Melancholy of Liza


"--I cannot stand next to master."

I muttered to myself in the Great Desert sub-space.

The thing I heard from Arisa and Mito.

That the purple mounds that have appeared all over the world are the handiworks of gods, and that they cannot be damaged by anything other than anti-god magic.

I look down at the dragon spear in my hand.
There is no way I can do anything against something that even master's ancient dragon fang sword cannot damage.

A huge shadow hung over me just as I was lamenting my helplessness.

『What is the matter my puny rival.』

The huge shadow landed near me while blowing away sand all around.
It's master's friend, the black dragon Heiron.

"No, I do not feel like having one right now."

The black dragon Heiron turned his long neck and looked at me from the front.

『Pray tell your worries to me.』

How should I express this.

"I am one greedy lizardkin."

I want to be useful for master.
I want to be someone master can rely on.

To turn that into reality--.

"I want to become a being capable of harming gods."
『Then just be one, why don't you?』

Black dragon Heiron said that nonchalantly.

"It was a feat impossible even with master's ancient dragon fang sword. With the much inferior one I have--"
『Not enough spirits.』

Black dragon Heiron is looking at me from above.

『I'm saying you don't have enough spirits.』
"It's not a gap that can be buried just by spirits--"

Black dragon Heiron interrupted me.

『We did.』

I wait for him to continue.

『After fighting an opponent beyond our reach for thousands, ten thousands years, the result of that was the creation of fangs capable of [Piercing Anything].』
"That's possible because you are dragons with eternal lives."

I spout up an excuse like a kid to someone who was trying to cheer me up.
Noticing how spoiled I was being, I hung my head in shame silently.

『Good grief, you got ahold of dragon fang weapons, you got ahold of a strength that could rival me despite being a puny one, yet look at your state now.』

An intense snort black dragon let out almost blew me away.

『O my puny rival, what have you learned from grandmother ancient dragon.』

--Ancient Dragon?

"But I have never met ancient dragon-sama though?"
『No? Fumu, I suppose that was Kuro then?』

Black dragon Heiron's eyes wandered off.
Something intrigued me more than an opportunity to tease his mistake.

"Please tell me, what did master learn from ancient dragon-sama."

Black dragon Heiron told me what master learned.
Even while complaining that he didn't like to do it since it was bothersome, black dragon Heiron still demonstrated creating a goat from sand.

"T-this is primeval magic--"
『Indeed. An ancient magic capable of altering forms by means of strong desires.』

That will be the power that will break my limit.
That's what black dragon Heiron is trying to convey.

『I see strength have dwelt in your eyes once again. Oppose, o my puny rival. And break the limit.』

Bwoosh, black dragon Heiron spread his wings, and then sprung up in the air while chanting wind magic like he was singing.

I bowed my head to thank black dragon Heiron for giving me the [Realization].

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Come to think of it--.


Tama showed up from my shadow on the ground.

"Please fetch Pochi here."

Tama dived into the shadow and immediately popped back up along with Pochi.
Looks like they were playing in the shadow together.

"You called, Pochi jumped out, jambalaya nanodesu."
"Pochi, I have a question for you."

I recalled the story about how Arisa wounded God Zaikuon with anti-god magic during the divine punishment and asked Pochi who was present at the site about the details.

"The great weasel demon lord's Ryuuga Kakujirain went like boom under the yellow giant and blew it away nodesu."

The shock wave from that explosion chipped holy sword Durandal that Pochi had with her and even pierced through Phalanx.

Ryuuga Kakujirain--if I remember right, it's the name of a weapon master mentioned once before.
Using the blast from a huge explosion to scatter broken fragments of dragon fangs all around, giving damages while ignoring any kind of defense.
In other words, dragon fangs are capable of harming gods depending on how it's used.

Ryuuga Kakujirain might have been ignited using great weasel demon lord's Unique Skill--the authority of gods.
But anything that demon lords or dragons are capable of should be doable for us as well.

"Pochi, Tama, I will embark on a quest to train myself now. Would you like to tag along?"
"But of course nanodesu. Pochi will get even stronger and get lots of praises from master nodesuyo."
"Tama too~?"

The two immediately gave a positive response to my question.

Besides, right now we don't have to worry about where to train.

『Arisa, I'd like to ask you something.』

I called Arisa through comm magic tool and asked her to send us to an uninhabited place with a purple mound.

There is no better place for trial runs.

I thrust my dragon spear at the purple mound.
As expected, my dragon spear just passed through the mound.

"--The me right now cannot stand next to master."

I raised my face as it was about to hang down.

"But I will definitely arrive at that spot."

Just like how the dragons changed themselves with determinations, we will also endeavor to be the new us.

With a determination to absolutely pierce it in my heart, I thrust my dragon spear forward.

In order to stand next to master with my head high up.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 259

Chapter 259 Strongest Sage, Fights Alone


"...Do you intend to fight alone?"

Grevil asked me when he saw Alma not even taking her bow.

"Yeah. Me alone is enough."

I readied my sword while replying to him.
...Well since this sword is made by Ruli, I'm not sure if 'alone' is correct here.

In fact, the reason why the girls aren't fighting is simply because they haven't been in enough battles yet.
Even Alma likely can't hit with her arrows, and Iris's strength is meaningless if she can't hit the enemy.
Although amateurs could potentially disturb the opponent's moves... against Grevil, he would probably make use of it and turn it into his favor instead.

In that case, fighting 1-on-1 without worries of the surroundings gives a better chance at winning instead.
I actually have a bit of plan, and I need this fight to be 1-on-1 in order to employ that plan.

"...I suppose whether that's enough or not shall be made clear once this fight begins."


I swing my sword--and rush toward Grevil.
Grevil matched my movement and swung his sword just right to cross with mine.

--Then our swords clashed with each other.


In term of pure strength, high level demons are still stronger.
However, the techniques put into Grevil's sword are on a whole different level.

Even though it looks like he's simply pushing forward with brute force, in reality it's done with delicate controls.
Grevil's sword doesn't allow me when I try to parry his sword, heck, it feels like it's going to take control of my sword instead if I attempt to.

When I put magical enchants on my sword, he immediately constructs the magic to counter them.
Outwardly, it looks like I'm simply crossing swords with Grevil, but behind it, a high level magical clashes are happening.

Grevil's response speed is not actually that fast.
His foresight is still not quite there from my point of view. There's a considerable time lag between the time I put enchants on my sword and Grevil begins to construct the counter spell.

However, his strength, physical reinforcement and the difference in amount of mana put into our enchants bury the gap in techniques and foresights.
The spell Grevil cast after I had read him ahead and cast a spell to counter that spell still ended up losing in power.

--It has only been 12 years since I was reborn, however Grevil has been keeping up with his training for thousands of years.
His raw mana and strength cannot be compared at all to mine.
And Grevil is making maximum use of that advantage to gain the upper hand over me.

--However, there's still an opening I can utilize.
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Grevil looked taken aback when I made it looked like I relaxed the strength I put on my sword for an instant.
Of course, I haven't actually relaxed my strength. My sword would immediately have gotten pushed back if I did.

I relaxed my strength for truly an instant.
Most people except those who have greatly polished their battle prowess would have missed it.
However, Grevil's sense was sharp enough to notice it.

As such, he was bewildered by the odd move I made.
Even with all the training he undertook, this level of push-and-pull should still be new to him.
His bewilderment was shown on his sword.

That was enough for me to change the flow of battle.
Making use of that very small opening, I slightly altered my sword's angle and parried away Grevil's sword.

Then I take an attack pose and point my sword at Grevil who has broken out of his posture.


Grevil noticed his blunder and immediately took a defensive pose.
But I had anticipated that as well.
I pretended to take the attack pose to prevent Grevil from pushing forward to attack.

I leaped several steps back as Grevil took the defensive pose in front of me.
Continuing to attack here would have been pointless anyway.

"...Are you really a kid? The exchange just now felt like I was facing off against master."

Grevil's tone changed.
Unlike the theatrical tone he had been using--it's his real tone.

"As you can see, I'm but a kid."

I ready my sword after saying that.

--Grevil really has gotten quite strong in the thousand years I was absent.

Grevil was hopelessly talentless in magic.
His magic circuits were thin from birth, his mana quality was extremely low, and even his growth from gaining experience point was slow.

His crest is like the past me, the Glory Crest--the weakest crest for combat.
And yet Grevil's mana was only a bit better than other crests at augmentations, even though his crest was supposed to be the best at it.

Nevertheless, as a royalty, Grevil kept earnestly training to become stronger.
I have no idea why such a man is fighting me here now--but the fact that he's become this strong despite the situation he was in deserves a praise.

"Now then... How should I go about this."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 258

Chapter 258 Overturns Numerical Superiority


"Thanks so much, Iris-san!!"

"No worries! It's my duty after all!"

Iris keeps her guard against any demon who tries to get pass the door while saying that.

The demons may have the upper hands in numbers and magic powers, but the battle is completely in our favor now.
Every time I close the distance, I strike the demons with [Magic Spear], and then retreat flawlessly.

When the demons try to chase after me, Alma's arrows obstructed the vanguard demons.
When the demons try to surround me, Alma's arrows break their formation and I use that chance to get out of the encirclement.
And if they try to dodge the arrows, that just creates an opening for me to attack.

"H-how... how could it be this overwhelmingly!"

A demon attempted to dodge my [Magic Spear] even while sounding confused.
But Alma's arrow struck that demon, stopping its attempt.

"Probably cause you guys are so bad at this fighting thing."

I analyzed the flow of battle while provoking them.
--Should be about time to finish this.

The demons can't move like they were in the beginning anymore.
Their bodies have been struck by [Magic Spears] and Alma's arrows, and they have spent a huge amount of mana already.

That they could still avoid letting a single demon receiving a concentrated fire and maintain their numerical superiority is a testament of their high ranks as demons.
However... A plan like that is only good when you can effectively use your numerical superiority to gain the upper hand in a battle.
Dispersing damage in a situation where you're getting one-sidedly attacked has no point above delaying their inevitable defeat.

And their numerical superiority that they've been maintaining so far will soon collapse.


The demons sounded surprised when I changed my moves.
I had been maintaining my distance since my main method of attack had been [Magic Spears].

That way I could move around the battlefield easily to maintain the one-sided battle flow.
However, that's not needed any longer.

『Alma, you can stop shooting now. Save your mana.』


I swung my sword while informing Alma that this fight is over.
The mana reinforced sword easily cut off a demon's head now that it had lost most of its mana and stamina.

However, my sword isn't stopping yet.
Using the sword's momentum, I jumped into the second demon's bosom and thrust my sword in its heart.

The dying demon crumbled down without a sound.

It's 3 against 1 now.
These demons who can't even stand against us when it was 5 on 1 couldn't possibly put up a fight now that it's 3 on 1.

The demons died off 30 seconds later.

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"...Here it is."

After defeating the five demons, we reached a huge room at the inner part of the castle.
Grevil is standing alone inside.

"Well done, well done... I never would have thought that you would arrive here."

"...Are you really still going to play that act of yours..."

Grevil's words were directed toward one corner of the room instead of us--where the [Wide Area Comm Magic] was set.
The spots where [Wide Area Comm Magic] are set in this castle are all protected by powerful barriers.
Apparently, this theatrical play is quite important to Grevil.

"A fitting production value is necessary for the fight of the century. Don't you think so?"

Grevil unsheathed a glittering sword decorated with ornaments of poor taste.

But his sword is not a mere ceremonial sword.
It's actually a nice sword--or rather, it was a sword the past me made exclusively for Grevil's personal use.
Those bad decorations must have been added afterward.

Its performance as a sword itself surpasses that of my current sword.
As it was made for Grevil, the sword has no flashy ability or gimmick, however it's capable of drawing out Grevil's skill to its fullest.
The sword's center of gravity had been adjusted to a 0.001mm precision for that sake.

And this guy just went and put extraneous decorations on it...

"Nah, not in the least... Let's just get this over with."

I stepped forward as I said that.
At the same time, the girls retreated back.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-5

17-5. To Realm of Gods


Satou here. When I hear the word higher dimensional worlds, my limited knowledge only gets me to think about interstellar jump cruises (warps) at most. An SF-mania friend told me all kinds of things back in the days, but I couldn't understand one bit about what he said.

"Master, may fortunes be with you so I say."

Nana struck the shupin pose while saying that and then she got out of the duchy capital's villa carrying a huge bag on her back.
She's probably visiting the duchy capital's orphanages and sealkin kids.

"Let's go as well."

Sera who's embracing my arm heads toward the front gate.

Tenion Temple is located right behind this villa that I have just bought.
As such it would have been faster to go through the back, but Sera told me that my outward appearances as a noble was more important than doing things faster, thus we got to the temple with a carriage through the front gate.

"Your excellency Pendragon, if you'd please come over here."

After a commotion at the entrance of Tenion Temple, the present head miko-san led us to the room where the previous head miko, little girl Lily was waiting.
We parted ways with the present miko-san at the passageway toward the sanctuary, then us two, Sera and I went inside the room.

"Please come in, Nanashi-san. Or perhaps, I should call you Satou-san?"
"Please go with Satou when I'm in this form."

Even after she's turned into a little girl, the head miko-san--Lily still retains her atmosphere.
I smiled back at Lily who smiled at me.

I feel relaxed whenever I'm around her, maybe it's due to her holy mother-like aura.

"Satou-sama! How long are you going to stare at each other!"

Sera thrust herself between me and previous head miko-san, reproving me, "Have you forgotten why we're here?"
She murmured sulkily, "Talking with eyes is unfair", before she cut in but I should pretend not to hear that here.

"Ufufu, oh Sera, is that jealousy?"
"N-no it's not."

Teased by Lily, Sera turned her pouting face away like a child.
Lily is probably like a mother to Sera as she grew up under her care.

"Bridal Knights was it? Sera informed me that you have formed private knights."
"Yes, since there had been a sharp increase of people who were trying to forcefully solicit the girls."
"Oh my? I heard that the knights consist of candidates of people that will be your wives--"
"That's a misunderstanding."

Gotta correct what's wrong.

"So it is. I'd love to join the group if you're all right with a miko apprentice."
"We'd be very happy to have Lily-sama."
"Truly? I'm so glad."

Lily clapped her hands, elated like a child.

Attentive Ears skill picked up her saying in a low voice, "Too bad about the wives part not being true though."
Her eyes met mine, and then she stuck out her tongue and laughed shyly. Looks like she was just joking.

"My what a convenient magic. But I guess that's too bad for Sera?"
"N-no, not at all!"

Hearing the mind magic I developed to avoid the naked body-to-body contact ceremony, [Mind Connection Advance], Lily seemed amazed before proceeding to tease Sera.
The denying red-faced Sera looked a bit disappo--"It's really really not like that at all, okay!"--not.

"Really? Okay then let's perform the ceremony with our clothes on."

A part of miko-san encircling us seem disappointed like Sera as well, but I must be just imagining things.

I changed into the ceremonial holy vest, received the holy crest transcription and performed the slightly simplified ceremony.

『--O God.』

Telepathy skill transmitted Sera's inner voice to me.
This part got said out loud in other temples, hence the calling with inner voices is probably exclusive to Tenion Temple.

『Great God who watches over us.』

Responding to Sera's call, a tranquil light falls down from heavens.
Back then it looked like a mere white light, perhaps because I hadn't got used to godly powers, but now it looks like a faint green light is mixed in the white light. This must be God's Tenion intrinsic color.

Sera's face comes off ecstasy.
She's entered the trance state.


A torrent of words and images list was transmitted to me all at once through Sera.
My view was filled with noise before turning white and cleared up.

『Well done collecting all gods' marks, Satou Pendragon. As promised, I will invite you who have splendidly cleared all the trials to the Garden of Gods.』

An image of Sera standing in the center of the white light conveyed God Tenion's words.

『Go through the door of light while holding steadfast to your heart.』

At the direction Sera pointed her finger to, a door of light with a green outline showed up.

The instant I turned my attention to the door, I realized that I was already standing in front of it.

『Hold your heart steadfast. That will protect you.』

I nod at God Tenion who repeated the condition and go pass the door.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"A temple overflowing with green lights?"

Torrents of undulating waves of white and green colored lights are wrapping the temple like a cocoon around it.

"This is the 『World of Rift』. Tenion-sama's sanctuary."

As I looked around the area, I turned my gaze toward the owner of that voice.
A woman wearing green colored miko uniform was standing there.


No, she's not.
Her face looks exactly the same, but she's got a different hair color.
According to AR reading, apparently she's a high elf of Bareonan Clan.

"What's the matter? Child of man."
"Please excuse me, it's just that you look like someone I know."
"You're acquainted with a high elf?"
"Yes, I'm a close friend of Boruenan Forest Sacred Tree, Aialize-sama."

I had wanted to say she was my lover, but since I shouldn't tell lies here, I held myself back.


The woman nodded indifferently.
Looks like she's not interested in Boruenan Forest.

"I have also received magic educations from Ruuze-sama of Bareonan Clan."

Just for a bit though.

"Really--was she doing all right?"
"Yes, she was full of energy."

The expressionless high elf's mouth slightly loosened up.

"Come over here, child of man."

High elf-san leads the way into the temple.

"My name is Satou Pendragon. Would you mind if I have your name?"
"I'm Sillmufuze. A high elf serving under Tenion-sama."

Since I was able to establish a conversation, I asked her more things like, "Since when have you been here?", or "Would you like me to pass a message to your clan?", but she responded to none of it.

I walk in a long passage, following after Sillmufuze-san.
Map was, as expected, [Area without Map], it was blank.

After quite a long trek, Sillmufuze-san halted.

"Purify yourself here."

I scoop light water from what looks like a temizu and wash my hand with it. <TLN:>


The light water I used to wash my hand spread out and surrounded my whole body as if combing it down.
Sillmufuze-san also scooped the water with the her hands and washed the top of her shoulder like you'd do in a bath, and then she urged me to follow her deeper into the temple.

It's probably due to the light water earlier, I feel weirdly buoyant whenever I take a step.
According to AR reading, my state is [Uplifted].

"How lovely--"

The inner part of the temple is cylindrical shaped with glittering lights falling down the ceiling.

--Something's weird.

I noticed the oddity when I got to the end of the passage.

It's the scale.

I had wrongly guessed since there was nothing to compare, but this hall is quite enormous.
The scale of flowing water is even larger than even the Niagara Falls, I'm sure of it.

"Satou of man, over here."

There's a stairway at the end of the passage, and there's an altar with a magic circle at the brim of a slightly lower ground area.

"This is?"
"It's an artifact to separate your astral body from your physical body."

AR reading displays an information that affirms her explanation.
Apparently it's called Soul Parting Altar.

"You cannot enter the Garden of Gods while you possess your physical body. If you force your way in, your physical body will get dispersed by the Dimensional Gulf. I don't particularly mind myself, but then you'd lose your physical body when you get back from the Realm of Gods, you know?"

Dimensional Gulf?

Does the Realm of Gods exist in a higher dimension or something?

"I understand."

Since it seems like I have to get back here later anyway, let's just follow her instruction.
Looking at the AR reading, doesn't seem like it's a trap.

I stand at the center of the magic circle, and then rainbow colored lights overflow out of the magic circle.
The buoyant feeling earlier got stronger, and I had separated into an astral body before I realized.

It feels subtly different than when I separate my astral body with Soul Magic.
There's no cord that connects my astral body to my physical body.

"Do not worry, you can get back to your physical body when you return here. Of course, your physical body won't deteriorate either."

Sillmufuze-san laid my body on a bed next to the magic circle.
She got back to the magic circle and separated her astral body as well.

Sillmufuze-san carries her own physical body with force magic, either [Magic Hand] or [Magic Arm].
Looks like the separated astral body can still use magic.

"We will now proceed to climb up the waterfall."

Sillmufuze-san pointed at the waterfall in the central hole of the hall before flying up from the brink of the lower ground.
Peeking down, what lies on the bottom of the lower ground was not darkness but a white light that covers my view.

"Satou of man?"
"I'm sorry, I'll be there right away."

I fly up into the sky as well.

--Do not leave behind your own body at the dimensional rift.

Those words flashed in my mind.

--Make sure to carry it with you noja.

I recalled I got that warning.
I stretched out my [Magic Hand], touched my physical body and put it away in Storage.
Looks like I can use Storage no problem even in astral body.

I chase after Sillmufuze who has gone ahead.
Her skirt is fluttering in front of me, I'm not sure where to look.

But that's only until we touch the waterfall.

Light scatters away along with the smooth sand-like feeling.

Surrendering my body to the flow that's not as fast as it look feels good somehow.

"Hurry it up, Satou of man."

Sillmufuze-san who had stood still against the flowing lights called me.

While enjoying a sensation that feels like beach sand on the sole of my feet, I go up against the flow.

"We will hasten the pace from here on."

Are the gods waiting for us?

"Getting washed by the 『Waterfall of Ablution』 will not only erase the world of men's impurities, but eventually also all kinds of desires that branches out to dynamism and even your memories."

Whoops, I wouldn't want that.

I fire myself up and go after Sillmufuze-san.
The outer part was gentle, but when we got to the center of the light waterfall, the torrent of light became so intense to the point of being painful, thus the climb was quite a difficult ride.

I climb up the waterfall while feeling like a Koi Carp going upstream.

After what felt like an eternity of waterfall climbing, I arrived at a world filled with lights.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 6.13_14_15_16


Silence ruled the room for a while once Shira was done talking about her past.

Eventually Lecan opens his mouth.

"One thing bugs me."

"Which one?"

"If you were put under the immortal ceremony years after you became the king's mistress, your current form now looks too young."

"Ah, that huh. Actually I don't really get it myself. My body just got younger little by little."

"Since when"

"I think it started after I cast <Purification> on myself."

"So the effect of <Purification> didn't disappear after you got turned into an immortal."

"<Purification> lifts up your body to its optimal condition. While the immortal ceremony rejects deteriorations of body. Even though their elements are completely opposite, they work similarly. Thus, clashing both in a certain way results in one denying the other. However, clashing them in another way results in them amplifying one another. In the first place, <Purification> has a slight rejuvenation effect. Perhaps that effect has been permanently affixed."

"Wouldn't you keep getting younger forever then."

"Oh the rejuvenation did continue. Slowly. You might think that you just age slower if you only get a year younger in ten year time, but when you got 10 year younger in 100 years, anyone would notice."

"Hence your current age after 300 years huh."

"That's not it. The rejuvenation stopped after a certain point. I think it's at about 18 year old. I suspect it's because that's the age where your body is at its most prime, you see."

Lecan closed his mouth after hearing everything he wanted to hear. Shira also stopped talking further. The two kept their silence for a while.


Suddenly, Shira spoke.

"What do you, plan to do about me."


"Nothing eh."


Lecan feared Shira because she was not a human and possessed enormous mana. But after knowing her better, he felt that she was mainly leading a life of medicine making. There are better ways to get rich if that was her goal. Since the medicine she makes saves lives, what Shira is doing is beneficial to humans.

On top of that, he got to know her personal history. Lecan was relieved with what he learned.

Of course, that doesn't mean that he has lost his fear of Shira. Surely, there are times when Shira gets mad. There may even come times where she would consider destroying this country.

However, that's no different from a natural disaster. When a volcano erupts, many people lose their lives, however people also live with the blessing from that volcano until then.

If he sees a sign of Shira erupting soon, he will simply leave this country. In that sense, observing her from up close is the best course of action.

"Then, Lecan. We're taking a break tomorrow. Don't forget to practice on <Appraisal>. We'll begin preparing for other medicines the day after tomorrow. Let me see, this one should take 10 days. And then, it's a long break. You can go venture in a dungeon as you like."

"Got it. Ah right. I recalled one thing I wanted to ask you."

"Hee, what is it?"

"What does Special type magic <Absorption> absorb?"

"Mana. You absorb mana from magic gems to recharge your own mana with it."

"Can you absorb mana from still living magic beasts?"

"Of course you can't. And when the spell level is still beginner, you gotta touch the magic gem directly to do it. At mid level, you can absorb mana even from a certain distance, and even from magic gems inside dead magic beasts. At advanced level, you will absorb more mana than the original quantity, enabling powerful magic to be used. Taking in too much mana will make it disperse instead though."

Then Lecan is already at advanced rank.

"Lots of folks who dive deep into dungeons learn this magic. This magic's pair, the ability <Grant> enables one to recharge mana into magic gems. However, weak magic gems would break down if you fill them with powerful mana, while strong magic gems would repulse weak mana. Adventurers who aren't diving in dungeons buy some medium sized magic gems and put mana in them when they can afford to."

Shira drank the now cold tea and then spoke as if she was whispering.

"I sensed you when you first entered this town. Some really crazy one just dropped by, hope he'd go away quick I thought. But instead, three days later, that crazy one was drawing close to my house. I already had a bad feeling when Chaney consulted me. And then that crazy one finally knocked this house's door. I braced myself to have what might be the last battle in my life, you know."

As it sounded like a complete mirror of Lecan's worries, it felt oddly funny to him.

Lecan had a very peaceful sleep that night. He felt like the mist had cleared up when he woke up the next morning.


On his day off, Lecan used <Appraisal> on everything he saw that day.

However, Lecan cannot cast the spell unless he shouts it out loud.

The casting would fail if he just muttered it in his mouth or chanted the spell name in a low voice.

As such, things that he could use <Appraisal> on were limited.

That said, he could still appraise things on immobile carriages like their wheels, windows, metal fittings, etc, and there were lots of things on the road side like buckets, and cleaning utensils that he encountered as he strolled the town.

Passerby were startled every time Lecan cast <Appraisal> in a loud voice.

He sat down in a square and appraised clothing and stuff people were carrying. He did so by pretending to hold a jewel in his palm and appraised it.

The results of appraisals could be either easy to understand or puzzling.

In addition, it seems like the target of appraisal has to stay still. Thus, he wasn't able to appraise clothes or stuff being carried by moving people.

His appraisals worked fine on people who were sitting down having meals.

He visited a weapon shop, took a sword in his hand and appraised it.

"<Appraisal (Abel)>"

The result of appraisal came up in his mind several layers thick. Concentrating on the first layer, the word <Steel> came up in his mind. On the next layer, the word <Sword> came up. Concentrating onward to the next layer, the word <Falchion> came up. There were more layers after that, but no words came up even after he concentrated.

--I want to know the sword's performance.

He concentrated on the <Sword> layer while wishing that. And then, several lumps of different colors came up in his mind.

--This is, Attack power? This is, Endurance? This is, Sharpness? This one is...

After concentrating more, the meanings of those lumps came to light.

"Oy oy. Whatre ya doin' blatantly appraising the wares in my shop. Have some manners will ya."

A man who seemed to be the storekeeper told Lecan off. Lecan's common sense couldn't understand why would his action be considered rude but he apologized and left the shop nonetheless.

And then he got back at the square, bought some skewers, took a seat and appraised everything that came into his view while eating.

It's not possible to appraise things far away.

He could only read appraisal results from stuff within reach of his hands. But it might be possible to appraise faraway stuff if his ability improves, so he plans to continue on it.

Lecan got back to his inn right after it got dark outside and appraised items he brought from his former world.

He was surprised that he could appraise them more clearly now.

He recalled something and appraised <Guardian Jewel of Zana> once again.

<Name: Guardian Jewel of Zana>

<Type: Jewel>

<Graces: Boost Physical Attack (Large), Supplement User's Mana (Mediume), Null Curse>

Just as he thought, the content was more detailed than before.

Either his <Appraisal> has been improved, or his capability to read results of <Appraisal> does.

Either way, the fact that he could appraise goods on his own is a huge boon, something to be thrilled about.

He tried appraising his trusty sword once again.

<Name: None>

<Type: Sword>

<Attack: A bit high>

<Sharpness: A bit good>

<Endurance: Perfect>

<Grace: Self-Restoration (Large)>

He could clearly read information that was hazy before.

However, even though he could express colors, signifying things like attack, sharpness and endurance, that came up in his mind as these words, the results in his mind were perceived fuzzier.

Appraisers were able to quantify these properties, but expressing these shades of colors as objective numbers is quite difficult for Lecan.

However, Lecan clearly knows by heart just how offensively powerful this sword is.

--I've gotten hold of a wonderful ability. I want to polish it more. And if possible, I'd like to be able to understand properties of weapons my opponents have.

Lecan believes that's possible once he's mastered this ability. In fact, he succeeded appraising weapons carried by people who were sitting having meals. If he could shorten the time to appraise things, he should be able to appraise equipment of people who move slowly.

He suddenly hit upon something, and appraised his trusty sword while holding it in his hand.

Then a weirdly hazy result came up.

When he tried to appraise it again while focusing only on the sword, the appraisal result was clear.

He tried to appraise the sword again while holding it, and sure enough, the result was hazy yet again.

However, those hazy lumps were much denser than when he just appraised the sword.

His proficiency level is not yet high enough to understand what this means.

He's looking forward to the day he could read new things once he's gotten better at <Appraisal>.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

The next day, Lecan was ordered to cut off a section of the herbs growing in Shira's garden when he got to her house.

Those herbs' branches would clear away other plants' leaves if they grew too big.

Lecan was surprised to hear the names of those plants and their general effects.

The plants he was asked to cut were all poisonous.

"Poisons are often used in making medicine as well, you see. The plants you cut today are all plants that can only be used in poison making though."

The medicine making was already done by noon of that day.

Once his work was over, Lecan started training in <Sleep> that day.

Yet, he couldn't comprehend the sense no matter how much she taught him.

"Uun. By some chance, maybe you don't have the aptitude for mind magic. Well, you've already learned three types, Perception, Space and Light Heat after all. Ah right, you used a curious magic when you climbed up my wall's stakes that time, didn't you."

She's talking about <Gust>. He never thought that she saw him doing it.

"Try using that."


Lecan produced <Gust> in front of Shira.

"Once again."


"Hmm. No mistake about it. That one's Creation type."

"What? But it's just making wind blow."

"Wind is composed of materials to a degree, you see. What you did just now was not making wind that's already there move, but producing a lump of wind out of nothing. No mistaking it. It's a Creation type magic. Now I'm sure you can learn <Pure Water> as well."

Afterward, Lecan continued to train in <Sleep> but it didn't seem like he would cast it at all.

Someone jumped down the wall when Lecan was about to go home.

"I'm back!"

It's Eda.

She's probably on her way back from work, she's full of energy as well today.

"Oh my, welcome back."

"Bururu, ruru."


Shira and Jericho greeted her back, but Lecan kept his silence.

"This fruit is for Jericho. And this sachet is for Shira-san ssu. And this jerky here's for Lecan."

"My my, thank you."

"Uho, uho, uho."


Even Lecan couldn't keep being unresponsive at this, he bowed his head to show his appreciations.

"Well then! Seems like I came at the right time. Mentor Lecan, teach me magic please."

"Right time it's not. I'm about to head back."

"Eeeh? Oh come on, just for a bit please."

In the end, with Shira's arbitration, Lecan was to watch Eda casting <Lamplight>.

Cast time was quick, size and adjustment were good. She could even cast it about five step away.

"You're good."

"Hehehe. You think so?"

"Where'd you train."


"There's no way you could get this good without practicing. You must have done it somewhere."

"No err... I mean uh..."


"Well, you see, I went out the town for a quest, right. So I thought, it should be fine outside. But it's alright. I practiced secretly without anyone's witnessing."

The people who were with her were probably aware of it, Lecan thought.

"Oh it's fine it's fine. All magicians can use <Lamplight>, it's handy after all. I was planning to give the permission to use it in public once you've mastered it anyway. But, Eda-chan. There are some magic that will make your life like hell if people know you can use those magic. From here on, you absolutely must no use any magic I haven't given you permission to outside this house, okay."

"A...Al...I understand."

"Lecan. Teach Eda-chan how to cast <Ignition>."

Lecan showed her a sample, and explained the knack to cast it.

"A-alright, I gotcha. I'm gonna do it. <Ignition (Yutel)>!"

Dry leaves were on fire on her first try.

"I-I did it. I did it!"

Lecan ended up having to keep Eda's company while she was training.

There were times where the leaves did and did not burn even after she chanted the spell.


The poison making was proceeding well.

Eda's <Ignition> was getting better.

However, Lecan wasn't able to cast <Sleep> even once.

"Uun. Yep, it's hopeless. You've got no aptitude for it. It's a good idea to learn even one mind magic spell since it builds resistance against mind magic though, too bad."

Unfortunately, it seems like Lecan cannot learn mind magic. However, Lecan has a ring that resists abnormal status. Moreover, it's an item from his former world so the people in this world can't appraise it. He can wear it on him without reserve.

Since Lecan had to look after Eda's training in evening, he had to train himself during noon break. As such, Eda has no idea that Lecan has hit a road block in his magic training.

The day after he was proclaimed to have no aptitude for mind magic, Lecan was taught <Flame Arrow (Veyart)>.

His targets were some kind of fur hung on the wall stakes.

"Fire magic's got quite a firepower, see. But it should be fine with Flame Arrows no matter how many you shoot. Just don't take the fur off the wall, you hear me."

Lecan seems to have a good compatibility with this magic, he succeeded creating a flaming arrow as big and fast as he wanted in the first try.

"Alright, good going there. Don't raise its attack power now. This magic is merely a checkpoint. Let's get to the next one."

Evening of this day, Eda started training in <Draw>. Since Lecan had progressed to <Move> and <Float> already, teaching <Draw> was a simple matter for him.

They were done with the poison-making by the ninth day. Some of the products needed a long time to complete though, hence they were stored in basement's shelves.

"Now then, come here again tomorrow. By the way, how many Green Potions do you have."

"Think about 14."

"Alright, that's enough. Hold back from drinking liquor tonight."

Eda wasn't able to learn <Draw> this day either.

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