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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.2


"What we will be doing from here on?"

"Me too?"

"I would love to teach you <Recovery> myself. But the best teacher is seeing all kinds of illnesses and wounds with your own eyes and experiencing healing them yourself. Eda-chan's <Recovery> has turned into rumors anyway and we don't have to worry about temple for the time being. Which means, there's nothing that could hinder you from training at a medical practitioner."


"Medical practitioner, is it."

"This town has a female medical practitioner by name Norma. Her mana pool is diminutive, neither is she talented in magic. But she's quite knowledgeable in illnesses, healing and medicinal herbs. I'm thinking of lending you two over for a month, you see."


"What do you mean by that?"

"It's nothing deep. You two are my pupils who, for the sake of learning how to treat others in real world, will be under Norma's tutelage for a period of time. While Norma will make use of your <Recovery> and mana pools to heal patients that can't be cured with just her own magic and medicine. You don't have to pay for the tuition fee, but conversely, you won't get salary either. Hence, lending."

"What's the period?"

"How long will we stay there?"

"Just 10 or 20 days won't be enough. 40 days, or around a month should be good. It ultimately depends on your consultation with Norma though."



"I'd like to take Eda to a dungeon."


"Hou. For what reason?"

"In the end, dungeon exploring is what I'm best at for teaching her. Besides, Eda won't be able to afford her equipment unless she can earn for herself at least."

"You have a point. Her equipment is completely out of question as it is now."

"Eh? The ones I have now are no good?"

"They're bad. Those clothes virtually have no defensive properties. And no matter how skilled you are at ranged attacks, you still have to learn close quarter combat. You've also got to swap out your weapons. A bow and a dagger will do for now."

"Eh? Do I have to return <Bow of Isya>?"

"That bow is yours. But don't make it your main weapon."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"<Bow of Isya> has an upper power limit, you won't be able to go past that limit no matter how hard you pull the bowstring, meaning it will never work on powerful foes. And shooting with <Bow of Isya> will throw off your sense of distance when you're using a normal bow, stunting growth of the most important quality for an archer. Most importantly, that thing will eventually break if you keep using it. What are you gonna do then?"

"I see, so it's gonna break some day."

"If the only way to fight you know is by relying on a particular piece of equipment, losing that equipment equals your death."


"That's an adventurer."

"That's... an adventurer."

"I get it now. That's fine, you're free to go dungeon exploring."

"Which dungeon you think we should go to."

"There's a dungeon north of Skales, it's close by, however it's also probably not enough for you. I believe Ninae would be best. And bows come out often there, so you may get your hand on a Grace-laced bow if you're lucky, or at the very least there will be many bows to choose from."

"How many floors does it have?"

"45 floors. But even you are unlikely to conquer that dungeon solo. If you're going there for the purpose of training Eda-chan, go no further than around floor 20. Since it's a proper dungeon, lots of professional dungeoners prowl around the place. Never let yer' guard down."


"They're adventurers who specialize in dungeon diving, y'see. Most dungeoners form parties. Some team up with locals around the dungeon they're exploring though."

"Alright then. That's our destination."

"Then I'll give you a month once you're done at Norma's. That should be more than enough time for you to travel to Ninae, explore the dungeon some and travel back here. It'll be another session of herb gathering afterward."

"Got it."

"You may be working at Norma's place for a month, but that doesn't mean you're doing that the entire time. Don't forget to show up here once in a while."

"Got it."

"I understand."

"I mean, Lecan's got to go to the orphanage too."


"It's okay, I'm coming along with you."

"Oh, and there's something I need you to do."

"What is it?"

"Please deliver these finished medicines to the pharmacies."


Jericho seems motivated.

"And also, have you two thought about changing your place of residence?"

"Hum? To where."

"You mean, we're gonna stay in the same place?"

"There's a house for rent managed by Chaney Firm around this neighborhood, see. I can send Jericho if you're there. The inns you two are staying at right now are too far from here, and you're going to stay in this town for six months anyway. It's a good idea to rent a house outright."

"I see your point. But, are there places that serve good food nearby?"

"Eda-chan makes some real tasty food you know."



"You'd know if watch her handiwork during camping."

"Fumu. I'd be glad if she could make my shares. Can I count on you to?"

"Eh. Eh. M-me? For Lecan?"

"Will you cook for me."


"My, look how red she's turned. So innocent."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.1


"Welcome back."


"Aah! Shira-san. You're finally back."

"How have you been, Eda-chan."


"You too Jericho, long time no see. Lookie here, I got dried fruits of all kinds for you."


Come to think of it, how long has it been since Eda met Shira in her Shira form, thought Lecan, but he couldn't recall.

"I was just about to have some tea. Care for a cup?"

"Shira-san's tea is so good, I love it."



"Has your speech mannerism changed?"

"Un. I feel like I don't have to force myself anymore."

"Force yourself?"

"Like, I don't have to try so hard to speak like how an adventurer should, you know."

(So that weird way of talking was made up.)

(Dunno why she thought that would make her like an adventurer.)

Shira's tea was good.

A deep taste that takes your fatigue away.

"Looks like it went well huh."

"You knew about it, Shira-san?"

Lecan and Eda went straight to this house after leaving the temple.

And yet, Shira seemed to be aware of the events that occurred in the temple already.

"Just that. The not forcing you part is a trick, y'see."

"You're right. The vice temple head never said anything about not trying to invite me over again after all."

Lecan was a bit amazed to hear Eda said that.

Her noticing that fact means she's got a proper understanding of what transpired.

"Lecan, you did really good there. Well done."


"But, demolishing Zogus Idol at the end was a bad move."


"Thanks to that, you'd have to provide your service for free. Nine times at that."


"You're an idiot, aren't you."

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"Shira-san, do you not get compensation working at the orphanage?"

"Lecan won't be in this case. It's a service not a work, y'see. By having Lecan provide a service at the orphanage for free, it signifies his respects toward the temple."

"Is that so. By the way, where's Nike-san?"

"Nike is away from town for a while to take care of something I need her do."

"Shira. One thing's been bothering me."

"What is it."

"Was there really a need for me and Eda to go to the temple? If we just told them about me being a Dungeon Conqueror, and that Nike and Shira would leave the town if I and Eda did, wouldn't that take care of things?"


"Yeah? What's up, Eda."

"Nike-san may have said that she would leave the town if you and I did. But Shira-san never said that. Vice temple head did say she would yeah, but Shira-san never told us about that, you know."



"When did you get so smart."

"Eda-chan. That's because Nike told my circumstances to the vice temple head. Lecan, that wouldn't work."

"Why wouldn't it."

"That wouldn't have stopped priest Casis from trying. Because it'd be like he's barred from trying to solicit a <Recovery> user that he found. Were that to happen, he'd grope around for your and Eda-chan's weaknesses, pick quarrels, and just generally harass you two at every opportunity. Don't you hate and is poor at dealing with those subterfuges?"

"I hate and am not good at dealing with it."

"Doing it your way would leave us with a mess to deal with behind the scene, and that'd be a pain. Hence, going about it directly by angering him and revealing his guilts, to then wrecking it was best."

"So you knew that letting me go would anger the guy, and made him disclose his guilts."

"Naturally, of course. You're someone who doesn't care about priestly honor and stuff, while Casis was the type of priests who won't forgive anyone that doesn't revere him. He definitely believes adventurers to be nothing but trash. That's precisely why you were belittling him from the outset, no?"

"I see you had made a prior arrangement with the vice temple head."

"That old hag's pretty lazy despite her capability, y'see. But since this was the perfect chance to put the sniveling rat in cage, she agreed to cooperate. That said, despite his many misdeeds, priest Casis has made many contributions to the temple as well as having many personal connections. It'd be tough cleaning up the mess."


"What is it?"

"There's a spell <Sharp Hearing> among perception type magic, isn't there."

"Oh there is."

"How far away can you hear sounds with it?"

"Ordinarily, it's only good enough for listening in the room right next to yours. But if you're in a desert with nobody else around, it can be used to hear from thousands of steps away."

"Suppose it's cast by the best mage in history, can it listen to conversations in the temple from here?"

"If that mage has an accurate grasp of the temple's location and shape, it might just be possible."

"I see. By the way, you think priest Casis get banished."

"Why'd you do something so dangerous. You wouldn't want to let that thing out of your sight, you know."

"Does that mean he's gonna get confined in this temple until his last."

"Most likely yep."

"Right. I wanted to ask you something."


"I managed to shoot dozens of <Flame Arrow (Veyart)> all at once."

"I saw that."


"It's been so long since I saw something so ridiculous like that. Were you planning to shoot down stars or something?"

"But I have no idea how to shoot it right. I just can't form the image. Please teach me the ropes."

"Humm. That huh. Well, I guess it's fine. I'll tell you how before long. More importantly, let's talk about what you two will be doing from here on."

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-32

17-32. World Crisis (2)


Satou here. I have been on the receiving end of a table flip at the final stage because I did not confirm what our client wanted. But thanks to those experiences, I never forgot to ask during the meeting with our clients, reducing frequency of such tragedies.

"We will protect Aze-sama!"
"Un, Shiro. We will definitely carry out the mission masita gave us."

Two reliable guards stand before Aze-san.
The wingkin little girls, Shiro and Crow in the latest version of silver equipment.

『Cheeky little--』
『Beat? Let's beat them up?』

And it's not the demon god that's pointing their blades at Shiro and Crow, but pink-haired little girls, demon god's familiars. Those little girls are brandishing purple-colored equipment including giant scythes.

Since there have been a lot of traffic in and out of Solitary Island Palace lately, they must have invaded by matching their timing.

『Who's this Aze anyway?』
『That high elf maybe?』
『Who--, cares--』


Are they not here to kidnap Aze-san as ordered by Demon God?

That was when Core Two rushed in.
Along with the green infant dragon, not sure how they got through the gate.

"Shiro, Crow! I brought infant dragon with me!"

--Pipiru! Piru! Piru!

Looking again, they're also with the godbird Hisui, and the sage mice Raven Riders.
Unlike the green dragon, you lot will be in a serious bind if you get hurt so please get back.

『Gyaa, it's a dragon!』
『I hate those things, they bite!』
『Geez, and we found no egg girl and no demon lords here.』
『Let's head back before it bites us!』
『Un, let's!』

The pink-haired little girls seemed to be afraid of dragons, they rushed back into the gate they used to invade while falling onto themselves.

My little clone jumps out of Aze-san's shadow and speaks.

"Are you alright, Aze-san?"
"Yes, all thanks to these children protecting me."

'Ehehe', Shiro and Crow laughed, after thanking them and the slightly triumphant looking Core Two, infant dragon, Hisui and sage mice, I asked them to keep guarding Aze-san.

Apparently Demon God is targeting reincarnated people like Arisa and demon lords like Shizuka.

He's probably trying to retrieve the [God's Fragments] he handed out to them during their reincarnations.

Arisa and the former sword demon lord foxkin girl have my little clones on standby so they're fine, but Shizuka is shutting herself in the sub-space and won't come out, while the squirrel Hamsaemon and the retired former rat demon lord Nezu-san that are in the same sub-space have had their [God's Fragments] removed when they stop being demon lords, so they should be fine.

The ones in danger would be the reincarnated people in labyrinth's lower layer, the vampire progenitor Ban, little oni princess Yuika, [Iron Stalker] Armor, and [King Mummy] Corpse, four of them--no, and one more.

The reincarnated person, Kei who's working as an apprentice priestess of Zaikuon Temple at Makiwa Kingdom.
I've gotta instruct the member dispatched to Makiwa Kingdom to guard Kei.

"Lyuryu, rout them up nodesu!"


Pochi and her dragon steed, Lyuryu, are overwhelming their opponents at Makiwa Kingdom.
She's already done dealing with the stampedes at the capital and four neighboring points, and now she's going around demolishing the purple towers' stampedes at various locations.

Pochi was quickly done dealing with this one also, so I talk to Pochi via my little clone hiding in her shadow.

"Pochi, I need your help to protect Kei."
"Yes nanodesu. --Where is Kei at nodesu?"
"Lyuryu's wings will take you there."

I asked through my little clone.

After getting the direction from me, Pochi pointed Lyuryu's nose toward it.
Kei should be fine now.

I changed my consciousness to the little clone attached to Hikaru.

"Hikaru, I need you to do something."
"OK. Where should I go help?"

Looks like Hikaru is done already dealing with the stampedes at Bishtal Dukedom, she's currently patrolling around the central small country group.

"Please deliver a warning to the reincarnated people living in the labyrinth's lower layer."
"That's fine with me, but wouldn't it be better to do that through Arisa-chan's Telephone?"
"That place's got Yuika's barrier up, you see."
"Ah, guess Telephone won't reach them then."

She's quick to catch on thankfully.

"Getting there from here would be a hassle. Need me to ask Arisa for a shortcut?"
"Ahaha, I'll be fine. I can go reasonably fast by making good use of acceleration circles. That aside, can I count on you to take care of the countries around here?"
"Ah, I'm going to ask Tama who's been dispatched to the southern part of Saga Empire to deal with things here."
"Ah with Cat Ninja Tama on the case, there's nothing to worry about then."

After saying that, Hikaru produced acceleration circles mid air and flew off in the direction of labyrinth city.

『--It's here.』
『--It's here.』

Reports from little clones attached to the former sword demon lord and Arisa.

After hesitating for a bit, I changed my consciousness to the little clone attached to Arisa.

"Fuhahaha, where do you think you're going to, huh."

『『『Bully demon lord is scary--』』』
『『『We're gonna tell milord on you!』』』

Arisa wearing sunglasses on top of her golden helmet is chasing around the purple-armored pink-haired little girls while laughing loudly.
I understood that reference, but please don't forget that we're facing a world crisis right about now.

"Oh my, Master. I haven't forgotten you know. Since there were nothing but mobs, I've put <<Vortex Traps>> around all the towers I'm in charge with. There should be almost nothing left of the enemy by now, I think?"

I see, so she was ambushed by these little girls during a downtime.

"Should I go capture one of them?"
"Nah, we don't want to attract Demon God's attention. Did you remember to check out their goals?"
"Oh yes, I sure did. Those girls are going for the Authorities (Unique Skills) given to us by demon god, they're apparently collecting it for the sake of Demon God."
"--For the sake of Demon God?"
"Un, it sounds super bad."

Must be the Disintegration Factor booby trap inserted by those gods--.

『『『Retreating for now--』』』

The little girls ran away.

"Ah, they ran off. How is it coming along on your side, Master?"
"It should be be done by sunset today."
"I see, so the last battle ground will still be at the highest purple tower near Saga Empire's [Hero's Labyrinth]?"
"Yeah, no change in plan as of now."

After telling her my progress, I changed consciousness to the little clone dispatched to the former sword demon lord.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"You ought to train more degozaru."


The former sword demon lord, foxkin girl said in triumphant as she trampled down the dizzy pink-haired little girls.
Just like Arisa, her demon lord form has come undone, but her Unique Skills--[God's Fragments] are still residing in her.

『An openiiiiing!』

A pink-haired little girl swung down a huge scythe from behind the former sword demon lord.

The scythe's blade looked as if it had successfully cut the former demon lord's body in two, but then her body faded before turning into light brown fur.

"That is but an illusion degozaru."

She failed to learn Primeval Magic like the beastkin girls, but in exchange, she managed to use the illusion art passed down in foxkin family a bit.
She told me that she could only produce one illusion of herself for a short period of time, but I think it's more than potent enough paired with her swordsmanship.

"Judgment, degozaru."

The little girl that was hit by the sword's hilt got beaten down to the ground.
She's probably not gonna die with just that much, but the scene reeks of crime, visually speaking.

"You can let them go if you're done with their chastisement."
"Ui, I got it degozaru."

I gave an instruction to the former sword demon lord through the little clone.

『Don't think you've won yet!』
『Right right!』
『We won't lose next time, you hear us.』

The little girls freed by the former sword demon lord cursed out.

"I welcome a revenge match any time degozaru."

Noticing former sword demon lord battle junkiness from her reaction, "I can even go at it now", the little girls ran off toward a magic circle they produced to flee, "Noo, no more."

How do I say it, it's like watching subordinates getting pushed around by their superior.

Since Hikaru seemed to have arrived at the labyrinth's lower layer, I changed my consciousness to the little clone lurking in her shadow.

"So even Ancestor King Yamato is used as a gofer now eh?"
"Ahaha, Satou doesn't think that at all."
"Hyo hyo hyo, that's just how all men are like, y'know?"

They seem to be at [King Mummy] Corpse's domain.

She's talking to the master of the domain, Corpse and his sworn friend, [Iron Stalker] Armor.

"But still, how did you maintain the same looks as you were 700 years ago despite being a human?"
"Oh but it hasn't been 700 years yet. I repaired a magically induced cold sleep facility from Furu Empire and went into a long sleep until just recently, you see."
"Cold sleep in a sword and magic world? What the heck is this SF."

An energetic voice resounded as Armor and Hikaru chatted.

"Corpse! I brought Ban-sama and Yuika with me!"

Behind the vampire princess Semeri who shouted that, a tentacled creature, ropers, carrying a portable shrine with vampire progenitor Ban and little oni princess, Yuika riding on it, followed.

"I heard you have got a business with me, who knew it was a visit by Yamato dearuka."
"Long time no see, Hikaru-san."
"Hi Yuika-cchi, last time was at the Solitary Island Palace wasn't it. And Ban, that curly hair still looks as wonderful as Rau-kun's."
"It's about time you stop praising my point of similarity with characters from shoujo manga every time we meet dearu."

After renewing their old friendship, Hikaru got to the point.

"--So please, be on your guard."
"Demon God coming for our fragments, dearuka..."
"Whoa, it sounds so fun above ground."
"An all out war between gods and demon god huh. --Yuika, what do you think."
"Eh, um, you mean Founder-sama? Please wait a moment."

Suddenly getting talked to, Yuika shut her eyes.
Her expression saw a complete change when her eyes reopened.

"There have been many signs of that from Demon God's behaviors before, I see that he finally acts on it."
"And on the outset, he is making an attempt to deprive us of our fragments dearuka."
"Hmph, he's got a big mistake if he thinks we're just gonna take it lying down without a fierce one."
"Hyo hyo hyo. How long has it been since I played with demons I wonder."
"How about we loosen up Yuika's barrier and invite them into the minefield huh."

With a nasty smile on his face, Corpse brandished his skull wand and weakened the barrier.

"Hyo hyo hyo, can't wait fer' it."

"...Not having anything to do brings ruins to men dearuna."
"You tell me nanoja."

Armor and Corpse smiled back to back, while Ban and Yuika looked astonished.

"Armor, Corpse, you're mistaken."

Hikaru who was late to react at the series of events corrected Armor and Corpse's misunderstanding.

"Un, it's not demons that are coming, it's going to be little girls who are demon god's familiars."
"Little girls huh... I can't fight that."
"Boring. I got no interest in harassing kids."

"Worry, not, Cerulean Blue the first, correcting dayo."

A flat paper-like demon intruded from between the crack in the barrier Corpse was going to close.

"Greater demon--level 63. Posses Water magic and ice magic. It uses deadly poison and plague as well, careful noja."
"Tch, just a lone level 63 eh. Corpse and Ban will gonna make a short work out of it. Lemme go first."

"Worry, not, Cerulean Blue the second, correcting dayo."
"You guys, have no chance, Cerulean Blue the third, proclaiming dayo."
"Perish here, and return your fragments to milord. Cerulean Blue the fourth, condemning dayo."

The flat demon unraveled into tens of demons.
Fortunately, there's only four greater demons, the remaining tens of demons appear to be support-type mid-class demons.

"Armor, Ban, Yuika, buy me time. I'm gonna cast a forbidden spell."
"My turn first--"

Armor took out a weird magic sword furnished with gears and protuberances.

"<<BELLOW>> Magic Sword Machinery Heart!"

With the activation verse recited, the gears on the magic sword began to spin as the blade transformed while making sounds.
I don't get the point of this transformation, but it's a pretty good gimmick that raises your tension high just by watching it unfolds. Had Arisa and Pochi seen this, they would definitely want to mimic it.

"<<DANCE>> Claiomh Solais!"

Hikaru unleashed Claiomh Solais to guard Armor while she herself began chanting the lesser version of anti-god magic to be used against demon lords.

"Foirnis, use this."
"A jet black katana with a blood-colored line huh--my friend, Ban, you know your stuff noja."

Progenitor Ban fetched two japanese katanas from Item Box.
He handed over one of the swords while calling the soul name of Yuika to her, and drew the other, a red katana with a black line for himself.

"Ban-sama, leave your back to me!"

Semeri shouldering a scythe ran up to Ban's side as if emphasizing her glamorous body.

There were several other shadows hot on her heels.

"Shiki is right! Try to score a win against us first before you claim Ban-sama's back!"

It's the wives of Progenitor Ban, the vampire princesses.

"Right right!"
"Hey wait, I already scored lots of wins against fatty!"
"I am not fat! Just a bit well-rounded!"
"Leave playing around for later dearu."

Warned by Ban, the vampire princesses cut up their wrists to produce blood swords before attacking the mid-class demons.
The demons skilfully used their flat bodies to evade the slashes.

"I shan't lose to Armor and Ban noja--Divine Sight."

Purple light swept over Yuika's body.

"These demons' weak points are the crest on their waist nanoja! Break that point and they can no longer dodge to 2D!"

Hearing that, the vampire princesses started aiming at the crests on the waists, felling the mid-class demons one after another.

"As expected of my sworn friend Foirnis! 『Concentration』--Phantom Blade."

Ban sheathed his red katana, then after a purple light swept over his body, he unleashed a draw-slash sword skill toward one of the greater demons.

"--Water Blades."

The greater demon produced countless swords made of water stream in an attempt to block Ban's sword.


Shiki who was following Ban like his shadow muttered.
As if proving her word, the stream swords got smashed into pieces, and the upper half of that greater demon got finely chopped into pieces before it could find out how.

"Amazing as always Ban-sama!"

Semeri jumped gleefully like it was her feat.

"--A shallow cut dearu."
"Correct dayo. Eat counter dayo."

The greater demon that should have been pulverized turned into a cerulean blue mist and blew away the upper half of Ban's body.

"Fret not."
"Shiki is right. I mean Ban-sama is immortal after all."

The younger vampire princesses were beside themselves worrying over Ban, while the older generation princesses including Shiki watched attentively, convinced of Ban's safety.

"Ah! In the purple whirl!"
"Will Ban-sama's blood win, or will it greater demon's water current--"
"Pointless question."
"--Good grief. Like Ban-sama would lose against a mere greater demon."

The vampire princesses watched over the inhuman fight between Ban and the greater demon while they clashed with the mid-class demons themselves.

The fierce fight between water and mist finally came to a conclusion, a filthy blue water splashed down the ground.
The red water that had remained in the air turned back into Ban.

The older vampire princesses were right, Ban came out victorious in the inhuman fight.

"Don't think you've won just yet dayo."
"Hmph. Should you really focus fully on me dearuka?"

Progenitor Ban spoke to the regenerated but tattered greater demon.

At the end of his jerked chin, three of the greater demons were locked in Yuika's trick.

"Kuhahahaha, nothing less to expect from greater demons, they even survived Death Game! Next is Death Counter nanoja!"

Yuika is cornering the greater demons using Unique Skills which I've never seen before.
When she's this strong at her current lowered level, I can't imagine just how powerful Yuika is in her prime.

"Come now, quickly undo your curse noja. If you don't do it in the next three seconds, your souls are gonna be broken into pieces, no matter if you're a demon noja."

One greater demon that couldn't undo the curse in time disappeared into blue mist while wailing ghastly.

"Yuika, I'm good now!"

Corpse who was done reciting forbidden spell shouted.
Hikaru is about done with her chant as well.

"I see that Corpse is done preparing. You play along with Corpse now. Out of goodness of my heart, you'd better be ready with defensive magic, hear me?"


"Gnaw upon them, <<Hell Beast Jail>>"

Hundreds, thousands of wolf-shaped specters welled out from within darkness in ceilings and grounds, and then they rushed toward the greater demons with their ink-like lower halves.
Two of greater demons that survived their match against Yuika amassed thick blue barriers around themselves, but those barriers were quickly getting bitten down into pieces by the wolf specters.
The wolf specters eventually bit and tore the barriers down, and flooded onto their next target, the greater demons.

The specters are gnawing on the greater demons.

Quite a wicked magic.
No wonder it's got classified as a forbidden spell.


The demons blew apart the specters with their magic and peculiar ability, but unfortunately for them the difference in numbers is simply staggering.
No matter if a swing of their fists and tails break several wolves, no matter if their magic and peculiar ability swallow dozens of the wolves, they're up against an army of thousands.

There's no way to repel it easily.

"Tch, these greater demons sure are sturdy."

Corpse's grumble is right on the money, two greater demons survived through the forbidden spell.
Only the demon that missed its chance to put up defensive barrier died by Corpse's forbidden spell.

"Yuika, yer' gonna take responsibility for this ya hear me?"
"Aye, understood noja. But, your worry is unwarranted, no?"

Yuika glanced at Hikaru.

"Ban! Withdraw the vampire princesses! Yuika! Take Armor to a safe zone!"

As instructed by Hikaru, the vampire princesses who were fighting off mid-class demons fell back, and Yuika activated her [Unparalleled Arm Strength] Unique Skill to drag the sitting Armor that had used up his stamina back.

"Lesser Mythology Extinction."

Hikaru's delayed anti demon lord forbidden spell burst out, the remaining two greater demons and several mid-class demons vanished beyond the flash.

"What the heck, those demons got evaporated just like that."
"That's one amazing forbidden spell nanoja."
"First I've seen this forbidden spell dearu."

Everyone besides Corpse clamored when they saw Hikaru's forbidden spell.

"Yamato. That a modified version of the forbidden spell I taught Satou, yeah?"
"Un, that's right. --Interested?"

"...Hell naw. Seeing that is enough. I'm gonna make one myself now."
"Ahaha, Corpse you haven't changed at all from back then, still really hate to lose."

Hikaru's laughter echoed in Corpse's domain.

This side looks to be fine.

Next, let's check all the girls one by one starting from Lulu.

"Awesome, those monsters just went poof with every shot."
"The buckshot that purged the swarm in front of the rampart was already amazing, but that sniping is just something else."

Lulu is sniping down the purple tower's vanguard monsters from on top of a tower connected to a rampart.
The wind brought murmurs from guards stationed on top of the rampart to her, yet Lulu was unaffected, she just kept sniping on.
I'm sure she's concentrating so much she couldn't hear a word.

--Crisis Perception.

I felt danger from a distortion in space in the sky.
Looking up, I saw something trying to come out of a purple distortion in the sky.

"Oy! Look at that!"

People looked up at the sky as they noticed it.


It seems like the second round of stampedes sparked by Demon God will be an army of demons.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 82

Chapter 82 So How Much for the Loot?


Our one week expedition has netted us quite a lot, I'm very looking forward to the assessments at the trade counter.
I plan to process the items I can process and sell them at the market myself though!

Here's the list of our loot this time.

Black Soul Stones (all kinds) x 390
Red Soul Stones (all kinds) x 130
Yellow Soul Stone (Savage Starfish) x 1
Yellow biggish Soul Stone (Bear) x 1
Green big Soul Stones (Evil Tadpole) x 12
Satan Brocade (for consumption not for sale) 25 straw bags
Evil Tadpole Tendon x 20
Evil Tadpole Mucus (will be processed, thus not for sale. Seven big bucketful.)
Bear Liver x 1
Vanilla Essence (put in bottles for sales) x 59
Alraune Honey (will be processed, not for sale. put in bottles) x 39
Sardines x 387
Mackerel x 119
Salmon x 29
Salmon roe x 1 (Persuaded by Mitama, not for sale)
Black Tiger prawn x 58
Twist Gelatin (Ryouma Jellyfish drop item) x 4
YaranaIka egg (YaranaIka drop item. Apparently a delicacy) x 1

There's way too much!
By the way these excludes the portion we enjoyed in the dungeon. We're gonna put aside some ingredients if there are quests for it, but the rest will be put to use in our daily consumption.
Thanks for the meal.

"So yeah, Eleanor-san, I'm back."

As I led everyone to Adventurer Guild, I ran up to Eleanor-san when I saw her there.

"Welcome back, darling."

Haua, what an ambush. The girls behind me seemed a bit taken aback as well to see the smiling Eleanor-san. The guys inside the guild are sending their drop-dead glances hard at us too. Mostly to me!!

"I-I didn't expect that ambush. So uh, do any of these items get posted on a quest? I'd like to deliver them if they do."

Even Eleanor-san looked surprised when she saw the loot list written on a parchment. But as you'd expect from a veteran receptionist. She quickly pulled herself together and picked up several quest tags.

"You can take on these quests here right away as no one else has taken them yet. What would you like?"

I'm calculating in my brain weighing if the rewards are worth the effort to get the items. I probably shouldn't worry too much since Eleanor-san recommended these quests, just my nature as a sad underling.
There are four quest tags. Quest looking for a large amount of fish, 10 vials of vanilla essence, seeking urgent soul stones (yellow), and material for five bowstring. Just right, just right.

"We'll take them. And we're delivering the requested items right away. There's quite a lot, where should I put them?"

"Well then, let's proceed to the dismantling area in the back. You can put the goods in the cold storage there."

Everyone went to the dismantling area in the back as suggested by Eleanor-san. We're getting many kinds of glances, envy, jealousy and tasty all the while. Oy, what's up with the last one!?

I ain't gonna let them go no matter how much envy we got. They're my family I will protect.

There's Eleanor-san and Ranba-san in a room at the Dismantling Area besides our party. I asked for somewhere without prying eyes, but Ranba-san ended up accompanying us. Well, I guess I can trust this person. The stability ratio of sombre old men in this town is pretty scary.

"What about the fish? The quest asks for a large amount, but specifically how many??"

"Will 100 sardines, 20 mackerel, 10 salmons, and 20 black tigers as the special be fine?"

Thud, thud, I put the requested goods on the rack for fresh fish. There sure is a lot when I look at it again. And since these goods were put inside a dimensional storage with the time stop function, the freshness was exceptional. Eleanor-san was fine since I had told her about it in advance, but Ranba-san looked bewildered. His usual composed face broke down as his mouth flapped open and shut. But as you'd expect from a sombre old man. He immediately snapped out of it and began assessing the goods.

There was no problem with soul stones and vanilla essences. The problem is the number of Evil Tadpole tendon for the bowstring quest. I don't know how much value the Evil Tadpole tendon carries after all.

"Fumuu, you don't see this one often... This item is way too good for the reward of this quest. Are you truly sure about this?"

"No err, I have absolutely no clue about the price of this thing, just how much is it worth?"

The Evil Tadpole tendon. Surprisingly enough, each piece is worth 10,000 mani. Because on top of its quality, it rarely appears on the market. A party risks getting annihilated challenging an Evil Tadpole unless they have a very talented mage among their ranks, so the value is just not there.

"Fumu, it would be a waste to miss out on this material. As the client of this quest is someone with a discerning eye, would it be all right with you if I inform them of this? I believe they would jump at the chance."

"I have no problem with that. So, are these are all fine then?"

"Umu, I'm grateful for your consideration. Indeed, there is no problem with these goods. They're of very high quality as well. Eleanor-dono, these are the confirmation tags."

"Yes, allow me to take them. Okay then, let's get back to the counter and hand over your rewards."

Gotcha, thus we went retraced our path back. Still, for Evil Tadpole tendon to be worth that much, what a lovely surprise.
Ah, right. Might as well invite Eleanor-san now.

"Eleanor-san, are you free tonight? I'm thinking of holding a feast to celebrate our return with everyone. It would be grand if Master could come too."

"Oh yes, I'd be glad to. And father is off duty today and tomorrow, I'm sure he can come as well. I've been... waiting, you know?"

She's looking at me with a slightly criticizing eye. Sorry about it, Eleanor-san.

Our rewards for three quests, 12,460 mani. As for the soul stones, black netted 39,000 mani in total, red 65,000, the bear soul stone netted 7,000 mani and the Evil Tadpole's green soul stones netted 90,000 in total since they were big. I didn't trade in the tendon since it looked like it would come in handy.
213, 460 mani in total. 7,500 mani for every person a day huh... Pretty good. I mean this is without sales from processed goods. If I just dilute that with Dense Mana Water and find a buyer, it'll worth a fortune surely. There's an obvious increase in profit. A huge difference from 5F.

And since I'm in charge of our funds, I'm making it once in a week pocket money format. Since if I gave too much, someone whom I won't say will spend it all up on food. On the other hand, I won't interfere with the girls using our party funds to buy equipment. But since the risk is too big if I manage it alone, I've entrusted half of our funds to Futsuno-san. There will be more handouts once I manage to sell the processed goods, but this is it for now. It all hinges on the sales.

Our present capitals are as follow. I haven't told anyone about the hidden capitals. As those are black money that no one should or can know about.

Secret N(obusada) Capital (Confiscated from Jami and idiot noble), 10,500,000 mani.
I still haven't assessed the secret jewels' worth. There's quite a lot.
Magic tools in my custody -> on hand. I plan to give them to the girls soon.

Party Capital, 200,000 mani (excluding pocket money)

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Afterward, we partied hard that night. Seafood based hot pot, roast, sashimi and hodgepodge for all.
With booze in full force, Sefi-san made a huge show too, drinking, singing, dancing and stripping. Even Master was completely smashed, so everyone ended up staying for the night. I too let loose and got myself wasted.

In the end, everyone huddled together in the hall that day. This kinda thing's pretty nice once in a while.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 81

Chapter 81 From Snow to Flying Fish


Oh hi there~. It's your friendly neighbor Nobusada again~.
We got too much into it last night, we were too embarrassed to go back to the bedroom where Futsuno-san and Mitama were, so I ended up sleeping in the bathroom with Kagura-san. Of course I dried it up beforehand.

The bear that I lopsidedly destroyed yesterday turned out to be a relatively strong monster. I got some level ups which I completely missed during all the commotion. I won't give my thanks, but it has been good nourishment. Dunno its name though since I didn't even get Discerning-sensei to perform.

Kagura-san in her most natural state was giving out sleeper's breathing next to me. Yup, she's soft and fluffy.

By that I mean she's in her lil' girl mode!

For some reason, she turned into lil' girl mode when I invited her to sleep together after we were done. Perhaps she thought I would attack her again in the futon otherwise... I can't deny that, yep.
Since I can't exactly make a move on her in that state, I've settled with poking her fluffy cheeks. Fuaaa, guess I'll take another nap. Together with Tama-chan who had sneaked in before I knew it, I went on another journey to the dream world.

"Ya can't sleep no more------!!"

Clang clang, while repeatedly striking a frying pan, mom, I mean Futsuno-san barged in.

"It's almost noontime already. No matter how safe it is, we're still in the middle of a dungeon expedition y'know. We did agree to take it easy, but yer' takin' it too easy. OK, Kagura-san, you too rise and shine now. Even Mitama's up, all prepped up early you know~"

Mea culpa. I'm repenting at max. Wonder if it's the destiny of a Japanese man to somehow reflexively take the seiza stance here.

After having rice balls I put away last night for breakfast, I decided on our plan today. We're gonna explore the left passage that seems to be a dead end. Then we will raise our levels and secure more rice depending on the situation. Looks like all three girls have taken a liking to the rice.

'Nobu-kun, Nobu-kun', Futsuno-san cheerfully drew near as I cleaned up the tableware.

"Had a great time last night, didn'tcha."

Futsuno-san poked me while grinning with an indescribable smile on her face.
Irritated a bit, I decided to launch a counteroffensive.

"...And it's your turn tonight, Futsuno-san."

She faltered, "Mugugu" when I whispered that in her ear. Fufufu, I won't be the one on the receiving end every time.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

On the way to that passage, I asked the girls about growth cap.
From what I'm told, apparently such things do happen. Only a Class whom a particular individual has an aptitude to is given by the temples, but there are also rare cases where an individual would end up hitting a growth cap. In that case, you'd have to go to a temple that can change your Class. And that requires a huge lump of money, so the poorer ones end up giving up trying. No one has any idea how to break through that cap.

Well, I guess that can't be helped. Regardless whether there's a cap or not, I'll just keep changing up all Classes I got. I get more the higher a Class grows anyway. At the very least, acquiring useful Class Skills should make a difference.

As we made our way in the left passage, it's clear that it's identical to its symmetrical opposite side. Yep, there's even an island in the center of a marsh at the end. We won't make the same mistake as before, so we're gonna attack with ranged magic from afar. There's absolutely no people here as only a few spots are popular among adventurers on this floor. Since experience points are distributed evenly among all party members, there's no problem on that front.
Mitama and Kagura-san will be on the lookout while I and Futsuno-san prepare our magic.

"Alright then, let's go at it. No need to worry about your mana, feel free to go all out."

"Yes sire. Whew, being able to cast magic without worrying about mana feels like a dream."

Then us two start to chant our magic. Flame magic would risk causing fire, so I'm gonna use some really cool modified water magic, frozen magic. And since there's no need to specify a target with it being an area attack, I recite a spell that focuses on raising power.

"Wind, wind. Cometh together into a storm that swallows all. Rage, dance, tear to pieces."

"Freeze, halt halt ravage that vessel as snow flutters. With whirling snow comes wind. Blow, enrage, turns this world silvery."

"Wind Storm!!"

"Diamond Dust!!"

The storm Futsuno-san produces overlaps with my magic to form a blizzard. The synergy between the two enlarge our magic range, covering everything in white. Since mana is not a problem, its momentum never recedes. Eventually, the view in front of us turned into a world of silver.

Yep, we overdid it. The joint work was too fun. Forget the two girls behind us, even Futsuno-san was dumbfounded at this result.

No wonder. I mean, the marsh and all trees around it have been frozen solid. Confirming with Discerning-sensei, it seems Alrauna, Alraine, and even the Evil Tadpole got dragged in straight to their demise.
What the heck was that struggle yesterday even. Well, I suppose it's something we can only do when there's no peering eyes. If people found out, it wouldn't end with just us standing out. And now, let's get to collecting. These monsters have been frozen solid like statues, but I'm sure they can be smashed to bits. It's Kagura sensei's turn.

Smash, smash, Kagura-san's metal rod broke the statues. Afterward, we went to fetch all the drop items. The girls occasionally slipping off because they weren't used to snow-covered grounds was part of amusement. Umu, wonder if I should make shoes to run on snow.

We went back and forth between the left and right to secure more soul stones, materials and rice using the same method. We found out that only Evil Tadpole won't respawn until a certain amount of time has elapsed.
After three days of leveling up and item farming, we finally set foot on 7F.


It's an unusual space with a vast ocean going as far as eyes can see.
If you walk straight from the stairways, you will find yourself at a scenery with an ever expanding horizon. It's clearly way too vast. I can't see the end.

Well, we're gonna take a hard turn and avoid the space with the vast ocean this time though.
If you turn right at the passage and go counterclockwise, you'll come across the stairway to 8F apparently. I plan to use the time we have remaining in this expedition to explore the small rooms located in each branches of this passage.

Some of those small rooms are infested by hidden monsters and even treasure chests. The marine products dropped by those monsters are what Gramada consume. It's like some sort of cultivation.

Apparently, a branch of woodworking guild had set up an office here to search the ocean once upon a time. They'd set sail and defeat giant shellfish monsters that spawned in the ocean in one big haul. Those monsters had pearls in them apparently, but today the popularity has declined. Recent adventurers seemed to have lost their vigor, the demand for ships waned and the branch withdrew.
It seems they still offer rental service for ships that have been moored here if you make a special request. But since the cost incurred will be enormous if even one ship sinks, only those who have too much money or authority even think of renting one. Oh right, there was that quest for a Fish Dragon or something. I won't take it even if offered though.

We're going through the passages to explore the small rooms. I've been catching sights of other adventurers here and there.
Okay now, time to beat these monsters asap and get our hands on marine products! Our princess here won't stop drooling behind me. Oh yes, looks like she's looking forward to it.

A swarm of fish is blocking our way. They're floating in the air though!

Flying Fish Pawn Lv16
HP: 26/26 - MP: 4/4
Soldiers flying fish. Several will form a group to launch an attack.

We beat them easily and we got us sardine drop. Mitama rushed over, and before I could ask if she wanted it grilled, she chomped a sardine from head down. Apparently catfolks are okay with eating fish raw. Still surprised me though since I didn't think she'd chomp it down from the head.

Alright, let's keep it together and march on.

These Flying Fish vary in strength depending on their subtitle. Fishy promotion if you may.
According to the guild, presently it's known that there are Pawn, Guard, Knight, General, Queen and King. And the marine products dropped also change depending on their strength. They all give Wakame seaweed and Kombu kelp as common drops however.

Pawn is sardine.
Guard is mackerel.
Knight is salmon. Rare drop gives you salmon roe.
General gives bigeye tuna as the rare drop. Common drop gives you albacore.
Queen is skipjack.
Comes King and you get bluefin tuna.

Amazing. Will that big thing get dropped down the earth like boom? The price for a slice I saw at the market here was cheaper compared to Japan's price, but it was still quite expensive.

There are also various monsters other than Flying Fish.

Black Tiger
Big shrimp that walks on eight legs. Careful of counter from its tail fin.

Ryouma Jellyfish
Jellyfish floating in air. It attacks with many means besides electric shock. Not fond of forming a group, they're known to act alone.

Savage Starfish
Giant starfish that somehow walks on two legs. It falls onto an adventurer then proceeds to eat them.

Southern-style colorful Ika (squid). Getting caught in its gigantic suckers will surely stop you dead in your tracks. Apparently it may also lay its eggs inside dead bodies.

We seemed to have gotten better at cooperating as we eliminated all monsters with relative ease.
But we encountered problems. Treasure chests and traps. Our party has no one capable of overcoming those.
We tasted the frustration of not being able to open a treasure chest we found after much trouble. Since this was a grave situation, we held an emergency meeting. I should have noticed it sooner, but things were just going too well. I mean, we never even encountered a treasure chest with a lock before.
We gotta go back and post a quest to the guild for this, so I thought while tampering the treasure chest having nothing to lose in trying.

That chest exploded and turned my hair into an afro, but I digress.

And thus, the week-long expedition came to a close as we made our way back.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 313

Chapter 313 Strongest Sage, Discovers Someone Unexpected


A while later.
We're walking toward Zadoria in aloha shirts Ruli made.

"Think it's about time we start concealing our mana."

I put [Mana Concealment] on Iris.
Iris's mana would have straight up revealed us no matter the disguise we put on otherwise.

With this magic... Her mana will be hidden unless it's getting specifically probed.

"...Iris-san's mana reaction disappeared!"

"Mathi-kun, you can do something like that!?"

Ruli and Alma were shocked at the disappearance of Iris's mana.

This magic is exactly like its name suggests, it conceals target's mana.
It's difficult to put on a bearer of enormous mana like Iris... But I can somehow manage now thanks to my reinforced magic circuits I got from Gaias resurrection.
That said, I can't fight while maintaining this, so I'm gonna need to remove the spell when we engage in a battle.

"Yeah. It's only been recently I can cast it on Iris... Let me adjust it a bit, having utterly no mana is not natural."

I adjust the output of [Mana Concealment].
Then Iris's mana reaction got to around average human's level.
Now we won't get found out the instant we enter the town.

...The mana leaking out of her is slightly different than that of human though so she still can be found out if you observe closely.

I check the mana reactions inside the town while thinking.

"...Doesn't seem like there's a demon at a glance."

"I don't see any demonic mana anywhere..."
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"Maybe that magic really did kill it off?"

Ruli and Alma couldn't detect the demon's mana either.
But we can't relax our guard yet.

"Greater demons are great at hiding their mana. We're unlikely able to detect it unless we get close to it if it really intends on hiding its mana."

"The image I have on demons don't really fit with the word hidden..."

"Yeah. Hiding that much mana will be difficult, and they normally won't try to... But I believe it's doing exactly that right now. After all, 1,200 of its kins have just dropped dead recently."

And... The demon is most definitely on high alert right about now.
After all, this was right after the annihilation of other demons by way of [Eye of Heaven].

The demon probably has no clue about [Eye of Heaven].
That's my original magic... In other words, it had never been cast in the past several thousand years.
From demons' point of view, it must look like... some kind of unknown attack raining down upon the earth killing their kins.

...You're crazy if that situation doesn't put you on high alert.
At the very least, you'd attempt to hide your mana from being detected by this unknown enemy.

"Now that you mention it, that makes sense..."

"It's a shame that we can't use mana detection though."

Ruli check the surrounding mana after saying that.
But there's no response anywhere.

"...But it's not all bad."

"There's good things too?"

"Yeah. For example, the [Mana Concealment] I put on Iris... [Active Detection] will immediately expose it."

[Mana Concealment] is a magic that erases the target's mana emission en route, avoiding [Passive Detection] in the process.
But since [Mana Concealment] also erases mana coming from [Active Detection], the mana in that spot alone won't return to the [Active Detection] user... Creating an unnatural situation.
There are ways to deal with this problem, but it's not applicable to Iris due to her enormous mana.

"[Active Detection]... It's the magic that emit your own mana and then detect the rebounded mana?"

"Yeah. [Active Detection] can be used to immediately find [Mana Concealment]... But [Active Detection] is practically like announcing your own location. If the other party is trying to avoid detection, it won't attempt to cast the spell."

In other words... We're in a situation that discourage the usage of detection on both sides.

"Err, it's like we're both groping around in the dark then?"

"Close enough."

If the greater demon wasn't hiding its mana, both sides would have likely found out each other locations, and it would turn into a frontal brawl in Zadoria.
Compared to that, this situation where both sides can't see each other mana reactions will make the battle easier.

In term of pure power, I can't win against demons as usual.
The more it consists of technical matches, the higher my chance at winning.

We pass through the town gate while thinking.
Then... I found a familiar mana reaction inside the town.
This mana reaction... resembles Giruas.

"...Is that a mana reaction from Giruas?"

Giruas is a rank S adventurer from Raginia Union.
He lost to me in the rank up test, learned chantless magic and eventually got strong enough to kill a demon alone.

Wonder why that Giruas is here.
This place should be within Eis Kingdom's territory.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 312

Chapter 312 Strongest Sage, To the South


"The demon at Zadoria hasn't died off then?"

"Yes. It appears 『Eye of Heaven』 did not hit it."

The demon is undoubtedly still alive.
This was supposed to be a simple fetch quest... But it's gotten quite interesting now.

"We may end up having to fight a greater demon."

"Yes... However, I believe all is well."

Grevil replied back to me without a hint of worry on his face.

"Why do you think so?"

"I can't ever picture Mathias-san losing even if the opponent is a greater demon... Ruli-san, Alma-san, and Iris-san are with you too. I would like to aid Mathias-san myself, but I am incapable of fighting due to the curse."

"Eh, us!?"

"I feel like we've been barely participating in battles so far though..."

"No way I could win against Mathias-san, okay!?"

The three girls expressed their shock at Grevil's words.
Grevil spoke to them.

"Your individual strength may fall short, but the correct support at the right time can turn the tides of battle... This party especially has a nice balance."

Grevil looks over our party.

Ruli who specializes in a wide array of augment magic and Alma who delivers those magic with her arrows.
And Iris with the strength to brute force through difficult situations.

It's a very nicely balanced party indeed.

"Grevil is right... The battle this time will probably quite tricky if we're up against a greater demon... I'm counting on you with the support."

"Understood! I'll do my best!"


"Yes! ...I'll be sure to go on a proper rampage!"

We left Second Academy after exchanging words.
Our destination, Gravy Wood--Zadoria.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"...It should come into view soon."

As the sun was setting.
We arrived at a spot near Zadoria.

"It was so far..."

"Been a while since we ran all the way till dark!"

"Yeah... We haven't been to the national border for a quite some time."

Zadoria was located near the border to Raginia Union.
And not in the direction we last went to Raginia, but far more south.

It took practically the whole day even with our legwork.
We could have arrived sooner if I made Iris fly... But I'd like to save her power.

"...It's a bit hot even though it's nighttime soon. Kinda drive the feel of being in the south..."

Alma surveyed the surrounding area as she said that.
Indeed... The atmosphere here feels southern-like.

There's a lot of coconut trees around and the people walking down the streets are wearing light clothings.
Many are even wearing aloha shirts.

"Err, should I make some augment magic to lower temperature for us?"

Ruli fetched magic stones as she said that.
But... Wearing thick clothings in this town will likely draw attentions.

I'd like to avoid standing out in a town where a greater demon is lurking.
That way it'd be harder for it to sniff us out.

Which means...

"No, let's put on the same clothings as the locals. We should investigate stealthily instead of openly challenging the greater demon... Can you make that same aloha shirt from before?"

We could also buy some after entering the town, but that'd invite suspicion.
It's better to prepare some beforehand if we want to sneak in secretly.

Since Ruli is also pretty good at sewing, maybe she could make some for us.

"Of course, I can!"

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-31

17-31. World Crisis


Satou here. There's this term Normalcy Bias. An unconscious and unfounded belief that you alone "will be fine", regardless of warnings given by others in times of disaster.
And, even in another world--.

"Simultaneous terror acts all over the world--"

Arisa muttered with a look of anxiety on her face.
Monster stampedes have begun from purple towers all over the world.

"We should have destroyed all those purple towers if we knew this would happen."
"Arisa-chan, you can't say that."
"Yes, besides, a new tower got immediately rebuilt right after Master destroyed one."

Hikaru and Liza said that to Arisa.

"Well you may be right, but you know, it could have at least lessened demon god's divinity, right?"
"Arisa, regretting can come after saving the world."

I bopped Arisa's head.

Besides, the gods would have dispatched their apostles to destroy the towers if doing so would really lessen Demon God's divinity, and even if they wouldn't do it to save their powers, they could have at least sent oracles to mobilize their believers.

"First of all, let's go around all towers in Shiga Kingdom. We'll work to stop the stampedes swiftly."

After declaring that, I first took everyone to the purple tower in the capital's suburb with Unit Arrangement.

"<<DANCE>> Claiomh Solais!"
"Magic Edge Cannon~?" "Rapid fire nanodesu!"
"Diffusive Acceleration Cannon, shooting through one magic circle!"

The moment we teleported in, the girls quickly got to work and annihilated vanguard monsters that flowed out of the tower.

"No resistance at all."
"Looks like only lower floor monsters are coming out of the towers."

Arisa and princess Sistina gave their impressions while watching over the other girls.

"Satou-san, wouldn't it be wiser if we split up?"
"I'm of the same opinion. Even if by any chance we get captured by demon god, so long as Satou-san immediately take us back like you did with Aze-sama, I believe it's not necessary to band together."

Zena-san and Sera weighed in as well.

"I got it. Let's split up."

While saying that, I produced little clones of myself using True Ninjutsu which I had acquired during the past half year and slipped them inside the girls' shadows. These little clones aren't much, but they're pretty good at detecting things and alarms.

I can adapt to any situation now.

"We shan't let you destroy our Lulu's Orchard!"
"Marquis Lloyd, don't forget about the tomato fields!"
"Indeed indeed, it is as Earl Houen said."
"You two, please back away. Leave the defense to us Oyugock Knights."

At the Duchy Capital where Sera teleported into, some noblemen and knights were arguing about something on top of the city's rampart.

I don't even have to look to know that the noblemen are the glutton nobles, Marquis Lloyd and Earl Houen.
I'm sure they're trying to protect the orchards and fields located between the tower and the city.
Even if they have access to City Core terminals, they're being reckless here.

"Everyone, please be at ease. Hero Nanashi's attendant, Silver Knight Holy will take care of monsters coming out of the tower."

Sera in silver armor spoke to the populace from the sky above the rampart.
She then went on toward the tower without waiting for reply.

The vanguard monsters haven't reached the rampart thanks to several trenches situated between the tower and the city, obstructing their march.

"As expected of grandfather."

Sera praised her grandfather who gave the instructions to dig out those trenches and stayed still waiting for the leading monsters to enter her range.

『An order from Duke Oyugock. All hands, fall back to the rampart at once.』

I gave the order to retreat to the territorial army still in the battlefield while apologizing to Duke Oyugock in my mind.
Sera hid those soldiers with her [Hermit Hide] Unique Skill to prevent them getting attacked during the retreat.

"<<WHISPER>> Sacred Attendants!"

Silvery pieces separate out of Sera's armor and turn into geometrical objects before floating around her.
Unlike the previous silver armor, the number of [Sacred Attendants] has seen a huge increase due to further development of dimensional storage techs.

I could faintly hear commotion from people on top of the rampart who witnessed the glittering lights.

"<<PRAY>> Sacred Attendants!"

Waves of purification with tinges of blue light shot out of the countless objects, pushing the vanguard monsters back.
Several of those monsters turned into dust as they bathed in waves of purification, perhaps due to their higher dependence on miasma compared to ordinary monsters.

This is a nice find.

I'll mass produce this system and distribute it to every city later.

"<<RECITE>> Sacred Attendants!"

This one is a new function added this time.
By resonating with Sera's chant, those objects can deploy up to mid-level holy magic over a wide area.

"■■■ <<Sacred Javelin>>"

The magic Sera recited with Chant Shortening skill gets resonantly duplicated by [Sacred Attendants] that have filled the sky, raining spears of light down the earth.
The carpet bombing-like attack pierced the vanguard monsters' bodies, gouging the earth.
The resulting cloud of dust hid those monsters from view.

That should have taken care of most of those monsters, but since the little clone doesn't have Menu, Map and Radar functions, I wait for results from within Sera's shadow.
Sera didn't think it would have annihilated all of them herself, she had already chanted the next spell.


Several gigantic figures blew away the cloud of dust and roared loudly toward the sky.
Delaying the magic she just chanted, Sera looked down at the giants.

"I figured there would be survivors."

After muttering that, Sera holds her holy wand on her chest like praying.

"Sacred Retribution!"

Sera's delayed magic homed in on the surviving monsters.
What originally supposed to be a ritual magic was made possible to invoke thanks to the support of geometrical objects floating around Sera.

No, that was with the previous armor.

With the resonating spell duplication function, its power has been amplified multiple times over the original now.


The vanguard monsters crumbled into gray sands before vanishing into the dust.

"Annihilation done. I didn't even get a chance to use that secret ceremony I went the trouble to learn. And now I just need to seal the tower's entrance with that item Satou-san gave me and go to the next tower."

Although I was worried about her most in term of fighting prowess, it seems like she'll be fine.
I transferred my consciousness to the next little clone.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Golem unit two and three, fortify your encirclement. Do not let even one monster escape! Unit one, charge in the moment those vanguard monsters stop their march. Cull down enemy ranks with ranged attacks while you wait for the hidden unit zero's ambush."


The golems' affirmations resounded on the battlefield.

Princess Sistina is issuing orders to the golems through the Thousand Throne installed in an armored airship standing by in a satellite city closest to the capital.

It's a huge army consisting of level 40 six meter class soldier golems as the main force and level 50 nine meter class knight golems.
The soldier golems are for hunting mobs, while the golem knights have been equipped for one-on-one battles.

The monsters flowing out of the towers are getting pulverized by the golem army.

I kinda feel sorry for those monsters instead.

Since there doesn't seem to be any problem here, I transferred my consciousness to the next little clone.


Fashioning her right fist clad in flames like a spear, Lady Karina charged straight into a crowd of monsters and mowed them down.
Her technique fits like a glove to her fighting game-like character.

That flame-like thing appears to be a transformed form of Raka's scaly shields.

『Karina-dono, the enemy will surround us at this rate.』
"It's okay desuwa! Let's use that, Raka-san."
『That, is it... I think it consumes a bit too much mana, but if that's what Karina-dono wishes for, I won't object.』

Lady Karina stimulates her own mana and fully opens her silver armor's Sacred Stone Furnace.
It's a reckless act for a clumsy girl like her, but control is made possible thanks to her partner, Raka the [Intelligent Item].

『<<WHIRL>> Rending Force Full Armor!』

A whirlpool of red light manifests below Lady Karina.

『<<LIGHT CONVERGE>> Rending Force Gauntlet!』

Whirlpools of lights gather on Lady Karina's spread arms, dazzling lights wrap around her body.
Looking closer, those lights are the same kind as Raka-made scaly shields.

『<<LIGHT FLUTTER>> Rending Force Mantle!』

The monsters crowding around Lady Karina rushed toward her all at once.

There's no fear to be found on Lady Karina's face even after witnessing that.
She calls out her partner as she grins.

"Let's do this, Raka-san!"
『--Umu. <<STAR SPREAD>> Rending Force Armor.』

Lady Karina began to spin like a spinning top with both her arms still spread open.
Her speed gradually rose, lights overflowing out of her body turned into a whirlpool that quickly grew into a tornado.
The rushing monsters got swallowed up inside that tornado.
The tornado razed all over the battlefield, turning great many monsters into dust.

I was worried about Lady Karina getting dizzy, but apparently she had overcome that already, she was fine.

『Karina-dono, it appears several big ones still remain.』
"I know desuwa."

Lady Karina ran up the eye of the tornado, and caught a giant monster still surviving despite wounds all over its body in her sight.

"Raka-san, the usual one please."
『Umu. <<LIGHT WHIRL>> Rending Force Full Armor!』

Lady Karina took a flying kick stance as she fell down in a dazzling light coming from the Scripture recited by Raka.

『<<STAR FALL>> Rending Force Full Armor!!』

Lady Karina in tens times gravity through Gravity Control rapidly accelerated like a speeding meteorite.


The hyperspeed Lady Karina's kick smashed one of the giant monsters into pieces.

"It's not over yeeeeeeeeeeeet desuwa."
『<<WIND CONVERGE>> Supersonic Full Armor!』

Lady Karina move in to combo.

Moving at Ground Shrink speed, she rapidly let loose series of kicks on giant monsters one after another, turning all that that stood in her path into dust.
And the last one received a powerful kick in the body, turning its body into a < shape.

"Now desuwa!"
『<<BREAK INTO PIECES>> Rending Force Gauntlet!』

A jumping uppercut from crouching position crushed the giant monster's jaw and broke its head into pieces.

I'm a bit intrigued by Lady Karina's transformation into a fighting game character, but she looks like she'll be fine with Raka around.

Since there doesn't seem to be any problem here, I change to another little clone.

The situation seemed to differ a bit at Seryu Earldom's capital.

"Yukel, over there!"
"Leave it to me, Auna-sama! WOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Zena-san's little brother, Yukel-kun who got highly motivated by his wife's cheering cut down a mid-sized monster with one slash of his holy sword.

"Men! We ain't gonna lose to knight Yukel!"
"Resume march! We'll show those demon god's troops our Seryuu spirits!"

After the so-called strongest knight of Seryuu City, Baron Kigori roused the soldiers, the knights including knight Soun began issuing orders to the soldiers.

Though the soldiers weren't able to cut down the monsters with each stroke of their weapons like Yukel, they manage to gain an upper hand against the vanguard monsters despite their superiority in numbers.
Seryuu Earldom's soldiers are elite units, but that's not all there is to it.

This is by and largely thanks Zena-san.

Mimicking Nana, Zena-san has fused the Unique Skill given to her by god Heraruon, [Saint Prey] with her ranged wind magic to create [Saint Army].

The fusion of Unique Skill and her magic resulted in the monsters being unable to exert their strength while Seryuu Earldom's forces getting strengthened instead.
The power up is extraordinary and, according to Seryuu Earldom court magicians, even approaching the effect of the lost force magic [Hero Play].

"Thunder Geezer! Some big ones are coming!"
"Oh these look like they'll give some challenge."

An elderly mage with a long white beard replied to Earl Seryuu.

"Then, I shall--"
"No, attendant-dono, keep up reinforcing our soldiers from here. Let me take care of these."

The elderly mage stopped Zena-san as she was about to jump out.

"I just hope you old bone don't get too excited and endanger yourself instead..."
"Hmph, Ice huh. We ain't even ten years apart."
"Fufufu, ten years are long enough. Allow me the honor of first strike. ■■■■ ■■..."

The old woman brandished a wand furnished with an ice crystal gem as she recited an advanced level ice magic.

"Make sure our army out of yer' spell range."

At the white beard old mage's warning, the old woman complained back with her eyes.

"Goes without saying eh--"

Following after her, the elderly mage also brandished a wand furnished with a lightning crystal gem and began to chant lightning magic forbidden spell.

"■■■■■■ Freezing Hell (Cocytus)"

A torrent of snow and ice unleashed from above the rampart imprisoned giant and mid-sized vanguard monsters that just came out of tower inside ice.

Zena-san murmured, "I had no idea the magic store shopkeeper was such an amazing mage."
That reminds me, this person did sell me some dragon scales long time ago.

"...■■■■ Thunderclap Hell (Keraunos)."

Dark clouds covered the sky before lightnings rain down incessantly upon the earth.
Even Yukel and the others stopped moving at the excessive roars and flashes.

"Amazing as always."
"Nah, one managed to get out of it."

A tattered gigantic figure came out of a cloud of dust produced by the lightning rain.
It's an above level 60 <<Giant Vanguard>>.

"Attendant-dono, could you handle this one?"
"Yes, please leave it to me."

Zena-san clad her silver armor in wind and flew in the sky.

"... ■■■■■ Tempest"

It's a wind magic exclusive to her implanted from the finishing move of Mia's garuda.
The Giant Vanguard was enclosed in a cage of raging winds, its body got utterly cut apart by vacuum blades before disappearing into mist.

"Perhaps I should have used an attack magic that requires less mana."

She was probably inspired by the mighty magic the two old mages showed off.
As I enjoyed a rare side of Zena-san, I focused to transfer my consciousness to the little clone accompanying Pochi next.

『--It's here.』

I got a warning from the little clone I had dispatched to Aze-san.
Looks like Demon God went straight for Aze-san.

I concentrated on the place where Aze-san was.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 11.14


Three priests are standing on top of the stone steps.

An elderly priest standing in the middle is wearing luxurious garments.

To the right is priest Pajill. He's got a necklace and a cane with him.

Lecan knows the small priestess standing to the left. She's the orphanage's director. Still wearing the same modest outfits as before.

"Priest Casis. Just what are you trying to accomplish by deploying temple knights and soldiers without giving a notice to the temple head?"

"Vice temple head. I am fulfilling my duty to god by my own judgment."

"And what would that duty be."

"You're a third rank priest, the same as me. I am under no obligation to answer you."

"Oh but I'm asking as a proxy for temple head, you see. Isn't that right, temple head?"


"Could we have your answer, priest Casis."

That old woman was a vice temple head huh. Her kind and calm demeanor is the same as ever, but Lecan could feel some sort of solemn dignity coming off her today.

Priest Casis changed his expression from hateful to a smiling face of a kind plump man. Splendid performance.

"Temple head, you will be overjoyed to hear this. A new <Recovery> user blessed by our great god Ceres has been born. And yet, this huge man kidnapped that <Recovery> user girl, and attempted to leave the town with her. Hence I gave the order for temple knights and soldiers to save the girl."

Eda, seemingly thought up of something, hugged Lecan from behind.

"The girl looks quite attached to that large man, doesn't she."

"She's being threatened of course! Can't you tell what kind of man this giant man is just by looking! He's a ruffian! An outlaw! Ignorant of reverence to gods, a man lacking human compassions! He's garbage unworthy of living!"

Priest Casis exploded out emotionally. Lecan might have bullied him a bit much.

The clamor from worshipers watching from behind stopped all at once at the sudden outburst.

"That's wrong."

Someone muttered that. That man put his hand on his mouth in panic when he realized all eyes had gathered on him.

"Doni-san. What do you mean by wrong?"

Gently encouraged by the vice temple head, Doni the tamer began speaking in murmur.

"Le-Lecan-san, is a kind man. I had tried to let Parade go in the forest, but Lecan-san instead prompted me to think what would truly make Parade happy. He even trained Parade. Parade was only able to win thanks to that. Lecan-san had gone out of his way to help me and Parade even though he really didn't have to. H-he may look like an overlord outwardly, but Lecan-san is truly a wonderful man with a warm heart inside."

"He is, isn't he. Thank you for telling us that. Zakar-san. You look like you've got something to say as well."

"Eh? Me? No, err. That big black adventurer is the guy who tidied up old man Fobea's house. I, saw it m'self. Lotsa huge rocks no one could remove, he cleaned it all up in just four days. By a service quest with cheap reward. The neighborhood was all in awe. We had no idea that there was someone like that among adventurers. H-his face's scary tho'."

"Is that so. We heard you loud and clear."

"T-they're being deceived! He's threatened them! Either way, testimonies from these foolish rabble worth absolutely nothing! Lecan is a barbarian! Someone ignorant of decorum toward clergymen!"

"Oh come off it already."

Vice temple head spoke in a dignified voice.

"Priest Casis. Are you aware of Article 3 of Ceres Temple Law?"

"Who do you think I am! I have memorized all temple articles without missing a word!"

"Then please recite that."

"<Ceres Temple blesses other blessings>! How's that! Satisfied now!"

"The first interpretation of that text is the avoidance of scuffles between temples. This is fine now. The second interpretation is to not infringe upon town lords' authority. After all, going against town lords instated by the royalty mandated by great god Erekus won't bring joy to god Ceres."

"I don't need you lecturing me on that stuff now!"

"Then, by what authority do you attempt to banish the adventurer who was promoted to gold rank by the Adventurer Association through town lord's commendations after saving this town twice."


"Adventurer Lecan and Adventurer Eda have formed a party together with the gold rank Nike-san. Were Lecan-san and Eda-san forced to leave the town, Nike-san would as well. The act of banishing the sole gold rank adventurer this town has without the town lord's consent or anything is clearly in violation of the second interpretation of article 3 of the temple law."

"H-hold on."

"The third interpretation is to avoid quarrellings with adventurers. Adventurers who explore dungeons full of gods' grace-laden items and bring those to the ground are an existence that has received the blessings of gods, they live in a domain outside the law of surface. Do you have any idea the enormity of sacrifices us temples have paid in order to reach this third interpretation."

"Wrong! That's wrong! The third interpretation only gets adopted to a very small fraction of adventurers with real strength! It's only valid to truly powerful adventurers that have delved the depths of dungeons!"

"<Flame Spear (Bandroux)>"

The gigantic magic beast statue to the left of stone steps was blown away, leaving only its pedestal behind.

Lecan did it.


"Oh my my, what amazing destructive force. The defensive magic on it didn't even activate. And without preliminary casting at that. Simply outstanding. It looks like even this whole temple would have been turned to rubbles if Lecan-san was serious."


"But, that was unnecessary really."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Priest Casis. Lecan-san is an adept adventurer who has conquered Golbul Dungeon twice and acquired a golden potion and <Dagger of Harut> from the dungeon bosses there. He did that twice at that."


"Making enemy of such a powerful adventurer is clearly a violation of the third interpretation."

The vice temple head presses further on the already mouth-opening-and-shutting priest Casis.

"Considering Eda-san has never prayed to god Ceres nor has she stepped foot inside Ceres Temple before, there is a high chance Eda-san's power comes not from god Ceres's blessing. And despite that, you arbitrary decided that it was."

"T-the decision came from a priest conference."

"And you threatened them with the wellbeing of their families and friends if they refused to join the temple."

"T-that's, I meant we'd try to persuade them through those people. Besides, taking care of talented <Recovery> users is the duty and authority of temples."

"Priest Casis."


"Apothecary Shira has spoken, she will get out of town if the temple drives Lecan out of town."

At this, the looks of surprise came to not only priest Casis's face, but the temple head's and priest Pajill's as well.

"I believe the always investigative priest Casis is aware of this already, but as you know, Lecan-san is the very first pupil Shira-san has in this town. She favors him greatly, he's currently under her tutelage for secret techniques. If Shira-san leaves this town, the pharmacies will completely lose access to Shira-san's medicine. And in effect, we will lose donations from the pharmacies, or at least it will be of lower quality and quantity. The temple will lose its face, and also suffers a huge blow to medical treatment side. It will also invite wrath from influential people in this town. The temple cannot possibly let such a major blow comes to pass."

Priest Casis's face was aghast.

"Temple head. Your decisions please."

"Umu. Priest Casis will be temporarily deprived of his priesthood. His treatment will be formally decided in the Priest Conference. Temple soldiers, seize ex-priest Casis. Strip him off all ritual implements. No one is allowed see him without my permission."

The temple soldiers dragged priest Casis away. His face looked awfully aged.

After seeing that off, the vice temple head turned her smiling face totally lacking of malice toward Lecan.

"Now then, Lecan-san."


"Our temple would like to apologize for all our discourteous acts to you and Eda-san."

"Apologies accepted."

"But temples aren't really scary, you know. It's true that we're gathering <Recovery> users, but we don't keep them under house arrest just because they're affiliated to us, and they're free to quit anytime."

"I see."

"However, our way of doing things was a bit out of line this time for sure. I'll promise you this, this temple will not attempt to force adventurer Eda to join us from here on."

"That'd be helpful. I thank you for your considerations."

"By the way, you just demolished the idol of god Zogus. That's pretty bad."

What Lecan thought a magic beast statue was apparently an idol.

"Look. Doni-san is mourning for the loss of his patron god."

"I thought that was a statue of magic beast. What kind of god that statue was based off?"

"My my. You're asking from there? It's Zogus the god of magic beasts. A god that watches over and bring prosperity and well-being to all kind of animals."

"I see. Didn't know that. I apologize for destroying the idol. I will donate to cover for the expense of making a new statue."

"We accept your apologies. We'll also gratefully accept your donation. But it's not a problem of money, you know. At this rate, it will be treated like adventurer Lecan didn't accept the holiness of Ceres Temple, that he'd carried out a sacrilegious act of destroying an idol out of dissatisfaction at the temple, and that the misunderstandings did not get resolved even after temple head and vice temple head made their appearance."

"What should I do."

"Right, then. You are to provide a service for nine days. At the orphanage that is. The children have been waiting impatiently for you, see. You can choose the days yourself."

I'd rather leave the town right away than having too suffer through that, thought Lecan.

However, Eda would feel responsible then.

And Shira would have no reason to leave the town. Which means, it would be tough for Lecan to learn apothecary if he didn't stay in this town.


"Really now. That's good. The children will be delighted."

The vice temple head's wrinkly face broke into a smile.

[Episode 11 Ceres Temple] End/ Next [Episode 12 Medical Practitioner Norma]

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Okami wa Nemuranai 11.13



"Please wait."

"Priest Casis. What should we do about this."

Priest Casis is looking up at Lecan with indecisive eyes.

"Lecan. This must mean Eda is capable of the same art, is she not."

Lecan had a slight expectation for Priest Casis changing his target to him after seeing his <Recovery> but that doesn't seem to be the case.

"Not the same. It's weaker and more unstable. But it's qualitatively similar."

"Well then, this temple shall deem adventurer Eda's <Recovery> as being a blessing of the great god Ceres, and I propose adventurer Eda's admittance into priesthood apprenticeship."

"I approve of priest Casis's proposal. It's a birth of our new brethren."

"This means that art will belong to our temple. Of course I agree."

"She's an immediate asset. No, she will reach an even greater height eventually. I'm completely on board as well."

Only priest Pajill gave a slightly different conclusion.

"Adventurer Eda has not proved her art to have come from a blessing of great God Ceres. However, I shall give my approval if she wishes to admit herself into this temple's priesthood."

"The proposal has been approved by four to one. Adventurer Eda. You are hereby to be an apprentice priest of this temple."

"We refuse. "

"Lecan. We didn't ask for your opinion. Your role is done. Leave Eda here and off you go now."

Good grief, so it's come to this in the end anyway huh, thought Lecan.

But he doesn't regard this monkey show to be all in vain.

They responded to the temple's calling and gave sincere answers to their questions. And yet the temple would ignore Lecan's side, and attempt to capture Eda against her will, a fault not of their doing.

He had done everything he could have done to stay in this town. That must have been conveyed to Eda. And she must have realized the absurdity of these priests and the dreadfulness of the place called temples for sure. On top of that, perhaps she's learned a little on the way of argumentative debate. Though Lecan himself is quite bad on this front, it's probably not the best model to learn from.

(Now then, let's head back.)

(Still, that was tiring.)

(This is why I dislike the world of men.)

(I'd like to dive in a dungeon.)

"Eda. Let's go."


Eda held out her hand.

And for some reason, Lecan took it.

Like she's taking a princess by her hand.

"Where do you plan on going, Lecan."

"Skipping town."

"You think you can leave? Ha Ha Ha. Sure, you're free to go. If you don't care about your families that is."

"Neither me nor Eda have family."

"You must have friends. Those poor folks can no longer live in this town."

That's probably a very terrifying threat to the people in this town.

The townspeople already hold priests in fear and esteem to begin with. They're also aware of the horridness of being targeted by temples. Those people would have no choice but to surrender to this threat. Doesn't matter to Lecan though.

"That's enough, priest Casis. The words coming out of your mouth are very unbecoming of a priest."

"Could the old bone keep it down please."

Priest Pajill glared hard at priest Casis for a while before leaving through a door in the back.

"Priest Casis. You haven't done your research on us. We had just arrived at this town recently. We've no friends. If I had to think up one, it would be Jericho."


"An ape. One gallant Longarm Ape (Zanvald)."

While saying that, Lecan pushed the door with his right hand with Eda's hand on his left.

A loud throat-ripping voice roared behind.

"Soldiers of gods! Arrest that impudent cretin!"

Three temple soldiers charged with their spears pointed at Lecan.

Lecan proceeded ahead while gripping Eda's hand.

The three soldiers are backing off still with their spears high.

"What are you doing! Just kill the man. Capture the woman alive!"

Lecan let go of Eda's hand.

The temple soldiers charged at him all at once.

Since they were no opponent that necessitated Lecan taking his sword out of <Storage>, he simply parried their spears with bare hands and threw in a hit to each of them.

The three soldiers were flung away into the wall.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
They took another door and arrived at a narrow passage. There's a door at the end of the passage, with a lookout on guard.

"Where are you going?"


"Just you by yourself? Where's the guide?"

"We had one on our way here, no more now. Passing through."


He seemed like he still got something to say, but he made no attempt to stop Lecan by force. Not like he could even if he tried.

After several winding passages, they finally got to the door to the open space.

There were probably shorter routes, but this is what they got by retracing back the path they took on their way there. <3D Perception> does not tell Lecan whether a door is locked or not, nor it enables him a bird's eye view over a huge building. It's not an ability to picks out the optimum route.

There was a time when Lecan partnered with a man who never wavered at picking out paths during his dungeon diving days back in the days. That man probably had an ability to forecast terrains and shortcuts.

(No, wait. There was that <Graph Making> spell of perception type. Wonder what kind of magic is that.)

Lecan opened the door to the open space. They came out next to an altar.

There were worshipers in the open space just like before. However, only three people were concentrating in their prayers, the rest were looking at Lecan with frightful eyes.

Lecan walked in the right side of the open space toward the exit. Eda is following behind him. The worshipers backed away from Lecan.

But a lone man approached Lecan and talked to him in whisper.

"Lecan-san. Priest Casis had just gone out of the front door with temple knights and temple soldiers in tow. They said they would ambush you in front of the door. Just what did you do?"

Lecan remembers this man.

It's the tamer of that Longarm Ape (Zanvald). The master of Parade. He's forgotten the name.

"This temple wanted to take custody of this Eda here, I turned them down."


Leaving the man at a loss for words, Lecan headed straight to the front door. His <3D Perception> showed him Eda greeting and bowing to the man.

The two doors are wide open, same as when they first arrived.

Ten soldiers are standing in a row in a semicircular fashion by the stone steps, their spears at the ready.

Two men wearing imposing armor are lording behind them. They haven't drawn their swords. These two are quite skilled.

Two priests are standing next to the two. Both possess pretty huge mana pools.

Priest Casis is also present. He's wearing a necklace that was absent before. It must be some kind of Grace-laced magic item. He's also holding a cane. Lecan felt an even larger mana than before coming from him.

Lecan climbed down the stone steps with an unruffled expression.

Priest Casis held his cane up and chanted a spell. He probably had done the preliminary cast already.

"<Petrification (Gast)!>"

Lecan felt his body getting numb. His leg stopped for an instant as it was taking a step down. But a moment later, the abnormality affecting his body cleared away, Lecan took another step down the next stone steps casually.


There are nine stone steps in total. This and the great nine gods and stuff, perhaps the number nine holds a special meaning in this country. Lecan finished climbing down while thinking that. Eda followed after.

Priest Casis had begun reciting another spell after that shocked exclamation. Must be the preliminary cast for his next magic. Lecan kindly waited for him to finish it.

"<Sleep (Spall)!"

Lecan's consciousness was wrapped in a white mist for a moment, but it immediately got swept away. Just like it's always been forever, the enchanted silver ring in Lecan's finger is protecting him from all kinds of status abnormality.

This <Sleep> is the same magic Marakis used. If he remembers right, elementary level of this spell requires the caster to touch the target to be effective. Which means, priest Casis is a user of mid class or above for him to cast this spell from that distance.

But, Marakis was the better caster among the two. Lecan lost his consciousness if even for an instant that time. Priest Casis's magic is feeble. And yet, priest Casis possesses far more mana than Marakis, in fact, the mana put in his two spells just now was of surprising amount.

This means that the amount of mana one possesses does not necessarily signifies their skill in magic. Conversely speaking, those who possess little mana may not necessarily be bad at magic. He's got to be careful about this from now on.

And now that he thinks about it, Marakis did not do the preliminary cast routine. He cast <Sleep> in the middle of an idle talk like it was flowing naturally. One could do that depending on they training they took. Can never let your guard down.

"<Confusion (Yutore)!"

For a moment, Lecan lost the ability to distinguish things, he was incapable of telling left from right, above from below, ahead from behind. But an instance later, Lecan got the ability to distinguish stuff back.

This must be a mid-class mind magic like <Petrification>. Moreover, the mana put in it was clearly quite plentiful.

"You're just full of abnormal status mind magic, aren't you. Priest Casis."

Wonder if that's alright for a clergyman.

Or perhaps, that's exactly what makes him a clergyman.

"T-this can't be. Why didn't it work. There's no way this is happening"

Lecan takes a step forward.

Ten temple soldiers raised their spears, pointing them at Lecan.

At this point, Lecan suddenly felt like pranking.

There was this thing he wanted to test.

Doesn't matter even if it fails.

It'd be interesting, if it did succeed.

Lecan confirmed the positions of the spear tips with <3D Perception>. They're mostly stationary. Good.

"<Flame Arrow>"

As he recited the spell, lights surged out of a spot in front of Lecan's chest, blasting away ten spear tips. Eight <Flame Arrows> vanished afterward, but two landed near the soldiers.



The temple soldiers retreated back in surprise.

"W-what was that, what the hell was that."

Priest Casis was panicking.

The two temple knights drew their swords.

(Nice swords.)

(And nice fighting spirits.)

Getting a presentiment of a fun fight, Lecan reflexively grinned.

Lecan raised the collar of his overcoat with his left hand, put his right hand inside the overcoat and pulled out the <Sword of Rusk> from his <Storage>.

Then he poured full-powered bloodlust into the enemy before him.

The ten temple soldiers in the front row were paralyzed as if they had been bathed in the <Pressure> of a gigantic magic beast.

The two temple knights halted their march without realizing it.

One of the priests suspended his chanting, while the other one dropped his cane.

Priest Casis was quivering with eyes wide open.

Lecan took a step forward with his right hand holding the sword hanging loosely.

The two temple knights are undoubtedly tough, but Lecan's instinct is telling him to defeat the two priests first.

(Hold on.)

(I was told not to kill a priest.)

(What a bother, but no choice.)

(I'll kick away these soldiers in the front, sending them flying toward the knights.)

(Then I'll jump to the left and pulverize the two priests' jaws.)

(I'll hit priest Casis in the abdomen once.)

(Then I'll run to the right and chop off the two knights' right arms.)

(I'll think about what's in store for priest Casis in earnest afterward.)

That was when a carefree voice of a woman resounded.

"Hey, what are you guys up to over there."

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