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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-16

17-16. Pink-colored Calamities


"Sold out?! What do you mean by sold out!"
"Exactly what it says ssuyo. Our store's stock is zero ssu."

Red-haired Nell who was working as a salesperson in Echigoya Firm's store replied while using a tray to defend herself from flying saliva the unreasonable customer shot out.

"When are you gonna get more!"
"Next delivery is undecided ssu."
"What?! Then deliver them to my house once you have it."
"We can't ssu~ We don't do home deliveries ssu."
"Then put aside some for me."
"Too bad but we don't accept reservations for candy ssuyo."
"What! I am the customer here!"

The customer whom Nell was dealing with flew into a rage.
Echigoya Firm's security caught him as he was about to grasp Nell.

"If you really want one no matter what, how about buying off adventurers in front of the tower ssuka?"

Nell said so to the back of a former customer who was being taken away by security.
Nell's advice seemed to have hit the former customer's nerve as he kept cursing out abusive language on his way getting dragged out.

"Is it about candy again?"
"Yep ssu. Gimme anything, coffee, cola whichever, he said."

Nell affirmed her coworker, Manager's secretary, Tifaliza's question.

"The signboard 『We are sold out of candy』 in the entrance does not seem to have any effect, does it."
"Lots of people can't read after all~"

Even after the popularization of Study Cards which were said to originate from Seryuu City, the literacy rate in the capital is as low as ever.

"Maybe I should ask Tama-sensei to draw a sold out picture ssukane?"

The shadow on Nell's foot wriggled.

"Yep ssu. Even those who can't read should understand pictures ssuyo."
"Let's forget that you're trying to ask one of the busy [Demon Lord Slayers] for a sec, using pictures is a good idea. Let's commission art dealers that are in good terms with our firm."

The shadow on Nell's foot sunk down lonesomely after Tifaliza said so before leaving to make preparations.
No one heard a small "Shame~" sigh in the hustle bustle of the market.

Looks like we'll have to wait for another chance to witness Cat Ninja showing off her genius artistic skills.

"Guess three really are too much?"
"We can do it! Three gobu are nothing to us!"
"Hell yeah!"

Five boys holding farming tool-like clubs are fighting three Demigoblin Vanguards inside a [Tower].
Demigoblin Vanguards are not a strong monster at all, but so are these young boys who have never taken a proper training in their life before.

The bloodied boys continued to strike the Demigoblin Vanguards with their clubs even while getting hurt by the goblins' claws.

"S-so tough."
"Keep at it!"
"Some candy might drop if we beat three of 'em."

From what you can get on the tower's lower floors, Candy sell more than magic core fragments whose price crashed.

"Over there!"

Right as the ugly fight was reaching its climax, voices of men could be heard coming from a nearby corner.

"Hehee, thanks fer' wounded gobu!"
"And 'nuther!"

Three men running in and killed two Demigoblin Vanguards in a flash.
While the boys were dumbfounded by the rapid development, the men picked up their loot.

"Ooo, yeah. Got candy!"
"And this one's a magic core, not a fragment."

The men rejoiced while ignoring the boys.

"Don't steal our prey!"
"T-that's our gobu!"

"Whaddya want, huh!"
"Stealing what?!"

The men erased their smiles when the boys protested and began flaunting their weapons, pressuring with stern looks on their faces.
The men are wearing well-used leather armor along with the recently popular gobu swords and gobu axes as weapons of choice.

"We saved your ass when you boys were gonna get killed by those gobu!"

When one of the boys was about to object, the man with beard pressured him into silence.

"Oh crap, it ran off!"

The last Demigoblin Vanguard ran away when the bearded man was pressuring the boys.

"Folks, go after it!"

The men ran after the goblin while brandishing their swords around to hold the boys at bay.
The boys who were left behind began hitting walls and floors with their clubs, frustrated at having their prey stolen.

"We worked so hard to weaken those goblins."
"Our candy and magic core..."
"And I thought we would have a moldy bread-less feast today..."
"Those guys should have no problem fighting on upper floors."

The boys kept grumbling while doing an emergency treatment on themselves.

『So unfair isn't it.』
『Adults are unfair aren't they.』
"Yeah yeah! Those guys are supposed to be adults!"

Young sounding voices could be heard from somewhere.
Little girls' voices.

Their figures can't be seen.

『Bad adults.』
『Bad people need to be punished, don't you think.』
"That's right!"
"Punishment to bad adults!"

Yet, none of the boys found it bizarre.

『What kind?』
『What kind of punishment fit for those guys?』
"Un, umm. I know! I hope those guys stumble down hard while running after that goblin!"

The little girl laughed 『Kusu kusu』 at the kind boy's words.

『Are you fine with something so light?』
『Don't you think bad people should be punished more harshly?』

The little girls breathed malice into the boys.

"That's right! Those guys should have their weapons break and get eaten by goblins!"
"Yes! They should meet an ogre in the middle of chase and get blown apart like boom!"
"Get eaten from their head down!"
『Nice, that punishment sounds nice.』
『Just the right punishment for bad people.』

Miasma that leaked out of the boys' bodies flowed into the depth of darkness.
At the same time, grim expressions from the boys loosened up.

『Master will be happy if we punish bad people.』
『I'm sure he will.』
『Will he praise us?』
『He'll praise us. He'll also pat us for sure.』
『We might even get a kiss on cheek.』
『Can't wait for it.』
『Looking forward to it.』

The little girls' voices got smaller as they went away.

"What were we doing again?"
"Mad at our gobu getting snatched?"
"Well whatever, who cares 'bout those guys. Let's look for our next prey."
"Right. Getting mad isn't gonna stuff our bellies anyway."

The boys who came to themselves resumed their hunt as if they didn't remember about the mysterious voices.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Tch, it just hafta ran around all over the place..."
"And just for a fragment?"
"Shoulda not went after it."

At a spot quite far from the boys, the men who snatched their prey finally beat the fleeing Demigoblin Vanguard.

"Heck, we sure ran deep."
"Where are we again?"
"Who knows?"
"Eeh, 's fine. There ain't enemy who coulda hurt us 'round these parts anyway."
"Yeah. We're gonna party hard if more gobu come out."
"Ya got that 'rite"

Not sure what's funny, the men look at each other before bursting into laughter.

『Found bad people.』
『Bad people, found.』

"Didcha say sumthin'?"

Only one of the men reacted to the little girls' voices.

『Give punishment』
『Punishment, give.』


One of the men stumbled upon a depression on the floor and fell down.

"What'a klutz."
"Shut up. --Tch, dang this tower and its cheap traps."
"Like hell that a trap, so laaame."
"Whaddya say!"

The man who tripped shouted back at the man mocking him as if hiding his embarrassment.

"Oy oy, stop fightin' inside a labyrinth ya guys."

The leader man tried to mediate his friends who are grabbing each other collars, but these temperamental men show no sign of stopping.

"Come off it--what?"

Right as the man stepped forward to forcefully stop his friends who had started a punching match, he heard a heavy footsteps-like sound.
The man yelled at his friends, "Quiet down", and put his ear on the ground.

"Oh crap, some big one's coming."
"Big one?"
"Ya mean tiny giant explorers bunch?"

The leader ran off by himself without replying to his friends.

"What's up with him."

The men were puzzled to see their leader's fluster.

A common sense that only Demigoblin Vanguards spawn on this floor has been carved in these men's mind during these past several months.

"Tiny giants, you mean those [Ogre Eater] bunch?"
"Or maybe the [Candy Hunters]."
"Ah, those guys huh. They shoulda do chain hunts on upper floors."
"You tell me."

The men reproved other parties' bad manners while being blind to their own.

The footsteps reached the corner at last.

"Oy oy."

The men had a cramp on their faces when they saw a <Demiogre Vanguard> coming out of the corner.


The men desperately ran off when the Demiogre Vanguard roared.
Afterward, they could heard thud thud sounds of the ogre chasing them.

"Why the hell there's an ogre here!"
"Hell if I know! That damn Jifu, scurrying off ahead of us!"
"There he is!"

Their leader was standing behind a pillar at the end of a path they're running toward.
His upper half was hidden behind black shadow, but for knowing him for so long, the men couldn't be mistaken.

"The heck didja ran off on yer own!"
"It's an ogre! You run--"

The man stopped in the middle of his speech.
Because the upper half of his friend that had come into view was missing.


The screaming men's views were turned upside down along with an impact.
They only noticed that the Demiogre Vanguard had caught up to and punched them when they saw it swinging down its fist toward them on the wall.

"Let's ru--"

The man gave up trying to say, "Let's run", to his friend who fell next to him when he saw his unshapely bent neck.
As the man tried to crawl his way out, a Demiogre Vanguard stood before him while chewing something in its bloodied mouth.


The shrieking man swung its sword only to have it broken in half when it hit the ogre's armor.
The ogre caught the still shrieking man with both its hands, opened its huge mouth wide and took a bite.

『A bit wrong?』
『That was an accident.』
『Can't be helped then.』
『It really can't be helped. I mean, it's an accident.』

The pink-colored little girls whispered next to the man with broken neck.

『Let's go home~』
『Un, to where Master is.』
『Will he praise us I wonder?』
『I'm sure he will.』
『Shouldn't we clean up that ogre?』
『Eeh, too much work~』
『But you have to clean up your toys after using them you know?』
『Then you do it yourself? I'm going back ahead.』
『Me too~. Can't wait for Master's praise any longer.』
『W-wait for me~』

When the two little girls disappeared into a hole on the purple wall, the last one who was insisting to take care of the Demiogre Vanguard also ran after her friends, disappearing into the hole.
After eating all three corpses, the Demiogre Vanguards that were left on the site ended up reigning the lower floor with overt tyranny.

The next day, taverns were filled with rumors about Mabudachi, Shatei and a visiting dogkin warrior, who got rid of two Demiogre Vanguards.
Additionally, the boys whose prey was snatched away by the first victims apparently escaped the disaster since they moved onto another floor earlier on.

"Master, going out to instruct young organisms so I report."

Nana who has put on a disguise reported to Satou in living room of Solitary Island Palace.
Nana was asked by senior kids in the orphanage who wish to be explorers to lead them in their site practice in the tower.

"Be careful out there."
"Yes Master. 『Treasure your life』 so I firmly promise."

Nana saluted firmly before going out.

She's disguised herself to hide her [Demon Lord Slayer] identity.
Anyone will immediately find out about it once she talks, but it should be fine this time.

"Master, Elterina-san and Tifaliza-san from Echigoya Firm are here to see you."
"Thanks, Lulu. At the parlor no?"

Lulu who came in after Nana went out informed Satou.


Mia who was having a performance for Satou in living room showed her dissatisfaction for being interrupted.

"I'm sorry, Mia. Do play for me again once I'm done with work, okay."

Satou went to the parlor after poking Mia's puffed cheeks to return her face to normal.

"Kuro-sama, our apologies for coming without prior engagement."

Manager Elterina and secretary Tifaliza stood up and bowed to Satou when he got in the parlor.

"No no, don't worry about it."

Satou sat down on the sofa after encouraging the two to do so as well.

"Yep yep. You should visit us more often without reserve."

Arisa warped in and positioned herself next to Satou while speaking in a friendly manner.
She has her natural purple hair when she's here in the home ground Solitary Island Palace, not the blond wig she usually wears outside.

"It's about the matter with candy right? How was it?"
"Royal Research Institute did not detect a particularly dangerous substance. Here are the documents."

Satou looks over the documents Tifaliza handed him.

"The analysis result doesn't differ much from Burainan Clan's and Biroanan Clan's--but what is this postscript note about addictive effect?"

Satou asked while mentioning elven clans known for their love for research.
The research documents he got from the elves mentioned nothing about this addictive effect.

"That's not a result from analysis. As pertained in the documents, the result on that is negative when tested on guinea pigs such as rats and small birds. That postscript is an impression the researcher who did the test got from observing a trend in a portion of Royal Capital's populace. This addictive effect is so low and not on the level of banned drugs such as Corpse Drug or Fiend Drug however, it's at most on the level of a habitual drinker's fixation toward alcohol."

Satou was lost in thought after hearing Tifaliza's explanation.
That must be because he cannot tell whether the addictive effect is high or not.

He himself drinks, but he's never had a dependency on the level of alcoholic.
In former case, you can stop anytime you want to, but in latter case, the road to recovery is said to be so thorny to the point of requiring an entry in medical institutions.

Additionally, the reason why Satou requested an analysis on the candy was because the candy-loving Winged Fairies in Boruenan Forest started to get extreme in their demands for candy after several visits of him bringing in new drop items.

"It's not written here specifically, but is it like getting irritated when you run out of candy and resort to unscrupulous acts to get your hands on one?"
"My apologies. We don't know that--"

Tifaliza stopped in the middle of her speech.

"--Come to think of it, today. When Nell told a customer looking for candy that we were out of stock, it caused a commotion where the man tried to seize Nell with an extremely threatening attitude."
"Is Nell all right?"
"She is fine. Nell's level is high and the security made it in time."

Tifaliza smiled faintly when she saw Satou relieved to hear Nell was safe.

"Considering something like that occurred, maybe it's a good idea to hear the researcher's opinion on this? Who's in charge?"
"It's a man called associate researcher of Royal Research Institute." <TLN: was tled as runner-up before.>
"Ah, that guy huh..."

Satou murmured slightly disagreeably as he recalled an event that happened when the tower first appeared.

"Since it'd take too long if we depart from the capital's mansion, mind if I go from Echigoya Firm?"
"Yes, of course not."

After smiling back at the manager who gave her consent, Satou transformed into Kuro.
Without the conspicuous mask or scar, nor the distinctive gakuran, he's wearing a gentlemanly wear common in Shiga Kingdom.

"And of course, I'm going too right."
"Yeah, that's fine."
"Me~ too~?"

Mia who was peeking on the door, and Tama who showed up out of nowhere from Satou's shadow on the sofa requested accompany as well.

"No choice. Make sure to disguise yourselves okay."

Mia is wearing a blond wig like Arisa's, while Tama insisted that she'd be fine cause she's a ninja, however in the end, she couldn't resist the allure of a tiger set Satou prepared for her and okay'ed the disguise. Surely it's because she found the big pink ribbon to her fancy.

Arisa didn't look like she had a disguise with only her blond wig on, but since no one ever found out that she was a [Demon Lord Slayer] when she put it on, none of them complained.

"Kuro-sama! We've sold out all of our Seven-sensei's plush toys! Please tell Seven-sensei that she has an additional order when you meet her."

It's about plush toys that Seven-sensei--Nana started making for orphanage kids.
Those kids have started taking sewing lessons lately, and Nana are teaching them to make one.

"Okay, I got it. I'll make sure to tell her."

Kuro and the girls came through the market area on the first floor before going out.

"Ah! Tifa-san! Have you told Tama-sensei ssuka?"
"About what~?"
"Huh? Don't tell me it's Tama-sensei ssuka!"

Tama took the [It's a secret] pose at Nell who shouted out loud.

"I'm sorry ssu."

After apologizing, Nell made a request for her to draw posters that indicate candy being out of stock

"So it can't be done ssuka..."
"Moving pictures may work, but there's only so many things you can represent with drawings. Something like smoking ban with a cross inside a circle should be doable tho'."
"Even Arisa-chan can't figure it out ssuka."
"Nell, Kuro-sama and his escort are about to go out. Save the talk after they're back."

The manager admonished Nell who started to mull over.

"Oh no ssu. Kuro-sama, forgive me ssu. Tama-sensei, let's talk about the matter with drawings later."
"Aye aye sir~"

Kuro and the girls waved at Nell and the other as they departed Echigoya Firm on the firm's wagon.

"It doesn't have to be a ban, a signboard to tell about candy counter will do, no?"
"Ah, I see. Drawing of store being out of stock might work."

Arisa struck her hands together at Satou's suggestion.

"That or maybe making a candy factory so it doesn't get sold out could be a solution. We've got lots of coffee beans we bought at Saga Empire anyway."
"Oh that's nice. That'd open employment opportunities too. Let's talk about the location for a new factory with Tifa-san once we get back."
"Now. ■■……■ Summon Messenger Pigeon."

Mia used summoning magic she just learned from a Phantasmal Labyrinth's [Blessing Orb] to summon a carrier pigeon.
Unlike ordinary carrier pigeons, this pigeon can fly to places the summoner is familiar with.

It'd be faster with space magic [Telephone], but surmising that Mia was eager to try out her new magic, Satou put a letter on the pigeon and let it fly without saying anything unnecessary.

"So, think those candy are the demon god's scheme too?"

Satou honestly replied to Arisa, "I'm not sure."
Seeing how demon lords and demons are, he doesn't believe that demon god is a virtuous existence. But considering his warnings toward reincarnated people about the danger of overusing Unique Skills when they get brought here, he also can't reliably conclude that he's pure evil.

The wagon passed through Royal Research Institute's gate as Satou was pondering hard.

『Where are bad people?』
『Wonder where, villains are?』
『We'll exterminate a whole lot and get Master's praises.』
『For the sake of getting Master's praises, let's exterminate a whole lot.』
『No bad people anywhere?』
『Must be one somewhere, I'm sure.』
『Bad people-san, please come out cause we're gonna exterminate you~』

The little girls are whispering about deep in the tower today as well.

It would take a bit more time before those voices reached Satou.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 280

Chapter 280 Strongest Sage, Challenges Experiment


"...We've gone quite far."

"I think it's around 100 meter deep?"

"Yea... Guess it's a precaution to prevent getting found out."

The magic freight car stopped after a while.
Our destination was a small space protected by a powerful barrier.

A general purpose powerful barrier commonly used in the past, 『Wall of Space Rupture』 has enclosed us all around.
Walls, ceiling and even floor are all barrier-ed.

...Probably implying that they have no intention of letting us get out the test area.
It's possible to dig out escape holes on ordinary floors after all.

One may think that they're cutting corners by using common magic like this, but it's actually an effective method.
The fact that it's commonly used is exactly why its spell art has been through many refinements over time.

...Though it's also partly because using a spell art whose inner working you don't know well could potentially result in having its weakness used against you.

"Welcome, test partner-kun."

The elder brother Anmorr's voice could be heard when I was checking out the barrier.
Then elder Anmorr asked us after pondering just for a bit.

"...Right, I forgot to ask one thing. So Mathi-kun is here to be our test sparring partner, that's good and all, but why are those three with you?"

"It's cause we're gonna fight alongside him!"

"That's right! We're fighting too!"

"Me too, I'll fight too!"

Elder Anmorr pondered a bit after hearing the girls.
Then he shook his head.

"Unfortunately, I cannot allow that... Even if it's the strongest test body, fighting multiple foes right from the get go carries too much risk. All the more reason when one of those is a dragon in human form... Mathias-kun, you are to fight alone outside the barrier."

Elder Anmorr cast a spell after saying that.
Then the barrier enclosing us changed property.

Looks like it's been turned into a barrier that lets only me through.

"...I got it."

I walked outside the barrier.
The barrier turned back to its original state after I was outside.

"Mathi-kun alone!?"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"Are you saying we can only watch...?"

"Worry not. If you wish to fight, you'll have your turn from the second test onward... If you do not want to fight, you can become our test subjects for mana reinforcement through [Broken Star] instead. We can't have you go back alive now that you know about this place... Your honorable sacrifices will definitely prove useful for the sake of furthering magic development. I guarantee that much."

I check the surroundings while listening.

We're in a 15 meter-long cuboid space right now.
The barrier where I'm in is in one of its corners.

One man stood in the corner to the opposite of the girls.
--It's the little brother Anmorr.

"I welcome you to our proving ground! So very glad to have you here as a sparring partner for our strongest experimental body!"

Little brother Anmorr smiled like he was truly enjoying this after saying that.

However... I don't see anything resembling this test body anywhere nearby.

"...So where is this test body?"

I probe the surrounding mana.
The barrier here makes mana hard to pass through, but since it doesn't completely shut off all mana, it's possible to probe to a certain degree with [Passive Detection].

They probably did it on purpose so that they can gather data which otherwise would be impossible were mana was completely shut off.
...There are ways to collect mana data even while blocking detection though... But since these methods were mostly unknown even in my past life, I supposed these Anmorr brothers had no idea as well.

But no matter how much I used detection, it only showed me Anmorr brothers.
I found lots of mana reactions that seemed to be magic tools, but I couldn't find one weird enough to be connected to Dead Revival.
Doesn't seem like they're going to revive the test body here.

Is this a trap, I wonder.
Luring us here with seeking sparring partners as a pretext before exterminating us.
From our conversations with these brothers, I don't think they're the type that resorts to such schemes though...

Little Anmorr spoke while I was thinking.

"What do you mean by where? That test body is right in front of you."

I noticed it after hearing that.

--Little brother Anmorr's mana reaction feels a bit weird.
I could feel a peculiar mana pattern like the one 『Warmongers』 had in them in little Anmorr.

The response is smaller compared to the one [Warmongers] had, but there's no mistaking it.
His mana response is obviously stranger compared to Ruli and the girls.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 8.2_3_4


Lecan was taken to a dreary room containing nothing but a shabby desk and chair right after he arrived at the lord's mansion.

Quite some time has passed since they left Lecan here.

It's not like he's got nothing to do though.

After having a meal he took out of <Storage>, he has been practicing <Lamplight> all this time.

Controlling mana smoothly and decisively.

As much Mana as on the tip of your fingernail is already enough to cast <Lamplight>. However, he's circulating mana in every corner of his entire body, and lighting up a tiny tiny flame from among that enormous flow. Lecan continued to tirelessly repeat that kind of practice of control.

As someone who has gone through battles all his life as a swordsman, there are so many ways where attack magic would prove useful. Of course, he'll be mainly using his sword in battle, but once he's succeeded in weaving together magic into his style, he'll get even stronger and be able to cope with all kinds of enemies and situations. He also possesses magic bows that can shoot out magic arrows and wands that can unleash flames, but their power and usability are problematic, he hasn't been able to make use of one in a battle. An attack magic has to carry a certain degree of speed and power on it before it could be useful to a swordsman of Lecan's level. Getting ahold of such magic was nothing more than a dream within a dream for a swordsman like Lecan.

And now he is capable of wielding these dreamlike magic. Moreover, he vividly witnessed a glimpse of that power in the dungeon. It utterly demolished that gigantic Wrinkle Man in one shot.

However, presently it's difficult for him to keep using magic in the heat of a battle. Moreover, it's terribly costly in term of mana expenditure. As such, he's going to refine his control and raise the speed.


"Lecan-san. Please excuse me."

The door opened along with a familiar sounding voice.

It's Chaney the merchant. With Commander Tesla right behind him.

"Now now. Shall we go then."

Lecan kept silent. Not even trying to get up.

Chaney added more words when he saw Lecan acting that way.

"To where town lord-sama is waiting."

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>


"We're indebted to you this time. You have my gratitudes."

The town lord Crimus Ulban suddenly stood up and lowered his head. Commander Tesla who was standing by in the corner of the room was surprised with eyes wide open.

Once the lord sat down, Chaney who was standing to his right gave an explanation.

"Lecan-san. It was thanks to you escorting me that I managed to deliver a precious medicine here. To tell you the truth, Lord-sama's daughter, Susyana-sama was stricken with a serious illness. Thanks to your effort, we were able to have the medicine delivered even during a difficult time, which resulted in Susyana-sama's recovery. Lord-sama wished to thank Lecan for that."

"That deed is yours, Chaney. I was merely hired by you to work as an escort."

"Don't say that. Think of my position here. Oy."

Ordered by the lord, a personal attendant who appeared to be the grand chamberlain approached Lecan and offered a small pouch on a square-shaped silver tray.

There's probably gold coins inside the pouch. Lecan spoked sharply toward the town lord without even sending a glance toward the pouch.

"How do you plan to make up for the crime of breaking in Apothecary Shira's house and wrecking her door."

The air in the room froze.

"Hou. Do you have a problem with a lord investigating a private house in his territory?"

The lord asked with a chilly voice. Lecan replied not to him as he turned around and walked toward the door.

"Please wait! Please!"

Chaney ran off and stopped Lecan as if begging him.

"We'll hire the best craftsman there is. We'll strive to restore the door to as close to its original state as possible. I swear by my name, Chaney. So please, Lecan-san, please temper your anger."

Lecan kept his silent. Chaney added more.

"A certain knight-sama lives in this town. That knight-sama has been sucking up this town's wealth through wicked means over a long period of time. And he had devised a scheme in an attempt to take over this town. Young master was instigated by that knight-sama."


The lord interrupted Chaney using an awfully loud voice. He must be saying that was not something that could be spoken out loud.

"Lord-sama. Are you planning to completely make enemy of Shira-sama here? If that's not the case, then you cannot let Lecan-san return in this state."

The Chaney now had a very serious look on his face as if he was a whole different person than his usual shifty self.

"Lecan-san. If you end up opposing lord-sama, that means the lord household will turn antagonistic toward Shira-sama as well. And that's exactly what that knight-sama wanted. Are you sure you're fine with that?"

That's one clever way to put it. Lecan himself loathes to act just as that man expected. Which means, he's gotta stop his quibbling toward the lord.

Lecan noticed another thing. Shira must not wish to have a hostile relationship toward either the lord or that certain knight. Because Shira's wish is surely to live quietly without intervention of men. In other words, if Lecan who names himself Shira's pupil were to go on a rampage, it would bring liabilities to Shira no matter who the other party was.

He's got to thank Chaney for granting him an amicable way out of this.

"Understood, Chaney. I'll take back my words earlier."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 279

Chapter 279 Strongest Sage, Rides Freight Car


"OK then, walk about 500 meter to the left from there!"

I check mana reaction of the spot 500 meter away.

...It only showed a rocky mountain.
But looking closer, it's really concealing an entrance to a facility.

That's a well done camouflage.
Even if my ability to detect hidden places has fallen compared to my past life, I know a concealment if there's even a slightest bit of oddness.
It's probably hidden with an ordinary concealment magic, but its application is pretty good.

Well, they wouldn't have been able to make use of [Supranatural Art] if they can't do this much at least.
Really, it's such a waste these guys are like that.

They probably would become considerably great mages were they channeled their passions in the right direction.
While thinking that as we progressed further, I could see a small hole on the base of a rocky mountain.

And that hole widened up as we got closer.
Just enough for one person to get in.

"Come in."


I replied to the comm magic and drew closer to the hole.

...I'm leading the way since there's a chance they've set up traps there.
I jumped down the hole in a state where I could immediately cast counter trap magic.

But my fear ended up being imaginary.
I got down the hole without triggering any kind of trap.

There was a huge door at the place I landed down to.

『All clear. You can go down.』

I called the girls.

『T-this place was so close by...』

『...They must have set up a test facility nearby to get data from [Composite Test Body No.1]. It would be super hard to find so long as it's concealed properly... These guys are cream of the crop in term of magic techs amongst all enemies we fought so far.』

Then I open the door.
There was some kind of railway track beyond the door, with one magic freight car on top of it.
...I thought this was a test lab, turned out this place was merely a transport facility.

"Get on. It may be a bit cramped for four since it was designed for us two... But you should manage."


I look at the magic freight car.
...It's a very high speed type.
Our enemy's hideout might actually be quite distant from here.

I talk to the girls while thinking that.

『Once we get on this, we're gonna stop with comm magic and talk normally.』
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『We're going to fight without comm magic?』

『Yeah... Ordinary comm magic would be leaking all over against people who could use that level of magic.』

『...I see... It's like the time with Grevil-san...』

『That's the idea... Rather, there's a chance they'd hack and hijack our comm magic. If you receive a call in comm magic, just ignore and regard it as a fake.』

Getting our comm intercepted is not a problem if we know beforehand.
But, it could be fatal if they broadcast fake information to confuse us.


Then we got on the magic freight car.

"So where are you taking us? These installations feel too large-scale for a disposable test lab..."

"Yea. We're inviting you to our stronghold this time. As that's where the best equipment for data gathering reside. Complete with defensive equipment of course. It won't break so easily, worry not."

Looks like our enemy have complete confidence on their defensive equipment.
Otherwise, they wouldn't have invited us outsiders to their stronghold.

The magic freight car began moving as we were talking.
It accelerated along with a loud sound as expected.

"A-aren't we going too fast!?"

"T-this magic device is incredible! How could it even produce this speed!"

Alma was nervous about the speed, while Ruli peeked out of the freight car to look at the engine.
...I don't think it's a good idea to peer out of a fast moving magic freight car... But fortunately, this tunnel seems to have been properly made, there's no danger even if you do that.

"Uun... This cart-like thing is too loud!"

Iris lodged a complaint to the magic freight car.
Well the problem with sounds is just a natural destiny of a magic freight car that runs at high speed.
The sounds get amplified inside the tunnel too.

The magic freight car started to decelerate while I was thinking.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 8.1


The fact that he accused Lecan of doing something to Shira must mean that these people too have no idea about Shira's whereabout. Even if that's the case though, just what are they doing.

"I reiterate, who are you people. Who gave you permission to come in here."

The young knight's stature is more than a head lower than Lecan. He bravely stepped forward, scowled at Lecan, drew his sword and pointed the tip before Lecan.

"I am Knight Agito Ulban. Eldest son of Crimus Ulban, lord of Vouka Town. And who are you!"

"The town lord's son? Unlawfully breaking into apothecary Shira's house, wrecking her door and pointing a sword toward someone of this house. You're saying all those are done under the lord's will then?"

The other two knights behind him flew into a rage when they heard Lecan.

"Mind your manners!"

"Who do you think you're talking to!"

Agito himself seems to be beside himself with anger as he orders the two soldiers next to him.

"What are you doing! Capture this suspicious man at once!"

"You will not!"

The owner of that voice was another soldier who just came out of the workroom, however he was wearing better armor than other soldiers. The man has an aged face befitting of his senior years. Three soldiers followed after him.

"Agito-sama. Could you please refrain from giving orders at your own discretion."

"Commander! This man has definitely done something. We have to capture this man!"

The man called Commander stepped forward toward Lecan. Lecan turned only his head to look at this commander man's face.

Lecan was awfully furious at this point. He himself found it curious as to why.

It might be because he was bewildered at the sudden disappearance of Shira, or maybe it was an anger at the absurdity of these unknown men trampling over Shira's house, in any case, he's just really furious. And the knight's attitude poured oil into that fiery anger.

Were any of these suspicious men made an attempt to attack, Lecan would surely cut down everyone present here.

"I presume you're Apothecary Shira's pupil, Lecan?"

It was Agito who reacted to the commander's words.

"What? Pupil? Pupil you say? I heard nothing about Shira-dono taking a pupil in!"

"Lord-sama is aware of it. I was informed of it by lord-sama himself."

The commander glanced at Agito.

While toward Lecan, his expression is full of resolute will yet also awfully apprehensive as well.

This commander must vaguely realize just how dangerous Lecan is.

Lecan himself turned his eyes burning with anger at the commander.

An awfully tense silence ruled over the garden.

Then at this point, Jericho came out of the still open workroom's door.

Jericho politely closed the door, moved on the ground with his long arms, and then climbed the stakes on the wall to go off somewhere.

Seeing that, Lecan's heart regained a curious composure.

Shira wouldn't have left Jericho here were she abandoned this dwelling. Jericho wouldn't have been that calm were Shira got herself in some kind of trouble. Since Jericho is quietly spending time here, that must mean Shira has gone somewhere by her own volition, and will come back in time.

Once he calmed down after thinking that far, Lecan finally replied to the commander.
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"I am commander of Vouka Town Guard, Tesla. We are searching this house as part of our duty, we hope for your understanding."


"Considering a VIP of this town, Shira-dono, has gone missing, we cannot just ignore it."

"That's funny. Shira was present when I left this house six days ago. Which means, Shira would have been absent for six days at most. Last month, Shira was away from this town for about 20 days, but no one was making a commotion over it in particular. Why would this time be then. On top of that you brought along three knights and six soldiers in tow. What do you intend to do with such forces."

"I gave the order! I heard from a certain channel that a peril might be approaching Shira-dono, so..."

"You please be quiet! You have no rights to order troops around! And by gathering off-duty members outside of my awareness at that. Don't you realize that you risk getting accused of trying to raise a rebellion if you mobilize the lord's soldiers without permission?! The matter this time gets to be treated as the guard commander's order because I noticed in time to catch up with you, but it was really a close call, you hear me. You must never do anything like this ever again!"

Lecan has no idea about their situation, but he could sense this commander's heartfelt worries toward Agito.

Commande Tesla faced Lecan once again.

"We would like you to accompany us to the lord's mansion to answer our questions."

Lecan no longer has any intention to cut down these intruders. That said, he's really not at all eager to go to such a troublesome place as the lord's mansion.

He thought of running away here but he would have a hard time living in this town if he did. As he had no other choice, he decided to go along with them.

"I'm gonna get changed. Wait outside the front door."

Lecan went inside the house to Shira's room in the furthest back.

The bed has not been roughed up. Looks like they didn't notice the hole below the bed.

Lecan put away his sword, overcoat and all valuables inside <Storage> and put on a casual wear he got from Zaidmahl house. They won't try to confiscate anything off him now.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 278

Chapter 278 Strongest Sage, Prepares Countermeasures


I ask Ruli while thinking that.

"Want me to teach you how to read complex magic circles next time?"

"Please do! ...But can I really read these?"

"You will easily once you've gotten used to it."

"Yay! ...What about constructing one?"

Ruli looks at me.
I'd like to teach her that as well--but unfortunately, that one's a tall order.

"...Constructing these would be difficult. You need another skill to construct a magic circle that's too meticulous."

Constructing a magic circle this complex requires you to dip in a different skill set from making normal ones.
When the connecting lines in a magic circle get too thin, it gets harder for mana to flow through them, hence you need to take a variety of measures.

Since Ruli has talent, she'll probably manage in a few years time.

"But once you're able to read these kinds of magic circles, you'll have an easier time when you're constructing a complex one... It should serve you well in constructions of ordinary magic circles as well."

"It's rare to see Mathi-kun praising someone's magic circle...  Is it really that incredible?"

"Yeah. Its quality as a magic circle is quite up there. Still some room for improvements though."

I turn my sight at the comm magic tool.
Peeps capable of constructing a magic circle this advanced would have gotten strong were they channeled their magic training in the right direction.

...Well no point in fussing over these things with those bunch though.
Their goal is not getting strong, but developing some weird magic after all.

I make a declaration after thinking.

"Alright, let's make some preparations for the fight."

"Preparations... What are we gonna do?"

"...There's a little something we need to make."

If Anmorr brothers wanted to best us... They should have not shown me their Test Body like that.
Exhibiting how it was being made is like asking me to prepare countermeasures.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

About 30 hours since we fought Warmongers.

Anmorr brothers' magic tool reactivated.
We gather around the magic tool when we saw that.

"...This is earlier than the plan."

"I mean 『Strengthened Test Body No. 1』 was mostly done. We only needed to make a minor adjustment... The problematic points would show during the experiment, then we just need to improve on it."

...I see.
Improving huh, they're already assuming that it will be reusable.
They're really underestimating us..

"So we're gonna be sparring partners in your experiment for that purpose huh."

"That's right! ...Do your worst and give us some good data! Don't die too fast you, that's boring."

"...We'll fight with all we got, so that test body can be improved further."

The first half is the truth.
...I don't plan to let them improve on it in the least though.

"Very good! Okay then, let me invite you to our laboratory! ...First thing first, can you go back to the spot you fought [Warmongers]?"


We went back to the former battlefield.
Good thing we memorized the spot.

『So their base was close by...』

『It's probably not a coincidence. They must have somehow induced those [Warmongers] to focus hunting around that part.』

Looks like their base was close to that place.
We arrived at the battlefield while running and thinking that.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-15

17-15. At the Changing World


Satou here. Just like how it was during the modern day Industrial Revolution, a rapid change in social life brings about a huge effect to people. The socially vulnerable gotta be careful not to get crushed by distortions in the change.

"Aren't you tired, Satou?"

The one who called out to me was my beloved Aze-san, the high elf of Boruenan Forest.
As the girls are out exploring the towers, there was no one else besides House Fairies (Brownies) in Solitary Island Palace, so I dropped by the Tree House in Boruenan Forest.

"Just yesterday you went to a faraway country to stop a war, didn't you?"
"Oh it wasn't much."

I merely created a super huge long wall of flame to separate the battlefield so they couldn't continue fighting, and summoned original artificial spirit [Griffon Riders] to stop the flying units.
I'm still lamenting the fact that there were quite a number of casualties and burned down villages that occurred before I got there.
Restoring villages and farm fields are a simple matter with magic, but it's not so simple with human life.

Me being lost in thought thinking about that must be what caused Aze-san to ask worriedly.

"Besides, just being able to have tea with Aze-san like this is extremely uplifting to me."

Aze-san smiled gently.
Lua-san who was sitting slightly apart from us looked like she wanted to say something, but since it didn't seem like she had any business with me, I ignored it.

With a buon sound, a teleport gate opened while I was enjoying my time alone with Aze-san.

"We're baff~"
"We're back nanodesu!"

With Tama and Pochi leading, Arisa and the girls who had been training in the tower came back.

"Master, look look~?"
"Pochi and everyone got to level 99 too nodesu!"
"Whoa that's awesome, you worked really hard everyone."

Following after Liza and Hikaru, everyone besides Mia have reached level 99.


Mia who was the only one at level 97 went to hug me and then mashed her forehead on me.
Since Mia, an elf, needs about twice the amount of exp other girls need to level up, it seems like she's sulking since she's the only one who hasn't reached level 99.


Arisa pulled my sleeve.

"Take a look at Pochi and the girls' titles."

Arisa whispered that to me.
I tried checking wondering if they got something dangerous attached to them, but they only got one new title which Hikaru and Liza also got earlier; [One who Reaches the Limit of Man].

"Next, try me."

I checked Arisa's titles as told but I found nothing new in particular.

"Nothing's changed though?"
"That's exactly why it's a problem."

Arisa said so in an even lower volume.

"What is--"

I realized what Arisa was trying to say just as I was about to speak.

Arisa doesn't have that title.

The title [One who Reaches the Limit of Man] that natives like Liza and summoned heroes like Hikaru got when they reached level 99.
I thought it was because reincarnated people didn't have a level limit, but I quickly realized that's not it.
Goblin Princess Yuika living in labyrinth's lower layer, a reincarnated person like Arisa, also has the same title as Liza and the others.

If I had to look for a reason, it'd be--.

"Is it because you're my familiar?"

My level surpasses 99 despite being a human.

"Pochi wants to be a familiar too nodesu!"
"Tama too~"

Tama and Pochi who heard my conversation with Arisa jumped here at an Instantaneous Movement-like speed.

"Pochi wants to get stronger and stronger and be helpful to Master nodesu!"
"Tama too!"

The two leaped up and down with raised hands.

"Master, if that is how one breaks through level limit, I would like to become a familiar as well."
"Master, requesting further strengthening."

Liza and Nana came from behind Tama and Pochi and expressed their desire to be my familiars as well.

"I-I feel the same as Arisa and the others too."
"Uun, I don't really wish for more power to fight, but being Satou's familiar sounds kind of nice?"

Lulu, Hikaru, and Mia joined to actively demand for familiar status.

"Hang on, everyone. We don't know for sure that being a familiar is the reason why I don't have a level limit."

Arisa stood in front of me facing everyone else.

"There is another thing I'm different from everyone else remember."

All the girls besides Tama and Pochi looked like they understood what she meant.

"What's different nodesu?"

Arisa smiled softly at Tama and Pochi who were tilting their heads.

"I might have turned into a demon lord once back then."

Arisa spoke of the other possibility.
Every beings besides me who has broken through level 99--[Golden Wild Boar King], [Dog Head Ancient King], and [Goblin Demon Lord]--are all demon lords.

"That's right. Even if demon lord is demon lord, Arisa is a good demon lord nanodesu."
"Same with Shizuka~?"
"That's right nanodesu! Pochi was going to say that herself nodesuyo."

Tama and Pochi who realized that she wasn't too keen on talking about the subject were getting flustered, but then Arisa patted their heads and said, "Don't worry about it."

"Arisa, we cannot conclude that that's the reason yet."

After lightly whacking Tama and Popchi's heads, Liza said that to Arisa.

"Master, would you let me become your familiar?"

She probably wants to test whether she can break through the level limit with it.

--That said, honestly speaking, I'm not exactly sure what's the condition to be my familiar myself.

Arisa became one after I made her drink [Nectar] when she turned into a demon lord, however, Chuu Fat and the other sage mice as well as God Bird Hisui didn't become my familiars even though their races changed after drinking Nectar. In another case, God Parion's hero, Meiko passed out while vomiting blood.

The other familiar besides Arisa, Lady Liedill of Weasel Empire got to be one after I gave her a large dose of Blood Elixir to heal her grave limb loss.
No one else became my familiar with a proper dose of Blood Elixir.

In both case, it may look like the condition is to be healed from a critical state, but since there are opposing cases like Meiko and Hisui, I can't say that for sure.

Oh right, in Hisui's case, right after she became God Bird--.

> Unit Name [Hisui] requested affiliation. Will you give permission (YES/NO)

--Came out in the Log, didn't it.

Wonder if Hisui would become my familiar if I had picked [YES] back then.

"Am I not befitting to become Master's familiar..."
"No of course, that's not it."

Looks like my silence made Liza uneasy.

"Hold on, I have no idea how to turn someone into a familiar, and it's not a certainty that being one release level limit, so."

I can't have Liza be a guinea pig.
I'll probably use a small animal-type homonculus created with alchemy as a test subject.

"Heaven Thunder."

The gigantic artificial spirit, Behemoth unleashed an eye-blinding thunderstorm by Mia's command.


An <<Evil Dragon Vanguard>> that was hit by the lightning storm vanished into dark purple mist leaving death throes behind.

The Artificial spirits that Mia commands get stronger with her level, thus even a level 80 Evil Dragon Vanguard looked nothing more than a mob monster before it.

"Congrats Mia. You got to level 98."

Mia smiled happily when Arisa praised her.

Arisa's level stays at 99.
The exp point needed to take Mia from level 97 to 98 vastly exceeds that of human's, yet even that is not enough to raise Arisa's level.

"Ooh, a treasure chest! Master, open it please."

I unlocked the treasure chest Arisa found with force magic from a remote place.
Crisis Perception and Trap Detection skills weren't reacting so it should be fine, but just in case.

"So much gold and silver coins."

Jewelries that appear to be magic tools mixed among gold and silver coins are a usual sight, but there are some items that are unlike the norm as well.

"There's scales too."

There were purple colored fangs and scales of Evil Dragon Vanguard.
I got my hands on these scales from Evil Dragon Vanguards Liza and the girls defeated before, and the Dragon Liquid created from these scales wounded up to be purple-colored, instead of blue, Magic Liquid.
That purple liquid couldn't be used to make holy arms, instead mysterious items that emitted purple aura ended up getting built.

Instead of [Pierces Everything], the fangs have a property that [Corrodes Everything] if you circulate mana into one.
I figured that could have its uses, but since the corrosion keeps spreading with the passage of time, it's got limited uses.

"Oh there's a pouch behind the fang. And with something inside."

Arisa sent a glance asking if it was dangerous, thus I nodded after checking with AR reading.

There were two types of candy inside the pouch.

"Apparently it's not poisonous."

According to AR readings, it's cola candy and coffee candy.

I have checked them for curse and miasma, but the density is no different than all other drop items.
Since I've been releasing my Spirit Light fully to help with Mia's level ups, the miasma should immediately disperse.

I took the two back to Solitary Island Palace since it was about time for dinner.

"Welcome back, Satou-san."
"Master Satou."

Sera and Core Two who were enjoying Fruit Water in an open terrace in front of living room greeted us.
Since it's a rest day for the Silver members, Sera is not wearing her combat attires but a white summer dress that fits well with Solitary Island Palace's climate.

As for the members who aren't here, Zena-san is practicing her newly learned magic on the beach, while Princess Sistina has gone out to play at the castle's Forbidden Archive.
Lady Karina are hunting for foodstuff with Pochi in the labyrinth, Liza are doing a provincial tour culling out monsters in monster domains along with Black Dragon Heiron, Hikaru and Nana are visiting orphanages, and Lulu has gone to the island where the surviving sisters of Lalakie Dynasty live at, in order to revive ancient cuisine. Tama is surely being a ninja again somewhere.

"Master Satou, reporting that Main Core grumbled about lack of prey lately."

Core Two said something that sounded like both grievances and grumbles straight from Phantasmal Labyrinth's Dungeon Core.

"Should I make it so foodstuff get dropped there?"
"Since the area around Dejima Island are rich fishing grounds, Main Core said that foodstuff would not be effective."

Unlike Selbira's Labyrinth case, looks like I've got to come up with something this time.

"Got it. I'll think about it later. Arisa, sorry."
"Okay! Just leave it to Arisa-chan if you want ideas."

Arisa gave her consent even before I explained to her.
Since it seems like she understands what I'm trying to ask her, the conversation moves fast.

"Welcome back Satou-san, Arisa-chan, Mia-chan."

Zena-san returned from the direction of beach area.
Since she has been training under summer sun, her trickling sweat is glittering.

"Arisa-chan, Sonic Guard!"

Arisa chantlessly cast visible ray-type Isolation Walls (Deracinator) in front of Zena-san's clothes which had turned see through from all the sweat.
She had nothing to worry about anyway, I made sure not to look at her bare skin and colorful underwear under her white shirt anyway.

"Kyaa, I'm sorry. I'll go get changed at once."

Zena-san disappeared indoors with Twinkling Motion.


A dire-sounding scream could be heard along with a sound of a glass breaking.

I turned around to see Sera who had dropped a glass of water.
Not sure how she dropped it to make her thin dress dripping wet from chest area to below, highlighting her body line.

"Ain't gonna let youuuuuuuu"

Arisa dried off Sera's clothes with [Freeze Dry: Clothing] magic.
It's moderately dangerous to use it on clothes that are being worn, I'll have Arisa know later.

"Oh my? It's all dry already."

The impregnable fortress pair, Mia and Arisa went to give a scolding to Sera who failed her prank.
It would be nothing less than a treat for eyes if it was just a coincidence, but it'd be bad if it turned into an appeal battle were she did that in front of the kids, hence I'll let the two handle this and fetch the other girls.
Once everyone is present and accounted for, we'll have another feast in Boruenan Forest today as well.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Candy, so good"
"It's snapping and crackling"
"Coffee, candy, the best"

The new candies were all in the rage with Boruenan Forest's Winged Fairies.

"Gimme, more"
"Sorry, that's all I got."

Around 30 pieces of candy were all gone in no time flat.

"Master, we have a lot more candy from Echigoya Firm so I inform."

When Nana took out several sacks from her Fairy Bag, Winged Fairies rushed to her from all directions.

"Elterina-san and Tifaliza-san gave us these. It's been getting dropped a lot in the tower lately, they said."

Hikaru who was with us informed me the origin of these candy while dodging the Winged Fairies.
According to the statistics Tifaliza wrote, these candies have been getting dropped from Bosses' treasure chests and very rarely even from lower floor <<Demi Goblin Vanguards>>, starting a few days ago.
And it applies to towers in other cities also, not just exclusive to the capital's.

"Satou-san, there's no dangerous drug inside, is there?"
"Yes, as far as I can tell."

In place of Aze-san who was worriedly looking at the Winged Fairies crowding the candy, Miko Lua-san asked me.
I hadn't erased miasma from the candy Nana brought, but since me and Aze-san are here, it should immediately vanish from our Spirit Lights.

"Whoa, it's a bit scary looking at this vigor."
"Should we ban it?"

Liza nodded at Arisa's murmur.

"Nyu~ candy good~?"
"Cola candy is so fluffy, it's so fun nodesuyo?"

Looks like Tama and Pochi are in the Candy Sect.

"What's worse, being without candy or meat?"
"Of course it's being without meat nodesu."

Tama and Pochi instantly replied to Arisa's question.
Pochi and Tama scolded Arisa, "You can't say something so scary even if it's just an illustration nodesuyo", "Bad!"

◇◇◇Meanwhile, in a Tower◇◇◇

"Whoopsie, candy gotcha."

A man with a scary face gleefully picked up a candy that popped up in place of the vanishing <<Demi Ogre Vanguard>> and threw it in his mouth.

"Oy! Don't eat drop items without permission you!"
"Eh, ain't it fine, it's just a candy. You get hungry when you're in charge of front lines, unlike priests who just lurk in the back."
"What did you say? Are you making a mockery of us priests?"

The priest's vein showed up on his forehead seeing the scary faced man not showing any sign of remorse.

"Now now, priest-sama, the candy's gone into his stomach anyway, let's all calm down okay."

While pressing her glamorous body on the priest's arm, the female scout took a piece of candy from loot and put it in the priest's mouth.

Either he likes sweet things, or he yields to the temptation, the priest's attitude softened.

"It appears that I have been acting childish. You as well, cease from carelessly picking and eating stuff just because you're hungry. Those candy might be poisonous."
"I gotcha. I'll be careful next time."

They resumed their exploration after the scary face replied so with a sudden meek look on his face.

『Everyone loves candy.』

A pink haired little girl showed up by passing through tower walls in the spot where the adventurers were after they left.

『I mean, candy taste good after all.』
『Kusu kusu, you're right. Candy taste good.』

A second and third pink haired little girls showed up.

『Ufufu, candy is tasty.』
『Watch out for swe~et, sweet candy.』
『You shouldn't eat too much.』
『Else you'd get decayed tooth.』
『Ufufu, or maybe even scarier things than tooth decay.』
『Can't wait for it.』
『Looking forward to it.』

The little girls looked at each other and laughed, then they went back into the tower walls as if they were done with their business.


The last little girl danced around in a desolate passage.

『Will hero make it in time I wonder?』

The twirling little girl disappeared into the floor.


The little girl's laughter kept forever echoing in the desolate passage.

As if it was a Funeral Bell--.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 7.18_19


Lecan braced himself for the Great Ogre's body falling on top of him as he fell to the ground, but nothing happened.

To begin with, he should have died from getting his throat cut up, why is he alive.

He could feel blood from a wound on his throat when he tried placing his hand on it. He really was about to die for real.

Lecan got up and his right eye saw a small box by his feet.

It's a treasure chest.

The Great Ogre is dead. It was still trying to kill Lecan even in its last breath. However, the Great Ogre got transformed into a treasure chest right as it died. As a result, its claws that were stuck in Lecan's throat also vanished.

Lecan would have died along with the Great Ogre were it died even a moment later.

Lecan would also die with it were it didn't turn into a treasure chest after dying.

He truly just had a narrow escape from death.

Lecan's right hand gripped his sword. A sword whose blade has been broken in half.

The upper broken half is lying on the ground.

It was a nice sword.

It was a really handy sword.

This sword couldn't endure the full brunt of Lecan's strength enchanted by <Guardian Gem of Zana>.

Even <Self-Restoration> can't repair a badly broken sword.

In short, this sword is no longer usable.

Lecan put away the broken sword and the upper half in <Storage>.

Then he opened the treasure chest.

There was a golden colored potion inside.

Golden Potion.

A potion that grants one a skill.

Lecan put the potion in <Storage> and then stood up before bowing. To pay his respect to the Great Ogre.

He took out a Large Red Potion and drank it. His body readily accepted it since quite a bit of time had passed.

Both the wounds on his cheek and throat vanished like they were never there.

Red potions are truly handy. However, he needs to carefully think how to use it well.

Lecan chanted a spell.

"<Floor (Sijmel)>"

But nothing happened.

Then he realized something.

Hasn't Shira told him about it. Except on Ground Floor, this spell can only be used in passageways, or in other words in spaces with stairways.

Lecan went back to the room's exit and recited the spell once he was out of the floor.


A floor diagram showed up in his mind, he chose the Ground Floor.

"<Warp (Palpu)>."

Lecan's body got relocated to the Ground Floor in that instant.

Heading to the entrance, it was already dark outside. The dead of night with few lights still in the town.

He walked off briskly since he didn't really feel like seeing other people. Some people were still open for business trying to buy dungeon items off Lecan, but he paid them no heed as he walked away at a fast pace.

Soon, adventurers would exit the dungeon and make a commotion about the disappearance of magic beasts. It would become clear that someone has defeated the dungeon boss then. It doesn't really bother him even if they found out, but that lord's second son or something might get fussy on him yet again. Lecan planned to leave the town before that happened.


It's the dungeon security captain, Doug. Why is he strolling around outside at this hour.

The reason was obvious as he got closer. He reeks of booze. Must have been out drinking.

Is it really okay for him to drink in his uniform.

"Lecan. I gotta thank you. Heard you helped Tomaj-sama, didn't ya."

"Tomaj? Ah, you mean the lord's eldest son. No, I didn't do any saving."

"I mean, he got the Floor's <Mark> thanks to you, no?"

"No well, I did get the <Mark> after beating Wrinkle Man twice, but Tomaj just happened to be close by during the second bout."

"That's how they got the <Mark> you see. Didn't you know? Everyone who's at a certain distance will get a <Mark> on the second defeat of a Giant Variant."

That was the case huh, Lecan thought.

It all makes sense now. He saw few crowds of adventurers forming in spots near giant variants on several floors.

"What does this Tomaj want on lower stratum?"

"We haven't gotten dungeon items from lower stratum for a while now. And so, the man got enthusiastic to go to lower stratum and obtain dungeon items himself. Ain't gonna happen with that man and his aides' skills though."

"I see, I'll take my leave then."



"Did you beat the dungeon boss?"

Lecan hesitated for an moment, but decided to tell the truth.


"Please tell me. What did you get."

He's under no obligation to tell him. However, Lecan took his lowest floor's loot and put it on his left hand.

"Is that... a potion?"

"<Lamplight (Parm)>."

Since it's dark and hard to see, Lecan produced a light on his right hand.

"Golden... colored potion... huh. First time seeing one. OK, all's good now. I have personally confirmed it. If it were a God Cure, or a weapon with powerful graces, it could lead to all sort of troubles, but the commotion shouldn't be too bad with a Golden Potion."

"What'd happen if it were a God Cure."

"The town lord would do anything to get their hands on it, in order to present it to the king."

"What'd happen if it were a weapon with powerful graces."

"The lord here would probably buy it up. The second son would try to extort it out of you through a humongous amount of <Grace Goods Tax>."

"Fumu. There's no demand for golden potions then."

"No no, of course there is! I mean, it's something that grants you skills. It's coveted by nobles, generals and knights everywhere. But the one who will cough up the most is probably adventurers. If it ever came out on the auction, nine out of ten, it would be an adventurer who won the bid."

Lecan gets it now. In other word, since it's probably going to be an adventurer anyway who will bid for a Golden Potion, there's no need to put much concern on it.

"OK, be on my way."

"Lecan, do come again."


Despite intending to never come here again, Lecan replied with that before running off.

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He noticed something after leaving Golbul Town.

His body feels awfully tired and he's starving. But he can't go back to town now.

Thus, he decided to set up a camp.

He saw an unusual dream that night. A dream where he's having a talk with Shira.

"Shira. I managed to shoot out <Flame Spears> from my palms."

"Oh my, you found out already huh. Sheesh, no choice then. I wanted you to keep practicing magic on fingers for a wee bit longer though."

"I'm well aware of the importance of fingertips. I plan to keep on thoroughly polishing <Lamplight> spell from now on."

"My my. Just when did you get to be such an excellent pupil I wonder."

When he woke up, Lecan thought of it as nothing but a weird dream, but he truly meant what he said there. He intends to train <Lamplight> whenever he finds times to, in order to hone his magic sense.

He arrived at Vouka Town's west gate a bit before noon.

He had taken another sword from <Storage> and put it on his waist before passing the gate.

Then he noticed that his permanently active <Life Detection> didn't catch Shira anywhere.

While thinking how strange it was, Lecan checked every corners of the town with <Life Detectioon>, but he still couldn't find her.

Shira is nowhere in this town.

After passing the gate, Lecan headed to Shira's house by jumping from roof to roof.

Looking down over Shira's house from the top of a tall roof, three knights and two soldiers in the garden are peering into the lavatory and disputing about something while pointing at the poisonous plant field. According to <3D Perception>, there's three more inside the house. Jericho is inside too. But not Shira.

Lecan was furious when he noticed that the front door had been broken through.

Bwoosh, he jumped down and landed in front of a knight wearing a conspicuously flashier equipment who was giving orders in the garden.

"Who gave you guys permission to come here."

Looking closer, this well groomed knight is very young. And the two knights behind him are just as young.

The knight was awfully surprised when he saw Lecan at first, but then he came to his sense and shouted out loud.

"You! Who are you! Where did you come from! You must have kidnapped Shira-dono! All hands, capture this fellow!"

[Episode 7 Golbul Dungeon Revisited] End/ Next [Episode 8 The Disappearance of the Great Apothecary]

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 277

Chapter 277 Strongest Sage, Analyzes Magic Circle


"Your worry is unfounded... The only thing that matters for sparring partners are strength... He's more than qualified being the one who defeated 『Composite Test Body No.1』."

"That's true... It'd be a waste to crush a promising seeker of magic as a sparring partner in our experiments. I got it. I'll admit him as our experiments' sandbox."

Looks like it went well.
Also, seems like they're underestimating me, but that's all the better.

Their first test body was crude--But it appears that these Anmorr brothers have quite the confidence on the next one.
The last one was [Composite Test Body No.1] but the next one will be [Strengthened Test Body No.1], so it's probably not a fusion of multiple people this time.
<TLN: Mistranslated in the last chapter. Corrected.>

...No clue what will come out, but we can't be too careful here.
These Anmorr brothers seem to be decently competent with magic techs, and they have the help of [Supranatural Art] on top of it, so there's a chance of a strong one coming out.
It might prove difficult to beat it alone like I did earlier.

『...Girls, I may need your help in the battle next time, make sure you're ready.』

『I understand!』


The next test body is probably a magically remodeled body.
In that case, there's a chance we can nullify the alteration by having Alma shoot at it with a specific counter-spell.

It's impossible for humans to create [Supranatural Art].
The only thing they can do is merely combining [Supranatural Art] brought by space monsters with magic.

Even if our opponent is employing [Supranatural Art], the part created by Anmorr Brothers will be nothing but magic.
It should be possible to counter that part with the right magic.
...Of course, these Anmorr brothers must have anticipated that as they create the spell art as well, thus we'll probably need a relatively complex counter magic.

Anmorr brothers spoke through comm magic as I thought that.

"Well then, we'll inform you location of the test site in 36 hour. Go make preparations."

"Make sure you're in top condition you hear me! [Test Body Number 2] won't be able to show its strongest if you don't!"

They cut off the comm after saying that.
I picked up the fallen comm magic tool.
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"...That went well."

"Too well maybe... Will it be really alright?"

"Of course we have to be careful since we'll be jumping right into their ring... They made this thing after all."

I handed over the comm magic tool to Ruli.
Ruli stared at it seriously... And muttered.

"W-what a really complex magic circle... I can't read it at all..."

"Our opponents are most likely quite well versed in magic... And there's probably a Glory Crest user among them. Otherwise, they couldn't have created this."

"Are you sure this doesn't have a bug function inside?"

Ruli is looking at the magic tool with a worried look.
Showing this kind of concerns with magic circles you can't read is only natural for augmenter mages.

However, Ruli's worry itself is just a needless anxiety.

"Nah, nothing like that. This magic circle is only used for concealing the source of transmission."

"...Mathi-kun, you can read this magic circle?"

"Not only can I read it, I understand its functions as well... It's been made so that it can't be traced back though."

Concealments that tell you the source of transmission just from knowing its structure are third rate.
Properly made transmission concealments cannot be traced back even if you know how they work.

...Well, I know about this magic circle even if I were unable to read it.
This comm magic tool is a type that was often used to communicate in secret in the past era.

Those who studied even a bit of secure communication in the past era would know about this magic tool.
Though this magic circle cost way too much to create due to its complexities, so in reality, a simpler cheaper magic circle was more widespread back then.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 7.17


The fight began spontaneously with nary a signal.

Lecan just narrowly managed to dodge a lunging blow from the Great Ogre's right arm. A blow that was far too quick and far too naturally unleashed. Its lightly curved right fingers swinging down diagonally from above completely took Lecan off guard.

A pain that felt like it was coming from a sharp blade ran on his cheek. Lecan paid it no heed as he gripped his sword in both hands and swept it toward the Great Ogre's right arm, but the Great Ogre had already retracted its right arm by then and instead swung its left leg upward.

Lecan could do nothing but to greatly leap back even further. Blood coming out of his left cheek drew three trails in the air.

The Great Ogre struck out its left fist toward Lecan's chest. Lecan used his sword to knock down that fist and continued to cut its neck, however, his sword was unable to completely stop the fist's momentum as it grazed Lecan's right side. Lecan jumped to the left to escape.

His left cheek has been deeply cut up just from being grazed by its fingernails. The Great Ogre's fingernails have extraordinary hardness. Several of his right rib are broken. But this much won't hinder his mobility much.

Without giving him any chance to think, the Great Ogre swung its right leg upward, producing a tremendous sound as it went for Lecan's left chest. Lecan who had anticipated this attack struck his trusty sword on the Great Ogre's right shin.

Sparks were flying as if it was a clash between two hard objects.

Lecan somehow managed to knock away the Great Ogre's leg, however both his hands felt numb.

The Great Ogre showed signs of attacking with its left leg. However it was just a feint as it swung down its right palm with fingers wide open from above. Lecan defended against the attack by diagonally slashing his trusty sword right upward from lower left.

The Great Ogre mowed down horizontally with its open left fingers. Lecan leaped to the left once again, but his fluttering overcoat got hit with the Great Ogre's fingernails.

Lecan opened his right eye wide while executing another jump to the left from the landing point.

The edge of his overcoat which boasts an astounding defensive power against physical and magical attacks have been cut and torn.

These Great Ogre's fingernails are hiding some sort of secrets. Come to think of it, the only time it attacked with a clenched fist was that one time, it always had its fingers wide open afterward. In other words, its fingernails are its means of attacks. Fingernail attacks are this Great Ogre's signature move.

In any case, Lecan would suffer a grievous wound were he took a direct hit from an attack capable of tearing this overcoat. He'd die depending on where it landed.

Afterward, Lecan exchanged blows with the Great Ogre many times over. Lecan struck back incoming Great Ogre's arms with his trusty sword. The Great Ogre have suffered several wounds on his arms, blood is dripping out. However, the Great Ogre shows no sign of pain nor does its movement get slower.

Lecan blocked the Great Ogre's left arm. Right then, he Great Ogre grabbed his fluttering overcoat with is left hand and launched an attack at Lecan with its right, however Lecan kicked the Great Ogre's left leg with his right leg while crouching, breaking the ogre's posture.

However, the Great Ogre quickly regained its posture and thrust out its right fist. That fist made a clean hit on Lecan's belly. Lecan had jumped back to reduce the impact, but he still suffered a not insignificant injury nonetheless.

The Great Ogre went after Lecan who had been blown     away. Behind Lecan is a wall. Lecan who had accurately grasped where the wall was with his <3D Perception> kicked the wall behind him using his right leg while using his left as a pivot, jumping away before the recoil. He thrust his sword forward, entrusting his entire body weight on it.

The Great Ogre crossed its arm to guard against Lecan's sword. The sword pierced through its left arm and stabbed into its right arm.
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The Great Ogre fell backward and slid forward using its charging momentum. Lecan naturally found itself above the Great Ogre.

The Great Ogre kicked Lecan's belly hard using its right leg. Lecan got blown upward, taking his sword out of Great Ogre's arms with him.

Lecan somersaulted in the air and landed on both feet before immediately going to charge forward to gain an upper hand, however, the Great Ogre had already kicked the wall slightly ahead of him, approaching Lecan from above.

Lecan swings down his trusty sword.

His sword was about to strike the Great Ogre's nape from the left side, but this isn't an attack to cut its head. Using the recoil from the blow, Lecan soared up in the air, while the Great Ogre kept charging ahead, and plunged into the wall at the opposite side.

Lecan faced off against the Great Ogre from 15 steps away. Both are regulating their breathing. They're taking a breather so that they both can unleash their finishers on each other. In order to prove their superiority.

Lecan was remorseful. He should have equipped <Guardian Gem of Zana>. Nothing can be done about that now. There's no way this tough foe would just watch as he took the Guardian Gem out of <Storage> with one hand and then put it on his neck. His head would soon separate from his body were he let off even for an instant. A mere 15 steps distance is basically nothing.

Then Lecan noticed something. The left side of his overcoat has no holes. The Great Ogre grabbed and pulled this spot hard earlier. Yet there's no holes on it.

In other words, those fingernails do not posses that crazy power all the time. It probably would only exhibit its power when the Great Ogre willed for it. Which means that it must be some kind of skill.

--Hold on. I've got skills too. An extremely useful one.

Lecan took a stance with both hands gripping his sword, and clearly chanted a spell while vigilantly glaring at the enemy.

"<Move (Trimul)>"

<Guardian Gem of Zana> was taken out of <Storage> through <Move> and got put inside Lecan's black shirt's pocket.

The Great Ogre slightly squinted its eyes while continuing to observe Lecan. Lecan had cast a spell using an extremely miniscule amount of mana, however, there's no way for the Great Ogre to knows what kind of magic it was. The Great Ogre is gathering its energy while staring at Lecan. It's preparing for a powerful move. Putting everything it has into the strongest move this magic beast could muster up.


Lecan chanted the spell once again. This one's to close his pocket.

He feels zero difference from before. However, the effect <Guardian Gem of Zana> possesses has surely raised Lecan's attack power now.

The Great Ogre charged forward.

Lecan also rushed ahead to clash with it.

The Great Ogre raised both its arms high. All its fingers are curved like talons. Those ten fingers must hold enough power to easily cut steel right now.

Lecan made no attempt to escape right or left.

He swung down his trusty sword with all his weight behind it toward the charging Great Ogre from above.

Several things occurred in that instance.

Lecan's trusty sword cut off the Great Ogre's horns, down its face and reaching into its mouth.

And then it broke in half.

By some sort of tenacity, the claws Great Ogre had swung downward were still coming for Lecan from both sides.

As he fell backward pressed by the Great Ogre who kept charging ahead even while dying, Lecan realized his impending death as he felt the ogre's claws digging into his neck.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 276

Chapter 276 Strongest Sage, Becomes Cooperator


"...I see! Simply mixing human personalities together was a fool's errand wasn't it!"

"That's that... In other words, the next experimental body will surely succeed."

"『Composite Test Body No.1』 was a failure! But... The next one will definitely be a hiiiit!"

Looks like these guys are still hellbent on continuing their experiment.
We can't have them resurrect any more weird bunch, they have to be stopped--but we need to find where they are first.

『I guess we'll be looking for these guys next...』

『...Trying to find them looks like it'll be a pain...』

...[Warmongers] weren't that hard to find since Grevil had a rough idea about their location and they had a trap quest posted.
However, searching for guys who merely hide themselves while doing some questionable things is a tall order.
Unlike demons, they don't have peculiar waves of mana after all.

『Can't you trace back that comm magic tool?』

『...Unfortunately, they've put a countermeasure in it already.』

I look at the comm magic tool.
A great many magic to conceal the transmission's origin have been installed in it.

Our opponents aren't magic researchers in name only it seems.
Their knowledge in combat may be crude, but the fact that they were able to create living things that combined [Supranatural Art] and magic is a testament to their highly advanced magic techs.

And this comm magic tool employs a similar level of techs.
Even if tracing back could be done, it would probably take many years to complete.

『Then... How do we look for them?』

『Right... How about asking directly.』

I talk toward the comm magic.
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"Oy, can I have a sec?"

"...What is it? The experiment is over. I'm calling off if there's no more data to get."

"We need to move on to our next experiment. No time to deal with participants."

Just as Anmorr brothers were about to call off the transmission, I talked to them.
In order to offer my cooperation in their experiments.

"It's about that experiment... To tell you the truth, I was hit by an urge to help further development of magic. Could you let me be a sparring partner in your next experiment?"

"...Sparring partner?"

"Yeah. It was me who defeated 『Composite Test Body No.1』. Won't you get better data if you let me fight the next test subject as well?"

If I got to be a sparring partner in their experiments, these guys would lead me to their test site even if I did nothing.
There's no easier method to look for enemies.

The problem is whether they'd fall for it--.

『...Eh? Sparring partner?』

『There's no way they'd buy something like--』

The girls murmured to hear me.
But... The other party had something else in mind.

"Fine. We appreciate your cooperation."

『He bought it!?』

Alma sounded surprised to hear the elder Anmorr brother.
The little brother seemed to be surprised as well.

"...Can we really trust these guys!? The next opponent of [Strengthened Test Body No.1] must be someone full of spirit of inquiry towards magic!"

...Full of spirit of inquiry toward magic huh.
I never would have imagined someone would say that about me after reincarnating.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 7.16


Right before setting foot on floor 30, Lecan thought of equipping the <Guardian Gem of Zana>. Equipping this Guardian Gem he got from exchanging his jewel with Lady Rubianafale would drastically raise his attack power.

However, he abandoned the idea.

He wanted to fight without the assistance of the Guardian Gem. He could just equip it if his opponent is proven to be a tough one.

At this point, deep down Lecan held a negligence in his heart.

With dungeons in his former world, the moment a fight with a floor boss is initiated, the door leading to the room will be shut tight and it will only be over when either the floor boss, the challenger, or both have died. But that's not the case with dungeons in this world. Even if you engage giant magic beasts, running away from them are a simple matter, nor magic beasts can chase you to the stairways. Hence, Lecan considered the last floor would be similar also.

He took his trusty sword out of <Storage>. The silver ring has been on him for two days already.

The moment he set foot on floor 30, <Life Detection> displayed information in his head.

There's nothing here. No magic beasts, no humans, nothing. Lecan moved the <Life Detection>'s range.

There it is.

One powerful magic beast.

Wonder if there's really nothing else.

He tried exploring every nook and cranny of the floor but there's really only one spot. Only one spot with one big blue dot representing a magic beast on this floor.

Lecan thought as much. Rather, according to the handbook, the last floor has first rank Ape Ogre magic beast, Great Ogre (Ulgang), as the dungeon boss here.

Since it's hard to believe that there would be multiple bosses, Lecan has already hypothesized that there would be only a lone Great Ogre.

Still, he's lacking information. The handbook has detailed info about magic beasts such as their methods of attacks and weaknesses, however there's nothing on magic beasts located on the last floor. Only that, [Its time until respawn once defeated is unknown], which means that someone managed to arrive at this floor but none ever defeated the Great Ogre.

However, a map exists. The map he got from Chaney details about the layout and doors on floor 30. This wouldn't have existed if they never explored far enough.

--Wait. Should I really defeat this.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
What did Chaney say again.

Once a dungeon's floor boss is defeated, all magic beasts inside that dungeon will disappear, and no more magic beasts will spawn until the dungeon boss has respawned. As such, nobles who manage dungeons detest having the boss get defeated.

However, subjugating a dungeon boss is an act of prestige so they cannot publicly prohibit the feat.

--Meaning they won't mind if I kill it.

Either way, he's not going to turn back now he's gotten this far. Lecan progresses through rooms with firm steps, onward towards the center of the floor.

His spine is tingling harder the more he gets closer. A presentiment from his whole body. That there's an unprecedented archenemy up ahead.

Lecan isn't slowing down.

Coming closer to the foe step by step.

Eventually, his opponent comes within <3D Perception> range. Its body displayed in <3D Perception> is surprisingly small. Its silhouette is not unlike that of a human.

Lecan stopped before the room's entrance. There's only one entrance to this room.

His opponent is visible by bare eyes from here.

It's snoring loudly with its face up.

Lecan set foot inside the room.

His opponent is still dozing off.

Checking with <Mana Detection>, it doesn't posses that powerful of mana.

Its outward appearance is like that of a muscular adult warrior. But looking closer, it's really not a human. The most striking difference is head. Tens of horns stretch in all directions from its head. The top of its head has two conspicuously big horns, twisted yet with their brutal tips facing forward.

Its lower half is hairy. Bushy like that of a beast.

But its upper half is furnished with golden colored fur that doesn't hide its highly rugged muscles.

Its upper half is like that of an organized set of warped steels. Just how much power and hardness reside in it.

The Great Ogre is still sleeping.

"Get up."

Once Lecan spoke, its snore immediately stopped.

A moment later, the Great Ogre stood up.

It abruptly got up without preliminary actions nor wasted movements. The way it stood up was so natural that you would have thought that it had always been in that posture.

Now that they're facing off, it's clear that both have almost equal heights. However, that's only if the horns on the Great Ogre's head are counted, otherwise Lecan is slightly taller. The Great Ogre is bigger horizontally. The Great Ogre also has an overwhelming superiority in term of chest thickness. Weight-wise, the Great Ogre is probably far heavier.

Its face is that of a beast, bearing no resemblance to human. Though perhaps, it would look more human than Lecan depending on who you ask.

Lecan's entirey body trembled at the prospect of a fight with his life on the line.

The Great Ogre squinted both its eyes.

It's laughing.

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