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Okami wa Nemuranai 10.8


The emptied teacups were taken away and replaced with new cups with the tea refill. Piles of cake put on a huge plate was placed in front of Lecan. Lecan moved that plate before Eda. Eda swiftly took a piece, but then it looked as if she was brooding over something.

(This girl. She must be thinking about taking this cake back.)

"Zack Zaikaz."

"What is it, Lecan."

"Can we take this cake home."

"Hou? No, we'll prepare the share for you to take with. Don't worry and eat that."

"Sorry for the trouble."

Zack sipped the hot tea, leaned his body on the sofa and shut his eyes.

Eda made a revering stance toward Lecan before gleefully reached her hands toward the cake.

"Zaikaz House of old was the lord of Kogurus."


"Were you not aware then. You must hail from a distant land then. Somewhere awfully far and away."


"But a certain man betrayed the lord, deceived him, killed all members of his family and snatched the lord's position. The king gave his approval since the man went about it cleverly."

"I see."

"The lord had several concubines. One of them was sent back to her parental mercantile home, she secretly gave birth to a boy."


"That was my grandfather."


"My grandfather had a talent in the art of dealings. He opened his own shop, grew it, and built his powers."

"And then."

"Grandfather reached the point of exerting complete control over Kogurus Town's economy. He eventually succeeded making that usurper's household fall into a trap, slaughtered them all and regained his rightful property and authority."

Perhaps that usurper also had a reason to exact revenge on Zaikaz household himself, thought Lecan, but he kept that to himself.

"However, it proved difficult for the king to change the lord once again. Further, grandfather had too many restrictions in all sort of ways imposed on him to seize the lordship."

"Those things happen."

"Hence, grandfather revived Zaikaz house and made my father the family head, then he voluntarily put his company under Zaikaz House patronage. He instated someone from a house related to the usurper as the lord and sent his trusted retainers to be the lord's aides."

"That's quite an undertaking."

"It was. It was a gigantic undertaking. Grandfather managed to accomplish that in one generation."

"Glad for you."

"House of Zaikaz do business like it's no business."


"To Zaikaz House, business is war."

"I think there's many companies with the same idea though."

"Zaikaz House do business without getting caught up in classic business ethics and practices."

"You're saying you don't mind dipping in crimes?"

"Long before Zaka Kingdom was founded, town rulers would go to war with each others, competing for domains to take over."


"Now that we are under one country, one cannot make their enemy yield, rule over them and seize lands through sheer force. This is an age where you fight with material and money."

Lecan understood what Zack was trying to say.

<Business> to Zack is not a contest between stores. It's a struggle between individuals over power and fortune. Where they bite into each other's territories, where the loser has to yield to the rules of the winner. They use force in the unseen parts. It's exactly what makes war war.

Since it's a war that decides on one's survival, naturally spies and assassins would be involved. He would lie and break promises. He'll go on the offense when his enemy shows any sign of weakness and deploy strong individuals. Zack does not think of any of that as a bad thing, not in the slightest.

"Fumu. I get your thinking. But I don't see why you would go out of your way and use your time to tell me your story."

"My enemy employed an unknown mighty adventurer whose capability exceeded that of which I prepared. I wish to employ that adventurer in the next fight. For that reason, I wanted to make it known to him, the fact that I bear no grudge nor hatred whatsoever."

Lecan was completely taken by surprise by his word. But he couldn't detect a lie.

Suppose it costs one coin to employ one force, 100 forces will mean 100 coins.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
In contrast to his enemy who has gone with five forces, he's spent extra to employ 100 forces.

Yet, despite having prepared many tens times the enemy's forces, he came out as the loser.

All because of a foreign element who had slipped in.

As such, he intends to employ that foreign element this time.

That's what Zack is telling him.


"Good to hear that. I had been wanting to talk to you face to face. However, I could not come up with a way to summon you here. Having you taking on Dovor's escort job was truly a windfall for me. I had a hunch already, but you really are a staunch adventurer. A man who weighs his loss and gain."

Lecan understood Zack's line of thinking. But there's an obstacle to Zack hiring Lecan. It's Dovor. Dovor most definitely doesn't think well of Lecan. Lecan himself can't possibly work in peace at a place where Dovor is. Zack must have perceived that. Thus the reason he make Dovor participate here. This is absolutely not a coincidence.

Lecan decided to go for a push.

"Does a man by name of Marakis, have a son."

Marakis was the real name of Eifun, a former coachman of Chaney Company. He's a criminal with the nickname <Coldblooded>, and even though he supposedly had been executed, he somehow survived and snuck in Chaney's Company to leak information.

Dovor's and the butler's faces tightened up. Zack's eyes opened wide ever so slightly, but that was the extent of emotion he showed on the surface.

"That's a name that takes me back. Why would you, someone who came from a faraway country, know that name."

"That's what the person in question called himself."

"Is that so. However, I can assure you that you must have misheard it. Or perhaps, he had the same name by coincidence. The Marakis I know was a faithful right hand of mine. His loyalty was of such zeal that he carelessly laid a finger on those who attempted to harm me. I had no mean to cover for him as there were too many witnesses. These eyes of mine personally saw to that man's execution."

Of course, it's a lie. Not sure what trick he used, but Zack had made sure Marakis escape alive, and sent him to Chaney as Eifun.

"He even got the alias <Coldblooded>. His carelessness must have known no bound."

Zack did not reply to what Lecan said this time.

A weird sense of strain is adrift in the room. In the meanwhile, Eda flipped over the emptied plate and gathered the cake scrapes in her hand.

"You haven't answered my question. Does Marakis have a son."

"...He might have."

So Dovor truly is Marakis's son then. Perhaps he agreed to look after Marakis's son to reciprocate Marakis's loyalty, or perhaps Dovor was a hostage to Marakis who had snuck into an enemy's lair. Considering the disposition of this man called Zack, both are most likely mutual shackles. It doesn't really matter.

What can't be taken lightly is the glances Dovor is pouring at Lecan.

This is no trivial matter.

Zack talked to Nike.

"I would have never imagined that <Nike the Comet Cutter> was this young."

"Is that so."

"I heard you're Apothecary Shira's granddaughter, is that true."

"I guess so."

"I have offered Apothecary Shira business opportunity many times over, but I could never get a positive reply from her."

"Apparently so."

"There may come times when we will need your assistance with work. I hope for your cooperation then."

"We'll see about it when that time comes."

Afterward, the talk died down.

"Thanks for treating us with tea and cake. We're leaving."

Lecan stood up, so did Zack.

"Surely we'd meet again."

"Beats me."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 300

Chapter 300 Strongest Sage, Back to Capital


"Oh and also, there's a talk about creating Rank S right now!"

"Rank S?"

"It's a rank above rank A! It's just a rumor making rounds for now though."

Above rank A huh...
Well, it's got nothing to do with me.

Either way, we probably won't go out of our way to get to rank S unless we've got a reason to.
I'll leave the serious adventuring to the aspiring adventurers from Second Academy.

I accepted the guild card while thinking that.

"I'll be cheering on you guys! Please do your best!"

"Yeah, thanks."

Thus we left the guild.
Now then... Time to go back to the capital.

A few hours later.
We're back at the capital, and are headed to the Second Academy.
On the way there... I heard a voice.

『That [Genesis] and [Eyes of Heavens]... That was Gaias-san right?』

It's Grevil's voice.
Looks like he noticed us and talked to me through comm magic.
Doesn't seem like the girls are included as recipients in the magic.

『You realized huh.』
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
『Of course I did. Even in my era, the only one who could use those magic was Gaias-san... So, is the one returning right now... Gaias-san?』

Grevil asked me with a serious tone.
I see. He went and used comm magic to confirm me that huh.

『Nah, it's Mathias... Gaias only got resurrected for six seconds.』

『Six seconds... is it.』

『Yeah. Since nothing left of my previous body, I did the revival through my soul... But resurrecting only my power proved impossible with this body of mine.』

An instability had occurred centered around Crest.
Were my Crest the same as my previous life, the revival could probably work permanently.
My reincarnation would have been meaningless if I got the same crest as my past life though.

『R-revival via a soul!? That's... Wouldn't that kill you?』

『Of course, I would have died if I made even a tiny mistake. Hence the six seconds time limit.』

『You're doing these dangerous stuff again... I believe Mathias-san will be fine, but please take care of yourself more. If you were to die now, this world's mankind will most likely go extinct.』

Extinct huh.
Even after the Mana Fusion Reactor meltdown catastrophe that resulted in a huge decline of civilizations, humanity still survived somehow.

So I feel like they'd probably somehow manage by themselves even if I were to disappear... But even I am not willing to die without reincarnation magic.
I won't be able to fight anymore if that ever happens.

I tell Grevil while thinking that.

『We'll be heading there for now. Pretend that you have no clue about the revival of the past me.』

『I understand... Revival magic goes against common knowledge of magic. It's a good idea to pretend as if revivals through [Broken Stars] never existed.』

『Yeah. Let's go with that.』

The core of revivals that I and Anmorr brothers employed, [Broken Star] is [Supra-natural Art], a fundamentally different thing than magic.
But there's no guarantee that the present world is able to accept that fact.

Propagation of chantless magic is slowly happening in this world right now, the once-lost magic is now usable.
And if revival magic were to come into the picture then... it might give birth to a misunderstanding, [Magic can be used for revival].

Anyone would have someone they would want to revive.
There's a possibility many would go on a fruitless labor researching on it if they were led to believe that.
Hence, it's better to put a zip on the revival things.

I arrived at the Second Academy while thinking.

"First thing first, let's report to Grevil... Also we should not say a word about revival magic."

"Not a word?"

"Yeah. That 『Supra-natural Art』... is an entirely different thing altogether from magic. If the existence of that becomes well known, it will only delay progress of magic development."

"I mean I guess the idea of reviving the dead would make people go crazy..."

I knock on the door to Grevil's room while conversing.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 10.6_7


Kogurus was a big town. Area-wise, it's about as big or a bit bigger than Vouka. Complete with a rigidly built front gate and solid outer walls.

Gido the coachman had a talk with the guard, then they just let both Lecan's group and the wagons pass without paying tax.

The town's bustling.

With lots of shops around.

The wagon halted after advancing a little.

"Lecan-san. You have accomplished our contract. And with that also your escort duty. Thank you very much."

"Where's this Zaikaz Company?"

"All of it."


"All the stores in this town belong to Zaikaz Company."


"Our headquarters are located a bit further in the back. Please follow after us, we will pay your reward there."

"Got it."

Gido drove the wagon off.

They eventually got to an area filled with prosperous-looking houses, the wagon continued inside.

And then they stopped at a mansion that didn't look like it was made to do business at all.

It's no commoner's house. It's built like that of a noble.

Gido showed something to the guard, then they opened the shut gate.

There's a side gate next to the main gate, with traffic of people going in and out. This looks to be quite a busy mansion.

After idling for a while in the waiting room, they were led to the present family head's room.

There, Lecan, Nike and Eda met face to face with Zack Zaikaz.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Have a seat. You must be Lecan."


"I'm Zack Zaikaz. Why don't you introduce the other two to me."

Zack is an old gentleman of quite an advanced age, sporting a skinny and bony figure, he's got an aura like that of a bird of prey. An old man with a very distinctive persona.

"The one sitting on my right is Nike, on the left is Eda."

"Fumu. <Nike the Comet Cutter> and <Eda of Thousand Shots> and then, <Overlord Lecan> huh. Dovor."

Dovor is standing to the right behind Zack. He's probably also acting as Zack's bodyguard.


"Quite an entourage you got there as escorts."

"My deepest apologies."

"It's fine. That's how much it's worth this time. And besides, I was just thinking of having a look on Lecan myself."

Dovor replied not with word, instead he put his right hand on his chest and lightly bowed.

"Now then, first an apology is in order. Lecan. Nike. Eda. Our employees, Nozz, Ritz, and Numes had assaulted you in an attempt to steal your valuable equipment. I must apologize for that. Oy."

With Zack's order, a person who appeared to be a butler standing by behind his left put three small bags in front of Lecan, Nike and Eda.

"Each has three gold coins inside. One is your reward for this quest. The second one is an apology for our blunder this time. And the last one is the value of those three's belongings."

Normally, the belongings of those who made an attempt at someone else will fall to those who got attacked by them. Per Dovor's suggestion, they agreed to calculate the share for later this time.

"T-three gold coins."

Eda was in shock.

It's probably the largest sum of money she's ever seen in her life yet. Lecan is not too well versed in the market price, but normal escort jobs probably give one silver coin if meals are included or at most two silver coins. Three gold coins are worth as much as 150 or 300 days of labor.

"I hope we can bring this matter to a close with these. Bring the tea in."


The butler walked toward the door soundlessly and called outside, then four maids entered the room and put some cake and tea before Lecan's group before leaving again.

"Have a sip."

"<Appraisal (Abel)>."

Lecan appraised the tea without warning.

"Now this is a surprise. You can use <Appraisal> huh. And without Preliminary Chant even. Lecan. Just who are you?"

"I am me."

"I see. So did you find out the quality of our tea with <Appraisal>?"

"I see that it's made with a tea leaf called Chimney, but I've no clue about tea quality or anything."

"Hou? Then what did you find with <Appraisal>?"

Lecan took a sip of the tea before giving his answer.

"I found that this had no poison mixed in."

This is practically a declaration straight to Zack's face that he is someone who would serve poison to his guests. Dovor and the butler had a stern look on their face for an instant, but Zack himself reacted differently.

"Fufu. Fufufu. Hahaha. HA HA HA HA."

He giggled at first, but soon couldn't bear it any longer and laughed out loudly.

"Pardon. That was some good laugh. I see. So that's how you're gonna introduce yourself."

Nike is quietly sipping her tea and biting on the cake like she's got no interest in Lecan and Zack's conversation.

Eda has finished her share of cakes, and is now glancing at Lecan's.

"My plans have been overturned because you showed up at Vouka."

Lecan sipped his tea once again without replying to this.

"This Dovor here was working away at a distant land, but I had to call him back to settle the affairs at Vouka. I have been informed on the gist of things, but Lecan, there was nothing about you."

Lecan kept silent.

Eda reached out to Lecan's cake.

"It was you three who undertook the job to escort Chaney Company's wagons to Vantaroy, was it not."


"You defeated <Bufuz of Crushing Hammer> and <Jiba of Evil Eyes> along the way, and got Bito the Magic Beast User arrested. Those three had had a long association with Zaikaz Company. We lost so many valuable pieces at one fell swoop."

"Sorry about that."

"Fret not. They have committed the crime of raiding wagons, naturally they have to be arrested and face the punishment. I just cannot fathom why would they resort to such folly."

"What a mystery."

"We also heard a piece of info about a certain wandering adventurer escorting Chaney Company's wagon even before that."


"Apparently he was a big man dressed in black, with terrifying swordsmanship and extraordinary out of this world nimbleness."

"Just where did you obtain that information."

"Fumu. You got to pay up one gold coin if you wish to know the answer to that question."

"No need then."

"Fufu. Apparently, the coachman of that wagon, a man called Eifun, was a secret agent from somewhere. His identity was seen through, and he got his right arm cut before getting caught."


"This must have been the doing of that big man in black as well."

"Might be."

"I cannot believe how Chaney would trust an enemy spy to hold an important position for so long. Is he even aware how much of his company's secrets had been leaking out just from that alone."


"I know not whom this Eifun worked for, but he must have given his all to accomplish the duty given to him by his master. It's a great shame that this has gotten to a point for such a man to have to die."

"He's not dead yet though."

Lecan was fully focusing on Dovor during the whole exchange. Dovor's expression turned stiff and he let out a stabbing killing intent for an instant in the middle of the conversation, but he got his calm look back in the next instant. Yet that was enough to tell Lecan what he wanted to know.

Lecan drank up the little of his tea left.

"Now then, is that all you have to say. We'll excuse ourselves here."

"Now now, hold your horses. There's still some things I need to talk to you about. We'll prepare a refill for your tea."

Lecan looks at the cake dish in front of him. It's empty. Eda has eaten the content.

"Can you make that with the cake too."

"You needn't ask."

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-24

17-24. Indictment


※We're going back a bit in time.
Arisa's perspective.

『Looks like I got caught in God Zaikuon's trap for a bit.』

That's not a bit!

I threw a quip in my mind when I heard Master through Familiar Link.

『Okay, we really should be going there.』
『It's fine. I'm not into getting caught in the same trap twice.』

Familiar Link got called off while we were still conversing.

『Ah hey! Master! I'm not done talking to you yet, Master!』

I kept shouting, but there was no sound at all coming from Master.
Even though Familiar Link hasn't been severed, it's as if my words are getting blocked by some sort of thin film.

"Did something happen to Satou?"

Mia and Mito are looking at me with worried expressions.
Right after Master called Aze-tan's name and teleported away, I went and brought Mia with me back to the capital's mansion and joined with Mito who had gone back ahead of us.

Since Liza-san and the girls have gone to a sub-space created specifically for training by Master's Unique Skill, I asked Nana to go fetch them through Solitary Island Palace. She's probably about to join up with them now.

"Master is currently fighting God Zaikuon. He declined when I suggested us going there to help though."

Geez, he's just way too overprotective.

"Even after reaching level 99, I guess we still look like children prone to danger from Satou's point of view."
"You tell me, wish he would rely on us more."

I sigh together with Mia and Mito.
Well, guess there's no helping it since that's just how Master is.

"Arisa, how about Aze?"
"Master didn't mention anything about Aze-tan, but considering he sounded like his usual self, I believe think she didn't have any major injury or something."

I narrated my conjecture based on Master's voice to Mia who was worrying about Aze-tan.

"Nn, good."

I nodded to Mia who sighed in relief and proceeded to the next preparation.

We moved to Duchess Mito Mitsukuni's mansion and transported out a large airship out of the space created from space magic [Garage] to the mansion's huge yard.
Even though I don't believe the neighboring mansions could see here since the duchess mansion is surrounded by thick hedge-like outer walls, I've put up [Camouflage Field] just in case.

Apparently Master developed this airship as a light aircraft carrier to launch Liza-san and the girls in their Powered Exoskeleton suits with catapults.
I've been pestering Master to make it so my and Mia's Wand Warships, Lulu's Gunboat and Nana's Shield Ship can combine into one, but I'm yet to succeed getting his approval even now.

Wish Master would see the romance in these combinations.

"Arisa, what are you gonna do taking out this big thing here?"

"This is the only ship fitted with an access point to the man-made satellites, you see."

I concisely answered Mito's question.

I'm sure the satellites launched to monitor jellyfish for the elves can also be used to survey the ground.
Since the resolution of those satellites telephoto lenses aren't too good, they can't resolve images of people on the ground well, but it should suffice to find big accidents happening on the ground.

Master has given me this ship when I wanted wide-area searching capabilities without relying on him, this is the time to make use of it.

I mean, even Tina-sama's Drone Golems' search areas are limited to a few cities at most.

"Mia, help."
"On it."

We need Mia's authentication to access the satellites.

"Let me help with something too."
"Unn, Mito, help me check the monitors please."

I can't possibly check all of those by myself.

A vermilion gale blew past as we were about to board the airship.

"Arisa! What about Master?!"

It's Liza-san.

"Emergency sortie nanodesu!"
"Arisa, requesting status update."

Tama, Pochi, Nana joined a moment later.
As for the silver members, Zena-san came flying first, followed by Karina who leaped down here with the help of Raka's reinforcement, and Tina-sama on board of a flying golem.

"You're all here, everybody. Master is currently locked in a fight against God Zaikuon."

The looks on everyone's face changed.
There are those who are simply surprised, those trembling in excitement before battle, and those anxious but the majority are concerned about Master's safety.

"There's nothing to worry about. Cuz Master is fine, okay."

The anxiety on everyone's faces thinned a bit after I said that.

"The reason why I called everyone here is to look for any accident happening in the world and deal with it accordingly while Master is busy. Please change to your hidden equipment and get ready to sortie out."

Afterward, everyone rushed toward the locker room.
Nana, Liza and the girls were going to change in the courtyard, but they got scolded by Zena-tan and Sera before getting dragged away.

Since Mia and I have already changed, we head to the light aircraft carrier's bridge ahead of them.

"Anything odd?"
"Nowhere to be seen."

I observe the many images shown on the front main panel while asking Mito who had stayed behind at the bridge.
Unluckily for us, there's a lot of areas covered by clouds.

"Oh no, oh no~"

Tama came out of the shadow below me and pointed outside.
Looks like she jumped here in the middle of changing, she hasn't finished wearing her golden armor.

But, I'll postpone straightening her out for later.
Gotta check out outside first.

"--Public Channel?"

Mito who peered outside first muttered.

Public Channel is a magic tool by the king to send announcements, usually used for new year's greeting, formal greetings and emergency announcements.

"Three dimensional images in the sky?"

What's shown is a deep dark purple figure.
The face is indistinguishable. It looks like a silhouette--.

"That's the demon god."

It's exactly how Master described demon god is like.

I tried to contact Master through Familiar Link to inform him this, but I still couldn't connect to him.

"What is he trying to do showing up now?"
"No clue here."

I turned on the external mic to pick up external sounds.

『My dear people living in this world. I shall now impart upon you the truth.』

Demon god's voice resounded.

"--No way."

Mito's face is turning pale.

"His voice sounds just like Ichirou-nii's."
"Really? But Master sounds higher pitched and clearer though?"

That shota voice is so precious.

"No, I mean--"

『The Seven Pillar Gods bear no love for you. No, they only see you as mere crops or livestocks.』

Mito's voice got drowned in demon god's speech.
I don't get what's bugging her, but that can't possibly be Master anyway, and we need to prioritize in dealing with demon god's scheme now.

『As a proof allow me to show you the folly of gods.』

A screen appeared next to demon god, showing a figure of person emitting yellow lights and Master in his Nanashi form.
Everyone sighed in relief when they saw Master safe. So do I.

『Let me show you the forbidden power!』

Just as the yellow-light figure screamed, the sky inside the screen darkened. It's a solar eclipse.
I looked up at the sky, there was no eclipse. Looks like the eclipse only occurred in the area where Master is due to god Zaikuon's power.
It's a phenomena that completely turned science on its head, but this isn't the time to give retorts on that.

"Geh, what's that thing?"

Shown on the screen, black sludge fell off the black moon that was hiding the sun, and then got caught inside a golden chalice Zaikuon was carrying.

At this point, I thought, "This video must have been tampered" since the sense of distance was just too weird, but the fact that it was not a live broadcast but an edit compiled by demon god never crossed my mind. I only learned that after reuniting with Master.

『The yellow light persona fighting Hero Nanashi is God Zaikuon. The forbidden power he referred to is a combination of Miasma and Divinity, force of destruction that will destroy this world--a power that the Dragon God and I, Demon God, have sealed in the moon. Me being sealed in the moon is nothing more than a fabrication spread by gods. As a proof, I'm here as you can see for yourself.』

While demon god was saying his pieces, god Zaikuon who was covered in black sludge roared toward the sky.
Yellow lights that seemed to be god Zaikuon's familiars were also covered in black sludge, and knocked master down.

My vision turned white from anger and worry.

『Arisa, let's hurry and go to Master's rescue.』
『It's okay~?』

Zena-tan and Liza-san were panicking and shouted, but Tama and Mia pointed at the fact that Master's clothes weren't torn, indicating his safety.

I see, he was just pretending to have been done in.

I secretly canceled [Over Boost] which I had inadvertently activated.


The screen displayed a city somewhere, then a moment later, black balloons-like things floating in the sky burst open assaulting the city.
The city turned into a mountain of rubble in an instant, gardens, laundries, storefronts and merchandises got turned into dust.


God Zaikuon and his familiars were laughing loudly.

『Gods hand down harsh punishment to those who slight their feelings. Surely you have learned of the destruction of Weasel Empire for violating the gods' taboos. Gods teach not what those taboos are to people and destroy those who violate them with nary an explanation nor leeway. That is how gods do things.』

Images of the destroyed city panned over behind the demon god as he denunciated.
Ruins of people's daily lives and burning broken puppets were shown. It's a cunning direction often used in TV and movies, but I believe it must be immensely effective in this world where the people are not used to media.

"T-that can't be true! Tenion-sama preaches about loves to people!"

Sera, a miko of god Tenion shouted toward demon god.
Priests all over the world probably have done the same.

"I don't see any dead body."

Tina-sama pointed out the fact that there was no dead body on the screen.

"Of course~?"
"It's only natural cuz Master is there nanodesu!"
"Nn, reasonable."

Unn, I think so too.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
『You fools! Stop killing lower people so recklessly!』

We could hear god Zaikuon rebuking his familiars.

『Eh, why~?』
『Why, can't we kill 'em?』
『Is it cuz their lives are important?』
『Is it cuz it's bad?』
『What an obvious question! Why would I care about the lives of lower people!』

God Zaikuon made a declaration when asked by his familiars.

『Senselessly killing those unenlightened masses would lessen divinity harvested from them!!』
『So the important thing is just divinity~?』
『Not the lower people's lives?』
『Of course! Those ignorant masses are nothing but tools to produce our divinity!』
『Tools huh~』
『You don't love 'em huh~』

The conversation between god Zaikuon and his familiars echoed in the sky.

"The way they phrased it sounded weird."
"Yes, it's almost like they were inducing God Zaikuon."

Sera nodded to me.

"But it's strange, why would the gods allow this theatrical by demon god?"

It hit me when Mito said that.
She's right, it's weird.

Why did they allow him do this broadcast that would definitely lower people's faith to them.

"Maybe they're preoccupied on something else?"
"It's obviously because the shifty demon god is hiding from gods' eyes!"

Sera snarled.
She probably had no basis in that, but it's very much possible that demon god is preventing the gods from getting in his way.

『What you heard is how gods truly feel about you. To gods, you are nothing more than objects to harvest faith from.』

The voices in the screen disappeared, replaced by demon god's.

『There must be some among you who are saying, "I don't believe what demon god says", or "It's a false image fabricated by demon god." But try to look back at the annals of history. Was the world at peace before monsters and demons came into existence?』

Demon god made his speech.

『--The answer is nay. The world was full of wars and poverties. All for the sake of gods collecting prayers from people. Falling into despair from profound misery, people's negative emotions turned into miasma that then filled the entire world.』

I'm not sure how much of that is the truth, but I think I've read the first half in books from Lalakie Era Master has.

『The ever increasing miasma violated people, transforming some into grotesque beings. --Demons. I hid those poor souls, and devised a way to collect miasma, so that those tragedies won't repeat. And the living things I managed to complete at the end of my research were monsters. Monsters would gather miasma inside their body, converting it into mana through an organ they posses called magic stone.』

Did he get the idea from some insect-infested rotten forest from somewhere or something?

But the story differs a bit from the one we heard at the Sage Tower back then.
Kind of feels like he's glossing over things to make him look good.

『People would fear the grotesque demons and monsters, and prayed to gods to escape from those fears. Delivering faith, not dissimilar to one caused by war and famine, to gods. Satisfied by prayers they obtained without any labor, gods gave me an order. [Maintain people faith by regularly inflicting fears upon them]. That which came to be the [Seasons of Demon Lords], the very existence of Demon Lords themselves.』

As someone who got turned into a demon lord, I'd like to say, 'Screw that!'

『O people, cast away those false gods. Live your live under the guidance of wise kings without relying on gods. You are not gods' puppets. Now is exactly the time to regain your [Freedom].』

Once demon god was done with his incitement, the screen behind him became active again, showing god Zaikuon and his familiars' voices.

『『『Destroy Cities!』』』
『『『Destroy Humans!!』』』
『『『Destroy Everything!!!』』』

It's kinda looking bad over there.

『Weren't you saying you wouldn't indiscriminately kill people?』

It's Master's voice.

『Now that I have this mighty power in my grasp, slightly fewer places to collect Divinity pose no problem. These humans will multiply on their own left to their own device anyway.』

Looking closer, you can see tattoo-like things on god Zaikuon's body now.

『...I see. That's it. Humans multiply. Then there is no need to hold back. They may not be as enriching as nymphs, but country-wide amount of lives should serve as a nourishment to strengthen me. I shall destroy outside invaders when I get stronger. No need for deceptions nor trickeries. For I am fit to be the Gods' Top Seat. If I just get stronger.... stronger, even stronger, and for that sake the world must--<<PERISH>>』』

God Zaikuon was wrapped in a jet black aura inside the screen.
Doesn't it kinda look like he's falling to the dark side?


The screen turned pure white.
Images reappeared moment later, blinding lights and soul-shaking vibrations infringed upon the lands and the skies far and wide. The earth had been gouged greatly, earth and sand were blown upward forming black bulky clouds.
The dark clouds turned into a whirlpool, fiercely raging winds blew away the rubbles on earth.

--What is that?

It's like dozens, no, hundreds time the power of my Mythology Down.

"So this is a god..."
"It appears that we have misjudged gods' powers."

I nod to Liza and the girls.

Perhaps they dispatched some poor quality avatars to pinch on divinity during the Divine Punishment.
They could unleash such an incredible attack with the divinity they got from Purple Towers huh.

『It appears those merciless gods have decided upon your annihilation. For the sake of saving you from ruins, I will bet all the power I hold and resist those evil gods. Do not pray to the seven pillar gods if you do not wish for ruins. Head to towers if you choose to fight alongside me. I shall bestow you my Divine Protections.』

The footage on the screen changed into demon god's purple shield blocking the mighty attack God Zaikuon unleashed toward a city.
It's 100% an act, or rather it's most definitely a made-up footage, but it must look real to the people of this foreign world.

"Arisa, is master safe?"
"Un, I think he's fine."

At the very least, my Familiar Link is still intact.


"My link to master has been reconnected!"

The film-like thing that was obstructing Familiar Link is gone.
My voice should reach Master now.

『Master, it's terrible! Demon god in the sky!』

I shout toward Master.

Judging from the footage earlier, I don't believe it ever got to Master.

『Got it! Be right there!』

Right just as he said that, Master appeared in front of me.

I have no idea what demon god's real objective is, but it's our victory now.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 299

Chapter 299 Strongest Sage, Ranks Up


The receptionist turns over the document once again.
Then she starts murmuring.

"Err... Demons are Disaster class aren't they?"

"Yeah. The branch head and receptionist who were here back then said so too."

"Right? I'm sorry, I haven't had much experience in jobs involving Disaster class monsters..."

Then the receptionist turns over the document.

...She must be a newbie.
Thanks to sending all the competent veteran staff to the busy temporary purchasing counters... They've left the newbie here to house sit huh.
While I was thinking that the receptionist suddenly raised her voice.

"C-could it be... You're going to get promoted straight to Rank A!?"

"Probably yeah... Isn't that how it's written on the reference?"

"Y...Yes. And the fact that Mathias-san has defeated many demons is well known to everybody after all..."

The receptionist showed me the [Rank Up Prerequisite Table].

Rank Up Prerequisite Table
To Rank E - Completes 50 Rank F Quests
To Rank D - Completes 200 Rank E Quests
To Rank C - Completes 500 Rank D Quests
To Rank B - Completes 2000 Rank C Quests, or participate in a Disaster class monster subjugation and play an active role in it
To Rank A - Participate in a Disaster class monster subjugation and play a leading role in it

We've cleared the prerequisites for rank D and C with these quests.
Rank B should be cleared as well since we had defeated many demons back when we were at Second Academy.
Rank A should be cleared since we had defeated demons independently.

"It's gotta be Rank A no matter how you look at it! Congratulations!"

The receptionist opened the guild's drawer while shouting that.
She took out something written with [High Rank Promotions].

"Err... It will take eight hours to prepare your cards, is that fine with you?"
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Eight hours huh.
That's quite a long wait.
I'd like to get back to the capital quick and report to Grevil about [Broken Star].

"That long?"

"Yes... Rank A cards are complex, even creating one takes time. And since we need to make four cards, it will take around eight hours..."

The receptionist opened a rectangular box at the guild's back.
Looks like there's a magic tool inside that box.
There must be many procedures in the making of these high-ranking cards to prevent forgeries and stuff.

Guess I'll just ask the capital's guild to make the cards.
Not like we're in a hurry anyway.

The receptionist shouted in surprise while I was thinking.

"Ah! These cards... They've got Mathias-san and his party's names on them! There's ones for Ruli-san, Iris-san and Alma-san too!"


"Yes! ...And there's a memo! Looks like the branch head-san and the others had anticipated Mathias-san's party rank up and made these in advance!"

...I see.
The branch head and co. had preemptively issued these cards under the assumption that we would clear those quests we took.
We really ought to thank that branch head.

"Which means... Congratulations for the rank up! It's the fastest record of rank A promotion you know!"

The receptionist handed over four guild cards to us.
On top of being gilded... These rank A cards are adorned with fine engravings and ornaments.
Big difference from our old student IDs we had been using in place of guild cards.

"These cards are extravagant indeed..."

"Rank A means becoming adventurers that represent their country... It also has to be foolproof against forgeries, so of course it's gotta be extravagant!  Normally it takes 20 years to get to this point just so you know!"

20 years huh...
If you started out when you're 18, you'd be 38 by then.

Even forgetting the numbers of quests needed, the time it takes to clear the Disaster class condition could very well be that long.

"I feel like many Second Academy students will reach that point."

Right now those students are getting lectured on chantless magic.
They must be getting better each day with the efforts of Second Academy instructors.

Which means subjugating a Disaster class monster with a group of few should be doable to them before long.

"You're exactly right! Several of the higher ranked ones among Second Academy students are already at Rank C... They're breaking the guild records left and right with Mathias-san leading the pack!"

Figured as much.
...This country can't hold their own against demons if they can't do that much at least.

Years later down the line, there may come an era where graduates of Second Academy getting to Rank B and A.
And in the meanwhile, chantless magic should begin spreading among common adventurers.
Would be nice if that's the case.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 10.5


"My oh my, I was completely clueless to the fact that Lecan-san is the first conqueror of Golbul Dungeon."

Dovor had undergone a 180 degree change compared to yesterday as he affably talked to Lecan with all smiles.

They're at the entrance to a mountain path off the beaten roads. The group is currently taking a break now.

"But you must have some dependable companions with you, don't you. Did Nike-san accompany you in your conquest?"

"Naw, I wasn't with him then."

"Hou. Which means, you have other companions, where would they be now?"

That he just nonchalantly removed Eda out of the realm of possibility might be rude, but he's exactly correct.

"Who knows."

Lecan has an idea about the reason for Dovor's sudden shift in attitude.

Lecan obtained a certain information during the get-together yesterday. There were records of Bufuz the <Crushing Hammer> diving into Golbul Dungeon. He hunted a huge amount of Wrinkle Man on floor 21, and Creeping Ivy Trees on floor 22. Those are some tough magic beasts, one has to posses incredible fighting prowess to hunt them so readily.

Bufuz attacked Chaney Company's wagon Lecan was escorting to Vantaroy. According to Chaney's information, the raid must have been instigated by Zaikaz Company.

Lecan had a hunch.

(Zaikaz Company got in contact with Bufuz at the dungeon city.)

Hiring an adventurer capable of diving deep in dungeons requires a huge amount of money. However, those same talents are also a necessity in other facades. Especially for merchants who dabble in dirty works for enormous gains, there will be many facades where their skills are needed.

The reason why Dovor believes that Lecan has companions and want to know about them is most likely because he wants to form a tie with skilled adventurers who can be of use when the time calls for one.

Dovor is very good at faking smiles. Lecan would have surely thought of him as a good person were he saw this side first.

Suddenly, it hit upon Lecan whom Dovor is similar to.

But then, if that's really true, why would he act cordially to Lecan.

Would someone in the position of a temporary branch head of Zaikaz Company's Vouka branch not know that tidbit.

"By the way, Lecan-san. Zaikaz Company may have withdrawn from Vouka Town, but of course that doesn't mean that any connection we have with the town has been cut off. Many business there have great relationship with us. I believe there may come times when we will ask you for another job through those. We hope for your continued patronage in the future."


Since Lecan is a Golbul Dungeon Conqueror, his fighting prowess is authentic. He must be thinking that he could use Lecan as a potent pawn when the time comes.

Everyone surrounded the same campfire on this day. Dovor even treated all of them to meals. Dovor also instructed all six to participate in the night watch.

"Eda-san. The skill you showed to finish off that Spider Monkey (Lind) was awesome."

"So that's the rumored Magic Bow huh."

"Sorry but couldcha let me take a look at that magic bow for future reference."

Nozz, Ritz and Numes were asking to be shown <Bow of Isya> that night.

At first Eda refused, but she got carried away by Nozz's flatteries and took the magic bow out of storage.

"Eda-chan. <Bow of Isya> is a property of Lecan. You're only borrowing it from him. You've got to ask Lecan's permission first if you want to show the bow to others."

"Eh? Ah, oh yeah. My bad, Nozz. Go ask Lecan for permission."
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Nozz's villainous face shifted to a dumb-looking one. Ritz and Numes were also at a loss for words.

"E-err, so uh hey."

Nozz attempts to speak to Lecan. Lecan puts bloodthirst in his right eye.

"N-nah. It's nuthin'."

He gave up. Lecan hasn't demonstrated his fighting prowess to these bunch yet. But they're not thickheaded enough to miss the intense pressure coming from Lecan and most importantly, they've begun fearing him after knowing about him being a Dungeon Conqueror.

The next day, they camped in the mountain at night. The trip is going well, hence this will be the last night.

This day, the three night shifts were done in pairs, Nike and Numes, Lecan and Eda, Nozz and Ritz. At first Nozz suggested him be paired with Eda, but Lecan rejected the idea.

That day Nozz and his gangs excessively came into contacts with Lecan and co. all while keeping profile so low you could call it servile, they would continually flatter and praise Lecan and co. all day.

And sure enough, Nozz and Numes crept over when Lecan was pretending to be fast asleep. Ritz was coming for Nike.

Lecan nonchalantly blocked the down-swung daggers with his <Overking Bear> overcoat.

And just as the daggers got flicked away, he grabbed his two assailants' arms.

"<Bright Light (Teraparm)>"

As Lecan recited the spell, the surroundings got filled in a bright light.

Looking at Nike, Ritz is staying still like a statue while still in the pose of swinging a dagger in his hand down. It's <Petrification (Gast)> magic.

Lecan appraised the daggers. They've been lacquered in poison as expected. <Flat White Snake (Urasurin)> poison.

"Dovor, wake up."

Lecan called him, yet Dovor wouldn't open his eyes. Of course, Dovor is awake. A question popped up, why did Dovor who was trying to form a connection with Lecan not stop Ritz, but he probably thought that if Lecan were to die, he would get his hands on unimaginable treasures inside Lecan's <Storage>. With no idea that only Lecan is able take things out of his <Storage>. Or maybe he wanted to see how Lecan and co. would deal with Nozz and his gang's attack. Either way, it's an extremely unpleasant way of doing things.

Lecan grabbed Nozz by his neck and put his face in the campfire.

Nozz let out a fierce scream as if this world had ended.

"Keep it quiet please."

Dovor gave up pretending to be asleep.

"Nozz, Ritz and Numes attacked me and Nike with poisoned daggers. Mind if they die?"

Dovor surveyed the surroundings without answering Lecan.

"Bright Light magic is it. Simply splendid. Lecan-san. So you can use magic."

Dovor knew that it was Lecan who recited the spell. This is also an admission of him being awake, but he probably won't acknowledge it.

(I see. This guy wanted to ascertain my ability.)

You can call it his nature as an assassin.

Once an assassin has caught sight of a tough opponent, they would go out of their way to find out their traits and weaknesses even if they're not to be their target. Of course he probably didn't have even a shred of confidence in Nozz succeeding in the attempt.

"It cannot be helped. Kill them."

Killing Nozz and his gang without first getting permission from Dovor would have afforded him a reason to censure Lecan. He might even be accused of crime.

Lecan might find a way to blame Dovor as their employer were he spare Nozz and his gang's lives. But that would take time and effort.

Lecan disliked either. Since it's bothersome.

By dawn, Nozz, Ritz and Numes had their lives taken by their own poisoned daggers. Eda who couldn't understand the situation made a bit of racket.

The party departed before magic beasts gathered.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 298

Chapter 298 Strongest Sage, Learns Way to Distinguish Impostors


"...There are?"

"Yes. I think there were several of them already... The more famous an adventurer, the more people will try to impersonate as them. They got exposed quick though. And Mathias-san is especially popular among those individuals."


"Since you don't show yourself much in public, not many people are familiar with your face. I think there were already around five known impostors... It's okay though since all of them have probably been found out already."

I see...
I'm a Rank E adventurer, yet some will still try to impersonate me.

Well, guess it's not a problem if they're exposed already.

"By the way how do you distinguish those impostors?"

"Err... All of those impostors are ordinary persons, so we know at once!"

"...Ordinary persons?"

"Yes! They avoid taking on dangerous quests, worry about money problem and such... The point is, they're just common men! Second Academy's principal has also sent a directive, [If anyone with common-sense shows up claiming to be Mathias, that person is an impostor]."

...Anyone with common sense, an impostor...?
I don't get what does that even mean.
Can you even pick apart those shams with that?

As I was thinking that, Ruli and Alma whispered in earnest.

"Wow that's pretty clever..."

"...In the first place, the real one wouldn't have been caught and got interrogated anyway..."

Looks like the two are in agreement with the method.
I thought this party had come to one understanding... but a divide in opinions had been born in unexpected parts it seems.

"...The real one is also someone with common sense, you know?"

"I thought the same until just now myself... I was wondering if they had caught the real Mathias-san by mistake..."
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"Yeah. Your worries are warranted."

"No, I was wrong... No ordinary person would beat 700 monsters in one day and bring all the subjugation proof parts with them. Besides... Just look at these parts!"

The receptionist took a subjugation proof part--a horn of a monster of some sort.
I've sliced the horn clean to compact our luggage.
Normally I'd have cut it more roughly... but we had a strict requirement for our load this time.

"What about those? ...Since we're carrying a lot with us, it's only natural to cut them as small as possible right?"

"Err, the size itself is weird for sure... but just please look at these cross-sections! These couldn't have been done by a human!"

The receptionist said that while showing the horn's cross-sections.
...I sliced this horn with a sword Ruli made.

Swords made by Ruli are on a different level of sharpness compared to common swords.
Hence, you can make real clean cross-sections if you're skilled at it.
The receptionist must be referring to that.

Well, whatever.
This is actually mostly thanks to the weapon than my skill... but it doesn't seem like she'd get it even if I explain that anyway.
Let's just get on with the quest report.

"...Can that horn be used as a subjugation proof part?"

"O-of course it could! It's the very bestest kind of proof part!"

Looks like we don't have to worry about it getting rejected then.
Lucky us, would be bothersome if they mistook it for monsters killed by [Genesis].

"Okay then. Then please proceed with the report."

"I...I understand! I'll put them in the storage as I count so please put them on the counter one by one!"


I gradually stack subjugation proof parts on the counter.
The receptionist wrote and counted everything before stuffing them in boxes.

The work continued for a while...

"This is the last one... Is it enough for the quests?"

An hour later, all the parts were finally done counted.

The problem is number.
I didn't count how much monsters I defeated.
Rather... I couldn't since a [Warmonger] participated in the battle.

Would be nice if it's enough.
The receptionist spoke while I was thinking.

"I've finished counting the total! It's 320 Rank E monsters, and 862 Rank D monsters... The reward will be 204,400 elmi, you've cleared the requirement for Rank Up to Rank C!"

...Seemed it sufficed.
Now I can safely rank up.

"Err... Please wait a moment. Just how far up the rank will this go...?"

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Okami wa Nemuranai 10.4


They arrived at Golbul on the second day.

"Head to <White Pavilion>."

"Got it."

Dovor looked slightly bewildered when Lecan didn't ask for its location.

Of course Lecan knows <White Pavilion>. It's the highest class inn in this Dungeon City, the place where Lecan stayed when he was here.

"O-oy. It's the <Overlord in Black>."

"Y-you're right. Overlord-sama has graced us with his presence once again."

"So that's a Dungeon Conqueror. That's one hella expression and crazy body he got."

There were people who pointed at and gossiped about Lecan on the way, but none dared to approach nor talk to him.


Lecan nodded as a reply to the doorkeeper and led the way into <White Pavilion>. He then observed Dovor walking toward the receptionist while scanning the surroundings vigilantly. Nozz follows behind him. Nike and Eda are watching the wagons together with Ritz and Numes outside. Gido is on the coachman's seat.

"Welcome to our humble abode, Dovor-sama."

The one who's doing the greeting is the manager of <White Pavilion>, Lecan knows the man.

"We'll be staying here. Put me in the same room as Gido our coachman. We'll be carrying our luggage in, so please prepare a spacious and safe room."

"With pleasure."

"My subordinates will bring in our luggage, please tell where the room is to the ones near our wagons outside."

"With pleasure."

"There will be three of my personal bodyguards. Put them in a room close to mine."

"With pleasure."

"We'll be eating dinner inside our own rooms. We'll depart by dawn tomorrow. Prepare takeout for two."

"With pleasure."

"There are three temporary escorts. They will consult to you about their rooms and meals themselves."

"With pleasure."
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"These temporary escorts will pay for their own expense."

"With pleasure."

After concluding that there was no more additional order, the manager called his employee.

"Jumu. Lead Dovor-sama to his room."

"Yes. Dovor-sama, if you would please."

Dovor stopped in front of Lecan.

"Lecan-san. You're dismissed of your escort duty until we depart. We're leaving by dawn tomorrow."

"Got it."

"However, you must not stay at any other place than this inn."

"Got it."

"Would be nice if the room met your standard, wouldn't it."

After saying that, Dovor headed toward his room while faintly sneering and walking like some nobleman would.

This inn is expensive.

It's hopelessly out of reach for adventurers who do escort jobs just to put food on the table. Perhaps, Dovor is expecting Lecan and co. to come crying to him and ask to cover their expense.

Once Dovor left, Lecan turned toward the manager.

"Welcome to our humble abode, Lecan-sama."

"Manager, I'll be in your care."

"It would be our honor to."

The manager put his right hand on his chest and bowed deeply to Lecan.

Lecan was perplexed for an instant at this treatment. But thinking again, of course the fact that Lecan is a Golbul Dungeon Conqueror must be known to him. Those who cannot get hold of such little information can't possibly run a high-class inn in a dungeon city.

"I'll take the same room as before. My companions, Nike and Eda are both women. Rooms near mine would be good."

"Our pleasure. But if I might be so bold."


"A certain gentleman would like to provide rooms for Lecan-sama and his companions as a celebration for the first Conqueror of Golbul Dungeon, would that be satisfactory to you?"

"Hou. Sure."

"Thank you very much. Please excuse me, but all expense is to be a token of congratulations from that gentleman."

"Got it. You have my thanks."

"I'm unworthy of such words."

Afterward, the manager nonchalantly spoke about how Zaikaz Company was a top customer of <White Pavilion> and that they had a contract for several years of lodgings for cheaper. By becoming a regular customer of this high-class inn, they intend to show off the nobles around here of their level.

Lecan couldn't get a good sleep this night. Doug the commander of Security Guards came over. As well as the lord's eldest son, knight Tomaj Douga and his two aides. Tomaj incessantly invited Lecan to the lord's mansion, but Lecan declined since he was still on the job. In that case, allow me to entertain you at <White Pavilion>'s dining room, offered Tomaj.

As they had some drink together, Lecan found that Tomaj was not a bad person. He's someone quite hearty and tolerant, very much a good-natured man. Despite his headlong impulsive personality, he might be a good lord if he were blessed with good aides.

Looking from his angle, Golbul isn't that bad of a town as Chaney had told him. However, Chaney has his own position and perspective to look from. From his point of view, this town is terrible. Chaney must have experienced enough to form that opinion, and that will persist in the future.

However, it's not the case for Lecan.

Lecan has no reason to hold the same sense of value as Chaney. The face this town shows to Lecan differs from that's shown to Chaney.

That said though, Lecan has no intention to stay long in this town. Comfort-wise, Vouka Town is still far better.

In the end, Lecan's inn expense was paid by the lord as a show of hospitality. The dungeon went into hibernation for seven days after he defeated the dungeon master, but the news about an advent of a conqueror has prompted many skilled adventurers to come over to this city, as such it's currently enjoying an unprecedented boon.

Eda went to bed early. Nike also went back to her room after having enough. Lecan was made to accompany the guests till late at night.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-23

17-23. Imaginary Fears (3)


Satou here. I believe the original meaning of clowns are those who bring amusement to people. Wonder when did the meaning shift to being the Fools or those who should be jeered?


Zaikuon is rampaging around as the black sludge wraps him.
It seems to be quite elastic, the membrane won't break apart.

Eventually God Zaikuon is submerged inside the black sludge.

『What a pitiful master that thing is.』
『Think he died?』

The nymphs are floating and circling above the black sludge.

The black sludge began to bubble up from the inside.
Just as the curious nymphs came closer to it, the black sludge violently burst open.

The nymphs ran off in a hurry.

The surrounding area would get contaminated at this rate, thus I took the fallen golden chalice and used it to catch all the falling black sludge. Then I enclosed the chalice in a strong barrier and put it away in an unused Sub-space.


God Zaikuon stood on the spot where the black sludge was.

Seems like he's undergone a slight image change, his face and naked upper body are furnished with black tattoo now.
The yellow light emitting from God Zaikuon has lost its sublimeness, looking muddy instead. The outer brim of yellow light has turned black in particular.

Dark red lights dwell in his eyes.
The same as nymphs who have been corrupted by the black sludge.

『So this is the forbidden power...』

God Zaikuon muttered while coughing violently.

『...This sense of omnipotence is not bad at all.』

I can't tell how much stronger he's become just by looking, but the nymphs who were ganging up on god Zaikuon began shuddering violently when he glared at them.

『『『O our lord』』』
『『『Our loyalties lie only to you』』』

Looks like the nymphs fully intend to get back under god Zaikuon's command.

Their master seems to have another thing in mind though--.


God Zaikuon's arm stretched out, then grabbed and crushed one of the nymphs.

『Lord-sama, lost his mind~』
『We're gonna get killeeeeeed』

The nymphs who scampered everywhere got chased by god Zaikuon at speed far above his speed earlier, he finished hunting all the nymphs in a blink of an eye.

"--His aura changed?"

God Zaikuon's yellow light got darker and darker every time he hunted one of the nymphs.
He's also undoubtedly getting stronger each time, but rather than strength-wise it looks more like he's getting more corrupted.
The black sludges that corrupted the nymphs must have been transferred to god Zaikuon.

『You're next.』

God Zaikuon unleashed an attack toward me.

Distance matters not as he got right in front of me in an instant.
I blocked his attack with Mana Armor I immediately deployed.

--His attacks are fast and most importantly, heavy.

I see my Mana Armor which blocked the attack getting encroached with the same tattoo as God Zaikuon's.
I moved away with Unit Arrangement and discarded the Mana Armor.


God Zaikuon waited for the timing I removed my Mana Armor to strike.
I made it in time to deploy another one, but it failed to cancel the strike inertia, I got blown halfway through the mountain, creating a huge crater. That kinda hurt.


Is that a cheering?

Saturated magic attacks shot by God Zaikuon poured down on me.
Each and every one of these magic feels as destructive as advanced and forbidden level magic.

The attacks gouged the mountain, transforming the terrain.


God Zaikuon laughed loudly while floating in the air.

Sorry for him, but I've gotten away by Unit Arrangement since the first crash and is currently hiding with Mana Camouflage.

『--He got away huh.』

Whoops, he noticed that I had escaped.

『Very well then, I shall destroy his country to smoke him out.』

An unthinkable remark coming from a god.

Since it looked like he would do it for real, I canceled my Mana Camouflage and showed myself before him.

『Hmph, out you are.』
『Weren't you saying you wouldn't indiscriminately kill people?』

I forgot to use polite speech, eh whatever.
I don't feel like keeping up appearances any longer anyway.

『Now that I have this mighty power in my grasp, slightly fewer places to collect Divinity pose no problem. These humans will multiply on their own left to their own device anyway.』

Yup, that's a line from someone who's obtained a power beyond their capacity.

『...I see. That's it. Humans multiply. Then there is no need to hold back. They may not be as enriching as nymphs, but country-wide amount of lives should serve as a nourishment to strengthen me.』
『What are you saying?』

God Zaikuon started spouting out some dangerous-sounding words as if he was delirious.

『I shall destroy outside invaders when I get stronger. No need for deceptions nor trickeries. For I am fit to be the Gods' Top Seat. If I just get stronger.... stronger, even stronger, and for that sake the world must--<<PERISH>>』

God Zaikuon's aura changed to jet black.

Both the Scripture and jet black aura look familiar to the Divine Sword I have.
The land around God Zaikuon is rapidly turning into desert.

Now then, this doesn't seem like a situation where I can just leisurely observe.
Might be about time to finish this up.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

『I shall now reap lives infesting this land. --Starting from you.』

God Zaikuon's dark red eyes glared at me. Similar to the nymphs.
Let's wake him up for a bit.

Shock treatment is best for these times.

『<<Lesser Mythology Down>>』

I tried to shoot a weakened lesser variation of Mythology Down exclusive for demon lords, at god Zaikuon.
It may look flashy, but since the multi-dimensional permeations effect needed to defeat gods has been weakened, it's not as effective against Immortal beings.

He's twitching on top of the crater, but still clinging to life.

The jet black aura that had overrun god Zaikuon was blown away, his body regained back its dim yellow coloring.
Only temporarily though, as the jet black aura quickly covered god Zaikuon back.

『T-that's a blasphemy, to me, the strongest supreme god.』
『Yeah yeah.』

Looks like I don't need to worry about god Zaikuon dying with the lesser version even if I don't hold back.
I just keep shooting out [Lesser Mythology Down] at the right time while randomly replying him back.

『I am』

God Zaikuon sunk deep on the ground as he was about to stand up.

It seems like there's a period of time where he moves more sluggishly after getting hit by lesser Mythology Down.
My aim is amusingly accurate because of that though it's also partly thanks to the practically zero time lag before the spell is invoked.

『The strongest』

Apparently he's the strongest, guess I'll increase the output a bit more.


Increasing the shooting pace should be fine since he's invincible and all, right?
I've used up all my mana after several shots, so I resumes the work while recharging from Mana Batteries.

Man he's pretty tough.

Truly what you'd expect out of a god.
To think he hasn't lost his fighting spirit after getting hit this much. Since it's starting to get tiring, I kind of feel like whatever and just shoot the normal Mythology Down.
I guess he'd really die from that one though?

His jet black aura has gotten considerably worn down, should be okay.

If that still doesn't work, then the only thing I can do left is the Anti-God Sealing Magic that Corpse taught me, but using that won't differ much from killing him if we consider his role of maintaining the barrier against outer space invaders.
Since I don't really enjoy killing, I'll pick the sealing card only after using up all other cards.

『...I, am... Su, pre, me...』

Whoa, he still got some spunk left in him.
Let's try repeating the same attack set I used earlier.

God Zaikuon was trying to say something, but then he stopped by the end of the second set.
I observed him for a while before his finger twitched.

『...This is...Unforgivable...Land...Perish...』

Forget breaking his mind, it's fueling his vengeful spirit instead.

I've got no choice.

I'll make him taste a sense of crisis with the non-lesser version of [Mythology Down].
I'll weaken the power as much as possible so it won't kill him by mistake--.


The worn-out god Zaikuon charged at me like a beast.

--Mythology Down.

Incomparable to the fake one earlier, painfully blinding lights and soul-shaking vibrations infringed upon the land and sky far and wide.
The terrain gets greatly gouged out, blown earth and sand are forming into bulky clouds.
Dark clouds swirled into whirlpools, the fierce wind blew away the rubble on the ground.

"Guess I overdid it a little?"

The collateral damage may be far less than Meteor Shower, but this destructive power exceeds that of ordinary forbidden magic.


At the bottom of the gouged earth, there lies God Zaikuon.

"--Vermilion barrier?"

A barrier made of vermilion light protected god Zaikuon.
It seems to have hit its limit with that one shot, cracks is spreading on the surface of the barrier as I speak.

『Indeed, you must wait. Karion said so.』
『Urion, do your job too. Even Godly Barrier cannot defend the next one.』
『Now that's shocking.』

A girl clad in indigo blue lights, and a petite girl clad in vermilion lights showed up.
Judging from their conversation, they must be god Urion and god Karion.

The lights are too intense, only their silhouettes are visible.

『Getting beat around by a human even after harnessing the forbidden power...』
『Good grief, truly a disgrace to us gods.』

Humanoid in the shape of big men clad in orange lights and green lights also showed up.
These two must be god Heraruon and god Garleon.

『I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.』

Then a female silhouette clad in emerald green lights manifested.
This one must be god Tenion.

『Karion, Urion, you two imprison Zaikuon inside Godly Cage. Can I count on Heraruon and Garleon to purify him?』

After confirming the gods' consents, god Tenion turned toward me.

『I'm sorry. Allow me to apologize in Heraruon's place.』

No point in apologizing to me.

『Please direct your apologies to Boruean Forest's Sacred Tree, Aialize-sama.』
『Yes, of course I will.』

Then I guess, I can accept her apologies.

『Next time, just break the Godly Barrier and beat him to pulp. Karion said so.』
『I did not. But Zaikuon should be made to know his place once.』

God Urion and god Karion said some violent remarks.
Since even the gentle god Tenion isn't saying anything, I guess I've been given the OK to beat god Zaikuon down with [Mythology Down] the next time he's misbehaving again.

『But, please don't be mistaken. For there is a true enemy.』
『--True enemy?』

I know whom she's trying to imply, but does this enemy refer to mine or them, gods'?

『You probably won't believe it if that name is spoken by our mouth. As such, let's have you heard it from someone you trust.』

God Tenion reached her hand toward to the sky, then I could feel the presence of some sort of barrier creaking.

『It's a barrier Zaikuon put outside the world in order to avert our gazes.』

As she swung down her arm, I could sense the creaking barrier breaking to pieces.
I've slipped out of the world many times before, but it might be a good idea not to underestimate these gods if they're able to put up barriers in that unstable place.

『Come, it should be here any second now.』

Arisa's voice reached my ears right as god Tenion said that. It's Familiar Link.
Apparently, the barrier god Zaikuon set up had barred Familiar Link from connecting.

『Master, it's terrible! Demon God in the sky!』

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 297

Chapter 297 Strongest Sage, Hears Rumor of Impostor


"Okay then. We'll do the transaction here then. The subjugation proof parts we have have some damage on them though... Is that fine?"

"Yes! ...Rather, we won't count monsters defeated without wounds for subjugation quests! Picking apart monsters died by that light is simple, so it's gonna be found out immediately!"

I see.
Looks like we can't complete the quests by bringing monsters defeated by 『Genesis』.

"Ah, by the way, we won't tell you how we identify them. Some people would try to tamper with it if we did."

"Yeah. We don't mind that... There's quite a lot. Are you sure we can take it out here?"

I show her the quest tags.
Here's what written there.

Type: General Quest
Quest Rank: E
Required Rank: E
Reward: 100 elmi
Quest Spot: Senisye Plain
Subject: Subjugation of one Rank E monster
Client: Adventurer Guild
Remark: Multiple Acceptance is Allowed

Type: General Quest
Quest Rank: D
Required Rank: E
Reward: 200 elmi
Quest Spot: Senisye Plain
Subject: Subjugation of one Rank D monster
Client: Adventurer Guild
Remark: Multiple Acceptance is Allowed

These are quests especially issued by the guild's branch head.
The rewards are low relative to the ranks, but there's no limit to number of subjugations and monster types.

I'd need to complete 200 Rank E quests and 500 Rank D quests to get to rank A.
These are the quests specifically made for that.

"Err... What is with these quests...?"

The receptionist turns over some documents on her hand.
And then... She spoke in surprise.

"Ah! ...Are you perhaps Mathias-san from Second Academy!?"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Looks like this guild has left notes about these quests.
There's a proper information sharing being done here.

"Err... The comment from branch head says you would most likely bring down 200 rank E monsters and 500 rank D monsters... Have you really defeated that many?"

"We did... Bringing the Proof Parts of those subjugations proved challenging though."

I took a proof part from Storage magic.
We collected these on our way back... it was a pure mundane work.

Cause there's just so many of them.
It doesn't matter how much capacity Storage magic has, cramming 700 monsters inside it is not a good idea.

Besides, my maximum mana will be decreased equivalent to the amount stored inside Storage magic.
When it get to 700 pieces, even the proof parts alone took a stupid amount of size.

Hence, I did my best to fetch and compact the subjugation proof parts before putting them inside Storage magic.
It might have taken more time than actually defeating those monsters even.

"Err... Don't tell me, you've brought all the 700 proof parts with you?"

"I did. Otherwise, how would we complete the quests?"

"T-that might be true... Is it with Storage magic thing?"

The receptionist timidly asked me.
Oh right, I haven't popularized Storage magic at Second Academy.

You need a bit of knack to learn these space magic types.
On top of that, putting too much into the magic decreases your maximum mana, impeding growth and combat, so it's not a good magic for beginners to learn.
That's the reason why I haven't taught it to them.

"Yeah. Storage magic indeed."

"Ooh... It's the real Mathias-san...!"

The receptionist is looking at me with curious eyes.

"Real huh... That almost sounds like there's a fake one or something."

"Eh, there are though?"

The receptionist replied back like it was obvious.
...First I've heard of impostors though.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 10.3


Lecan, Nike and Eda are advancing in front of the wagon. On foot of course.

Nozz, Ritz and Numes are following behind the wagon. On foot as well.

Gido the coachman was an awfully gloomy old man, Lecan's greeting was only met with a glare from his dull eyes.

This old man is pretty skilled himself. More than Nozz, Ritz and Numes at least. Lecan surmised that his fighting style could be that of an assassin.

The group is going straight west. They'll stay the night in a plain along the way, and at an inn in Golbul on the second day. Afterward, they'll push through a mountain path off the highways, heading straight to Kogurus.

Their first night camp out was at a spot awfully far from the highway.

Normally you'd want to camp near the highway. Going out of their way to do that here means that they're more afraid of a human-led attack than magic beasts.

They can't possibly attack us tonight, can they, thought Lecan. They've gone and employed three external escorts, killing them right after the journey began would lower their manpower for the duration of the trip.

Gido fetched Magic Beasts Wards and put them on both ends of the wagons. In other words, they're using two magic tools. The wagons are solidly built as well, they must be loaded with valuable luggage.

"The heck are ya' doing. Go prepare the fire pit for us, you."

"Aren't we eating separately."

"We hired you guys to escort us. 'course making fire pits for us comes as part of the job."

"I see. Got it."

Nike, Lecan and Eda made a simple pit of stones and soil, then picked up dry wood.

Gido was tending the horses. They're managing the horses themselves. As it's not something that can be left to unfamiliar parties.

When Eda made a fire with magic, Ritz who was nearby whistled.

"Oooh. <Eda of Thousand Shots> can do magic too eh. Pretty rad."

Nozz and the gang took out some meat and barbecued it. Since fresh meat don't last long, it's pretty extravagant to have in such a trip.

"Hehe. What's up. You jealous? I dun' mind selling you some if ya want. Fer' one silver coin per slice that is."

"Nah. No need."

"Didja even got food?"

"How're ya gonna keep goin' if you don't eat."

"Look at this meat. So good."

Apparently these men are under the impression that Lecan's party is a bunch of fools who didn't prepare food because they thought the client would provide them.

The thinking is actually not outlandish.

First, containers with <Box (Luuf)> functions are extremely expensive. Thus, it's rare for a Copper Rank adventurer to carry one.

A bag with <Box> function looks deflated when there's nothing inside, and swelled when there are.

The more swelled it is, the more it's carrying inside.

Eda has a <Box> with <Bow of Isya> and her daily necessities inside. It's a pouch that's visibly a <Box>.

Yet, Lecan and Nike don't have anything that look to be a <Box> with them. Which means, they must not carry much food.

That's the common sense in this world.

Of course, Lecan is not a human of this world. Lecan's <Storage> holds enough supplies to last the three several weeks.

At a spot 20 step away, Lecan's party quickly made a firepit, gathered firewood, put out a pan with water, and poured pre-cut ingredients inside. When they saw Lecan producing one thing after another out of his Storage, they got noisy.

Right as Lecan was thinking of taking out roasted meat as well, Nozz came over.

"Oy oy. What the heck are ya doin' makin' fire here. What are ya gonna do if some seedy guys came over cuz' of that fire."

That seedy guy is right in front of me, thought Lecan.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
Nike replied back before Lecan could.

"Really now. Sure then. <Source Water (Sogshoot)>."

Right as Nike recited the spell, a huge mass of water fell at a spot 20 steps away.

The fire disappeared with a sizzling sound, leaving so much ash flying everywhere.

Nozz who turned around at the sound of fire meeting water was at a loss for word to see the unfolding spectacle.

Dovor silently stood up, picked up a meat skewer completely covered in ash without even wiping his ash-ladden face and clothes, and then he walked toward Lecan's group.

He coughed when he was about to say something, then he wiped off the ash around his mouth before speaking in a cold voice.

"Was that your doing."

"That I did."

"Nike-san. What is the meaning of this."

"Nozz gave the order. It'd be bad if some bad guys came over because of fire here, he said. We can't expose our client to danger, you see. Hence I helped myself and put out the fire over there."

Dovor glared at Nozz. Nozz looks pale.

"But you're not going to put out the fire here?"

"I've been thinking you see. We can't exactly enjoy a nice quiet journey with such dangerous guys prowling around. So I thought might as well lure them out here and beat them to pulp."

Lecan was amazed.

Nike hasn't lived long just for show, he thought.

He doesn't have the quick wit to come up with these answers, thought himself.

Dovor stared reprehensibly at Nike for a while before turning to Nozz, displayed a furious wrath on his face and slapped the meat skewer onto Nozz's chest hard.

"I'll take back that order. Please don't put out the fire anymore."

"Is that so. I got it then."

Afterward, Nozz, Ritz and Numes ended up having to gather fresh firewood. Since it was already dark out, it couldn't have been a pleasant experience. This time, they didn't ask for Eda's help and used a magic tool to create fire instead.

Nozz, Ritz, and Numes were ordered to eat the ash-covered meat. They had tried their best to wipe the ash off, but the ash still left on the meat seemed to taste awful as they got scolded by Dovor when they complained. Dovor and Gido barbecued a new batch of meat for themselves.

The <Source Water> magic that Nike showed earlier is a very rare magic that needs a long chant and precise control to cast. Instantly producing that much of water at a place 20 step away, you won't find anyone else but Nike capable of that in this entire continent.

Moreover, water created from <Source Water> is worth one gold coin per cup. The water poured down earlier was worth several pieces of gold coins.

Despite being treated to such an extravagant show, neither Dovor nor Nozz seemed grateful in the least, truly regrettable.

Lecan grinned to himself as he thought that.

"Lecan. You've got this overlord-like evil face on ya."

"Get off my case."

Eda was going to recite <Lamplight (Parm)> magic, but Nike stopped her.

"Eda-chan. You're barred from using that magic. You can't use any other magic than <Iginition (Yutel)> during this journey. If you really have to however, consult to me and get my approval first."

"Eh? But why ssu."

"It's for your own safety. Understand."

"I understand ssu."

Nozz came over while they were enjoying the tea quietly.

"Oy. We're yer' employers. So you three gonna keep watch all night. Didja hear me."

"Got it."

Three people taking turn to watch the night is not much of a burden.

"It's real important luggage y'see. Just one person keepin' watch ain't gonna cut it. Make sure two of you stay awake at all time."

"Got it."

It's a pointlessly nasty order.

Most likely a ploy to harass Lecan's group as well as making them tired and emaciated.

Eda was going to open her mouth. Lecan stopped her in whisper.



She's probably going to say how it's unreasonable and demand them to keep watch too.

That's a complaint, a sign of weakness. It's a defiance against orders, or if taken to the extreme, an insubordination toward their client.

"We don't care about yer' campfire. But ya gotta make sure ours never goes out, ya hear me."

"Got it."


Nozz left after spitting out.

"Eda. You sleep first."

"Right. That's for the best."

"Eh? But I'd feel bad ssuyo."

"We'll wake you up when it's your turn."

"O-oh really. Then I guess I'll get some shut eye first."

Nike lay down next to Eda and said.

"I'll be keeping watch first, Lecan."

"I got it. Please."

Lecan closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing while still in a sitting position.

He can get some rest similar to sleeping even while sitting. Controlling the deepness of sleep is nothing impossible for adventurers at Lecan's level. Though to begin with, he's never fallen asleep defenselessly no matter the situation. It's something that's been driven down to him after numerous near-death experience in his youth. Wolves don't sleep tight.

"Lecan, take care of the fire."

Lecan woke up as told by Nike.

"Got it."

Afterward, he occasionally put more firewood to both campfires.

He noticed that Dovor was awake, observing his movements. Since he still had his eyes closed, Lecan inferred this not by sight but from his presence.

(This guy really is trained in the art of assassinations.)

(He's probably going to start attacking if I try to do anything suspicious.)

Gido is also awake. Leaving himself in a half-awake state while resting laying down. Can't let his guard down against this old man either.

When Lecan was still in his former world, there was this time when he found himself in a weird situation where subordinate knights of a client Lecan was escorting made an attempt for his life. He got attacked during the escorting job, but he managed to ward off his assailants without killing them.

This situation is a bit trickier than that time.

However, Lecan does not necessarily hate this unnerving sense of tension.

Amazingly enough, Eda woke up and offered to change shift.

"OK then, Eda-chan, be counting on you."

Nike quickly went to sleep.

(Does this woman even need sleep?)

Perhaps she doesn't need to as an undead.

Or perhaps, sleeping is still a necessity even for undead.

Lecan was curious but he would not ask Nike.

Adventurers don't easily reveal their abilities even between companions.

Those who demand for someone else's secret are idiots, yet those who would swallow what's told to them whole are also idiots. That's just common sense to Lecan.

Sounds of sleeper's breathing, 'Zzz, zzz', soon came from Nike. Lecan could not figure out as to whether that was real or merely a camouflage.

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