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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-45

17-45. Demon God's Castle


※ A bit longer than usual to make up for the break last week.

Satou here. A game freak friend of mine told me last bosses not simply being strong is what makes Computer RPGs different.
When he almost got me to believe him, I recalled how boss characters being unbeatable without the correct strategy had always been popular since the days of Yamata-no-Orochi, and it snapped me out of his trick. I admit it's a pretty apt gimmick for RPGs though.

"I guess they're not sending any more?"

After defeating three gigantic demons and their mist disappeared, the demon god's castle stopped sending more reinforcement.

"Yeah, now's our chance."

I can't exactly use Meteor Shower or anti-god magic to erase the entire castle whole since there should be other purple little girls inside.

The best action to take here is me infiltrating it on my own.

"You're not thinking of going alone, are you Master?"
"No you won't, Ichirou-nii."

Arisa and Hikaru read my mind and gave a warning.

"We're fully aware just how strong master is, but you might still fall behind Demon God if you get yourself exhausted over a series of battle."

I wonder about that?

I feel like the me now can beat even a demon lord with one punch like some certain bald hero.

"Besides, who knows if Master's level up might be part of Demon God's scheme."

No no, I don't think so.

"Geez! Did you forget already?"
"Remember how he was trying to absorb you, Ichirou-nii?"
"Now that you mention it--"

Oh yeah, that did happen.
There were no more news after that one time, and the purple little girl here said Demon God had attained perfect form using the dummy those gods prepared, so all that stuff had completely slipped out of my mind.

"Milord's attained perfect form, you know?"
"But that doesn't mean he won't try to absorb more, does it?"

Arisa responded to the purple little girl.
The little girl who had been keeping silent up until now couldn't help but to join in the conversation since it involved Demon God.

"We'd like you be at your best if you really had to purify Demon God's [Impurities], Ichirou-nii."

I felt the nuance, "Please don't go if you could" from Hikaru's words.

"--I got it."

I gave in to the pressing Hikaru and Arisa.

Thanks to my level ups, I have full confidence in my chance against Demon God, but I'm not going to deny the very small possibility of me losing due to exhaustion.

Besides, the girls now should be able to easily beat the heck out greater demons, and even put up a good fight against Unique Skill-ed greater demons and demon lords.

"I'll be counting on you girls."
"That's what I'd like to hear!"

Arisa snapped her fingers and urged everyone to take their seats.

"Our target is Demon God's castle inner part! We got no time to engage in petty combats! Charge forward to where Demon God's at!"

A very Arisa-like daring strategy.
It's obvious where since the tallest building has very thick miasma on the same level of Black Sludge gushing out of it.

"Yes Arisa. Spaceship's main engine at full throttle so I report."
"Zena-tan, bring the small side ships' main engines at full throttle too!"
"Affirmative! Main engines, full throttle!"
"Garuda, push forward."

The spaceship flies toward the center of Demon God's castle at a velocity not even inertia control unit could fully cancel.

"Deploying 『Paladin Domain』 so I declare."

With warnings from Tama and Mia's Sanctuary Guard, Nana deployed multifold barriers.

Laser beams and missiles hit the barrier created by [Paladin Domain], scattering them into sparks and explosions.
A shock that exceeds Inertia Control's processing assaults our seats every time sparks fly.
Even so, the spaceship's barrier powered up by Unique Skills hold steadfast, it can defend against thousands of these attacks no sweat.

"T-this is bad."

The once sporadic bombardments are getting more intense by the minute.
Demon God's castle itself isn't equipped with many artillery, but there's quite a lot of cannon-type and beam-type demons prowling out there.

"I-it's so intense."

The amount of those demons exceeds hundreds, thus Nana's decided not to block with Paladin Domain but to skillfully evade or parry with Phalanxes.
Lulu helps with shooting the enemies down, princess Sistina and her floating gun fort golem units block the barrage of fire, and magical shields created by Hikaru's force magic along with Arisa's space magic assist Nana taking evasive maneuver.

They told me to preserve my power, but a little help won't hurt, right?

I wrap our spaceship in space magic <<Physical Reflector>> to reflect enemy's attacks.
Unfortunately, the reflected physical bullets didn't reach back to their shooters, but the beam ones did, killing many beam demons at a stretch.

"Shield Reflector, the real deal! My magic could barely do that on a single point, so this is quite a sight!"

Arisa got into high spirits at the spectacle.

It's pretty convenient for sure, but adjusting it to follow our large spaceship is a pain, so I'm switching to Divine Dancing Armor.
But it can only cover limited areas and is incapable of dealing with attacks that snipe through gaps.

The defensive power doesn't have to be as high as the original, so I'm gonna make some adjustment to the code here and there--done.

"Master, we're suffering no more damage so I report."
"I've wrapped our ship in a slightly adjusted Divine Dancing Armor. Like this--"

I put Pochi in the new magic--Divine Radiant Armor.

"Pochi is shining like platinum nodesu!"

The original Divine Dancing Armor is purple colored because it's Demon God's personal color, but my version is platinum colored due to the code modification I did to it.
Probably because it's deployed over her golden armor and the added beam reflection function.

"We can do this! Master, can we launch attack out from this side?"
"So long as it's not a forbidden spell or anti-god magic."

Unfortunately, it's not versatile enough to let anti-god magic and forbidden spells to slip through.

"That's good enough! We can escort Master quite deep inside with this!"

Arisa declared with a pumped fist.

That aside--.

Less barrages are assaulting us now after flying all over the place above the castle.

"Think it's a good time to charge in?"
"Yes, Master. It's possible to make a forced landing if we switch our destination to this point, so I report."

Nana drew a clear circle in a corner of Demon God's castle displayed on the monitor.
The spot looks like a giant hanging garden.

We're still getting bombarded left and right, but it should be fine now that we've got Divine Radiant Armor.

"Alright, let's get landing on that short-staffed looking spot."
"Yes, Master, after burner at full throttle so I report!"

The mechanism is actually unlike that of a jet plane's afterburner, but since it holds ultimately the same meaning, I choose to keep silent.

"I-incoming cannonbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalls"

Arisa screamed out loud as our ship made its way through a rain of cannonballs.
Our pilot, Nana's heart rate is increasing as well.

"Yes--Hero Heart!"

Liza who's next to me brought forth courage in everyone's heart with her Unique Skill.

"Pochi and co. have become the wind nodesuyo!"

Tama and Pochi who've got their courage boosted are twirling around in front of a monitor showing the approaching cannonballs.
This skill could end up mass producing berserkers with just a slight error.

The ship is approaching fast toward the barrier protecting Demon God's castle.

"--Brace for impact! 3,2,1, impact!"

With a loud boom, the ship's naval ram and the barrier clashed, sending sparks everywhere.
Looks like Demon God Castle's barrier is made of a similar mechanism as Divine Dancing Armor.

"Now's the time for that line! Fight barriers with--"
"Decoupling the naval ram, activating Dragon Fang Pile Bunker."

Arisa who was about to shout out a parody was interrupted by Zena-san.

The pile bunker itself is not made of Dragon Fang in entirety, there's simply a coat of Dragon Fang powder over it. I imitated the technique used on Weasel Empire's white swords.

"It came off~"
"It broke off nodesu!"

And yet the authority of Dragon Fangs, [Pierce All], worked on the barrier, piercing and breaking it off.

"Warning! Miasma density is 128 times higher than outside level!"
"Detecting abnormality on Sacred Stone Furnace. The output is decreasing."
"Miasma Barrier is overloaded! We're in a pinch! It's gonna fail to neutralize the miasma at this rate. That's really really bad! It's true!"
"Satou-sama, incoming high density cannonballs and giant rockets!"

Whoa, we're in a pinch.

"O-oh no! What should we do Master!"
"It's all right."

--Miasma Barriers, multiple deployment.

"Miasma density decreasing. Lowered to four times."
"Yes, permeating [Saint Prey] onto Miasma Barriers."
"Sacred Stone Furnace's output is still decreasing. The ship and propulsion system will stop functioning at the rate it's going."
"Unable to take evasive action so I report. All hands to brace for emergency landing so I report."
"Fine then, I'll use Over Boost here and teleport us away!"
"It's okay, no need for that."

Our destination is in a clear view from here.

--Unit Arrangement.

I made our space ship land at our destination.

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"We ended up getting saved by Master's cheat after all."
"That's not true."

Thanks to everyone's effort, I have barely done anything.

"This place is so quiet..."

The spaceship's external monitor shows us a well cared garden with rose-like flowers growing in it.

"Master, we're not getting bombarded anymore so I report."
"Satou-san, the Sacred Stone Furnace's state is still getting worse. It's still enough to supply 『Miasma Barrier』 and the ship's circuitry, however we don't have enough power to restart the ship."
"We are getting warnings from the spaceship's main body as well. Maintenance golems have been dispatched, however the repair is expected to require from a half to two hour time."

The girls reported our ship's condition.

"Incoming infantrymen."
"Responses on the radar. Dots that appear to be demons are drawing near from all directions."

Lots of demons, but they're all of lesser demons.

"Satou-sama, please leave this spot to us Silver members and proceed ahead toward Demon God."

Princess Sistina made that suggestion as a representative of Silver members.

"It will be fine desuwa! We shall annihilate anything that comes close to our ship."
"I'll do my best too!"
"It's just Karina-sama and Zena-san said. Please entrust this ship to us."
"We will finish the repair by the time Satou-sama and the others return."
"Master Satou, leave the ship to me while Nana's gone."

Lady Karina, Zena-san, Sera, princess Sistina and Core two spoke.

I could get them with Unit Arrangement if push comes to shove anyway, and the inside of this ship is of course safer with how dense the miasma outside.

"All right then. But make sure to prioritize your safety more than the ship's repair."

I give a detailed instruction to Core Two to push the emergency button right away if they're thrust into a situation beyond their hands. I'm sure she'd push it without any hesitation.

I put [Miasma Barrier] and [Divine Radiant Armor] up once again and went out of the ship along with the golden members and Hikaru.


Rose monsters and gardener demons carrying scissors blocked our way in the hanging garden.

"I'm not actually against this style. But now's not a good time to deal with you."

Arisa mowed them down with [Dimensional Slash].

"Let's run through them!"
"Yes nanodesu!"

The sparkling beastkin girls blasted our opponent's vanguard units.
Lulu's magic guns, and swarms of small sylphs Mia's spirit magic summoned expanded a passage the beastkin girls opened, then Hikaru's force magic and Arisa's space magic maintained that passage.

"Irregular, you see, there's a gate over there."

The purple little girl I'm piggybacking told me.

There's a gate leading deeper into the castle in the corner of the hanging garden's rose garden.
There's two gatekeeper demons in front of the gate.

"Pochi will get the left one nodesuyo!"

Liza defeated the right demon with her dragon spear, while Pochi cut the left one in half.

A demon who was camouflaging as a gate's decoration ambushed Pochi from above.
Pochi only stared up, not getting ready to engage.

"Pochi, above you!"
"It's okay nanodesu."

Conforming with Pochi's confident word, the demon stopped moving mid air.
No, looking closer, the demon has been bound by thin pink threads.

"Nin nin~, cotton candy no jutsu~?"

Tama's strummed a string of the pink thread with her finger, then the demon got diced up by the threads before disappearing into black mist.

"She's like a hitman in period drama."

Pochi and Liza pushed the gate open while Arisa was making her quip.
Beyond the door is an atrium with a great many spiral staircases inside and a nightmare-inducing number of demons crawling in it.

"Arisa-chan, the inside seems choke full of enemies."
"I gotcha. Let's blow 'em all away in one go!"
"Yup, you bet!"

Arisa's anti-demon lord [Lesser Mythology Down] and Hikaru's [Mythology Extinction] totally annihilated the demons inside.

"--Uuuu. Wonder if the demons here give easy level ups or something?"
"Un, looks to be it. My level went up too."
"Eeh? Hikaru-tan, you a familiar now too?"
"Nope, doesn't look like I am, but my level has gone up to 100."

If monsters give more experience points than ordinary animals, then it seems Netherworld's demons give more exp than ordinary monsters. Considering the extremity of my level up, that sounds very likely.
I have no idea how Hikaru managed to break the limit though.

"Then, does that mean we may be able to break through our limit as well?"
"Tama hanging on it~?"
"Pochi too, Pochi's hanging on it too nodesuyo!"
"Nn, serious. ■■■■■■■..."

The beastkin girls got fired up, Mia started Garuda summoning spell.

"Master, enemy reinforcement so I report."
"Aim--and shoot!"

The thought of letting them level up here crossed my mind for a second, but then I recalled we were right in enemy's territory and brushed away the idea.

"Where's the Demon God at?"
"Erm... That one! The spiral staircase with a ribbon wrapped on it!"

The purple little girl pointed at a spiral staircase after looking around for a bit.
Looks like the spiral staircase for these little girls' use has a ribbon wrapped around it to prevent them from getting lost.

We routed all the demons that emerged out in swarms, and headed deeper inside Demon God's castle while occasionally clashing with Shadow Guards, Unique Skill-ed greater demons and apostles along the way.

"--They're strong."
"Demon Generals are on a whole other level, I heard milord saying that."

We encountered powerful foes that surpass demon lords just a little further from Demon God's living room.
In addition to Generals, the endlessly spawning Demon Avengers and the strike-resistant Shadow Guards are giving the girls a tough time.

"I'll take--"
"Hold it! Now that we've come this far, Ichirou-nii should save your strength until the end."

Hikaru stopped me just as I brought sheathed Divine Sword out of Storage and took a step forward.

"She's right, Master!"

Arisa spoke while routing more Demon Avengers with anti-god magic.

"Leave this spot to us, you go on ahead!"

Arisa looks so cool with explosions as a backdrop.
This little girl is as gallant as ever.

"Kwuuuu. I've always wanted to say that line at least once in my life!"
"No fair, Arisa-chan! I wanted to say that line too!"

Arisa expresses her delight with her whole body, while Hikaru looks seriously dejected in contrast.
These girls are on their pace even during this mayhem.

"Got it. Take care of this spot. Make absolutely sure to stay safe, you hear me."

After telling them that, I slipped past the door the Generals are protecting with Unit Arrangement.

『Invaders coming this far, what are those generals doing de aru.』
『Indeed de aru, for us Kings to have to take the matter into our hands, preposterous.』

Four giant demons dressed like the kings drawn on trump card got off their thrones.

Didn't know there were other kings beside demon lords.

"Isn't this Demon God's living room?"
"Un, these kings are usually on other floors, you know?"

『There you are, traitor de aruka!』
『Instating ourselves on this floor to protect Demon God-sama was the correct decision de aru.』

These demons the purple little girl referred as kings are all level 350 each. They possess combat-oriented Unique Skills like Generals, and equipped with mantles and armors made from the same material as Shadow Guards.

The me before level up would have a hard time against them.

『『『『Come at us de aru, Irregular.』』』』

The kings roared all together.

"I'll take you up on it--"

I changed my title to [God Slayer], rushed below a King faster than Ground Shrink, and slashed up to its head faster than Flash Drive.
The King split in half and vanished into black mist before getting sucked into Divine Sword.

『『『What dearu?』』』

Other kings sounded shocked all together.

>Skill [Unimpeded] Acquired.
>Title [King of Demons Slayer] Acquired.

Whoa, looks like I got the higher version of Ground Shrink and Flash Drive skills.
Since I got practically inexhaustible skill points anyway, I maxed out the skill and activated it.

I put away the Divine Sword and walked toward Demon God's living room.

"Irregular, there's still kings here, you know?"
"No worries. It's already a check mate."

I spoke to the purple little girl I held under my arm.

『『『Think you've won after beating one of us?!』』』

The remaining kings were enraged and took a step forward.

A moment later, all three Kings got split in half before disappearing.
I had tested Unimpeded on them earlier before I walked.

I guess Arisa and Hikaru would have said, "You're already dead", here?
We stepped into Demon God's living room while I was recalling a signature phrase from a popular manga.

"This is some dense miasma."

Very thick miasma--no, I sense Divinity, this must be Impurities.
I would have been swallowed in these Impurities had god Karion didn't teach me [Miasma Barrier].

I proceed toward Demon God's living room while letting Divine Sword suck the endless miasma in the vicinity. The living room is not so much a room as a space many times larger than the National Stadium.

"--There he is."

I found Demon God beyond several pillars decorating the living room.

He's sitting on his throne listlessly, slightly apart from him is a group of unmoving purple little girls lying on the floor.
Weirdly enough, there's no Impurities around those purple little girls.
It appears the rainbow-colored pearl scythe floating in the middle of those little girls is protecting them.

Demon God raised his face as he noticed me approaching.
His personal color, purple, is turning into jet black as the Impurities encroach him more. The same color as [Demon God's Offshoots] that raided Shiga Kingdom.

His eyes are focused on me.

"That damn Dragon God, went and summoned another Suzuki Ichirou huh..."

Even opening his mouth seemed bothersome to him due to the encroachment.
I was anticipating the worst possible situation where it turned into a battle right away, but it seems like we can end this peacefully.

"However, I'm already in my perfect form. You are unneeded."
"I'm fine with being unneeded. I never agreed to fuse with you anyway."

I'm cool with one less danger to mind about.

"You look like you're in pain. Let me help clear those Impurities away."
"Hmph, your gesture is uncalled for. I can handle this much on my own without a help from an imperfect one."

A smile painted in even more insanity than before glared at me.
He looks to be overdoing it, his black scaled face is full of sweat.

"Sorry, but it's an order from gods. I'll have to purify those [Impurities] even if I have to force my way."

I believe the me now can do it.

Knowing this wouldn't end amicably, I sent away the purple little girl on my shoulder toward the other little girls using short Warp.


The moment Demon God's eyes gleamed purple, my body felt heavy all of a sudden.
The sense of almightiness in my body has gone, replaced by what feels like a sickly unresponsive body.

"How does it feel to lose your transient power."


I grasped the meaning behind Demon God's word from AR readings' displayed status.
My level has gone back to 1. All of my skills and magic list have disappeared, back to initial state.

"What is so surprising? You're looking at the very person who set up the world's Level System."

Demon God holds out his hand with a look of superiority on his face.

"Gnash on your powerlessness--die."

A dark purple flash of light was the last thing I saw before my consciousness was reaped.

※Next time [Satou Dies] is planned for 1/5

Previous Chapter

Okami wa Nemuranai 13.16_17


"I'll take you on."

Jinga drew his sword once Lecan responded.

A long, heavy, broad and thick sword.

It's easy to guess it's an extremely fine sword.

Jinga thrust his left hand out and recited a spell.

"<Deploy (Parshoot)>"

A fine-looking patterned shield immediately emerged on Jinga's left hand.

His light gauntlet has transformed into a shield.

Since there was no vestiges of mana emission anywhere, the shield itself must possess a function to activate itself without mana.


Quite an interesting protector.

Furthermore, one can tell at a glance that it's an outstanding shield.

'I'd like to get my hand on it if I could', thought Lecan.

Lecan drew his sword as well. The <Sword of Rusk>.

He's already stored away the Sacred Solid Silver sword, <Guardian Jewel of Zana>, <Dagger of Harut> and <Lightning Dragon Gauntlet>. Only the silver ring remains on his finger.

Jinga slightly bent his body forward with his sword and shield at the ready.

In that instance, the majority of Jinga's body looked as if it had been hidden behind his shield to Lecan.

These sensations occur fairly often whenever he's up against someone skilled with a shield. The reason why is to hide preliminary motions before those shield users swing their sword, thus denying their opponent to read ahead. In other word, Jinga is masterful enough with a shield to garner such an evaluation from Lecan.

Lecan could perhaps easily defeat Jinga if he used magic, perhaps he could not. However, he was in the mood to play along with this duel.

Lecan suddenly took a large step forward, and swung down a powerful slash from overhead. His attack got blocked by Jinga's shield, then a moment later, Jinga's sword lunged out from behind his shield.

That attack wasn't especially swift or anything. However, Lecan failed to dodge it. The timing of that one blow was simply perfect. Jinga's sword hit Lecan's side hard.

Lecan had jumped to the opposite direction of the sword to kill its momentum, yet that one blow still managed to land a clean hit on Lecan's body. He must have broken one or two bones. That wouldn't have been the end of it had it not for the <Overking Bear> overcoat he wore.

Thinking that this man has grown old is a mistake. No elderly man could fight with such force. At this very moment at least.

Lecan took another step forward and unleashed a flurry of sword slashes without breathing.

Jinga is clearly a veteran who has mastered the way of orthodox knight.

On the other hand, Lecan's style is completely self taught, a rustic swordsman.

However, his power, speed, and ferocity are somethings that have been tempered over countless battlefields.

Hence, Jinga in turn cannot read Lecan's moves. It took him his all just to defend against the flurry of slashes, he couldn't afford to strike back.

Lecan continued his observation even while sealing Jinga's movements with his successive strikes. Foreseeing how Jinga's right sword hand will move.

In reality, Jinga has no mean to attack back. However, that right hand of his is patiently waiting for the moment it could launch a counterattack. Lecan is predicting how that immobile sword will make its move.

An assault that ignores breathing also denies the opponent of a breathing room, usually. And powerful moves aren't something that can be kept up for long. However, Lecan's bottomless stamina affords him a continuous assault that exceeds common sense.

A crack eventually formed on Jinga's iron wall.

At the receiving end of Lecan's storm-like attacks, Jinga lost control of his shield ever so slightly.

Lecan jumped backward all of a sudden.

Jinga doesn't chase after him right away. He's unable to.

And yet, he quickly regained his posture before charging forward. There would be no more chance to strike back if he didn't now, thus he judged.

Which was exactly what Lecan anticipated.

With Jinga fully concentrating into the charge, this is exactly the time when Jinga's shield has lost its flexible motions.

Lecan raised his left leg, kicking the shield upward.

That is an improbable action in a match between knights. However, Lecan is not a knight.

Jinga was caught by surprise, the kick was a clean hit.

As expected of Jinga, he didn't let go of his shield even after that.

However, his body was defenseless in that instance.

Lecan mercilessly swung down his sword.

The sword deeply cut into Jinga's right eye, down to his right shoulder and right chest, tore up his rib and reached his belly.

'Clank', Jinga's sword fell down, his shield fell down, his body collapsed face up.

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"Jinga. Talk before you die. For what reason have you been staying by Norma's side all this time."

Jinga didn't respond immediately. The combination of pain and paralysis rushing through one's body is not a pleasant one to experience. Losing more blood as time goes by, his body parts are gradually losing their functions. Nevertheless, this old knight demonstrated a tremendous degree of self-control and replied to Lecan with a hoarse voice after a slight while.

"To protect Norma-sama, monitor her, and to immediately report to my lord if <Purification> manifests in her."

"Did the marquis really make an oath to not mess with Norma and her father?"

"He did. And, the present marquis house, intended to abide by the oath, unless an exceptional situation arose."

"What's that exceptional situation."

"I-if, <Purification> manifested, in Norma-sama."

"That never happened."

Seemingly assaulted by an intense pain, Jinga shut his eyes tightly for a while.

"E,Eda-dono did."

"Was that something the present marquis anticipated?"

"Not, exactly. He never, even considered, the possibility."

"Then, whatever powers Eda displayed have nothing to do with you or the marquis house."

"That's, unacceptable. Lecan-dono, has no idea, how much, Marquis House, keenly depends, on that power."

"A power they didn't have initially."

"The wheel of time, cannot be, turned back."

The marquis house had gotten used to having a <Purification> user. So have the present master, their relatives, and their faction's nobles. Hence, the state of having no <Purification> user around must have been unbearable to them. It's not like Lecan couldn't understand why the present master ordered this man to monitor Norma.

However, it has been years since then. The situation might have changed at the marquis house. And yet, this man is bound by his order and loyalty to his master.

"Fine. I got all I wanted to know. In short, you could not go against your lord's orders even though you didn't report them about Eda."


"And you were defeated. By me."

"Indeed, this is, my loss."

"Your mission is over."

"...That's, right. It's over."

"So now choose for yourself how you're going to live your second life."


Lecan wouldn't have let Eda go off on her own had he known this would happen. Eda's <Recovery> would surely save this man.

No, this man wouldn't have come out of hiding to attack Lecan had he known Eda was nearby. Even if he did, he likely would choose death the moment he lost.

Lecan could only listen to his true motive precisely because Eda had gone ahead.

Shira's ointment is useless for this. It won't work on such a heavy injury and it's just too slow working to begin with.

Lecan took a Large Red Potion out of <Storage>, crushed it in his hand and sprinkled it over Jinga.

"I-It's useless."

The potion immediately worked its miracle and restored a few of his shredded entrails.

But that's it.

(Is his weight of life too huge?)


(That still doesn't explain this ineffectiveness.)

(It's a fresh injury, it should've worked.)

(I see!)

There's only one explanation how this curious case occurred.

Jinga had already drunk a Red Potion before the duel.

In order to drive himself into a situation where he would definitely die with his loss.


Lecan cast <Recovery>.

But, it's no use.

With such a heavy wound, Lecan's <Recovery> cannot stop Jinga's impending demise.

He considered calling Eda back, but that won't make it in time.

He cannot let this man die.

Eda owes a debt to this man.

Things would have gone really bad had he reported Eda to the marquis right away.

The marquis house would surely try to secure Eda by any mean necessary. Lecan hasn't done all the preps needed to oppose them yet.

This man would surely spend the remainders of his life in comfort had he gone back with the feat of discovering a <Purification> user.

However, this man decided to challenge Lecan to a duel. Meaning, he must have not reported this matter to the marquis house yet.

Lecan has no idea why he made that choice. Perhaps he felt something from his days of watching over Norma's mother and Norma herself. Perhaps he wished to break the cycle of curses chaining down <Purification> users.

Regardless, this man has given Lecan a chance. A chance to protect Eda. A chance Lecan wrestled off him. That's an undeniable truth.

Perhaps he wanted to die. Perhaps he wanted to close the last page of his life during his peaceful days with Norma.

Lecan put his hand in <Storage> once again and grabbed on a Greater Restorative. It's one of the sole five Restoratives he brought from his previous world. A special medicine even Shira told him to save. Lecan crouched down and shoved it in Jinga's mouth.

Jinga swallowed it.

This Restorative is not as almighty as a <God Cure>. Neither are its effects as immediate as Red Potions. However, the Restorative brought about effects Red Potions incapable of.

Jinga's right eye is restored.

Jinga's shoulder is restored.

Jinga's chest and belly are restored.

This medicine is pretty much a miracle in this world.

Suddenly, Lecan recalled something and used <Appraisal> on a shield lying on the ground.

It's called <Shield of Wolkan>, possessing the effects of anti-magic defense, anti-physical defense and miniaturization.

Wonder if it's a dungeon item. When he used <Appraisal> once again while wondering that, <Drop Location> surprisingly got listed in the results. He found out it's an item dropped in Ninae Dungeon.

By the time all of Jinga's wounds are healed, Lecan has already walked far away.

[Episode 13 Abduction] End/ Next Time [Episode 14 Unsolicited Pupil]

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 331

Chapter 331 Strongest Sage, Disregarded


Boseil isn't that big of a town.
Its inhabitants would immediately notice a stranger among them.

Zadokilgias might have chosen to kill and take someone's place, but mingling among adventurers is a better way to stay unnoticed.
After all, it's normal for adventurers to travel between towns, so they're outsiders by nature.

It's also not unusual for adventurers to wait around idly until they find a good quest, so even those who don't take on any quest won't raise suspicion.
Which means anyone can slip in.

On top of that... Guilds are a good place to gather information with their heavy foot traffic.
They will be the first to know about a large-scale demon suppression unit.
Heck, members of the suppression unit might even come to the guild to report.

There's no better place to lurk around.
Adventurers didn't exist during the era Zadokilgias thrived, thus it might have no idea about adventurer guilds.... but finding out that much should be a simple matter even shortly after its revival.

With that in mind, I decided to investigate the guild last.
Since we're up against Zadokilgias here, it wouldn't surprise me if the demon had anticipated us thinking 『The demon is lurking in the guild』.
So we're going to check it last after exhausting all other possibilities.

"I'll go see things inside the guild. You girls wait here."

"You're going alone?"

"Yea. There could be an ambush waiting for us... I'll get back right away unless our opponent makes its move."

Then I went to the guild.
Our biggest problem is Ruli and Alma getting hit by a surprise attack if all four of us go inside together.

Against Zadokilgias, protecting Ruli and Alma would be tough.
Hence, we need to choose when and where to fight proper.

I'm confident I could handle it if I'm the only one ambushed.
Since it's so much easier to protect myself than others.
Disqualified Crest has a very good compatibility against ambushes due to its speedy casting time with evasion and defense magic.

(Quest board... Over there.)

I went straight for the quest board once inside.
I'm not actually taking a quest, it's just that adventurers usually come to a guild to take a quest.
I'm trying to avoid raising suspicion by acting like your average adventurer.

And while pretending to scan over the quest board--I probe for nearby adventurers' mana reactions.
Then... I found Zadokilgias right away.

(That's the guy.)

I zeroed in on a tall man reading a strategy book in the corner of the guild.
His mana reaction is undoubtedly that of a human.
Absolutely nothing demonic about it at all.

As a demon, his disguise is perfect.
There would be zero chance of the suppression unit uncovering him through detecting mana.
However... It's final. That's Zadokilgias.

The tall man's mana is clean, with no hint of anything demonic.
However... It's clean, way too clean.
Mana of a human who hasn't trained enough should have had much more noise on it.

Mana noise gets lower the more one trains.
Because it's directly proportionate to one's ability to control mana.
As such, you can hazard a guess of a mage's capability by looking at their mana.

This is more to do with the fact that Zadokilgias didn't realize the average level of this era's magic... Than its failure at disguising itself.
Zadokilgias's mana noise is adjusted to the average level of previous era's magic combatants.
Which is a monstrous level in this era.

...I know full well Zadokilgias's feel on this though.
You wouldn't normally believe the world's level of magic could fall this low after being reincarnated from death.

I have fully mastered this world's common sense thanks to Second Academy... However Zadokilgias had only been revived recently.
No surprise it made a mistake at disguising its mana level.

As I looked at the quest board while thinking that... Zadokilgias turned its line of sight at me.
Looks like he's observing my mana.

However, he seemed to have lost interest in me after a few seconds.
He's back to reading a book.

(Well, figured...)

My current mana is weak compared to an average mage in previous era.
Which is normal considering my age. There's a limit to how much you can temper your mana and physical strength in a short amount of time no matter how efficient the training.

From Zadokilgias's point of view which is based on previous era standard, I'm just like a kid aiming to be a magic combatant.
At the very least, I must look nothing like a member of suppression unit dispatched to subdue a powerful demon.

With that in mind, I returned the quest tag I took back on the board and left the guild.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.15


Two people trudged along in the middle of the night.

A step of Lecan's trot covers quite a distance due to his stature and leg's length, however. Hence Eda ends up having to half jog all the way, yet she's keeping up with his pace without looking tired in the slightest.

"That door and gate really took me by surprise."

"I see."

"Must've been some crazy firepower."

"I see."

"I didn't know Lecan is getting called <Overlord in Black>."

"I see."

"You've been saying the same thing for a while, you know?"

Lecan's responses came out a bit haphazard since he had been focusing on something else.

"Want some bread."

"Ah, I do, I do! I'm so famished."

Lecan handed over a piece of bread to Eda and took another for himself.

"A bit hard in the mouth."

"Well, it's a long shelf life kind."

"You got, a jerky?"

"Sure do."

The two munched on bread and jerky while walking together.

"I'm impressed you didn't kill Prado-san in the end."


The reason why is mostly because doing so would bring nothing but trouble. That's the important point to Lecan.

Had he killed Prado, he would also need to kill everyone who would come for revenge. On top of the difficulty of exterminating all without missing one, crushing a noble house would put him at odds with the town lord.

Leaving Prado alive and making him and Goncourt House swear to never mess with Lecan and Eda again will ultimately be a less of a pain.

That's what Lecan thought.

There's also one other thing that pushed Lecan toward that decision.

"Well, Prado-san is Norma-san's grandpa after all."


Norma would likely be sad if Prado died.

It would be harder for Lecan and Eda to show their faces around Norma.

It's not like that didn't count.

"And also, Kanner-san."


"You didn't kill Kanner-san either."


"Lecan. You like that kind of persons, don't you."

Kanner is a logical man. Lecan doesn't hate that kind of men.

"Lecan, you really live however you like."




"Thank you for coming to my rescue."


"But how did you know I was in that mansion anyway?"

"I didn't know."


"Goncourt House just happened to be the first place I checked."

"So, so then. What if I wasn't there after all you did?"

"I would go check the temple next."

"And if I wasn't there either?"

"I would go home and wait until you got back."



"You're unbelievable."

"For sure."

Eda rummaged her breast pocket grabbing something and then she held out a small pouch.

"Here, take this."


Opening the pouch, there are familiar-looking small pebbles inside.

"Aren't these <Rainbow Pebbles of Happiness>?"

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"But they're your treasure."

"Un. So I'm not giving them. I'm just letting you hang on to them."

They're her parents' keepsakes, not something she would readily entrust to others.

Knowing the feelings behind her handing them to Lecan, he couldn't decline her.

"Cause I think you need them."

"Is that so. Very well, I'll keep them safe with me."


Lecan carefully put the pebbles deep inside his <Storage>.

Mysteriously, he could feel warmness deep in his chest.

"Guess we'll have to postpone going to the dungeon."


"Hey, what's with that reaction. Lecan, don't tell me you're planning to go straight to the dungeon after this?"

"What's wrong with that."

"Of course we can't. Norma-san has no idea what happened today, does she?"

"She wouldn't know."

"She would try to come up with plans, and make moves for your sake while being kept in the dark."

"Well, I guess."

"Not 'guess', she definitely would. Don't you feel bad for her?"

"I might."

"Then you can't make her go through that. We're going to Norma's house first thing in the morning and explain to her what happened today. Dungeon diving will come after, okay."


"Got it?"

"Got it."

It's a good thing that Eda is now capable of concern.

But her past concern-less self was much easier to handle. That's for sure.

(Now then.)

(This is a good spot.)

Lecan halted all of a sudden.



"Sorry, you go on ahead."

"Eeeh? Let's go back home together."

"There are times when a man needs to be alone."

"Ooh, are you gonna take a standing piss?"

"Listen to me and go."


Eda kept turning around and waving back as she left.

Once Eda has gone far enough, someone emerges out of darkness behind Lecan.

It's Jinga.

Lecan knew that someone had been tailing them ever since they went out of Goncourt house.

As well as the fact that it was someone pretty skilled.

However, he never would have guessed that it was Jinga.

"My gratitudes for your consideration."

"Impressive bloodlust there, Jinga."

Jinga drew a sword hanging on his waist.

He's equipped with a leather breastplate.

Looking closer, he's also got a light gauntlet-like thing on his left hand.

"I, knight Jinga Tauer, challenge you, adventurer Lecan-dono, to a duel."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.14



Prado Goncourt the present master's voice was filled with bitterness.

Lecan swept off the blood on his blade, put it back in its sheath and turned toward Prado.

Kanner the butler released a stern aura as he attentively observes Lecan's moves.

(If I made an attempt at Prado's life.)

(He'd retaliate no matter how pointless that is.)

(In order to prolong his master's life even a bit more.)

(These kinds of guy.)

(Tend to bring about unpredictable affairs.)

Lecan takes a step forward toward Prado.

Kanner unleashes his bloodlust.

(Nice bloodlust.)

Kanner's carriage of body is unlike an assassin.

It's actually more like a swordsman.

And he may not have a sword, but he's got a hidden dagger on him.

Lecan has grasped the shape and location of that dagger with his <3D Perception>.


Kanner was taken aback.

Lecan originally thought he wouldn't be able to appraise Kanner's hidden dagger, turned out he could.

"Doesn't look like it's got curse or poison."

Even if it were, it most definitely wouldn't work on Lecan with the <Guardian Jewel of Zana>, <Dagger of Harut> and the silver ring on.

Lecan threw a glance at Kanner's face once again.

Lecan doesn't believe that this man had absolutely no knowledge about the abduction.

There's no way he wouldn't know about Zepus sending out his subordinates in a carriage.

This man said that those subordinates had already gone by the time he realized Lecan's identity as a dungeon conqueror.

That could be deciphered as him saying that he wouldn't have let those subordinates go had he known about Lecan being a dungeon conqueror beforehand.

Or in other word, he wouldn't care at all what happened to Eda if Lecan wasn't such a powerful foe.

Moreover, he naturally would be aware that Eda was unconscious when she was brought in here, and that it was against her will.

This man will never admit that. Probably for the sake of protecting his master.

Conversely speaking, however, it also means that they have no intention to oppose Lecan now that they're aware of his identity.


Called by Lecan, Prado took his eyes off his grandchild's body toward Lecan.

"Get rid of Norma's observers."

Prado looked at his butler.

"Lecan-sama. That shall be taken care of. However, first we will have to check who is in charge of that matter."

Kanner looked at the hole on the ceiling.

He must believe that the assassin who was there was also Norma's observer.

"If I see someone still monitoring Norma, I will kill you and Prado."

Which means, he won't do that now.

That was seemingly transmitted to Kanner, his eyes were wide open before he put his hand on his chest and bowed deeply.

"Thank you very much."

"Prado. Make an oath to the god you believe, swear that you will never mess with Eda ever again."

Prado pondered for a bit before sighing deeply, then he raised his right hand to shoulder length, with five fingers standing upright, and palm facing forward. He put his left hand on his chest where his heart is.

"O god of judgment Erekus, father of austere impartiality, he who sits in the highest heavens. I, Prado Goncourt, swear before thou. I, as well as, my family shall never deprive adventurer Eda of her freedom, nor do anything in defiance of her will. Were this oath ever be broken, my soul shall be broken into thirteen pieces and thrown into the conflagration of hell. Yale."

<Yale> means <Yes>, and <Understood>, but it also carries the meaning of, <I proclaim that I have ascertained the meaning behind those words>. This is the first time Lecan bears witness to an oath in this world, apparently it can be done even without a priest.

Right when he thought their business is over, he recalled something.

"I want to see the tool used to knock Eda out."

"Wha? Yes. Just a moment."

Kanner issued an order to his subordinate who hurriedly left.

Smell of Zepus's blood hangs in the room.

"Lecan. Mind if I use <Recovery> on that person?"

Eda is referring to Arios.

"There's no point. He's dead."

"Un. That's what I thought too. But can I give it a try?"

Lecan was astonished.

For that Eda to first ask Lecan if she could do something before running off on her own to act on it. That Eda.

"Go ahead."

He tried to sound as gentle as he could, but what came out sounded very curt indeed.

Outside the room, the walls and the floors are no longer on fire.

This mansion's employees are quite capable as expected of Kanner's subordinates.

Eda went around to avoid the blood and knelt down beside Arios who was lying face up.

Lecan noticed that Arios's red dot hasn't disappeared in <Life Detection>.

(He's barely survived huh?)

(Lucky guy.)

(But there's no way to save him with that wound.)


<God Cures> could perhaps heal someone on the verge of death. And it's said that the effects of superlative <Purification> equal that of a <God Cure>. However, there's just no way Eda, who hasn't even formally cast <Purification> yet, is capable of rekindling the light of Arios's life.


(Was Eda's voice this clear before?)

Lecan nonchalantly invoked <Mana Detection>. In order to observe how Eda's magic works in detail.


(Just what's going on here?)

Eda cast her spell using her slim whitish wand.

Eda's mana flows like a torrent of water gushing out the wand toward Arios.

But that's not all.

Thin, thin threads of mana stretch out of Eda's body, connecting to Arios's body here and there. The mana flowing from those innumerable threads soak into Arios's body.

An incessant downpour of mana pours down on Arios, like rain moistening garden's vegetation, washing off all dirt, bringing the light of life anew.

Lecan is incapable such a feat of mana control. He can't even imagine the first step to it.

Eda's <Recovery> is an entirely different thing than Lecan's.


There's something weird going on.

The mana circling in Arios's body is converging around his chest area before circulating faster all over his body.

Looking closer with <3D Perception>, he found a small jewel-like item embedded in it.

Lecan decides to appraise that thing.


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<Name: Drop of Life>

<Type: Jewel>

<Grace: Life Force Keeper, Recovery Booster>

※ Mana passing through user's chest circulates in the body

※ Save a minimum amount of life force when user receives fatal damage

※ Amplifies recovery effects when life force has decreased

(What the heck is that?)

(<Drop of Life>?)

(Are you telling me dungeons in this world hold such items inside?!)


Arios let out a groan.

He's been revived.

Eda kept casting <Recovery> for a while.

Lecan took a medium blue potion and shoved it in Eda's mouth.

Eda drank it up and continued on.

Arios's wound eventually closed up, his complexion regained its color back, and his breathing stabilized.

Lecan took Arios's sword out of <Storage> and left it somewhere bloodless.

Had Arios died, his sword would be Lecan's loot.

But if he survived, Lecan had to return it to him.

That's how things work for Lecan.

"...Overlord and Holy Woman."

Someone murmured that.

Lecan looked at the one who said that.


The male employee went pale faced before screaming out.

"Lecan-sama. This is the tool."

Kanner the butler held out a silver-colored short cylinder.

Lecan was lost for a moment, but then he recalled they were talking about the tool that reaped Eda's consciousness.


<Name: Yacklubend's Stun Stick>

<Type: Magic Tool>

<Effect: Stun>

<Remaining Magic Stone: Little>

<Endurance: Excellent>

"Yacklubend's Stun Stick?"

Lecan felt like he had heard the name 'Yacklubend' before, but he couldn't recall where.

"This will knock someone out if you put a magic stone inside, push this protuberance in, and touch the slim tip part on the target."


"The bigger magic stone the more frequent you can use this tool."

"What a shady magic tool."

Lecan handed the stun stick back to Kanner.

Kanner looked a bit perplexed as he took it. He must have never thought Lecan would return it.

But it's not like Lecan wanted the magic tool. He simply wishes to know the kinds of magic tools and Grace items that exist in this world.

Lecan's encounter with the creator of this shady magic tool would come way later.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.13


This room's ceiling is quite high for a bedroom, it's got swellings and excessive decorations. Those swellings are hollowed in parts, with a hole at the edge.

A man has just stealthily moved into one of that hollowed parts, a cylindrical thing is poking out of the hole at the edge.

(A dart blowgun.)

Blowguns are a weapon of choice for assassins even in Lecan's former world. Which appears to be the case in this world as well.

The man managed to creep in without a sound splendidly, however he doesn't seem to posses an ability to hide his presence like Dovor and Gido.

"You have been tricked by this outlaw. Or perhaps, he's threatening you?"

Zepus glanced at the ceiling while speaking to Eda.

This man is aware of the assassin's existence in the ceiling. He must be the one who gave the order to the assassin.

"Would you have cared about me even if I weren't a <Recovery> user?"

The assassin in the ceiling is focusing on Lecan. Looks like he's still groping where to attack Lecan.

"This mansion will grant you happiness. We shall give however much wage you want. We will make you any kind of clothes. Good food and dreamy men await you here."

A blowgun dart has a low penetrating power. Since Lecan doesn't have much of his body exposed, it must be difficult to get a good aim.

"And in exchange, gone are all my freedom. Just like Norma-san's mother."

Prado the present master and Kanner the butler gasped. Zepus had a surprised look before changing into a furious expression.

"That lowly woman dared to yammer about a noble house's confidential matter, our house's secret."

The assassin in the ceiling inhaled. He's about to shoot the blowgun.

"<Flame Spear>!"

Lecan had already converged his mana.

A <Flame Spear> made of a huge mass of mana broke through the ceiling, piercing through the roof before disappearing into the sky. A <Flame Spear> was only supposed to be about as big as woman's wrist, but the one Lecan shot just now was huge enough to swallow a man whole.

Due to the extreme heat it emitted, both the ceiling and the roof had a clean cut hole opened. Scattered fragments fell down the bedroom.

No one could make a sound for a while.

Lecan felt a tinge of regret. He didn't see any other hole besides the one where the blowgun poked out on the ceiling. Yet the assassin had a perfect grasp on Lecan's position. It must have been thanks to the weird magic tool the assassin had on his face. Lecan was curious about that tool, but it was blown away along with the assassin. That said, it's not really serious since he already has <3D Perception> anyway.

"I just got rid of an assassin about to shoot a blowgun in the ceiling. Go on."

The moment Zepus finally understood what just happened, shocked look came up on his face before warping into horror.

Eda shook her head.

"There's nothing more to talk about."

"I see. Then it's my turn to ask."

Lecan put his left hand into the bag on his waist, grabbed four mid-sized magic stones and absorbed mana off them before discarding them on the floor. The mana-emptied magic stones rolled down the floor noisily.

Lecan thrust out his sword before Zepus.

The thin silvery blade had Arios's blood dripping on it, exuding a lurid beauty.

"Hi, hii, hiiiiii"

Zepus's legs tangled as he stepped back, falling on his back. Lecan stepped forward and lowered his blade. Pointing it straight at Zepus's face. Blood dripped down on Zepus's white shirt, seeping on it.

"How did you know that Eda had the predisposition?"

That's one mystery. This whole thing might see a repeat in the future as long as they don't know why.
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"It's me."

A hoarse voice came diagonally from behind. It's Prado's.

"A Blessing Ceremony was performed at the royal capital's Erekus temple during the coronation of a new king. I bore witness to <Purification> then. Hence how I immediately knew that Eda-dono's spell was <Purification>. Besides, mere mid or advanced level <Recovery> spells will not ever work on this body of mine."

It's actually quite simple now that Lecan heard it. Prado had seen <Purification> in person. And he knows how advanced level <Recovery> are like. Of course one such person would be aware of the truth.

Lecan threw the next question with his line of sight still turned at Zepus.

"How and when did you know I'm a dungeon conqueror. How'd you find our house."

Zepus's mouth flapped open and shut without a word out. Kanner the butler replied in his stead.

"Zepus-sama has people watching over Norma-sama all year round. He knew about the training you two had at Norma-sama's house from the very first day, which he reported to Prado-sama. As well as the location of your residence on that day."

Which means they had been tailed on. Lecan didn't realize.

"This house also has its own intelligence network, and we were aware about the second conquest of Golbul Dungeon on the 35th. But we foolishly overlooked the fact that Lecan-sama was the very same person as the <Overlord in Black>."

Dungeon conquerors don't normally study under a downtown medical practitioner. It's only natural they wouldn't notice.

"I was in charge of delivering goods to Chaney Company's head clerk this morning, that was when I found out about it. That Lecan-sama is the <Overlord in Black>. I immediately went to report to the master as well as the young master. But by that point, the young master's subordinates were already well on their way to bring Eda-sama."

Apparently, this was all Zepus's doing. Lecan is starting to feel like he could believe it.

"I had my doubt as to how they would persuade Eda-sama when I heard about it, but never in my wildest dreams would it be an abduction."

Zepus shook his head left and right. He looks like he want to deny something. Either way, this man's word holds no value. Zepus squeezed his voice out and made a proposal to Lecan.

"I-I'll give you big gold coins. T-two of them. Take them and hand that girl over."

Kanner spoke before Lecan could respond.



"Pardon me, but could that sword be made of Sacred Solid Silver?"

"Yea. Shira said it's a Sacred Solid Silver sword without impurities."

"Thank you very much. Zepus-sama."

Zepus raised his face toward Kanner when his name was called.

"Kanner. You help me persuade this man. Two big gold coins aren't a sum mere adventurers could ever obtain in their whole life."

"This house cannot afford to expend two big gold coins at a moment's notice. Nor is there any meaning in that. Six years ago, the royal family paid one white gold coin for a <Dagger of Harut>, the same one hanging on Lecan-sama's waist here."


"And if the sword Lecan-sama has in his right hand right now is truly made of Sacred Solid Silver, even several pieces of white gold coins might not be enough for it."


"You have absolutely no idea just what kind of beings adventurers who have explored the depths of dungeons are. Even just the Sacred Solid Silver sword and <Dagger of Harut> alone are worth more than the entire fortune of this house."

"T-that can't be."

"They are individuals who would casually use and discard such valuable items in a battle."

Kanner took a glance at discarded magic stones scattered about on the floor.

"Moreover, they are those who won't hesitate to lay down their lives in a battle. We cannot win against them, and even if we could, we would surely suffer unimaginable losses. Hence why no noble would try to go against them. But if you wish to, you have to have the same kind of individuals in your camp or at least rear some dungeon knights beforehand."

Zepus could only flap his mouth open and shut without a sound.

"You have made a mistake. In which the responsibility lies on me. I should have not opposed your disinheritance. I should have recommended your younger brother as the heir instead. In the end, I did not have the capacity to bring you up into the next master."

Lecan has grown tired of listening to the master and servant's exchange.

And it looks like there's a little brother even if the eldest son's dead. Lecan never gave a shit to that though.

"Done talking?"

Kanner looked at Lecan with stern, and sorrowful eyes.


With a stroke of Lecan's sword, Zepus's head parted from its neck.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Quickening


There's a recently popular fortune teller. Well known for giving accurate advices for many things, from love problems to finding lost items.
Take a turn at an alley. A small tent. Anyone is welcome to come in.

"What brings you here today?"

"H-how do I make the one I love to turn at me?"

I brought that matter to consult with the fortune teller. The fortune teller, unclear if they're a man or a woman inside the dim tent, touched a crystal ball and murmured something. And then the crystal ball shot out a faint light. I wonder why, I can't take my eyes off it.

"Your love shall come true if you put on this necklace and make him carry this jewel."

"Y-yes! I'll get right to it! Here's your payment."

I handed over all the cash I had and went out the tent in high spirits. Ufufufu, with this he will be mine, ufufufufufufu.


Nobusadasa~n, nobusada~n♪ With Lunar Cat on his waist~♪
Wanna cut up monsters in two, let's~♪
Let's cut up, cut up~♪ Together with kids, in precise~♪
Let's cut it up in two like thump, let's~♪

Right now, I'm on dungeon 2F together with four kids.
At first I was only going to take the three girls with me, but Tino-chan ended up tagging along for some reason. I suppose it's wise to let her learn how to protect herself even if I don't plan to make these kids live in battlefields. Since Tino-chan requested for it herself, I've gone and convinced Dilt-san to let her go. Ah, Tama-chan the watch dog has enshrined herself on top of my head.

Anyway, I picked this hunting spot since beating up mushroom monsters should be easier than dog and humanoid monsters.
It's a quiet spot with not much foot traffic.

And now it's like....

"Hohhohhohhohoo, would you fools kindly get out of my sight desuwa."

"Ora ora ora ora ora, bring me someone stronger! Strong enough to satiate me!"

"Kuka----, oooh. Ambush is a no no desuyo, Wind Arrow, Wind Arrow, ey ey."

"Spirit-san, spirit-san, go get 'em~"

We have mushrooms getting whipped, punched, pierced, blown away. Would make even P*min jump in surprise.
These are children musou... How'd it even come to this!! You can't blame for singing aloud to escape reality.

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Turning back the time a bit.

"Heyaa, Boss-san, you in there?"

I went into the store nonchalantly like usual.

"Ou, what's up? A bit late to dive in a dungeon... ain't... Gah, you got more of 'em!? Young kids this time!?"

That comes off sounding scandalous. Yes I got more of them though.

"No no no, I won't quip back at what you might have in mind there, but these kids are our store's employees, see. I was thinking of teaching them ways to defend themselves in this violent world, thus I picked up times when few people are out and about."

"O-oh yeah? Been hearing some rumors about ya recently. So you know, I thought for a sec. Heard you've been getting called [Magic Beast] lately."

What the heck! No one told me though?!
My nickname changed yet again, or rather, isn't it getting more and more inhumane? I've given up on it though so whatever. More importantly, gotta get to the point.

"I've decided not to worry about that anymore. Anyway, today I'm here for these kids' equipment. Since we need to find out stuff like aptitudes for their Weapon Skills and such, maybe we'll take a bunch with with us."

Eh? Boss-san's got this dubious look on him. Huh? Did I say something weird??

"Nobusada. Don't tell me, you never used a 『Martial Soul Stone』?"

Hae? What is that item, never heard of it.

"Eh, what is that thing?"

Boss-san scratched his head while grimacing like he was saying, 'Achaa'.

"I see now, had my suspicion already when you bought so many stuff the first time you came here, but with how confident you were, I thought you already knew. 『Martial Soul Stones』 are items processed from Soul Stones. Using one will tell you your correct weapon aptitudes."

ΩΩΩ< W-whattttttt.

Just what all those struggles to find solutions when I was told I couldn't use Weapon Skills for then...

"...I'll have those 『Martial Soul Stones』 for five please..."

"It ain't breaking with use, so just go in turns. Here ya go ladies, put yer' hand on this one by one."

Boss-san brought out a sumo wrestler's fist-sized lithograph-like thing.

Some words emerged on the [Martial Soul Stone] when Gana put her hand on it.

『Rapier, One-handed Sword, Small Shield, Whip』
Whip!? It is indeed the weapon of choice for a certain vampire hunter, but she's supposed to be on the receiving end here. Besides, used by a girl, it's... no wait, I guess it's fine? It's fine I guess.

Oltea is 『Fist, Ball, Rock, Club』.
There's so many things I want to quip, but I don't even know where to begin.

Mashu is 『One-handed Cane, Two-handed Cane, Wand』。
It's ordinary. But why does it makes me so glad I wonder.

Tino-chan is 『Dagger, Bow』.
Yup, it's ordinary again. Ordinary is wonderful.

And lastly, me.

『Two-handed Katana, One-handed Katana, One-handed Cane, Two-handed Cane, Wand, Gun, Concealed Weaponry, Bombs.』

...It's good up until Wand. Does guns even exist in this world?
Not to forget, Concealed Weaponry and Bombs. I can only laugh. Are they telling me to assassinate or slaughter people or something.
I don't mind doing such to monsters though. Ah well, I suppose this helps squeeze my Classes down. Let's think in that direction. Thinking further will just make me depressed.

"Aa, well then, go pick your own weapons with these results in mind. Protectors come after."


Boss-san laughed as he watched over us.

"Yer' the very image of a father aintcha. That aside, I couldn't read two parts of yer' aptitudes, what was that about?"

Oho, does that mean they don't exist in this world then?

"I have no clue either. For these girls' protectors, since we don't have time to spare, would it be okay to purchase ready-made ones?"

"Yea, no probs. We're out of Iron Ant mats with no ETA anyway. You're going once 『Turbulent Quicksands』 is over right? I'm gonna send ya nominated quest for it."

"Sure thing. We plan to go straight to 9F on our next expedition. Boss-san has been such a great help to us, I'll be sure to get a lot for you."

"That's swell. Just don't for yerself to hard."

"Ah, right, I found myself a Mithril sword, though worn-out. Could you melt it down and use it to try that thing I asked you last time?"

"Ah, that single-ended sword handed down in the east huh. Oh hey, this thing's a two-handed sword. Should get plenty of mats from this. Suffice for around two one-handed swords I reckon."

"Yes, please make them."

"Leave it to me. I'mma finish them up before [Turbulent Quicksands]'s over."

We had that conversation while warmly watching over the kids frolicking over equipment in the store.

30 minutes later.

These are the girls' equipment.

Main Weapon: Vera's Whip
Sub Weapons: Iron Rapier, Buckler

Whip as her main!? Gana, just what kind of path have you taken. By the way, Vera's Whip is one of magic weapons this shop's hoarded. It's got unknown effects and few known users. Since it had been collecting dust for years in this store, I managed to buy it for cheap.

『Vera's Whip』
A magic whip owned by a demon who wished to become a human.
Its trajectory can be changed to a degree by its user's will.

I suppose it has a bit of homing function. Should give better hit rates and surprise attacks. Please just don't end up living in the darkness.

Main Weapon: Iron Fist
Sub Weapons: Iron Ball, Treant Club

It's ordinary brass knuckles. Apparently to her, a fight doesn't feel real if she can't feel her fists gouging out her opponent's flesh. What are you, a combative race. Ah, she is Ogrekin. Iron Ball is exactly what it says on the tin. She also bought three baseball-sized iron balls. Treant Club is shaped like a baseball bat for some reason. Though twice as long and big.

Main Weapon: Treant Wand
Sub Weapons: Morning Star

Mashu has managed to learn wind magic under Sefi-san's tutelage during break times. Treant Wand for magic support is wonderfully normal. But why's her sub a morning star. Is it the thorns, it must be the thorns isn't it?

Main Weapon: Treant Small Bow
Sub Weapon: Iron Cutter

Tino-chan picked a small bow partially due to her physical strength. Iron Cutter is a dagger that resembles a hatchet. Pretty good for crushing branches that get in the way. Huh? Aren't elves supposed to forest protectors? I guess pruning is okay though.

We choose light armor like leather breastplates that won't slow them down. They're even more lightweight thanks to [Lightening] enchant magic. There were no catalyst to do the enchant initially, but Boss-san found leftovers his little brother had used. I had no idea Gilui-san's got that kind of special skill.
At any rate, I'll use my magic to cover for any shortcoming in their defense.

All in all, it cost 21,240 mani. Quite an expense. A necessary one for bolstering defenses. Luckily our cosmetics and stuff sold well.

Thus we finally dived into the dungeon with all new equipment.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.12


With a Sacred Solid Silver still in his hand, Lecan walked off without looking back after saying 'let's go'. He can tell Eda is tagging along behind him even without looking.

As they went down to second floor and continued deeper inside instead of going down to the entrance, five men rushed out toward them.

That said, they're clearly amateurs despite holding weapons. They way these men moved were amateurish, getting in the way of each other.

"<Flame Arrow>."

Five <Flame Arrows> were shot out of Lecan's left hand, landing on the weapon-holding hands of the five men each.



The five screamed as they let go of their weapons before passing out.

Even Lecan couldn't bring himself to kill such weak foes.



"Didn't those <Flame Arrows> just bend?"


Now that she mentioned it, ever since he learned <Fire Rush> spell that necessitated magic bending, he's now capable of bending <Fire Arrow> without thinking.

"I didn't know you could do that. That's our Lecan for you."

This is indeed a very usable technique.

Perhaps <Flame Spear> can be bent too. Which means he can use it to defeat the opponent lying in his blind spot.

"Wait, wait! Put your, please put your hand down!"

It's Kanner the butler.

Kanner stood in Lecan's way.


"Lecan-sama. Where are you planning on going?"

"Master's room."

"What are you going to do to our master."

"Delivering retribution for depriving someone of their belonging."

"Our master has been kept completely in the dark about this whole incident."

"When a robber killed someone with a knife, do you put the blame on the knife?"

Lecan isn't gonna believe such an absurd explanation as the master having no idea about this abduction, but even if he is, as the master of this house, he must be held responsible for the stuff members of this mansion have done.

"I'm very much aware of what you're saying, Lecan-sama. But please if you would hear us out. Oy."

Kanner spoke to a nearby male servant.

"Bring Zepus-sama to master's room. Hurry it up!"

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After seeing off the servant running off, butler Kanner bowed to Lecan.

"Allow me to lead the way."

There's a luxurious door leading to a room at the end of a passage they took. It's the master's bedroom.

A man is standing in front of it. A swordsman. And quite a skilled one at that.

With a sheathed slender sword hanging on his waist, his right hand is steady on the grip, ready to draw any time.

"Kanner-dono. You're not telling me you're going to lead that man into this room, are you."

"Arios-dono. I must bring Lecan-sama to master. There, master shall explain the situation, Lecan-sama will surely come to an understanding"

"I cannot let someone with such bloodlust step into this room."

"Please try to understand, Arios-dono. This person here is Lecan-sama <Overlord in Black> who has conquered Golbul Dungeon twice. This house will fall into ruin were we oppose him."

Arios did not reply to Kanner. His eyes are looking straight at Lecan.

As Lecan took a step forward toward the door, Arios showed no sign of letting up.

This man has an unusual presence about him. He could very well be the most skilled swordsman Lecan has ever faced since he arrived at this world.

However, Lecan is an adventurer before a swordsman. He's excited for a thrilling fight, but he doesn't feel like playing a duel right now.

"<Flame Arrow>"

As Lecan nonchalantly recited the spell name, about 100 <Flame Arrows> manifested over his left hand. The swordsman, Arios surprisingly managed to dodge most of the flame arrows that suddenly emerged at a point-blank range, however several arrows pierced his shoulders, belly and legs and exploded. Lecan bisected Arios with his Sacred Solid Silver sword the moment Arios stopped moving. No, Arios was supposed to have been split in two.

There was a weird feedback. Arios seems to be wearing some sort of extremely durable protector under his clothes. Something that wouldn't have allowed the slash to pass through were it not for Sacred Solid Silver sword.

That something still failed to defend against a Sacred Solid Silver sword, but the slash that should have cut Arios in two only left a deep wound running from his left shoulder to his right waist instead.

In any case though, it's a fatal blow. The practically dead Arios fell back due to the momentum as he sprayed blood everywhere.

Lecan took the sword Arios's hand was still gripping tightly and put it away in his <Storage>. It's an undoubtedly nice sword. It belongs to the victor of this match, Lecan. That's what he thought at least.

The missed <Flame Arrows> left not an insignificant damage on the walls and floors. The wall right behind Arios especially, it's burning and full of holes. As Lecan went into the master's room, the mansion's employees tried to put the fire out, but Lecan doesn't care even if it's burning.

Kanner opened the door.

"Master. Please pardon me. I am here with adventurer Lecan-sama."

"What was that sound. What's going on."

"Arios-dono drew his sword at Lecan-sama despite me begging him not to. As a result, he died."


Lecan shoved Kanner aside from the entrance while he was still talking to Prado. With a drawn sword in his right hand. Eda followed after him.

"Lecan... And Eda, was it. I am really in your debt."

"And abducting Eda is your idea of returning the favor?"


"Please. Please wait a moment, Lecan-sama. Master. Zepus-sama has escorted Eda-sama to this mansion. Against her will. And Lecan-sama is"

Lecan thrust his Sacred Solid Silver smeared with Arios's blood before Kanner's neck.

"Lying to relax her guard then knocking her out with a magic tool before abducting her is this house's idea of escorting huh."

"I have no excuse."

"W-wait. Please wait. I'd be grateful if you could spare Kanner. But then, abduction. It can't be. There's no way he would do such folly."

There's a commotion outside the room. Someone is screaming out loud.

"What in the world happened here. Arios-dono? Just what!"

Kanner glared hard at the open door and shouted out loud.

"Zepus-sama! Please get in Master's room."

A man at his prime holding a fine-looking sword in his left hand entered the room. This man must be the present master's grandson, and the heir to the house, Zepus.

He's got a pompous beard.

"Kanner. I cannot believe you would let a thug in master's bedroom"

Prado who had raised his upper body in the bed interrupted his grandchild.

"Zepus. Is it true that you kidnapped Eda... dono?"

"That is not true. I took her under my protection."


"Yes. I'm protecting a talented young girl beloved by gods from the tyranny of an outlaw."

Lecan's vision was dyed red in rage after he heard him. Everything within his view must have looked like the color of setting sun at this point. Or perhaps the color of dripping blood.

He's still got something to say. However, his anger clogged up his throat, he couldn't speak. Thus he decided to kill this man instead.

Right as Lecan was about to make his move toward lopping Kanner's head off, Eda who was standing diagonally behind Lecan spoke up.

"After our first meeting and parting, I went to look for Lecan. After our second encounter, I really used everything I had to look for him. Because I believed Lecan was the one who would save me, the one who would show me the way."

Zepus turned toward Eda with a haughty look on his face.

"On our third encounter, Lecan taught me a lot of things. Did you know that my <Recovery> is one of the things he taught?"

"I had no idea."

"You're Zepus-san, am I right."


"Your messenger lied to me about having something to talk about with Lecan while another used some kinda tool behind me to knock me out. You never attempted to hear me out, not even one word, so of course you wouldn't know anything about my situation or how I feel."

Lecan's mind calmed down as he listened to Eda telling Zepus off. He's still boiling inside, but he's got his cool back.

Someone's here.

Someone is lurking above the ceiling.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-44

17-44. Netherworld Invasion (4)


Satou here. People sometime see a rapid growth thanks to any number of reasons. Like coming up with a new perspective, finding a fitting workplace, or encountering an advisor. You can find those chances everywhere you go.
Not just in daily lives, but even in another world--.

"...T-this is, Netherworld!"

Starting with lady Karina, the girls voiced their shock when they saw Netherworld scenery.

"Quite a template Netherworld, isn't it."
"Almost made me want to answer that with 'yep gansu'."

As said by Arisa and Hikaru, what lie before our eyes are barren purple colored grounds, soaring thorny mountains, and clouds rising out of erupting volcanoes filling up the skies.
Dark shadows that appear to be demons are running rampant in the lands and the skies.

I had quickly opened my Map to investigate, however, it displayed [Area without Map] same as the Realm of Gods.
I also tried to use All Map Exploration magic just in case, but it failed to extract any information probably because there's no Dragon Veins in Netherworld.

Nevertheless, all terrains within my sight and the large spaceship's observation areas get automatically inputted into my Map. Doesn't seem like we'd get lost now.

"Satou-san, look at the sky!"
"Blue moon nanodesu!"

Looking up where Zena-san and Pochi pointed at, a blue moon--an earth-like blue planet is hanging in the cloudless sky.

"That's not it, Arisa-chan. You know what that is, Tina?"
"Yes, Hikaru-sama. It's the same as the landmass drawing I saw in Banned Archive."

Now that she mentioned it.
It's true, the shape of the continent in the center is the same as the landmass we live on in human world.

"Think we can get back to our world there?"
"Nah, it's probably just an image."

Considering the Netherworld Corridors, that's most likely not how human world and Netherworld are connected.

"Master, we have got warnings so I report."
"It seems the miasma density here is even thicker than in the corridors."
"Yes, Sera. Estimating anti miasma barrier to last for about 30,000 seconds, so I report."

Nana and Sera reported in.
30,000 seconds huh, about eight hours I guess?

Well, it's not like we're gonna stay here for long.

"Satou, ahead."

Tama and Mia pointed forward.
Mia must have perceived it thanks to her Unique Skill [Sanctuary Guard], yet Tama also did at the same time. Looks like Tama's crisis perception rivals that of a god's Authority.

There's something black floating above a sea of clouds--a huge mass of rock covered in jet black cumulonimbus clouds tore apart the sea of clouds as it made its entrance.
Or rather than a lump of rock, its size is like that of an island or a continent.

"--Floating island?"
"Yeah, and it looks similar to one from Lalakie Dynasty."

I affirmed princess Sistina as she murmured.

It's exactly like the floating island of Lalakie caught in my sight during the Divine Punishment.
Looking closer, there are even somethings that look like Rumooku Kingdom's shadow castles floating close to it.

"It's more like a fortress than an island huh."
"Yes, Arisa. Clouds-like black dots have been launched, so I report."
"Emergency nanodesu! Pochi and co's got to scramble egg nodesuyo!"

The girls sent out a red alert as swarms of demons took off from the floating island.
Pochi mistook scramble for scrambled egg in her panic.

"Master, our enemies appear to have discovered us. Should we go intercept?"

Liza looked at me to confirm.

Judging from the black dots' movement, they have definitely noticed us. I'd like to know how they managed to see through Sera's [Hermit Hide].


I turn around and look at the purple little girl sitting next to Core Two.

"--No, I don't think so."

Noticing my glance, Hikaru negated my guess.

"Miasma Barrier."
"Yup, that's what I believe as well."

Hikaru nodded positively at Mia's murmur.


Moving around in a dense miasma with a barrier that brushes miasma aside and miasma purifying [Saint Prey] active is like doing a march while ringing a bell.

"I know. But there's sure a lot of them."

Liza asked for my permission once again, but we're greatly outnumbered.

During the conversation, I've been controlling Menu, opening magic list, picking a certain magic and designating targets and range displayed on my Map.
I know a spell that works best in times like this.

I don't think one shot would be enough, thus I use up about 30% of all mana batteries I have in Storage to repeatedly cast the spell in a rapid succession.

"Okay then, how about we get on board support fighters to help as well!"
"I too shall deploy in a small spacecraft along with Raka-san desuwa."

Zena and lady Karina announced.

This large spaceship has two small spaceships that also act as lifeboats, one docked on each sides. There's only six manned fighters, and even fewer people who can pilot one.

"Both of those are equipped with Miasma Barriers. It might not hold up as long as this main ship, but it should be enough to last for a few minutes."

Princess Sistina added.

"Master, 600 seconds until we come into contact so I report."
"We've got no time to argue over this. First of all, we should reduce their numbers."

Fortunately, I don't have to worry about collateral damage here.

"Gotcha! I'll claim the first strike with 『Over Boost』 and advanced level magic--"
"No, there's no need for that."
"--No need?"

At the confused-looking Arisa, I pointed my finger at the sky.

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Stars are falling.

Rain of stars are falling down from beyond the sky with a blue moon as a backdrop.

Arisa's scream acting as a BGM, sky-packed rain of meteorites pierced through the cloud-like incoming demons, demolishing the gigantic floating island and castles, brushing aside the dull clouds below without slowing down before gouging out the purple lands below.
Tens, hundreds of thousands of demons are rapidly getting felled from being stricken by giant meteorites.

It's truly a Map annihilation attack.

The log is scrolling crazy fast in the corner of my vision.

"...Star Falls."

Zena-san mustered the word.

"This is the forbidden spell used to defeat 『Dog-head Demon Lord』..."
"What an amazing magic desuwa."
"No, this is more like--a work of god..."

Princess Sistina, lady Karina and Sera gave their impressions as well.

"I've heard about it already, but seeing it in person is really something else."
"Yes, that's our master for you."
"Master is the strongest nanodesuyo!"

Hikaru spoke, followed by Liza and Pochi's proud agreement.

"Master, some have slipped through the Star Falls coming straight here!"

The two scouting pair Tama, Mia gave a warning followed by Lulu who's in charge of monitoring.
Several tens of greater demons who've survived my attack by either being outside the small range, or by using other demons as shields, are coming straight here.

"Nana prepare defensive--"

As I was giving an instruction, a familiar sense of pain from the time of that first meteor shower back then assaulted me.

I know what it is now.
A severe case of level up intoxication.


I could hear the girls calling my name in concern.

In my vision dimming from the pain, I saw several dots closing in on us.
I wanted to tell them to focus on that instead of me, but I couldn't let my voice out due to the pain.

"--Nana-chan, prepare defensive measures!"
"Yes, Hikaru. Deploying 『Paladin Domain』 so I announce."

A vermilion light emitted out of Nana's closed shell cockpit.

"Mia-chan, Garuda please. Tina, take care of defensive measures with Gun Golems, Lulu-chan aim for bigger enemies with gun turrets!"
"Nn--Magic Wind Create (Create Garuda)."
"Understood. Activating Thousand Thrones. Core Two, I need your assistance."
"Un, I'll help."
"AI-san, release full armaments. Your assistance please."

I could hear the girls.

"We will sortie out in heavy powered suits as well."
"Aye aye sir~"
"Roger nanodesu!"

In the corner of my view, I saw the beastkin girls jumped into emergency shooters that go straight to Catapult Deck.

"I'm going out in a support fighter as well."
"I-I shall accompany you."

It's Zena-san and lady Karina.

"You two are in charge of close quarter defense. Don't let any swift-footed demons get too close if you could. Counting on you too Raka."
"I understand."

The two jumped into shooters after receiving Arisa's instruction.

"Sera-tan, how's Master looking?"
"Recovery magic doesn't seem to work."
"Don't worry, Sera-chan. It's probably a severe case of level up intoxication. He should be fine after some sleep, let's put him in the medical capsule for now."
"Un, if you'd please. I have to take control of the main armament, take over for me later."
"Sera-san, the girls who went outside need your support. Tell them not to get too far away from the ship chasing enemies."
"Please leave it to me."

After hearing that last conversation, my consciousness was swallowed up in darkness.

"--Starboard hit. Second barrier partition has been broken through."

My consciousness arose out of darkness from a sensation of having my body greatly shaken.

"Damage control is reaching its limit. Can you re-cast [Paladin Domain] yet, Nana-san?"
"Yes, Tina. 1800 seconds until cool down so I report."
"Tama! Take care of Starboard! Mia, call up another Garuda!"
"Pochi-chan, Liza-san, don't get close to Kukulkan! Arisa-chan, Jormungandr is coming from below us!"
"Tchhh, so that thing hasn't kicked the bucket yet! What a pain these demon lords and Authority-holder greater demons are. I'm gonna shoot them up with full powered anti-god magic instead of just lesser ones this time!"
"That's too rash! What would you do if you turn into demon lord again!"
"I'll think about it when that time comes. Rash or not, all is lost if I don't act now!"

My fading consciousness was completely roused up from that conversation.
I got to the bridge using Unit Arrangement.

"Set the main armament's spellcasting mode in full power."
『Aye aye ma'am. Transform Staff Ship Mode.』
"That's enough."

I stopped Arisa who was going to push herself over her limit.


The members who were still on the bridge saw me, smiles floated up on their fatigued faces.

"Thanks for waiting, everyone."

One of the dots displayed on Radar made a mad dash here.
I went up on deck with Unit Arrangement.

"Kukulkan slipped through!"
"Pochi will go after it nodesuyo!"

Liza and Pochi in their heavy powered exoskeleton suits went after Winged Serpent (Kukulkan).
Considering our current positions, I must careful not to have those two dragged in.

I cast [Magic Arms] and sent the incoming foe flying with the spell.


The number of Magic Arms is weirdly numerous.
What was once 120 Magic Arms at most have been expanded to more than a thousand.

I hurriedly checked out my Status in Menu.

--Level 3100.

I thought I would gain a few levels, but never would have dreamed it would be an additional digit.
Perhaps my Meteor Shower managed to kill hundreds of millions of demons.

I point my arm at a kilometer-long giant serpent demon lord--Jormungandr coming from ahead of me.

--Fire Shot.

Fire Shot that was supposed to be only about as strong a intermediate-level magic destroyed Jormungandr's defensive barrier with power rivaling Arisa's advanced magic.

--Fire Shot.

Jormungandr's hard scales broke apart, black blood gushed out of its skin.
This demon lord seemed to be under the influence of black sludge as well, its gushing blood hardened into a wriggling armor over it scales.

Looks like I'd better end it in one go than resorting to bite-sized attacks.

I restrain Jormungandr with [Magic Arms] and [Deracinator].

『All hands, take anti-shock and anti-flash defensive maneuvers.』

After confirming the girls outside have returned to the large spaceship, I cast a spell.

--Photon Laser.

A flash of light that would have dazzled even those with sunglasses on dyed the surroundings white, part of Jormungandr's body that was hit by the laser evaporated instantly.
Wave of plasma-turned air mowed down mushroom clouds and particle dust, deeply deeply gouging the lands out.

I had chosen this spell for its limited collateral damage since I was afraid other more powerful means of attacks could end up damaging the spaceship, and yet this is how it turned out.
So glad I didn't pick anti-god magic or forbidden spells by mistake.

"Master, above you!"

I cut apart the swooping Kukulkan with the hero's secret move, [<<Shining Blade>>].
Even a black sludge-powered demon lord was instantly killed by a weakened flying shockwave of the attack.

I might have gotten about as strong as the Demon God Dog-head mentioned back then.

"That's it, over there. That's the castle where milord-sama's at."

With the purple little girl in charge of navigation and after several loops of sight-based Unit Arrangement, we finally arrived at the center of Netherworld.

"More like a comet empire."

There's a city with radically shaped buildings on a floating moon that's been cut in two flatly.
Just as Arisa's said, it looks similar to the enemy's stronghold 148,000 light years away in a certain classic SF masterpiece.

That seems to be Demon God's castle.

"Incoming super huge enemy so I report!"

A greater demon over level 200 that had been circling around Demon God's castle is heading our way.
It's gigantic, many times bigger than even Ancient Dragon. And it's got Unique Skills to boot.


However, there's neither fear nor anxiety in my mind.

"It's nothing to worry about."

I made a short work out of the demon lord using a more advanced version of Flexible Sword, Ultra High Speed Dragon Rending Sword.
No unnecessary collateral damage with it.

"Awesomely awesome nodesu!"
"Oh, ameowzing~?"
"Master was already incredible to begin with, but now your strength is just scary."
"Yeah, it's cause my level went up by a lot."

I don't think I'd lose even against Demon God now.

Now then, let's get this over with in a jiffy.

※ No update is planned for 12/22. Next update will be at the end of the year.

※ Forgot to add about how Ringrande's group went their separate way at the end of [17-40. 「17-40. Dungeon Corridors and Lunar Corridors (2)]. Added now. [TLN: Translated]

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