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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Conclusion


"That one just now was well done, however your mana kneading and composition still have a long ways to go. A slight touch from this 『Meteor』 turning them back into magic essence is proof of that."

Temuro-san is quite spartan. And [Meteor] is that morning star's name huh.
Afterward, I tried the same chantless stone wall tactics twice more and he easily broke through both.
Apparently, the steel ball part of the morning star gets this destroying effect when it's set on its shaft part. Well dang, his fighting style sure isn't a flashy one, but how it steadily and soundly drives his opponent into a corner is devastating. However, knowing this is already a good result in itself. I'd still like to at least put a graze on him though. A perfect win would be way too much!

"Stone Skin."

An earthen-colored light was sucked into my body. Preps done. This will hurt, but it's the only chance I have.

I take a stance with Lunar Cat drawn out and take a breath in and out. Discerning Magic Eye in full throttle as to not miss any movement.
Then I step forward.
The javelin went after me as if waiting for that moment. I dealt with it with the same old half step dodge. Here comes the real thing.

"Again with the same trick?"

With a sound of wind being cut, the morning star is coming at my torso as anticipated. Trajectory read!
I concentrate Mana Clad on a single point of my torso. Grit teeth and bear it!




*BOOM*, the steel ball got sunk into the ground by Graviton. I used that as a boost to dash forward.
Closing in on Temuro-san while putting all my weight behind Lunar Cat. But he didn't seem to mind at all about the missing morning star and was already at the ready to block my blade with his javelin.


My swung sword suddenly changed its trajectory, twice as it went for a joint on his armor. I used [<<Air Thruster>>] on the blade to forcefully change its directions. Of course it's not without a price. Thanks to the impossible moves done, my muscles are getting torn apart. They've been ruptured on several spots. I could barely hold my grip on Lunar Cat, but I won't stop I can't stop. The after effects from healing these injuries once this is all over would be pretty severe for sure.


Temuro-san's gauntlet fell down as the clip holding his gauntlet was cut. Blood seeps out of his hand from a single graze.

"Nicely done, but this is as far you go."

*kachin* just when I thought I was hearing something, Temuro-san's morning star's shaft split open as he swung it down at me. From the shaft, a baton like thing was formed.

Geez, just how multifunctional that thing is really, *gosun*!

My consciousness was easily reaped by that single swing.

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I awoke with a splash of water on face.
Mitama and the girls are looking at me with a worried look on their faces.

"...You okay? Hurt anywhere?"

"Hnn, I'm fine. How long did I pass out?"

Looks like the peanut gallery has dispersed. Only us and Temuro-san are in the training ground.

"Only few minutes. Sheesh, you really pushed yourself, didn't ya."

"I would have never imagined milord could put up such a fight against that [Meteor]."

Ah, Wakamoto-san is shutting his mouth tight. He looks like he's got something to say, but he's keeping it shut.

Temuro-san peeked with a face that looked like it was saying he went overboard.

"Haha, sorry about that. I went a bit far. Been so long since anyone cut my War Armor, you see. Really though, I can't help but look forward to your growth in the future, what's with that strength of yours at such a young age. I get why master is so enthusiastic now."

He offered his hand as he said that. I stated what I had in mind as I grabbed that hand.

"That battle has truly opened my eyes on my lack of experience. I shall further devote myself and win our next match."

"Fu, hahahahaha"

Temuro-san laughed out loud heartily. Huuh, I was being serious though.

"Oh pardon. That sounded like what I told master almost word to word, y'see. Us disciples really are cut from the same cloth."

Temuro-san was a rascal back in the days huh? My impression of him feels like of a caring elder brother though. I mean, he even gave me advices during the mock battle earlier.

"You'll have to excuse me now, wouldn't want Eleanor-kun finding more excuses to scold me. This will be a nice tale for duke-sama and commander. Well then, see you around. I look forward to our next meeting."

Temuro-san left while waving his hand back.
The match really showed the gap in strength, but I managed to leave a scratch on him. My combat skill has gotten better for sure. Knowing that alone is a good result. Also I've got to create magic that's more precise and tougher. Also gotta come up with more combinations. Combining [<<Lightning Spin Break>>] with [<<Air Thruster>>] might make for a rush attack that covers both offense and defense. Oh dang, I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

As I was reflecting on the results of our match, I felt some kind of negative aura coming closer from behind. I timidly turned around and got greeted with Eleanor-san in an imposing stance. Her forehead is twitching a bit, looks like she's furious. Hiii, it's Asura, I can see Asura's aura!

"Nobusada-san. Fighting that person in a match at this point is too reckless! Listen here..."

Afterward, Eleanor-san gave me an hour long sermon, while fervently telling me how worried she was.
I'm sorry for making you worry.

The other members took care of collecting items seized from [Gottmanz] while I was having the sermon. Since the equipment seemed quite well used, they couldn't bring themselves to collect it and only took the cash and accessories. Yup, looks like the girls have got some leeway after winning big from betting on me. Me? I completely forgot to take a bet.
None of the accessories was anything rare and none of the girls was eager to use accessories used by men, thus they were traded for money at the guild. The cash is 180,000 in total. Well, let it be a lesson learned to those guys. Since we didn't touch their equipment, they can still work anyway.

As for quests, we sold all Boar's Livers and Guarana used for medicine making, six Treant Timber for making wands, and some sugar and honey for sweeteners.
Everything else besides stuff we intend to use later are sold.
Honey and sugar are reserved for the girls besides the portion needed for the quest. Otherwise, they'd never live it down with me.
As for the protein, aside from my shares, I plan to share it to Maniwa-san and friends.
I just know they'd be ecstatic.

Thus the total sales is 202,900.
The Brilliant Feathers were worth 50,000 each. According to Ranba-san it's an ornamental item for noble purveyors, with very low drop rate. Since they might be useful for something, I kept one and sold the rest.

Thanks to the unexpected income, a thought crossed my mind, ordering clothes for the three girls and Tina-chan from Maniwa-san might be a good idea. Since children grow up fast and they're going to get their clothes dirty while working, I should order plain clothes and work clothes. And also, I wanna order mufufu costumes for the ladies' night use! YES, Nobusada's Ambition starts now!

Ah, right, that thing I asked Maniwa-san to make should be done right about now.


"Dang, who woulda thought that guy turned out that amazing."

"Yeah, lost my bet cuz I completely made light of him."

"Still can't believe he put a scratch on that [Meteor]."

"The way he moved was inhuman, like some kind of beast."

"And he cast magic without chanting to boot, how crazy is that."

"Magic casting beast huh. How 'bout we call him [Magic Beast] from now on."

"Uwaah, that fits way good. I mean, he's got that many beauties around him, musta work a lot at night too right? [Magic Beast] is perfect."

"Nobusada the [Magic Beast] huh. Guess that makes those beauties his trainers then."


Unbeknown to Nobusada, his pool of nicknames is getting larger and larger.

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