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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.6


"That's the problem. Due to how sudden it was, the things with my mother flashed on my mind and I completely lost my cool back then, but after thinking about it calmly, there really was no reason to get that flustered."

"Hou. Do you really believe that."

"I do. Think about it. Even if they're a nobility, Goncourt House pales in comparison to a marquis house. Their standing is such that they have to be careful with how they interact with other nobles and the town lord. They don't have absolute power over anything. They can't just lord around wildly."

Lecan couldn't really agree with her opinion, but neither would he deny it. Norma put her forefinger on her forehead and muttered like she was talking to herself.

"Prado-san will surely realize how good his condition is once he comes to. But I believe that won't come as a surprise since they would sometimes call a priest to have <Recovery> cast on him."


"But after two, three or perhaps four days, he will notice it. His condition should have worsened yet it's not happening. He may find out that the color of Eda's <Recovery> is different from the norm then."


"But magic color can and do differ between individuals, thus he most likely won't realize that it's <Purification> right away. And Eda recited <Recovery> spell name back then, he must think that it was <Recovery>."

"Fumu. Perhaps so."

"How it's more effective than a priest's despite being the same <Recovery>. He will wonder about it."

"He probably will."

"What action would Goncourt House take then. They will probably summon me to ask about it. Like, how come he's such in a good health."

Considering Norma's relationship with Goncourt House, that's probably what's gonna happen. It's only natural, thought Lecan.

"What answer should I give them? I absolutely can't say that it's <Purification>. Otherwise Goncourt House might lose themselves over greed. Although the effect might not be as striking as having <Purification> cast on you over several months time, they might still resort to unsavory means if it means a chance to take hold of a <Purification> user."


"So I absolutely won't say it's <Purification>. But then, what should I tell them? Fumu."

Norma opened all five of her right fingers wide and put them over both her eyes. White, long slender and beautiful fingers. Her hands are big for a woman yet that in turn helps bring out their exquisiteness.

"That was a <Recovery>."

Norma raised her face and made a declaration with a determined look.
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"An advanced level <Recovery> that is."


"And, Eda's <Recovery> isn't the only thing that helped the seemingly miraculous treatment. All the medicinal herbs he had been taking all these years finally manifested their true effects right at that point."

"Will they really run with that."

"I don't believe there's anyone who can win against me in a theoretical debate in this town. I'll make use of all the theories I have been researching all my life in the debate. There won't be any lie. I shall present it as a hypothesis I've arrived at based on the results of all research I've done up until now."

"Hou. Maybe it'll go well then."

"I don't think my debate opponent has any choice but to believe in my explanation. But regardless of how much they believe or not believe, they most definitely will attempt to summon Eda there. Through me, naturally."

"Sounds about right."

"Lecan. Eda."



"Do you have any plan to leave this town for a while anytime soon?"

"Hou. You're asking that huh. We do have a plan to visit Ninae Dungeon once we're done training under you. Me and Eda. Including the round trip, it will be a one month long excursion according to Shira."

"That's it! You must go, right away. Your training is done for now!"

"That's too premature."

"I still wanna learn more."

"We'll continue your training once things have settled down. You both are truly excellent students and having your <Recovery> nearby helps with my research greatly. You're a lifesaver to me and my patients."

"The issue won't disappear just because we're not in this town. Wouldn't it just be a repeat once we got back."

"No no. What we need now is time for observation. We can't proceed ahead unless we know how Prado-san's condition is looking after several days, ten and twenty days. Please go ahead to the dungeon."

This is an attractive suggestion.

First of all, Eda won't be in danger while she's away from this town.

It'll be helpful if Norma could come up with a plan in the meanwhile.

And above all, Lecan had been wanting to go to a dungeon.

"I'll take you up on that suggestion. We'll go consult Shira."

Actually, Lecan still had one question remaining. Which is, the reason why Jinga is here. Jinga is supposed to be a knight who belongs to the marquis house. Or perhaps, belonged. Why is such an individual here.

But that would mean prying on Norma's private life. And to begin with, Norma would have told them about it had it been something she could divulge.

With that in mind, Lecan refrained from asking that question here.

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