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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.9


"By the way, something's been bugging me."

"What is it?"

"Were you aware that Norma's mother was a <Purification> user?"

"Eh? No, first I've heard of it. Is that true?"

"Does that you mean you also don't know that she was confined in marquis Whatchamacallit's mansion and forced to cast <Purification> till her dying breath?"

"Oh my, is that so. I had no idea."

"I see. Listening to Norma's personal life made me realize just how deprived of freedom <Purification> users' lives are. So I thought you sent me and Eda under her on purpose."

"That wasn't my intention at all. But, did Norma really tell you two her life story?"

"Eda ended up casting <Purification> during a house call. She might have felt responsible for that."

"Even so. Norma must really trust you two both."

"Fumu. I wonder about that."

"That girl is actually quite tight-lipped, she won't say anything to anyone she finds disgareeable. The type that doesn't confide about herself to others."

"You know her well."

"It's not like we're particularly close or know each other for long. I've just been acquainted with people like her before."

"I see. That aside, I'm interested in <Graph Making>. Can I learn it."

"<Graph Making> huh. How do you go about teaching that anyway."


"Did you know that I used <Graph Making> just now?"


"No surprise there. <Graph Making>, you see, works its magic inside the caster. There is no way to demonstrate this kind of spell to other people."

"How did you learn the spell then?"

"Me? In my case it's... Huh. How did I learn it again?"

Shira pondered for a while.

"It's no use. I can't recall. It's been more than 350 years since then after all."

"Isn't there some kind of knack to it."

"Uun. I wonder. All you need to know is that it's a Perception type. It may be intermediate level, but it's not actually that complex of a spell. Knack eh. Right. Just try doing all kinda stuff inside a dungeon. Like you're <Appraise>ing the dungeon."

"<Appraise> dungeons?"

"Like, picture how a dungeon's floor is formed inside your mind. That should work as a knack, I think."
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"Okay. I'll give it a try."

Afterward, Lecan discussed magic with Shira for a while.

<Flash (Liliom)> is a magic that simply produces an exceedingly dazzling flash of light for an instant, but it also gives a fixed amount of damage to Soul Ogres and Specters. In addition, the spell is surprisingly effective as a distraction in a fight between humans, thus you're advised to immediately close your eyes the moment your opponent recites the spell <Flash>.

Afterward, Lecan continued his <Lightning> practice, and once he learned that, he tried to challenge <Acceleration (Mora)>. Another extremely useful magic Lecan is eager to learn.

They got too engrossed in their discussion and ended up taking more time than expected.

After leaving Shira's house, Lecan headed to the orphanage. He bought some spit-roast along the way and had his fill. That was when he recalled about shopping and bought some jerky, vegetable, hard bread and water. Enough food for the journey. For food intended to be consumed inside a dungeon, it's a good idea to purchase some right before delving in.

The children found Lecan when he arrived at the orphanage, he had a difficult time trying to tear them off him. Since vice temple head was present, he informed her he'd be out of town for about a month.

Then Lecan got back home. It was already dark out.

There's no Eda.

She's nowhere to be seen.

Of course he was already aware of Eda's absence the moment he arrived at home.

Lecan recalled about a woman he had spent some time together with, who disappeared while he was diving in a dungeon. He didn't attempt to look for her, but the sense of loneliness he felt back then wouldn't vanish for some time.

At first he thought Eda had left him as well.

But that's strange.

She was looking forward to going to the dungeon together with him tomorrow. Perhaps she didn't leave, perhaps she just had an errand to run.

As he was thinking, Lecan probed the house with <3D Perception>.


Lecan went into Eda's room in order to closely inspect the thing <3D Perception> found.

There's a <Box>. It's obvious the <Bow of Isya> is inside.

(Eda went out while leaving this behind?)

(Can't be.)

Lecan concentrates on <Life Detection> once again. This ability can detect in 1000 step range. Humans are displayed as red dots. Humans with powerful mana are displayed with deep red color. But it's not that precise, and it's hard to tell people apart unless they're someone with extraordinary mana like Shira. Nevertheless, there was no one who could possibly be Eda within 1000 steps.

He tried to peek at the well. since <Life Detection> sometimes do not show those on higher or lower elevations. But of course Eda wasn't in the bottom of the well either.

Eda's mana pool is large and has a unique quality to it. Hence it's possible to distinguish Eda using <Mana Detection>. However, <Mana Detection>'s effective range is only 20 steps, which further lowers when there are obstructions.

Lecan walked around the not so wide house.

He investigated behind a tree in the corner of the small garden.

Peeking into the kitchen, coming inside the only four rooms in the house.

He looked in the well once again.

But she's not here.

There's no Eda.

She's nowhere.

"Hold on? Maybe she's next door."

A middle aged married couple live in the house to the left. The house to the right was apparently inhabited by an elderly with bad legs a while ago, but it's vacant now.

There's no particular bad blood between them and the middle-aged couple. Eda went to greet them when they first moved in here, and he occasionally saw them having small talks from time to time.

Lecan stopped in front of the neighboring house and looked for Eda with <3D Perception> and <Mana Detection>.

But he couldn't find anyone that matches Eda.

He knocked on the door.

A middle-aged woman, the wife, came out and leaked out a shriek when she looked up at Lecan.

"Sorry for intruding this late, have you seen Eda?"

"N-no? Didn't see her since yesterday. Ah, but."


"There was this really luxurious carriage parked in front of your house this noon."

"I see. Much appreciated. Excuse me."

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