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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.8


It was not even evening yet when they got out of the dungeon.

"Got somewhere I need to go to. You go back ahead."

"Master. I don't know the way there."

"Ah, it's okay, Julius-kun. I've got it memorized."

"Eda-neesan, you're amazing."


"Get the bath ready. I want to get in right away later."

"Un. I got you."

Lecan went to the <Summit Honor Inn> and asked the receptionist there.

"Well, well, Lecan-sama. Welcome to our humble abode."

"Do you sell large blue potions here."

"Yes. One person may buy up to 10 pieces per day."

The thought, 'stingy', crossed Lecan's mind for a second, but thinking again, ordinary mages probably could only use up to two a day. Ordinarily, buying ten Large Blue Potions at once is not normal.

"Okay, get me 10. Also, I'm gonna purchase ten pieces every day for the next ten days starting tomorrow. Any problem?"


"However, I prolly won't come here every day, so put them in reserve."


"Here's the payment for 110 pieces."

"Thank you very much."

It hit Lecan after he paid the cost.

"Oh right, heard you can purchase mana restoratives made by this apothecary called Pujo or something."

"Yes. They would be Pijo-shi's mana restoratives. You can purchase up to three pieces per person a day."

"Okay, get me three. And three more every day for ten days starting tomorrow."


The Rock Terrace Inn's bath was wonderful. The Summit Honor Inn's one may have a better bath. But he's hit with an urge to eat Rock Terrace Inn's food after bath. As a result, Rock Terrace wins in overall points.

As Lecan left the bath, Eliza was already waiting.

"Lecan-dono! Just what in the world is going on!"

"Cool it, Eliza. Nark, booze. And some snack to go with it."
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"Sure thing."

Lecan replied to Eliza while sipping his fermented liquor.

Booze after spending days inside a dungeon is simply something else. It soaks up into every corner of your body, reminding how alive you are.

As Eliza is aware of the courtship duel, Lecan told her what he knew. Except the matter with <White Snow Flower Princess>.

"Wait a moment. Does that mean Lecan-dono also has a relationship with Lady Heles of Rainzats Household?"

"Yea. I conquered Dungeon Ninae with this Eda here and Arios, Heles was with us at the time."

"Un. Heles-san is a member of <Willard> with us."

"A party member of Lecan-dono's party. I see, so she is. I thought there is no way she, a woman she is, could have conquered Dungeon Ninae, I see now it was thanks to Lecan-dono's help."

"So when's the duel again?"

"It will be on the 20th this month."

"Hou. Quite soon."

"As such, Lecan-dono, you are to transfer over to the townlord's mansion right away."


"Then when will you?"

"Will be decided after talking to Norma."

"That's the lady who is your fiancee, isn't she. Please tell me about her in detail."

"Why'd you wanna know that."

"Because it is my duty as the General Dungeon Chief Administrator."

Eda explained the relationship between Lecan and Norma in place of Lecan who couldn't be bothered to.

Then Eliza's interest seemed to switch to Eda as she began questioning Eda many things.

Eliza ordered dinner and wine. For some reason, she hit it off really well with Eda and the two got in a deep talk as Lecan chatted with <Grindam> folk.

The following day, Lecan took Eda and Julius out for lunch at <Brilliant Blossom District>. Eda wanted to shop around with Julius, so Lecan went to loiter around the city alone.

He arrived at a street bustling with people. A peddler carrying a huge luggage on his back got bumped by a passerby and fell down before Lecan. The man sent a curious glance as he tumbled, thus Lecan also crouched down to match their eye level. As the man lifted his face, he spoke in whisper with a smile.

"The duel will be held on the 20th at three of needlefish time. Norma-sama will arrive here on the 18th. Please be at the inn on noon of the 20th."

"Got it."

After visiting a few shops, Lecan went back to the <Rock Terrace Inn>.

As today is the 8th of month eight, there's still 10 days left until the 18th.

(Now then, what to do.)

The dungeon exploration this time was mainly to raise Julius's physical strength. His training could only begin for real by doing so and that goal has been achieved.

Yet they've still got time. The three of them can break through floor 90. And the enemies on floor 100s would work best as Julius's sparring partners.

Once Eda and Julius got back in the evening, Lecan spoke.

"Tomorrow and the day after are rest days. Afterward we're diving in the dungeon for seven days."

"Yes. Master."

"Un. I got it."

Eliza came again that night.

"Speaking of, you seemed quite fixated on those Palcimo Magic Knights something."

"My mother's family hails from Palcimo. I was raised hearing stories of magic knights' splendor since childhood. I'm a woman, my physique falls behind men nor do I have their strength. I always yearned for them, thinking even I could become stronger if only I could use magic."

"Has Palcimo made a knight dispatch request to Tsubolt before?"

"Oh, did I divulge that matter to you as well? Umu. However, only knights with mana could be dispatched. Thus we could not respond to their request."

"Knights with mana?"

"Only those with mana can enter Dungeon Palcimo."


Lecan has mana. Eda too. As well as Julius.

"You just gotta have mana yeah? Even if you can't cast magic."

"From what I've heard, you don't have to know to cast magic."

(Sounds fun.)

(Guess I'll head to Palcimo once the duel's done.)






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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.7


"I'll get in first and lure the enemies. Eda, you go in after waiting a breath. Take care of the five <Red Body> lurking deep in the left side."


"However, if you get hit, leave the room right away and cast <Purification> on yourself. Julius, you follow after Eda. Take her out of the room if she's hurt."

"Yes, master."

"I'll exit the room as well if that happens. We'll resume the match after recovering."

"Un, I got it."

Lecan lightly kneaded his mana.

Eda readied herself to cast <Purification> too.

Lecan rushed in the room.

"<Fire Arrow>!"

20 <Fire Arrows> pierced the magic beasts inside. Of course, mere <Fire Arrows> don't deal that much damage to White Specter on a floor this deep. However <Fire Arrow> can be cast far faster than <Lightning>. It's a surefire way to get initiative.


A fierce barrage of <Purification>. But one of them hit the arm of a <Black Body> instead, wholly erasing it.

"Ah. <Purification><Purification><Purification><Purification><Purification><Purification>."

Eda who missed one <Red Body> unleashed another barrage of <Purification> in a panic.

A <Black Body> whose head Lecan just cut off vanished before his very eyes.

Another <Black Body> with a leg cut by Julius as he went for the neck also disappeared before him.

In the end, Eda erased all ten White Specters by herself.

Lecan and Julius could only stare in amazement.

"Ah. Sorry. I ended up shooting too many."

One thing is clear now.

<Purification> works on dead White Specters too.

Lecan gave a mana restorative and a large Blue Potion to Eda.

They entered another room on floor 90. They came across another party in the passage. That party looked as if they had just seen ghosts when they saw Lecan's group.

This time, Eda beat five <Red Body>, Lecan three <Black Body> and Julius two <Black Body>.

They got in another room. As Lecan went for his third <Black Body>, Julius jumped in and defeated it when Lecan failed to reap its neck fully.

Back then Lecan had to use <Sword of Odo> because <Sword of Rusk> didn't work well on this floor. Now, <Sword of Rusk> could deal with the enemies here, but sometimes it can't finish the job in one strike depending on the positions.

Julius is managing to decapitate these beasts well enough despite the large gap in statures. Which is thanks to his sword's excellent performance, and Julius himself for having the skill to draw out its sharpness. Julius's ability specializes in sharpness.

They got in another room. This time Lecan took care of three <Black Body>, Julius two.

"Fumu. Julius. Let's have a practice together."

"Yes. Thank you in advance, master."

They got in a vacant room and exchanged blows.


(His fighting style is solidifying nicely.)

His speed is not yet at Arios's level, but in term of swordsmanship elegance, Julius might have Arios beat. The way he connects move to move has seen distinct improvements. Or perhaps you could say that Arios's mastery is such to the point you can't even tell when he connects sword moves.

And the weight on each and every strike has made a remarkable increase.

(This boy should stay the way he's now as he grows.)

(Gotta avoid teaching him some weird fighting styles.)

"Alright. We're done."

"Haa. Haa. Haa. Haa. T-thank you for your guidance."

"Yep. Time to get out of the dungeon. We're gonna sleep tight at our inn tonight."


"Yay. The food at that inn is super good."

"Yeah, the vegetables especially."

"Eh? Lecan, you eat veggies?"

"I always do."

"But you like meat much more right?"

"That inn is special."

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Dungeon Chief Administrator, Eliza Notz was notified when Lecan entered the dungeon. The same evening, she went to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> with her knight escort in tow. Lecan did stay there last night. He also made a reservation for a long term stay.

Eliza waited till quite late at night, but Lecan never came back.

The day after, she left a directive to the guard stationed at the dungeon entrance.

"Report to the Dungeon General Administrative Office the moment Dungeon Tsubolt First Conqueror, Lecan exited the dungeon."

She also ordered some spies. To watch over <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> and immediately report to her when Lecan came back.

Yet, none saw Lecan again day after day waiting.

The majority of Dungeon Tsubolt explorers make a day trip before returning to surface. That isn't so at other dungeons, but Eliza's common sense is that of staying overnight in a dungeon is abnormal.

That abnormality continued on for three days.

An adventurer of Lecan's caliber can't possibly make a mistake. However, dungeons are places where the unexpected can and will happen when you least expect it, doesn't matter how skilled an adventurer you are, your life may forfeit at any given moment. Moreso since Lecan took along two young kids with him inside. Taking on a dungeon with a kid is a bizarre enough act to begin with.

Just what's going on.

How's Lecan doing right now.

As unrest grew within her, messengers sent by Marquis of Gido and Marquis of Smarc paid her uncle, the marquis a visit on the fourth day.

Each of those marquises wish to hold a courtship duel. And the opponent of Marquis of Smarc's proxy, is the fiance of the other party, a Vouka adventurer by the name Lecan.

They have requested Marquis of Tsubolt to provide the duel venue and to serve as the witness in those duels.

Eliza's state of mind fell into disarray. She was getting uncharacteristically irate for no reason. Unable to stand it anymore, she went to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> and had dinner there. Lecan did not come back either that day, but her mind calmed down a bit as she savored the inn's delicious dish.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.6


They reached floor 69 on the next day.

Seven White Specters spawn at once on floor 60s. Eda defeat three, while Lecan and Julius defeat two each.

In reality, letting Eda take care of four of them would have been faster, but Lecan told her to just deal with three.

However, Eda is to prioritize on <Red Body>, and she is to defeat four if there are four <Red Body> spawning at once. In practice though, that situation never happened.

Julius would beat two <Black Body> with his elegant flowing swords strokes. By these floors, the enemies are two, three heads taller than Lecan, Julius can't directly go for their necks due to his stature, but he circumvented that issue by cutting their legs first, or wait until they get into the right position before reaping their heads.

Lecan appraised Julius's sword and found out it's called, <Gale Sword (Fielscylla)>, Offense mid, Sharpness large, with <Damage Restoration> and <Sharpness Boost> Graces. It's a Grace Gear dropped on floor 115 of Dungeon Tsubolt.

Its basic attributes are better than Sword of Rusk except on <Firmness>. The Sharpness especially, far above. It's even got a Grace that boost sharpness depending on the wielder's skill.

(Where'd this guy even got this thing?)

(Ah, I see.)

(It might have been an item their clan received as a gift from teaching Marquis of Tsubolt swordsmanship.)

They also conquered floor 79 that day.

This was beyond Lecan's expectations. From here on out are the lower floors. He never would have thought they could get this far.

Even if they've been fighting at minimal risk, it's all due to limiting Julius to only deal with two magic beasts at most and their side's superior swiftness. A single hit from magic beasts beyond this point could mean life or death.

(What to do here.)

Lecan stared at Julius's chest area.

"Julius. Is that jewel hanging around your neck a sort of magic defense."

"Eh? Ah, yes. That is correct, master."

"Is it the same kind of jewel Arios got?"

"Father has lent his to me."

"I see."

Lecan observed Julius's body further.

"That thing embedded on your chest is a <Drop of Life> eh?"

"Eh. You could tell, master? Amazing. Yes. It's a <Drop of Life>."

"What's that <Drop of Life> thing?"

"It's an item that ties your life when you're on the verge of dying. Arios managed to escape death that one time I almost took his life thanks to that same thing in his chest."

"Ah, that time. I see. I had no idea."

Julius's eyes popped open as he listened. He must have no idea about an episode of Lecan almost getting his father killed.

The White Jewel with magic defense.

<Drop of Life>.

Eda's <Purification>.

And <God Cure>.

(The heck. There's nothing to worry about.)

"Alright. We're breaking into floor 80 tomorrow. The enemies will get another level tougher than what you've been facing thus far. There will be nine of them, in a fixed formation. Five <Red Body> in the back, and four <Black Body> as vanguards. Eda, you take care of <Red Body> in the back. Are five too much?"

"Think I'll be fine, but I won't know till then since these beasts get a lot stronger every ten floors."

"Right. Let's just get some good rest to prepare for tomorrow."

The following day, the three challenged a common room on floor 80.

They came across a ten man party along the way. The group looked stunned as they saw Lecan's group. They were having a heated discussion that continued on even after Lecan's group passed by.

"Alright. We're going in this room."

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The three got in the room.


A barrage of five <Purification> without a pause.

The <Red Body> in the back had started growling the instance Lecan's group stepped in the room, yet Eda erased them all before they managed to shoot magic.

Lecan dashed to the left, luring in two <Black Body>. Julius took on two <Black Body> to the right.

The <Black Body> on this floor are no match to Lecan now. He easily reaped their head with every swing of his sword.

Julius and his elegant sword dance lopped the two beasts in a single breath.

Things are simply trivial with Eda around.

Thanks to five White Specters vanishing right away, the room became way less cramped. The toughest thing about this dungeon is how you must deal with many magic beasts at once in a small room. That handicap is gone altogether.

Afterward, they got in the giant variant room. Another easy victory.

At the end of the day they reached floor 89.

Another point of contention for Lecan.

Starting from floor 90s, the enemy's attack pattern changes once again. They will immediately launch an offensive the moment you step inside their room. Arios postulated that these magic beasts are capable of sensing incoming humans outside from inside their room.

The enemies they faced so far never had any chance to attack with magic. But that won't be true anymore.

Things have been smooth so far because they always seized the initiative, but if Eda got bombarded at the outset and failed to shoot <Purification>. Their whole party could very well get demolished.


(The me now.)

(Won't die.)

(Even if I take on every magic beasts in a room on these floors.)

(And you can always run outside the room here anyway.)

And most importantly, this party is in a very rounded state right now. They might lose the rhythm if they got back to the surface and came back later.

He decided to take on the challenge.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.5


They managed to reach floor 19. Lecan let Julius fight on floor 15, but the enemies were still too easy for him.

Eda took on every single fight thus far besides that one time. If you could say erasing a magic beast in a single shot of <Purification> a fight that is. Eda also cast <Purification> on Lecan and Julius.

"You're incredible."


"Eda-senpai, you're amazing."

"Julius-kun. That's oneesan for you, not senpai, you hear me?"

"Yes, Eda-neesan."

"So cute~"

Eda hugged Julius. Height-wise they're about equal with Eda edging out a bit. Yet Eda just seemed far older atmosphere-wise.

"Get off him already."

The day after, they reached floor 29. The enemies were still no match to Julius. Lecan handed over some mana restoratives to Eda. Eda's <Purification> casting time is abnormally quick, she could defeat three enemies in a blink of an eye.

"Campfire during a hunt just feels super special doesn't it, Lecan."


It's more a slaughter than a hunt, but things should get tougher the lower they go down.

"Master, you're really incredible. Eda-neesan too."

"Ehehe. But, Lecan."


"Aren't other parties going back home whenever it's dark out?"

"Don't worry about it."

They got to floor 39 the day after. On floor 30s Eda would defeat two beasts while Lecan and Julius dealt with one each. No Grace Gear got dropped. Blue potions are for Eda, Red for Julius while Lecan get the magic stones.

This dungeon is a literal child's play to <Purification> users. After all, even the tiniest bit of <Purification> will completely banish the enemy. Lecan commanded Eda to prioritize defeating the <Red Body> first.

Lecan is using <Sword of Rusk>. Its Sharpness is far higher than the last time he was at this dungeon. In other word, Lecan's Offense has seen a huge boost.

They wrapped up the conquest early that day and Lecan went to train Julius in a vacant room.

Julius was on the offensive tenaciously it's as if their bouts at Wazrof never happened.


(It's just a slight boost in physical strength.)

(Yet his sword handling's gotten to a whole other level.)

(Boy's always got the skill to begin with.)

Coming to the dungeon was the correct choice. Now Lecan can finally train him in earnest bit by bit.

(Should we leave the dungeon?)

(No, Eda won't grow if we stop here.)

(Should go a bit deeper.)

Lecan never had any intention to put Julius at risk in this dungeon.

There's no need to go deeper than necessary.

"Master, thank you very much."

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"My sword feels light."

"Seems so."

"I can finally use moves that I always wanted to try but unable to."

"Right. That's the power you got from diving in a dungeon."


"But don't get it wrong."


"You get stronger the deeper you dive in a dungeon. But it's nothing more than brute force without skills to match that strength. That is not your father's sword."

"Yes! I shall take it to heart!"

The day after, they reached floor 49.

Lecan was gonna be in charge of taking down two magic beasts, but Eda could defeat three faster than him. Thus, among five magic beasts, Eda takes on three, while Lecan and Julius beats one each.

Lecan would hand over two mana restoratives to Eda every day.

He woke up the next morning and checked how many mana restoratives he had left. Still a lot remaining. But that was when Lecan realized his blunder.


(I've been staying so much in Dungeon Tsubolt this year.)

(I forgot to collect ingredients to make mana restoratives!)

The main ingredient of mana restorative, Zahad Moss can be harvested all year round. However, the sub ingredients, Nichia Grass is in month one to three, Shiarigi Sprout is in month four, and Tago Grass is in month nine to ten otherwise they can't be harvested. It's month eight now. Meaning he can't make more mana restorative this year.

He also missed the period to harvest Kyumis Grass for stamina restorative, but since the Lecan now can use <Recovery>, this isn't that huge an issue. He's still got a lot left since he hasn't used them much.

However, missing mana restorative is quite a problem. Lecan could absorb mana directly from magic stones in the heat of combat, but mana restoratives are still best for continuous regeneration. They're also indispensable for diving in a dungeon with Eda.

(Well, what's done is done.)

(Eda will have to do with Blue Potion once or twice a day for mana regen.)

He doesn't have a lot of Large Blue Potions, but it's something they will eventually get by exploring and they can be bought in stores, though not a lot.

He could also let Eda wear <Necklace of Intuador>, but since Eda can't use <Absorption>, she'll need to have it equipped all the time. That's no good.

(Hold it.)

(If I'm not mistaken you could buy them easily.)

(At Summit Honor's Inn.)

(Guess I'll find out when we go outside.)

They reached floor 59 that day.


"Hm? What is it."

"Let's go outside for now."


"Do you even have to ask. We should take a break, you know."

"Eda. How many days we've been in this dungeon."

"Eh? Err, umm. Six days."

"Listen well, Eda."


"Humans can exert extraordinary powers when they're in the zone, but one cannot remain focused forever. In battle, in medicine making, and in studying, splitting tasks into too many smaller portions do you no good, yet tackling on one for too long will break your focus eventually."

"Ah! That's what I'm talking about! Isn't that why we should get out, take a nice short break and then come back with refreshed focus."

"There it is."


"You need training to focus as well. Who do you think holds the advantage between someone who can focus for one day and another who can keep it for three days."

"The three day one, right?"

"Indeed. In other word, you need a lot of training to maintain your focus long."

"Oh, so that's how it works."

"Six days may be the just right amount of time for ordinary adventurers to take a break, true. But why don't we keep at it a bit more here."

"Un! I got it."

Julius next to her is nodding as well.

(Good thing these guys are obedient.)

Besides, both Eda and Julius are still young. Their bodies have extraordinary power of recovery, physically and mentally. And Lecan is still far from exhausted on these shallow floors. There's no reason to leave the dungeon yet.






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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.4


They arrived at Tsubolt in three days.

Eda has always been a great runner, not to mention that she likes running. She can melt away her fatigue by casting <Purification> on herself too. She managed to keep running without losing pace to Lecan.

Julius was very obedient despite his lack of stamina. Even when he looked completely exhausted, he would keep running when told so after he got <Recovery> cast on him to clear away his fatigue.

Of course they used <Acceleration> magic too.

"Welcome. Sorry, but you'll have to wait a bit for lunch... eh? Lecan? It is you Lecan! Honey, honey! Come here. It's Lecan, he's back."

"What'd you say? Oh! Lecan. That you, Lecan."

"Hey, Nark. Nell. Got rooms?"

"Sure do, two vacant ones like usual."

"Yeah? We're staying long term. One room for this Eda here. Another for Julius and me."

"I'm Eda."

"My name is Julius."

"My my, you two are so cute. Hello. Nice to meet you two. Oh, are these your children, Lecan?"

"No. Ah, Julius is Arios's son."


"No, way. Wait, that guy's married?"

"You got extra bed?"

"Yeah, we do."
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"How much."

"For long term stays, same as normal charge."

"I see. Ah, we're gonna have breakfast tomorrow but after that, we likely won't come back for some time."

"Alrighty. Just leave it to me."

That night, they had a toast together with <Grindam> and the regular customers.

Dungeon Tsubolt went dormant for 20 days.

In celebration, Marquis of Tsubolt offered a huge amount of free booze and food, lowered prices of swords being sold at the stores, and offered free appraisal service. As such, the adventurers here greatly enjoyed the dormant period.

And with the rumor of Dungeon Tsubolt's conquest, there have been a steady increase in numbers of adventurers arriving at the town.

Lecan went to bed early that night.

He was pondering in his sleep.

Should he take the <God Cure> or not.

It's a miraculous potion that can even restore loss limbs. There's a high chance of Lecan's crushed left eye coming back if he takes it. Shira and Norma said so too.

However, Eda is currently working hard to improve her <Purification> for the sake of restoring Lecan's left eye.

What should be done here.

That time Lecan declined Herb Saint's offer to cast <Purification> on him. What did he say back then again.

Right. Lecan said that he would wait until either Eda's <Purification> reach high enough level, or until he gets <God Cure> with his own hands.

Did he get this <God Cure> with his own hands, no. Someone else gave it to him. He might as well accept Herb Saint's offer back then if he's gonna take this <God Cure> anyway.


(I won't take this <God Cure> now.)

(I will only do so if I've been driven into a situation that leaves me no choice but to take it.)

He likely won't find himself in that situation in this duel anyway, so there's no need to mull over what to do with the <God Cure> for the time being.

Lecan slept soundly that night.

The next morning, Lecan had Eda and Julius purchase their dungeon entry permits while he went buying up a huge stock of foodstuff.

As he was paying, one of the adventurers that happened to be present muttered, 'Isn't that Bat Demon Lecan', thus he quickly left the place.

Afterward, they bought Julius's chest protector and helm and went to the dungeon's entrance.

As they waited in line, one of the sentry walked up to them and let them pass through ahead. The policy to prioritize <Willard> without inspection is still active it seems.

"Magic beasts don't spawn in this dungeon's passages. They're only found in the rooms. There's only one type of magic beast here. An Apparition-type magic beast, specter kin, White Specters. Only one spawn in each room on this floor. Eda."


"I'm told <Purification> works wonder on White Specters."


"Try fighting by yourself in the first room."

"I got it."

The three went in a nearby room. There stood one White Specter. Eda held out her thin wand and recited a spell.


A blue ball of light was generated at the tip of her wand.

"Huh? Ah, oh right."

Eda erased the light ball at her wand's tip, switched the wand to her left hand as she pointed her right index finger at the magic beast.


A blue ball of light was generated and got shot out toward the magic beast at high speed, then it hit and went inside the magic's beast body.

The magic beast's body turned hazy before vanishing entirely.

"I did it!"

"Yep. Well done."

Then they went to the giant variant's room.

"Julius. Your turn to fight."

"Yes, master."

"Julius-kun, so cute."

"You best lop off their head if you fight with a sword."

"Yes, I understand."

Julius defeated the magic beast in a single stroke of his sword with his graceful swordsmanship.

Afterward, Lecan taught Julius how to fetch the magic stone.

Then it's stairway time.

"Alright. We're running."

"Eh? Okay."

"I understand, master."

The three ran down the stairs. They met several other adventurers along the way, and instead jumping over their heads, they slowed down their and passed by them.

They didn't run on the second floor's passages. Not like they're in any hurry. They can't got that deep anyway.

They went straight into the giant variant's room on the second floor, with Eda fighting.

They walked but at a fast pace in the stairway. Passing through several adventurers along the way.

They also headed straight for the giant variant's room on the third floor, with Julius fighting this time.


(These sluggish White Specters on these floors ain't no match to Julius.)

"Fumu. Eda will deal with the magic beasts on the next few floors."

"Got it."

They got to floor 9 that day. The travel there takes the most time. They had to wait their turns at two stairway rooms too. They're camping in a vacant room. Lecan had stocked up a heap of firewood yesterday.

Even dried jerky taste good when you roast them over a camp fire. The soup warmed up their bodies.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.3


"I managed to see Marquis of Smarc, but he ended up making me accompany him in a dinner."

"Haha. That must have been tough. But I suppose things went smoothly if you managed to get invited to a dinner."

"Yes. Manfrey-sama. The duel will now be held at Tsubolt."


"Yep, Lecan. Tsubolt and Mashajain do carry out a level of goods trades with each other but that's as far as it goes. While Smarc regularly sends their knights to dive in Dungeon Tsubolt. In other word, House of Notz has a degree of relationship and trust with both Wazrof and Fotos, and while they are willing to accommodate either house's request, they won't take side on any one. Plus, they're of a high enough standing to stand as a witness of this duel."

Lecan had come across Gido's Knights at Dungeon Tsubolt once, but never Smarc's.


"That hasn't been decided yet. House of Fotos and House of Indole are going to formally send a request to House of Notz regarding the venue and observer before deciding the date."

"House of Indole?"

"Yes. Manfrey-sama."

"What does House of Indole have to do with this matter. This is between Fotos and Wazrof."

"Manfrey-sama. The circumstance has changed. Us four met once again on the 30th at <White Snow Arbor>. I pointed the possibility of unsolicited interventions at the capital. Hearing that, Solusgia-sama said with a sour look saying, 'Sounds plausible'. And then lady Heles."

"Lady Heles?"

"When she found out that my proxy is Lecan, she spoke how she wished to witness Lecan's match."

"Ah, I see. She did conquer Dungeon Ninae after joining Lecan-dono's party. Makes sense."

"Thus, both duels will now be held at Tsubolt."

"Well, it matters not how they want to proceed with theirs, it does not directly relate to us."

Lecan has always intended to challenge Tsubolt once again, but it's still too soon. That last floor's boss is still too much for the current him.

(Wait a minute.)

(Dungeon Tsubolt.)

(We have Eda.)
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(That should do it!)


"Lecan. I trust you don't have any problem with Tsubolt, do you?"

"Of course. No problem at all. By the way, when are they gonna tell you the date?"

"Their messengers should have been dispatched two days ago. From the capital to Tsubolt should take eight days. Wazrof would be notified on the 5th of month eight at the soonest."

"After you get that notification, when are all the concerned parties gonna arrive at Tsubolt?"

"For Pentaros-dono and Solusgia-dono to get notified and then depart and arrive at Tsubolt would take three times as long, or 24 days, that would be on the 15th of month eight at the earliest. But it would likely take at least four days more in reality."

"Alright. Julius and me are gonna head for Tsubolt now."



"Mind if I take Eda along?"

"I don't mind, but why are you in such a hurry?"




"I wanna go dungeoneering at Tsubolt with Eda and Julius."

"Am I going into a dungeon with you Lecan?"

Eda looked at Lecan with a cheerful face.

"Yea. You're needed."

"I'm, needed."

"I'd like to boost your life force a bit more too."

"Un! I'm going to Dungeon Tsubolt with Lecan."


Manfrey burst into a loud laughter all of a sudden. This was the first time Lecan saw this person demonstrated such a humane quality.

"Hahaha. Norma, this is simply amazing. To Lecan, dueling against House of Fotos's prided Raid Unit Commander is nothing more than a passing thought."

"Lecan. You're really, geez."

Norma sighed, looking drained.



"Send an operative once the duel date's been decided. We're staying at <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>."

"I got it. I believe one wagon should suffice then."

"Hm? Whose wagon."

"A wagon to transport you, Eda-dono and Julius to Tsubolt."

"No need. We're gonna run there. Appreciate the thought."

"You cannot be thinking of running all the way to Tsubolt, can you. It'd be wise to converse your stamina too."

"No. This is a training too."

Lecan wanted to depart right away, but Norma entreated him to have a dinner together tonight at least, thus it was moved tomorrow morning.

Just before they departed, Lecan was called to Manfrey's office alone.

"Lecan. This duel is in your hands. Best of luck. I have a little something to offer you. Please take it."

A maid walked up and left a small pouch in front of him.

"Hou. Much obliged."

Lecan took the content.

It's a potion.

But a kind of potion Lecan never saw before.

It's shining white.

(This is.)

(A <God Cure>!)

"I suppose not even you have seen one before. That is a <God Cure>."

"Sure you wanna give this?"

"Initially I intended to present you an armor or a weapon under our house's custody. But you are an adventurer who have conquered a 150-floor grand dungeon. You're surely fully equipped already and must prefer equipment you're accustomed with. Thus, I have opted to offering a consumable. That is yours. Feel free to use it whenever the needs arise."

<God Cures> are indeed rare and expensive. However, it's not like you can't find one in the whole kingdom. As expected of one of the two great marquis houses. Naturally they have something like this stocked up.

However, these are not something one readily give to anyone, not even Wazrof would. Thus, even Lecan understands that this is his highest form of sincerity.

"You have my thanks. I'll make good use of it."

Lecan stood up put his hand on his chest and bowed.

Manfrey did the same.

"I shall pray for your victory."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.2


The morning after, Norma took Fujisur and Eda to the capital.

Lecan started training Julius.

He found out Julius's surprising competence in swordsmanship as they exchanged blows.

However it's not yet fit for real combat.

His swordsmanship may be elegant, but interrupting him while he's in the middle of a move causes him to lose balance.

He could parry well from any direction, but a continuous barrage of attack results in him quickly losing his composure.


(I guess he's still in form practicing phase.)

(What the heck do I teach this boy?)

Lecan can't teach stuff like sword techniques or the likes. He can only teach him real combat. But forcing Julius to participate in real combat now would only screw with his forms and techniques instead.

But then, Lecan saw another issue in day three of practice.

(What this boy lacks is fundamental strength.)

(Strength to grasp, swing, and strike, also.)

(Instantaneous explosive force and agility.)

(Once he let out a strike with full power behind it, he's used up all his reserve strength.)

(No more strength to move on to the next strike.)


(Boy's got excellent reaction speed.)

Lecan feels like he could teach the boy many things once he's got the fundamental strength down.

Manfrey was always busy all day dealing with work and guests, but he would always find time to invite Lecan to a meal or tea time once a day.

Manfrey who looked unfriendly outwardly turned out to be well versed in old local heroic tales, and interesting Grace Gear, which he used to entertain Lecan.

Julius was allowed to be present too. When Lecan introduced him as his apprentice, Manfrey asked about the boy's origin, and Lecan told him that Arios is the boy's father. Manfrey ceased to inquire any further. He showed no reaction to the name Arios either.

(Perhaps not every marquis house knows about.)

(Arios's clan.)

Manfrey introduced his little brothers and sons to Lecan. But he never pressed further nor he showed any sign of trying to curry favor to Lecan. Lecan was quite pleased with Manfrey's way of putting distance. They were also given a room in a remote detached annex, the servants would only go there for meals and cleaning, and do nothing to interrupt Lecan or Julius. The liquor and cooking were very good as well.

(Nothing less to expect from Norma's cousin.)

(House of Wazrof is a nice place.)

One day during meal, they touched upon a particular topic.

"Per Norma's request, I had dispatched operatives to Tsubolt in order to investigate you. As a result, I found out that you have conquered Dungeon Tsubolt."


"The facts that Dungeon Tsubolt has 150 floors and that it has been conquered are shocking indeed, but only to those who are familiar with Dungeon Tsubolt itself. After all, every Grand Dungeons has their own quirks."

"Hou. So that's how it goes."

"Umu. However, Marquis of Tsubolt has presented a <Comet Cutter> to his majesty the king."


"It has been given the stamp of approval from the royal family-appointed appraiser. It is indeed the same sword as the Founder King's trusty sword. The royal family showered Marquis of Tsubolt with great honor, and furnished the new sword in a room deep in the royal palace for lords to witness."

"I see."

"A rumor about how an adventurer called Lecan was the one who presented the <Comet Cutter> to Marquis of Tsubolt is circulating among the lords."


"Ordinarily, no one bothers to find out the name of adventurers who managed to procure valuable items from dungeons under a particular lord's management."

Of course. It's the same with how there is no records of miners who dig out gems.

"However, <Comet Cutter> is said to be a treasure the Founder King procured by his own hands in a dungeon. And nobody else since then ever got their hands on a <Comet Cutter>. As such it must have greatly piqued his majesty's curiosity. He asked thus as Marquis of Tsubolt presented the <Comet Cutter>. 'Who is this adventurer that obtained this treasure?'"

Of course, Marquis of Tsubolt would answer it's an adventurer by the name Lecan. Which then spreads out as rumors.

"Hm? Shouldn't it be known that Dungeon Tsubolt had 150 floors before Zaka Kingdom was founded? There must be a few <Comet Cutters> in circulation before the founding, what about those?"

"It has been said that there existed several <Comet Cutter> long in past. However, none has ever borne witness to one. Only the trusty sword of the Founder King and the one Marquis of Tsubolt presented remain."

When you think about it, there should be not a lot of appraisers capable of appraising <Comet Cutter>. Not a lot of people capable of activating and wielding it as well. And even fewer magic swordsmen who could wield the sword to its full capability. There might be a few <Comet Cutters> unknowingly resting in the treasury of some local nobles.

As they had nothing else to do, Lecan would keep Julius company in his training every day.

He got some unexpected benefits.

(Haha. This is that sword technique Arios often used.)
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(So this is how's it done.)

Julius's swordsmanship is honest and textbook-like.

Thus it's easy to understand the structure and characteristics of his techniques.

Lecan gets to learn about an orthodox-style swordsmanship while practicing with Julius.

(Just gotta carefully watch and learn this boy's sword.)

(It'll be a good reference when I'm fighting someone trained in orthodox swordsmanship.)

(What a steal.)

At first, Lecan would parry or block Julius's sword. Later on he would often let his body take the hits. Julius was shocked, but as Lecan kept his cool, he eventually got used to it.

Taking the hits with his body is partly a way to grasp those techniques' power and effects, and partly a training for Julius, to get him used to cutting flesh.

Julius's attacks don't pass through <Overking Bear Overcoat> anyway, not to mention its <Self-Repair>. And Lecan has <Recovery>. Nothing to worry about.

There are just two techniques Lecan would not take a direct hit.

One is a pierce. As it's got a very obvious windup, the technique would likely never hit an enemy that hasn't lost their balance already, but it's got enough power that made even Lecan broke out in cold sweat.

(I learned <Puncture> skill through a potion.)

(But this boy must have learned it through his swordschool's training.)

The other one is a quick sword drawing technique. It's apparently called <Windless>. As Julius has only just recently started practicing the technique, his sword sometimes would slip out wrong, but blocking this technique proved hard even when Lecan kept a close watch. Like it's hard to read the breathing with this technique. This technique branches out to several others, and one among those is called <Tiger's Jaws> which boasts very high power.

Norma came back on the 33rd.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.1


The journey from Vouka to Mashajain was peaceful, boring even to Lecan. It might be because it was his first time having to quietly sit on a wagon for seven days straight.

Eda is getting better and better at <Purification>. The <Purification> cast from her thin wand flowed so smooth, elegant and stable. It's become a habit for her to cast <Purification> on Norma, Jinga and herself two-three times a day. She also cast it on Marquis of Wazrof once a day during her stay at Mashajain back then, and the clothes she's wearing now is a thank you gift for that.

Lecan asked about the duel rules on the way there. Of course Norma has verified them beforehand.

You can use any equipment or items. All kinds of attacks including magic is permitted, however curses and poisons are prohibited. The match won't be annulled or deemed your loss if you kill your opponent, however damaging your opponent enough without killing them and allowing the judge to make the decision is seen as the more honorable method.

Lecan's opponent in the duel is the Commander of First Unit of Smarc Navy Knights, Viska Kouen. Smarc has land knights and navy knights, the navy knights sit higher in the pecking order. The Navy Knights have 15 units in total, the lower the unit number the stronger they are. And the strongest individual in a unit is the commander. Commander of the first unit is entrusted to the strongest man among all Smarc Knights, they're traditionally called, <Raid Unit Commander>, and they are the individual who would rush headlong at the enemy's frontlines, wreaking havoc there.

Their wagon arrived at Mashajain on evening of the 22nd. Then Marquis of Wazrof invited Norma, Lecan and Eda to a dinner.

They were led to a room where Manfrey was waiting, he stood up and welcomed them.

"Hi. Forgive me for the short notice. Norma, Eda. I'm glad to see you again. And you must be Lecan."


Manfrey and Lecan stared at each other for a while.

Norma thought to herself, 'oh?'

(Feels like the aura around Lecan has changed.)

Lecan has always been bold, he will never falter no matter who he stands up to, be it first class priest of Elex Temple or Herb Saint Skalabel. Even now he's calmly facing off against the family head of the second highest ranking noble in this country. But there's something different about it to the Lecan that met Herb Saint entourage several months ago.

(I see. I don't feel the dreadfulness anymore.)

The Lecan at the time had this sense of dreadfulness even common people like Norma could sense. There was an especially strong repulsion against those who wear the mantle of authority, a kind of sharpness that would cut you down dared you touch it.

But the Lecan now has none of it. He even took on Manfrey's probing, pressuring stare with an air of composure.

(Eda has grown a lot in the past several months.)
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(And so has Lecan it seems.)

Manfrey loosened his expression and offered a seat to Lecan.

"I bid you welcome. Have a seat now."


They had a toast and the dinner began.

"Norma. Five days ago Findin arrived here before departing for the capital. I read your letter then. You wish to change the duel location because Lecan has a reason to avoid going to the capital, I believe."

"Yes. That's right."

"Would you be willing to share that reason with me."

Norma looked at Lecan. She can't say a word without Lecan's approval.

Lecan did something that surprised Norma. He pretty much divulged how he is a Descender and Yacklubend would definitely find and lock him up like a rare magic beast if he ever sets foot inside the capital. And in a far more detailed account than during Findin's presence.

"Fumu. So that's your reason. Your master, this Shira, just who is she exactly."

"I have to ask you not to touch upon that."

"Oho. Then that I shall. Anyway, so Lord Yacklubend Tomato procured a remain of a sword possessing special Graces you brought from your world through a connection with your master, resulting in their bizarre interest in you. You also have other Grace Gear you don't wish shown to Lord Tomato."

"Not exactly Grace Gear, more like items created by means unavailable in this world. Besides, there must be other items I brought from my world that's gonna pique Yacklubend's curiosity. I have a special <Box> only I can open and shut. If I ever got caught by Yacklubend, they likely won't release me until I took everything in it out."

"A <Box> only specific persons can open huh. Our house does have such <Box> as well. Bought from none other than Lord Tomato themselves. Although Lord Tomato could likely open it. However yes, if it's a <Box> made by the technology of your world, Lord Tomato would definitely keep you bound until they're done analyzing it. Hold on."

Manfrey contemplated with squinted eyes.

"I see. You yourself has a secret that would warrant Lord Tomato's boundless interest."

As Lecan's <Box> is not an item, but his ability, Manfrey's guess is 100% correct. And that's not all, in a topic regarding connections between his world's abilities to this world's magic, Lecan possess the clue that would make Yacklubend go into frenzy if they knew.


"I see. Understood. You must not go to the capital. That person is truly terrible indeed. Your concern is warranted."

"You've met them?"

"No, I have not. I am not familiar with anyone who has met Lord Tomato directly. Perhaps I have met them as a high official of the PM Office, but they will never disclose such matters. Now then. Norma. You must head for the capital as soon as you could."

"That is because?"

"Marquis of Smarc is at the capital right now."

Norma thought they could only ask Pentaros about changing duel location, but it's another thing if the family head himself can be reached. Everything would be settled without clashing with what they discussed on the 30th if only they got the family head's approval first.

"I understand. I will head straight for the capital tomorrow. Lecan, please wait here."

"Got it."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 41.16_17


Eda asked Lecan to stay at Goncourt Mansion, but he opted to go back to his house.

Goncourt mansion isn't the most comfortable place to be for Lecan.

Besides it's only going to be for two evenings anyway, no need to look for an inn.

Back at home, Arios was inside.

Along with a boy that looks very much like Arios.

"Lecan-dono. This here is Julius. He's my son."

"Wait, you got a son. Rather, you were married."

"Yes. I have. So, here's the thing. My father was originally not blessed with the most healthy body, and his condition has been getting worse as of late, thus I am required to be back at the village."

"Oh really."

"Yes. I likely won't be able to stay out of the village often in the future. Thus, I would like to ask you, Lecan-dono, one thing."


"Would you be willing to train this Julius here."

"Yea, sure."

"Thank you so much. Julius. Where's your greeting."

"Hello, I'm Julius. I'm pleased to meet you."

His voice and conduct are weirdly cute.

"Yea. Same here. How old are you?"

"I am 13 this year."


Felt like someone told Lecan about Longlifers' life span once but he couldn't recall. Say it's twice the normal humans, 13 would mean he's 6 in comparison. Yet he doesn't look like a 6 year old boy. Were someone told you he's 13, you'd think that's about right.

That night, the three held a farewell party. In a restaurant outside. The same restaurant Chaney had brought Lecan to many times before. Might be the first time he paid out of his pocket.

He thought of calling Eda too, but stopped short since Jericho would get lonely then. It's also partly because going to Goncourt would be a pain.

Arios drank a lot that night.

So did Lecan, ate and drank to his heart's content.

"If you're leaving this town tomorrow, drop by Eda's place to say your farewell first."

"Yes. I shall do so. I would like to do the same with Shira-san as well, where would she be now?"

"Beats me. Shira disappeared somewhere. Why'd you think I know where she's at."

"It just felt like you do."

"Even if I do, you won't hear a thing from me. Look for it yourself if you want."

"Then, please give her my thanks and regards the next time you see her."

"Yea. By the way Arios. I'm going to leave this town the day after tomorrow, and won't return for a while. What do you wanna do with Julius? Should I take him?"

"Hmm. Lecan-dono won't go to the capital, will you?"

"I won't go to the capital."

"Then please take him with you."

"Got it."

The three came back home and had a night rest.

The morning after, Arios made their breakfast.

Once they were done, Arios cleaned up and took his luggage before bowing deeply at Lecan.

"Lecan-dono. I'm very grateful for all you have done for me."

"Hold it right there, Arios."


"How about an outing together in a dungeon somewhere one last time."

"I will have to decline. I have got a bad feeling about that. Well then, see you again."

"Yea. See you."

"Father. Please take care."

"You too."

Then Arios left the house. He went to bid farewell to Eda before leaving the town altogether.

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Lecan spent the next two days buying stuff, then went to see Shira after having a dinner with Julius.

"What do you need this time."

"I get to fight as a proxy in a duel against a noble, Pentaros Fotos."

"Well that's abrupt, same as ever I see. Explain the circumstance first will you."

After a brief explanation by Lecan, Shira got lost in thought for a bit.

"Okay, I understand the situation. So? You must be here to consult something, aren't you?"

"I wanna ask if there's someone out there that can beat me in a one-on-one fight, and what are the things I should be wary of."

"Hmph. I'll go pour us tea, wait a minute."


After enjoying the tea a bit, Shira spoke.

"I can't think of many beings on this entire continent that can beat the you now in a one-on-one fight."

"So there are."

"Not humans. But that is only as far as my knowledge goes. Even you yourself is a so-called irregular existence. There is no telling if there are similar irregular beings like you out there."

"I see."

"But well, if the marquis house is sending their relative or retainer as a proxy, don't think anyone can stand up against you."

"I see."

"But you'd better be prepared for the equipment they bring."


"To cut things short, say that <Ring of Undying King>. If the other party brings out a Grace Gear on the same level as that one, you might very well lose your life."

"So Grace Gear like this exists out there."

"Sure they do. Those kinds of special Grace Gear can be frighteningly powerful in a one-on-one fight."

"Can't just be in a one-on-one."

"Nope, only in a one-on-one. Try using <Ring of Undying King> against a thousand knights and see how long that'll last you. These Grace Gear are very powerful, but not so much in a war."

"Oh yeah, that makes sense. By the way, so you knew about this ring's effects."

"I do."


"Well, just watch out. If they come out with a Grace Gear on that ring's level in the duel, that will put both of you on equal ground. And depending on what your opponent brings, even you may find yourself in a pickle. Try to get it done swiftly."

"Got it. Thank you. Ah, also, Arios sent you his thanks."


"Arios's father health's getting worse, so he's gone back to his village. Guy left his son, Julius, with me. Wants me to train him. Apparently boy's 13 year old."

"Hee. Really now."

Once Lecan left, Shira poured another cupful of tea for herself.

"Fufu. But to think that Norma would. Who could have foreseen that. Well, I guess that's not bad in itself. I too must keep my eyes straight in my fight. I'll pray for your fortune. All of them is doing their best. I gotta follow their steps. Just wait for it, Jericho."

Shira held out her tea cup to a conspiciously big star in the sky.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 41.15


Once Findin had vacated the room, Norma recalled the event at <Snow Flower Arbor>.

Norma and Heles went back to the earlier gazebo and had another chat for a while. As they talked about their lives, the topic moved to the courtship duel.

"Norma. I am still a member of Rainzats, I have resolved myself into being married off to another house if must be, just like my elder sisters did. But I wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming a knight first."

"Is that right."

That is understandable.

Truthfully speaking, Norma herself never had any intention to marry into a pirate noble house. No, to any house.

However, after meeting Manfrey again and the hustle bustle that followed, she came to feel stronger in her heritage as a daughter of Sasfrey. During that time, she came to believe that it would be inevitable if she got married off to another noble house depending on the situation.

Moreso for Heles who was born and raised as a daughter of a high ranking noble, that realization would come naturally.

"As such, I actually would not mind to follow through with the marriage talk if the other party was willing to wait for a while. My father has told me to do as I wish as there are plus and minus of being married to either Gido or Smarc for Rainzats."

"And yet your rejection was pretty intense."

"Yes that's right. I found it shocking myself. However, my entire being was awash with repulsive thoughts the moment that man touched my hand."

Norma was rattled. It's as if she's read Norma's mind.

Heles spoke in whisper.

"Just between you and me, a certain gentleman came up in my mind in that moment."

Norma was hit by a shock.

(She's talking about Lecan.)

Norma wondered how she came to that conclusion. However, she's sure it must be Lecan. And that belief was firm.

(This cousin of mine and myself.)

(Have truly similar souls.)
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(Falling for the same man.)

(Might be inevitable.)

Afterward, the two chatted for a while before going their own way.

Family head of Rainzats has five other consorts besides lady Lilia whom birthed an eldest son and Heles. So Heles and Norma are the only ladies of this generation who descend from <White Snow Flower Princess>.

Heles said this as they parted ways.

"Norma. I'm very glad to have met you. Allow me to call you my elder sister from now on. Please refer to me as your little sister."

"Me too, Heles, I'm so glad we could meet. No matter where fates carry us both, we will forever be sisters."

The two hugged each other.

Norma held Heles dear from the bottom of her heart.

After losing his father and mother, she thought she was left all alone in this world, yet here stood her little sister. In this embrace, she truly feels like she's her biological little sister, transcending logic.

The two parted.

Lonesome. Reluctance.

However, an even stronger emotion than those welled up from within Norma.

(My dear little sister.)

(I won't let you get Lecan.)

(No matter what.)

If she were to marry Lecan for real, her position as a lady of Wazrof would only get in the way.

Heiress to Goncourt would be more preferable instead.

Thus, Norma reasoned Manfrey away from trying to urge the PM Office to revise their Family Tree.

Then once she was back at Goncourt, she deliberately made Prado and Kanner anxious about the possibility of Wazrof taking her away, and got them to agree with having Lecan as her proxy.

To Prado and Kanner, Lecan is their sole shining beacon of hope.

But the problem now is Lecan's own feelings.

Schemes won't work on Lecan. And she's no intention to employ one to begin with. She must not.

She could only give her everything in hope for salvation.

This situation didn't come to be naturally, it was brought by Norma's interventions.

Norma bet her everything in it. And even with Norma's interventions, the impetus for the whole situation is a past event involving four marquis houses and the royal family, Norma merely took part in it.

Norma would throw herself and beg Lecan.

Please fight for my sake.

Please save me.

Only such pleas devoid of lies could work on Lecan.

What if he refuses to go in the duel.

What if he shows any sign of revolt to the idea of getting engaged.

What if he's unwilling to save me.

Norma couldn't keep calm as those thoughts haunted her.

And Lecan came back just in time.

Just the other day, she got a message from Wazrof's spy how Lecan conquered Dungeon Tsubolt and immediately left the town on the 34th of month six, so she knew he would get back to Vouka in upcoming days, but the wait was awfully agonizing.

However her impatience was rewarded with the best possible result.

He agreed to the duel and engagement.

He's going to fight for her.

Lecan is going to fight to her aid.

Norma's heart trembled and turned hotter.

Her delight almost ruptured into a shout.

Of course, there's no guarantee Lecan is going to win.

The possibility of losing exists even for Lecan. All the more when the other party is a son of marquis dead set in winning the duel. You can never be too careful about the chance of them bringing out some truly powerful and rare Grace Gear.

Were Lecan lose, she would be the wife of a heir to pirate noble.

But Lecan is willing to duel for her. And he would be her fiance if he won. No, he's already one. Risking that much is only right.

It even feels like she's the happiest woman in the world right at this instance.

Changing the duel location is nothing.

What better time than now to utilize her honed intellect.

Norma intends to put her all into changing the duel location.

The smile on her face looks exactly like the smile Heles showed when she parted ways with Lecan, but none is the wiser.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 41.14


"I was utterly outmatched."

"That cannot be true. Is he really that good?"

"He's also a man of mettle and reason. Considerate as well as merciful on others."

"A man worthy of such praises from you huh."

"There may be some eccentric and doubtful points about him, but he is a man with a well grounded foundation in personality and nobility."


"Lecan and Norma-sama have established a deep trust between each others."

"Is that right?"

"If Norma-sama is the one asking, that man is likely willing to listen. He is not someone who would try to sell favor or demand reward beyond his position."


At this point of time, Findin had the worst impression on Lecan still. Far from this man Jinga spoke of. Thus he couldn't see where the talk was going.

"Manfrey-sama, I have a request."

Manfrey raised his face at Norma's word as he was deep in thought.

"Lecan should be exploring Dungeon Tsubolt right about now."


"Could you send a messenger there to check where and how he is doing now."

"Fumu. We could file a formal request to the marquis seeing it's Tsubolt, but I suppose it's best to keep this matter out of public eye. Very well. I shall send out several covert operatives."

Once the talk was over, Findin called out to Jinga in the hallway.


"What is it."

"It's about that adventurer Lecan you spoke of earlier."

"Fumu. What about it."

"Is this Lecan the same Lecan who raided Goncourt mansion during the night and murdered Zepus-sama?"


"I cannot see how he is the person you praised so much."

"That might be true from your standpoint. But were you aware that Zepus-dono kidnapped Eda-dono by knocking her out in a surprise attack, and Lecan-dono came to the mansion to rescue her?"

"Eh? Kidnapped? I'm sure there is a better word for it."

"I wonder."

"Besides, even if there was a slight miscommunication, he could just wait until daytime to state his business and it would have been much less messy, yet he went and broke the gate at night and invaded the mansion, what was that if not a criminal. As for Eda-dono being invited to Goncourt, that would be for her good if she agreed to it, and she could always file a complaint to the townlord if not."

"Go check with Kanner to confirm the truth."

"I shall do so."

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"I am Norma-sama's knight. Regardless of anything formally."


"I only wish for Norma-sama's safety and happiness. To that end, I shall abide by Norma-sama's commands. And that includes unspoken commands."

Jinga left after saying that much.

Findin repeated Jinga's words in his mind to digest them.

(I see.)

(To Jinga-sama, it doesn't matter what he personally thinks of Lecan in this context.)

(What's important is what Norma-sama thinks.)

(And Norma-sama wishes to make Lecan her proxy.)

(Thus why Jinga-dono said all that.)

(Then what about me?)

(I would like to be a retainer Norma-sama trusts.)

(Otherwise I won't be of use to Goncourt.)

(Therefore, I should think and act like Jinga-sama does.)

Nevertheless, Findin found it hard to believe that a knight of Jinga's caliber would say something that betrays his belief. He was bewildered by the praises Jinga gave Lecan.

Afterward, Findin started digging out what Norma thinks of Lecan little by little.

According to Norma, adventurer Lecan is not only the strongest and invincible, he's also a peerless user of <Recovery> magic, and even a transcendental master of apothecary. Even the Herb Saint and his pupils could only stare in awe at his craft. This Lecan also excels at distinguishing people's nature and their personality, which gently helped Norma dispel away the darkness in her heart.

After getting that much, it's obvious what Norma thinks of Lecan.

(This is no good.)

(When someone as capable as Norma-sama gets drunk in love.)

(She's blinded by it unable to make a sound judgment.)

(There's no way someone like that exists no matter how you slice it.)

(This Lecan guy is a fraud.)

At the end of the day, Findin's impression on Lecan, being a hooligan outlaw, didn't change. Womanizer and scoundrel even got added to the list.

Afterward, Wazrof's covert operatives found out that floors below 120 had been discovered at Dungeon Tsubolt, and Lecan was currently exploring those untrodden floors.

After finding that out, Manfrey changed his mind, and let Lecan be the proxy.

It may be a duel for Norma's courtship, but Wazrof's honor also hangs on the line. And since the Family Tree Record will eventually get revised either way, this matter is ultimately a courtship between pirate noble Fotos and Wazrof. In other word, it has a significant meaning in regards to future courtships for Wazrof.

Manfrey was going to summon Lecan, but Norma stopped him. He would be giving a bad impression if he got in the way of Lecan's dungeoneering.

Norma decided to go back to Vouka for the time being and waited for Lecan's return there.

If the time limit was nearing the deadline and Lecan had still not gone back, they would summon Lecan.

Even during her stay at Wazrof and back at Goncourt, Norma spent her whole time dealing with the manuscripts without rest. She would also occasionally give appropriate advice to deal with Goncourt's problems.

As he watched her, Findin came to greatly respect Norma. Additionally, he had asked Kanner regarding the details with Lecan's raid at Goncourt mansion, understanding that Lecan's side was on the right.

Findin was done with his reminiscence just as Norma finished writing the letter and called out to him.

"Findin. You must start your preparation to depart to the royal capital. I'm sorry for sending you when you must be busy, but It'd be a big help if you could depart as soon as you can once I'm done with the letter."

"Yes. I will get my luggage and wagon ready right away."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 41.13


Once Lecan went home, Norma called Findin to her office.

"Findin. You are to go to the capital ahead of time."


"Deliver my letter to Pentaros-dono as soon as you possibly can. I would prefer if you could arrive at the capital before Pentaros-dono and wait for his return there. The sooner we can start negotiating the better."


After saying that much, Norma started writing a letter on her desk.

Findin kept staring at Norma.

Not a word she said to Lecan was a lie. However, neither has she told everything.

After the Courtship Duel was decided, Jinga was called into the room to have a chat with Pentaros and Solusgia for a while. Pentaros's aide, Penvik Furoda, and Solusgia's aide, Pankota Mazo also joined in.

After a while, Pentaros said this.

"And here I wanted to see Jinga-dono's fight against our Shock Corps' commander, Viska, what a shame."

Norma looked at Pentaros with a smile on her face, yet she said nothing.

"Surely they are yet to finish revising lady Norma's status into the family tree. Which means that as the chief knight of Wazrof, Jinga-dono cannot be treated as lady Norma's retainer. Unfortunately, you can't be her proxy."

Findin found it weird.

Even if the Family Tree Record has not been revised yet, Norma is still a legitimate child of Sasfrey Wazrof. In other word, she's still Jinga's lord. Only the family head of Wazrof can decide whether Norma is a member of Wazrof. As such, saying Jinga cannot be Norma's proxy contains no logic behind it.

Yet, Norma didn't say a word to deny Pentaros.

"Perhaps so. We ourselves have been appealing to the prime minister to hurry with the revision."

"Would be nice if it went well."

That was when Penvik Furoda left the place.

(He must be heading to the PM Office.)

(To pressure them into withholding the Family Tree Record revision.)

Since even Findin noticed that, there's no way the clever Norma wouldn't. And yet, Norma kept inexplicably doing nothing and stayed around chatting with Pentaros.

Findin was getting flustered.
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(Should I not wait for my order?)

(Maybe I should move out on my own here?)

Findin nonchalantly tried to leave the place as well. He must run to the PM Office.

"Findin. Where are you going."

But Norma stopped him.

"Your job is to stay here and take in all the conversation without missing a word. You are then to give me advice when needs to."


In the end, Norma did nothing to stop Pentaros's scheme.

Then they met again at this <Snow Flower Arbor> on the 30th to iron out all the particulars for the duel and made an oath.

Afterward, Norma stayed at Wazrof mansion in the capital for two days, yet she never made any move besides the one time she sent Fujisur to the PM Office.

Naturally the prime minister evaded Fujisur's demand and while he promised the revision would be done, he could not commit on the date.

More than that even, while the PM won't be involved in the Courtship Duel, he believes that House of Fotos's claim that Norma belongs to Goncourt as their heiress stands to reason.

Norma came back to Mashajain on the 37th.

Manfrey was enraged when he heard the details, but Norma remained calm.

"Manfrey-sama. The other party believes that everything is going as they have planned. We should let them be."

"Norma. Is there a strong knight at Goncourt?"

"There is none."

"Then Wazrof shall lend you one. We have several knights whose skill in sword won't lose to Jinga in his prime."

"I don't think they will agree to it."

"Like we could let that nonsense pass. And besides, were House of Fotos bow their head to Wazrof seeking for a wife, and you agree to it, we would have not interfered, but snatching a lady of Wazrof right under our nose through losing a duel would be humiliating. How are you so composed."

"It doesn't have to be a retainer, a relative will do as well."

"Relative? Your relatives--"

"To tell you the truth, I have a fiance."

"What. Who is it."

"An adventurer by the name Lecan."


It was Eda who voiced her surprise here. Everybody turned to look at Eda.

"L-Lecan is Norma-san's fiance? S-since when?"

"Eda. That's just what I make them believe. So he can participate in the duel as my family."

"Ah, so it's like that."

"Wait, hold it. Lecan? Who is that? An acquaintance of Eda-dono?"

"Not just an acquaintance see, like, you know I conquered Dungeon Ninae with Heles-san, right?"

"Umu. Truly a surprise."

"Our party is called <Willard> see, and Lecan is the leader."

"What. Conquerer of Ninae eh. And he's responsible as the party leader. Fumu."

"I have actually told Pentaros-sama regarding adventurer Lecan being my fiance and gotten his permission to let him participate as my proxy if I am to belong to Goncourt."

"Is that true. You really work fast. Hold it. By Lecan, do you mean apothecary Lecan?"

"Lecan is an apothecary too, yes."

Manfrey seems to know about apothecary Lecan. Since the Herb Saint Entourage must have made a stop at this town, he must have heard it from either priest Amamir or a member of the entourage.

Jinga spoke to Manfrey as he put on a difficult look.


"Hm? What's the matter, Jinga."

"I have had the opportunity to clash swords with Lecan-dono."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 41.12


"Hold it. I don't really get the flow of events. Why'd you do that duel thing too?"

Lecan interrupted.

"I made use of the mood set at the time from lady Heles requesting the Courtship Duel to request for the same thing as well."

"Hmm? But even if you got Jinga as your proxy, there's no telling what kind of warrior they're gonna send out or their equipment. No guarantee the judge will be fair either. Looks to me you're taking unnecessary risk there."

"Lecan. You're worried about me. Thank you. That makes me happy."

"Seeing it's you, can't you think up other methods?"

"The other party would only get suspicious if I used roundabout ways. I owe great deal to Wazrof. I didn't want to put them in a difficult situation. And I knew this Courtship Duel would be desirable to those guys."

"So has that duel been done? What's the result?"

"Oh it's not yet held. Both Pentaros-dono and Solusgia-dono sailed away on a ship for some business at Dresta Kingdom."


"They would be coming back to Zaka Kingdom on the last third of month sixth, and we made a promise to meet again on the 30th of month seven. "

As today is the 7th of month seven, arriving at the capital on the 30th is doable. But she must depart within three days time.

"Nothing for me to do then."

"By the way, Lecan. Jinga cannot participate as my proxy."


"The Family Tree record has not bee revised yet. So I'm not a Wazrof yet. No, I'm undoubtedly related to Wazrof, but my standing as a heiress of Goncourt is stronger. Thus, I'm formally seen as a member of Goncourt."

"That can't be. I don't really get it, but that Family Tree Records thing should get revised no problem so long you bring undeniable proof. Not even the PM Office can't ignore it if Wazrof presses on them, no?"

"Of course they can't. The revision will definitely take place. But apparently it won't make it in time before the duel. The prime minister was weirdly confident about that point. House of Fotos was probably behind it. House of Indole might also have hands."

"Then that Family Tree Records thing won't be revised?"

"It might be if I lower my head to either the PM or Pentaros-dono. But that would mean owing them debts. Not a good idea."

"Hold it. Thinking again, not like you need to be a Wazrof anyway. Jinga is your knight."

"That's not true, Lecan. Remember, Jinga is the chief knight of Wazrof now."

"Ah, yeah right. Then Wazrof can just dismiss him for the time being."

"That would be the same as borrowing a knight from another house."

"What a pain. Hm? But that means I can't be your proxy either."
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"I'm sorry but I had you pegged as my fiance."


"I'm not sure how detailed they have investigated Vouka and the surroundings. So I can't just lie outright. However, the fact that you are close to me is public knowledge. No one can prove that we are not engaged. The moment you give your okay, it becomes the truth, and no one would be troubled if we tamper with the engagement date a bit."

Lecan looked at Eda.

"Eda. What do you think?"

"You should get engaged, I think."


"You're the only one who could save Norma-san, Lecan. I'm also asking here. And besides. The marriage proposals to Norma-san are getting really annoying."

"Was that Pentaros guy that annoying?"

"Not him, I'm talking about Vouka nobles you see. And we've even been getting proposals from neighboring town nobles lately. To the point that Norma-san is losing precious time to write back to them."

"Hmph. Guess it's fine if you're fine with it."

"And you get to be a noble if you marry Norma-san, and nobles can have a lot of wives, so it's all right."

"What's all right?"


"Hmph. Well whatever, it's the site that's the problem. Must it be held at the capital."

"Yes well, it's a courtship between two marquis houses after all. It's scheduled to be held at the arena in the royal palace. What makes you loathe the capital so much, Lecan?"

Lecan told them his actual situation. Jinga and Findin were also present, but he didn't mind them being people Norma trust, he divulged how he is a Descender, and that Yacklubend likely has a strong interest in his equipment and possibly ability and how he had a presentiment meeting Yacklubend would end up ugly to him. He didn't specify what kind of equipment he had or Yacklubend had interest in however.


Norma got lost in thought. At this point, Norma did not fully understand Lecan's reasoning yet. However, she still got how Lecan is unwilling to go to the capital.

"I will have them change the duel location."

"Can you do that."

"There is no mistake that the prime minister has employed some dirty tricks in this matter. One cannot expect a fair duel held in an arena under that prime minister's control. At the very least, I will be distrustful. I won't be able to accept getting married off even if my proxy lost. Thus how I will write to Pentaros-dono."

"Hou, I see."

"Besides, it's not like the prime minister is an ally to Fotos or Indole either. There is simply no telling what kind of tricks he will utilize for the sake of the royal family. That's one thing you cannot trust the prime minister with. There's also a chance of him putting me at an advantage at the eleventh hour to make Wazrof owe him a debt. They likely will agree to changing the duel location if I tell them that."

"That would be good."



"So you will go in this duel as long as it's not at the capital."

"Yea, of course."

"As my fiance."

"I don't care either way, but will that guy agree to having your fiance as the proxy?"

"I have acquired his understanding on that. Adventurer Lecan which is also my fiance is to be my proxy for as long as I am a member of Goncourt. Their proxy will be a commander of Shock Corps, Viska Kouen."

"You sure work quick."

"They will have the right to choose the duel location. It can't be towns where Wazrof or Rainzats's influences are strong. They likely won't choose a town under their control as well for the sake of their prestige, but who knows in the end."

"I don't care where so long as it's not the capital."

"Hmm. I got it, Lecan. I'll give it my all."

"Please do."

They left Vouka for Mashajain two days later. Vouka is simply too far to advance the negotiation.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 41.11


Pentaros burst out laughing.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That's damn good. You're amazing. I like how you shut down that slimy raccoon PM."

Then Pentaros suddenly put on a serious look.

"Lady Norma."


"<Crimson Blade Lady Nicola> was a master of swords, but it was her resourcefulness that was truly tremendous. As a matter of fact, <Pirate King> could only able to amass power in one generation thanks to Nicola. Now is exactly the time for our Nicola."

Pentaros swiftly left his chair, moved next to Norma and knelt down.


"I've fallen for you!"


"I'm completely taken by Your beauty, character and wisdom!"


"Please become my Nicola."


Is this really a marriage proposal.

Perhaps it's some kind of idiomatic ways to propose.

He's pretty much telling her to take his head here.

But this is likely the highest form of courting in their sense.

Even Norma froze up unable to react to this, and this time Solusgia knelt down before Heles.

"My <Crimson Blade Lady> can only be you. Lady Heles, be my legal wife."

Solusgia also proposed to Heles.

Perhaps these two had made an arrangement beforehand. Discussing which to marry whom.

No, that's not it. Probably not it.

But thinking again, Pentaros is 30, Norma is 27. Solusgia is 26 and Heles is 22. This matching is only natural.

Thus how Pentaros sat in front of Norma while Solusgia took the seat before Heles.

But these men probably didn't decide anything further than that. Everything after that would be up to their own sensibilities. Meaning, Pentaros came to take fancy on Norma, while Solusgia on Heles during their conversation. Goodness gracious. Who'd think it'd come to this.

Norma is confident in her lack of charm. Thus she never thought this whole thing would go in this direction.

Pentaros moved his knees to get closer to Norma and took her right hand.

Norma gently, but resolutely brushed that hand aside.
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Norma felt a shiver the moment Pentaros took her hand.

This was weird. As a matter of fact, Norma did not come to hate Pentaros in this dine together. In fact, she even had a good impression on his character.

Yet, she felt abhorred when he touched her. This was Norma's thought then.

(I'd rather die than let other men besides Lecan touch me.)

Even Norma found it surprising she could hold such an intense emotion. However, Norma has a perfect grasp of her own feeling due to this. No one but Lecan should be her husband. She won't marry anyone else if that does not come true.

Just realizing that alone made this marriage interview worth it.

She looked at Heles.

Wonder how her cousin would react. Marrying into a powerful marquis house and having control over rowdy men of the sea might surprisingly fit this lady knight.

Heles stared at Solusgia and spoke.

"I have heard about this tradition called Courtship Duel that exist in harbor towns."

"Y-yeah. That tradition exists. <Crimson Blade Lady Nicola> told Daros he could marry her only if he won against her in a duel. Daros would then keep on challenging her over and over again before finally snatching a miraculous victory, making Nicola into his wife. And that became a custom."

"I don't want to marry a man weaker than me."


Solusgia's eyes opened wide. Shining with joy. His gaze has gotten dangerously close to worship even.

"Solusgia Indole."


"I grant you a chance to challenge me in a duel to take me as your wife."

"I humbly accept!"

Solusgia made an exaggerated bow.

"I shall be yours if you prevail against me. But in the event that you lose, you are to never bring this matter up anymore!"

"Ma'am! Oh what honor. What joy. My lady, I shall surely make the blooming flower of Transhe become mine by way of my sword."


Everything about this is weird.

Is what's occurring before Norma's eyes truly how a courtship between nobles performed?

There was some part in Norma's heart that yearned for courtship rituals. She was aware that would never apply to her, but she imagined how there must be some truly romantic courtships out there in the world.

But what's going on before her looks like the very picture of a duel challenge instead.

How'd it come to this.

Reis is face palming behind lady Heles. Did he predict this flow of event. Probably not.

"Lady Norma! Will you answer my proposal!"

(Ah, right I'm getting proposed too over here.)

Norma turned to look at Pentaros.

Something flashed in her mind.

Norma smiled joyfully and asked Pentaros.

"Pentaros-sama. Can this courtship duel be done by proxies?"

"Ou! 'Course it can. So long as the other party agreed to it. However, the proxy must be either a retainer or a relative. In other word, you cannot borrow some strong knight from another house or hire a strong adventurer with money. And if one side sends a proxy, the other side will also send a proxy."

"Either a retainer or a relative."


"Then I would also like to do this courtship duel. If your proxy can win against my proxy, I shall be your wife. If my proxy wins, please think of it as the end of the line for our relationship. We will never see each other again."

"What a wonderful proposal."

Pentaros laughed.

Norma too.

Norma has predicted how Pentaros would act after this. She's also made a sound prediction on the prime minister's moves.

And with this, Norma will get her hands on her wish.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 41.10


Solusgia and Heles had been listening to Pentaros and Norma's conversation in silence, but then Solusgia spoke as if he was following up Pentaros's words.

"Lady Heles. Forgive us for speaking badly of your uncle. But to be frank with you, us men of the sea just cannot agree with that type."

"Solusgia-dono. You need not apologize. Even I was getting angry as I listened to Norma just now."

"Hahaha. Your character is like that of a female pirate. Right, if I'm not mistaken, prime minister-dono was against you becoming a knight of the royal princess."

"Yes, that's true. Uncle visited me urging me to get married, then when he found out I wouldn't give up on my dream to become a knight, he told me he'd support my aspiration if I could conquer a fitting dungeon. Despite of that, he schemed around behind my back to make sure that no strong adventurers in the capital's Adventurer Association would take my quest."

"Yeah that. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that you conquered Dungeon Ninae. I've also heard about how the proof, Queen Spider's head and legs have been put at the entrance to the inner palace as a way to intimidate those with wicked thoughts."

Afterward, everyone listened to Heles narrating her story of exploring the dungeon. Heles did mention how she met three powerful adventurers who joined her to conquer the dungeon, but she wouldn't specify their names.

(Wonder why won't she say Lecan's and Eda's names.)

(And that Arios man too.)

(No, wait. I see.)

It's probably because she loathes to talk about their names so lightly. That's how much Heles treasures her experience at Ninae.

"Well damn. Oy, Solus. Doesn't this remind you of <Crimson Blade Lady Nicola>."

"I had the same thought, Taros. Never saw a landlubber woman like this."

<Crimson Blade Lady Nicola> must refer to the wife of the <Pirate King Daros> which had his heydays long before the founding of Zaka Kingdom. Daros fell for Nicola and kept proposing to her, but Nicola would always reject him every time. But then Daros's persistence finally bore fruit, and he miraculously managed to marry Nicola. Afterward, Daros would go on to reign supreme over vast seas and coasts to the point of becoming known as <Pirate King> but he was an extremely capricious man who fooled around with women everywhere, in the end he was beheaded by an angry Nicola.

This <Crimson Blade Lady Nicola> must be what Gido and Smarc consider the best kind of woman. Incidentally, both Marquis of Gido and Marquis of Smarc asserted that they were descendants of Daros and Nicola. Fujisur told Norma that knowing this story is the traditional way to understand the characters of Gido and Smarc.

The two are looking longingly at Heles.

"I wonder if <White Snow Flower Princess> was a dignified lady like her."
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"She must be. Gotta watch out for our heads else they came off."

Pentaros and Solusgia happily laughed together.

These two have a weird sense of humor.

Heles probably came dressed in full armor to make a point that she's not your usual lady, to make them think they shouldn't make her their wife. But that plan backfired on her instead.

You'd normally think those who would fall for such a graceful lady like princess Lorecia can't possible harbor any interest in someone who attends a marriage interview in armor. Yet these men somehow see vestiges of <Crimson Blade Lady Nicola> on that painting of her.

(Hold on.)

(Who said that princess Lorecia was a graceful lady.)

(I came to that conclusion just from seeing her portrait.)

(I merely imagined that's how she was from the name <White Snow Flower Princess>.)

(What proof do I have to say that what these men believe is the false one here?)

"Oh yeah, lady Norma."


"Did that raccoon PM try to worm his way into planting his subordinates for today with you?"

"Yeah. He did make an attempt."

"What? What did that old coot say to you?"

"Just as we were done talking and heading for the door, he called us and said this. 'Ah, also, since the dinner tomorrow will be held at a garden owned by the royal family, some PM Office personnel will be present incognito, I hope you understand. Naturally, we have sent messengers to Marquis of Gido and Marquis of Smarc about this matter.'"

"That damn old goat. And? How did you reply."

"I spoke thus to the house aide of Wazrof. 'Send messengers to the two marquises and tell them that the prime minister has offered the presence of PM Office's personnel during the dinner, ask them if we should approve this. Ah and also, ask them if Prime Minister-Dono had sent them a messenger and what that messenger said. I shall wait here.'"

"What? I see. Well, damn. Hahahahaha. And how did that old raccoon respond?"

"He said, 'No need for those messengers. It's my bad. I take back what I said.'"





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