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Okami wa Nemuranai 42.9


The following day, as Lecan took his time getting up and having a late breakfast, he noticed something.

He quickly finished his meal and went to a certain location. That individual is standing nonchalantly in the open space before the dungeon.


"Now this is a surprise. What are you doing here."

"It's done. Here you go."

Shira produced a <Shield of Wolkan> out of nowhere.

"Ooh. You got it fixed eh. Impressive as always."

"Hand over the magic stone now."

Lecan took the dragon magic stone he brought from his world.

"What was this dragon's name again?"

"It's called Vurs."

"Vurs, I see. Very well. Okay then, g'luck with the duel."


Shira walked off before vanishing just like that. She must have <Exchange>d herself to her base somewhere in this town. Truly a terrifying a mage, this woman.

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The 11th of month eight.

The three entered a common room on floor 90.

Eda erased all five <Red Body> the instance the battle start, Lecan lured three <Black Body> in the middle with <Fire Arrows>.

Lecan had enough leeway to observe Julius's movement even while dealing with three <Black Body>.

On top of the difference in speed, the suppression on the outset tactic works really well here.

Afterward they would took on a common room before stairway rooms only twice on floor 90s, all other instances, they were headed straight for the stairway rooms. As there was no queue in front of the stairway rooms on floors this deep, they reached floor 99 that day.

That day Eda was given Pijo's mana restorative. According to her, its mana restoration rate is slower than Lecan's made ones, but it's still far better than not having one.

The day after.

They're finally taking on floor 100.

Both Eda and Julius expressed their surprise at the dimly shining walls and grounds.

"This is, floor 100."

"This place is so shiny and beautiful. It is as if we have been transported to another dungeon."

"Listen well you two. Many things are unlike all previous floors starting on this floor. First of all, you can't leave a room until after you've beaten all magic beasts inside. Only <Armored White Specters> spawn from here on, they're not like all other White Specters before them. They're capable of attacking both physically and magically depending on their weapons, but in most cases, each one will specialize in either."

"Are they bigger than floor 99's beasts?"

"No. They get much smaller on this floor. Right, around a head shorter than me."

"How many of them spawn?"

"Same number as the intruders. Three in our case. But five is the maximum number, only five spawn even when there's 10 intruders. Ah, and the room gets much more spacious. Right, around a hundred steps across each sides."

"Uwah, so big."

"Three magic beasts will spawn in the center. And these beasts are highly agile from this floor on. They'll dodge the <Purification> shot near the entrance."


"I'll charge in first. Julius, you follow after me and run along to the left about two steps away from me."

"Yes. Master."

"After that, it's Eda."

"Un. I got it."

"Eda, you follow behind my and Julius's backs. Aim at the beasts through the gap between us. Target the beast in the furthest back."

"Got it."

Lecan put the <Necklace of Intuador> that was hanging around his neck on Eda's.

"Eh? Lecan. This is?"

"This thing will repel magic attack when worn."

"But, then you're."

"I've got this."

Lecan lifted and showed off the <Shield of Wolkan> equipped on his left hand.

Then they got in an inner passage. Three magic beasts spawned. Right got a long sword, left a halberd, middle a club.




Lecan charged in the room. With his shield held up ahead of him.

Julius followed. Before running to the left of Lecan.

The three beasts are staying still while watching them.

"<Fire Arrow>!"

Five <Fire Arrows> got shot at the right beast. Tge beast made an attempt to dodge those arrows, but two still managed to land.

That same beast ran out toward Lecan.

At the same time, the left halberd beast broke into a run toward Julius.

The middle beast isn't moving. Apparently it's got a wand, not a club.


Just as Lecan came into contact with the right beast, the middle beast that was holding its wand aloft got hit by a blue light orb.

Lecan blocked his opponent's attack with his shield before beheading it with <Sword of Rusk>.

The middle beast got erased.

Julius dodged the horizontally swung halberd, cut off the beast's right arm and then the head during the return swing.

The beast's head fell down the ground.

No Grace Gear got dropped. Apparently the middle beast had it.

"Eda. You shot that <Purification> from quite a distance."

"I thought it'd hit when that beast was holding its wand high up. And besides, I could just shoot two three more times if I missed."

"I see. Julius. How was the enemy?"

"Yes. It was indeed much faster than the beasts we had faced so far. But it's still too slow compared to the sword mentors in our village."


Both Eda and Julius easily got through the fight. Lecan himself has grown in strength. Back then he couldn't hope to match the beasts in this floor without <Sword of Odo> or <Power Sword>.

"Alright, let's get to the next room."


"I understand."

In the end they managed to reach floor 120 on the 17th. Julius suffered cut wounds in a few places, but Eda quickly healed him. Julius also found himself in danger a few times over the course. Lecan would cover for him every time. Lecan would give a combat advice to Julius after every fight.

They did not press on to floor 121. Lecan surmised that the Julius now cannot hope to win against floor 120's Guardian. He's not gonna make the boy chew more than he could. The boy's already outdone himself coming this far. And Lecan himself reaffirmed his increased strength seeing as he managed to get that far with <Sword of Rusk>.

Another discovery.

Magic beasts that managed to dodge Lecan's <Flame Spear> would not dodge Eda's <Purification>.

Apparently, the magic beasts in this dungeon do not recognize <Purification> as an attack spell.

There were times where it would miss, especially when the beasts moved at high speed, but so long as Eda collected herself before shooting, each shot was pretty much a surefire hit. It would even hit faraway foes as long as they didn't move. And the slightest graze of <Purification> completely erases these beasts.

Eda equipped with <Necklace of Intuador> is pretty much invincible in this dungeon.

(Would be nice to dive in this dungeon with just Eda someday.)





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